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pinkcocoapowder · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i think all of the clash games are dnd campaigns (headcanons below)
LOOOK its just really funny. imagine, magolor: the price for this armor is 23 gem apples :)) dedede: YOU ONLY GAVE US LIKE, FIVE FROM THE TREE?? HOWRE WE SUPPOSED TO GET MORE??? magolor: well, hypothetically, if you gave me 20 de-bills. dedede: you want me to pay you real life cash for apples in a game WE’RE PLAYING FOR FUN ?????  meta knight (who seems disinterested in the game but reeeeeeeeeally wants the upgrade): just give him the money.
i know magolor would make bank. also bwd loves the gem apple tree and decided that he would stay and take care of it, and rolled a nat 20 for gardening skills or whatever so now every time the gang finishes a battle they get 50 apples. yayyyyyy, say thank you bandanna dee, everyone <3
i know magolor uses shiny dice as well and kirby would attempt to eat them and the figures that were hand crafted teehee. i know the map is super detailed but im not about to draw it, i KNOW magolor incorporates tech into sessions so the figures can move and fight little hologram enemies. i know he uses loaded dice or whatever the term is and is found out. lol.  OH yea, kirby would be the knight, mk would be doctor healmore, dedede would be the hammer lord, and bwd would be the mage (i hc he has an interest in magic :}) taranza is the co-dm and got to stick his epic oc, dark taranza, who totally doesnt also exist in my canon, into the game but got his shit kicked lol also, all of the lore given to us in the games is bcs i KNOW magolor knows more than what he lets on lol. i know hes studied up on all knowledge on ancients available teehee
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rozetheeuwu · 23 days ago
Headcanon that Shelly and MC constantly fight for the champion title. Like Shelly finally wins and becomes champion just for mc to come back and take their title back. And then shelly wins again. And they go back and forth. This goes on for months until Adrienn's had enough. They are now both champions and they can both only use 3 pokemon, like Laura and Bennett.
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pinkcupboardwitch · 3 months ago
Historical Augustus things I wish Domina had kept:
- Blonde and pretty short, even for a Roman
- Never went out in the sun without a straw hat because he had delicate skin
- Read all of his speeches off prepared notes, even when just talking to Livia
- Preferred to go for walks wrapped in a blanket
- Had weird little proverbs he liked to repeat like “quicker than you can cook asparagus” or “I feel like a beet”
Like, Matthew McNulty is a very good-looking man, but it gets very funny if Livia is scheming her heart out to keep this man safe, if Agrippa is shaking like a wet Chihuahua just for a touch or look of approval from him, and Augustus is just… all of that
(Very funny and also, very poignant)
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pinkdiamondsearth · a year ago
Y'all have NO ideas how satisfying it was to draw Iridescent Diamond.
The major fusions were requested a long time ago and I FINALLY had the drive to finish Opal and Sugilite.
Opal will post tomorrow and Sugilite the day after.
I have a few gems I will be re drawing/ re designing over the next few days, and then I will go on hiatus as I'll be working on another comic venture with a good friend of mine.
I'm really looking forward to it and a few pages of the first chapter are already done. It's an exciting time for me!
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turned on asks here to. forgot to do that.
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pinkcerulean · a year ago
fem reddie....................in my mind always
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pinksaiki · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
kids grow up fast these days 🌙 Ψ
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the-real-tagora-gorjek · a year ago
I've been cleaning and doing the laundry. Very satisfying. 10/10 wwwould recommmmmmend.
-Pink Entykk
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stevnel · 2 years ago
I just realized Spinel was the one to call out ~Steven~ when he ran off without his sandal
So I guess that makes her Prince Charming!
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pink-spheal · a year ago
Just wanna say hello and ur great and I love u!! I hope u have a great day!!
Tumblr media
I love u,,,,,,
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wlwpml-moved · 2 years ago
if youre sad about phil not uploading today just remember that theyre probably in bed, cuddling, sound asleep right now
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pinkcocoapowder · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
pre triple deluxe sectonia test designs i keep forgetting to post on here (headcanons below)
i took her robobot design and made it better. i based her off of a stag beetle for fun. overall, she’s a nice girl, def vain from the start and a bit egotistical (bcs like, i knowwwww shes a strong magic user and just got stronger as time went by bcs how do u fuse 2 a flower omg.) + is definitely demanding in her friendship. taranza would def feel that he constantly has to prove his validity as a friend and is constantly doing shit for her. hence why he got the mirror for her because like, the sky has to get news somehow and hearing about an incident with the mirror world has to be some kind of big news and he wouldve been “oh magic mirror ! perfect for the bestie. nothing bad will come of this :}”
anyway, he sees dark taranza in the mirror but doesnt think much of it. it was kinda like a flash you know ?
anyway, once sectonia was gifted the mirror, dmk wouldve just said words until she got accustomed and then would show up and go “hi, i think you should use your magical capabilities to become more beautiful (because you totally are) and not because i want to use you as a way to get back at the mirror world :)” 
i think his influence wouldve been absolutely awful i know he was like “awww hi bestie (gags at the camera) how are you doing today :3″ and she ditches her og outfit sooooo fast lol.
her transformation wouldnt be like, a pokemon evolution where its instantaneous, i think that as she takes in more magic it morphs her and like, she changes in real time. the moment where her form in triple deluxe would start to show would be as time went on she pulled off a girlboss move and she killed off the remaining individuals of their species so their empire doesnt even get close to the average 250 year lifespan lol. probably hit 75. idk.
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rozetheeuwu · 6 days ago
Victoria: Tired of being nice, wanna go apeshit
Fern: Tired of going apeshit, wanna be nice
Cain: Both nice AND apeshit
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pinkcupboardwitch · a year ago
One of the (many) things that gets me about Night Watch is “reasonably priced love” held up alongside truth/freedom/justice as the goals of the revolution. At first it sounds like a joke, right, something along the lines of “and a hard-boiled egg.”
Except as we know from context the egg isn’t just an egg. The same with reasonably priced love.
One, free love, the concept Terry is obviously taking the piss out of here, has been a free-floating part of various revolutions since at least the eighteenth century, and it always ends up going badly for women. The early USSR hung posters saying any woman who denied a (communist) man sex was a reactionary and a member of the bourgeoisie.
Two, the sheer idea of a revolution that doesn’t just include sex workers but is led by them? That weaves their goals and needs into its very essence?
God damn, Terry.
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pinkdiamondsearth · a year ago
Do you still play Second Life?
I do actually.
I'm not as active as I used to be but yes, I do still play.
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I'm still on the fence of roleplaying long or as much in general but want to see about giving it a go.
just know my words in writing is similar to my style I do and that I go shorter in my response in thing. if your fine with me going longer or making up more then that'd be great, can do the same thing for me to.
main characters I'll use here are Aden, Henry, Jack, and Axis.
Aden is my manipulative and more cold angry character. he doesn't normally like spending time with others and would push those he gets bored with to the sides if he finds no use for them. I would have him be more nicer then he is but still wanting it to be similar to regular him.
Henry is my more nicer one. Sweet in the wrong place and likes to help when they can. a darling that cares for others regardless if they don't care for them.
jack is a werewolf. him looking like the traditional werewolf is possible but he doesn't do it often. Was kidnapped by Aden a few years ago and broken down till he was nothing but a call to kill. Jack is afraid of most things and switches between this cold blooded killer to wanting to hide behind the nearest thing.
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sunshine--y · 2 years ago
just realised a recurring theme in my stories is absentee parents.... hmmm :/
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