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world-of-yana · 2 days ago
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aawesomepenguin · a day ago
Oh my god, this is amazing! Give it a listen, everyone!
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I made a little live version (yes very humble) of “runaway” because it feels great to strip everything back and visit the core. Hello core.
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notyouradveragefarmgal · 9 hours ago
Struck the wrong cord.
Sidekick let out a long annoyed sigh. Of corse they had been captured. That's how all of their miserable teammates had been able to break free. Only problem was that Sidekick had been self sacrificing themselves for a while now. It had become almost a routine with a bunch of other villains. However this time it wasn't a warehouse or small hideout prison Sidekick found themselves bound in. It was Supervillains main base.
Sidekick took a moment to gaze up at the master criminal. The way they sat on a jagged throne, cross-legged and relaxed. The way the looked down apon the henchmen twiddling about. Supervillain glanced over to sidekick who dropped their head. The criminal hummed.
"I've heard that you find yourself in this situation a large majority of the time Sidekick"
"I've been here for 3 hours now and you're just starting conversation?"
"I suppose that's a yes~"
"Wow really going for the sweet butter up method ain't cha"
Supervillain snapped their head to the side and glared at sidekick who kept their gaze forward. If it was one thing Supervillain hated it was being called unoriginal. Or being wrong.
"I wonder, do you get excused from school for this?"
"Really I would've th-"
"I'm tecnacally in school by doing this"
"Ahhh so you're an academy scrub"
Supervillain hummed again. They lazily gazed around the room before stating.
"Tell ya what kid, if you can play me a song longer than 2 minutes on the piano, and play it well, I'll let you go"
Sidekick's eyes widened.
"You, you'll let me go? No tricks? Let me walk out?"
"Yep, no tricks I'll let you walk right back to the hero station, not stalkers, and not a scratch or bruise on you" the criminal leaned down
"That is, if you can do it" a couple snickers hushed over the henchmen in the room, a couple started getting on their walkie-talkies to no doubt call their friends down.
"But if you can't..." Supervillain continued.
"Well then I guess I'll keep you here" The criminal leaned back into their throne a cocky smile laden across their face.
"I accept" sidekick answered immediately.
"Ok kid, impress me"
The shackles behind sidekick dropped to the ground as they walked in the direction of the grand piano. They sat down and ghosted their fingers across the keys.
"Oh and one more thing" Supervillain piped up.
"No sheet music"
Now the henchmen burst out laughing.
"Well I uh, ok" sidekick stuttered.
"Well then get to playing!"
Sidekick turned back around to the piano. A huge smirk across their face as they began.
The entire room froze. Jaws laid on the floor.
As Sidekick finished they let out a peaceful sigh. Turning around they gave a small smile to supervillain.
"So which way is the exit?"
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cuccibygucci · 8 hours ago
has anyone else had the flu 93738 times this year or is it just me
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awritingarrow · 2 days ago
“So, the world kinda sucks,” Surya bluntly stated.
Agni nodded at his words.
“It does... but you know? The whole world could be burning.. and we shall just dance. It doesn’t matter anymore, so why not just enjoy this while it lasts?”
Genre: Classical Waltz, 3/4
Listen on Soundcloud i finally pushed myself out of my comfort zone by trying multiple instruments and. i’m lowkey very happy with the results. take some burning sun content bc they are my only thought
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leggeteconme · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Busy Sunday as a music/lit student ^^
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eightiesfan · a day ago
Tumblr media
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nowthisnews · 11 months ago
Thanks to a pair of a bionic gloves, this 80-year-old classical pianist can finally play the piano again. The maestro, João Carlos Martins, had lost dexterity in his hands due to aging and health complications. His face at being able to play piano again says it all. 🎶
follow @nowthisnews for daily news videos & more
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cuteness--overload · 5 months ago
@giorgio_lp_:Perfectly synchronised, 😂. Love it!
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catchymemes · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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tiktoks-for-thiccthots · 29 days ago
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