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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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I don’t think I really came into myself as an artist until the end of junior/senior year. Perfectionism and OCD had created a huge obstacle in my growth and I had many crises when I started realizing that. Overworked ideas, overworked paintings, overworked brain. Creating had become a massive source of stress. In Drawing III I knew I had to let some of my overblown expectations and insane ambitions go, at least for the moment. That’s when I started doing these paintings to explore myself and what I wanted as well as who I am. These paintings were fun. I purposely tried to not overwork them and though I still have trouble with that, I am immensely proud that I am now able to fight that urge to perfect everything. I started making art that I was proud of, that wasn’t a source of stress, and though I still get anxious when it comes to drawing sometimes these really helped me come into myself and I find creating 100% more enjoyable! 

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Here is my final outcome for my animation. I used the parent whip tool I learned in the week 2′s exercise to make tweening body parts more efficient and I used Easy Ease keyframes for my camera angles and I straighted some of the lines in the keyframe graph. I got peer feedback and they said that my video looks good although I can’t add in any more things due to the time left and my organisation. 

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For my song, I picked Melancolia by Caravan Palace because I was really struggling on finding a song and I would usually fall back to Caravan Palace when I’m stuck selecting a song for my projects. 


After selecting my song, I made a rough thumbnail storyboard for my 20 secs music video which I will be using as a guide for my collage in After Effects. The bottom half is a more organised version of the thumbnail storyboard panels I did above.  

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About to be laid upon the slab once more. I found myself sympathetic this year, somber even. Despite the fact that every year, he is a terrible stink man. Not today, death. Not any day.

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