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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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So you know how Pike took Grog in when they were kids? do you think there was a language barrier? like was Grog speaking Giant and Pike Gnomish? Because I highly doubt Grog would know Common super well unless it’s what they mainly spoke in the tribe. 

What was it like for them if they didn’t really speak the same language? did Pike teach Grog Common? How scary was it for Grog to be like on death’s door and is suddenly taken in and being healed and cared for by a little gnome girl who he can’t quite understand? 

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I dont know if this is worth Mentioning but I love how different Pike and Murphy sealed with Grounder Trauma.

Like… Pike had a bad experience with grounders, and because of that he became defensive and wanted them all gone/dead/away because he didn’t want to deal with that pain again. He didn’t want to deal with that trauma, and he felt every single Grounder was the same.

While Murphy was tortured on multiple occasions by grounders, a huge trauma for a 17 year old, and even though he had that Trauma… He fell in love with a Grounder.

He opened his heart to her. He fell in love and was open to her.

He has a reason to be weary. He had a reason to be suspicious and be angry at grounders, but he didn’t. He fell in love with one.

Was smiling in front of one and joking with one the DAY he met her.

It’s just a weird contrast between Pike who had a bad experience so he took it out on all of them, and Murphy who had a bad experience but he still fell in love.

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