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Fun Fact

The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#photo tag

This is stunning, please don’t steal it. I paid for the license. 

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The weather was gorgeous yesterday, and a field of mustard (popular autumn catch crop) that I pretended was rapeseed helped sell the illusion of spring. Of course, today we are back to a more seasonal rainy grey, so that didn’t last long.

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Photo Tag Game.

Tag game: Describe yourself with pictures you already have - no downloading/finding new pictures.

I was tagged by the wonderfully talented @thewanderer-000​, thanks!


Yes, the majority of it is Sami. Don’t judge me.

I shall tag: @shanie-the-toyaddict​, @hardcorewwetrash​ (this oughta be interesting, considering all of those hilarious memes you possess 😂🤣), @writinglionqueen​, @jazzy-tzw​, @le-vrai-champion​, @superrezzy00​ and whoever else wishes to participate!

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I was tagged by @cashtonasfuck and @rebelwith0utacause to post my lock screen, home screen, last song listened to and last photo in my camera roll

Fun fact: My phone screens have not changed since the last time I did this tag 😂 (I’m open to suggestions but lbr these are kind of perfect for my brand 😌)


I tag: @cal-puddies @roarformeprettylion @ashtondaddy90 @glitter-cal @feliznavidaddycal @spicycal (if you would like, sorry if you’ve already been tagged 😬)

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