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fishicle10 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Psst tumblr gets a sneak peak of my new sbi drawing
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creamybeemovie6931 minutes ago
Petition to find Ranboo an older brother
Tommy has Wilbur, Tubbo has Scott, Ranboo has no one
Get this boy an older brother to cause chaos and annoy Phil with
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mclov3ly44 minutes ago
philzaminecraft 馃 ethoslab
getting people to draw Almost anime fanart
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ghostpajamas52 minutes ago
c phil is married to a fridge bc his wife (death) fridges people. anyway can i have a large fries and pepsi
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dead-bonesan hour ago
Had to interact with people as an introvert today, I'm super tired and I'm gonna have to do the same thing tomorrow.
All I want is soft cuddles with phil where he wraps his wings around me and it's a safe, soft space for me to relax.
I so fucking need that right now. Holy fuck. It's 3:36 am and I'm just getting into my apartment from work.
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31kyrahan hour ago
Me holding dream SMP and bleach in my hands and that means the anime Bleach I be like all your old characters like Centre old characters like techno Phil type characters are my favorite(SHUNUKI)
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theenderwalker2 hours ago
colorzas but like... ranboo
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simpingthrash2 hours ago
Pastor philza cleansing you by making you cum
i am feeling a lot of things, one of them being catholic guilt
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zekthesans2 hours ago
Cursed Idea: As the Angel of Death, Phil would often get asks from the Goddess of Death to kill someone (maybe they're trying to avoid death and Tristan can't do anything about it for reasons) so Phil will act as a 'grim reaper of sorts'
So anyways, here's where the cursedness comes in: these requests would come to Phil through his Samsung Smart Fridge. One day, the Fridge had a message saying "Check inside" and when Phil opened the door he just saw a whole ass kid.
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penning-poppies2 hours ago
I need everyone's attention for a second
Tumblr media
Thank you, that is all.
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whoreza2 hours ago
A young piglin fell through the humming, purple waves, from chipped hooves on heated rock to its knees on soft grass. Its eyes remained fixated elsewhere, from the second the world fell into place around it.
A dying gaze on a dark, endless sky filled to the brim with light. Riches far surpassing the hoard it was meant to protect.
Young shote, excellent warrior, wasted potential. It would not return to be a guardian, it would not be there to aid its sounder, it would not watch the future younglings become its successors.
It would die here, and it was okay with it. The gems of the void up above would bless it with their light as it took its final breaths.
As its body fell apart from the inside.
As everything started to rot away.
It was hard to breathe, yet it still could not look away, it could not, it could not, it could
The strange ceiling splintered, moved, the lights fell for it, fell with it, and the universe itself seemed to weep as a strange thing descended before the dying child, the sky itself following behind in a flurry of everything equally sharp and soft, and-
And as the creature knelt, the brute reached for it, reached for the stars it would never see again, and it was allowed to.
The peace was interrupted by a cough, another, wicked claws twisting into the new experience with grief slipping right through, but it was allowed to, and that was enough.
But the divine was never keen on what fate decided, as an angel begged his god to allow this child to remain.
"Let it look upon the stars, my love. Let it stay."
And so, she let it.
And so, it lived.
And so, it returned, with stars in its eyes and a feather in its braid.
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knox-enden2 hours ago
I just had a cool idea-
I've seen a lotta headcanons that the Origin Server is like, this dreamscape for either like Tommy or Jack, but imagine this- It's a Dreamland. For ALL of the members except for one.
It's a Dream Land where the members like Tubbo and Philza find themselves in at random times, it's where Wilbur would find comfort when he was dead in the void, dreams he can't remember. Even Scott, who sometimes during the restless slumbers of the wars going on in the 3rd Life SMP, he would find himself as the Starborn.
The only member who isn't Dreaming of this world?
Because he's apart of the Dreamland. He, in himself, is part of this World that the Dreamland has created. It's why he finds himself within this world so often, and so alone. Because he's stuck in it. And he can't leave it.
But he can hear things, sometimes. The idle voices of people who are Dreaming, they talk to him. He can't see them, but he can hear them. He calls them Chat.
But the worst part? Is that Sneeg doesn't know he's in a Dream. He doesn't know he is apart of the Dreamland. He's just waiting for his friends to come back.
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fantasykiri52 hours ago
an unfinished set of head busts
We have Bad,
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Those 4 together (I initially only started the series after watching the manhunts)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tommy, (I鈥檝e changed his design since),
Tumblr media
Phil, (I鈥檓 not keeping this design, but I haven鈥檛 made a new one yet. I just used Sad-ist鈥檚 for this),
Tumblr media
Techno, (I鈥檝e completely overhauled this one),
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And Karl!
Tumblr media
You may ask why it鈥檚 unfinished.聽
A, it was originally going to be every person on the dream smp, along with several other appearing characters of guests, and I do n o t have that kind of an attention span.
B, my designs for several of the characters have changed as I continued drawing these, as did my art style (well, the the style so much, I more so just tweaked it.)
C, they鈥檙e a pain in the ass to do. They take ages, and doing 40 of them would have been my personal hell, even when I enjoy drawing as much as I do.
I do have the original traditional versions though, and these include Tubbo :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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big-innit-hotel3 hours ago
one am. half formed thoughts about trust. trust between the author and the reader. trust between the painter and the viewer, actor and audience, composer and crowd. when the writer spins their words, do they not place faith in the reader? to accept what is given, so carefully crafted, to cherish it, to utilize it, to be capable enough to reach the intended destination. and does the reader not place faith in the author? to render the journey, to take care of you, deliver you safely, to provide the materials needed along the way. the music isn鈥檛 heard if the composer can鈥檛 compose, if the painter can鈥檛 paint, if the writer can鈥檛 write. but neither is it heard if the crowd can鈥檛 listen. if the viewer can鈥檛 imagine. if the reader can鈥檛 dream. each must meet the other halfway.
sometimes, i think, art is a trust fall. isn鈥檛 it?
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tsukikoindreamsmp3 hours ago
Watched Wilbur Soot's geoguesser VOD
Ah, so this is 4/4 they've been waiting. I finally understand.
They're family, your honored!
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mercury-kins3 hours ago
um hello hello!! i figured i might as well throw this out there but !! i鈥檓 mercury, im a local philza kin, and im looking for canonmates or rlly just any other dsmp kinnies to talk to !! DM me if you wanna talk mems or anythin i promise i don鈥檛 bite!!
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anotherweirdohere3 hours ago
Any syndicate headcanons?
So many, so many.
Techno is the Champion of the Blood God. Philza is technically a god within his own right. Ranboo is an enderman hybrid... and Niki is a human.
While she鈥檚 the most mortal of the bunch, she鈥檚 the one more likely to start swinging, with Phil right behind her.
If Techno or Phil could choose champions, they would definitely choose Niki, 100%, no hesitation.
Phil is the only one who knows about Michael, so whenever Ranboo needs to leave a meeting early, he basically signals to Phil, and Phil acts like a hall pass fjfjjd
And... that鈥檚 all I can think of right now jfjdjdj
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thunder-at-dawn3 hours ago
(wilbur?) Leave me alone, I鈥檓 tired.
鈥淟eave me alone, I鈥檓 tired.鈥
鈥淵eah, you have plenty of time to be tired, in your own bed, and not mine.鈥
鈥淏ut Phillll, your bed is the best one in the house!鈥
鈥淔ine then, I鈥檝e got my own ways of getting you out.鈥
Wilbur immediately started to giggle when Phil pinned his wrists together with one hand, he knew exactly what was happening. When Phil unfolded his wings and shot them under his sweater, he quickly erupted into cackles, knowing it would only be a short matter of time until he agreed to go to his bed, as much as he hated to admit it.
six sentence fics: send me the first sentence to a fic in my askbox, and i鈥檒l write the next five sentences
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