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#pitbulls are babies

Pitbulls are just like any other dogs stop the stigma!

Oh no abc has a new story on a service dog (pitbull🙄) biting a child in the face. Im guessing the child was told not to touch them or get in their face but didnt listen? (Seperate event)Remember a story where a woman was explained that her daughter couldnt pet the dog and she screamed at the handler that she just wants to pet the dog 🙄😫 leave peoples animals alone wether theyre serve dogs or otherwise until you get PERMISSION FROM THE OWNER

We had a pitbull and were raised around him just like any other dog. You dont sit in their face you dont pull on or lay on them or try to ride them ect. You respect them like you would a retriever of chihuahua. He even slept with me and my sister in bed when we were little as if he were a nanny dog which is what they originally were!!!

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can you bully koga? i would send in arashi bc shes my real fav but she can’t be bullied she’s perfect

Koga talks big game but then gets dunked on by a decrepit vampire grandpa every time, so I can only assume he likes the attention at this point. He’s a disney princess with the mouth of a 12 year old on a Call of Duty voice chat. He’d be that one kid who cut off a girl’s ponytail with scissors in elementary school. Except he doesn’t like being around girls because they ‘smell like perfume’, so I don’t know how he’s not constantly choking on Kaoru’s cloud of cheap cologne.

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Get you a dog that’s good with kids!! That way it’s not just a pet but a real FAMILY MEMBER!! @lolo_bulliez has some of the best looking dogs with the best temperament!! They are all lovers with a lot of personality!! Just look at how my Rasta is allowing this 2 year old to walk her!! 😍 Rasta is only a 1 year old blue tri XL bully and weighs over 100lbs! She could easily take off and start dragging this little beautiful girl but Rasta is aware that she is a toddler who weighs less than 30lbs so she is very gentle and walking at her pace!! @teamlolo_ 🐶

#bullybreed #bullyworldwide @magnificent_beasts_ #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbull #dog #videooftheday #instagood #instadaily #puppylove #puppiesofinstagram #rasta #babies #toddlerlife #toddlersofinstagram #pretty #love #igdaily #igers #puppy #magnificentbeast (at Murrieta, California)

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