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#pidgy doodles
pidgydraws · a month ago
What is your favorite AU idea for Crowley/Aziraphale? :D
oh, i do have a fav! but it's not my AU! X3
Tumblr media
i ABSOLUTELY ADORE @gingerhaole's Scissors and Ink AU! definitely go and check it out if you haven't! it's so sweet~ and Ginger's art is... just... ALIVE with texture and warmth! a delight!!!!!
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tiny-kylo-ren · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thank you so much @pidgydraws <3 Here’s a little Kylo for you!
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corvuskatana · a year ago
Happy birthday, Flight! I’ll see if I can doodle something for you real quick, and I hope Pidgy is getting better! 💖
Ahhhh thank you! You dont have to though!
And thanks
He had a vet trip i forgot to post so i will now
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Confirmed artist.
For those who don’t know us: we’re a group of fans who love the Netflix original serie Voltron legendary defenders. A few months ago, with the support of different artists from the Voltron fandom, we did a fan made coloring book, it’s free and you can download it here.
Now after the success of the first coloring book and the suggestions of some people we are thinking of doing a second edition of the book
57- @0rchidd
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pidgydraws · a month ago
12 your favourite AU for prompto x noctis? or 9 favourite wlw ship if you prefer!
HIGH! SCHOOL! A! U! 5! EVER~!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
non-magical high school AU that is. but fancy, super rich high school. think, like, Ouran High School Host Club fancy!
Prompto: 1st year - newspaper club photographer - adopted into wealth and feels incredibly shy and out of place at school - madly in love with Noctis but way too shy to do anything about it even though Noct goes out of his way to be around him all the time - loves photographing birds - owns two lutino cockatiels - goal after graduation: become a nature photographer (while traveling the world with Noctis)
Noctis: 1st year - never joined any club and just sort of shows up wherever his friends are - his dad's a big deal so everyone just lets him do whatever he wants - people assume he and Luna are engaged because their parents are super close and they're both important family heirs - is totally in love with Prompto and both loves and hates that Prom runs away whenever he sees him - goal after graduation: hasn't thought of anything beyond getting Prompto to be his boyfriend (doesn't want to join the family business but knows he inevitably will)
Ignis: 2nd year - student council treasurer - Noct's oldest friend and also his tutor - president of the unofficial school baking club that he insists isn't a thing even though they meet up every week to share recipes, exchange baked goods, and have a hugely popular instagram - has been dating Gladio since the summer before high school - goal after graduation: already interns at Noct's father's company
Gladio: 2nd year - vice-captain of the archery club - can beat literally any sports club captain at their own sport - had been trying to get Ignis to date him since 7th grade - the only person other that Luna who dares to tease Noctis (everyone else is too scared of Noct's powerful family) - definitely the most popular guy in school but laughs off the idea - goal after graduation: open a ramen shop, marry Ignis, get a giant dog
Nyx: 3rd year - captain of the archery club - never studies but always gets straight A's - aura of an incorrigible slacker and yet never slacks off at anything - the effortless kind of cool that makes people either want to punch him or kiss him or both - likes Prompto and is always giving him advice - is super competitive with Gladio (in a good natured way) - has secretly been dating Luna since 1st year - goal after graduation: work hard to get so rich and successful that he can marry Luna without anyone questioning it
Luna: 3rd year - student council president - has the highest grades in school and a perfect attendance record - usually seen with her best friend Gentiana - loves her dogs Pryna and Umbra and her social media is almost exclusively photos of them - always trying to convince Nyx that it wouldn't hurt her reputation if people knew they were dating - her and Noctis are childhood friends and leave notes in each other's lockers constantly - goal after graduation: become a pediatric oncologist (then elope with her stupid boyfriend)
There! (-^ w ^-) that's my dorky high school AU. ENJOY! lol lol
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pidgydraws · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
doodle commissions are open (edit: this feature is over for this weekend only! six spaces are available for quick turn around by this Wednesday). payment via paypal in USD, plus contract agreement. portraits, OCs, or fanart all welcome! DM me or e-mail me at pidgymails@gmail 💖
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pidgydraws · 2 months ago
ohh~ tumblr...
Tumblr media
you house of cards you. always an inch away of falling down and having nobody left there to stack you back together again... truly, we live here precariously.
despite the fact that this is the platform that brings the least dollar-value to my life, that can’t change the fact that it’s brought the most emotional value to my life; and for that reason~ i hope it keeps on existing, just the way it is.
but changes will come, some good and some bad. users will come and go and tumblr will always be a bit of a joke no matter how it manages to exist. but, still, i hope it does continues to exist. for me - it’s real value is in exactly how little value it has.
nobody comes here. just us. every day i feel the internet decaying around me - just like so much of the world, as we become more viscerally aware of just how irreparably it’s slipping away from us - but in some ways tumblr is special. change here feels more like eating different types of (varying quality) chocolate chip cookies. other platforms felt like they took your cookies away and gave you oatmeal-and-raisin instead; telling you it was still chocolate before they then began giving you circles of cardboard with dots drawn on them - insisting they were still cookies. sure~ we use to be able to eat cookies naked here, but at least i still get to eat cookies and not cardboard.
everything's a mess. but it’s a mess everywhere.
still~ i love my blogs. i love the history of them. i love the story of my life and growth and experiences that they tell. i love the friends i’ve made and kindness i’ve been blessed with. i even appreciate the bad stuff. the bad stuff sucks... but the bad stuff teaches us things that stick with us too. the stuff i most wish i hadn’t experienced gets... softer(?) the further away it gets. it’s the moss underfoot in the garden of my existence. sure, maybe i slip on it and hurt myself from time to time~ but it also fills in the edges and makes that garden fuller and more beautiful.
as usual... i don’t... really have a point~ other than to say, i’m thankful for my time here. i’m thankful for everyone who ever liked my work, ever reblogged it, or ever left an excited note or a curious Ask. what an enriching place this can be! i know that for some it’s just a garbage dump... but... for me, i’ve built it around myself into a home. a place i can mostly be comfortable - and where i can enjoy having guests over.
come visit any time. i’m not going anywhere. my Ask box is always open 💙
thanks for hanging out with me - on tumblr.
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pidgydraws · 3 months ago
The way you DRAW yourself.... I'm speechless. I've never seen an artist to draw themselves so much and so cute.
I love it.
I also love your artstyle.
Looking forward to you opening your commissions again.
Keep up the awesome work.
AH~!!! (>/// w///<) thank you so much! you're too sweet! honestly, i especially love making them right now since they let me pretend like i still have colored hair (T w T) when really, i haven't dyed it since early in the pandemic.
i'm so blond! who is this!? lol lol lol
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i've been drawing my little doodles since back in 2016 when i first started my blog! i know i passed 400 of them at some point... it could be over 500 by now!? maybe even more!? i can't possibly remember... and the files aren't on this computer. (^ ___^) but they've sure changed a lot over time!
Tumblr media
that's the first ever doodle-Pidge! (using my little wacom tablet!)
Tumblr media
this one's from early 2018!
and now...
Tumblr media
drawing them in color used to feel impossible, but i've gotten a bit faster over time and was finally able to get a screen tablet, which also really helped. i often find it hard to communicate my emotions on the internet? so i love that drawing myself and using the sort of typed language that feels good to me really helps me feel more understood. and if other people enjoy it too, all the better!
as for commissions, i'm hoping to have them open in a month or so. and maybe this time i should make an option for doodles like these??? well, whatever happens (-^ ___^-) thanks for inspiring this little trip down memory lane! 💙
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pidgydraws · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
⭐ more doodle commissions from this weekend’s “quick-turn-around” sale ⭐
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pidgydraws · 3 months ago
executive dysfunction too powerful... someone please tell me what to draw... *cry*
Tumblr media
no promises. just looking for a crumb of inspiration to feed the, nearly dead, rat of inspiration inside my brain... poor brain rat...
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pidgydraws · 2 months ago
💜✨ This is an Amazing Creator Award! Your creations are incredible, and they light up every dashboard they land on. Pass this on to eight of your favourite creators to show your appreciation and let them know their work is loved! ✨💜
Some special love for you and all the wonderful things you bring to our lives!! 💕💕✨
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oh geeze! oh goodness! (> ///w///<) how thoughtful! thank you! ah! when stuff like this arrives in my ask box i'm always like "me??? they thought of me!?!?" and am delighted~ lol lol lol
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pidgydraws · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
⭐ doodle commissions from this weekend’s “quick-turn-around” sale ⭐
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pidgydraws · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
🍓 don’t forget to take breaks! (and to drink tasty smoothies!) 🍓
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pidgydraws · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
a little cheer for @the-pudding-is-a-lie who’s a powerhouse! making so much great work right now!!! YOU GO, PUDDING!!!! WOO~!!!! 💛🍮
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pidgydraws · 6 months ago
*kicks down your door* WHO ARE THOSE CUTIE BOYS?! The skater ones
Tumblr media
HELLO! YES! WELCOME!!!! (7O   [  ] O)7 please step into my sports-anime-lair that i might tell you about SK8! aka~ Skate the Infinity! this seasons 5-star, beautifully animated, 90′s-energy-throwback, good boy parade!!!!
Do you like the ridiculous personal investment of non-battle-battle-animes!? do you enjoy the overwrought emotions of sports animes!?! do you enjoy opening-themes that get you HYPED for the show you’re gonna watch!? do you like ending themes that you wanna play on repeat forever!?!? do you enjoy the this-would-never-fly-IRL fashion of shounen anime!?!? do you love tropey characters doing tropey things in newer, cuter, more clever and endearing ways!?!? do you like beach episodes!??! do you like found-family-best-friend squads?!?!? DO YOU LIKE CRYING!?!?!? DO YOU LIKE CUTE BOYS DOING CUTE STUFF!?!??! WELL I HAVE A FUCKING ANIME FOR YOU MY FRIEND!!!!!!! IT’S CALLED SKATE THE INFINITY AND YOU SHOULD WATCH IT AND THEN COME TALK TO ME ABOUT IT~!!!!!!
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pidgydraws · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i really like the idea that Crowley sometimes turns into a snake specifically because he has a hard time acting on his affection~ (◕ ///w///◕) 💖 physically communicating how much you love someone can be hard!
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pidgydraws · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
(v=    3  =)v *ssiiiggghhhh~* i was so tired and sick last month that i didn’t get nearly enough work done, and now i’m crunching on projects and all i wanna do is draw SK8 content and talk about how great Skate the Infinity is! (9oO  A Oo)9 AGGGG~!!!!! SOON!!! (oO ~~~Oo) SOON!!!
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pidgydraws · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
when you create the right emotional atmosphere to work on a project~ but then you’re emotional. *cry*
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