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Freedom, #FABIX 🤗💐❤️🎸🎼🎹🎵🎶
Freedom start inside. the #freedom #starts from #tobefree from the #number #your #life. ( #money , #years, #creditscore #followers , #time, #phonenumbers #andmore )
#freedom #rocksong #coomingsoon #music #florida #art #metaphysic #great #rock #singer #fabix #philosophicalrock #teamfabix #your #happiness #has #not #numbers (at Miami, Florida)

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Dear anonymous,
I would love to talk to you and i bet you’re a real delight but i’m not just gonna text a random number that you send in. Lmao you have to let me know who it is.
Sincerely, This guy.

P.s. :D

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Phone numbers are hard to remember, you have to save them in your phone to make sure you can reach your friends and important companies again. You can’t guess a phone number, the numbers are just random. That’s quite annoying if you need to call your bank or another company you don’t call often and haven’t saved in your phonebook.

Nowadays phones are connected to the internet and mostly I lookup a phone number on the company website or check if someone mailed their phone number to me if I need to call them. But it would be way easier if I could call them on their domain name instead of first surfing to a domainname to look up the phone number.

I think this would be great, especially when calling a company, that I could reach them by just punching in their domain. Need to get PayPal support? Just call and there you are. Never look up a phone number again.

We could implement this in the DNS system that is already used to look up where to send email and where to find the webserver for a domain. With subdomains you can give different people/departments their own “phonenumber”, call to get a sales person or call to call me on my landline at home.

I hope something like this will once be implemented, I think it would be great and will make calling someone just a bit easier.

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