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Looking for a pen pal

Hello my name is Rae, I am a 19 year old university student studying philosophy in the UK and would love to pen pal with another student interested in dark academia/ philosophy, perhaps an American student? If you would be interested and think we would get along well then please message me! X

- You must be within the ages of 17-25 (for safety and maturity reasons ) and preferably a university student

- I absolutely love Halloween and Autumn - there is always a magical feel in the air around this time of the year 🍂🎃

- I am queer so if you’re also LGBT+ that would be good.

- I would love to publish a book one day, not sure what it would be about though ahaha

- my dream job would be a professor of philosophy and to lecture and research at a university.

- I love drinking with my friends at the pub, and prefer it over clubbing, although a house party wins by miles.

- my favourite colour is orange

- I used to be a girl guide until I was 18 and would love to volunteer at a unit in another country in the future.

- I want to travel the world, I especially want to visit Italy, Berlin, Iceland and America.

- I am a feminist, vegan, pro choice and support the labour and Green Political parties.

- my drink of choice is spiced rum and Diet Coke

- I’m really friendly and love talking to new people so please message me so I can get to know you!

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2020.04.21 — since we can’t go to cafés anymore, homemade matcha lattés are my new morning vibe, featuring the morning paper (I may be a Canadian, but I love the quality of journalism in the NYT!).

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Day 13/? of My2020Decameron

The morning was tiring, spent between some boring Chemistry class and a much more interesting Philosophy lesson on Schopenhauer. Hours of conversation filled my early afternoon, while some time was spent translating some Greek verses.

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You may think that being a business major is more useful and practical in your future but I am having existential crisis anyway so I might as well make diploma from it in philosophy

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| 16-03-2020 // 12:41 p.m |

this morning’s sunrise + study space 🧡

hope you’re all keeping well during this pandemic!! remember to self-care and stay as productive as possible within your home ✨

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