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#pietro maximoff
happyunniewrites · 33 minutes ago
Pietro Maximoff
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Uncertain certainties - Finished
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happyunniewrites · 33 minutes ago
Uncertain Certainties
Summary: Wanda has a rough night and goes to sit out on the rooftop with you, her brother’s girlfriend. The next morning you wake up in a strange house.
Pairing: Pietro x Fem!Reader / Wanda x Vision
Warning: Mention of character death.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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whitewashing the x-men
im allowed to like peter maximoff as a character and still hate the racism that comes with whitewashing the comic book character who was jewish yet was never portrayed by a jewish actor. same with magneto. micheal fassbenders performance is amazing but they still shouldve cast a jewish actor to play him as his main story arc is bring a traumatised jewish man who survived the holocaust and therefore doesn't trust humans to not treat mutants like they did the jews. i love the characters snd the actors but i cant deny how racist fox is by not casting the right minorities for minority roles, and i cant excuse the blatant whitewashing of pietro by renaming him to seem more american.
i love the fox x-men, its a beautiful universe with beautiful stories and characters but i won't excuse the blatant racist flaws. neither should you. as much as i love evan peters and micheal fassbender i cant be on board with casting them as the roles again now that disney owns them. they already whitewashed wanda, now is the time to correct those wrongs and represent the minorities correctly.
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saw this quote on a TUA blog, so ima submit?
Scott: Why are you on the floor?
Peter: I have depression.
Peter: Also I’ve been stabbed six times, can you get Charles?
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marvelslut16 · 6 hours ago
Marvel Masterlist
A happy little family
Peter Quill-
Where I belong
Steve Rogers-
I told you so
Forties themed party
Bucky Barnes-
I missed you, Doll
Trust me for once
I trust you
Even teachers can be stupid
Peter Parker-
Not-so-secret boyfriend
Sam Wilson-
What were you thinking?
James 'Rhodey' Rhodes-
Almost lost him
Matt Murdock-
You're my everything
Pietro Maximoff-
The one with two Pietro's
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darwindrawz · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
I know a lot of Marvel characters already have like canon signatures but I wanted to do my take on how I think they would sign their names. These are just my personal favorite characters, if you want me to do one for one of your favorites feel free to shoot me an ask!
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pietro-maximoff-facts · 9 hours ago
Pietro Maximoff Fact 29!
He is dead and never coming back.
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multi-muse-transect · 10 hours ago
Since Miles’s universe is kind of the Ultimate Universe in Spiderverse....
Imagine the Ultimates are introduced and the lineup is Captain America (Wyatt Russell), Thor (Brad Pitt), Iron Man (Tom Cruise), Giant Man (Nathan Fillion), Wasp (Sharon Stone), Scarlet Witch (Ashley Olsen), Quicksilver, and a female Vision (Lena Headey or Lauren Cohan) because Vision is female in the Ultimate universe.
Bonus: She and Wanda are seen together most of the time with the maybe the end you can see them hold hands and yes, the first three were supposed to be actors for Steve, Thor, and Tony.
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saviorsong · 10 hours ago
Pietro Maximoff
Tumblr media
Pietro x Reader
- Of Love and Death - NSFW
- Like the wind - Humor/fluff
- Scrapbook
- Printessa - Smut
- Game On:
Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3 I Part 4 I Part 5 I Part 6 I Part 7 I Part 8 I Part 9
- Good Grief
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fuzzybunnysocks · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Once again, stuck wondering how Logan and Peter met more specifically how Logan knew Peter. Like don't give me the boring answer like "Oh probably just knew eachother through mutual friends". I am dramtic, so I want dramatic. So personal favorite head canon of mine is that Peter is dead in the 2023 timeline which prompted Magneto to help with the whole time travel fiasco. Anyways-that still leaves a little grey area like where on Earth was Peter in the 2000's x-men movies. Was he part of the brotherhood? Is he married to Crystal and raising Luna? But still how does he know Logan!!! I've read fics where they met at some bar or just randomly and I love them all. This is just constantly on my mind, so now it can constantly be on all of your minds as well.
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plums-and-fluff · 11 hours ago
Dating Pietro Maximoff (AOU) Headcanons:
Tumblr media
Overall it’s a pretty fun relationship.
Pietro just wants to make you laugh. He just wants to make you smile.
So please laugh at his stupid jokes.
Pietro would be over the moon if you got along with Wanda. His twin is the only family he has, so it’s important you both get along.
Wanna go to cross the world on a day trip? Pietro doesn’t mind. In fact, he loves the idea of holding you close as he sprints across the world.
At home dates work too! Pietro is a sucker for home dates.
Pietro would 100% make a pillow fort with you, and spend all night watching cheesy movies on his laptop with tons of snacks.
Cafe dates are also very popular with Pietro. He loves cute corner cafes with really yummy bakery items~
Pietro would also want to include Wanda and Vision on some outings too! (Double dates!!)
If you ask Pietro to teach you some words in his native language, he will melt~
He teaches you cuss words at first to mess with Wanda.
But then he lets up and teaches you little phrases.
Pietro loves to show you off. You’re his cute s/o and the world must know you belong to him!!
Wanda often teases Pietro about his obsession with you.
Although, Wanda is extremely happy that her twin has found someone he loves with all his heart.
Girl days with Wanda.
Pietro’s background on his phone is you. Although it’s not very flattering, he refuses to change it.
Pietro loves nothing more then to cuddle up to you at night, whispering in your ear sweet nothings in his native tongue.
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fuzzybunnysocks · 12 hours ago
I’m going to be withholding the next chapter of Family By Blood until I think Monday/Tuesday Bc I went to be consistant with the story. I think it’s probably gonna be updated about once or twice a week but besides that enjoy the two chapters which r up right now on ao3
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simqly-alex-courtlan · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
"Peter!" Scott called, voice frantic. Peter was immediately in their room in just a second, worry written on his face.
"Are you okay? You're not hurt, are you?" Scott groaned, eyes tightly shut just as Peter let it click in. "Scott, where are your glasses?"
Scott sighed, resisting the urge to pull his hair out. "That's the problem," He claimed. "I can't fucking find them. They weren't on the nightstand."
Peter glanced around to make sure, not seeing any sight of the red lenses. He heaved a sigh, letting out a simple, "Shit."
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Do you have any head canons about Alex (and Hank) raising Scott?
My dude, of course I do. I have moved some of the dates and ages around because the decade time jumps were idiotic.  -Alex is fifteen years older than Scott. Scott was an accident baby and their parents didn’t really care about him. Then they died in the plane crash when Scott was two.
-Alex had been Scott’s primary caregiver before the crash, despite being in and out of juvie.
-They live in an orphanage for about a year, and on his eighteenth birthday Alex adopted Scott.
-That’s how he was discovered by Erik and Charles in ‘71. He was a nineteen year old with a small apartment and a four year old son.
-His only condition before joining them was that Scott had a safe place to stay. The CIA agrees and finds a safe house with foster parents. Alex sat Scott down and explained that he would have to leave for a little while, but Scott would be with nice people. Scott was tearful but he was okay as long as he had a picture of Alex along with his favorite toys.  -A few months later Alex was being particularly irritable in the manor, and Hank was determined to find out why. He finally cornered Alex and found the words to ask what was wrong. The one thing he wasn’t expecting was Alex crying and saying it was his son’s fifth birthday. Hank spent the rest of the day letting Alex show him pictures of Scott.
-They got closer and started dating, after Erik goes rogue they move in together. Hank is introduced to Scott as “your dad’s boyfriend, Hank.” Hank was nervous that Scott would be scared of him, but Scott thought his fur was awesome.  -They start living and teaching in the school when it opens. Hank teaches science classes and Alex teaches a shop class along with tutoring students who had energy based powers.
-They had always suspected Scott was a mutant. He had heterochromia, one of his eyes being blue and the other brown. This didn’t mean he would become a mutant, but the fact that when he was sixteen lasers started shooting out of his eyeballs proved their suspicions.  -Scott became aware of Erik’s son when he was twenty three. Pietro was using his speed to rob a jewelry store. Scott had managed to charm the speedster into coming into custody with him and plopped him down in front of Charles with a “found your stepson.”
-Charles convinced Pietro to stay. Let’s just say, Alex was not happy with all the looks between Scott and Pietro.
-Overprotective dad mode was activated.
-He eventually managed to get Pietro alone and talk to him.
-Alex told Hank that Pietro was twenty seven, had a twin, his accent was Sokovian, and he liked to cook. “You got that all from a single conversation?” “Pft, no. I just broke into his room.”
-Alex never deemed Pietro worthy of Scott.
-Pietro remained scared of Alex for the rest of his life. Hank was always nice to him though. 
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quicksilver-events · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Quicksilver Exchange Server is now open for anyone interested in the exchange, or anyone who simply wants to join!
Invite link
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