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Curious about Pike shaving his head, wonder if this is something he’s done every time he’s failed to be a better person or if this time felt so different that he needed to see a physical change in himself. 

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I’ve been listening to Crit Role Campaign One and it’s…I’m so close to the end. Like, less than 10 minutes away. And I enjoy listening to it, so much, and I’ve fallen in love (over and over and over again) with Vox Machina and their allies. And it’s the climatic battle, no holds barred, and it’s….awesome. But it’s heartbreaking at the same time. I stopped listening to it hours ago. I just put it on pause and stared at it. Then I went and did…all the chores there were to do. Hell, I made up NEW ONES. And now those are done too. This is…hard, you guys.  

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Loss in Remission - andrandiriel - Star Trek: Discovery [Archive of Our Own]
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I promised on Twitter that I’d draw Pike with his hair down…so yeah

Also the sketch that looks so much better

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Its been a hot minute since i last posted,,,

This is my entry for the valentines day art contest that Phone Destroyer is doing :0

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The signs as HxH characters | pt.2;



Pt.1 | Pt.3





Even his name screams that he is a Leo- KAOZJSHAAH. But fr, Leorio is such a wholesome person. I was between aries and leo for him but i decided to put him as a Leo cause he is quite insecure about himself and seems like the more closed type of person. He is very impatient and can jump quick to conclusions but he knows very well how to be grateful and thankful. A great friend

02: Machi


Machi also seems like a Leo in my eyes. Tbh its from her appearance but also her attitude too. She is so strong and independent, very aggressive characteristics but yo she is so pretty. Machi is very confident and will straight up reject anything she doesnt like. She is known to be much softer around people she loves and appreciates though.


01: Kurapika


Now for Kurapika. He always seemed much more down to earth, less talkative and very determined but also very cold hearted to certain situations. Ngl that in the anime his attitude towards gon, killua and Leorio towards the last arcs had saddened me cause he distanced himself totally from them. But i do understand that he did that cause he didnt want anyone close to him to get hurt. So taking all of these in consideration, it was clear to me that kurapika is most likely a virgo.

02: Meruem


His ending made me cry so much, it was one of the most touching scenes in the anime. I decided he was a virgo cause of his quite coldhearted nature. Virgos are characterised by their determination but also that when they are determined about sth, they are ready to take out everyone out of the race with no heart strings attached. The difference between virgo and gemini, is that geminis may use the more sneay way to take down everyone, when on the other hand, virgos are very loud and clear of their purpose and quite honest with the people around them. Mereum showed from the start that emotions were not evident to him, he didnt know what they are and what they meant until he met Komugi


01: Pike


His appearance in the anime was so short but yo he stayed in my memory so much. How can you not memorise the singing tone of his voice and how he was behaving around Zazan, just try and explain me how. There was no way that I wouldnt put him as a libra cause even his power “love shower” screams Libra. He was adorable seriously, made me smile everytime i saw him.

02: Pouf


Yes you are seeing very clearly, i put Pouf as a Libra. I think all of us could realise from the tension in the anime but also the continuous jealousy for Komugi, that Pouf felt sth more for Meruem. Its not confirmed but i cant unsee that whole ass scene with him and youpi orgasming left and right over Meruem complimenting them- KSHXBSJS Plus on a more serious note, Pouf is so artistic and talented, he is literally blessed with so much grace that i believed right away he is a Libra


01: Palm


Im sure all of you are mesmerised by her deadly aura and her quite yandere type of behaviour. She gives me scorpio vibes from her whole obsessive attitude and i think all of us were so amazed by how pretty she is a chimera ant. I always have to say that scorpios are like the most attractive babies. There is just sth around yall that makes you so magnetic. You give off such a sexual and intimidating aura its so hot-KSJZJSJS I cant believe im thristing over scorpios when this is a description for Palm bye- HAHAH AND ON A SIDE NOTE, I THINK YOU CAN GUESS WHO IS NEXT FROM MY DESCRIPTION OF SCORPIOS

02: Hisoka


OFC IT WOULD BE THE ONE AND ONLY, FREAKIN HISOKA MORROW. Yo, he was the reason i got into anime, im not even lying. I didnt even know he is a pedo back then tho- HAHSHSAH but he is so finee and none of you can deny that. Hisoka is so secretive and mysterious. He seems quite intimidating which is such an irony to the fact that he is dressed like a clown- JSHXJSSJ the sexual aura he has is non descriptive. This man screams scorpio from head to toe. He makes me go insane and yeas you can burn me alive now- JDJDJWJS im a scorpio simp what can i say

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Theon returns to Pike by Didier Graffet

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What we found

Chapter 8

Notes:The next few chapters will be roughly based on the show, but I’m kinda going rogue while finding a way to fight Cora into the story. Season four will start to blend in with the show’s plotline more.


“I can’t believe you!”

Sighing I followed my sister down the hallway, ignoring the looks others gave us as we argued. “Clarke was willing to let you die Octavia, I came back to protect you.”

She finally stopped walking and glared at me. “How? Explain to me how you were helping anyone apart from yourself?”

I opened my mouth to answer her when I caught a glimpse of white hair. Cora? I’d heard from Pike that she was here, and made a deal to betray her heda, but I was yet to see her myself. I didn’t believe she would betray her people but crazier things had happened, and I’d also noticed the lack of bad attitude in camp. Murphy wasn’t here. Shit. I had told Pike that he never got a choice in assisting the grounder to camp. That it was either show her or die.

Turning to my sister I gulped down. “We will continue this later, just don’t do anything stupid until then.”

As I walked away I could hear Octavia mumbling an insult under her breath. I just couldn’t win with her. I’d figure out how to get my sister back on side later, right now I needed to focus on finding out what was going on in Polis.

I approached her slowly, making sure she was alone before I spoke. “Cora?”

She turned to face me with a bleak look across her face. Cora no longer looked like a grounder, her once braided her was now down, and she had rid herself of her usual clothes and was now dressed like a guard. She looked miserable.


I leaned in closer, and spoke in a low voice so nobody else could hear. “We need to talk, I know about the deal.”

Cora tilted her head to the side and pressed her lips together. She was studying me. “I suppose we do Bellamy Blake.”

I led her outside to an area that isn’t crowded. The last thing I needed was somebody overheating and getting suspicious. “Why did you take the deal Pike offered you?”

“Why did you take the deal and shot Jaha?” She quipped back.

It surprised me how she knew this piece of information, but then I thought about who she had spent time with. Bloody Murphy. In the distance I could hear an argument breaking out between my people and a grounder, I didn’t have long until other guards would appear. “Where is Murphy? Is he-”

“He’s not dead.” A wave of relief washed over me. Although me and Murphy had a lot of history between us, I’d never have wanted to get him killed, not again. The husky sound of Cora’s voice brought me out of my thoughts. “I had a feeling the grounder slayer would double cross my people, along with his own.”

I frowned at the comment. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Cora looked at me with disapproval. “I had a feeling you’d double cross us, so I knocked Murphy out and left him behind.”

Oh. I wasn’t expecting her to say that. It was strange to me that the white haired grounder went through such effort to keep Murphy out of harm’s way. She was right though, I had betrayed Clarke and Lexa to protect my people. “I told Pike why you were coming here.”

“All I want is to find Carpo.”

Looking at the person in front of me all I could see was a sister looking out for her brother. The bile was burning in the back of my throat, I had to tell her that he was dead. I’d be heartbroken if it was Octavia.

“Cora..I have something I need to tell you.”


As I sat clutching at my chest I almost never heard the person approach me from behind. If he wanted to kill me he could, I didn’t care anymore. My brother was dead, my one and only reason for living was gone. I had nothing else to fight for.

“I’m sorry about your brother.”

“Thanks,” I side while wiping the tears off my face. I turned to face the person speaking to me, I recognised him as the person Bellamy shot. Jaha. The look he was giving me was starting to creep me out. “Sorry, can I do something for you?”

“It’s what I can do for you I’m interested in.” Jaha sat down beside me, which surprised me as I was sitting on the grass next to the fence. “Your commander used and betrayed you. Not caring if you lived or died, and now you’re lost Carpo.”

I stared at him blankly, his words felt like a wound being reopened. Even hearing my brother’s name was painful. My own heda using me stung, I always thought Lexa was kind as well as a great leader, but I wasn’t so sure anymore. More tears threatened to spill from my eyes as I struggled to put on a brave front. A horrible feeling cursed through my body as Jaha continued to speak.

“I can make all this pain go away Persephone.”


The ark, Ice Nation, Ontari, Titus, Lexa, Pike, Arkadia, Clarke, Bellamy, A.L.I.E, Emori, Jaha. It never stopped. The constant fight to survive would never stop.

I knew I couldn’t trust any of them, I should just cut my losses and leave while I still could. The only reason I had stayed to was my own girlfriend.

Emori has been chipped, and Ontari had me locked up. I didn’t mind the solitude, I actually preferred it to the inevitable fight that was about to happen. The moment Pike appeared I knew shit was about to go down. I’d already talked Indra out of killing him a couple of times.

“So what do we do now? Wait for your people to save the day?” Indra asked.

Pike didn’t answer her, he just continued staring out of the window. Up until the moment he had been trying to pretend he wasn’t worried, but I could tell he was faking it. Finally Pike spoke.

“We need to find a way to get out of here and destroy A.L.I.E, I did have a grand plan in motion but Jaha ruined it with his city of lights nonsense.”

I scoffed, “oh yeah? What was this grand plan that was going to save the day?”

Pike smirked at me, “I had a secret weapon.” I was about to ask why he didn’t use this ‘secret weapon’ when he continued. “A grounder made me an interesting deal.”

“No grounder would make a deal with vermin like you.” Indra spat.

Pike started to pace the room with his hands clasped behind his back. “She did happily since your heda turned her back on her. Poor girl, all she wanted was to find her brother. I offered her a place on the guard for information.” I glared at him. Pike knew about Cora, and was trying to bait. If Indra knew who it was I was sure Cora would be executed. “The strangest part of the deal was Murphy being pardoned of any treason charges he faced if he returned.”

Had I heard him wrong? Cora wanted me to be pardoned? I needed to play it cool on the outside, while my heart rattled against my chest as I processed this information. I shrugged, “I know nothing about that.”

Pike raised his eyebrows at me. “Hm. Regardless, my plan was ruined the moment Jaha spoke to her alone.”

“Why? What did he do to her?” Indra’s voice was full of anger as she spoke.

“She accepted the chip.”

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I legit spent all of yesterday afternoon watching S2E2-S2E6 of discovery, and let me tell you, it was a freaking ride! Get ready for a nonsense rant because i have sooo much to tell you because I can’t tell my family because i’m the only trekkie in the house.

ok so they’re looking for the red angel and theres an asteriod in the shuttlebay? cargo bay? idrk. and then thats when they find new eden, and tilly is trying to grab a piece of the asteroid but then it hits her and she almost dies and then theres that whole May situation, we’ll get back to that later. so then at new eden theres going to be a nuclear winter that they have to stop and Tilly promblem solves on like four esspressos. so then they use the asteroid to get all of the radioactive debris away from the planet to save everyone on the planet and get Owo, pike, and burnham out of there. Then we, the viewers, are taken to Qo’onos where its revealed that L’Rell and Tyler/Voq have a kid and theres lots of opposition, then theres some killing and a small revolt and then MIRROR GERGIOU IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY AND I FUCKING SCREAMED AND CLAPPED AND JUMPED UP AND DOWN AND AHHHHHHHH. ok so then we find out that georgiou is working with section 31 and she and tyler take the baby to a monestary of kahless or something similar and then tyler joins section 31. OH yeah and through all this people are still looking for spock. so then tilly runs a half marathon with May annoying her and then she shouts at May but no one can see it so it looks like she’s shouting at Pike and this isn’t going well for anyone. So then they found a shuttle and they think its spocks but its actually georgious, and pike doesn’t know its mirror georgious. Somewhere during this we get the gem of “so i did the only logical thing. I stole his medical files” from amanda and find out that Michael had to hurt Spock in some way. my memory is really bad, sry. We find out that May is a spore from the mirrorverse that entered Tilly and wants her to kill a monster thats wreaking havoc on the mycielial network and takes tilly into the network but Stamets and Burnham are trying to get her back and end up getting culber back as well and its really cool. and saru survives vaharai and its cool and then all of the Kelpiens get an accelerated vaharai and they all become predators again. and through 5 episodes, they still havent found spock. Oh yeah, and Tyler is back with starfleet through section 31 and he’s a liason officer on Discovery. 

if you would like to interact with this post and hyperfixate with me, feel free!

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