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#piplup my beloved
visdiefje · 6 months ago
Bien wake up, new Pokémon just dropped!
I SAW................. SINNOH MY BELOVED...................................
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neocrows · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I miss the days where I only drew my piplup gijinka
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madsbian · 6 months ago
Kinda glad we have to wait 6 months for the game bc that might give me just enough time to finally decide which starter to choose
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soulsilvers · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yeah i FINALLY finished my designs i spent months polishing how they look omg.. its not often i think abt "and then they had 10 babies!!!" endgame scenarios but god? red and green as dads though? THAT should become real that i will allow 👀
talking under the cut!
- the older one, adopted when she was just a few months.
- very bi
- her dads take her and tawny to many vacations, allowing her to see many pokémon and the world around her in advance. in alola, she is gifted an alolan vulpix which becomes a beloved friend to her.
- she and green especially are on the same wavelength most of the time, having very similar personalities and its easy to joke around with green. green remains a very cool and youthful, not embarrassing dad in his late thirties. most of the time.
- she is cutesy and small but also pretty strong for a little girl? she cant lift reds charizard yet but she might be able to do it in a few years?? its a bit scary lol
- at school she basks in popularity and excels at many sports, but at the same time is annoyed by nearly 20 kids at once asking her to become their rival. chocolate boxes with "be my rival 🥺" written on them in the family's doorstep ensue. begonia cant be impressed very easily, she just shoves the chocolate to her dads, green just being like LOL more for us.
- that said there might be a boy in pallet town who she thinks should be her rival and makes monologues abt how theyre fated to be rivals... but the guy is just like “haha okay lol”. idk what they look like yet but i will get to that maybe
- the girls arent allowed social media just yet theyre too young. but nothings stopping 8 yr old begonia from gaining a shitton of fame on stuff like club piplup dfjghdfjk
- starts her journey w a charmander and the lazy pampered vulpix.
- she usually makes people think shes the older sister with her more responsible personality but in reality shes younger, adopted as a 3-month old when begonia is a 1-year old.
- baby butch
- tawny is rather hard to read and reserved. she wanders around in the woods taking a guitar with her and gets embarrassed when someone hears her (her taste in music is... experimental to say the least). she thinks about her dads' accomplishments a lot and all that deep stuff abt what it means to be a pkmn trainer. but red does not want his daughters to worry about having to live up to him??
- kinda emo w a bad posture when shes a preteen but does crack a smile (similar to that asymmetrical grin of green!) when shes w pkmn.
- she shares red's outdoorsy interests and goes on hikes with him, learning many important skills that way in advance. she has also learned to be nurturing and enjoys cooking great meals for the family's pkmn, something shes trying to get the more immature begonia more interested in as well, but begonia is.. well, immature.
- starts her journey w a bulbasaur and a... level 1 grubbin?? yea that ended up in her backpack when she got to visit alola and she loves it.
- ok i know if you say tawny oak quickly the name sounds like tony hawk. were just gonna have to live w that ok? ok.
as for the adults..
- baby fever hit green like a truck. pallet town has grown somewhat with new families with small children moving in. hes often picking up those overly eager little kids trying to run to forbidden areas and reciting the same words of wisdom about how their time will come bla bla, relieved when they finally stop crying and get it. arent they adorable, he thinks and spaces out. red finally asks him if he wants kids when green starts holding eevee as if it were a human baby and joking abt it and green is just like 👁👁 realizashun
- red has decided to study field research while also taking care of the babies! no problem carrying two of em while outdoors.. hopefully. he regained some fame by making a brief comeback to public at the PWT, but for now he keeps a pretty low profile again...
- AUNTIE LEAF!!! shes become very epic and awesome on her own. shes got a dynamax band, a mega stone, a z-ring and the hugest backpack, shes the ultimate protag to an almost ridiculous degree. leaf has a vlog talking about legendaries and has been interviewed a lot as well. she fears nothing... except holding the tiny fragile babies. she doesnt know how to babies? red does check on leaf so that she doesnt burn out, inviting her to hang out w the family, though leaf isnt settling down any time soon from adventuring. v likely never will. she looks forward to meeting tawny and begonia again when theyre trainers...
*exhales* thats my talking for today at least?? stuff ive established so far.. i care them so much 😤
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stompstump-peak · 4 months ago
top five starter pokemon? (doesn't have to be limited to pmd starters)
oof forget top 5 pmd characters THIS is the hardest question
1. rowlet — i love owls, i love grass types, i love ghost types, and i think archery is cool even though i suck at it so rowlet was made for me. it's round. rotund, even. spherical!! if they make another pmd game you KNOW im going to be rowlet PLEASE NINTENDO
2. oshawott — i absolutely adore oshawott. its an OTTER!! it's so cute!! it's got a little shell on its belly!! also i always pick oshawott hero when i play gates so. i am very biased but that's fine i love oshawott 100/10 starter
3. turtwig + chimchar — i can't pick between these two ;-; i love grass types and turtwig was my second sinnoh starter (it's a whole story) and my most beloved pokemon oc has an infernape on her team so there's just no way i can pick a favorite here (i do like piplup too im just not as attached)
4. chikorita — objectively the worst starter to use in johto BUT THAT'S OKAY. chikorita is a trooper. a QUEEN. i always choose her as a partner when i play explorers. also in my last playthrough i found the tm for solar beam in the dungeon before groudon so. easiest time of that fight i've ever had
5. axew — not a starter by main series standards but come on. dual chop and dragon dance?? absolutely broken. and ofc i always pick axew as my partner when i play gates! how can i not!! very babey 10/10 (also haxorus looks cool as fuck)
honorary mention — shinx bc it is a pmd starter and ALSO my favorite pokemon (the whole shinx line is really) im going to emulate sky one of these days and play as a shinx and that's a promise
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crispymew · 20 days ago
What's yer fave Pokemon? 💛
I have a few :3 Gengar is best round boi, Sandshrew is cute as heck, and Piplup (my beloved) was my first starter . A close runner-up is my Sawk in pokemon black, he's genuinely just an absolute powerhouse and he knows counter which is one of my favourite moves cos it's just so damn overpowered
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behemothbash · 17 days ago
meme ☆ favorite pokemon list
Tumblr media
gen i: bulbasaur gang RISE UP
gen ii: tie between chikorita and cyndaquil,,, tbh all johto starters are good
gen iii: it was torchic for the longest time but.. mudkip ily
gen iv: piplup, tho turtwig is a very close second
gen v: snivy :)
gen vi: fennekin
gen vii: popplio
gen viii: sobble squad!!! also shiny sobble line said trans rights so bonus points
gen i: zapdos or mewtwo (mew is mythical.. pain)
gen ii: lugia my beloved!!!
gen iii: i’m a basic bitch and like rayquaza,, emerald was my first game hush
gen iv: tie between uxie and giratina
gen v: reshiram :’) virizion Good too
gen vi: xerneas
gen vii: uhh.. either lunaala or tapu fini
gen viii: big brain calyrex hsgfdh zamazenta is a close second
gen i: gastly line!! they’re so cute omg
gen ii: either the sentret or mareep lines!
gen iii: trapinch line!!!!
gen iv: either the shellos or drifloon lines :’D
gen v: trubbish and deerling lines!
gen vi: goomy line :)
gen vii: pyukumuku
gen viii: wooloo and dreepy lines..........
pseudo-legend: GOODRA MY BELOVED..... dragapult very close second bc i love dragon and ghost types
eeveelution: umbreon or glaceon
starting bird: taillow
starting bug: kricketot bc i love kricketune’s call (BEBEBEBE BWOOOOOOOOOO)
starting rat: rattata (obvs only the top percentage of rattata) also zigzagoon bc pickup is amazing
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kikuism · a month ago
im so excited for the Pearl/Diamond remakes 👉👈 I’ve been waiting for years…and Nintendo finally gave them to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happyyyyyyy!!! Sinnoh my beloved indeed!!! Do you already know which starter you’re gonna choose? Mine used to be chimchar, so I’m gonna choose that one again
yes!!!! i've been waiting for these remakes for YEARS and it's surreal that we're finally getting them!!! admittedly i never played diamond or peal; platinum was my first game on the ds so it's hugely nostalgic for me :') and cemented sinnoh as my fave region. i can't wait to explore it again in sounds like a dream.
i'm going to pick piplup like i always have!!!! 🌊🤍 i always always choose water starters bc they have a great balance of power and defense imo :')
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scalproie · a month ago
I can’t pick types for people but what about your electric or steel faves/gym team? 👀
Ohohoh lets go
For electric type, I think my fav will go to Raichu, idk why, but Ive always like Raichu more than the pokemon mascot, I think I like Raichu's colors and tail design more?
As for the gym team:
Luxray, luxray enjoyers rejoice, I think it would be the Ace
Manectric, kind of the same vibe as luxray, hence why I like both a lot
Rotom (fan), rotom has always had a fun design, I picked his fan form here for the ground attack immunity, teehee
Toxtricity, both forms are cool, I think there's a reason why it's one of the most popular pokemon of the latest gen, plus I can't resist a good bass or guitar, some of my favorite songs have bass or guitars in them
Galvantula, electric/bug type is a cool typing and again, I think I base most of my choosing on how cool I think pokemon are, and galvantula is preeeetty cool
Eelektross, unstoppable
As for steel, I think it would be cheap to answer bisharp again so... Dialga :)
For gym pick:
Empoleon, my beloved, second favorite starter of them all, if I can't pick the cyndaquil line, the piplup line is always next, the Ace
Scizor, very similar to bisharp, design wise, and just very cool looking in general
Aegislash, the design? cool. It's a possessed sword and shield, whats better than this. Then I really like the changing form mid battle gimmick, and it's one of the coolest shinies
Aggron, I've always had a big affection for aggron, idk again the design has the right edge to it, the colors are neat to look at...
Duraludon, I'll admit, the main reason why I like duraludon is because he has the Dialga steel/dragon typing, I'm not actually that fond of the design, but it grows on you
Corviknight, I love that its a really really big scary metal bird
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duckicarus · 6 months ago
Piplup my beloved
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holydramon · 6 months ago
ok but can I just say the starter choice for legends is actually very tough as someone who loves all three..... I’m probably gonna go with cyndaquil cause I love cyndaquil and then I could use the piplup line as my water type but also oshawott my beloved <3
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datafii · 6 months ago
piplup my beloved...... i am so excited
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finiteform · 6 months ago
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bosephtyto · 6 months ago
Piplup my beloved
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