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multiamory may 32/? –> derek/jordan/paige

the three of them were high school sweethearts with all the cliche feelings and firsts that come along with it. it was mostly a secret, of course - paige’s parents knew about jordan, but not derek. jordan’s parents knew about derek, but not paige. and of course, derek tried to keep any hint of either of them away from his nosy family members, other than peter, which turned out to be the worst slip-up of all.

after they lost paige, derek and jordan’s lives diverged without even so much as a real breakup. it feels like lifetimes have passed since they last saw each other when jordan turns up in beacon hills again, military service under his belt and deputy’s uniform looking unfairly good on him. when they each begin catching glimpses of their dead girlfriend around town, they both brush it off - old memories stirred up by this town, by seeing one another again.

paige doesn’t let herself go ignored for long, though. when you’ve been a ghost for most of a decade and you finally, finally start to catch people’s eyes and even occasionally can touch things, you aren’t going to let the energy feeding you go anywhere. paige has to pull her boys back together if she wants a proper afterlife. she’s smart enough for what either of them can throw at her - derek’s trust issues, jordan’s near-death (or death?) experience that has left him with some scary new abilities and a strange, stern second personality? she’s got this handled, even if she doesn’t always have a voice or a physical form.

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@booksociety’s all things victorian event:                                                                                                          ⤿ the night circus                                                  

“The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not.”

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Sam Alexander as Nova doesn’t like to be called ‘Sam’, ‘Kid’ or ‘Kid Nova’. 

Sam Alexander: The name is NOVA! 

Kaine: Whatever!

- New Warriors v5 #3, 2014 (1st and 2nd pics)

- New Warriors v5 #4, 2014 (3rd, 4th and 5th pics)

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multiamory may 28/? –> kira/scott/stiles

No one says viral anymore,” Stiles complains. The headline of the article he’s been pulling faces at over breakfast says otherwise. Someone’s made a half dozen gifs of their favorite moments in Kira’s nearly fifteen minutes long highlight reel of night vision embarrassing moments, peppering the page with Stiles’s too-wide mouth and stumbling feet. “All these new subscribers are tainted! Every one of them.”

“Might get some decent tips out of them,” Scott tries, playing diplomat as he often is. Kira and Stiles got along like a house on fire from day one, but two chaotic partners under one roof has been trying at times. “Last time we got arrested and Isaac shared it around Facebook, we found two new locations close enough to drive to. Close enough to break down on the way to, at least.” He only grins when Stiles flaps a hand at him, rattling the spoon still resting in his cereal bowl.

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