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When We Fight
Pairing(s): Bradley ‘Rooster’ Bradshaw x wife!reader, Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell x daughter! Reader
Requested: No
Summary: You and Rooster got into a major fight that your friends needed to help mend things with you both
Warnings: Kinda angsty? Ends well though
Tumblr media
Your heart was pounding as you stared up at Bradley. You couldn’t even remember what started the fight but lately everything seemed to be irritating you both, this time you both blew up and every little thing seemed to be aired out in an instant. The reason you were so angry was his last sentence, “Well if your so unhappy why don’t you just fucking leave!?” he had yelled, it was like a slap in the face. He had broken the two promises he ever made to you when it came to fights, first was never yell and the other was to never ask to leave. You set your jaw and his eyes widened as he realized what he said, almost calming immediately “Baby I’m so-” He tried when you held up your hand, a calm look on your face. “Don’t. Just don’t” You said in a voice so calm that it sent a wave of dread through Bradley. “You need to cool down and truthfully I can’t look at you right now. If you need me, I’m going to my fathers” you told him, turning away.
You just grabbed your wallet and keys, purposefully grabbing your motorcycle keys and left. You knew he was following and to annoy him a little more, you took of without your helmet on. You weren’t that far from your fathers place and you sped, trying to cool yourself down. You came to a halt and your father was already waiting by the front door. Before you could ask “He loves you, kid. He called as soon as you took off and wanted to make sure you got here safe” he said with a sad smile. He wanted to be angry but knew you needed him more.
Two days went by without you talking to him, you were extremely hurt by him breaking his promise. He knew your mother used to yell at Maverick a lot and that she asked him to leave which caused issues and you never wanted that. However, you forgave him after you saw all the messages and the fact that he kept leaving gifts at the door for you. You could never stay mad at him for too long but both of you knew the relationship was going to need a lot more work now. When the second night hit, your dad was dragging you to The Hard Deck. You sighed and let him take you there, you looked around and didn’t see your husband anywhere.
It was maybe a half hour later when you noticed your dad, Penny, Hangman, and Phoenix acting weird. The you heard it, your husband was starting to sing to you. A laugh left your lips as you recognized the song, it was the same song you sang to him as you pulled a page out of your dads books to serenade the one you love, ‘You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling’. Rooster couldn’t take a hint to save his life when it came to you so Phoenix helped you sing it to Rooster just like your dad and Goose did. That then became one of your wedding songs also. “You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips” he sang and others started to come over, “And there’s no tenderness like before in your fingertips, You’re trying hard not to show it, But baby, baby I know it” he sang, knelling in front of you, looking up at you with all the love he had. “You lost that lovin’ feelin’, Whoa, that lovin’ feelin’!” he belted out, making you laugh and held your hand out to him. He took it and sang a little more until someone else took the mic “Forgive me?” he asked softly, you nodded “We need to work on our marriage though, I don’t want to go through that again” you told him. “Whatever it takes, I’m so sorry that I lost my head” he told you.
Your dad came over “Work it out?” he asked and you nodded. “I’m guessing you had something to do with it?” you asked and he shrugged with a smile. You sighed and smiled at your husband “Rooster, take me to bed or loose me forever!” you said and he grinned, “Show me the way home, honey” and took your hand, both of you waving as you left.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
just the top gun maverick cast chatting and chilling aboard the USS Roosevelt….with the gorgeous sunset backdrop. // Miles Teller, Jay Ellis, Monica Barbaro, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Bashir Salahuddin
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Top Gun characters as (non alcoholic) drinks:
Maverick: Coca Cola slushie. Classic with a twist. Everyone's favorite. Always a bit of a treat to get one.
Iceman: Coconut water. Extremely Underrated. Super refreshing. Makes you feel fancy and put together. Enjoyed worldwide. the risk of mold makes it a unique drinking experience.
Rooster: Lemonade. Sweet, tart, and refreshing. Keeps you on your toes. Tastes best after a long hot day in the sun.
Goose: Mello Yellow. Kind of an oddball. Unique. Has its super fans. I always get excited when I see it on the menu.
Bob: Creme Soda. Classic and sweet. Often overlooked. Pairs well with diners and oldies. Popular with a very specific type of person.
Phoenix: Strawberry banana smoothie. Fan favorite. Can do no wrong.
Hangman: a warm 2-liter of Mountain Dew. I will not explain further.
Cyclone: Pepsi. Has its fans, but they're wrong. Nothing is worse than going to a restaurant only to find out they only serve Pepsi products.
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top-gun-rooster · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
thank you Miles 🫡🧎🏻‍♀️
creds: Miles twitter
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being phoenix’s back seater ➤
pairing ➤ platonic!natasha "phoenix" trace x reader
genre ➤ angst, fluff
you and phoenix hail from the same squadron
the black aces
she hasn’t known you for long
you’re pretty young for a wso, all things considered
it was kind of a combination of your youth and your sometimes annoying but mostly endearing curiosity that led phoenix to adoring you as she does now
however, this affection was not immediate
for a while you were convinced she hated you
and maybe she did a little bit
you were replacing her former back seater who had been with her since flight school all those years ago but was leaving the navy to start a family
in came you: fresh out of tech school and way too eager
you didn’t know her routines, her patterns
you had little to no field experience and hadn’t even been in a plane all that much prior to getting stationed with her
you were lacking in every department except for theoretical knowledge
you were not her partner
for a long time the two of you upheld this kind of grumpy senior officer, overeager newbie type relationship
you struggled fitting in with the others at first
you were nerdy and awkward and talked too much but you really meant well and were always willing to learn
that had to count for something, right?
you were the comic relief for your squadron
you were happy to be
you didn’t care if they laughed at you, at least you made them smile
the bullying wasn’t actual bullying
it was teasing at best
like giving your siblings crap for just existing
your team saw and appreciated that you really were trying
to learn to do your job
to learn how to work as a team
to be their friend
to be phoenix’s friend
you thought she was the coolest person you’d ever met
so calm, so level headed, so precise and succinct and talented
she’d been to top gun!!
she was so cool and you would have done anything for her to just like you
but phoenix
she genuinely held disdain for you
you thought it was all just a joke and that made her dislike you even more
she was ranting about you one night a couple months after you had joined the squadron
it was later on in the evening and you’d heard some of your squad was drinking in the common room
you were barely old enough to drink but you finally could, so you decided to join them
you arrived just in time to hear phoenix ranting about you and how incapable and annoying you were
(phoenix) they just don’t know how to do anything, they’re practically useless. they think everything’s a joke. they never stop talking just on and on and on like they don’t know how to shut up and just do their fucking job. i get a migraine just thinking about them half the time
you did not join them for a drink
in fact, you did not join them for anything after hearing what phoenix had to say about you and the murmur of half-drunk agreements given by your cohorts
you let the distance between yourself and the others grow back to what it once was, no longer fighting a one-sided battle to cross that gap and be accepted by them all
you stopped talking
to be completely honest
it terrified phoenix
there was radio silence from you unless you were telling her a trajectory or a location or some useful piece of info
she thought she’d be relieved the day you finally stopped chattering away the entire time you two were in the air but really it was unsettling
it was too quiet
she didn’t like the deafening silence without you filling it with pointless stories and anecdotes, little comments about how pretty the sky was or how cool a maneuver she’d just done was
she thought you might be sick with how suddenly your demeanor changed
she asked you about it once you were back on the ground from patrol
(phoenix) hey, are you sick or something?
(you) what? no, why?
(phoenix) you’re just weirdly quiet today. i’m not used to being able to hear myself think
this continued for several days
after months of nonstop chatter and excitement from you
after all of the energy and passion you had, all the life you had given this team
the squad felt desolate when you withdrew
like something had scooped out the core of the unit and left it hollow
the whole squadron was worried about you
you had just gotten….. quiet
very quickly, phoenix realized just how much she actually loved your personality
you weren’t always the most serious, but you could make anyone laugh
you were this light that burned so brightly and could make anyone’s day a thousand times better
you weren’t the best at your job, but you were still new and you were trying
you were trying
and she had hated you for it
that wasn’t fair to you, and she was incredibly ashamed of how she had treated you
she didn't know how to address it for a while
she hadn't realized you'd heard her that night and was incredibly concerned that smth had happened to you to make you this quiet and withdrawn
idk maybe a family member died or you were struggling w mental health, she really had no idea
she just knew that she was worried about you
she cared about you
she had tried to keep a distance between you two bc she didn't want to replace someone who had been her best friend
she didn't want to move on from what had been so comfortable with her last wso but yet here you were
weaseling into a little place in her heart and doing your goddamn best
the others were just as worried as she was
whenever she brought you up to them they had no answers; no one knew what happened to make you start acting like this
she started by being gentler with you
she didn't demand or expect things of you that you wouldn't know
not because you were incapable, but because you were learning
she tried to be more helpful, explain things more patiently
she started spending some time with you while off duty, being more friendly in general
she wanted you to know she was reaching out a hand
and you were confused as all hell
hadn’t phoenix just said that she couldn’t stand you and now she was being nice??
it didn’t add up
you let it go for a while
then she was asking to get a drink with you on a night off like it was totally normal for the two of you to go out together
(you) are you feeling okay?
(phoenix) yeah, why?
(you) you’ve just been… really nice lately
(phoenix, laughing) what? is it that weird that i want to grab a drink together? am i not allowed to be nice to you?
(you) it’s just kind of weird considering….
(phoenix) considering what?
you mumbled out a little confession of eavesdropping that night
phoneix’s face just dropped
she hadn’t really meant that
she wasn’t really annoyed at you, she was annoyed at losing her friend
she was holding a grudge for something that was not your fault and she shouldn’t have been upset about
you just happened to be the easiest thing to make a scapegoat
and you thought she hated you
(phoenix) god shit i’m so stupid. i am so dumb. i didn’t— i’m sorry you heard that i was just—
(you) you were just speaking your mind but it’s fine. i know i’m loud and annoying and overeager—
(phoenix) no! no. those are literally everyone’s favorite things about you!
(you) people like…. that i’m annoying??
(phoenix) yes, to be honest. it’s endearing in a weird way that i still don’t understand. but how talkative you are and how curious you are and how fucking smart you are, it just makes you an amazing person. i’m sorry it took me so long to see it
you went out to drink with her
there were a couple others from the squadron there too
one of them shot a text to the group chat without you in it (y/n supporters anonymous) along with a picture of you beaming while a group of people laughed at something you said
[9:41PM] they’re back, ladies and gents
you went back to your normal self
your playful banter while up in the air was a sound for sore ears
you made hours long flights so much more bearable
yes, you were genuinely annoying sometimes but you were still one of the funniest, most welcoming, friendliest people phoenix had ever known
you became phoenix’s best friend
in an “agent of chaos” x “mom friend” kind of say
anyone looking at the two of you would think that phoenix can’t stand you
but she can, she does, and she will continue to
anyone who has a problem with you can go through her
you are her pain in the ass
no one else gets to say anything about it
a prime example:
hangman happened to be coming through the base your squadron was calling home for a couple months
you ran into him and went on one of your ramblings about how the double seater f18’s had to be engineered to be able to keep up with the single seat planes during missions despite the extra weight and size of having to fit a second person in the cockpit
he was later complaining to phoenix about “some smart ass kid who wasted ten minutes of my time talking to me about some engineering bullshit for the f/a-18f that i couldn’t care less about”
in walks you from afar
(hangman) god, hide me, i cannot deal with this annoying kid again
(phoenix) i know you’re not talking about y/c/s. i know damn well you’re not talking about my back seater
she shut that down real fast
then stuck hangman with you for a considerably longer tangent about some other nerdy engineering thing you know about f18’s just to make him suffer
being annoying comes in handy sometimes
especially if it irritates hangman
you went to top gun yourself eventually
you were paired with a wso-less pilot and spent your time working together as a team
you’re still good friends with beluga but he just doesn’t compare to flying w phoenix
eventually phoenix gets called back to top gun, along with 11 other graduates
you are not among those chosen
phoenix tells you the details she can, including that she’s been assigned a new back seater for whatever mission they’re training for
(phoenix) his name’s bob. literally just bob. like his actual name is his call sign. he’s hilarious, a little shy but sweet. i think i can make it work
you were immediately terrified of getting replaced
she got along so well with bob right off the bat
you had to fight for months for her to just tolerate your presence
she spoke of him so highly, how he was able to so quickly fall into rhythm with her
he was literally everything you weren’t when you first got assigned to the black aces
capable, talented, easy to get along with
the best of the best
you hadn’t even met the guy and you felt like you would never be able to compare to him
phoenix got chosen to fly the mission
you never doubted that she wouldn’t
she came home safe and eventually flew back to the squadron
the black aces went out the night she came back, celebrating her return at a bar your squad often frequented
you felt so out of place
you were happy for her, proud of her
of course you were
and you were elated to have her back
you’d gotten it in your head that you weren’t good enough
good enough to be pheonix’s back seater
good enough to be a wso
to be in your squad
to do what you do
who are you to do these things and to have people rely on you when you could so easily let them down? when there are so many better options?
phoenix noticed your change in demeanor the second you hesitated to hug her while picking her up from the airport
that is not y/n behavior
you should have been skidding to a stop, throwing the car in park, jumping out of the driver’s seat, and racing to tackle her in a hug
maybe she’d become a little greedy with your affection
maybe she’d gotten too used to your undying admiration
but she knew something was going on
she cornered you at the bar when you wandered away from the group
(phoenix) what’s wrong?
(you) what? nothing’s wrong. why would anything be wrong????
(phoenix) y/c/s
that was really all it took for you to spill your guts and all your insecurities to her
she had this internal conflict of deciding whether to laugh bc of how absurd you sounded or to let her heart shatter a little at how easily you believed she’d replace you
instead she did the good thing and gave you the assurance you desperately needed
anyone else, she would not have been as gentle
but this is you we’re talking about
that soft spot she’d developed wouldn’t let her react any differently
(phoenix) i’m not gonna replace you. you’re my back seater, y/c/s. you are. and that’s not gonna change just bc i was stationed somewhere else for two weeks. we’re a team, y/n. you understand?
(you) yeah,,,,,,, it’s weird hearing you call me by my first name
(phoenix) and i will never be doing it again
phoenix is all tough love but there’s an emphasis on the love part
she rarely if ever will tell you how much you mean to her and how much she cares about you
it’s really through her actions that you’ll see it
the little things
coffee just how you like it
tickets for a movie you’ve been excited about
calm reminders for things you’re still learning
patience and understanding
she still acts like she can’t stand you (and sometimes she can’t but a little suffering is worth keeping you around in the long run) but anyone who knows her isn’t fooled
you are her weakest point, her softest spot
but she’ll be damned before she admits it
especially to you bc there would be no living that down
be as annoying as you want because phoenix’s affection for you is undying at this point
nothing you could do could change that or make her want to get rid of you
you’re her ride or die
you are her best friend
and she wouldn’t have it any other way
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Tumblr media
no i won’t be taking criticism
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Phoenix, trying to set up a dick joke: Did you know there's only one state that starts with a k? Kentucky!
Bob: No?!
Hangman: What about Connecticut?!
Phoenix: How the hell did you get into Top Gun?
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Matching Icons
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Top Gun: Maverick
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Tumblr media
A design commission for an infinitely patient client on deviantart. Had lots of fun with this!
I am open for design commissions like this, DM if interested!
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Tumblr media
tell me i’m wrong
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Squad Goals. The young aviators from Top Gun: Maverick (2022) :: Bob (Lewis Pullman) / Coyote (Greg Tarzan Davis) / Phoenix (Monica Barbaro) / Hangman (Glen Powell) / Payback (Jay Ellis) / Fanboy (Danny Ramirez)
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Tumblr media
Here is a plain one for anyone wants it:
Tumblr media
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brittanyovens · a day ago
Top Gun Maverick was so freaking good!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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y’all the edits we’re gonna get when TGM is released on streaming. I can’t WAIT
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If Miles Teller had played any other pilot in Top Gun Maverick, his callsign should’ve been Odometer.
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Cop: You’re receiving a ticket for having three people on one motorcycle.
Y/N: Shit.
Rooster: Wait, three?
Cop: Yeah?
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Tumblr media
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I have finally found my people in this fandom. Top Gun.
I loved the first movie and was so fucking excited when the 2nd was announced. But I was also scared because sequels can suck pretty hard. But the whole thing was just one pure nostalgia kick and I loved it.
Starting with the intro, then seeing Mav and Ice again and them being close (that is so fucking wholesome, I literally can't), to Phoenix being an absolute queen, to Hangman and Rooster having so much chemistry and to Rooster and Mav having such a good story.
I noticed that whatever it is between Hangster the first time I watched the movie but I only started reading into it after the second time and they're literally all I can think about lately.
And I am lowkey crushing so hard on Hangman. How can someone be so perfect yet so awful? I literally spent the whole fucking 2 hours of my first time watching the movie trying to figure out where I have seen Glen Powell before (I am a sucker for the Expendables movies, how the fuck could I forget my man?!).
At the same time I might also have a little crush on my queen Phoenix. She is like literally perfect. Not even a question asked.
I can't go all about Hangman irl because the 2 people I know who have watched Top Gun, don't like him and I can't go all about Phoenix irl because I haven't come out yet.
So I'm turning to the internet to make me happy. Thank you to all the wonderful people out there who feed me with what I need❤
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Tumblr media
phoenix wright moments before being devoured by crabs
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