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Letting the ideas flow. DM me if you need help with mixing or if you want to collab. @maticproductions13
#newmusicalert#instagood#musicislife#musicproducer#goals#life#phoenix#musicproduction#talent#inspired#hardwork#2020goals#instagood#composer#instrumental#vibes#artsy#contentcreator#instadaily#dailyart#picoftheday#studiolife#souncloud#youtube#instamood#musicartist#mood#artist#photooftheday#krk (at Phoenix, Arizona)

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[Let’s be real, they all have pretty good taste, considering their official playlists on Spotify! I believe they would all enjoy music prevalent in their country, like Jett and Kpop and Reyna and Latin. So I decided to add a different genre that they’d like too - cheesy]

Breach: Folk. The instruments make him happy with no effort. He likes to put it on blast within HQ to boost morale.

Brimstone: Easy Listening, and Boogie. It reminds him of his peak younger years.

Cypher: Cypher likes to listen to Non-English music. His taste that week differs, depending on his mood. One week it’ll be Trot, next week it’ll be Bollywood movie soundtracks, the next week, Ska. He likes to feel worldly.

Jett: Drum & Bass (sub genre of EDM). Can you believe that she can listen to this while playing games? Wild.

Killjoy: House (a sub genre) of EDM, It helps with her workflow. Code to the beat!

Omen: He doesn’t listen to music. But before he was Omen, he wasn’t picky, and listened to whatever station on the radio wasn’t on commercial break.

Phoenix: Hip Hop and R&B. He’s always finding new artists. His playlist is really, really long. But he’s got a second playlist for his favourites. It’s not much shorter.

Raze: Dance Pop and Musical soundtracks. Raze can’t sit still, especially when music is playing.

Reyna: Classical, but the kind that makes you feel like you’re in a rush OR the kind that makes you feel like something tragic happened.

Sage: Citypop. After visiting Japan for work, she fell in love with this genre.

Skye: Indie. She likes to put on earbuds and listen while trekking around.

Sova: Sova isn’t picky with music genres either. He’ll listen to just about anything. He does find Acapella really amazing. How can singers use only their voice in such a way?!

Viper: Whitenoise and Binaural Beats. It’s for concentration.

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the art and some designs may be old and some things overall just may not be up to date but i guess i should post the ttfv height chart (this is only most of them)

they are all measured at the shoulders/withers

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I couldn’t get this out of my head since the newest Sanders Sides video dropped, so here’s what my sides would look like!! And in case my handwriting’s too messy (+ some extra facts!):


-couldnt choose their name for THE longest time bc they really really like everything!! Finally chose Phoenix bc how cool does that sound

-changes their outfit the most (aka every other day)

-is part of the reason why I can’t get any of my hw done!! Dude stop making me draw and check my dragons on fr I need to do my math!!!

Apathy /Aspen

-wears so much jewelery. They’ve got a spider ring, a bat ring, a spider earring (just one), an eye necklace, and a skeleton hand bracelet!

-so tired all the time

-is the other one responsible for me not doing my hw. Stop!! Stop making me not care about it!!!

Impulsive Thoughts/Rat

-before you think they’re a Remus ripoff, consider this: I made their original concept for a sanders sides fanfic like a year before Remus was introduced

-LOVES buttons/pins/stickers!!

-TALKS LOUD ALL THE TIME!!! (Mainly bc they don’t realize how loud they’re talking tho lol)

-starts everything, finishes nothing


-their headphones have light-up cat ears on them!

-they have so many feelings all the time about everything

-is super sensitive to other people’s needs and really needs to learn to put themselves first lol

-stop making me feel bad for the bugs outside in the winter there’s literally nothing I can do for them!! I’m not going out and finding every bug and bringing them inside!!


-“yeah sure that flamingo statue looks cool, but where will you put?”

-basically they’re my sense of control

-stop being a Logan ripoff lol

-also their name is Query which means I can make this joke: Query? Hah more like Queer-y


-scared of so many things, including but not limited to: being watched, the murderer hiding behind the bathroom door, whether or not there’s a bug in their drink, that their camera is actually on/they’re unmuted, and accidentally stepping wrong on the stairs and falling the whole way down

-ngl they chose their whole green/eye aesthetic bc of tma, what a nerd lol

-like Query, their name is Gaze so I can make this joke: Gaze? More like Gays

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New X-Men

Volume: 1 #118

Germ Free Generation (Part 1)

Writers: Grant Morrison

Pencils: Ethan van Sciver

Inks: Prentiss Rollins, Scott Hanna, Sandu Florea

Colours: Hi-Fi Design

Covers: Frank Quitely, Tim Townsend

Featuring: Beast (Dr. Hank McCoy), Cyclops (Scott Summers), Emma Frost, Phoenix (Jean Grey-Summers), Wolverine (Logan), Angel Salvadore, John Sublime


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