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Three month forecast fight me

👽ARIES: These glistening things are not all gold; the Old One you pissed off is coming for blood. Expect to reap the benefits of your downfall these coming months, and remember the choice was always yours to do different. You just didn’t.

👽TAURUS: You’ve rested long enough little dusty one, the dream must end. Get off your ass and hop to it before the Fae come for your past-due payment. Teeth are lovely this year, but better in your mouth than on a Wee One’s throat.

👽GEMINI: You’ve lost your way on this journey, but in doing so you found the fun. A piece of you pulls towards the sea, the other to a home deep in the woods. Save the discernment for another time; your eyes will only hinder your judgement. Eat the King when he finds you.

👽CANCER: Busy busy busy bee, swarm the rot and set us free. Eat the callous, marrow, bone; find the water set to stone. If you are bleeding let us know, your lust of love will help to grow–life for life from dust for rust. Be sure-footed, now. We’re counting on you.

👽Leo: Gods are gonna slap the shit out of you if you don’t behave. Gods. Plural. Wtf? Damn dude. Like damn. You are pissing on allllll the fence posts.


👽LIBRA: Two sides of the coin and two rolls of the die, whatever lands is your answer and savior. Hold yourself when there are no arms to surround you. Here you are safe, here you are protected and warm. Do not bite the tongues that wag nor the hands that feed; they’re yours.

👽SCORPIO: Your desires are childish but fed, your hopes are soured but already borne. Your dreams hold the key to answers never asked, if only you could remember us when you woke up. I watch you throughout the night, I wish you would sense me so easily as you do them. Jealousy never looked good on a god.

👽SAGITTARIUS: Emotional emotion, calm when stormy and easy when fried-through. Dip your fingers into your mind like a child’s toes into the pool; the answers are nearby, already crowding the corners of your lips. See doom through the portal? You haven’t peered deep enough. You should be scared.

👽CAPRICORN: You’ve earned it, truly, so why try to hide away from the hand surely coming down the strike that ass? Honey if you didn’t want to be punished you should’ve tried harder to be good. Look forward to the clarity that comes from hours of tears.

👽AQUARIUS: Ends are Beginnings gift-wrapped with mallets; is it ending now? Later? A year? Seven months? You and only you know what you’re waiting for, but can you so easily tell when the waiting is over? Death will not separate us. It will only ferment the stalks that urge us to grow.

👽PISCES: Giving up and giving in have two very important distinctions that separate them; surrender in battle is not the same as surrender of the bulk that has kept you strapped to the ground like a cricket, bending your long neck until it looks broken matted with blood and dirt. Give yourself up; find strength in letting go. Meditate more.

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The signs as things in nature

Aries: the blazing sun☀️

Taurus: the rolling hills🖼

Gemini: the seaside🏝

Cancer: rivers running into waterfalls🏞

Leo: sunrise🌅

Virgo: rain showers🌧

Libra: limitless lush meadows🌱

Scorpio: the ocean 🌊

Sagittarius: mountain peaks ⛰

Capricorn: wise old trees🌳

Aquarius: patches of wild flowers🌷

Pisces: wispy cotton candy clouds☁️

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The Signs as things that distract me from studying:

♈ Aries: That one song on the playlist that makes me wanna speed down the highway while blasting it on full volume at 3 in the fucking morning.

♉ Taurus: Suddenly craving a snack even though I had lunch/dinner not long ago.

♊ Gemini: Getting the sudden need to go talk to people and hug everyone I know.

♋ Cancer: Spacing out while looking at the strong wind and heavy rain that are literally killing my plants.

♌ Leo: Being on my phone for extended periods of time (videos, messages, photographs, you know the drill) and doing a weird dance thing.

♍ Virgo: Looking at the baby birds that are learning how to fly and keep passing in front of my balcony and then getting upset by wondering what would happen if they fell and got hurt.

♎ Libra: The fact that the homework is about: (a)something boring, (b)a topic I don’t like talking about or ©something that requires extensive research.

♏ Scorpio: Remembering something embarrassing from 2016 and getting so upset I start ranting about it in my diary venting notebook and ignore the pile of assignments chilling on the screen of my laptop.

♐ Sagittarius: That one stupid meme/joke that’s not even funny but still makes me cry from laughing too hard. Or saying a pun out loud in a ridiculous voice which makes me gain abs from laughing.

♑ Capricorn: Realising that I have more homework that I forgot about and researching stuff completely unrelated to the subject for writing purposes.

♒ Aquarius: Looking at the clouds moving and realising that the earth spins and that natural phenomenon are a real thing.

♓ Pisces: Ideas for drawing or writing, which results in me dropping my homework to focus on the new idea but then losing all inspiration and getting in a bad mood.

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Fulfilling your destiny isn’t just about riding off into the sunset. It’s about all that leads up to the sunset moment. This involves fighting dragons. As an Aries warrior you’re well equipped.


The truth will set you free, but also sometimes the truth hurts. The truth of the matter might not even be a bad thing, but it might be the acknowledgement that things will never be the same again after all of this is over. Honor the changing tide.


You’ve walked through the valley of the shadow of death, and you’re here to tell us all about it. We all have challenging times in our lives, and the more we can share about it with others who’ve had similar experiences, the more opportunities of healing we can provide.


The truth about important relationships in your life is that they’re not always easy. In many ways, that’s what defines an important relationship. They’re the ones where you don’t run away when stuff gets tough. This doesn’t mean that it strips away at your soul, those ones should be left. The ones that make you go deeper, those are the ones to keep.


As you can see, your everyday is never going to be the same ever again. What knowledge of your old life do you want to take in the structuring of your new life?


Great art happens when knowledge meets soul mystery to better explain a feeling that feels personal yet is collective. Any inklings that you’re getting about creating such art should be taken seriously.


You’re developing a new sense of what home means to you. It’s very important that it feels true. It’s okay to mourn the loss of your old home. It helps you get clarity on where you new one lies.


Your ability to communicate can move mountains today. It can also set fast change into motion. Prepare yourself for the ride.


They say knowledge is power. Well today you’re working with the adage that knowledge is money. The energy today is the kind that changes lives, as all of us have witnessed in the past few weeks.


All the inner work you’ve been doing this past year? Well it just got turned up to 11. Be gentle with yourself as you traverse this path. Everything that’s happening in the world right now is a metaphor of what’s happening inside of you. The world will be okay, and so will you.


Know that demons may seem more menacing than they actually are at this time. The best thing you can do at this time is to face the monsters down. Know that the energy is always changing. This too will pass.


You are currently being tested in your ability to be alone with your own ideas. This may be daunting and feel incredibly overwhelming right now, but you’re being led through this time by your own genius.

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Hi, would you mind doing a natal chart for me? I was born 4th December 2002 at 9:12pm in Camberley, Surrey, England. Thank you so much! You're so kind to be doing this sort of thing at such a stressful time ❤️

Sun in Sagittarius: This is a great sun sign. More than anything, Sags love adventure. They’re independent, open-minded, and forward-thinking, always looking for excitement in their everyday lives. You’re probably the life of the party, and you love meeting new people!

Moon in Sagittarius: As a Sag moon, you crave freedom. If you feel like someone’s getting into your personal space or trying to tie you down, you get upset. You might be a little irresponsible, but that’s because you like to keep moving and don’t enjoy doing the same thing for too long.

Rising in Leo: A very social sign. This means that in other peoples’ minds, you’re dramatic, outgoing, and high-energy, which isn’t far off from how you actually are. People perceive you as very generous and loyal. 

Mercury in Sagittarius: Mercury is all about how you communicate, and Sagittarius is the sign of adventure and experimentation, so more than likely you’re an ideas man. You like to think in a big picture kind of way, and busy work drives you crazy. 

Venus in Scorpio: This is a very intense placement (actually, it’s my mom’s AND my dad’s!) In your relationships, you give your partners your undivided attention, and you’re very possessive of your friends and lovers. You may not profess your love verbally very often, but it’s clear in your actions that you love deeply and crave committment. You have a tendency towards jealousy and can be paranoid that your partner is unfaithful.

Mars in Scorpio: Oh jeez. Scorpio is an intense sign, and Mars is the planet of aggression. This means that when you’re in a situation that makes you angry, you respond by lashing out in a way that will emotionally destroy your adversary. I wouldn’t be surprised if you had elaborate revenge fantasies. You’re very ambitious and will do whatever it takes to get to where you want to be. 


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