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Luz was just grateful she was smart enough to put her shitty pentagram tattoo on her back where she can hide it really easily. Her fang tattoo was put right where her neck met her shoulder. So with her jacket on it was pretty well hidden but when she takes it off you can see it real well. Hell for Amity, who can’t steal Luz’s jacket without having Luz tease her about the fang tattoo.

And absolutely w the snake bites iconic but also consider,,,,tongue piercing. She has no shame in her fangs after ditching her parents and shows them off whenever she can. She actually mellows out a decent bit after leaving her parents bc she had no real reason to lean into the stereotype of someone w teeth as big as hers, but she’ll still fight a bitch & her gf every now and again over stupid shit. She has teef and by god her gf loves them so what has she got to hide

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Like I said before you can’t miss this one🤩🤩❤️❤️❤️
#The gate crushers experience episode 1🔥🥴

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