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geopsych · 5 months ago
A few peaceful seconds in June.
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youtube4everalt · 10 months ago
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honestly this guy gets us
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gynoidwren · a year ago
Since being forced out of their homes by a fire, 25 residents of Pine Creek Apartments were locked out of the building’s remnants, forbidden to retrieve any of their belongings. Several months later, they were informed by local activists that they were apparently being legally evicted by their shady landlords, and are now stuck fighting in court to keep evictions off their records. It’s been an uphill battle in a hostile legal system. Meanwhile, most of them lost everything and have spent this time living in hotels initially covered by the Red Cross, struggling to survive. They’re stuck in terrible financial situations, at constant risk of homelessness in a city that hates the homeless.
If you want the full story you can read the news article in the Denverite, but if you can please donate to help them find some stability or share this around so others might!
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singeratlarge · a year ago
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ALBUM OF THE WEEK: THE BILLTOWN FILES (NOTHING LIKE WILLIAMSPORT)— A collection of songs tributing my life and times in central Pennsylvania, specifically Avis, Huntingdon, Jersey Shore, Pine Creek, Williamsport, and other PA points. The song "(There is) Nothing Like Williamsport" was a 2007 single endorsed by (then) Williamsport Mayor Gabe Campana. Guest musicians on the tracks include (current & former) PA-residents Davy Jones (Monkees), John Bechdel (Killing Joke, Ministry), evinrude, Bill Matlack, Jr., Monette Newsuan, and Pastor Sidney D. Wheatley, as well as Bil Bryant, Mike Roe (The 77s), and Jab’O Starks (James Brown). Mixed by Tim Breon, Scott Francis, and Rusty Richards (Julie Miller, Brian Wilson). Check it out via this link:
#Williamsport #Pennsylvania #Avis #JerseyShore #PineCreek #Huntingdon #DavyJones #Monkees #JohnBechdel #KillingJoke #Ministry #Prong #JaboStarks #JamesBrown #PistolAllen #LittleLeague #baseball #poprock #soulmusic #funk #powerpop #artrock #progrock
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myheartwillnotyetdespair · a year ago
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Lovely Labor Day trail walk. 
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gertlushgaming · a year ago
Pine Creek for Game Boy Color Pre-Order Now Live
Pine Creek for Game Boy Color Pre-Order Now Live
Retro publisher Incube8 Games games producer Spacebot Interactive, and indie development studio Carmelo Electronics, announce that the pre-order window for the physical cartridge of Pine Creek for Game Boy Color has gone live. Pine Creek is an adventure game focused on exploration, story, and following clues. Have friends, think about life, think about death, eat tasty food, and play games in…
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operationrainfall · a year ago
Mystery Adventure Pine Creek Comes to Game Boy Color
Mystery Adventure Pine Creek Comes to Game Boy Color
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aurorasandsadprose-collages · 5 months ago
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on yearning
mitski, “francis forever” || claudia barbs, “holding hands feels so intimate” || tumblr user wildflowers-and-poetry || the beatles, “I want to hold your hand” || david derr, “drawing down the moon”|| mitski, “pink in the night” ||
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allthecanadianpolitics · 6 months ago
A First Nation in western Manitoba has filed a lawsuit against the provincial government, claiming the province breached its constitutional duty to consult them about commercial logging operations in their traditional lands around Duck Mountain.
"The days of simply taking wealth from our mountain while our people cannot even get food for their families from our traditional lands are over," Pine Creek Chief Derek Nepinak said in a Tuesday release from the First Nation.
Members of Pine Creek — a First Nation on the southwestern side of Lake Winnipegosis, east of Duck Mountain Provincial Park — have relied on those lands for generations for hunting, trapping, fishing, gathering berries and medicines and growing gardens, the release says.
Continue Reading.
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geopsych · 2 months ago
This bridge is gone now but two years ago it was like this.
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thepetitepiper · 8 months ago
Tweek x Craig: Post COVID
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paceyjoeydaily · 5 months ago
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pacey & joey alphabet → y is for yearn
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singeratlarge · 8 months ago
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SUNDAY MATINEE MUSIC VIDEO “Train Tracks in the Snow” –Train tracks ran alongside Pine Creek when I was a kid growing up in north central Pennsylvania. Living nearby, I mentally catalogued the sounds of trains and waterways. These sounds comforted me and made me feel safe and “connected,” even when it was freezing and snowing. Trains are relentless against cold and ice, and they reminded me there was more to life out there than just my own little world. This spoken word piece recalls winter times along Pine Creek*particularly near Ramsey Village and Cammal.
I recorded this in California with my talented friend, the late, great Jeff Lloyd. He made the free-wheeling synthesizer tracks and I added my bits (remixed by Scott Francis at Mind's Eye Studio in Williamsport PA).
*This Creek (more the size of a river) flows out of New York state southward into the Appalachian mountains, cutting out “The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania.” In the 80s the train tracks were removed and replaced with a popular long-distance bike trail.
#train #trains #snow #pinecreek #pennsylvania #appalachian #ramseyvillage #cammal #waterville #synthesizer #jefflloyd #spokenword #williamsport #ambient #electronica #casiokeyboard #johnnyjblair #cold #ice #childhood #traintracks #keyboard
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jadewolf-photography · 11 months ago
Dip into Lone Pine Creek
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schittscreekficrec · a month ago
Hi and happy hump day! I was wondering if you could list some David and Patrick fics where the main trope is ''i've been in love with you this whole time'', if you know what I mean. We love some pining
We DO love some pining, and there many excellent pining fics out there! We had to stop ourselves before the list got too long. Hope you enjoy them! I broke these into categories so it’s hopefully easier to find what you’re looking for!
Canon Divergence
love is a ruthless game by @nontoxic-writes [david/patrick, M-E, series]
now we’re there and we’ve only just begun by @simplymarleycat​ [david/patrick, M, multichapter]
Stickers of old men and a thousand yen by @sweatersinthesummer [david/patrick, T, one shot]
Is cool that I said all that? by thetomkatwholived @swiftlythebest [david/patrick, T, one shot]
the lie between your teeth by @stereopticons [david/patrick, M, multichapter]
Your Mariah Carey by @rosedavid [david/patrick, T, one shot]
Waiting on the Day by High_Seas_Swan @noahreids [david/patrick, E, multichapter]
Thin Walls by ahurston [david/patrick, E, multichapter]
all roads will bring me back to you by @this-will-be-our-year [david/patrick, M, multichapter]
Getting Over Getting Older All the Time by Distractivate [david/patrick, E, multichapter]
Strangers, Friends, Husbands, Lovers by houdini74 @mostlyinthemorning​ [david/patrick, E, multichapter]
It’s Time by @lisamc-21​ [david/patrick, E, multichapter]
You and My Hometown by @nontoxic-writes​ [david/patrick, E, multichapter]
People Think Love’s For Show (But I Would Die for You In Secret) by @streetlampsunset [david/patrick, T, multichapter]
Red White and Blue Jays by @grapehyasynth [david/patrick, M, multichapter]
I’m surprised (that you’ve never been told before) by @beaiola [david/patrick, T, multichapter]
That Summer Feeling is Gonna Haunt You by @al-ex-an-d-er-hamiltons [david/patrick, T, multichapter]
Come sparkle the dark up by @simplymarleycat [david/patrick, E, multichapter]
The Sound of My Heart by HungryHungryHippo @hippolotamus [david/patrick, T, multichapter]
Color, Clarity, Density, Flavor by floosilver8 [david/patrick, M, multichapter]
Cloudy with a Chance by @agoodpersonrose [david/patrick, T, one shot]
Exes to Lovers
Stuck on Your Heart by @alienajackson [david/patrick, M, multichapter]
eleven/eleven by @blackandwhiteandrose [david/patrick, T, one shot]
let your heart be light by @blueink3 [david/patrick, E, series]
if i’m not beyond repair by @stereopticons [david/patrick, M, one shot]
we’d swear to remember it (all too well) by @petalwritesx [david/patrick, E, one shot]
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bubblebooming · 4 months ago
Did I? Yes I did. I drew my top three ships as teenagers.
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Look, I just can't see butters being a bottom, I don't ship stand with Eric but I ship kyle with both so a 🌟 Vee poly relationship 🌟 and tweek x Craig because I fucking love Angst.
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mikewheeler · 9 months ago
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pacey and joey in every episode → the anti prom (3x22)
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