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strungoutheart · a day ago
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calypsoswhatif · 2 days ago
to all the people who headcanon all hoo characters as lgbt except frank, how does it feel to be so delusional? because i know my mans did not put a lit up lantern beside his bed to look up in the mornings to feel the calming presence of 'fire' and gather his thoughts and emotions together just for you to call him straight.
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siminiiedoodles · 10 hours ago
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It’s your fave Aphrodite kid!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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bungeeyrm · a day ago
plot twist: frank’s the bear and jason flew away and is recording them from the air
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More random riordanverse headcanons I have because you guys liked the first one??
Percy doesn’t know how to tie a tie properly and at first Sally helped him but then it transitioned to Annabeth helping him (she knows how since she went to private schooling)
Hazel likes adopting stray cats
Grover likes using his reed pipes to make plants (primarily flowers) grow so that he can give them to Juniper
Nico likes painting his nails but he always gets annoyed by how quickly they get chipped
Percy and Thalia like to talk about music a lot bc they have similar music taste and sometimes Nico joins in
Speaking of, once the campers at CHB found out Nico didn’t know any modern music, they all bombarded him with it (his favorite is MCR bc ofc it is)
Back to Percy and Thalia, the two mainly argue about genres because Percy is more into classic rock and Thalia is into punk
The two will also get into very heated arguments about music and not speak to each other for a while before they eventually forget why they were fighting in the first place
Travis and Katie are a couple (this still isn’t canon for some reason?)
Speaking of, Katie and the majority of the Demeter cabin definitely grow weed and the reason she gets so pissed at the Stoll brothers is because they keep almost busting her by accident
Annabeth and Piper introduced Taylor Swift to Hazel and now she’s obsessed with it and the three of them have Taylor Swift singalongs, sometimes joined by Percy and Frank
Piper loves Paramore
Jason often loses his glasses (Leo loves to hide them as well)
Rachel refuses to get a driver’s license
Leo pretends to like coffee but he always has to drink it with lots of sugar to even tolerate the taste
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susiipousada · a day ago
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lov3leov · a day ago
i’m barely 3 episodes into the 3rd season of TUA and i can already say that this season luther gives off the same energy as jason grace. also, ive heard good things about him being a super supportive ally so this just furthers my point.
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pipergracesblog · a day ago
Jason: WHY. why did you give Leo a KNIFE?!
Piper: I’m sorry. He said he felt unsafe.
Jason: Now I feel unsafe!
Piper: I’m sorry.
Piper: ... would you like a knife?
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damosnackbar · 2 days ago
Heroes of Olympus no context
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thaliasthunder · 2 hours ago
percy: .....so u are obsessed with women?
annabeth (a feminist) and piper (a lesbian): yeah
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pjo-hoo-toa-hp-freak · 2 days ago
Percy: One year ago today, I married my best friend.
Everyone: Awww
Percy: Annabeth and Piper are still angry about it, but Jason and I were drunk and thought it would be funny.
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yonemurishiroku · a day ago
Idea about Alphas Percy and Jason butting heads all the time and Annabeth and Reyna as other Alphas has to keep them in check like a four-leg table LOLOL. If there’s anyone who’s gonna govern those two, it’s definitely Annabeth and Reyna.
Nico? Nico’s just there smirking and watching them tear each other’s throats off with a box of popcorns. Maybe get Leo to join him. And Piper. And Hazel and Frank to make a bet.
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readwithlivvy · 22 hours ago
percy has bad posture because he carried the sky
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stokley2013 · 2 days ago
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real-doc-ock · 2 days ago
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Friendly reminder that Frank canonically sleeps as a bulldog
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artsybookworms · a month ago
I think the PJO Disney+ series should keep the “overcoming the blonde stereotype” subplot except with Percy and it’s a recurring gag throughout the season
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ambassadorofplutoo · a month ago
never forgetting how hard middle school me cried during this scene
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byerssuppremacy · a month ago
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Can‘t wait to see them blow up a bus!
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drizzledrawings · 3 months ago
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Heyyyy guys it’s been awhile
[ID: Nine waist up portraits of the Percy Jackson characters. it goes in order as follows: Percy, Annabeth, Reyna, Nico, Hazel, Frank, Piper, Jason, and Leo
Each are in their own environments each holding their respective weapons with different visual elements alluding to their powers. Percy: water+ sword, Annabeth: dagger, Reyna: spear, nico: darkness and sword, hazel: glowing stones, Frank: bear arm and bow+arrow, Piper: dagger and hearts, Jason: sword and lightning, and Leo: fire]
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Okay, but Percabeth telling other people how they met has to be so, so dramatic.
Piper: Wait, so how long have you known Percy?
Annabeth: Hm? Oh, like…5 years? Six?
Piper: Really?! I had no idea you guys met so young! Cute. How did it go?
Annabeth: pls don’t ask-
*door slams open*
Percy: I’ll tell you
Annabeth: Please
Percy: Imagine being 12
Annabeth: You can’t do this every single time
Percy: You’re being chased by monsters
Annabeth: Listen-
Percy: You think your mother just DIED
Annabeth: I hadn’t fully developed empathy yet
Percy: You’re scared and your best friend is part goat
Annabeth: omfg
Annabeth: I’m sorry
Percy: Is just belligerently rude
Annabeth: That’s an exaggeration
Percy: ✨you drool when you sleep✨ shut up. I was in mourning. I just fought the Minotaur with my bare hands. How dare you?
Piper: You just what
Annabeth: This is why we don’t talk about it
Percy: She’s super fake. All “we can’t be friends” because of some beef between our parents or whatever. But guess who is first in line to tag along the second I get my quest!?
Piper: …..you had a quest? When you were 12? Who allowed that?
Percy: The entire time she was so mean. “I don’t want to be seen on the love ride with you, Percy” and “don’t send Medusa’s head to the gods, Percy.” Like. What did I even do to you?
Piper: This was not the meet cute I was expecting
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