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Episode 1 : Day Craving

The blinders shut down without any warning ; plunging the room in complete darkness. The sudden noise, followed by the loss of sight of his surrounding, startled Pietro, who was currently making a sandwich when the light disappeared.

« What’s going on » his groan erupted from the darkness.

The sound of rummaging and some banging noises from the colision of his body with the furnitures followed, ending in a loud bang.

«Fuck ! »

Pietro just hit his forehead against a cupboard, resulting in a bunch of foreign curses. He touched around on the wall, searching for the switch button. And when he finally found it, he regrette dit immensely.

As the light came back, it revealed, right in front of him, a face that he didn’t intented to see. Pale features ; dark eyes circled with huge purple bags ; in his present point of view, a true vision of horror.

With a high pitched scream, he backed away and his back collided harshly with the fridge.

« Hi Pietro ! » you greeted him with a big smile. The latter looking rather nice but the satisfaction of scaring the shit out of him was obvious.

« What the hell is wrong with you ?! »

His reaction only made your smile widen, showing off your fangs, scaring him even more than you already have.

« Can I ask you a favor ? » you said, careful to add puppy dog eyes to make it more convincing.

« Are you for real ? You almost gave me a heart attack by plunging me into the dark and jumping on me, looking all monstruous and youd are ask me a favor ?! »

It didn’t seem possible but you smiled even bigger, getting significantly closer to him.

Then, you placed your fangs on your lower lip in an exaggerated pout . Now you looked like the cutest vampire, at least in your mind.

« Please Pietro »

You wrapped yourself around his arm and looked up at him pleadingly.

At first he kept glaring at you with a straight face. But as you started to rub his arm and emphasize your cute face, his expression soften. With an eyeroll along with groans, he looked more annoyed than angry.

« Fine. What do you want ? »

« Can you be my errand boy ? I’m not tired and I’d like some snacks »

He gave you a sided look.

« What kind of snacks ? » he asked warrily

« You know exactly what I’m talking about. Please, you’re the best speedster in the world and without you I’ll starve to death ! »

He only hummed before disappearing in a gust of wind.

Satisfied at the idea of filling your stomach soon, you went to settle yourself on the couch, under a cozy blanket. You only had the time to turn the T.V on before Pietro re-appeared with his arms full of your favourite snacks.

« Please, remember to fill your stach and not ask me to do that again. I feel like a criminal. »

He set down

Everything on the coffee table and let himself fall ungraciously on the couch next to you.

Giggling at his statement, you reached for the pile and snatched one blood bag.

A look of starvation that could have terrified the most dangerous predator, took over your features.

Pietro’s eyes never left you, silently giving you a judgemental glare, which transformed into disgust when you used your sharp fangs to tear the bag open. Not even a second later, your mouth was wrapped on the hole and you sucked every tiny drop of liquid until there wasn’t any trace left.

When you finally felt full, you tossed the empty bag away and let out a sigh of content.

« No offense but you’re disgusting »

« Hmm ? »

He hadn’t notice you were already sipping your second bag, your gaze fixed on him the whole time.

« I second my own statement »

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What’s with humans in the MCU? We’re apparently like the only species that can be genetically modified. Quill was the only successful demigod after Egos tried for centuries, presumably with every other species in the galaxy. The Inhuman Kree experiments only worked on us. And. We scientifically modify ourselves all the fucking time. Carol Danvers, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, T'Challa (and all previous Black Pathers), Peter Parker, Extremis, Wanda and Pietro, Cal/Hyde, Robbie Reyes, Eli Morrow, Carl Creel, Glenn Talbot, and on and on. I mean you don’t see any other species that have been enhanced past their baseline. I didn’t include mechanical enhancements, like Bucky’s arm or Deathlok, because we see those all over the galaxy.

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I’d e very surprised if WandaVision isn’t used to bring mutants into the MCU. Now that Disney (and therefore Marvel) have all the rights back I can see them get around the fact we’ve not seen mutants before by saying something like the x-gene was dormant and expose to the powers of the Infinity Stones activated it. Wanda and Pietro will be retconned as mutants (not sure if they’ll go back to being Magneto’s children) and all the many of the people who were snapped and came back will begin displaying mutant abilities. All that stuff with Inhumans in Agents of SHIELD will just be forgotten and characters like Ms Marvel will now be mutants.

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Summary:  Bruce’s little sister comes to work in the labs for the Avengers, but he’s made it explicitly clear that she’s off limits.  Then again, when has Clint ever listened

Pairings: Clint Barton, Female reader

Warnings: Language, sexual situations

Written while listening to ‘What Would Happen’ by Meredith Brooks


Electricity, eye to eye

Hey don’t I know you

I can’t speak

Stripped my senses

On the spot

I’ve never been defenseless

I can’t even make sense of this

You speak and I don’t hear a word

Clint watched her from across the gym as she chatted with Nat. Sounded like Nat was giving her tips on her technic, not that Bruce would ever let Y/n in the field. She was strictly to be home-based in the labs. Y/n had come back to the states to help with Tony and Bruce and their mountains of projects. Clint smirked remembering Bruce reading all of them the riot act before her arrival. Ranting and raving to the point they all watched his skin shimmering green the longer he spoke. Y/n was off-limits, no exceptions.

“As much as I like you lot, that’s my little sister! None of you are good enough, not for her.  She’s too intelligent and innocent for any and all of your bullshit, especially you Tony!” Bruce had growled. It sounded as if even the Hulk agreed with Banner for once.

Y/n Banner was forbidden fruit and that only made her all the more intriguing to Clint. Y/n was beyond intelligent, her I.Q. according to Bruce was off the charts and within the first five minutes of her being in the Compound she managed to leave Tony utterly speechless with her snarky wit.  Tony couldn’t for the life of him think of a comeback and left the room in silence.  Clint wanted her, but Y/n wasn’t even in his stratosphere. She was out of his league.

What would happen if we kissed

Would your tongue slip past my lips

Would you run away, would you stay

Or would I melt into you

Mouth to mouth, lust to lust

Spontaneously combust

Everything about her left him wanting to know more, but she was intimidating. The Ivy League colleges, all the foreign travel for leisure, not a mission. She read like a fish needs water. Took her coffee strong and black and consumed even more than him. She hated mornings as much as he did, but there was a hidden side. He knew there was something not as innocent about her as Bruce had made it seem.

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A/N: Halloween is coming! The start of my mini series of vampire!reader x avengers. I hope you’ll like it and enjoy the Halloweeny atmosphere !

At precisely 7 p.m, like every other evening, the sound of the alarm clock filled the room with it’s ringing. None of the light that has been streaming through the curtains when she went to bed, could be seen at this hour, replaced darkness.

That could have been total if not for the bright artificial light coming from the digital clock on the side table.

« Rise and Shine ! »

A creaking noise joined in the evening symphony.

«  Damn, I need to grease that ! »

The lid of the coffin came to its maximum opening capacity, making the cringing noise stop. In the neon blue light, a figure sat up in the coffin. She reached for the alarm clock and pushed the snooze button then stepped out from the non-usual bed before walking to the window.

She tentatively, pulled a piece of curtain side, only letting a slight beam of faint white light in between. Assured of the absence of the sun, she yanked the curtains open, exposing the nightly landscape of New York City.

Fall was the most wonderful time of the year for vampires. The sun set earlier and rise later than usual, making the nights longer, expending the nocturnal creatures’s days.

« Finally… I love Fall so much ! »

Y/N turned on herself, while jumping and giggling , before coming back to face the view.

«  It’s spooky time ! »

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Looking to do some kind of high school au rp as:

  • Wanda Maximoff
  • Pietro Maximoff
  • Gamora
  • Mallory Keen
  • Leo Valdez
  • Nico Di Angelo
  • Manon Blackbeak
  • Sirius Black

Dm me if interested, we can discuss plot points, characters you could play, etc.

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꧁Midnight Masquerade꧂


Description; A masquerade becomes the perfect time for a monster to stalk its prey. But what if the heroine knows the villan?

Pairing: Pietro x reader

Rating: Mature


Word count; 3.230

Warnings; Kinda entering the thriller genre, a bit of fluff (?)

Author; @the-goddess-of-mischief-writing

A/N: So this is my little piece in @sdavid09 halloween’s challenge and I had the prompts “Scooby Doo” and M.J’s “Thriller”. Though this isn’t only an entry in the challenge, but also my way of introducing a new character I’m going to start writing for. I took a new and kinda differente approach with this fic, so this isn’t how I characteristically write and honestly I don’t really now how it turned out. Maybe I’ll do a part two or just leave it as this is, we’ll see. Nevertheless, hope you enjoy this little work xx


Autumn. From where you came the season didn’t bring much more than chilled temperatures that nipped at every part of your body, no matter how much or little clothes you wore for the time of year. The only thing differing it from the snowy winter though was the colours. Leaves painted in every colour between green and red, making the forest look as if it was on fire. The otherwise dull coloured buildings, speaking of an ill-favoured state, blended together with the third season of the year, as the smell of earth and heaviness of rain was present. 

Those scents reminded you of your home more than ever as you now walked through the mist coating the streets outside. Goosebumps spread across your body as the wind ruffled the leaves enough for them to fly. A curse left you as you hugged the coat closer around your body, damning the wind for penetrating your scant pieces of clothes for the season. As well as your friends, for the night stroll that you now needed to take.

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