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workinggirlky · 3 minutes ago
New Services Offered
If I have learned anything during this journey with you it’s that there are many different needs when it comes to the business of companionship. Some guys want more then the services that I list and don’t know that I offer those as well. So here goes. One Week / Daily Contact- 100Texting back and forth daily and a phone call three phone calls lasting 15 minutes or longer but not to exceed 20…
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anchoeritic · 8 minutes ago
the sky was gorgeous tonight so i thought i’d share with the rest of you <3
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platypuskenny · 11 minutes ago
just a typical phone destroyer match, nothing to see here
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butmakeitgay · 11 minutes ago
My hcs of willel being bffs and sibling goals
(Probably some byler and elmax in there) 
-at fist it’s weird between them. There both dealing with shit after the events of s3 (el was dealing with the loss of hopper and will didn’t know how to act around is long time crush’s gf turned sister.)
- the second night after the move el had a particularly bad nightmare and got up from her place next to joice on the couch (She couldn’t sleep by her self yet because traumas a bitch) to get some water.
-she heard will crying in he’s bed room so she went to go check on him. This made him panic even more. El didn’t want him to feel bad ( even though she didn’t know him well she knew how much mike cared for will, and how much will had already been though)
-el left the room and returned a few minutes later with a plate of eggos (because eggos make every one feel better)
- will took the the peace offering gratefully and explain to el that he used to get yelled at by his dad for crying, how he would be called a sissy and other mean words by his bullies when he would express his emotions.
- he told her that he didn’t want to be seen as childish to mike (he cried a lot at that point el noted ). He told her about his his flash backs and nightmares and the not so good things he did to cope with them.
- this became a nightly occurrence for them. They would rant to each other, cry and hold each other, or just have mundane conversation about there days.
- when el would have a nightmare she would seek over to wills bed and he would tell her stories about will the wise and the campaigns the party would have.
-they became inseparable
- will introduced her to to wonders that is second hand fashion. They would go thrifting together when ever there was sales and el quickly became obsessed.
- will helped her continue to develop her style and started to develop his own in the process
- el found out she preferred a more grunge look (a mix of the make over her sister gave her and hoppers old ts and flannels)
- wile will wardrobe consisted of Johnathans worn out band ts and the heavy duty leather jacket that he found on clearance at good will.
-el would paint wills nails and help him with eye liner
- will gave el a stick and poke to cover her 011 tattoo. It was a small but cute butterfly. el then helped give will an ear piercing ( joice band needles after that day)
- one day el was braiding wills hair (she was trying to learn so she’d have an excuse to touch Max’s hair next time they see each other) when she hade an idea
- 20 minutes later, and gone was the bowl cut that plagued his childhood. Now is hair was shorter on the sides and resembled Johnithens 
- ‘holly shit you look so good you might just actually get a girl friend’ el had exclaimed only to be taken it back by wills expression
- will then explained he didn’t want a girl friend in fact quite the opposite, will wanted a boy friend
- and el was just like ‘wait, that’s allowed????’ ( heteronormativity in the 80s was a powerful force)
-because maybe if will can have a boy friend she can have a girl friend ??
- and wills just like ‘yeah bitch’
-so el called up mike and was like ‘I dump your ass lol’
- after the els gay awakening (tm) they became closer then ever
- they would gush to each other about their respective crushes on mike and max.
-the first time they visited Hawkins was Christmas.
- when max first saw el she couldn’t speek for like 5 mins and Mike was like gay panic (tm) when they saw el and will
-will and el came out together that night, witch just fueled mikes panic. (Everyone was v supportive tho)
-el and max started dating soon after. But mike was still in denial about his feelings for will.
- el helped will get ready for his first date and then told Mike all about it on the phone (they were still best friends)
-mike became rlly quiet and el was like ‘?????, OH I get it. U gay lol’
- so the next time they saw each other (spring break) el and max started to plot to get them together. (It didn’t work out between will and the other guy)
-cue a suspiciously targeted game of truth or dare, and the next day will and mike walked in holding hands.
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chiiquitita · 15 minutes ago
hiii @medjouls thank u 4 tagging me!!! i love this one 💌💌 (no bingo sadly 😔😔)
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tagging @wanderallthewhile @femalepope @9cups @deathvsthemaiden @thursdayg1rl @cottagecalico (no pressure <33)
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randomnow · 19 minutes ago
listen I love my sister but she thinks she can get away with anything but is also beyond terrible at sneaking around and breaking the rules. Look I was a teenager at one point too, I was sneaking onto my laptop when my parents were asleep but I was good at it.
like... she just chills at her desk and acts surprised as hell when someone opens the door at 2 am bc they can tell she's awake and finds her there. Child what the hell are you doing?
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not-playable-character · 27 minutes ago
Teen Rose: *holding shirt* "Happy Father's Day Dad!"
Ethan: *tearing up* "Thanks honey, I love it"
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jusdjusd · 30 minutes ago
Hopefully tn goes well, cause last time it was raining whole I dashed, feet got soaked
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riconastyfan · 32 minutes ago
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callumnova · 32 minutes ago
oh @har-graves got me looking at my decks again so let's play a game! send me an emoji and ill give you a bad one card tarot read!
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