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peter: is wanda okay she was screaming alot last night
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Ghost of Us — Chapter 1
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This is the sequel to my book Ghost of You. Go check it out before reading this one.
Pietro Maximoff x fem!Mutant!reader
Warnings: PTSD, vague mention of torture, blood, little violence, alcohol, alcohol as a coping mechanism, liquor store, alcoholism, suicide talk, angst, trauma, grief
Word Count: 3284
If you want to be added to the taglist, let me know :)
Tumblr media
Dying is easy.
Coming back it's the tricky part.
But what's even worse is the situation I found myself at the moment.
I released a yelp as Strange's eldritch whip came in my direction and I quickly dodged behind a table which seconds later exploded into million pieces leaving me defenseless in front of a frustrated wizard. I slowly crawled backward until my back hit the wall and winced at the intensity of his gaze.
"Get up."
"I'm fine here, thank you very much."
"Now." He demanded, magic illuminating his hands orange. Reluctantly I stood up and faced him before I sprinted away from him racing towards the door. As expected, it did nothing since seconds later I was face down spitting dust a whip wrapped around my leg pulling me towards Strange.
"Fight back." I moved my head out of the way as a magic disc crashed beside me hitting the side of my face and causing blood to pour out of my cheek. The surprise of actual blood was overtaken by anger, as ghosts made their apparition around us. I felt my powers in the tips of my fingers, in the deep of my stomach, they wanted to crawl out and unleash death. The temperature rose and the light faded away.
"That's enough for today Strange," Wong stated as he appeared behind us. His voice snapped me out of my trance and the spirits disappeared. I blinked once, twice. Since coming back from the land of the dead this type of thing has started to happen more frequently and I was afraid to repeat a scene worse than the one back on my last day on the compound after seeing...
"I leave you two for three hours and you somehow always find a way to destroy everything." He snapped as Strange finally released me. I quietly stood up and tried to clean the dirt out of my clothes.
"He started it," I mumbled.
"It's her fault."
"How's that my fault? You attacked me," I snapped, gritting my teeth as I crossed my arms defiantly.
"If you would simply do what I've taught you and fought back then we wouldn't be having this conversation," Strange grunted, narrowing his eyes.
"Well if you got it into your thick skull that I'm not a freaking wizard then we wouldn't be having this conversation either."
"You're insufferable, anyone ever told you that?" He hissed, his jaw clenching.
"Only every day of my entire life," I commented, raising my chin, a smug smile forming on my face.
"Oh now we're playing the victim card, aren't we?" He grumbled, rolling his eyes. "How creative, now I can't say anything without sounding like an asshole."
"I hate you." He fumed, swearing under his breath.
"Why? I'm lovely." I grinned cheekily as Strange made to reach me. With a yelp, I hid behind Wong, who looked anything but amused. His brows furrowed together in annoyance and I could see a sneer starting to form on his face.
"Okay, that's it. Get out, both of you. I don't wanna see any of you." He snapped and forcefully shoved us out of the room and finally slammed the door on our faces with a loud thud. We stood still for a moment.
"So, you want something to eat?" I grinned
"Don't talk to me." His nostril flared as he turned around and walked away.
"I heard that!"
"I wasn’t whispering," I announced smirking.
I stood in front of the bathroom mirror as I splashed water on my face, erasing any trace of blood that could remind me of my past. But I wasn't fast enough as the sight of bloody water running down the drain brought me back to the days at the asylum. I tried to shake the images out of my head as I forcefully shut my eyes. My breath quickened as memories of being tied down to a table as they sliced me open invaded my brain. I could still remember the feeling of the blade against my skin as if it was yesterday. The pressure on my wrists as they were being tied down. The chill on my exposed bloody back as air met it. How my screams left my throat feeling raw. Their faces as they stood above me...
But a knock on the door stopped my brain from finishing that memory. With shaky hands, I opened the door only to be met with two green eyes. A grimace appeared on my face as I took in his unwanted presence. His eyes however focused solely on my bloody cheek and then on my probably crazed eyes after my little episode, but he knew me enough not to mention it. We faced each other for some awkward seconds until he spoke.
"Need a hand with that?" He nagged.
"Do I look like I need your help?" I barked back and regretted it immediately as I felt blood dripping down my chin.
"Was that a rhetorical question or do you really want me to answer that?" Strange debated, amusement evident in the way his eyes lit up.
"Whatever" I sighed and rolled my eyes as I opened the door completely to let him in and sat on the toilet.
He stepped inside the little room and searched for the first aid kit inside the drawers. When he found it he kneeled in front of me and took the alcohol out. Gently he wiped the blood off my cheek and then rubbed alcohol on it. He looked at me expectantly, waiting for my reaction, and was surprised when he found none.
"It doesn't hurt," I explained. And it didn't, not really. Not even when alcohol came in contact with the open wound.
"You have a high pain tolerance I see." He noted warily.
"I do." And I did, ever since I knew what real pain was, little things like this felt like a joke. For some minutes nothing could be heard as he cleaned my wound and surprisingly gave me two stitches until a loud sigh could be heard from him.
"What?" I snapped annoyed as he sighed for the fifth time.
"I didn't say anything."
"Then stop breathing so loudly," I grunted as I stood off the toilet and made my way to the mirror to gaze at the repaired damage on my face.
"I just don't understand why you're holding back." The sorcerer pondered crossing his arms above his chest.
"I'm not."
"I don't believe that and neither do you."
"Honestly? I don't care what you think." I snapped glaring at him. Restrained anger danced in my eyes as we stared at each other. Suddenly recognition dawned on his eyes.
"Ohh, so he's why." Strange acknowledged. I tensed and froze at his mere mention.
"It's been 8 months Y/n." When I said nothing he continued.
"I think," he began hesitantly, "it's time to get over him."
"I am over him." I denied
"I'm not blind nor deaf, I can see you crumbling before my eyes. Do you think I can't hear you screaming every night in your sleep? Do you think I don't notice the alcohol stench in your room? The bottles? Well, I can. Why do you think I'm trying to teach you control?"
I didn't answer, I was speechless as shame burned through my veins as I recalled all the sleepless nights filled with Pietro's memories and the bottles I drank to erase any trace of him and the last 12 years of my life.
"Because every night you lose it." He softly answered himself.
"Leave me alone."
"Not until you realize how stupid all of this is!" He exclaimed, his hands raised in exasperation as if begging God for patience. "You're wasting your potential grieving over someone who doesn't know who you are."
"I'm warning you Strange. Stop talking." Warning seeping through my teeth.
"I'm sorry to break it to you but that stupid little dead boy doesn't deserve the power he still holds over you." He snapped, crossing his arms over his chest.
"You don't understand." I looked away, shame filling my veins. I hate it, the power Pietro still had over me.
"Explain it to me then, why put yourself through all of this?"
"Because I loved him and he's gone and it hurts" I roared as the lights flicker and the mirror tremble. The air filled with static.
The silence was so loud. I could feel his eyes burning on the back of my head. My hands twitched at my sides, unrestrained power tingling at my fingertips. I tried not to show it, but I know he saw straight through it. He always did. His features softened at the shaking of my hands.
"That day, you told me to make it stop. You told me you would come if I made the pain stop. But if you keep holding back there's nothing I can do to help you."
I knew he was right, of course, he was right. I was holding back. I was hiding. But what was I supposed to do? For twelve years that's what I was thought to do. If I didn't, I was punished. My whole life has revolved around me having to hold back, for my and everyone's sake. Back then I didn't know what I was capable of, and I still am not, but if I have the power to bring someone back, who says I can't do the opposite. The thing is, maybe I don't want to find out.
What's the point of using these abilities, if all they do is bring me pain. I want, no, I need to forget him. And if alcohol is the way, I'll gladly take it, even if it'll just work for a few hours.
"I don't need your help Doctor." I exited the room and smashed the door behind me as I made my way to the nearest liquor store.
The walk was painfully long. Even after 8 months, everywhere I looked I could see his face, literally. There were dozens of posters with his face adorning the street. People were bedazzled when they learned the Pietro Maximoff was, somehow, alive, after 7 years of being considered dead. I walked faster as I always did every time I got too close and before I knew it I was entering the store, the bell ringing as I opened the door.
By then I knew all aisles by memory so I rapidly searched for the tequila and made my way to the front, where the same man was always working. He acknowledge me with a nod and I did the same as I took money out of my pocket and gave it to him. Without a word I took the bag with my newly bought alcohol and left the store.
Outside I entertained my options and decide going back to the sanctum was not a good idea so I settled by walking directionless until I found someplace to sit. Minutes felt like hours as the sun set down on the horizon, obscuring my surroundings.
Some time passed and I found myself alone in the dark, my only company being the ghost of us. And those horrible posters that made no justice to the color of his eyes.
As the first tear made its way through my face I opened the bottle and took a sip that burned my throat and for just a second made me forget that once again I was alone in a world where no one would ever miss me. It wasn't funny, but I couldn't help the laugh that left my mouth.
"You were right dad," I began speaking to no one in particular as I felt my hands start to shake as the reality of my situation sank in. "I am a monster, unlovable." I croaked, my hand finding the almost full bottle and taking a longer sip.
"I think I get it now, why you abandoned me." I kept going, way sober to have this realization, so I took another sip. "I wouldn't want to have me as my daughter either."
"I wonder if they miss me" Another sip. "I bet they don't." I chuckled as I lazily took one more.
"Maybe" I whispered to myself as if I was telling a secret. "Maybe everything would be easier if I just" I took a deep shuddering breath that made my lungs ache "disappeared."
"Don't say that." Blurted a childish voice from somewhere above me. I looked up and honestly, I was not a bit surprised to find a teenager in a red tacky suit hanging off a tree, upside down. I sighed and drank some more. It had been a long day.
"Mind your business kid." I sighed as monkey-boy got down from the tree.
"Are you okay?" He softly asked, but I refused to answer. Maybe if I acted like he wasn't there he'll disappear. Like everyone else. HA.
"I can call someone for you if you want." He continued, unaware of my morbid internal sense of humor. How ironic, I concluded. That a total stranger was the only person that cared enough to ask.
"There isn't anyone. Not anymore, at least." I refused to look at him as I admitted the truth. I kept gazing to the front as we sat in silence. I didn't want to see his pity, the pity that clouded Wong's eyes after he found me curled up crying after a particular nightmare, or in the way Strange would halt giving me shit after a panic attack.
But to my surprise, I was found instead with understanding.
"It sucks, doesn't it? Miss them and don't being able to do something about it, but remember them." Red-guy whispered, his voice becoming melancholic with every word. I looked at him and wonder if there were tears in his eyes every time he spoke about this.
"What's the point of remembering if it only causes pain? That's just cruel." I uttered playing with the hem of my shirt, a lonely tear falling. That was all I was gonna allow myself at the moment, one tear for the man I lost and for the life I never got to live.
"It is. But what about all of the happy memories? Those memories made me who I am, who would I be without them?" Bug-kid stated with so much confidence, that I couldn't help to wonder about him again, is the absence of us, affecting him someway? I shook my head at the thought, I don't think I ever was that important.
"Maybe they're gone, but you aren't. So live, if not for yourself, for them." the boy instructed with, what I think, was a smile behind the mask. He looked healed, I wonder if I'll ever be like that.
At the distance, the sirens could be heard which put an end to our conversation. Spider kid stood up and I came to the conclusion he couldn't be older than 15 years. Yikes, I just poured all my bottled-up trauma on a teenager.
"For the record? I don't think you're a monster, someone capable of loving as hard as you did can't be one." That was the last thing he said after he went swinging through the city.
As fast as he left tears clouded my vision. Because he was right. About everything. My life wasn't over, it had barely begun. Pietro was gone but our memories weren't. It didn't matter that he couldn't remember them. It didn't matter, because I could remember for both of us. My Pietro wouldn't have wanted me to stay like this forever, I know that. So out of respect for him, I had to live, and that I would do. No one was ever gonna take my life away from me again, the choice. I had to live for myself and I would fight for it, because of him.
And drowning my fears and pain in alcohol was not gonna do anything to solve my problems. It didn't help my abilities, it just made them unstable. I needed control, and for once in my life, I would take it.
I stood on wobbly legs and with all my force threw the alcohol bottle to the ground but to my embarrassment, it only bounced and didn't break as I expected. To my dismay, it kept rolling and eventually stopped before someone's shoes. I recognized those ugly shoes and their owner.
"That was embarrassing," mocked Stephen Strange a few meters from me. Any day I would've told him that having to walk with that face was embarrassing, but ant-boy's word rang strong in my head.
"I should have died that day, didn't I?" I knew the answer, but I had to ask, because maybe he knew why, maybe he knew the reason why so many failed, but I didn't.
"But you didn't." He stated, his voice rang through my body and told me everything he wanted to say but wouldn't. In some sick/ Stephen Strange way, he cared. He could've just left me there that day, but didn't. He could've sent someone else to get me today, he sure has more important things to do, but he came. I looked at him through my tears and realized, that in all of these past months there wasn't pity in his eyes, it was a way softer stare. I wonder if that's what a father is supposed to look like because at that moment he sure looked and act like the one I needed.
"No, I didn't," I repeated as if I had just realized. And I think to some extent, I just had. All this time I had been blinded by my grief that nothing else mattered. I was grieving and don't think I would ever stop, but life keeps going and so should I, if not for me, for him, for my Pietro.
"Teach me."
~~1 year and 4 months later~~
"That was amazing!" I laughed, stepping through Wong's portal, adrenaline coursing through my veins as I recalled our latest mission.
"It was meh," Wong replied as he close the portal once we were on the New York's sanctum after 2 weeks of chasing some dark wizards. I looked around me and inhaled deeply, a smile on my face. I was finally home.
"Are you kidding me? I totally nailed that." I scoffed
"Nailed what?" Strange asked making his appearance before us. My smile widened at the sight of my teacher.
"Oh Stephen, you should've seen me. I was amazing." I gushed as I approached him and explained the latest mission and my accomplishments to him.
"Don't sound too excited, I may think you care." I gave him a nasty look at his lack of interest. But after a few seconds without a come back I realized something was wrong.
"What's wrong?" I asked, unease rising inside of me. My first thought was someone died, but then I realized all the people I care about were in the room and they were pretty much alive. But Pietro wasn't. I paled and felt my heart skip a beat.
"You're not gonna like it." He sighed and looked at me. By the moment I was sure I was as pale as an albino salamander.
"They need our help, well, more specifically, yours." I was so relieved at the knowledge that he was okay that I didn't register what he was saying.
"What, who?" I scrunched up my face and tilted my head. Strange gave me a long look. Uneasiness gnawed at my insides, but nothing could've prepared me to hear that name come out of his lips.
"The Avengers."
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This was my Spy x family:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It didn't end well unfortunately.
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Natasha: I am very upset and there is nothing you can do to make me feel better.
Natasha: No.
Pietro: You sure about that?
Natasha: Don’t!
Yelena: *drags in Wanda*
Natasha, fighting to hold back a smile: Fuck.
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The Magnus Dynasty + Happiness
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Y/N: “Ikaris you gotta help me.”
Ikaris: “What's wrong?”
Y/N: “Wanda and Pietro are in the kitchen and they're singing... Singing Encanto.”
Ikaris: *Frowns* “Really?” *Walks into the kitchen and sees Wanda and Pietro singing with wooden spoons*
Pietro: “Pressure like a grip, grip, grip, and it won't let go, whoa
Pressure like a tick, tick, tick 'til it's ready to blow, whoa
Give it to your brother, your brother's stronger
See if he can hang on a little longer
Who am I if I can't carry it all?
If I falter.”
Wanda: “But it's awesome to see how you rise
How far can I rise?
Through the roof, to the skies
Let's go
A hurricane of jacarandas (woo)
Strangling figs (go), hanging vines (grow)
Palma de cera fills the air as I climb
And I push through.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Hi! You did like 1 Pietro headcanons thing so- idk if that means you "officially" write for him but if you do...
May I request (kinda of specific sorry) Pietro and reader both have a crush on eachother (but the other doesn't know that) and they always hang out together (maybe even a bit to much) and everyone thinks their dating but when someone tries to comment on them reader and pietro both get really blushy and try changing the topic??
Gazing | Pietro Maximoff
Tumblr media
Reader: female| Romantic- Pietro Maximoff | Platonic- litterally everyone else and Bruce being kinda a dad
Type: an excessively long one shot
Notes: reader is only mentioned to have dark brown eyes, and hair that can go up in a pony tail, also please tell me the readeds gender/sexuality/pronouns or Im just gonna be generic and write it with whatever reader i want
Warnings: jokes
"Come on." Steve spoke with a laugh.
"What?" Y/n asked.
"Come on, You and Pietro."
"No." Y/n laughed as she went back to making the cake batter.
She shook her head yet her insides turned. Pietro Maximoff.
Pietro Maximoff.
Pietro Maximoff.
Y/n bit her tounage, a flush of red running to her face: "he doesn't like me."
"Oh please." Steve grabbed an unfrosted cupcake from her first batch, "You two are like....man this is good."
Y/n laughed as she fillled the next tray of cupcakes.
"The great Captain America likes cupcakes." She laughed.
Steve shrugged, "Everyone has there downfalls."
Y/n chuckled, "Like you with Pietro."
"No. Come on." Y/n spoke, "it'd never work out."
She kept telling herself that: not that she'd really know. Two friends: good friends. Great friends. Bffs.
BFFs that look at the other two long, Great friends that want to hold one another just because. Good friends that liked to feel the hot breathe of the other on there skin. Two friends that could pin one another to the floor during training, heat pooling in both them.
"Ooo cupcakes."
Y/n looked up to see Tony walk in, Pietro, Peter and Kate following in from a hard training lesson.
Each one stole a cup cake, Kate from the side along with Peter. Tony right infront of her. And Pietro who had made it behind her: getting a glass of milk first and then reaching over her to grab one. His arm folding over her's as she complained with a smile her arms locked in one place.
"Mhm. Delicious. Here."
Y/n took the offered bite with a smile, but soon laughed as she had forgotten she filled some of them with raspberry jelly.
"I got it."
Pietro removed himself from Y/n grabbing the kitchen towel besides them and wipping her chin and lower lip.
"Jeez man just make out already." Tony told, the two pulling away from each other.
"...hah...yeah...never...gotta go wanda is calling me."
And like that Pietro was off.
"Akward..." Kate spoke walking off, Peter following her, grabbing two more cupcakes before he vanished with the bow user.
"Really Tony." Steve argued.
"Hey! Im just statin the obvious." Tony shrugged going into the fridge, "by this point Im sure there married. Hey. Why wasn't I invited."
Y/n shook her head, "We'd never work out."
"Hey." Natasha spoke walking in, Bruce and Thor following.
"Ooo cake in a cup." Thor smiled, going to grab a cup cake.
"Y/n still thinks her and Pietro wouldn't work."
"Come on. Seriously?" Natasha questioned hoping up on the counter unpeeling the wrapper from the cupcake.
"I think you both work well on the battle feild togetger." Thor announced eating the sweet.
"See. On the feild thats it." Y/n spoke, "What'd you guys want for dinner?"
"Breakfast." Tony commented leaving the kitchen with his booze and sweets.
Y/n nodded, finishing up putting the last of the batter in the pan and putting the bowl in the sink.
"I've got paper work." Steve spoke standing up, "You're ment for each other."
"Training?" Natasha asked Thor.
"But of course."
Natasha and Thor left, leaving Y/n and Banner.
"How do you want your eggs?" Y/n questioned.
"How ever."
Y/n nodded putting the tray in the oven and starting the dishes before she started everything.
"So you and Pietro?"
Y/n flushed, "Oh no...not me..."
Y/n was silent as she did the dishes.
"Well why not?" Banner asked.
Y/n thought for a moment: "...you know...just....don't look the part. Becoming The teenage she hulk isnt exactly..."
"Girlfriend material."
Y/n nodded, "yeah."
"Strong arms make great cuddle buddies."
Y/n laughed, "Yeah...tell all the people I've crushed with them."
He laughed, "Yeah I understand that all to much....but don't act like you don't like him. Don't ruin it like I did. Take a risk?"
Y/n nodded, "I'll think about it."
Banner smiled that dad smile and bid her goodbye he also having to do paperwork.
Y/n fished the dishes putting the stuff on the rack.
She was quiet. Maybe Pietro would feel to same way: that would of been great. Would of been splended. Like liquid gold, being able to run into his arms every day with a "I miss you" kiss, he holding onto her tight scared to let her go. Laying in bed on off days and rainy days. Wearing his shirt to bed with his arm around her. Nothing else would really matter in those moments.
She never knew Pietro had similar ideas: cooking on off days together and laying his head in her lap. Hands running through his hair as he would've tackled her to the bed to cuddle and make out.
Pietro played with the dart in his hand, he in Clint's little Aresonal: where he spent most of his time.
"Just tell her." Wanda argued.
"Tell who what?" Clint questioned throwing the dark, bullseye as always
"Y/n." Vision spoke taking a dart from the collection.
"Oh that again?" Clint questioned leaning back on the arm of the couch.
"Again? I haven't even mentioned her." Pietro commented.
"Please. We can tell who you stare loving at and who you despise." Wanda defended, "It's Human Nature."
"I don't stare at her in any way." Pietro spoke, "and even if I did she's not into me."
"Oh please." Clint spoke up, "Trust me: I hope I never see Kate look at a boy the way Y/n looks at you, thought heart eyes were a myth."
"You two do everything together." Wanda protested, "everything."
"No." Pietro laughed off, shaking his head.
"It's quiet obvious she likes being around you." Vision cut in, "It's one of the many reasons why she does not use her powers around you."
"It took Banner long enough to get her even to use it. Now she's just gone back in that hole." Clint spoke watching Vision throw his dart.
"I've already told her she's super cool green!" Pietro commented.
"You know nothing about women." Wanda protested.
"I know alot about women." Pietro defended.
"That's not Y/n."
Pietro shrugged, "She'a a woman either way."
A woman: a young woman: both them 18 and 19. But man was she a beautiful woman. The first thing he wanted to see in the morning. The first thing he wanted to touch.
If he really wanted he could sleep in Y/n's bed, they often didnt mind sharing; use to sharing on missions and what not.
But it'd just be different, she'd be his ans his only. He'd he able to hold her with question, Kiss her when he grew jealous be called her boyfriend.
"Mhm...Morin baby..."
He smiled look at her, "Morin doll...com ere."
She leaned down kissing his lips softly, her skin would somehow be softer than he already knew it was, maybe it'd be the back of her thighs he holding her in his lap as they kissed happily.
"Wanna take my shirt off for me?" She giggled at him.
So he had also grown a little intrested in her in such away. Pietro felt bad almost, looking at what was his best friend in such a way: but he couldn't help it. Wanting to see it all: every inch of beauty while he loved on her. Telling her how she was perfect for him.
"Earth to Pietro!"
Pietro flushed, caught right in the middle of his mind. Wanda was getting up to leave.
"Huh?" Pietro spoke up looking over to Wanda.
"Day dreaming so quick? Must've had good reason."
"Just...tired." he protested.
"Right. Y/n looked quiet cute in that shirt. Is it yours?"
Pietro's face grew even redder: mind reading.
"I have no idea what you're talkin about." He argued.
"Dinner is done." Vision spoke.
"How do you know-"
"Dinner's done!' Y/n called over the loud speakers.
"It's 7:30 if it was any later Y/n would of given up." Vision responded.
It was quick everyone filled the kitchen, and moved to the dinning room, breakfast for dinner, Y/n made the whole shabang, waffles, pancakes. You name it she made it. It was filled with laughter and smiles as usual, some not even talking, too busy eating.
Pietro was one of those silent one's listening to the conversation Y/n was involved with a few of thr Avengers.
He ate his food, as he watched her smile and laugh, pausing in the conversation for a drink of water before she contuined to talk.
He stared at her lovingingly from his spot at the table, Y/n diagonally across from him and two over, Thor on one side of her and Kate on the other, Peter sat directly across from him.
"Dude. You're like...really staring hard."
Pietro glanced towards him, his mind somewhere else, "What?"
"My point exactly." Peter spoke his voice hushed compared to the others around him, "just tell her."
"Im not into her. Not like that." Pietro defended.
Peter rolled his eyes, "Come on."
"We're just friends." Pietro responded.
"Yeah? Well why don't you look her way right now?"
Pietro raised a brow, he turning his gaze towards her and caught her's.
Her dark brown eyes almost black pulled him into there abyss, they trapped him, keeping his gaze still.
Pietro was on the brink, unknowing if he could handle another mintue without telling her his feelings, and kissing her so no one else could.
Y/n was a mess: she had been caught staring, and now was making eye contact with the ocean like orbs. She always did like how they clashed against his silver locks. Her stomach turned, and she only gave him a small smile, her eyes wanting to turn back to her food but was unscuessful.
When Thor forced her to look away from Pietro, the eye contact was broken, his hand waving in front of her as she looked his way confused.
Pietro couldn't hear what they were saying, not over everyone else and their excited talking.
Y/n seemed awful flustered about whatever it was, she denying whatever Thor was saying as Thor looked over to Steve, the man shrugging in response.
"Pietro!" Thor called catching his attention, "May I switch seats with you?"
Weird question.
Pietro just got up, they handed each others plates to each other and switched seats as asked.
Now, this makes more sense.
Pietro took an awkward seat next to Y/n. Y/n shifted in her seat, "Pass the syrup?"
Pietro handed over the Syrup thanking him as she dosed her waffles.
"Thanks, for-" He paused as she looked over at him to listen to what he said, eyes catching again, "dinner..."
Y/n nodded, "Glad you still like my cooking."
Pietro smiled, "I don't think I could ever dislike something from you."
Y/n laughed softly, "I don't know Pietro, come on let's be serious- the big green lady doesn't scare you?"
"Green looks good on you."
This time her laugh was flustered, his compliments were natural, and genuine, like every other time. She took a sip of her water to hide her flustered tone.
"Well, then I think green would look great on top of you too."
Wait- Y/n looked away once again: the glass of water trick coming in handy: maybe if she ignored her mistake he'd overlook it.
"I think I'll leave the green to you."
Y/n smiled awkwardly and raised her glass to that; oh thank god he looked over it.
Oh, he caught it and was currently deep down screaming somewhat.
"but I don't think I mind green on top of me either." Pietro teased, his hand resting on the back of her chair, "Let's start slow first? You know take it as slow as you."
Y/n almost choked, but managed to hold it in, "Can't all be a Sonic Rip off like you Pietro."
He laughed as she looked his way; there it was again: that eye contact. Pietro could be held there for hours, just staring into the dark abyss of her eyes.
"Sorry, Oscar the Grouch."
Y/n's face lit up in a smile, fakely offended by what he said: "Oh really? Whatever you say Turbo-"
"The snail from that movie?" He asked playfully offended.
Y/n nodded as they laughed together, they had forgotten about their dinners in front of them, too busy involved with one another. Eye contact never broke, and their chairs only scooted closer to one another.
Pietro was determined to never let that smile fall from her lips as they talked: joking, telling stories anything he could to keep her attention.
Then the teasing started: Y/n and him teasing each other back and forth, her hand occasionally coming up to rub his cheek and over the short hairs on his face: teasing him about how he never gives it time to come in before he cuts it short and keeps it thin.
"But you like it." Was his response.
"Caught me there." She spoke with a chuckle.
Luckily for them: no one was in the room to ruin the moment, everyone had finished dinner about an hour ago.
"Why change it if you like it then?" he teased, "Can't you see I'm tryin to impress you?"
His words accompanied by a cheeky smile played it off as flirting: teasing to keep her on the edge of her seat.
"Oh then maybe I should do the same for you?" Y/n smiled, "What would you like? Hm? Short skirt? Cleavage? Maybe a shirt so small-"
"Take your hair down."
Y/n paused, he answered too quick for it to be simply teasing- and the fact that he even gave her an answer.
"Easy to please," Y/n played off, "Prepared to be horned out."
He didn't laugh, which he would have usually laughed too, her insides twisted and churned, as she pulled the band from her hair: she was growing it out for the cold months, it would help in keeping her ears and neck warm: she despised hats: she was always losing them in battle.
Before Y/n could make another comment, she felt Pietro's hand on her face, his thumb rubbing over her cheek. His gaze focused on her lips then on her own gaze.
"You look pretty with your hair down." He responded, hand slowly running back into her locks as fingers rubbed against her scalp causing her to melt into his hold.
Their bodies had leaned into each other a while ago, comfortable with their personal space being violated by the other. Y/n's hand on his wrist in a comforting notion as she rubbed her thumb over his hand.
"Do you want to kiss me?" Y/n spoke softly.
"I don't care If I kiss you or you kiss me." Pietro responded, "As long as it's me and you."
Y/n smiled, like a weight off her shoulder had been lifted, she leaned over, tilting her head ever so slightly and pressing her lips to kiss softly, the little facial hair he had tickling her skin as they sat there for a moment in silence, her lips never leaving him, but not moving either.
She pulled away softly her head leaning against his as he smiled.
"I love you." He spoke.
"I love you too." she smiled, he smiling in return, his eyes still closed along with hers as she leaned in for another kiss.
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scarletwitchpanels · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Black Panther #169 Variant Cover
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If original timeline Peter was an Olympian in track, I’m imagining Erik and Charles as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible at the end of the incredibles cheering on Dash, yelling at him to get second place. So Peter’s in the 100 meter sprint and Erik/Charles are just s c r e e c h i n g “go for second! go for second!!” But he ignores them and gets the gold because he’s an ass 😂
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fyregrl · 13 hours ago
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Happy World Turtle Day to Mr. Dibbles and Pietro / Peter : )
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ask-harryosborn · 2 days ago
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141414a · a day ago
y/n: i got hit by a car today
wanda: y/n are you okay?!
y/n: im fine but i think i scared the driver when i got up apologised and left
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Wanda Maximoff🥀 & Pietro Maximoff⚡️
Marvel Comics
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#She has no one to hold her anymore..
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chaos-siblings · 2 days ago
Wanda: It’s weird, this pizza tastes like shoe bottom.
Pietro: Isn’t that a kind of bread?
Natasha: That’s ciabatta.
Yelena: That monkey from Star Wars?
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The Magnus Dynasty
The House Of M
The Magnet Family
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MCU + Siblings
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The Vision/Maximoff Family dressing as themselves for Halloween 
(and Tommy who dressed as Uncle Piet)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wanda Maximoff and Pietro Maximoff in THE AVENGERS: Age of Ultron (2015) dir. Joss Whedon
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