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steve-damngoodbabysitter · 6 minutes ago
Gravity Falls “the Inconveniencing” episode but make it present day, and instead of dipper doing the lamby lamby dance he does a tik tok dance instead- just
The elderly couple: aw do a little dance for us
Dipper a gen z kid who was forced to learn renegade by Mabel: *renegade plays*
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pencil-prince · 8 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I ain’t never seen 3(three) short best friends, always 1(one) of em gotta be average
@little-bird-swaggy-boy @apexlegendsthings
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tanakaclinkbeard · 8 minutes ago
Oscar:I just wanna be crushed by Penny's thighs.
Jaune:I want Ruby to crush me with her thighs.
Penny:Why my thighs? I do not understand.
Ruby: Don't question it Penn. Boys are weird.
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Ford: please peer pressure me into finishing projects.
Fiddleford: Do it or you're straight.
Ford: I said peer pressure, not threaten.
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anthophilafalls · an hour ago
Ford: *Performing surgery on an anomaly
Ford: “hey Stan can you pass the forceps”
Stan: “hehe, don't you mean FORD-ceps”
Stan: *passes forceps
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fereality-indy · 2 hours ago
Figure It Out
Stan: Hey, no, you stay out of this, this is between me and Ford! Mabel: So Grunkle Ford knows about this? Stan: *walking away* No, this is between me and me!
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satchihatchi · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
College king / pet AU
Dipper is studying physics and astronomy at college. But he's also the target of jokes and ignorance because of how big nerd he is. In addition, during his puberty, he grew up surprisingly a lot, now about 2 meters tall, along with a thin, not very muscular body (thanks to which he gets the nickname Pinetree from a "certain group").
And then there's Bill - the most popular guy at the university, more beautiful than most girls, trendy, rich, and always surrounded by fans and his group called "Weirdmageddon". Someone like him has never noticed a loser like Dipper, so he just lets his "friends" tease Dipper with their pranks.
One day, however, Bill (who is not interested in studying at all) gets into big trouble and is in danger of being expelled. Dipper, who would like to get rid of the terror he is experiencing, thanks to his (little crush) good heart, has mercy on the blonde school king and manages to persuade the principal to leave Bill at school and also says that he will make sure Bill improves his marks. Bill is surprised that "Mr. Nobody" stood up for him and wanted to help him. What's worse for Dipper, Bill gets interested in the boy and has the plan. Bill wants to repay Dipper by inviting him to a party, where he takes him to the bedroom after a few drinks, where he takes Dipper's virginity (and secretly takes pics of naked Dipper). What's even more embarrassing, everyone at the party are peeking and listening to them through the door, and when the couple leaves the bedroom, they start clapping and congratulating Bill for taking another virginity, making fun of Dipper and his whining as he came too fast. Dipper, realizing that Bill just wanted to use him like this, runs away with a cry from the party and hopes that he will never have to talk to Bill again...
But Bill has other plans with a tall nerd.
He sends Dipper (thanks to his contacts) a message that he wants to see him in their Weirdmageddon clubhouse, otherwise, he sends everyone Dipper's nude photos. Dipper is horrified and goes to the clubhouse, begging Bill to delete the photos. But Bill, pleased with his new toy and his begging, agrees not to send the photos on one condition: Dipper will now be his little pet, who will do as he says and will also do homeworks for him. Dipper is forced to agree and then receives an ear piercing with a triangular earring from Bill, as a sign that he is from now on his pet.
Dipper is then obeying Bill's orders and watching the blond boy get one date after another. But what Dipper doesn't know is that Bill soon finds out he can't get hard if he doesn't think of Dipper. Desperate for good fuck, Bill decides to order Dipper to have sex with him again. But Dipper absolutely refuses and says that Bill can send the photos to everyone at the university, but that doesn't force him to have sex with a blond man. They even get together in a fistfight that Dipper surprisingly wins. Bill is surprised that Dipper is so much against sex with him and realizes that he has a big problem. He left to return to school three days later, apologizing to Dipper for his behavior and hoping they could start over as friends, and that Dipper would become an official member of Weirdmageddon. And he also offers Dipper compensation for all the problems by paying him for tutoring. Dipper finds the sudden offer a little suspicious, but at the same time tempting and trustful enough, so he agrees.
Bill is still a big jerk, but now he treats Dipper with respect and for the first time in his life he becomes interested in Pinetree himself and not just his body. Dipper begins to turn Bill's desire for sex into something more and more.
As they became friends gives Dipper a little makeover, goes to the library to study so Bill can improve his grades, or just having lunch in the school garden. Bill even begins to trust Dipper so much that sometimes, after his quarrel with his parents, he either calls or comes to Dipper's place and asks if he can stay there for the night, playing Mario kart and chilling until he feels better again.
However, a few months later, during one of the class teacher collects Bills phone bc of his 24/7 texting and after that actually finding by accident the blackmail nude photos of Dipper (at this time Dipper and Bill are friends and Bill just uses photos for “lonely nights” ) so the teacher talks to principal who calls Bills parents and gets Bill to principal office. Of course, Dipper saves Bill by saying that he is "dating" Bill but that doesnt change that his parents know about blackmailing, bullying and Bills bad grades now and wants to punish Bill to learn some good manners.
For the first time in his life, Bill is punished hard by his parents, and although he tries to explain everything to them, he still has to face punishment. He no longer has the right to wear expensive Gucci clothes or anything other what is “inappropriate”, his parents sell him his car and forbid him to go anywhere but to home and to school - to be grounded (even though he is already 21). But that's not all they want to teach their son to behave properly and regret his mistakes ...
It takes a whole week for Bill to be allowed to go back to school, and when he comes across Dipper, who was very worried about his good friend, Dipper hardly recognizes him. Bill no longer wears piercings in his ear, nor other jewelry, and his hair, previously his long golden curls and the greatest pride of his appearance, are gone, left only in a brief wavy mess. Also, for the first time in his life, Bill is forbidden to wear concealer, so Dipper can see that Bill has freckles. What's more, he loves it on Bill. He accepts Bill's official apology for all the problems the blond has ever done to him, noting that Bill looks so much better now and looks finally like "his true himself."
Bill is surprised that Dipper likes this and when he confides that he has been wearing contact lenses all this time (and then showing what he now looks like with the glasses his mother ordered him to wear from now on), Dipper says that Bill with glasses is incredibly cute and it convinces the blonde to wear only glasses from that moment on.
And as time went on, Bill became more and more interested in astronomy, improved his grades, and even managed to transfer to an astronomical major so that he could study what he really enjoyed and could study with Dipper as well. Not to mention that it turns out Bill always was as big nerd as Dipper was, but due to his lifestyle and being pampered in the past he had to supress it and act more like rich asshole.
They both begin to feel more and more feelings towards each other, and eventually they finally manage to confess their love and become an official couple...
Do you like this story? Let me know!
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fereality-indy · 6 hours ago
Driver's Ed
Mabel: I’m sick and tired of them not giving me my license! Sure, I almost crashed yesterday, but still.
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Dipper: ...Sir, I'm afraid you've gone mad with power.
Bill: Of course I have! Have you tried going mad without power? It's boring, nobody listens to you.
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citricacidprince · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Timestuck AU has came into my house and stole my heart completely
Also, this is my art and because I said so I can add Trans Dipper wherever I want H A
Hope y'all like the doodles lol
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Tumblr media
Did NOT realize people would actually see my pinescone art omg
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mystieris · 10 hours ago
Dipper: Did you close the garage door this morning?
Bill: Yes. I closed the garage door.
Dipper: Are you sure?
Bill: Pine Tree, do you think I would tell you I closed the garage door if I did not close the garage door?
Dipper: You just snapped your fingers to make sure it was closed, didn't you?
Bill: ...
Bill: I prefer not to answer that question...
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daphne5586 · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Owl Shack AU edit #216
“I knew Stanley would beat me. He always did. But joining the Axolotl’s Coven meant that I could prove I was worth something. The Axolotl always said, "To be great, you have to make sacrifices." What would he do in my situation?”
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fereality-indy · 10 hours ago
Before The Reconciliation
Ford: How are you? Stan: Oh, you know, still the resident family fuck up. Ford: Yeah, well, I guess someone has to do it.
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