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Meet Madeline Clark.

For the summer, she got a job through her chapter (Pi Beta Phi) and is here to tell you about how Greek Life gave her more than just friends!

What is your job?

Pharmacy Tech for a local pharmacy group! I work at all three of their locations around Springfield. (Medicine Store, Medicine Shoppe, Midtown Pharmacy)

How did you get this position?

One of our alumni advisory committee members knew I was looking for a job in a pharmacy and reached out to her friend who is the Operations Manager at a local pharmacy. My AAC texted me and told me to send in my resume! After an application and interview, I got the job! Having no previous experience working in a pharmacy, I have no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t have gotten it without the help of my alumni connection!

What do you do?

I help check out patients, call patients, and dispense and count the medication into the bottles before the pharmacist checks it!

Is it related to what you want to do in the future?

YES! I want to become a pharmacist, so getting this type of experience in undergrad helps me immensely! 

How has Greek life impacted you?

Honestly, how has Greek life not impacted me?!? Greek life has by far been the biggest part of my college career, (besides academics, of course 😉)! I have served on our executive council since my freshman year, and now I am honored to serve as Chapter President! These leadership positions have given me the opportunity to serve on other officer boards around campus and be an Elevate (leadership development program) facilitator! My sorority has made me more confident and constantly been there to support me through everything! I know it sounds so cheesy, but Pi Phi has given me my future bridesmaids and friendships I will cherish way longer than my four years at Drury.
To girls with the choice to go through recruitment: if you are hesitant about going through recruitment and joining Greek life for the fear that it is too much of a time commitment or that you won’t get out very much, let me be completely honest, I have gotten an exponential amount more out of being in Pi Phi than I ever expected to get. The opportunities I’ve been given are unmatched and everything has all been so so worth it! I hope you will consider giving it a chance, and I look forward to meeting you in August!

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Paige Wynacht

What is your role and what do you do for that role?

I am the Vice President of Membership for Pi Phi! The biggest thing I do under this position is serve as recruitment chair. I also do all the paperwork and such for girls transferring or becoming alums! Outside of Pi Phi I am a data entry clerk in the Admissions Office. I am also an elementary education major so I can always be found in Lay Hall doing something!

What has greek life given you?

Greek life has given me so much. I have gained more genuine friendships through Greek life than any other organization I’ve been involved in. The friendships that come with Greek life are more than just ordinary, they’re lifelong.

Why should girls go through recruitment?

Even if you’re not interested in joining a sorority, everyone should go through recruitment. Recruitment is a great way to meet so many new people and make so many friends before the school year even begins.

What advice would you give a PNM? 

I would tell a PNM to just be yourself! I know this can be an extremely nerve-wracking time but in the end you will find your home. There’s absolutely nothing to be nervous about!!

What are you looking forward to about recruitment?

I am looking forward to seeing all of the new faces and watching girls find their new homes. Recruitment is such an exciting time of the year for everyone! I’m also looking forward to seeing my own chapter grow and gaining more amazing sisters.

What is your favorite part about recruitment?.

My favorite part about recruitment is the preparation that goes into it. Its so exciting to come up with a theme and decorations!

What is your favorite part about your chapter? 

My favorite part about my chapter is our sisterhood. I may not be super close to every single one of them but I know at any time of the day I could call any of them and they would be right

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She is studying biology and chemistry and plans on going to graduate school to get a PhD. Currently, she is Vice President of Member Development for our chapter and President of Drury Volunteer Corps. She is a member of Gamma Sigma Alpha, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pre-Health Professionals Club and she volunteers at Boyd Elementary with the Summit  Park Leadership Community. A couple fun facts about her are that she has a twin, she knows how to surf, she had two pet ducks and she has lived in 10 houses! “I went Greek because I didn’t know anyone at Drury when I showed up as a freshman and I was nervous about how to meet people, and even though I thought I wouldn’t like being in a sorority, I just figured I would meet people during recruitment, and then I ended up in pi phi and felt totally at home! I love that I have a community at Drury, and that there is a group of girls that are always looking out for my best interests, knowing when I need help in class or life and being there for me, and always having girls to have fun and make memories with, and I love knowing that they share my same values and priorities. for girls going through recruitment. My advice would be to not worry so much about what they think of you and instead try to see where you’re most comfortable, the girls you meet may be your future best friends so look for the ones that you can be most yourself with.” We are so proud of everything that she contributes to Pi Phi and the Drury Community!

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