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Thormundar - Avatar of the One Flesh

“The report came in from the constable of the night watch: A noise disturbance at the local dive. Apparently, a group of adventurers were celebrating their latest paycheck and they were making a ruckus, although the old innkeeper was kind enough to give them lodging; bless his heart. About midnight, people said there was a commotion with screaming, shouting, the works. The thing that caused them to think twice, however, was that they heard something like a chorus of wailing. Not like the usual "crying of a bunch of ladies”, mind you, more like something out of this world. Anyway, when we finally made our way to the scene, everyone was gone. The group, the innkeeper; all gone. The place looked like a swamp washed up inside, and it smelt like a butcher’s shop and a rotting fruit cart had a baby. Worst of all was the wall looked like it was punched from the inside, and a trail of who-knows-what leading somewhere…“

This was a fun one; based off a large selection of other body horror monstrosities like John Carpenter’s Thing, the Necromorphs, and the G-Birkin from the RE2 Remake. Gave me a chance to practice anatomical forms, as well as the rendering of different bodily materials.

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Fakethon 2020: Around the World

Day 1: Your Hometown/City/Country

Decided to do some of this year’s fakethon! Will I complete it? Who knows! So today’s theme was your hometown- I live in a small Missouri town, with nearly nothing to its name save for the school and a few restaurants. One of them happens to be a pretty good barbecue joint, and Missouri is supposed to be known for its barbecue too, so I thought I’d bank on that! More info below the cut

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It’s a farmy kind of day today.

I did a bunch of work on the chicken coop because I feel like the chickens were really put on the back burner this past year, I simply didn’t like my husbandry and want to make things nicer for them. Their living space is now 3x bigger, they are clean with nice fresh straw in their sleeping quarters, we did some enrichment, and they got a special meal.

It’s a gorgeous day out - sunny, but not too hot - so I’ve spent a lot of the day out in the yard with the goats and pigs. Ganon is getting SO BIG. He’s not even a year old yet and he’s the size of the two year old potbellies. I’m pretty stoked tbh, I always wanted a large pig but couldn’t justify a good 600-800lb full grown farm hog. A nice 300ish pound pig sounds appealing.

The goats are doing well. Don’t think I posted about it on here since they aren’t part of the rescue and I don’t really condone breeding but my spouse wanted some kids out of Goaty before we neutered him, and kids we certainly got: six of them to be exact (pictured top left is Goth Kid). We are keeping them all so yeah, we definitely gotta break ground on that expanded goat yard.

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Okay, April Fools is almost over, time to make you all (including me by counting) sad.

So Hawk went to Purgatory in Chapter 345. He met his brother, a sweet piggy Happy End.

But between the last panels with the two and the last panel in the last chapter, 11 years went down. (Tristans 10th Birthday + 1 year, his day of birth, and there are 18 months since they split, so maybe its almost 13!!! years)

We know 1 minute in the real world means 1 year in Purgatory. Ban was there to find Meliodas emotions, and for him, decades or centuries changed. It felt like he was away for around 3 days for the Sins and Elizabeth irl.

So we know, too, that Wild has only a few million years left. What sounds funny in this specific scene could be very sad now, bc 10+ years in the real world means around 5,3 million years in Purgatory.

So if Hawk and Wild didnt choose to come back together at some point in the last 11 years, theres a possibility that Wild has died. Or is damn old boar now. :c

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