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The person
The person
The person

Hey today I was at the Costa Rican airport coming home. At the following gates I saw this really cool person /p

I also saw them in the baggage line up! They had silver earrings, a blue backpack, a galaxy mask, and oversized black sweater. If this is you, please contact me cus we look the same at 15-16 and you seem cool! If you know this person, please tell them! Please spread this around I wanna be tbis cool person (I have no clue of your gender or pronouns, but whatever you identify, you’re valid)

you look lgbtqia+ and that is so pog

if you do find this here’s a bit about me

- I use she/they meow/meows and Nyan/nyans pronouns

- I like homestuck, BNHA, Hellava boss, Greek mythology, Hazbin, and frogs

- ACAB, black and POC lives matter

- I support all genders so you’re valid!!

Also the date today (in which I saw it, I’m in a restaurant by boarding since first thing I’ve eaten today) is 1:34 PM

I would’ve approached but,,, anxiety

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Tootymcnootys phrogs are making me want to join frogcore again

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There’s PhrœgsFor you


- 🍓

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just found out my crush doesn’t like frogs and i’m starting to wonder if we’re really compatible

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this is a ✨challenge✨

reblog this post with a photo of frog


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