lunarsaggy · a day ago
the signs as songs from harry’s house
check sun/moon/mars
aries: cinema
taurus: matilda
gemini: late night talking
cancer: boyfriends
leo: daylight
virgo: satellite
libra: daydreaming
scorpio: as it was / grapejuice
sagittarius: little freak
capricorn: love of my life
aquarius: keep driving
pisces: music for a sushi restaurant
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loveemagicpeace · 2 days ago
❤️‍🩹Chiron In Signs Part 2❤️‍🩹
💖Chiron in Libra early experiences of being treated unfairly might have led you to develop a role as an advocate for those who have suffered injustice. You may have experienced many injustices and accusations as a child that you were not guilty of. They are prone to experiencing abusive or toxic relationships often because they are a passive and vulnerable target. These types are far too afraid of being alone and either behavior manifests because of this fear. Chiron makes people vulnerable when they are not around people they trust, love, and care about. The world is dark and meaningless without your partner, friends, and family close to you. Many times in the past, you may have felt alone and lost. 💌You can heal others by helping them nurture and love themselves.
🦋Chiron in Scorpio disempowerment might be a theme from childhood years. You can find creative ways to work with deep feelings. You may have struggled many times with the secrets of family or others. With dark things and hidden. Many times you may have experienced powerless and betrayal. A lot of people could hurt you, take advantage of you. Many times you have felt weak in family situations or with people around you. You may have been afraid to talk about family-related things or deeper things. They will have gone through some form of psychological trauma or abuse that causes them to become overly protective of themselves, their belongings, and their loved ones. It also means experiencing a lot of emptiness and deep-rooted feelings that will always remain in your memory. Your wounds can be deep, deeper than others so there can be a lot of anger in you, the pain you feel from the past. Your goals are to forgive and overcome. And learn to turn your pain into strength and beauty. You are on a journey to understand the meaning of life,transformation, and death. You can become an inspiring teacher to others. 💌You can help others by sharing your depth and pain with others and showing how to overcome it.
🫀Chiron in Sagittarius you might have sacrificed opportunities for further education or travel, Or loss of faith may have led to restless searching for your own beliefs. You often have the feeling that you can't find your faith or that this is a problem for you. It can be very difficult to believe or find faith in yourself. Even your path can be very confusing at times. You don't know which way to go or where to go. You may feel that nothing in your life matters. As a child, you may have been left to fend for yourself. Also you may express different opinions, beliefs, or personal values than that your family or community, such as having a different religion, sexual orientation, or means of thinking/self expression. 💌You can heal others by teaching them the value of thinking for themselves.
🧚🏽‍♂️Chiron in Capricorn you may have shouldered responsibility at an early age. A feeling of not fitting into the system can lead you to carve your own image of authority. The wound is related to the individual’s need for stability and control, as well as their sense of trust and status/reputation. You can feel as though that u are unappreciated and unrecognized for the things you do. You genuinely believe that u are doomed to a life of chaos and unpredictability, influencing you to feel the need to take control of every situation.💌 You will have the ability to heal others through offering guidance and discipline in areas they need these traits.
🍁Chiron in Aquarius acommitment to social equality and acceptance of diversity might emerge from an early situation where you did not fit in. As a child you felt like you belonged nowhere and no one accepted you into society. You can also have a hard time finding friends. You will feel all alone even if you have friends. Maybe you can feel that no one understands you and you feel alienated from people. You can always feel different from others. They may not be able to fully connect with others out of fear they will be seen as weird. 💌You will heal others by supporting and encouraging them to be different and to be brave.
🫧Chiron in Pisces this may suggest an early experience of loss, illness, or sacrifice. You can develop your own holistic spiritual vision and assist others to do the same. The individual will naturally feel victimized and betrayed from the moment they gain a realization that they are alive. They see the world as cruel and unfair with all of its poverty, hate, and violence. You can experience many deceptions as a child, you can be a victim of others and your subconscious. Chiron in Pisces rarely ever get realistic and look for the cause of the problem elsewhere. You would never blame yourself, even if it is something that can be completely your fault. Because you carry a Chiron wound that makes you feel like life hasn’t been fair to you like to the people around you, you can’t emotionally connect. The Chiron wound can also come from early childhood when your parents or other family members made you feel like you weren’t important or didn’t notice your accomplishments. 💌You will be able to heal others through teaching them the true meaning of life.
🍭Comment if u want chiron in houses🍭
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astrolocherry · 2 days ago
In their Element
Fire ~ Aries, Leo, Sagittarius - Lush & Promising; strategy, mental agility, bloodlust, hedonism, self-actualisation, faith in the Universe of possibilities
Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: Halcyon; Natural beauty, nourishment and nectarios, private healing rituals, bliss, attentive yet remote, curiously observant at a distance
Air - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: Crafty Clandestine; quixocial, cultured conversation, perceptiveness and inclinations, well-read, romantic, coquette, present yet absent-minded
Water - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: Psychic Fevers; internal volatility, moonstruck, preoccupied, self-withdrawal and self-revival, inner wealth, lust, love, solitude, enchantment and apparitions
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1dzodiac · 20 hours ago
The signs as my fave One Direction Etsy merch
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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selfloathingvirgo · 5 hours ago
Astrology Notes (Part 3)
These observations are based off my personal experiences and may not apply to you, so please don't take anything seriously!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🔸 With moon in the 1st house, people often try to get a reaction out of you because they know how sensitive and vulnerable you are. You're literally... an open book! This can be especially difficult to deal with, if your moon is placed in an emotionally closed off sign such as secretive scorpio or reserved capricorn. You tend to take everything personally or feel like people are attacking you for no reason. The good thing about this aspect is that you're blessed with high emotional intelligence & a caring nature. You make people feel safe & understood and that's what makes you stand out.
🔸 Jupiter in the 12th house indicates lots of traveling. People with this combination are fond of frequent traveling as it inspires them and refreshes their mind and soul. Also, since jupiter in women's chart carries the significance of the husband and gives some details about the general characteristics of her husband, jupiter in the 12th house (this house is used for determining travel or residence in foreign lands) indicates that women having this combination are more likely to meet their spouse in foreign lands.
🔸 Leo placements if underdeveloped, may subtly surround themselves with slightly more unattractive friends to make themselves look better by comparison.
🔸 with neptune-midheaven/pisces midheaven, there may be frustration through feeling that people never see who you are, and only what they want to see. People project their image of who they think you are onto your public identity. You have something very special that people can’t quite put their finger on, but there is also a lack of career direction presented here. You may spend years wondering what is it that you want from a career. Because of this, others esp. your parents may feel like you're just being lazy, wasting your time, or that you're not ambitious enough which is not true. A career in which you're allowed to use your imagination and is not too restricting can be a great option.
🔸 I know everyone has already said this but mars-pluto (esp. conjunction & square) natives are obsessed with sex or tend to be highly sexual. They try to keep their impulses (mars) under control (pluto) though, which is why others don't get to see that freaky side of them too often.
🔸 If you were the type of child that hoarded stickers because you couldn't commit to sticking them onto something and not be able to remove them in one piece, congrats! You're now an anxious adult who probably has a lot of 6th house or virgo placements!
🔸 Those having the moon opposite venus aspect in their chart may have an increased need to be loved and shown affection. They seem to have a strong need to be with someone and their main weakness is that it doesn't matter how much THEY like a person, as long as that person seems to appreciate them, they're willing to stay in a one-sided relationship. People may perceive them as cold, insincere, superficial and find it too much effort to spend their time and energy, getting to know them. Usually, natives with this aspect feel like people can't stand them.
🔸 The house in which your saturn is placed, points towards those themes in life where you finally realize your parents/elders were right. As you mature, you regret why you didn't take their advice regarding those areas of your life. This becomes even more evident after your first saturn return.
🔸 Not entirely astrology-related but I think people with mutable mode dominant in their chart, are more likely to get totally different results when taking MBTI personality test. One of my friends who's gemini/mutable dominant usually gets inconsistent results on different MBTI tests. His type used to fluctuate between intp & infp but then he got istp once, and he recently unlocked entp!! Lmao... He's just too goddamn mutable to get the same result everytime he takes the test.
🔸 Those with gemini on the 5th house cusp may not be able to have only one partner unless it's someone intelligent and witty who constantly entertains them and has their mind working. Since gemini represents duality (twins), they need to be continuously stimulated by their partner in order to not get bored. The 5th house is related to romance, flings, etc. So having gemini here means they prefer keeping their relationships casual rather than committing to something serious.
🔸 Teachers with leo mercury/5th house mercury are usually very well-liked, energetic, talkative and sometimes way too generous when it comes to grading! Making the whole process of learning fun for their students is just one of their many specialties. They may also use creative methods of teaching.
Tumblr media
🔸 Mercury-jupiter (harsh aspects): Let me tell you, these mfs are hella funny and smart. The only big problem with this aspect is having a terrible timing; They need to learn when to stop, otherwise they're going to hurt people or make them angry, even if their intentions are good. They're most likey to laugh/make jokes at funerals or inappropriate situations like.. bro, you're a walking meme, we get it! But now is not the right time to make us laugh. Anyway, if you wanna have the best time EVER, find yourself a mercury-jupiter person!
🔸 People born during the sun conjunct saturn tend to build walls around their hearts in order to protect themselves from getting hurt or rejected. I've noticed people with this aspect humble themselves a lot. for instance, they have many achievements, are talented as fuck, etc. but brush off any compliment they receive. I've never seen anyone with this aspect who actually liked bragging about themselves. These characteristics make them even more adorable. Umm... petition for them to step on me? 🥺
🔸 Gemini and virgo placements tend to be fast walkers. This is because they're both ruled by mercury, the fastest moving planet, so they have a quick pace. Honorable mention goes to aries placements who'll put a lot of power behind their walks. They're generally very impatient and may even tell people to move the fuck out of the way. They seem to have literally zero tolerance for slow walkers. It's funny how it irritates them so much lol.
🔸 Venus in the 7th house is favourable for jobs that require dealing with public, such as psychology, consulting, sales, advertising and so on.
🔸 Saturn in the 8th house suggests a long life; Saturn is the planet of longevity in astrology and it has a delaying effect. So with this planet in the house of death, you can expect having a long life. Saturn also represents what we fear, so when placed in the 8th house, you may unconsciously fear death.
🔸 Uranus in the 3rd house/aquarius on the 3rd house cusp may indicate having an eccentric or aloof sibling (3rd house). A sibling who's probably into astrology and has a hard time connecting with family members on an emotional level. There may be on & off relationship with siblings. Also, they tend to be really good at anything related to technology, science or computers.
🔸 On the contrary, having leo on the 3rd house cusp can be an indicator of a sibling who gets all the attention, makes you feel like you're not good enough, and in some cases comes off as self-centered & egoistic.
🔸 The sexual tension between capricorn/10th house venus & mars women and their boyfriend's dad. *Coughs* I meant their RICH, SUCCESSFUL and GOOD-LOOKING dad! Cause these bitches have sky-high standards, you know?
🔸 With scorpio midheaven/pluto in the 10th house you may not be overly materialistic. You tend to not worry that much about financial security (unlike your sister sign, taurus) but instead you can be obsessed with having control over people. You may even become power-hungry. Your career often involves life or death situations, or situations that may have an extreme effect on the public. Mind games at work and power struggles with authority figures are also possible here. You're probably having a hard time giving up being in charge. Your career can be anything you're passionate about, but usually you have a knack for psychology, psycho-therapy, criminology or even astrology.
🔸 Everyone's talking about how leo risings are always the center of attention but have you seen an aries rising yet? Ruled by the fiery planet mars, there's something raw & refreshing about their appearance that always draws attention to them. They're usually very strong & fit physically, have voluptuous bodies and sharp facial features. It's like there's this big sign on their foreheads that screams: PAY ATTENTION TO ME!
🔸 People with venusian signs (taurus or libra) on their 11th house cusp/taurus & libra personal placements, tend to have an aesthetically pleasing feed on Instagram.
Please do not copy or reword these. Thank you so much for reading!
Credit : @selfloathingvirgo
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spiritual-vibrations · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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astrognossienne · 2 days ago
I come across as (rising sign), but in reality I have a (sun sign) personality, I am emotionally (moon sign), I have a (mercury sign) mind, a(n) (mars signs) sex drive, and a(n) (venus sign) heart
aries: fiery
taurus: solid
gemini: curious
cancer: complex
leo: confident
virgo: exacting
libra: vain
scorpio: intense
sagittarius: irreverent
capricorn: cold
aquarius: unique
pisces: dreamy
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tarotwithmoons · 19 hours ago
8H and Scorpio placements can also represent sacredness.
Sacred sex.
Sacred emotions.
Sacred self image.
Self preservation.
Sacred thoughts.
Sacred crafts.
Sacred bodies.
Sacred activities.
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minisvle · 7 hours ago
these are based off people i know in real life, and yes before you ask - i barely know any of my friends birthcharts because im too cowardly to ask them for their birthtime
Tumblr media
✧ cap rising tend to have a really weird sense of humour but it's rlly hilarious & they also come off very cold to people
✧ gemini venus are actually so nice, it's not funny. they're so sweet and they remember the little details about you <3
✧ scorpio suns is the "quirkiest" placement to have, yall are just so weird deep down it ain't funny 😧
✧ libra moons, it's okay to communicate ur feelings :( also i swear everyone of them go through a really bitchy phase where no one really likes them but that's just cause they're changing frequently
✧ cancer moons i love you, you're doing amazing
✧ virgo saturns stop being so fucking anxious (coming from a virgo saturn)
✧ aries mars i love ur passion for things but in all seriousness there's no need to escalate your emotions like it's the end of the world 😃
✧ leo moons you'll get ur attention soon babes, i love you so much. you deserve the world <3
✧ unpopular opinion but aries men or men with aries placements are the hottest people when angry. they tend to have really good back muscles fr
✧ virgo men are control freaks. periodt.
✧ cancer rising/cancer venus women UGH YOUR AMAZING I WANT TO GIVE YOU A BIG SMOOCH 😩
✧ taurus venus give me a hug. please.
✧ taurus suns why are yall sO POLIETE. YOU ARE SO FUCKING AMAZING I LOVE YOU
✧ scorpio mars how does it feel to seduce everyone
✧ leo risings i know you don't like the spotlight, but you can't help it (leo rising here)
✧ scorpio lilith, hello you little s3x freak?
.·⋆✧°༄ ━━ ➵༄⋆✧`°.⋆♧︎︎︎ 𝐎𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑
✧ people with their kiss asteroid (8267) in aries. yall gonna be full of passion or what
✧ on the otherhand i feel like 8267 in libra would be the best kissers. idk why.
✧ 3H dominants, how does it feel to be called "talkative" in a negative way :(
✧ 2H dominants, calm down, please. rest. you need it <3
✧ people with pisces/neptune dominants, please be aware there's a high chance of addiction (coming from a pisces dominant suffering from caffeine addiction)
✧ sun in 1H, how does it feel to basically be better then everyone 😁💢
Tumblr media
minisvle© 2022, do not steal or copyright.
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astroaquarius · 11 hours ago
astrology observations 4
Tumblr media
• fire house moon + fire rising have extremely entertaining facial expressions. their reactions to jokes are funnier than the joke itself a lot of the time
• sagittarius placements are really just here for a good time and that’s all there is to it
• leo with pisces in a chart indicates either a very talented actor or artist
• pisces/12h/neptune 1h placements tend to get misunderstood a lot, especially during childhood
• capricorn moons make incredible music, it’s as if those pent up emotions of this saturnian moon are let out through music - and it sounds absolutely beautiful
• whatever sign is in your 5th house is the sun sign that you find the funniest
• scorpio + aquarius placements are the masters at doing weird shit and genuinely not giving a fuck about what people are gonna think
• chiron capricorn/moon in 10h may have felt like their father dumped too much responsibility on them at a young age and so they never got to really be a child and grew up too fast
• 8h stelliums can catapult you into change and transformation to better yourself. it’s like they reveal a side of you you either love/hate and you’ll work on those traits to become a better person - think; harsh reality, no bs. it’s alllll pluto
• cancer risings have an extremely comforting aura and resting facial expression
• interacting with scorpios leads you to overshare a lot - they seem to receive your secrets regardless if you’re close to them or not. they also will not overshare as much as you ever
• aries placements, despite the stereotype are actually quite quiet. every aries i’ve met is so reserved. idk man all i’m saying is thank you for not throwing a chair at me
• moon in 3h are emotionally connected to poetry or reading books and their wit is unmatched
• big 3 without earth people can never chill, y’all always doing something and doing it LOUD
• virgo/gemini/3h/6h people are extremely talented in the subject english
• the sign in your 5th house tends to be your favourite sign and the sign in your 8th house is the sign you dislike
• neptune 6h let their mind wander off/something distracts them during activities they need to complete daily
• saturnian people (aqua/cap/saturn aspects) LOVE old music, especially the comforting kind. grandfather music
• your neptune house = what you dream about!! if you have neptune 8h, you may have nightmares or deeply disturbing dreams about the occult, neptune 6h dream about what they thought about during the day
• sun 4h natives are the epitome of mother’s intuition. my mum has this placement and she texts me the SECOND i think of her. they also tend to know exactly what you need
• the house scorpio is in is where you know the most secrets about people. people tend to overshare to you about this area of life - e.g. scorpio 4h you may know a lot about people’s home lives because they tell you secrets about it, scorpio 7h people confide in you and share secrets to you about their past relationships.
• venus 6h/virgo venus are extremely meticulous about their outfits and what i’ve noticed is that they are very good at balancing looks, their outfits are never too flashy or too dull they can maintain the most perfect medium. always look put together
• fixed signs (aqua/leo/taurus/scorpio) are the type to ask people what they should do in a situation and go with their own way regardless of what the person said
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rxmxa · a day ago
Wanted to ask your opinion on something, if you don't mind! I understand if you're too busy. 🖤
Is there a particular house that shows telltale signs of addiction? Like I'm sure there are exceptions to whatever (if any) opinion you have on this.
Like specifically what house and are there certain signs in that house that show more patterns of addiction in the individual than others?
Thanks so much for your time!
Tumblr media
When examining the prevalence of addiction, one might consider the 8th house, the 12th house, the 6th house, the energy of Pisces, and Neptune. You can also consider the moon's position, sign, and aspects.
This is due to the fact that the 8th house can symbolize our obsessions and even compulsions. On the other hand, the 12th house governs our unconscious anxieties, addictions, mental hospitals, jails, and all the hidden areas in our daily lives and society. 🌧
The 12th house can symbolize where we can lose ourselves if we do not actively balance it with the 6th house. It could represent what we simultaneously desire and fear; for example, aqua in the 12th hour indicates that you desire community and to demonstrate your brilliance, but are terrified of being shunned. Or, if you have Leo in the 12th house, you may fantasize about being in the limelight and being celebrated while also feeling the need to stay modest. As they go hand in hand, the 6th-12th house axis reflects both our mental and physical health. ⚔️
I've previously stated that Pisces and Neptune energy might easily symbolize situations in which we can be fooled, such as when we believe something is fine when it may not be, but a mist obscures our perspective. It is not even necessary for you to be the one who is addicted or dishonest. It can also suggest that you attract certain individuals like that. For instance, if you have Neptune in the 11th house, you may have a strong desire to improve the lives of others, particularly in your community (11h). However, you may attract those who do not respect your boundaries and are deceitful (the shadow side of Neptune). 😶‍🌫️
Finally, I say the moon because it represents the comforting energy we require. For example , if you have a Virgo moon in the 7th house, you can rely on the people in your life (7h) to assist you in practical, calming, and comprehensive ways (Virgo). Therefore, the moon and its energy are sensitive, emotional, and perceptive when the energy is dignified. When it is not, however, the energy can become hyperactive, self-indulgent, and too sensitive. So, for instance, a person with the Moon in Pisces in the fifth house may seek escapism (Pisces) and consolation (moon) through flings with lovers (5h), even if it means getting wounded in other ways. 💔
Again, energy may present itself in an infinite number of ways, so it can undoubtedly be redirected. You may also use the rule of three to determine the probability of something in your chart. 👩‍🏫
For instance, you may ask yourself, "Am I battling some form of addiction?  Where may I observe this energy's manifestation?" And you discover the following in your chart: 📚
1. Moon opposing Mars aspect: In an effort to obtain comfort, you may oscillate between extremes, requiring a quick and sudden (mars) kind of release (moon) that is not always beneficial. Mars-Uranus aspects may also indicate that in situations where one feels cornered, enraged, or overwhelmed (Mars), they may make reckless (Uranus) and risky (Mars) decisions while running on pure adrenaline. 🔥
2. Pisces moon or rising: You may be perceived and experience yourself as someone who is imaginative and insightful. You could find escape through music, painting, and so on. However, there is also the danger of substance addiction and experimentation with mind-altering substances. This is another approach for the individual to obtain relief. Again, I'm not saying that every Pisces placement has an addiction, but this energy might pose greater difficulties than others. ☁️
3. Neptune opposite Jupiter: This energy could drive you to conceive and explore grandiose fantasies. However, as previously stated, Jupiter energy can be prone to overindulgence due to a desire to experience life to the fullest, be it through shopping, food, or drugs. The drive to experience maximum pleasure. Jupiter, in addition to being prone to excess, amplifies everything it contacts, so when it comes into touch with Neptune, there is a desire to extend (Jupiter) these types of escapism (Neptune). ⛈
*these were just some observations and examples, theres dozens more of takes and opinions and observations on this.* 🍃
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reyboris · 2 days ago
astrology observations #17
It has always intrigued me that the signs of fire and water follow in the zodiac wheel the basic order that is used to explain the modalities: both elements begin in a cardinal way (Aries, Cancer), continue with fixed modalities (Leo, Scorpio ) and end their cycle in a mutable way (Sagittarius, Pisces).
And what about the earth and air signs? If I were a beginning student of astrology, I would think that since the fire and water signs share the same order of modalities, the logical thing would be that now the earth and air signs share the same order of their modalities. modalities. !But it's not like that! The earth, as we well know, has this order in the zodiac wheel: FIXED-MUTABLE-CARDINAL (taurus-virgo-capri), and the air has this: MUTABLE-CARDINAL-FIXED (gemini-libra-aquarius). !They have nothing in common! Wow! You can't even read them backwards, like a palindrome!
That's how it is. The fact that water and fire share a certain energetic rhythm, but air and earth do not, causes me an intrigue that I know must be resolved at some point. I've thought of many crazy and silly theories about it, like for example adding the mathematician Kurt Godel's axiom that said: "The consistency of a system cannot be explained within the same system", but I think that's already going too far. I hope some understand this strange concern that I have.
However, in the representation of the 4 elements by triangles, the earth and the air do share something and it is the horizontal line crossed.
Tumblr media
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astrology101 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon, and Pisces Rising✨
“Per aspera ad astra. I’d heard a variety of translations, but the one I liked best was Through the thorns, to the stars.”― M.L. Rio, If We Were Villains
Requested by @celestecity4 💫
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peachyastrooo · 23 hours ago
My favourite placements/aspects in my natal chart ;)
pisces venus 1st house
taurus mars (2°) in 1st house sextile ascendant
uranus conjunct ascendant
medusa (20°) 1st house
lilith (1181) conjunct pisces ascendant
black moon lilith square ascendant
pluto 10th house conjunct mc
jupiter 7th house
mercury sextile venus
sun sextile pluto
moon trine mars
leo moon (29°)
aquarius mercury (0°)
my placements make me feel like that bitch
Tumblr media
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babyxcv · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
aquarius sun + gemini moon + pisces rising
( @kiwifromcarolina )
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starsandsuch · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pisces/12th house placements moood 🔮
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sarahmonicaxo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Wu tang ❤️
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astrognossienne · 2 days ago
most toxic signs:
all virgos
july cancers
november scorpios
august leos
december sagittarius
all pisces
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aestheticastrology · a day ago
it’s so funny how people will boil pisces down to like gullible, innocent, dumb little babies but will also be sooo scared of the 12h lol
and on another note, why does everyone get so tripped up over 12h synastry? same w 8h synastry? as if anyone with prominent water placements wouldn’t love all the weird intense shit that comes w 12 and 8 house synastry 😩
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tarotwithmoons · a day ago
Tumblr media
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