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#pike fishing
harvestingnature · 7 months ago
Success Tastes Sweeter When You’ve Earned It
Success Tastes Sweeter When You’ve Earned It
The truck read -35 F when we hopped in to meet our new friends at the truck stop. As Indiana and Illinois natives that moved here from Texas, the temperatures were even harder to swallow for them. That’s a 90-degree difference from the high in Austin that day. Even worse, we got the 3’ x 5’ hole cut in the ice just before our eyelashes froze shut only to set up our pop-up ice house and realize –…
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omg-the-yak · 3 years ago
I recently bought a pack of surface lures, one of which included this Jitterbug. A summer’s evening on Salhouse Broad provided the perfect opportunity for me to test the Jitterbug, and here are the results. 
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creepycrawlycocoa · a month ago
for people going "the pike attack scene in leopardstar's honor is so dumb and unrealistic, how could a fish ever go after a cat and do that much damage?" i want y'all to meet the european northern pike:
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(image credit belongs to Fishbox Fishing Forecast on Pinterest)
they can grow to be anywhere between 16 - 59 inches (40–150 cm) and can weigh up to 63 fucking pounds (28.4 fucking kg) so yes, they can ABSOLUTELY rip into even the biggest unit of a cat and check them into starclan if they wanted to
so yeah, that scene was pretty scary when put into realistic terms
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danskjavlarna · 2 months ago
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From Chatterbox, 1916.
My collection of vintage fish imagery is swimming along.
Wondering about this post?  Wait for the dissertation (TBA). For now:  Weblog ◆ Books ◆ Videos ◆ Music ◆ Etsy
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applebees-bar · 2 months ago
What is your favorite animal?
Man, I love the Northern Pike.
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They're gorgeous fish. Just look at those patterns!
They're also lethally optimistic. They think so highly of themselves that, when seeing another fish they think, "Can I eat that?" the answer is always, "I don't fuckin know, let's try!"
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They sometimes kill themselves this way, but I love that they did so chasing their dreams.
A good goal for all of us, if you ask me.
They're also cannibals.
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I love Northern Pike. 😍
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vurtual · 11 months ago
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the pike (by Chris Penker)
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vampiresex69 · 5 months ago
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ooh lala~
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typhlonectes · 9 months ago
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The Northern Pike (Esox lucius) is a large predatory fish found in freshwater environments across northern North America, Europe, and Asia.
photos: Ryan Hagerty/USFWS and Jik Jik | Wikipedia CC
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xdrk93 · 4 years ago
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Best pike of the year so far
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