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Hardcore season 4 designs! (Phil for scale)
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condorclaw · 2 days ago
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VANTAGE || Dream SMP M.A.P || Original Song
Produced by Halfy Draws
Animators present: Zukarinkani, sin3c12, sir.sarcast, bakoozla, taxolotl, tanghaly, MaepleTea, Dice Shimi
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New DSMP Designs!! 
Part 1
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peeza n meeza :)
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old drawings for zine huh
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Wilbur posted on his IG story!
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planting eden
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peepaw lost points for being british sadge
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This dsmp x adventure time crossover has forcibly taken my brain hostage and is refusing to let go
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arc’s dream smp fic recs!
some fics that i’ve read and enjoyed recently! there may be some assorted fics from other parts of the mcyt fandom as well. i tried to tag all of the authors’ tumblrs if they were listed on the fic. if your fic is on this list, and you’re not comfortable with that, feel free to let me know and i will remove it. also, as a note, please make sure you read the tags beforehand. if you like the fics, please remember to kudos and comment!! it’s free, and it really makes an author’s day.
organizationally, i link the fic name, the author’s ao3, and their tumblr (if i know it). then i give the characters that appear in the fic, in order of how much the fic features them. then the story’s summary, and then my reasons for reccing the fic. now on to the stories!!!!!
Seasonal Migration - Oceanbreeze7 - @digitalta
Characters: Badboyhalo, Antfrost, Sapnap
His hide was thick and durable to endure the sharp serrated spines of basalt. His skin hid him in the darkest of crevices, capable of disguising him to the eyes of hoglin or ghasts. His claws had once been used to carve and scrape himself across glowstone deposits and netherrack shelfs. They were weapons against feral beasts, and tools to chip aside precious calcium from the bones and remnants of things unlucky. The Nether was not kind, but Bad had thought ‘I do not want to be cruel.’
It had been with the best intentions, his actions and his choices. Each year drifted into the next, the seasons passed. I do not want to be cruel. I do not know how to be kind.
i am vibrating at a speed that is putting the earth off it’s orbit and making noises audible only to dogs and small children. this fic. this fucking fic hits every single emotional beat right on cue. this fic has made me cry, made me want to scream, and made me feel so much warmth. this is like, the ideal badboyhalo fic. his character is right on point, and the backstory and worldbuilding only serves to enhance his character, show you where he came from and why he is the way that he is. i think that even the characters who the story does not focus on, antfrost, sapnap, skeppy, they all really shine and you can see all the little distinct things that make up their character, that make them unique and dictate how they interact with the story and with bad. if you love c!badboyhalo, if you love the egg arc, if you love antfrost or sapnap or even skeppy, i am telling you to read rhis fic.
where lies the strangling fruit - katsidhe - @theminesbecraftin (unfinished, ongoing)
Characters: Sam & Dream, Quackity
Days pass, and days pass, and days pass: Dream refuses to give up the book, and Quackity refuses to stop trying to get it. Sam finds himself wondering how far the Warden is willing to go.
A series of interludes in Pandora's Vault.
this fic examines the prison arc, from sam’s perspective. sam is a tough character to get into the head of, and this author does it fucking beautifully, his perspective so real and raw and full of gaslight gatekeep girlboss. he’s an unreliable narrator, and the author writes that in such a fantastic where you can very much tell that fact, you can feel the circles that sam is thinking in, his own internal denials, the ways that he compartmentalizes himself, his self-justification and rationalizations. this author also does an amazing job with dream, his character very much clear, the effects of torture visible and horrific without compromising the nature of c!dream. in the end, i believe this fic is best summed up with the end notes of chapter five:
Sam: It’s hard, being in charge of a torture dungeon. It’s hard and nobody understands.
Dream: …bruh.
BED [DIS]ASSEMBLY - cryptofhoney - @honeyblockm
Character: Sapnap
Sapnap builds a bed.
when i say this fic made me cry i’m not lying. it’s a heartbreaker and it dives so well into the tragedy of c!sapnap. and it would be so remiss of me not to mention the unique way this fic is presented. it’s fucking awesome, and i love how it reads like poetry.
Pluck Pull - Oceanbreeze7 - @digitalta
Characters: Dream & Tommy, Technoblade, Philza
It was hard to look at Dream and identify him. He had shed the black winter guard that disguised all of his head except his eyes. Now he sat in a place beyond his darkened pit in the dirt, somewhere he had to pretend his humanity still existed.
He was some kind of relaxed and beautiful thing that kept flickering in and out with the pulling tide of the moon and the sun and relentless neurosis. He kept looking around with a paranoia no assurances could quell. If you asked Technoblade to describe him, he’d drawn a crude line under perfectly round eyes and above the chin and mouth which was filled with a thousand sharpened shattered teeth.
“Why did you always wear a mask?”
“It doesn’t matter, does it?” Dream asked him, voice a tad too reckless for Techno’s preference. “I made it something recognizable, something noticeable and I wanted everyone to notice me, I didn't know who I-.”
I wanted to know whoever I was, I was alive. At least, for a little while.
Healing trauma through the art of sheep wool
legally i have to rec this as probably my favorite c!discduo fic of all time. there’s something so raw about all of the characters, and each of them are just so real and complicated and it’s so easy to see where each of the characters is coming from, their broken edges and the things that make them tick. it’s tense and tragic, all tangled into this hope of healing. this fic really makes me think about all the things that break on the way to recovery. this fic really did set the bar for me on c!discduo and gave me incurable brainworms if you can’t tell. plus, this fic also has some absolutely amazing techno and phil content, and the ways that they interact with dream and tommy just feel so absolutely right. me and my inniter irl spent like a good hour analyzing it and we both agree: if you love c!dream and/or c!tommy, read this.
Oxeye Daisy - angelbride - @cgogs (unfinished, ongoing)
Characters: George & Dream, Sapnap
After he saves Dream's life in a split second decision, George is on the run with Dream after he escapes prison. With so much left unsaid and festering between them for so long, they're stuck with each other and it all has nowhere to go but out. They still love each other, but it's all just so fucking broken
c!dnf reunion + on the run fic
so i’ll be the first to admit i haven’t read a lot of c!dnf. but of what i have read? this is SO good. it’s basically c!dnf’s life-changing field trip together. yeah they’re being hunted but whateverr. there’s a complexity to the relationship that is so fascinating to me, and you can really feel the effects of everything that’s happened up to this point, how things have changed between them, and how they’ve stayed the same, and how they’re trying to figure out where to go from there.
annoying. - dtqkhq
Characters: Foolish & Badboyhalo
Badboyhalo is the most annoying person Foolish has ever had the misfortune of meeting in his thousands of years of existence.
frankly i am in dire need of more fics with c!bad and c!foolish and their super weird rivalry/friendship/whatever and how it’s soo interesting in connection to the events of the egg arc. and this fic feeds me so well
there’s no cause for concern - softnoblade - @softnoblade
Characters: Dream & Niki
The nights she spends in this room are never pretty. Her nights are never pretty in general, but the ones she spends here are especially ugly. These nights are rage incarnate, nightmares filling every sleeping moment and the cool night air filling all the rest. It finds the edges of her fury and it cools her heart, lines it with ice and frost even as she burns, a wildfire in the making in the aftermath of her dreams.
Niki isn’t sure what she feels, on nights like this.
The walls are scratched, carved in the deepest purple and weeping lines of burning liquid to the ground. He leans against the lectern, watches it drip from the roof in an ever-present stream. A drip every second, a drip every two — he’s lost track of time, lost track of everything. Once upon a time, the clock could have told him, but Sam took the clock with his dignity and his sanity and nowadays, he’s not sure he cares anymore.
Or: a couple of parallel stories, and an ending where they meet.
i love c!dream and i love c!niki and this fic….. wowza. like really wowza. this fic really resonated with me, and the parallels that the author drew between dream and niki are so fascinating, it makes me want to see more fics with the two of them together. plus the ending hit me right in the heart.
Covet - Oceanbreeze7 - @digitalta (unfinished, ongoing)
Grian, Hermitcraft ensemble (grian-centric but a ton of the hermits are featured, too many to list)
If you notice anything, it leads you to notice more and more
The humans talked, throwing bits and things into the passage they called Boatem Hole.
The humans spoke to It, gentle and curious. They kept It company, called It a friend. It didn’t understand, but something beyond walls and walls of frosted glass and impermeable fog whispered pained and haunted behind It’s eyes with a voice that hurt to dwell on, don’t you remember this?
if you follow me you might know that this fic makes my artist brain sing so loud! my most recent posted art piece is fanart for this. you might also know that i love body horror. and oh boy does this fic have it. this is my one non-dsmp fic rec and i promise you it deserves to be here SO much. even if you’ve never read a hermitcraft fic before, if this sounds up your alley i promise it’s worth a read.
hornets nest - arcadianwriter (noxstories) - @dreamsclock
Dream, Quackity, Karl, Punz, Tommy, DreamSMP Ensemble
Dream knows what comes next: a person’s name will be read out, their family will cry and grieve, they’ll walk up to the stand and numbly stand while photographers flash camera flares in their faces. He’s seen it a thousand times before – he’s not new to Reapings.
It goes, instead, like this. A name is read out, and it takes Dream a moment before he realises whose name it is. Sapnap's.
He’s pushing forward, blind, dazed, before he even knows what his body is doing.
a Hunger Games AU, ft. c!Dream, c!Quackity, and c!Tommy.)
hunger games aus are guaranteed to fuck me up, but this particular one? this Fucked Me Up. /pos. this made my head literally spin, made me tear up, and put me all the way at the edge of my seat with anticipation. writing this, i’m only partway in, but i have to rec it anyways because it’s just that good.
Don’t let them take me - KenjoCatze - @kenjo-arts / @kenjocatze (unfinished, ongoing)
Dream & Technoblade
Dream, having just escaped the prison, desperately seeks shelter away from the SMP. When he’s taken in by Technoblade's wolves, he realises the only way for him to stay safe is to become one of Techno's pets. After all, Technoblade would never let his pets die.
(Dream sees himself as less than a person and Techno has a hard time convincing his friend that he's a person and not a pet— or a monster.)
this fic. the premise is really interesting and the sheer angst of it all makes me froth at the mouth. i think the way it deals with dream’s time in prison and the aftermath of it, how he’s been conditioned to think and feel about himself and his actions, the ways it reflects and consumes who he was before, how the people around him react to it, all of it is so fucking interesting.
the other side of paradise - riel - @cdreamie
Dream & George, DreamXD, Sapnap
The Dream he'd remembered had been soft and warm and loving with shining eyes that could rival the sun. The Dream he'd remembered had also been power-hungry and cruel and full of so much hatred for the world. Never, in both of his memories of Dream, would he have imagined seeing him like this, broken beyond belief.
or: dream heals with george.
idk if you guys can tell but i LOVE fics where dream gets busted out of prison for an impromptu recovery arc and this fic sure make sit hurt. it’s not finished yet, but i love how op writes george, who is very much not prepared for what he finds in the prison and whose emotions are very complicated regarding dream, a dream upon whom the effects of the prison and the torture he endured are very tangible, and how op writes XD, who is frankly very in character. i’m really excited to see where the author goes with this!
the subtleties of existence - NavnDyin - @sculkdin
Characters: Dream & Tina
It's years of hanging out with Sapnap that has Dream actually recognizing the subtleties of Tina's approach.
For Sapnap, it was a shift in heat, a drop in humidity, dry air blowing across your face with the arid sense of heavy smoke. For Tina, it's a bitter gust of cold wind, the sharp feeling of ice on the back of your neck, a chill in your bones that nearly makes your teeth chatter.
For both of them, it's the kind of feeling that creeps in, something no one would ever notice unless they were looking for it.
And Dream, in this moment, is looking for it.
(In the aftermath of the breakout, Dream befriends Tina. Or rather, Tina is befriended by Dream.)
i will be the first to admit that i am a weak, weak man, and this fic makes me WEAK. c!dream and tina is such an excellent and underutilized dynamic. i love how dream is like. “ yes this is vry strategic of me teaching tina prkour this is for strategy!!!!” like sir you are friends you have a friend. i also am so facinatef by the sapnap parallels and the author has such an amazing attention to detail. just. everything about this makes me so happy
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philza-updates · a day ago
Philza posted on his instagram story!
Tumblr media
[Image ID:
A photo of a stone brick tunnel through a hill in a forest. On the other side of the tunnel is the silhouette of a person. The on-screen caption reads “butthole” in a loopy font.
End ID]
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Feeling parasocial today
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blood for the blood god😔
nuggets for honk-honk 😤
Tumblr media
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cssandraa · a day ago
(Forgor to post this)
Technoblade getting a haircut during post doomsday
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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SBI superhero AU
Philza is a superhero, his twin sons are heroes in training, and Tommy is Philza's archenemy, a villain that no one knows his real identity cuz whenever he commits acts of villainy he's inside of this large robot, Sam Nook.
Oh, and Tommy is a 10 years old.
Phil is well-known for consistently emerging victorious from his battles. However, no matter what he does, it seems he can't capture this villain. Which frustrates him even because they have been fighting occasionally for months and with mostly 0 information about this villain's identity.
Expect for this detail the investigators trying to get Tommy's identity noticed, a common factor it's that they only appears when Phil is in hero duty and the villain's attacks don't go beyond petty commotion with minimal collateral damage, almost childish. At least it's something.
Techno and Wilbur are doing their first internship with Phil the next time Tommy appears. It wasn't the first time Phil had back-up or sidekicks, so he isn't really worried.
He should have been, because Techno (and Wilbur but we'll talk abt him later) pretty much kicked his ass.
All SBI are shocked at finding a 10 years old on command of this large menacingly robot.
Meanwhile Tommy it's like "!?!!?! YOU BEAT ME? THAT WAS SO COOL!!! NOT EVEN PHILZA- THE MAN HIMSELF- HAS BEATEN ME IN ALL THIS TIME!!!", all fanboy-ish towards Techno and the latter's reaction is just "...HEH?"
Techno, taking Tommy by the collar of his shirt: uhm. Wil. i caught. the enemy.
Techno: .....WE MET 5 MINUTES AGO?
They take him to the authorities they discover that, surprise surprise! he has no legal documentation. So they interrogate him. The only relevant information collected it's that Sam, Tommy's father and who made the robot, died years ago. Tommy says he doesn't remember how Sam died.
Since Tommy's 10, doesn't has legal guardians nor papers; after multiple sessions to assure he hasnt any antisocial traits to be concerned about, its decided that he'll be entering a government-sponsored training course for Little Future Heroes as part of a rehabilitation program.
The funny thing it's that Tommy gets the benefit of choosing or at least propose which heroes would he like to be his mentor, so of course he says "I want the Blade!!!". Apparently Techno has his first number one fan.
Sadly, he gets his request denied because Techno is still a hero in training and it needs to be a professional hero.
Tommy: i want the Blade.
Government: He's literally just 18 he isn't even a professional hero, he can't be your mentor.
Tommy, pouting: damn, i guess I'll have to take Philza...
And Philza is. there. hearing Tommy talk almost dismissive of him after spending months fighting, standing next to him.
Phil thinks of denying Tommy's petition, 'cuz fuck no. he's not gonna accept to have under his wing the person that he spent months trying to capture so that in the end all be a game for him to gain the hero's attention
Buuut, there aren't many heroes to mentor the little blonde (a certain hero is available but Phil doesn't trust them), so he would fall under the government's wing and Phil isn't cruel, he's been working as a hero for years to know it won't be safe for a kid so he accepts it resigned.
That aside, when Tommy got all "haha the blade! THE BLADE :D!!! B l a d e ! ^-^" and fanboy-ish, Wilbur was like "huh- i helped Techno beat you??? Why is he the only cool one here" which Tommy responded with "...who are you".
After that, Wilbur tries to get Tommy's validation, respect and recognition, and God he wonders sometimes if it's even worthy for such a gremlin annoying little child under the excuse of helping Techno get rid of the kid since he clings to him like a leech.
So, now Philza is mentoring a kid aside of Techno and Wilbur, Tommy has become Technoblade's #1 fan and copied his hero costume (Techno told him he'd sue him for copyright), Wilbur only wants to be acknowledge for once and Techno tries to avoid Tommy's awful clinginess.
They'll warm up to the little mischievous blonde running around the hero departament eventually, don't worry <3
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lordclax · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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technobladeisgreat · 2 days ago
I miss you too Techno ; ;
It’s from the moving stream btw
[Transcript Start:
Techno: Chat I miss you. I miss you.
Phil: You physically can’t *laughs*
Transcript End.]
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elidocor · 2 days ago
Sweetness & Lightning Sbi AU, where after the death of his wife Phil, who works as a teacher, has to take care of three kids on his own, but also doesn't know how to cook. After encountering one of his students Niki, who gives him her mother's restaraunt card, he decided to learn how to properly cook for his sons. So now he learns how to prepare meals with the help of Niki, her schoolmate Puffy, Phil's old friend Sneeg, twins Techno and Wilbur and their little brother Tommy.
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demonadelem · 2 days ago
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Part 2/3 Prev Next
Origins Origins comic Masterpost
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