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sinnysonno · a day ago
Tumblr media
Dead Pirates Society - Pitts and Meeks
Arguably the most helpful of the crewmates - they climb the rigging, fix the sails and even run their own Pirate Radio
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ducklooney · a day ago
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Although I'm late and I apologize for that, September 19 is Happy Talking Day with a pirate to upload pictures of Donald as a pirate and his family and his company from various cartoons and comics. Plus Darkwing Duck, above all Negaduck with his team! Happy talk with a with pirate!
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uesp · a day ago
Tumblr media
Did You Know: The crew of the Black Flag, the flagship of the Red Sabre pirate fleet, were buried alive under what would become Castle Anvil? Although the crew tried to escape the slow death from being trapped underground, it was to no avail. The crew died off over a period of two decades.
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jokingluna · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy Talk Like a Pirate day!
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wistfulpoltergeist · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Just two pirates on the shore;3 You might saw them in the Morgyn Hair post^^ Poses by @aoihana2510, hair and sims by me (:D), skin by @obscurus-sims and @thisisthem, costumes from the Get Famous pack. Music’s playing:
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thebarbsignal · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Barb... that gurl on your dodge ball team... who thinks she's a pirate...
Remember... September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day
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greenheart-anon · 10 hours ago
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gaypirate420 · a day ago
The Captain's doctor//James Hook
Captain James Hook x male!reader.
Tw: blood,shots,injuries,cuts.
A/n: please realize that this take place in 1910's
Please reblog uwu.
(GIF ISN'T MINE ITS FROM @sailing-on-many-ships !!!!!!)
Tumblr media
After leaving Neverland the Jolly Roger was back on the business.
The crew saw a little boat and decided to point a light on it, they saw a person, they called them but the person was completely unconscious, the crew decided to make the boat got closer to the ship, one of the crew mates go to the captain's cabin to inform their captain about the situation.
When the crew got the boat closer one of them jumped to the boat, the pirate realized that it was a man, he was wearing some black clothes and with him a bag with his tools, the pirate put his hand on the men's neck.
"He's alive!" The pirate yelled.
Suddenly the Captain looked over the board.
"Bring him on deck now!" He said, then turned to the deck.
"Smee! Get some dry clothes for the man!"
"Yes Cap'n!" The older man answered.
(y/n) woke up confused and cold, he turned to his left and there was some clothes and boots, he didn't know where he was, he checked his surrounders very carefully, then suddenly the door opened and a tall man with a hook and red coat entered the little room.
"Oh well, I see you are awake" The man said looking at him.
"Excuse me, sir, but where am I?" The (e/c) eye colored man asked, the pirate grabbed the clothes and put them closer to the other man.
"in the middle of the sea, on my ship the Jolly Roger, and put that on, I will not accept a sick man on this ship" The man said with a cold but elegant tone.
"And may I know who are you?" (y/n) asked, the man was about to leave but he turned back.
"Captain James Hook" James said his blue eyes looking up and down (y/n)'s body it wasn't a flirty look by the way.
"Well, Captain I am Doctor (y/n) (l/n)" he answered very calm and proud looking straight to the captain's eyes, he was scared but he wasn't going to show it, the captain was a little surprised by the doctor's tone but he didn't say anything.
"Well now excuse me, but I have to change" (y/n) told the captain and gestured the door, the captain got out of the quarter.
(y/n) finally change with some pirate clothes it wasn't his style but it's better than the wet clothes.
The doctor was looking at his black leather bag, making sure none of his tools were damaged, someone knocked on the door and entered the quarter.
"The cap'n wants to see you" a man with a red beanie said, the doctor sigh and got out following the man to the captain's cabin, he started to listen some music coming out of the inside, the man with the red beanie told him to enter, he did then the man shut the door, he saw the captain playing his harpsichord, the captain looked at him.
"Lovely tone" he said, the pirate make a little smirk.
"Thank you, Doctor" The captain answered , (y/n) arched his eyebrow a little, the captain stood up and got closer to the doctor.
"Doctor, I want to know about you and please sit down, you must be very hungry"
"Well, yes, only God knows how many days I spent on the sea" he said and sat down, so did the Captain, the man with the red beanie entered again with some food and wine.
"Thank you" (y/n) said and drank some wine, the captain didn't stop looking at him and make a little gesture so the older man would leave them alone.
"And tell me, how did you ended in the sea?" The captain said with curiosity.
"It is a little confusing, the last thing I remember is seeing some fire from the distance when I was already on the boat" (y/n) answered and began to eat, God, that was delicious, he was starving.
"Interesting, well Doctor, tell me about yourself" the captain said, he was a little too curious about the doctor.
"oh, what would you like to know, captain?" He answered, the captain didn't seem to hide the fact that he was looking for a ring in (y/n)'s hand.
"Are you married?" The captain said and sip on some wine, (y/n) didn't react at the personal question.
"no, is there any miss on your side?" You said, the captain arched an eyebrow.
"No I am not interested in those" he said.
"woman" The captain said calmly, the (h/c) haired man made a 'oh' with his mouth, the two man keep talking and eating, the conversation was actually very smooth.
"Doctor, I have a offer for you" The captain said, the (e/c) eyes of the doctor looked at him with curiosity.
"This ship already has a doctor" he began to talk.
"I was thinking, that maybe you would like to be my personal Doctor" He said, (y/n) looked at the captain not very convinced and crossed his arms.
"You will be payed for your service, and obviously have food and clothes, my crew would not bother you at all, you would be very safe in here but you will have to follow me when I get off this ship" He explained.
"I accept, oh and, I will need proper clothes Captain, I am a doctor not a pirate" he said firmly, the captain give him a little smirk.
"Of course, I will find a way to give you better clothes, dear" he said, they keep talking a little, the captain was charming and a gentleman, he had manners and was everything (y/n) could ask for, but he wasn't going to fell that easy.
It's been a year since (y/n) ended up in the Jolly Roger, he learned how to use a sword and a gun, the captain teach him, speaking of him and the captain, they started kind of cold and the captain's anger issues didn't help, but with the pass of time the two man started to get along very well.
The doctor woke up with a loud noise, then another, and another, he got up and grabbed his gun, he didn't saw anything so he decided to see on deck, nothing.
The crew was a little confused about the source of the sound, (y/n) got to the captain's cabin, James wasn't there that was weird they always left together, he got back to his quarter and started to put on the clothes that the crew got him they were some elegant clothes the crew stole from some rich folks, he fixed his hair and go out with his bag, the wind in his face and the smell of the sea, he didn't miss his normal life, this one was more exciting.
The doctor was helping some crew member with a cut on their hand when suddenly there was a lot of commotion, some crewmates were helping the captain get in the ship he was bleeding, his skin was pale.
(y/n) quickly stood up and help the pirates, they got into the cabin and the doctor and the captain were left alone, (y/n) put the captain on the floor and got rid off the captain's upper clothes, the doctor was moving quickly, trying to stop the bleeding, the captain was numb, he felt dizzy, his chest hurt and (y/n)'s mumbling sound with an echo.
"Alright, James don't fall sleep I need you to stay with me" the doctor said with a soft voice, those forget-me-not kind of eyes looked at the doctor's (e/c) eyes, James only thought about the doctor, he seem to forget about the pain for a minute.
"This is going to hurt" The voice of the doctor interrupted his thoughts, (y/n) put some cotton with alcohol in the wounds, the pirate screamed with pain, the doctor didn't react and keep curing the pirate, the captain feel his chest burning, it hurts so much, he felt (y/n)'s hands on him and he closed his eyes.
"no, James, please stay with me" (y/n) said, the captain opened his eyes, he saw the relief in (y/n)'s face, the doctor keep working on his wounds, James felt how the needle entered in his skin and how the string was passing, the doctor turned him over and started to clean the wounds on the captain's back, James screamed again.
"I'm sorry!" The doctor said.
Finally, (y/n) started to put bandages on the captain' chest and back, the captain was tired, he wanted to rest but was scared that he would die.
"Alright, now I'm going to put you in your bed" the doctor said, he grabbed James and stood up, the captain groaned and sobbed a little.
"Its alright James, the pain it is almost over" the soft voice of (y/n) sounded distant.
The doctor put the captain in bed and fixed the pillows so he could sit and not damage his bandages, the captain sat down on the bed with a little help.
"You can rest now, you will be alright" the doctor said, the captain shake his head.
"I will die, and I will be alone"
(y/n) felt his heart break, he got closer to the captain.
"You won't, James, everything will be alright, and your not alone, I am right here with you" the doctor said, James looked at him and sigh.
"If you don't sleep the pain will be worse, James" the pirate finally closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep.
The captain and the doctor were drinking and playing chess.
"I guess you win, Captain" the doctor said.
"oh please, call me James" he said, looking at (y/n) the doctor give him a little smirk.
"Alright, James, you win" (y/n) said.
"I like how you say my name" the captain said
"You are drunk" the doctor said with a giggle.
"i might be, but you know what they say ,my dear, kids and drunks don't lie" he got closer to the doctor's face.
"May I kiss you, doctor?" The captain asked, (y/n) nod, God James was such a gentleman.
"please, call me (y/n)" he said and finally locked lips with the captain.
"Is he alright?" Smee entered the cabin and saw the doctor who was cleaning the blood off his hands.
"Yes, he needs rest, when he wakes up he will need water and food" the doctor said, Smee sight with relief.
"Can you bring me some clothes, Smee?" The doctor said, the older man nod and go out of the cabin, (y/n) looked at the captain he looked so in peace, Smee returned and bring him another shirt, vest and coat.
The doctor was taking off his shirt, he grabbed a wet cloth and started cleaning the blood off his chest.
The captain opened his eyes a little and didn't saw (y/n), he closed his eyes again, he was very tired, the dizziness didn't go away and obviously neither the pain.
"l-love" the captain said, with his eyes closed, the doctor quickly put on the shirt and walk towards the bed.
"Yes?" He said, the captain grabbed his hand.
"Don't leave me" James said with a whisper and thighing his grip on (y/n)'s hand.
"Please" James said again.
"I will be right here" (y/n) said, sitting down in the border of the bed.
The captain was way different when he was with (y/n), he was more patient and calm, the doctor new a lot about the captain, they have gone very close in the year they been working together, (y/n) is always there with him, he has seen the captain's most sensible moments and viceversa, the captain seem to finally find the perfect man, but he didn't feel worthy of being loved.
"It is alright, James, breath, I'm here" that (____) accent with a soft tone was trying to wake him up.
"You are safe, wake up" (y/n) said, carefully shaking the captain, James opened his eyes and he was crying, sweating and his breath was uncontrollable.
"hey, hey, breath, I'm here nothing is going to hurt you" he said, cupping the captain's cheek, this wasn't the first time this happened to James, he physically left the island but his mind was tormenting him everytime he tried to rest.
The doctor keep holding the captain's hand, he wasn't going to leave him, the (e/c) eyes of the doctor looked at James's face, he seem to be very relaxed, whatever the captain is dreaming about it must be good.
A/N: heeeeeyy, i know it took a long time, but here it is!, I will make a part 2 u.u
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thereaderbee · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
🏴‍☠️ Do you have any favorite pirate books? Or pirate movies? Recommendations welcome! . Happy Sunday, Bookworms! Today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day. ☠️ Do you have any favorite pirate books or movies?? I loooooove pirate books, but do not have very many in my collection. One of my favorite pirate series though is the *Daughter of the Pirate King* series by Tricia Levenseller! It’s such a good series. I definitely need to re-read it soon. 🥰 Do you have any favorite pirate books? Care to recommend your favorites?? . . 🌻 . 📖 . 🌻 . 📖 . 🌻 . . 🌻 Pirate Books. #AlltheBooksSep21 📖 Shelfie Sunday. #CourtofReadingSep21 🌻 Thieves. #MyFictionalMusings 📖 Scoundrel. #OneSquareStory 🌻 Long Title. #TumblesOverBooks . . #tricialevenseller #pirates #daughterofthepirateking #bookseries #bookshelf #shelfie #bookshelfie #shelfiesunday #mylibrary #bookcollection #yabooks #currentlyreading #bookhoarder #booksbooksbooks #bookstagram #bookobsessed #booksofinstagram #booksofig #hocuspocus #funkopop #plantshelfie #becauseofreading #bookphoto #booklove #bookdragon .
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mysharona1987 · a month ago
Tumblr media
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otherwindow · 2 months ago
Mermaid witnessing a werewolf transformation by the beach and believes all humans are like that. Pirate: ahoy Mermaid: awooo? Pirate: a what
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starryfandomgirl · 4 months ago
Wellerman but an epic version that sounds like it should be playing in the background of a pirate fight scene 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mykingdomforapen · 8 months ago
can i offer you landlubbers a uquiz during these times: what trope on a pirate ship are you?
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