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#pirate au
fillmargarin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I had to do this🙈
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patroclusism · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
An Interesting Catch
Source Material; Obey Me!
Pairing; Lucifer x Male Reader
Warnings; Reader is being held prisoner
Summary; The men of Lucifers ship fish up something that’s much different to the cod and bass they’d normally find. You were certainly something of interest that Lucifer could bring back to the Pirate King.
A/n; This is a thing i’ve done with @followmybones so go look at their contribution to the cool pirate au
Tumblr media
“Look what we have here.”
Whether the voice was intended to come out so, it was hostile. It made you dread swell up inside you, your heart racing at the sight of the crowd surrounding you. It wasn’t your plan to be captured by a group of humans tonight, and the way they surrounded you didn’t give you any hope for getting out of this.
“What is it, men?”
Your head turned to the sound of footsteps and a new voice joining the crowd. What first caught your eye was the difference in appearance this new man had from the rest of the crowd. He wore a long coat that was black with gold embroidery around the lapel of his coat. The black coat contrasted well with his red pants. If anything could have been judged based on the man's appearance, you would have assumed he was in charge. That assumption was proven to be true when the man spoke again.
“You’ve fished up something valuable this time,” There was a pause as he looked over you.
It was true to humans you would be seen as something of value, humans were known to sell off merpeople like yourself. Humans liked things that were different to them, but they only liked them when they could profit from them. Humans could be cruel creatures, but you supposed that wasn’t so different from merfolk.
“Take him down to the bilge.”
You thrashed in the arms of the crew that hoisted you up, not planning to be taken prisoner without a fight, but you were outnumbered by the humans, so it was all in vain. They took you below the main deck of the ship, into a closed off room. It wasn’t very spacious nor was it very accommodating, but assuming this is where they kept their prisoners there was no need for it to be either of those things.
The men that carried you down to your cell left you there without a word. You shouted for them to let you go but after some time it became pointless, so you gave up. You sat there for what felt like forever, until you heard footsteps approaching you.
Upon entering the room, a familiar face could be seen. It was the man who sent you down here. He stood the same way he had when you first saw him, carrying the same feeling he invoked on you in your first encounter. You did notice he was holding some folded up clothing in his hands, which he held out to you once you registered them.
“Here, put these on.”
Living underwater didn’t normally lead you to needing much clothing, and certainly not the kind people who lived above land needed. With your change in appendages you put on the clothes that were offered to you. Some simple brown pants and a white shirt, presumably just something they had lying around.
“So it is true that merpeople can change your tails into legs.” he said, more to himself than to you.
You both sat there staring at each other for a moment before he spoke again, “Whats your name?”
There was another pause, where you considered not telling him, but eventually you decided to cooperate.
He looked at you with his eyebrow raised, almost as if he had also thought you wouldn’t have told him. You haden’t spoken anything but threats and wishes to get free until now, so he had assumed that would be the only thing coming out of your mouth.
“Well, Y/n, I apologize for capturing you, but you see, I’m tasked by the pirate king to search the sea for anything of interest and bring any of my findings back to him. And you are one of the more interesting things I’ve found.” he said.
“Don’t worry too much though, he is quite a kind man, he’ll most likely let you go, or at the very least treat you to a good life, but it is my job to take you to him now.”
“So you're nothing but the Pirate Kings dog?”
The man in front of you scoffed and rolled his eyes. Clearly finding some issue with your words. Whether you had truly believed those words, or if you were simply trying to push his buttons, it worked, even if it was just a little.
“I am no one's dog,” He started, but was cut off by you.
“Then why do you work for him?”
He paused, thinking of how to answer the question. “I made a promise a long time ago.”
You huffed at the answer. It wasn’t a very good reason to do what he was doing in your mind, but you chose to keep those opinions to yourself. It wouldn’t have been wise to push too many buttons of your captor, and you knew that.
“Well, I only came to check on you, and let you in on your current situation. Someone will be down to bring you food in a few hours.”
He took one last look at you before turning to leave, once he had reached the door you called out to him.
“Wait, what is your name?”
He hesitated, “Lucifer.”
And with that the man left you alone in what was to be your prison for the foreseeable future. Who knew what would happen when you arrived at your destination, or what would happen on the way there.You captor certainly was someone of interest, but you hoped you wouldn’t be staying around in his company long enough to get to know him. In the end, you only hoped to escape from this situation without meeting the Pirate King, no matter how “nice” Lucifer claimed he was. Who knew where this would lead you.
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thelemoncoffee · 2 days ago
Kokichi and DICE as pirates, but also so is the rest of my hc squad and their friends of friends.
Dice are a natorious crew, one of the most feard, and are known for being extreamly territorial and agressive, killing anyone who crosses their path. You're lucky if you survive to tell the tale. These rumors are only half true, as they do need to be like that to make it as pirates, but it's all for show and for the most part they avoid killing at all costs. As results they let alot more people excape than the rumors make it sound. Most of the rumors spurred from Kokichi playing into their fear and the original rumors surrounding them, playing up to evil facade to get them to wimp out and leave so they don't have to kill them.
Kaito is a pretty new pirate, and an accedental one at that. he and his crew- comprised of Shuichi, Maki, Miu, Rantaro, Kaede, and Kiibo- had ended up in a really bad situation by mistake and had to steal a ship to get out with their lives, effectively marking them as wanted criminals. Kaito took it in stride and with the help of his friends became a captain and their crew. passive and only really stealing food and enough gold to trade in places they didn't have a bounty on their head in- They'd been pirates for about a year before they ran into what they thought would end up as their first and last pirate battle.
They'd accedentally wandered into DICE's territory, and they only realized when they got flanked by an oddly small ship flying their flag. Their ship was boarded and they were ready to go down kicking, but to their complete and utter amazment the small crew aboard seemed to have given the mercy after seeing them, even joking with them a bit about how they looked less like a crew and more like some unfortionate landlubbers who drifted out to sea- which wasn't far off the mark, but that didn't mean it didn't hurt Kaito's feelings.
So, instead of dieing like they thought, they ended up being guieded by what they now knew was their patrol ship and patrol crew back to DICE's cove. Part of them was worried it would be a trap and they'd all die anyways when they docked next to their massive main ship, but when the patrol reported to their captain- Captain Kokichi Ouma- they were more than relieved to find he wasn't going to maul them either.
Turns out, they'd made a name for themselves they hadn't realized they made, and it managed to find it's way to DICE of all crews. Kokichi reconized them as the rooky crew who supposedly stole their ship from a royal navy like it was nothing. He also knew it was not as epic as the tale made it seem, being fully aware of how rumors change over time, considering how much he'd been affected by them. He knew it was likely a scary situation for the makeshift crew and there was a good chance they didn't have a clue what they were doing. Kaito was more than embarrased to have tried to look as serious and pirate-like as he could only to be completly torn down like that.
That embarrassment didn't last too long though, as Kokichi then proceeded to complement(?) them for having the guts to such as even think about standing up to his crew, he thought it was stupid but they clearly had spirit and potential. Shuichi ended up having to butt in when Kokichi started to confuse Kaito with his lie-riddled speach pattern, asking why his crew had brought them to their cove. With some unwanted joking about killing them mixed in, Kokichi said his patrol crew felt bad for them, seeing as they weren't in all that good of shape for a pirate ship, and wanted to see if they could help in any way- and after seeing them he'd agreed. Everyone but Shuichi and Kaede immediately disliked the idea of being helped by them, and Kaito especially was upset that he was supposedly such a bad captain that the most notorious pirate crew out there actually took pity on them.
While Kaede tried to reason with her crewmates Shuichi thanked Kokichi for the offer to help, hoping Kaito would take it- which he did after a few minutes of pointless aruging with Kaede. Kokichi had given them better beding to use on their ship, and let them stay in their extra rooms in the cove- but due to how few rooms they had left they ended up pairing roommates up. While staying there they'd been given proper food instead of the rationed stuff they had been eating for the past year, and were trained in proper ship combat and other skills like lockpicking and thieft. It was safe to say it wasn't as bad being helpped out by DICE as they thought it'd be.
unbenounced to either crew however, their was some romantic feelings between Shuichi and Kokichi that they had started to share with one another. They'd ended up falling head over heels for one another, but knew with how everything had been set up they wouldn't get to stay together, and couldn't tell their crews else they might try to intervene as to save them from heartbreak. So they kept it secrete; sharing kisses, compliments, and other such love where they couldn't be seen.
Do they get caught? do they convince their crews to merge?? do they end up having to leave one another behind, only to reunite years later and either be too different now to be lovers again or colapse into one another's arms and sob? do they become rival crews?? who knows~
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catlandcomics · 12 hours ago
Third AU in my MatchaBlossom series: Pirate AU! ☠🏴‍☠️🦜
Tumblr media
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flowers-in-your-hayr · 17 hours ago
For @emilyhufflepufftlk 200 Followers Challenge:
Second part is my favourite trio of Shadow and Bone as pirates! I hope you like it!🧡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shadow and Bone Tag List: @maggiescarborough @geekandbooknerd @for-bebbanburg (anyone who wants to be added to this list, please, send me an ask!)
*Click on the moodboard to see it in better quality!
I hope y'all enjoy this moodboard and likes, reblogs and comments are welcome!
If you want to be added or removed from my tag list or if you want make a request, send me an ask!!!😁
Divider by @firefly-graphics 🧡
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vaguekiwi · a day ago
the masculine urge to get on my knees and beg you for chapter 1 of captain peter
I can't post it yet cause I can't think of a title but here's an excerpt for you 😘
“This is one of your men?”
“Not for much longer.”
Parker shoved Tony so hard that the door behind him cracked back on its hinges. Tony lurched into the hallway, hands spiralling wildly to keep himself balanced.
Parker scowled as he pulled his pants back up, hurriedly fixed the laces, and then turned on Tony again. His eyes were murderous, and he reached for the pistol strapped to his thigh.
“Wait, Park— Captain, wait!” Tony gasped, backpedaling into the great room with the vain hope that the presence of other people might save him. “I didn’t mean to—“
“Yeah, didn’t mean to,” Parker snarled, pointing the barrel into Tony’s face.
Tony tripped and fell backward, his palms scraping along the splintered wooden floor.
Behind him, one of the crew members sighed, “Told him not to go back there.”
Someone else said, “This is kind of your fault.”
“Well I’m not mopping up the blood.”
A few other people in the bar actually laughed.
Parker’s expression didn’t so much as twitch; his eyes were illuminated with the same fire as the torches and lanterns all around them, Tony could see the silver glint of the pistol gleaming with the intent in his irises.
“You’re slow. You’re old. You don’t listen. You’re expendable, Stark. So you’d better give me a damn good reason not to shoot you between the eyes right now.”
Tony’s throat closed up on the fear building in his throat. He looked at the brass buttons on Parker’s tunic, he wondered if he imagined the rusted colour of dried blood there.
Tony opened his mouth, tried to choke out something — anything — to barter with. But he couldn’t get the image of the Captain at the desk and the girl spread beneath him and the obscene moaning and —
Tony could feel his cheeks heating up. Parker scoffed at the sight, and he cocked the pistol.
“Oh for god’s sake, he’s not worth it Pete!”
Tony hiccuped to choke back a cry of alarm, because Parker didn’t shoot.
The Captain’s eyes went to the table where they’d been sitting just minutes ago.
“Bullets are expensive. Gunpowders expensive. You keep telling him not to waste your time? Then don’t let him. He made a mistake. He’ll think twice next time. Just leave him be.”
Michelle’s voice was flippant, casual, like she didn’t care one way or another whether Tony left the bar alive tonight. But maybe it was for that very reason — that apparent callousness — that Parker appeared to listen to her.
“Not worth a bullet,” Parker agreed with a growl, stuffing the gun back into it’s holster, “I’ll cut his heart out instead.”
It probably wasn’t the right thing to focus on in the moment, but Tony still felt his breath catch at the dagger that Parker revealed. It was straight, polished, the blade carved with ornate swirls and etchings dotted with what might have been stars. Was it steel? It seemed brighter than that somehow, beautiful with the dark stone set into the pommel.
“Pete, come on.” Michelle huffed, “That knife wasn’t made for hissy fits. If you really wanna see him gone, then fire him.”
A silence so heavy fell that it seemed to dampen Tony’s hearing, like he was watching Parker from underwater. There was even an accompanying sting of saltwater in his eyes, and Tony’s hand trembled as he moved to wipe the back of his hand on his nose.
Parker was going to fire him. That much he was sure of. He was going to be left here in Moratsia and would be back at square one, alone and empty-handed and desperate.
But at least he wouldn’t be dead.
From the front door, someone called, “Problems with your crew, Parker? Or is this just the foreplay you’re so famous for?”
Snickering laughter flew through one side of the room. The boys from Parker’s crew sighed a little, as if exhausted. But something else flickered in Parker’s eyes at the voice, Tony thought it might be apprehension.
Or something close to fear.
Parker’s jaw clenched and he turned away from Tony, slipping the beautiful metal dagger back into its sheath. He lifted his chin high to address the man at the entrance to the bar.
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spacedlexi · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
finally,, ive drawn some freakin pirate au
clem was separated from her parents at a young age and spent time as a street rat until a friendly face took her under his wing. she spent time with multiple crews on multiple ships until one became her own. her fellow pirates are a group of strays themselves, and together they make one motley, but loyal, crew
violet grew up in a poor family who worked as housekeepers for one of the wealthier families in town. she spent most of her time in the home, becoming close friends with the family’s son, until she became old enough to start working there herself. she longs for a more fulfilling life and relationships, especially after the disappearance of 2 of her close childhood friends. and when an opportunity literally breaks down the door, she doesnt hesitate to take it
i may have only drawn these two but everyones here plus also some supernatural stuff too cuz whats a pirate au without some fun shit
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rainbowsans · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
ahoy!! here be Captain Caps and Sans for my pirate au!!
see the swap brothers design here
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voidsides · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now let's talk...
[Previous comic][First comic]
(click for better quality, and check the master post for more)
Virgil's awake and Remus wants to have a talk. Virgil finds out a little more about why he's been taken and it's not exactly what he expected... Also he does take a few swings at Remus because of course he does, I mean honestly what was he expecting?
Alright so this one was real dialogue heavy y'all, I had a hell of a time trying to fit it all in- especially since I switched over to a custom font instead of hand writing it all to help save time and energy. Remember to check the masterpost for the FAQ and to make sure you didn't miss any parts.
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purplecrayonismine · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Pirate AU!!! The twins are small and dream of exploring the world together, back to back! but dreams can get... complicated
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petricorah · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
the captain and his right hand man
zukka pirate designs ill prolly never finish
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aliee-shuuu · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Poplar and Ash belongs to @bonelyheartsclub​
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