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errant-twaddling · 2 days ago
It's amusing to me how ZoLu knows best how powerful each other are but at the same time, they have no fucking idea. Zoro literally haven't seen Luffy in his god form and Luffy has no clue as to what-n-how-many-headed demon his #1 transforms into when they're both going apeshit somewhere in a distance. Like, yeah, my captain/my swordsman is strong— OH. Who the fuck is this. I'm gonna worship the hell outta you now.
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zorothedemon · a day ago
"take it all for me, baby"
Tumblr media
zoro x gn (afab) reader
original request: i want zoro to face fuck me so badly. i want him to command me to get in my back with my head slightly hanging over the bed so he can abuse my mouth….thank you for your time - Ace
w.c: 572 words
warning: nsfw (minors dni).oral (reader receiving). teasing. good girl, bitch, whore is used to describe the reader. mouthfucking.
summary: zoro makes you know who is in control
playlist suggested to listen while you read this <3
Tumblr media
you’ve been teasing zoro since dinner with your parents started. your hand slowly caressing his thigh, enjoying the way he suffered, muffling groans as your parents asked him about his current job. your hand grazing his cock, feeling him get hard as you started palming him through the fabric of his pants. getting him worked up.
when the dinner ended, you decided it was time to go back home. so you said goodbye to your parents, and left.
“you’re going to pay for this, babe” zoro whispered in your ear as you waved goodbye.
as soon as you got back to your apartment, he pulled you close to him. making you feel the hardness against your body, restraining you completely from moving. his kisses were sloppy and desperate, leaving you breathless as he guided you to your bedroom.
“get in your back, now” he pointed at the bed, you liked it when he got like that. commanding you to do things, of course, he always made sure you were into it and he wasn’t hurting you.
you obeyed, laying on the bed. his hands wandered through your body, teasing you. getting back at you for what you did earlier at dinner, your heart was beating fast, and you whimpered at the feeling of his calloused fingers on your hot skin. then he moved your body, so that your head was hanging off the bed so that he could have full access to your mouth.
“open up and take it all like the good girl you are” he said, his voice sounded firm and demanding, as he unzipped his pants and slid his cock out of his boxers. revealing his girthy cock, throbbing in need for you to wrap your mouth around it.
you watched as he pumped his cock, his tip drooling with precum as he watched you rub your thighs together, and pinch your nipples.
“you’re so needy, aren’t ya?” zoro laughed and started getting close to you. he caressed your mouth with his thumb, making you audibly gasp, and then he slipped his thumb inside your mouth.
“suck on it, bitch” zoro said, his eyes hooded as he watched you suck on his thumb, graze it with your teeth as you moaned. zoro kept on pumping his dick, getting ready for you.
once you were worked up, he removed his finger off your mouth. then he started slipping his cock inside your mouth until you were stuffed with it, loving watch you struggle to breath and gag as your tight mouth was wrapped around him.
he then started thrusting in and out of you, while your tongue lapped all over his cock, tracing the veins that covered his length. you could hear him moaning and groaning as he fucked your mouth.
“babe, you’re so tight…” he said as you sucked him off, your cheeks tightened around his length. your moans sent vibrations through his spine, making him almost cum at how fucking well you felt around him. watching as tears ran down your face, loving to hear you moan and whimper.
his thrusts started picking up speed as he felt his orgasm getting close, you could feel him twitch inside you, his balls dripping with drool and precum.
“ah…babe, th-that’s it” zoro said as he came on your mouth, filling you up with his hot cum. enjoying the sight of you swallowing it whole, while you looked directly at him.
Tumblr media
likes, comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
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mochiajclayne · a day ago
I know Thriller Bark was The Zoro Moment where he was willing to sacrifice his own life for the safety of the crew. However, it was also a pivotal point for Sanji because it was the time that he acknowledged Zoro’s ambition. 
Back in Baratie, when Sanji was watching Zoro’s fight with Mihawk:
Tumblr media
In Thriller Bark:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was a small moment, sure, but such little detail speaks volumes considering that it was the same fight that had Sanji pondering and considering about pursuing his own dream. And Zoro, in turn, reciprocates the same acknowledgement as he knocked him out after the whole speech that Sanji had about death and telling Zoro his last words, emphasis on finding another cook. These two bickers, engage on silly fights against each other, and are literal opposites majority of the time but they will always be on the same page when it comes to protecting the crew--always sharing the same resolve, always ready to sacrifice their life.
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feral-pansexual · a day ago
It's not hard to find yourself waking up with Zoro. The swordsman can fall asleep anywhere, practically collapsing with exhaustion once he feels he's had enough. He's gotten better about where he falls asleep, though, and can typically make it all the way to bed; all the way to you.
Waking up with him is comforting. The smell of sake is almost always present on Zoro's tongue, his breath falling evenly on your collarbone. He likes to sleep with his head tucked close to your throat, lips at the junction of your neck and shoulder. He breathes deeply when awake, but even more so whilst he slumbers. His snores carry his breath gently, the dull scent lulling you back to sleep in his arms.
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portghost-dead-ace · a day ago
zoro: one day i am going to snap
usopp: any particular reason why?
zoro: yes.
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sweetmilk5 · a month ago
Tumblr media
F in da chat
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deadbutnostink · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
*slowly gothifies your zoro*
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funnybutobscurereference · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
2021 is kinda a one piece year 🏴‍☠️ by AJ
you can actually buy those as prints (and there's one with baby shanks and buggy <3)
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softitunes · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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yournameiswhat · 4 months ago
Silly 👦
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mmac · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
don’t give it up zolo
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ace-no-isha · 15 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
luffy feeling safe enough to just fucking pass out in battle cus zoro is by his side…i love them i love them i love them
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rainboweem · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Wings of the pirate king
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tzororz · 28 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i forgot the earrings in the second pic 🏃
uploading drawings i did in may
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zosanslady · 22 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
zoro lowkey flirting 😏
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hexporpora · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
The Strawhats are done! Had so much fun with this one! 
(Please! Do share and comment if you like.:3 Thanks!) (commissions are open! Please do contact me if you are interested)
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eustasssimp · 5 months ago
Hi Lemon, sweetie! I see your SFW requests are open so hopefully you're interested in writing this, but surely feel free to delete if not! I was wondering if we can please have Law, Zoro and Kid's reaction to their s/o being upset with them (at something not really serious) and calling them dude, man, bro? This is so corny but I love this scenario so much 😭♥️ thank you in advance!! x
oh this sounds so silly and fun ( + i will never turn down a chance to write my beloved redhead) hope you enjoy anon darling!
Law, Zoro, Kid x GN reader
SFW Prompt: Calling them ‘dude/bro/pal/man’ during an argument added pal because that’s a personal fav wc: 0.9k
Tumblr media
“Yeah, whatever man.”
- Law would scoff at the pettiness in your tone and comment, rolling his eyes. He sees the name a childish, but the name would bother him deep down.
- The doctor would let you leave and sit with it, let it stir around and eat away at him until finally, he couldn’t.
- With a shambles, he’d swap you into his office without moments notice. You’d whisk your head around, shaken by the sudden change in location, before exasperated eyes land on Law. It had been hours since your argument and you couldn’t help but wonder what was on the doctors mind.
- He would star at you as if he expected for you to say something to ease his worries, and wouldn’t immediately tell you why he made you come to his office in the way he did. It wouldn’t be until you ask him what he wanted that Law would realize you didn’t know why you were here.
- “At 12:36pm today,” Law’s stared at you intently, with the dead stare he always donned, “You said ‘yeah, whatever man,” before you stormed out of the office without saying anything else.
He watched you continue to silently stare at him before clearing his throat, his tone getting lower from how seriously he was about to ask the question that had been eating away at him all day.
“When you said man, you said that because I’m your man, correct?”
- Speechless doesn’t even begin to describe the way you stared at him, mouth slightly slack jawed at the worry flickering though his eyes.
“I-“ after taking a moment to asses the situation, you quickly conclude it isn’t worth trying to explain to him the point he was missing. “Yes, Law.” Walking towards him, you can’t help but smile when his eyes widen slightly from the sensation of your hands cupping his cheeks. “You’re my man.”
- He would have a smug look on his face before turning back to his work without another acknowledging glance at you.
“You could at least put me back where I was, Law.”
Tumblr media
- “Dude, are you serious?” You stare at Zoro in disbelief.
- Cocking his head towards you, his eyes squinting a bit, Zoro stares back at you in confusion. “Dude?” He scoffs at the nickname. He had heard it all- Stupid marimo, dumb marimo, god damn marimo, Zoro but said like Zoro, there was no nickname he hadn’t heard from you during an argument.
- But it was Zoro this, Marimo that, never just dude.
- The swordsman would maintain his tone and level of volume from the argument, but the conversation would take a complete 180. “Why’re you falling me dude?” “Who the fuck is dude?” “I don’t even call the shitty cook dude!” Zoro would be so taken aback by the lack of nickname that he would just go a bit nuts.
- After the argument, and for the rest of the week honestly, Zoro would call you dude all the time. If you said “I love you Zoro” it would be met with “I love you dude” if he was feeling generous.
- His own pettiness over the simple heat of the moment nickname would spur a string of petty arguments to follow, squabbling over every little thing because one particular swordsman can’t let one particular word go.
- The whole ordeal would end when one petty argument led to another bigger one, and in the heat of his anger Zoro let’s it slip that “your boyfriend didn’t like being called dude” or some other choppy, almost nonsensical confession over why he was upset
- It would make you stop and sigh, taking in the distressed swordsman’s features.
“Let’s just both promise never to call each other dude, okay?”
Tumblr media
- As Kid’s fiery attitude got a little bit too much for you to handle, you can’t help but take it upon yourself to leave. “ha!” A dry laugh leaves your lips at his latest drama, “Sure pal. You tell yourself that.”
- A rough hand grabs yours as you turn to go, whirling you around with force. Your eyes widen as you find your back against the wall of your shared bedroom, red eyes scowling at you intently as his metal arm rests on the wall next to your head, effectively trapping you between himself and the wall.
“The fuck you say?” Kid’s face is dangerously close, his eyes almost burning into your face. His painted lips were downturned to a bigger from that usual, his brow bone furrowed down. “I’m not you’re fucking pal, sweetheart.”
His eyes flicker down to your lips briefly before his hand cups your jaw, pushing his lips onto yours with force. You feel him smirk against your lips as your hands reflexively land on his chest, your knees weakening from the intensity of the kiss.
Biting your lip as he pulls away, the smirk never leaves his gaze as he brushes your hair out of your face. His glance lingers on your rosy cheeks, and you almost miss the way his eyes softened ever so slightly just from looking at your flushed cheeks.
Putting one last, somewhat sloppy kiss against your forehead, it was like Kid had forgotten the argument entirely as he turns to leave your shared room.
With one final over his shoulder, that notorious smirk still planted on his face, “Last I checked, I’m your boyfriend, not your fucking pal.“
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