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Yes, we’ve seen Oikawa’s camera roll in canon before but may I just present another take on it. Mainly, imagine if like Oikawa actually does take a lot of pictures and they’re mostly just little snapshots of things he wants to remember or mean a lot to him. Or are just precious. Like they may be random, like just a random leaf he saw that he thought looked nice and stuff or they may be related to a certain memory he wants to keep forever, maybe like the dinner outing he had with his teammates. But yeah and he doesn’t take much time finding the right angle and stuff, he just raises his phone and within a few mere seconds, takes a random photo of the thing and that’s it. Just a quick snap. To sort of live in the moment but keep it forever too. And I think that that’s just kinda sweet and I can see him, on the night of his graduation, looking through all of his photos and just kinda crying. (I honestly just hope you guys get what I’m saying)

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Creating real world #3dmodels via #photographs and #point-cloud would have to be the next big thing in #architecture and #visualisation ;
This was a small experiment in modelling a real world asset without using costly hardware! Since this is a virtual model, it can be used for #vfx or in #indie #games! I am quite happy with #opensource and #b3d ! #3dart #animation #photogrammetry (at Dehra Dun, India)

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Lignum Crucis

reliquary by unknown craftsman
wood with silver and lapis lazuli pplications, 17th century

Colegio Máximo de San Pablo (formerly) / Real Monasterio de San Joaquín, Ciudad de los Reyes
21. IX. 18 - my photo

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