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#piers pokemon

since i posted some designs earlier, thought it’d be worth posting but here are the chapter card doodles i did for the PROMARE x SWSH fic i got three chapters done in. the fic had piers, raihan, leon, sonia and nessa become childhood friends and the more chapters passed the older everyone got. i have the attention span of a fruit fly and a brain full of spaghetti but i still really love how the lighting on these turned out!!!!

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got really obsessed with this short SWSH PROMARE AU i thought up of last year so i ended up drawing my favorite SWSH pairing with them. that’s right you’ve guessed it its KBNZ but Piers is a Burnish and Raihan is part of the Burning Rescue. i started writing a fic on it earlier this year but only got 3 chapters put out OTL maybe i’ll post the lil chapter cards i drew for it too!

bonus: feral piers

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Yeaaaah !! I’m gonna do one character = one post, to be more clear, I hope that’s okay sweetie ! 🌺🥰

Piers’s HC 👑🌺

With a sick SO

  • Piers is not so comfortable with describing his feelings… but he always shows them to you.
  • When you’re sad, lonely or, like this particular day, hurt, he’ll run to you in order to help you.
  • The second you called for him, he’d abandoned everything : his job, his duty, litteraly everything to rescue you.
  • No matter where you are, even in the middle of the wild area, he’d come like the man madly in love with you he is.
  • If he can’t carry you, he would leave the task to his Obstagoon do this for him. This way, he would be able to guide you to a doctor.
  • Of course, even if he knows you’re in good hands, he can’t leave your side. He has to remain here, see it all, and squeeze your hand gently.
  • After that, he won’t leave your side either. He will propose to stay, helping you, even making you something to eat. Like a guardian angel, he will lay down next to you, touching your cheek gently.
  • Because he can’t sleep knowing you are hurt, he could only watch over your sleep. That’s the least he could do for you.
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I reaaaally hope you’ll like this, after all this is your trainersona and you write about her in your own fic 😋 I enjoyed SO MUCH this scene, it was TOO MUCH FUN ♥

Piers x Raikichi (OC) 💕

Nice day. Sunny, warm, comfortable. All you had to do was… enjoy. Probably even more than the past few days, because your gym leader happened to be available. Not too much to do at the stadium, he said… well, your precious oncle Kabu went out, leaving the place to you and the man that made all your dreams coming true so far. “Miss me ?” he said jokingly once there, patting Glaceon’s head before giving you a sweet kiss. Of course… you shrugged, just to see him ask for more. “Maybe…” A game. It was a game between the two of you, a sweet mix of teasing and confessing feelings. A perfect mix, actually. “Raihan and Leon had quite a challenge the other day ! I bet you didn’t see the match… wanna watch it with me ?” you proposed, quite excited. All the more reasons to enjoy a breathtaking match while hugging your man. Taste of Heavens… “Oh yeah, why not ?!

You needed nothing else. While you left Piers make himself comfortable on the couch, you prepared a snack for the both of you ; it was the first time in ages you could actually enjoy some time in the house without your uncle around… well, drinks on tout favorite tray, pancakes and all kinds of topping possible, you were ready for the match to begin. As soon as you joigned your man, you laid down against him, in need of his warmth and sent. Another taste of Heavens… “You smell so good…” you confessed, giggling like a teenage girl. In Piers’s presence, that was how you acted. Like a girl madly in love… “Special sent for you, sweet pea” he confessed as well, not daring looking at you. Piers wasn’t a very talkative man about his feelings, but you learned how to accept him that way.

The match began, both of you hugging each other without restraint. Maybe you needed more than a hug… that’s why you tried to catch his attention multiple times, kissing his left hand, than his neck… you wanted to be loved, but you hadn’t to push Piers very far. In a matter of seconds, he captured your lips with quite a passion, tilting you on the couch. The match continued on TV, but you were both to much in need of each other and didn’t pay attention anymore. At least, before he came home…

“Kiddo ?!” Oh crap. Kabu had the handle of the door still in his hand, stopped in ci way to enter. He had seen the both of you kissing, but you didn’t know for how long exactly. “Herm… Uncle” you babbled while putting your shirt the way it was suppose to be. Piers looked at the ground, so silent you were about to bet he wasn’t even here anymore, ready to run anytime. “I assume I am disturbing something… interesting !” he said, quite amusée actually. Kabu had been young before, and also in love. But his precious niece had to be protected from harm, and for men in particular. “Piers lost his necklace ! We were… searching it ! Right ! RIGHT PIERS ?” You tried to smile but it was forced. A little kick by your elbow and the gym leader went back to life… or the situation. “Necklace… what neck… aoutch !” You had kicked him harder, still smiling, to force his brain to catch up. Inside, Kabu burst into laughter, but outside, he had no expression at all. Same old same old… “Necklace, right !” Piers finally said, more like a child caught up doing some silly thing. “And did you find it, Kiddo ?” While ignoring the other gym leader, Kabu talked to you, crossing his arm against his chest. Piers swallowed with difficulty. “I… hum…”

Ah, to be young. Kabu laughed a little bit, crossing eye with Glaceon, shaking his head. “Well, what if we go on a wall until these two dummies finish their false investigation ?” Of course, your uncle left you for a while longer… but of course, he would tease you again and again and even blackmail you a little bit, just for sport. That was a very small price to pay to be able to love the man of your life, right ?

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Starlight, Gleam and Glow…



One night, a six-year-old Rapierzel catched sight of bright lights (shooting stars?) streaking across the sky outside the tower window.

It made him overwhelmingly happy, for some inexplicable reason.


My Instagram (fuyu_tjondro) is the most updated account for my Rapierzel AU. 8′DD

The same content will be posted here though… Gradually… Eventually. X’D


Piers © Pokémon Sword & Shield
Rapunzel © Walt Disney Animation Studios

Fan Art by © Fuyu

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hngngngn piers good

also the file name for this on my laptop is just JIMMY P I S S which,,,, may or may not be a reference to something. kudos to thos lads who know what that reference is :)

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I wish for you to have more peaceful days at work very soon ! ♥💋

Piers’s Headcanons 💋

  • Comforting his s/o

Every day when you come back home, what does Piers do ? Kissing you welcome, and ask how you’re doing. This time, because you had a hard day and feel bad, he’s going to hug you until you feel a little better. As long as it takes, no matter how long it would take. For that, he’s just a sweetheart.

Second of all, he’ll prepare you a bath. A warm, comfortable bath with all your favorite perfumes and bath bombs. He knows how much you love taking one with all of that stuff, and because of it, he had bought everything in case you would need it. Of course, a bath without his company is no real bath at all. So, you would ask for his presence until he would say yes… how could he say no to you, woman of his heart ? Impossible. That’s why, during all the time you would take that bath together, he’ll give you massages with his expert hands. To be relaxed wouldn’t take long thanks to him. Of course, some times he would replace his hands by his lips, kissing you all over your naked body to make you relax even more.

After a long and very relaxing bath, he’s going to help you dress up, slowly, amorously. He will put kissed there and there because he can’t help it, and tell you how much he loves you until you’re tired of it. But you never get tired of it… no, never. This particular evening, he wants to be here for you and only you, not matter what he has to do to succeed.

Maybe he would help you lay down, and would bring to you your favorite meal - cooked by his own hands of course, and would feed you. “Say aaaah” he would say with the kind of smile you just couldn’t resist. That kind of moment is not only precious to you… it makes you fall in love again for him. And more importantly, after all his kindness, you forgot all bad things that happened to you all day long. Nothing else mattered but him, the both of you together, hugging and kissing each other until you have no more breath to breathe.


Originally posted by it-started-to-rain

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Awww I just love this one ! 💋 I think I could do a part two for this one haha ♥🍓

Piers’s challenge kiss 💋

“I’m sure you wouldn’t dare kiss her !” Ah, Marnie. Always here when it came to her brother’s love life. She knew far too well how much he cared about you, and how much he could become shy in front of you. So… the last possibility was to challenge him. Dare him to kiss you. Of course he complained. Of course he thought it wrong… but he did it all the same.

In the middle of the street, while you were waiting for the next battle of your challenging competition, Piers came to you, as tense as it was possible to be. First, you were surprise to see him this way. But not as surprise as when he held you in his arms and kissed you like you kept his next breath prisoner. Before a whole crowd, before all of those who where taking pictures of your very first kiss… you gave back all of his sweetness and passion. Every once. Every part. It gave you a small taste of Heaven… “Hmm… sorry. I…” Piers’s cheeks became all red but you smiled. “It was just a challenge, wasn’t it ?” you said, disappointed. You hoped… in vain. “Well, you succeeded. Congrats !” Before you turned your back, quite sad, you shrugged. You had to hide your feelings… and leave. Now.


Originally posted by scyther-no-scything

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