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introvert-unicorn · 6 months ago
Things we do everyday that are worth romanticizing
Deep thinking about how our life can be completely different if we had enough courage  to make different decisions.
Saving some random quotes that strangely define how you're feeling or simply describe the situation you're in.
Realizing that you can seriously relate to some strangers on the internet.
Having a special pyjama that you wear frequently because it simply makes you happy.
Eating that chocolate bar right after buying it because you can't wait to eat it until you're at the school break.
Starring at the window and daydreaming.
Feeling really moved or sad after watching a great show/Movie. 
Once you put your headphones on goodbye world, you’re literally living in a musical. 
Creating a vision board on Pinterest to push yourself into manifesting the life you dream of. 
Listening to the same song hundreds of times and still not getting enough of it.
Saying you don’t dance while you always do it when you’re by yourself.
Laying on the floor and starring at the ceilings. 
Having unusual moments of strong appreciation for yourself and realizing how unique you are.  
Saving money for a special something you crave having. 
Brushing your hair silently.
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luckylluminati · 10 months ago
“Please don’t expect me to always be good and kind and loving. There are times when I will be cold and thoughtless and hard to understand.”
— Sylvia Plath
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arvtisticfra · 2 years ago
“A volte mi prende qualcosa che non so definire: non è angoscia, non è desiderio, è un ignoto tumulto interno che minaccia di lacerarmi il petto, che mi stringe la gola.”
— J. W. Goethe, i dolori del giovane Werther.
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introvert-unicorn · 10 months ago
Some idioms and phrases you should know about part I
Salt of the earth: a very good or worthy person.
Gut-wrenching: making you feel very upset or worried.
Make a spectacle of yourself: to do something that makes you look stupid and attracts people's attention.
Pass muster: be accepted as adequate or satisfactory.
Putty in someone's hands: easily influenced by someone else, excessively willing to do what someone else wishes.
Look before you leap: carefully consider the possible consequences before taking action.
Set the wheels in motion : to do something that will cause a series of actions to start.
Off the books: without being included on official records.
A long Haul: something that takes a lot of time and energy.
An end in itself: a goal that is pursued in it's own right to the exclusion of others.
Night owl: a person who prefers to be awake late at night.
Kick the Bucket: to die.
Alter Ego: a person's secondary or alternative personality immediately or extremely quickly; at once.
Freak of Nature: something or someone that is unusual, rare, or abnormal in some way / To avoid attracting attention to yourself.
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inacabar · a year ago
queria que você pudesse ler as entrelinhas do que eu não digo.
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heywriters · 3 months ago
Real quick, the phrase "treated with kid gloves," which implies something was handled delicately, is not referring to children's gloves. It is referring to gloves made with leather from baby goats. They are used to handle delicate objects without damaging or marring them because it is a very soft, flexible leather.
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introvert-unicorn · 6 months ago
A list of daily measurable goals
Drink water as soon an you wake up.
Sleep at the same time everyday.
Wash and cleanse your face morning and night.
Read ten pages of a book a day.
Eat slowly and chew thoroughly your food.
Choose empathy towards yourself.
Slow down, be present and spend time with family and friends.
Keep holding on to your dreams even if no one supports you. remember your life, your choices!
45 minutes social media a day.
Remember to breathe when things don't go the way you want them to.
Brush your teeth at least twice a day, especially after eating something sweet.
Listen to one podcast a day.
Watch Ted talks on YouTube and take notes of the most important ideas you perceived.
Turn off your devices at least one hour before sleeping.
Write Tomorrow's to do list every night before sleeping.
Practice your passion 30 minutes a day.
Drink five cups of water a day.
Brush your hair in the morning and before going to sleep.
Make sure every important tasks are done in the morning.
Try to stretch for 15 minutes or go for a 30 minutes walk à day.
Learn one new word a day.
Wake up at 6 am everyday of the week.
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