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astrosoeur · a year ago
the signs as french expressions
Aries: Après moi, le deluge - “after me, the flood”, something thought to have been said to Louis XV by his mistress Madame de Pompadour, implying an indifference to what (damage) happens after you are gone, a disregard for the consequences of your life. 
Taurus: Plus ca change... (plus c'est la même chose) - “the more things change, the more they remain the same”, a way to express disillusion or defeat in regards to how things always stay the same at their core, even though things change. 
Gemini: Savoir-faire - “know (what to) do”, the quality of being capable to handle any situation with grace, having mastered adaptability and ingenuity. 
Cancer: Enfant terrible  - “unruly child”, refers to someone (often a child or one of childish spirit) who, by being overly candid and untimely in behavior, embarrasses and shocks their surroundings. 
Leo: Roi fainéant - “do-nothing king”, an expression for a king with no (real) power, a play-king left to his riches, vanities and dissipations. 
Virgo: Le mot juste - “the exact word”, coined by Flaubert, searching for le mot juste is the tireless and hopeless effort in finding the perfect word to describe something, to fix the unfixable.
Libra: Cherchez la femme - “look for/seek the woman”, a presumption that if a man is acting strangely, out of character, or inexplicably—there’s always a woman lying behind it. 
Scorpio: L’appel du vide - “the call of the void”, being plagued by intrusive thoughts of destructive nature, feeling momentarily drawn to demise.
Sagittarius: Esprit d’escalier - “staircase wit”, the frustrating phenomenon of coming up with the perfect observation or comeback after the opportunity to use it has passed.
Capricorn: Nostalgie de la boue  - “mud nostalgia”, a desire or yearning for what is depraved, degrading or crude. 
Aquarius:  Poète maudit - “doomed poet”, used to describe the fate of the great poet, who is doomed to obscurity and to live as an outcast to, or against the world.  
Pisces:  Flâneur - “stroller”, a leisurely wanderer of city streets, an aesthete and observer of life. 
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virgo-rocks · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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lillie-ross · 4 months ago
As an Aries, you’re sometimes frightened by commitment. You aren’t certain whether you’re ready to devote your life to someone else.
Your biggest worry is that you will make a mistake. You don’t want to make the wrong choice, or end up with the wrong partner. Major decisions hold you back!
Right now you are enjoying things the way they are. You’ve been having a good time in life, and you don’t want things to change or end if they become too intense.
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normal-horoscopes · 9 months ago
Normal Horoscope:
Aries: Eating a pomegranate in your underwear may not be the best way to start the day, but it is far from the worst.
Taurus: The moon misses you, do you miss it to?
Gemini: Sometimes the harder we repress something, the stronger it resists. Let it go.
Cancer: There is conflict in your future in the form of four identical clones of yourself that you must defeat gauntlet-style.
Leo: The bones of something old and colossal are buried beneath you. It listens.
Virgo: Things were not better back then, only different. Nostalgia is a trap.
Libra: Tomorrow you may wake up to find another egg in your bed.
Scorpio: Get a much needed break by faking your death and living in a cave for several years.
Ophiuchus: With attention and focus you will finally gain control of your monkey powers.
Sagittarius: Ponder your place in the world by setting things on fire until someone asks you to stop.
Capricorn: The stars and I are sorry to report that unfortunately you cannot get a forearm cannon yet.
Aquarius: You are NOT a badger. Remember this. If you are ever confused, just remember you are NOT a badger, have never been a badger, and will never be a badger.
Pisces: Incubus accountant services.
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astrologyways · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
April 2021 - Monthly Horoscopes
 ARIES (March 20 – April 19)
Sense of well-being will be setting the tone for the month. Optimism connected to changes has been occurring in your area of shared resources. Your feelings of personal responsibilities do not seem to be clear enough to comprehend what other people need from you, calling for clarification from them. The desire to obtain a luxury item on impulse for entertainment reasons could backfire unless you give this some thought, which you do not plan on doing.
TAURUS (April 19 – May 20)
Your privacy seems to be extremely important for you this month, but you also want to put your best front forward. Sudden changes connected to your work and job could be present, and these changes could possibly not be happy ones. Adaptation will be the key to this situation as changes are difficult for you to take. You must be prepared mentally to receive a learning experience this month. Worries in your partnership and marriage area could be bothersome to you. Still, a friendly interchange of thoughts with a friend could help ease your mind.
GEMINI (May 20 – June 21)
April may find some of you getting involved with charitable activities with friends. These could be connected to your business or work, but uncertainty could be causing you some worries. Some news could be reaching you connected to your status or position in the community, bringing info that could be very useful. Impulsive action to find enjoyment on a trip could cause a disagreement; cooperation and refrain should be considered. An illusory sense of well-being could be developing concerning money. You will not be happy when searching for clarification in this situation.
CANCER (June 21 – July 22)
The community and social status seem to be very much at the forefront for you this month. Social activities and entertainment are also plentiful. Activities at home have been increasing. Moving may be a possibility, but this could cause you many unexpected expenses you aren’t quite prepared for. Informing yourself before you sign anything or get involved would be the smart thing to do. A well-intentioned friend could be misinformed about something important. Trusting yourself before you dive into any decisions will be for the best.
LEO (July 22 – August 22)
This April, some of you Leos will be getting a more philosophical outlook on your life. As the month goes on, you will be looking at a broader meaning into where you are going. Dispute with your partner or mate could be rocking the boat; mediation with feelings toward each party will pave the way. Asserting yourself during these challenging conditions will be very helpful for all. A work-related subject can show a very promising prospect but remember that everything that glitters is not gold. You will not be given complete information in details that could be very valuable.
VIRGO (August 22 – September 22)
The limelight this month is on your area of outside sources of income. Communication concerning this in connection to a partnership could be on the schedule for you. Preoccupation could be generated by this situation. Inspiration and a sense of responsibility will be coming into play. There should be loads of activities connected to your individual sources. Inclination to act irresponsibly should be halted, and care is called for.
LIBRA (September 22 – October 23)
For a few of you, wedding bells could be sounding right now, and some of you may also be beginning new business partnerships. Small differences in views with a loved one could become blown out of proportion. Talking about whatever you do not agree upon before anything is sealed and signed will be vital. New opportunities for career advancement, together with a late financial reward, could be in the stars for you. Imaginary duties could cause stress, so try to look at other points of view and be realistic.
SCORPIO (October 23 – November 22)
April’s spotlight is on work. Duties require clarification if lack of communication is reducing your understanding of them. Problems should be faced and talked about. Changes at your home seem to be happening, giving you a sense of having your hands tied behind your back. Remembering past experiences could be necessary. Frustration and tension could be worked out respectfully with a partner. Changes in the minds of loved ones seem to be called for, and the lesson will be learned.
SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)
Social activities and entertainment with good friends will come your way. Plenty of communication between you and friends will bring unexpected news. Your area of work is bringing you pleasant circumstances. Some of you might be promised rewards financially, but remember that promises are only promises, so follow up. Many of you Sagittarians could be contemplating a change of residence as you start feeling restless in your surroundings. An amazing opportunity of doing so might be headed your way.
CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 21)
April’s spotlight this month is at your home base. Slow changes will start momentum, and moving could be one thing you could see shortly. Preoccupation about this change could pester you, but they will pass. Insecurities about your abilities and role at home could be troubling you, so communication with a loved one could interpret and define the situation for you. A close relative could show you a thing or two about your finances. Emotions might get in the way. Channels of communication with a partner or mate will be harmoniously revealed in the second half of the month, so you will achieve many things regarding future plans.
AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 18)
Exchange of ideas with a close relative will lead you to a learning experience and a different viewpoint on your life. Avoid disputes as emotions may get in the way; an agreement will be necessary. Your area of work will be calling for changes as differences will abound. Acting too fast could be harmful, so a friendly approach could be the most dependable way. Concerns about your future goals will be worrying you, but listening to your inner awareness will guide you. Rewards could be right around the corner.
PISCES (February 19 – March 20)
April’s spotlight is on your area of personal values and resources. You will be learning a few things regarding your joint finances, and your partner or mate will be giving a lot of their input in this field. The exchange of ideas at your workplace will be important as inner conflicts seem to be confusing you. Negotiations in a friendly environment should take place. Keep an open mind to suggestions that could be very advantageous to you. The emotional demand for some social and recreational activities could be needed this month, and thoughts about traveling will be at the forefront of your mind.
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deumnecavi · a year ago
An air venus will end a relationship by overanalyzing everything from a far detached perspective.
A fire venus will end a relationship by involuntarily choosing something over their significant other; passion wins.
A water venus will end a relationship by being unable to escape this innate guilt that comes with opening up to a loved one, and being opened up to.
An earth venus will end a relationship by fearing, whether rationally or not, that the love and energy they’re investing won’t be (or isn’t being) reciprocated.
An air venus will begin a relationship by surprising themselves - stumbling upon the intoxicating close company of a once acquaintance.
A fire venus will begin a relationship by fiercely engaging in the chase; whether they’re chasing or being chased it’s essential for that initial spark.
A water venus will begin a relationship by slowly and tentatively revealing different parts of themselves, then waiting for a reaction from their partner with bated breath, often fearing the worst.
An earth venus will begin a relationship by purposefully and confidently pursuing their partner; doubt isn’t a part of the equation during the intial stages of the relationship. 
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normal-horoscopes · 6 months ago
Normal Horoscope:
Aries: Get ready Aries, you’re about to invent tetanus for white women.
Taurus: The stars and I are so, so sorry. You will never be the world’s largest rodent.
Gemini: Your naturally chipper demeanor and vulnerability to poison will combine to create an afternoon you’ll never forget.
Cancer: See, you say you’re fine but it would be accurate to describe you as a haunted Russian Nesting Doll of anxiety.
Leo: Whoops! Looks like the ancient deity trapped in the arctic ice shelf has escaped! Better light a fire!
Virgo: The stage magician you made fun of at the town fair back in 2004 will finally come back for revenge. Keep away from decks of playing cards.
Libra: Just because you could saw your hands off to prevent yourself from sinning, that doesn’t mean you should. There is probably a simpler solution here.
Scorpio: Prepare to experience terraforming as no human ever has before.
Ophiuchus: The KGB have formed a file on you which is weird because the KGB dissolved in 1991.
Sagittarius: Today your fortune is baring slightly to the left. Take your destiny to the shop and get it realigned.
Capricorn: Its time to relish your personal ability to eat drywall. Don’t actually eat drywall, just revel in the possibility.
Aquarius: Flattery will get you nearly everywhere. For the places it can’t get you, that what the gun is for.
Pisces: There is a tendency to find the relationship you want the moment you make peace with not wanting a relationship. This is because god hates us.
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astrologyish · a year ago
the signs as things to do during covid-19 outbreak <3
Aries: stay home
Taurus: stay home
Gemini: stay home
Cancer: stay home
Leo: stay home
Virgo: stay home
Libra: stay home
Scorpio: stay home
Sagittarius: stay home
Capricorn: stay home
Aquarius: stay home
Pisces: stay home
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immortalink · 8 months ago
top 3 signs
top 3 heartbreaker venus signs
venus in libra - effortlessly charming and able to create a personalized ideal romance for each of their suitors. inclined to lead you on even if they have no serious intentions because cutting you off may mean conflict and shortened supply of attention.
venus in aries - reckless with your heart and with their own too. sometimes they're just in for the drama of it all.
venus in aquarius - mixed signals to hell and back. they lure you in, then pull back into the void where aquarius people just disappear sometimes. you're over it and then they show up again just before the wound has healed.
top 3 signs that take rejection the hardest
leo - rejection feels like a personal comment on their worth. are they not perfect? are they not lovable? what is your problem? cuz it most certainly can't be them.
aquarius - ego is more inflated than leo's tbh. they will pretend they weren't hurt by the rejection, at least leos have the decency to seem agitated. aquarius will try to hurt you by being cold while striking your weakest spot in revenge for the rejection.
capricorn - it's hard for a capricorn to take a "no", they keep trying when everyone else has given up long ago. that's why it appears that they take rejection well - they seem calm and composed, then try again to get what they want in a different way. once the "no" really kicks in tho, they become insufferable. will probably remember it for a long time and try to find a way to get back at you for wasting their investment of time. as if you owe them anything lol.
top 3 mars signs that make the first step
mars in aries - most people with aries mars that i know complain that they have trouble waiting to receive things. everything feels as if it has to happen now or never. delay often results in aggravation, tension and even physical illnesses.
mars in sagittarius - their driving force is curiosity. there's so much to explore, they can't sit still and wait too long for something to reveal itself on its own, it’s not that interesting if they’re not the one discovering it.
mars in scorpio - they love the process of finding out a new desire they have, making a plan how to get it and following through, perfecting every step of the process and relishing in it.
top 3 sun signs that are most likely to win a debate
sagittarius sun - even if they don't know everything, they sure sound as if they do. one of their biggest skills is talking with absolute authority and confidence. it really gets inside people’s heads.
virgo sun - they don't care about the different sides of the story. they are irrelevant. all that matters is being objective and they're about to hit you with a dry and ruthless analysis you can't easily find a weak spot in. do as you please with it.
gemini sun - they'll come after you with a passion. it's not like they know much on every topic, they just have a passion for words and know how to play them like an instrument until you get lost and have no escape but to submit to the truth they've picked today.
top 3 moon signs that are most likely to be in a relationship all the time
pisces moon - they need someone to lean on like a rock and let their kindness drip down it like a river. pisces moons are often seeking genuine, warm connection, someone who feels like an embrace protecting them from the harshness of the world that they feel too strongly.
libra moon - they often feel confused and incomplete when there is no one intimately close to them whose desires can help them feel confident in their own. libra moons love reflecting someone and finding peace in them at the end of the day. of every day.
aries moon - their fast moving nature and strong desires usually make them have a love interest at all times and do their best to get to them.
top 3 most detached rising signs
aquarius rising - the OG dissociater. this person just walks around the streets, staring unblinkingly into the void. the funny part is that when you start talking to them they get smiley and friendly as if they weren't conversing with a powerful being in an alternate dimension just seconds ago.
pisces rising - the double OG dissociater. here's a thing that a pisces rising has said to me "I'm afraid that if i let myself be, I'll just lie in my bed for hours staring into nothingness and i wouldn't know what day is it or how much time had passed". yeah....that kind of stuff.
capricorn rising - they're known to be focused and formal and what not, from my experience those people often overspend themselves on their goals and end up trying to compensate by withdrawing into their head and experiencing a strong sense of detachment when they're not involved with the environment in goal-achieving mode. they might end up dissociating instead of chilling and relaxing.
top 3 most talkative mercury signs
leo mercury - mm...they really a lot, talk fast, and talk so emotionally that a person with underdeveloped boundaries often fails to grasp the exact story they're telling cuz they feel as if they’re on a rocky emotional train ride. I've noticed leo mercuries love to explain themselves, to just narrate why they like a certain thing or act a certain way. and their mind often goes off on a tangent and they jump from explaining one thing to another that's somehow related in their minds...
sagittarius mercury - they loooove to explain shit and act like teachers. like, you ask a simple question. or don't even ask anything, you just say something. and they'll be like.... curious, but you're wrong. here's how it actually is... and they go on a 4 hours lecture about the different types of ice cubes throughout the centuries.
gemini mercury - they have a need to rant somewhere, like there is a constant thought process that needs to be relieved somehow. it's like cutting an overly ripe fruit to ease out some of the juice before you eat it cuz otherwise it would burst in your face or smth, idk.
top 3 moon signs that are most likely to shut down emotionally
capricorn moon - as expected. saturn really does this to you huh? well, cap moons often operate on constant shutdown mode so it's really hard to say they've shut down at a particular moment. like when had they opened up so they would have something to shut down???
aquarius moon - people with this placement often withdraw into themselves when they're experiencing an emotion. saturn's cold motherfucking hands reach far here too. those folks need some alone time to process what they're feeling. you might spot them having an intense emotion through the fact that they're saying stuff like "oh....okay, anyway how are you".
gemini moon - I'm not sure we can even call that a shutdown, they're just moving on to something else asap and deleting from their mind immediately the unwanted feeling. let me tell you all, eliciting a genuine emotional response from these folks is an almost impossible task.
(honorable mention for sagittarius and virgo moons - the first is really good at emotional suppression and putting on a bright facade, but often opens up to someone if they seem non judgemental and patient enough, and the latter is a dry ass cookie, those folks truly rationalize it all so they can make the most of it. alright i gotta mention cancer moon too, despite the rumors that they’re so warm and loving all the time, they often like to close off their own emotions and get detached about them when they’re uncomfortable. that’s the crab’s nature after all, pulling away in its shell.)
top 3 signs most likely to ghost you
aquarius - ughh....yeah. so they might appear to be obsessed with you at first and then all of a sudden, without a word or any visible change in your dynamic, they just.... disappear. they might block you or even deactivate the acc they use to talk to you. the ™️ aquarius ghosting is characterized by its utter randomness. something was stirring the pot but they didn't even show it or want to talk about it.
sagittarius - infamous ghosters as well. they will delete you from their life no matter whether you're rando they're trying to hit it off with or their close friend for nine years. i think they just snap sometimes and get a feeling like "whoop....that was too much emotional turmoil, i need out". and then they just follow it without much thought.
aries - i think they really just don't care. it's not that deep for them or something. if you don't agree with them enough, it's quite likely they would block you. if you don't appear taken enough with their drama, they'd block you again. and they might forget about it soon after.
(honorable mention for libra - they often ghost people but might come back for the attention when they need it.... they're the type of ghoster that disappears and reappears systematically)
top 3 misunderstood sun signs
gemini sun - layers upon layers upon layers of chaos. in general the signs associated the most with duality are quite complex and difficult to grasp. gemini don't really follow a stable narrative and surprise even themselves with their switches. they easily contain polarities and people don't know how to deal with that.
pisces sun - it's a similar situation with pisces. they feel a strong pull from both directions and frequently find themselves unable to pick a side, because they pick all sides. there is a tendency in both gemini and pisces to contain and express "all", the difference imo is that gemini does it one thing after another and pisces try to do it all at the same time.
libra sun - I don't get them. i gotta write a separate post about it, honestly. libras are... they're just trying to.... they're always so...ugh idek. we're all used to seeing libras as sweet and people pleasing or manipulative heartbreakers, but they're both more complicated and simpler than that. libras are the living proof about how hard it is to understand the complexity of simplicity.
(honorable mention for capricorn sun, they're usually described as dry and patient and hard-working, which is often true but there's far more under the surface, there is depth for days here. no one constructs a hidden agenda like a capricorn does. they're not boring, they're just very focused on their direction and it might not involve you)
top 3 mercury signs most likely to deliver a joke well
aquarius mercury - puns for days. it's like their mind is constantly connecting and comparing words and phrases and pops out real gems frequently. their jokes are so layered and on point, it's like observing a masterpiece. there's nothing to add or remove because it's a unique brand that you don't know how to imitate, you can only appreciate.
taurus mercury - everything they say has this good-natured, lifting the mood vibe that i absolutely adore. i think their jokes go a long way because they really just want to make others get in a no-drama funny mood and to have a great time together. also their jokes usually are quite considerate.
sagittarius mercury - they're just easily funny. idk how, they just really drop some funny ass shit sometimes. at other times their humor might get too snobby or demanding 20 years-deep vine knowledge to get the memo, but mostly they're just really funny.
top 3 mars signs who are amazing dancers
aquarius mars - idk why, I've just noticed that most of the good dancers i know have this placement. i guess it's a combination of dedication, originality and a flair for being an entertainer. yeah, aquarius has it just like their opposite sign, leo. it's like they don't just learn the moves, they put in their own pinch of spice.
pisces mars - pisces placements usually have a very deep connection to music, they really flow with it and let their bodies feel it. they get a bit like children with it - just attuning their emotions to it and letting it all out. that creates a steady flow of rhythm that their bodies can follow and express well.
leo mars - it comes really naturally to them, i think. it's like they just have a small choreography appearing in their head when music starts playing that they know would look great and touch people, translate to them the magic of the melody. they often get lost in dancing and may use it to unwind.
top 3 rising signs most likely to draw attention (purposefully or not)
leo rising - cliche or not, leos draw attention. even if they’re not assertively confident and the type to speak up and so on, there is some sort of solid self-assured vibe that their values are good and that they are in their right in general. of course, other people might not think so once they get to know them, but they can’t help but believe them at little at first just because their energy is so soothingly assured. 
libra rising - people go to them like bees to honey from what i’ve noticed. they have this sweet friendly vibe, as if you can talk to them and it would be safe, they won’t say something hurtful or reject you. they’re also usually great at small talk and making compliments and are radiant and bubbly in general.
capricorn rising - there’s something magnetic about these people. i guess they have a vibe like they’re busy with their own thing and are quite taken by it and people are often fascinated with that, they’re like...oh here’s someone who knows what they’re doing and take good decisions and cherish what they have. there’s just this feeling about them as if they are working toward something good all the time and being around someone like this feels nice.
top 3 signs that are good with money
cancer - surprise, surprise. honestly these people might seem like babies sometimes, but they’re usually following their own interest. they value their material well-being and home really much and would do anything to make sure it’s stable and comfortable. they love their body comforts and also care about prestige even more than capricorn. cancers make for pretty good bosses btw, i mean good as in “good at exploiting their employees and tying them emotionally to the job for more profit”, not necessary as in “morally virtuous”.
pisces - scatterminded and out of this world who? non-materialistic? yeah idk about that. all pisces i know are actually pretty good at maanging their money and finding ways to make more. they set realistic goals and follow through. pisces actually have a strong builder streak, they’re not as chaotic and disconnected from reality as people perceive them to be.
aries - they are the real hustlers of the zodiac. they usually have a plan from early on about what path to take and follow with impressive stamina and fervor. thanks to their competitive nature, they often manage to achieve their goals, esp if the sun is placed in a more people-oriented house like the 10th.
(yeah, capricorn is not included, i feel like they’re more social status oriented than money and i know many capricorns who work on prestigious jobs that pay poorly and do it just for the reputation. saturn in general is associated with ascetism more than with desire for material wealth.)
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yourwitchmama · 10 months ago
The Signs and Scents
♒️ Aquarius (January 20th - February 18)
Cardamom, spearmint, mist, marzipan, cold air, palo santo, citronella, geranium
♓️ Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
Rain, lavender, the sea, warm showers, blankets, berries, soap, chamomile
♈️ Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Pine, bonfire, orange zest, lemonade, black tea, cinnamon, rosemary, frankincense
♉️ Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
The after rain smell, fresh cut grass, earth, rose, sage, freshly cut hay, floral tea, cedar wood
♊️ Gemini (May 21 - June 20)
Vanilla, honey, apples, steam, pepper, the moment before it rains, thyme, toast, freshly lit candle
♋️ Cancer (June 21 - July 22)
Coffee, blankets, coconut, sparklers, wildflowers, thunderstorms, tree sap, cucumber
♌️ Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Melon, incense, honeysuckle, mango, blown out candle, wood, star anise, beeswax
♍️ Virgo (August 23 - September 22)
Cotton, bread, mountain air, bergamot, lily of the valley, forests, tea tree, grass
♎️ Libra (September 23- October 22)
Warm towels, lemon balm, top of babies head, pumpkin, ylang ylang, dryer sheets, myrrh, cider
♏️ Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)
Jasmine, wine, freshly lit matches, ginger, chai tea, hot spring, juniper, cherry
♐️ Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
Timber, leather, lilac, fall leaves, eucalyptus, fresh paper, lime, maple trees
♑️ Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
Old books, oranges, fir tree, grandmas house, campfire, patchouli, fresh coffee, nutmeg
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