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“they see what they WANNA see”

that is 100% how some ppl act w/ pisces placements, thats why the concept of celebrities are ruled by neptune. fans see what they wanna see when it comes to their fave celeb, bc its their fave, they may not see the bad qualities or who they actually are.

OR bc they hate the celeb, they will consistently give attention to all the bad things about the celeb & give no attention to the good qualities & who they actually are. regardless either way, the true self is being ignored.

its all just an illusion at the end of the day.

ppl love painting pisces placements as the bad guy, its kind of weird but it’s understandable as to why they do. when ppl don’t have access to know who you REALLY are, it sends them crazy.

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they like to lay in bed a lot or lay around, with nothing to do. they don’t really like tasks or restrictions around how they choose to spend their days. they want to have the freedom to choose when they go out, when they do things, etc. they like to make their own schedule.

i don’t think they are lazy in a bad way, they just really love laying around 😭😂

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tbh i don’t think it would be hard to get them to settle down, when they want to settle down, they WILL.

its all about the matter of person really. when it comes to venus in aries, they more so get an instant rush & obsession with someone quickly & then it dies out quickly. when they reach that love point, they definitely will settle. venus in aries ppl see love as kind of like this acquiring conquest. there’s this need to have it bc they see everyone else having it. but when they grow past that phase, they are more so interested in someone that can fulfill & support their passion.

they will def settle for someone that makes every day feel like the first day they fell in love, exciting & brand-new. but the thing is that the venus in aries person has to make that decision for themselves. they don’t just fall for anything exciting LMFAOO it has to be something distinct, something they have never ever felt before & only they know the answer to that.

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Say anything but Venus Trine Ascendant/Rising have the most beautiful 😃! They are charming as hell and also this smiles are big and wide💖 a lot of them imo have thin lips but like for real they give prince/princessy vibe when they smile!

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🦋loves pastel everything

🦋dreamy, Angelic aura

🦋unlike most beauty pageant contestants, they actually want world peace

🦋finds beauty in everything

🦋natural romantics and flirters

🦋saving everyone, committing to nothing

🦋obsessed with all things spiritual

🦋attracted to water suns and risings

🦋their boundless empathy can lead to them being used as a doormat

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🌾laidback couple

🌾the couple you’d see eating at a quaint restaurant in Paris

🌾with the Pisces love for art and their big dreams and caps love for status and material things, these two may live a lavish lifestyle together

🌾 cap helps Pisces go for their goals and with practicality while Pisces can help cap relax and tap into their creative side

🌾a love like Noah and Allie ❤️


Originally posted by youtubersandothers

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♓️🧜🏽‍♀️Pisces Venus Readings🧜🏽♓️

It seems like you guys are some need of balance. Pisces as a sign , can be quite dreamy and often fantasizes about how things could be. At its worst, it can even be delusional about its current reality. Applying this to a Venus placement , you may find yourself in the clouds about how your relations could be and the potential they have. But you’re being asked to focus on how things really are. The lovers card is present , so there is a connection present in your life but don’t allow it to shift your focus. You’re still in the process of providing stability and getting things in order for yourself, and potentially for this relationship to progress in the future. Try not to get lost in the idea of how things could be soon, and know that there is still much work to be done to get there.

Some of you may be lacking clarity on situations regarding love. You may be too focused on matters of relationships , and not focusing enough on your work and growth. While love is a very important aspect in life, it’s important to find balance between looking for a relationship and personal growth. The right person will come to you once you’ve done the work needed and you’re higher self is aligned with it. Right now it’s time to focus. Balance, Mental clarity, focus , and sharp thought are key themes here in love and personal growth.

Blessings and love


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so pisces venus already means your a hopeless, dreamy romantic but combined with your aries mars it makes you both bold and direct but still shy and vulnerable at times, its like two different sides of a coin with this combo. with this pisces + aries combo especially you need physical affirmations of love. pisces venus are kids in love with this placement, they see the world through rose tinted glasses and it takes time to jump into a relationship bc you gotta feel it out but your mars in aries demands direct action both from yourself and your person when it comes to love so you’re probably prone to jumping the gun when youre trying your best to wait and feel things out. youre excitment from your aries mars + your hopeless romantic and need to care for someone equates to you being more than happy and ready to take care of your person bc u know when to take action yet, still bring a sensitivity and playful charm to your relationship that makes them feel loved and cared for. you know to give and take as well as sumbit and dominate! your libra moon also adds to your aries mars because both these placements take charge esp ur moon in libra, they WILL go after the person they like when they like them period. you want to maintain peace and harmony so you naturally want to keep your relationship that way and it helps in terms of you trying your best to compromise. your aries mars is quick to forgive as well so any arguments are one and done, you will be upset and it can be v intimidating since this is its home planet but it leaves as quickly as it arrives.

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the signs love languages (check venus/moon)

💥aries love language is physical touch. aries in venus love to playfully wrestle, punch, tickle, and poke at their partners to get their attention. being a very passionate sign, sex is also how aries venus will express their emotions for their partner.

💒taurus love language is receiving gifts. this sign loves when their partner brings them little gifts that made them think of them throughout the day and love to do the same for them. whether it be big or small, it makes them feel extra special.

🧩gemini’s love language is words of affirmation. they want to hear you say how you feel so them and their partner can resolve fights. they want to have a stream of conversation with them all the time, just joking around all day. humor is the key to a gemini’s heart.

🍰cancer’s love language is quality time. cancer needs their partner to be with them when they are sad, angry, etc. it means a lot to them if their partner can be with them in times of need like that. and they just like their partner’s presence overall, as it’s comforting to them.

🌋leo’s love language is gift receiving. leo loves when their partner gets them that one dress or new trendy drink they’ve been talking about. and if their partner gets them matching outfits, shoes, clothes, they’re sold! they wanna flex how fly them and their partner look together.

🎲virgo’s love language is acts of service. virgo can be a rather anxious lover who tries to do their best and make sure the relationship is perfect. but if their partner plans a date for the two of them, or does a stressful task virgo has to do but has been putting off, they will be so grateful.

👛libra’s love language is receiving gifts. libras loooove to dress up for their partner, so they get so excited when they give them a lingerie set, a new hair product, etc. they love to make crafty gifts for their partner that they put a lot of thought into.

🦔scorpio’s love language is quality time. similar to cancer, they need their partner to be there for them when they are emotional. they cherish their partner’s presence and capture special moments in their head to relive them (even if they don’t say that out loud). despite this, they still need their space, so they can love their partner across the room when they just want to be alone.

🐲sagittarius’ love language is words of affirmation. sag doesn’t have time to play games with subliminal messages. if they like someone, they will tell them. they like to joke around with their partner. flighty sagittarius is always on the go, so they like to tell their partner they love them or express how they are feeling when they are busy.

🎖capricorn’s love language is physical touch. capricorn isn’t really a fan of saying how they feel, but they do reserve a soft spot only for their partner to cuddle, kiss, and hold hands. caps love hard, so they cherish their partners by being with them physically and presently.

🍤aquarius’ love language is words of affirmation. aquarius wants to hear when their partner is proud of them for volunteering for charities, or for their own accomplishments as well. they want their partner to listen to their endless rants about nothing to their greatest humanitarian wishes in life.

🦋pisces’ love language is quality time. dreamy pisces spends a lot of time daydreaming, so if their partner can do the same for them, they instantly fall in love. they want their partner to spend time doing hobbies with each other, as a way to get inside each other’s own world.

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Pisces has a distinct lack of boundaries in the relationship that Aquarius may take advantage of. Aquarius is here to befriend and understand their partner (or friend) while Pisces has known what Aquarius was about from the beginning and was already into Aquarius’ hard to figure out vibe. In romance, Pisces is ever-giving, even to their detriment while Aquarius treats their partner like their best friend, sharing everything and not even holding back on things that may spoil the romance. Both of you are charitable to others, though Aquarius may think Pisces is a bit foolhardy while Pisces may think Aquarius is too political or picky in their “goodness”.

0/5 stars for this one. This placement may be an overall detriment to the relationship, but the other synastry placements may help. Pisces is a bit too emotional in relationships for objective Aquarius and Aquarius may treat Pisces like too much of a friend instead of the all consume love that Pisces wants.

Sharon Stone (Aquarius Venus) and Jared Leto (Pisces Venus) have this combo. Not much is known about this brief  “canoodle”, but Stone was over 10 years Leto’s senior. This points toward her attraction to the “odd” relationships and Leto’s attraction to Stone’s experience.

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