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#pitch perfect
asweetmelodytrickling · 2 days ago
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I’m so glad you liked seeing a bit of a Fat Amy backstory in the last chapter (and how it was used to help Beca) 😄
Just one chapter to go after this then we’re into Christmas fic territory 😍
Bechloe - 24hrs (part 38)
Beca’s mindful, as she takes slow steps up to the front door of Chloe’s parents’ house, that this is a really big moment for Chloe. That once they enter through that door, Chloe’s life is going to change again. And this time not for the better.
It’s been four weeks since they started dating. Three weeks since Beca quit her job. Three weeks since she started her new job (of which is loves). Three weeks since Amy had worked out that Beca and Chloe had started dating. Three weeks since The Bellas had (of course) found out. Everything’s felt as though Beca and Chloe have been trapped in this perfect dreamy bubble. A bubble that, now they’re at Chloe’s family’s home, is close to bursting.
Because once through this door and into this house, Chloe’s going to see her mother. And neither she or Beca know the true extent of how bad Mrs Beale’s dementia has become. But they’ll find out very soon.
“I’m here.” is all Beca finds herself mumbling, her fingers briefly wrapping around Chloe’s wrist to give it a supportive squeeze before snapping her hand away just as the door clunks open. Chloe’s been freakishly quiet the entire journey down here. But Beca knows her girlfriend. She knows this is Chloe’s method of trying to prepare herself mentally. She knows that Chloe knows that Mrs Beale is still deteriorating. And from what Chloe’s Dad has said, the woman is deteriorating faster than before.
“Heyyy girls.” Mr Beale welcomes in a calm voice, a tired smile on his face as Chloe steps up to him to give him a big hug. Beca feels a tightness in her chest as the man squeezes his eyes closed, clearly relishing in a hug he’s needed for weeks. The relationship Chloe has with her father is one that she low-key wishes she has with her own. There’s a warmth between them that Beca just knows she could never recreate with her father. And there’s an acceptance too, to a certain extent, between Chloe and Mr Beale. Mr Beale accepts that his daughter wants to live away and eventually become a vet. Accepts that anything is possible if his daughter works hard enough for it. On the flip-side however, it’s unlikely his acceptance would stretch as far as welcoming the news that his only child is in a gay relationship. Which is why Beca refrained from holding Chloe’s hand on the doorstep.
“Beca, thanks so much for driving her down.” she hears her ‘father in law’ (not that he knows that he is) say to her, while Chloe unpeels herself from her father’s embrace. Beca offers him a small polite smile. She would move heaven and earth for his daughter, but sadly she will probably never be able to tell him this.
“Of course.” she responds, bringing her hand to the back of her head to scratch it awkwardly. It’s only been four weeks, but already she’s not used to going somewhere with Chloe and not being able to stand close to her. Not that her girlfriend’s asked her to keep away per say. But, as always, they’ve shared an unspoken agreement that while they love each other and they’re committed to each other, they can’t let Chloe’s father work out that they’re in a romantic relationship.
“Come in come in.” Mr Beale beckons, taking a step back and motioning for the two young women to enter the house. Beca and Chloe do so, Beca swallowing loudly once the front door is closed behind her. To say she’s nervous is an understatement.
“Come in come in.” Mr Beale beckons, taking a step back and motioning for the two young women to enter the house. Beca and Chloe do so, Beca swallowing loudly once the front door is closed behind her. To say she’s nervous is an understatement.
“Come in come in.” Mr Beale beckons, taking a step back and motioning for the two young women to enter the house. Beca and Chloe do so, Beca swallowing loudly once the front door is closed behind her. To say she’s nervous is an understatement.
“Come in come in.” Mr Beale beckons, taking a step back and motioning for the two young women to enter the house. Beca and Chloe do so, Beca swallowing loudly once the front door is closed behind her. To say she’s nervous is an understatement.
The last time she was here was around two years ago. Helping Chloe pack for the move up to Brooklyn. And Beca remembers Chloe’s mother being so kind, chatting to her while Chloe made decisions on what to pack and what to leave back home. It had been a really nice couple of days.
The Mrs Beale back then had been sprightly and full of life. Warm and caring. Kind, with an endearing mischievous side to her too. The Mrs Beale now, however… Beca’s not too sure if she feels comfortable seeing Chloe’s mother if the woman’s mental capacity has deteriorated as much as they’ve been told it has.
“So uh…” Chloe’s father pauses, letting out a heavy sigh, and Beca keeps her eyes focussed on her girlfriend. Chloe’s staring at the staircase, clearly aware that climbing them will take her to her mother. Or at least the woman she’d once known as her mother.
“…did you want to go see her?” Patrick Beale asks, and Beca notices the way Chloe’s throat contracts with a loud swallow. After a moments hesitation, the young redhead nods slightly. And Beca let’s out a heavy exhale through her nose.
Chloe feels her breath held in her throat, her heart thumping away while she stands anxiously outside the door of her mother’s ‘recreational room’. Her father stepped inside moments ago, with the intention of preparing the older woman for ‘guests’. He’s never had to do this before when she’s visited. So already this whole situation feels different. Uncomfortable. Scary.
Again she feels Beca gently taking her wrist, squeezing it softly, as if relaying to her that she’s present if needed. And Chloe couldn’t be more grateful. Her girlfriend is the best.
The sound of her father’s footsteps approaching on the other side of the closed door sets Chloe’s nerves alight, a feeling that’s not helped by Beca immediately letting go of her. She knows it’s because her father doesn’t know about their romantic relationship. She’s somewhat terrified about how he’ll react when she eventually tells him. But that’s not something at the forefront of her mind right now.
The doorknob is twisted and her father is soon revealed. Again, Chloe keeps her breath tucked into her lungs while she peers past him and into the room. There, sat in an armchair by the window, is her mother. Looking frailer than Chloe’s ever seen her mother look before.
She knows her father’s struggled to get her mother to eat over the past few days. Apparently it can occasionally be common with those suffering with dementia. It doesn’t make it any easier to come to terms with though.
Her mother looks pale, with a distant expression on her face as she looks out the window. And Chloe feels an urge to launch herself into the room and into her mother’s arms. She desperately wishes her mother would hold her like she used to. That she’d at least recognise her. But she knows that’ll never happen.
“Beth, they’re coming in now.” Chloe hears her father say, and she swallows loudly while taking a few slow steps into the room. Her heart is thumping at a rate of none, her mouth going dry as she hears her father quietly close the door - closing them in the room to give them some privacy. Despite her nerves however, the presence of her girlfriend following directly behind her gives her strength.
Beth Beale turns to look at the guests, her eyes meeting Chloe’s. And Chloe’s struck by how dim those eyes now look. No longer the bright tropical blue they’d once been. It’s as though her mother’s eyes look lifeless. Hopeless. Empty. Lost.
“Are you hear to wash me?” the woman asks with a low and unimpressed tone. Each word feels like a punch to Chloe’s gut. It’s spoken with such little affection that Chloe feels as though her mother’s becoming unrecognisable. Like a whole different person. And Chloe finds herself coming to a realisation that she’s never going to get her mother back. A realisation that brings tears to Chloe’s own eyes.
“Would you like me to wash you?” Chloe eventually finds herself replying, wishing her voice hadn’t broken mid-way through the sentence. Because she’ll do it, she’ll totally wash her mother and clean her hair if it’s what the woman would like. Anything to be close to her. Anything to be able to care for her.
It’s at this point she feels Beca step closer to her. Step up to her side. It’s at this point she feels Beca’s index finger hook her pinky finger, a subtle message of solidarity. And it’s at this point that Chloe suddenly sees her mother’s face shift. Beth’s eyes twinkle ever so slightly, and Chloe finds her breath hitching in her throat.
“Beca!” Beth Beale bursts, and the hugest smile spreads across her face. Chloe’s mouth drops open in shock, her heart still pounding as she sees her mother’s entire demeanour almost change in an instant. Her mother…recognises Beca??
She turns to look at her girlfriend who is equally stunned. Beca’s eyes are wide, her mouth hanging open. And Chloe notes the way her neck contracts with a swallow.
“Um…hi Mrs Beale.” Beca manages to reply slowly, cautiously. Her eyes flicker momentarily over to Chloe’s, and Chloe’s heart (which had once felt so broken upon arriving here) begins to soar. If her mother remembers Beca then perhaps there’s a chance she can remember her too. Somewhere deep in her memory.
“Oh look at you.” Beth cooes, reaching her hands out to beckon Beca over to the chair positioned directly beside her own armchair. Chloe sees her girlfriend hesitate. Feels her girlfriend hesitate. But she knows Beca needn’t worry. This is a good thing. It has to be.
So she gives Beca a tiny nod and a flicker of a tiny smile. Then she watches as her girlfriend takes a deep breath and cautiously approaches the older woman. Beth takes both of Beca’s hands in her own, her smile broad and her expression warm - just as it always had been before she’d fallen ill. And Chloe takes the time just to remain in one place and watch on in awe while her girlfriend takes a seat beside her mother.
“How’s my daughter?” is the first thing to come falling from Beth’s mouth. Chloe feels her stomach sink. Her mother’s words are a stark reminder that the woman doesn’t recognise her anymore, and it kills her a bit inside.
“She’s okay, Mrs Beale.” Beca replies cautiously, glancing fleetingly at Chloe, obviously uncomfortable with having to refer to her girlfriend as though she wasn’t in the room.
“Please, call me Beth.” Chloe hears her mother insist, and the kindness to her mother’s tone causes a warmth to radiate gently across Chloe’s body. This is the woman she remembers. Not entirely physically. But her personality, absolutely. This was her to a tee. Kind, gentle, welcoming.
“Beth.” Beca replies, looking back at the older woman and pausing to clear her throat, “Right.”
Chloe knows that her girlfriend’s met her mother on several occasions in the past. And during all of those occasions, at no point had Beca been in a relationship with Chloe. A strong friendship, yes. But the romance they share now is still fresh and new and exciting. And…scary. At least, scary while they’re both here. Because they’re having to act as though they aren’t in a relationship and that they aren’t in love and they can’t let anyone figure out the truth. Who knows how Chloe’s father will one day react.
“So my baby girl’s okay.” Beth checks, “And she’s still happy living in New York with you?”
“She’s really happy!” Chloe finds herself bursting, desperate to tell her mother how safe and happy she is. But the sound of her voice appears to make her mother jump, and Beth’s head turns suddenly, her eyes snapping over at her, her smile having dropped in an instant. Chloe can tell her mother still doesn’t recognise her. In fact, it’s quite possible that her mother hadn’t even realised she was still in the room. Chloe shifts uncomfortably on the spot.
“She’s happy, Beth.” Beca offers in a calm voice, and Chloe notices the way her girlfriend gently squeezes her mother’s hands to regain her attention. It appears to do the trick, and Beth Beale’s face relaxes, a broad smile (this time of relief) spreading once again while she turns to look back at the young brunette.
“Well of course she is.” Beth replies, “And you’re taking care of her like you promised me you would?”
Chloe’s heart leaps into her throat. Beca had promised her mother she’d take care of her? When? And in what context? Obviously not a sinister one. But like…in a romantic way? One day? Maybe?
“I’m trying to.” Chloe hears her girlfriend reply. She’s tempted to speak again, this time to assure her girlfriend that she absolutely is still taking care of her. Even more-so now they’re in a romantic relationship. But she refrains, and instead waits with baited breath in case her mother inadvertently reveals anything more.
“I know I shouldn’t be telling you this,” Beth begins, and she gently tugs at Beca’s hands, leaning towards her as if ready to share a secret, “but Chloe has feelings for you. Romantic feelings.”
Several things happen all at once. First Chloe find her heart skips a beat. Then a soft smile sweeps onto her face. She notes the way Beca’s cheeks flush a light crimson colour, the woman’s eyes flitting over to her own momentarily while Beth leans back. And after a beat, a calm smile settles on Beca’s face as she resumes her focus on Chloe’s mother.
“I have romantic feelings for her too.”
Chloe’s heart thumps against her chest again, this time in excitement. And her smile broadens as she sees and hears her mother let out a squeal of delight.
“Oh you have to tell her, Beca.” Beth bursts, “You make her so happy. Being with you makes her so happy. And seeing her happy makes me happy too.”
Tears begin to build in Chloe’s eyes as she watches her girlfriend peer over at her with a relaxed smile on her face. And she finds herself being able to read Beca’s mind. She makes Beca happy too. She knows she does. In a way, this interaction is a step towards The Beale’s accepting them as a romantic couple. And it fills Chloe’s heart with a light flurry of hope. Perhaps her father won’t react to things as badly as they expect him to…
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bechloe 28 please, thank you g 🧚
Here you go wenz!! 💖
(28) Flirting - Bechloe
"You guys have been flirting for years Becs, when are you finally going to make a move?" Stacie nudged Beca with her elbow as she caught her best friend making heart eyes at Chloe across the pool.
"What?!" Beca choked on the mouthful of cheap beer she just taken from her red solo cup, "Dude, how many times? Chloe and I are just friends!"
"Yeah, okay." Stacie rolled her eyes, "That sort of washed when you were dating Jesse, but you broke up with him months ago. So stop undressing her with your eyes and go and kiss her already!"
Beca shook her head, blushing furiously, not making a move towards Chloe as she leant against bar that had been set up, "You've got it all wrong. Chloe is my best friend, nothing more."
"Okay, ouch, I'm right here." Stacie feigned offence earning herself a heavy eye roll from Beca, "You can deny it all you want Beca but we can all see it. The only people that don't seem to know are you and Chloe."
"I-" Beca started, shaking her head again. Why was she still denying this? It had been four years since she met Chloe and now three ICCA wins, a PR nightmare, and a break up later she was still in denial about it.
"I can't Stace. Not here. It's Jesse's party..."
"Oh please!" Stacie snorted, "It's an acapella party for starters, not Jesse's party, and he is far too busy with his new freshman girlfriend to worry about who you're kissing or not kissing."
"Just..." Beca bit her lip, "What if you're wrong? I don't want to fuck this up over a stupid kiss... I want Chloe in my life."
"Becs." Stacie set her cup down, placing her hands on Beca's shoulders as she turned her to face her, "I love you, but you need to get a grip. You've played it safe for the last three years, but this is your last shot. You're both graduating at the end of the year, who knows where you're going to end up? So drink this..."
Stacie grabbed an empty solo cup and a bottle of tequila, pouring Beca a generous shot before pressing it into her hand.
"And then march your tiny little butt over there and plant one on her. Take a risk Beca, fall in love, live a little!"
"Alright alright Hallmark calm down." Beca mumbled, smirking a little as she necked the tequila, cracking her neck and shaking out her hands, "Okay. Here I go."
"Yeah you do!" Stacie yelled after her as Beca walked determinedly towards Chloe, wanting to get to her before her courage disappeared again. She tapped Chloe on the shoulder, Chloe grinning as she turned around to find Beca standing behind her.
"Becs!" She slung her arms around Beca's neck and pulled her into a tight squeeze, "I was just thinking about you!"
"Oh yeah?" Beca smirked; drunk Chloe was somehow even more affectionate and dramatic than sober Chloe but she still adored her, "And why's that?"
"Because you're pretty..." Chloe pulled back a little from the hug, hand cupping Beca's cheek as a slight blush spread across Beca's cheeks, "And I've been dropping hints for SO. LONG. Now! Do you not want to kiss me Beca?" Chloe pouted.
Beca was trying to remember how her brain worked as she stared gob smacked at Chloe. Stacie was right. Dammit, she'd never let her forget it either.
"More than anything." Beca whispered, a grin creeping onto her face.
"Well then get on with it!" Chloe threw her arms in the air in an exasperated fashion, "I've only been waiting for four years!"
"You're such a weirdo." Beca chuckled, cupping Chloe's face into her hands and pulling her into a deep kiss.
Chloe returned it eagerly, her tongue pushing into Beca's mouth as her hands tangled in her soft brown hair. Beca's hands shifted to pull Chloe closer to her, one hand on her neck, the other on her hip. grinning against Chloe's lips as she realised she could taste what Chloe had been drinking all night. Malibu, Chloe's favourite and her drink of choice when she wanted to get wasted.
"So..." Beca pulled back for air, lips still gently brushing Chloe's, "Has that satisfied your dramatic ass?"
"Mhm!" Chloe nodded, "Just next time don't wait so long okay?"
"Oh I won't." Beca mumbled, pressing her lips against Chloe's again, "I'm gonna kiss you all night to make up for making you wait so long."
"I can live with that." Chloe giggled, kissing Beca again. So worth the wait.
Send me a pairing and a number and I’ll write a soft drabble?
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freedomseeker91 · 2 days ago
Music Sensation Beca Mitchell Reveals Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis: “I don’t want my illness to define me”
Global superstar Beca Mitchell stunned the world yesterday when she publicly announced that she had been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in her late teens.
The 28 year old Grammy winner made the revelation to her fans during an Instagram Live event hosted by Mind Over Mather, the mental health initiative founded by the singer/producers fiancée, actress and philanthropist Chloe Beale.
“Seeing what Britney went through for 13 years, what people put her through, because of this stigma that still exists around mental illness, I don’t know, I just got to a point where I started to question my own feelings about my illness.”
Discussing the issue at length the singer went on to say that while she anticipated a lot of public interest to surround her decision to open up, she hoped that in doing so, it would help to start a serious conversation about mental health and the systems which to this day, have the ability to incapacitate a person suffering.
“You look at her case and you see just how flawed our system is. You have this young woman who, in the eyes of the law, was considered mentally unfit to take care of herself, to take care of her kids, to buy a frickin’ pack of M&M’s without jumping through hoops. But yet, somehow, she was considered mentally sound enough to go to work, to perform like a show pony night after night and record albums and make millions of dollars for other people who had the power to make decisions on her behalf.”
Acknowledging that her own journey with Bipolar Disorder had been one of many ups and downs, the Grammy winner went on to say that through a combination of medication, therapy and support from her fiancée and close friends, she had found the balance to live a perfectly normal life both personally and in the spotlight.
“There’s no cure for this illness, but it’s not a death sentence. I wake up every day and I go about my business just like everyone else. Putting the right support systems in place, making those systems accessible to everyone and changing the perception of this illness, that’s how we make a difference. But change needs to happen and it needs to happen now.”
But the singer was quick to point out that while she was now in a much better place, that didn’t mean she didn’t understand the pitfalls of living with a mental illness under the glare of the spotlight.
“I’m not naive enough to believe that I’m now in this invincible place. I’m well aware that every day I’m walking a line and can be knocked off course if I don’t keep myself in check. And that’s something that I’m really focused on. This business can eat you up and really mess with your head. So it’s important for me to check in with myself and make sure that I’m putting my head above my career.”
The singers fiancée added her two cents to the conversation acknowledging that while Beca’s bad days could be difficult, caring for someone with a mental illness wasn’t a burden.
“I’ve been there through the ups and down and yeah, there were times in the early days where I questioned if I was strong enough to be that support for you. But it’s all about having the right tools and knowledge to navigate the illness. The more I understood it, and the more I understood the ebbs and flows of your day to day rhythm, that burden that can sometimes grip you just completely faded away.”
The actress went on to gush over her fiancée as she took pride in the journey they had been on together.
“Getting to watch you face this demon head on and conquer it and get to a place where you can be this kick ass global icon who inspires so many people has been one of the greatest joys of my life. And I’m so proud that I get to stand next to you and witness it every day.”
The singers decision to go public with her diagnosis comes in the wake of her decision to take a step back from performing next year, something she says she’s been needing for a while.
“I’ve pretty much worked non stop since I got my foot in the door of this industry and I think now is the perfect time to take a break and recharge and just, spend some quality time with the people I love without trying to work around a crazy schedule.”
However while Mitchell will be stepping out of the spotlight for the foreseeable, her schedule won’t be completely empty as she happily shared some exciting personal news.
“We’re definitely gonna get around to planning our wedding. I’m pretty sure if we don’t start soon I’ll be divorced before I’m married. But yeah, that and just travel and live life. Get some inspiration for the next record whenever that may be.”
Mitchell’s latest tour runs through to the end of November finishing at LA’s Staples Centre, while Chloe Beale can currently be seen starring opposite Sarah Paulson on the new Netflix anthology ‘High Crimes’ from Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.
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pinkpastels113 · 2 days ago
Beca supposes now is as good a time as any to ostensibly find out what being blind is like.
She just didn’t expect it to be this…
If she really thinks about it however, she guesses it shouldn’t come across as a surprise. After all, it makes sense for her other senses to overload and overreact with every little thing that is happening around her to try to make up for the loss that is one of the most important ways for her to perceive the world, right?
It’s survival instinct.
And yet, Beca couldn’t think, not when there’s a roaring in her ears and a trampoline in her chest.
Not when there’s a blindfold across her eyes.
“There,” she says, and even without the blindfold, Beca can see her devilish smirk. “Now you can just sit and be a good girl and finally shut up about how you are better than everyone else.”
Beca growls, and then curses the person in front of her, who is undoubtedly standing back and admiring her work. “Fuck you, Beale.”
Chloe laughs, the light but dark sound the only thing giving Beca any indication as to how she is feeling in this whole situation. “Now that would be a thing that I think is wrong on all sorts of accounts, don’t you, Beca?”
The way Chloe says her name grates on her nerves, brushing over them and then suddenly binding them tight, and Beca doesn’t think she has ever been this livid.
“Don’t call me that, we are not friends.”
Soft fingertips cradle her cheek, but to Beca they are not affectionate so much as condescending, “And yet you spend so much more time with me than anybody else you do consider your friend.”
“That’s-” Beca tries and fails to remove the blindfold, her frustration palpable in a heated huff, but it is quickly silenced by a thumb against her lips.
Every single particle of her face practically jumps at the contact, and oh, that is why she keeps coming back, even though Chloe infuriates her to no end.
“This doesn’t mean anything,” she says, on a different thought process than what Chloe first intended to lead them on. Beca shifts in her chair, her swallow tasting like metal as it goes down her throat. “Got it?”
Chloe’s hum is warm and intoxicating as it flutters across the pads of Beca’s cheeks. The scent of whatever flower or plant or form of nature that Chloe had decided to put on that afternoon fills her nose even as Beca tries to hold her breath at what was to come.
“Whatever you say, Mitchell.”
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beca-mitchell · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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femaleheroes · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
This is hilarious 😂😂😂
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It is it is (at LAST)! Which can only mean one thing… the start of my Christmas Fic 😍
Bechloe - The Xmas Dare
Synopsis: 15 year old nerd, Chloe Beale, has had a secret crush on popular girl Beca Mitchell for what feels like forever. ‘One of the boys’ Beca barely knows Chloe exists. All until she’s dared to get Chloe to go to the school Christmas Prom with her as her date…
1) Beca receives her dare.
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bob-belcher · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pitch Perfect (2012) dir. Jason Moore
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Hey. Can you do "morning routine" with bechloe? Please and thanks :)
I most certainly can love!! 🥰💖
(9) Morning routine - Bechloe
Beca's morning routine was a sacred thing. She got up, turned the coffee machine on, washed her face and brushed her teeth, poured a cup of coffee and then put on her headphones and a playlist whilst she checked her notifications and found the will to go about the rest of her day. No-one dared interfere with Beca's routine on pain of death, especially not her roommates Amy and Chloe.
Beca woke up that morning as normal with Chloe curled up into her side. That was normal, one of the perils of sharing a sofa bed with the clingiest woman in the world. Beca would normally gently untangle herself from her arms and go about her day. But this morning was different.
Whereas normally it was a pajama clad Chloe that was draped over her, this morning there was a very naked Chloe attached to her own very naked body.
Memories of the night before flashed in Beca's mind as she stroked her fingers along Chloe's arm, a smile tugging at her lips. Amy had been out of the apartment last night, busy with one of her boyfriends and she and Chloe had been alone together. That was not in itself was an unusual situation for them, but everything had changed when Chloe came in, dropped her bag in the middle of the floor and pinned Beca against the wall, kissing her deeply.
"What the-" Where the only words Beca had managed to get out before Chloe's lips met hers.
Her initial surprise was quickly overcome by her libido as Beca returned the kiss hungrily, hands snaking into Chloe's hair.
"I'm tired of waiting." Chloe mumbled against Beca's lips as she broke for air, "I've wanted to kiss you for so long but I was waiting for you to make the first move."
"I should've." Beca was desperate to get back to kissing Chloe again but sensed a tinge of guilt in her tone at the way she had ambushed Beca, "I've been a coward, but no more."
"Not a coward. Cautious." Chloe shook her head a little, "It's okay to be cautious, if you need more time-"
"Shut up and kiss me." Beca smirked, pulling Chloe into her as Chloe giggled and eagerly returned the kiss as they moved backwards towards the bed.
What a night it had been. And now, looking down at the sleeping redhead on her shoulder, Beca figured that now might be the time for a slight amendment to her morning routine. She quietly slid down the bed a little until she was eye to eye with Chloe and pressed her lips softly against hers. Chloe mumbled softly as she stirred, a sleepy smile spreading across her face as she registered Beca's lips on hers.
"Good morning." She mumbled sleepily.
"It is a good morning." Beca agreed with a chuckle, "A very good morning indeed."
She rolled Chloe onto her back, still kissing her as she pushed her thigh between Chloe's legs and reveled in the gasp of pleasure as she did.
"What about your routine?" Chloe teased as Beca's lips began to travel down her jaw, "I thought nothing interfered with it?"
"You want me to stop?" Beca murmured against Chloe's neck, tongue tracing a mark she'd left the night before.
"God no." Chloe breathed, letting her head fall back against the pillows.
Beca's morning routine was a sacred thing. But not as sacred as Chloe.
Send me a pairing and a number and I’ll write a soft drabble?
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freedomseeker91 · a day ago
10 Major Takeaways From Grammy Winner Beca Mitchell’s Instagram Live Chat: “I didn’t want to be taken advantage of”
On her early diagnosis:
“I didn’t know what was wrong with me specifically, but I knew that whatever was going on inside my head wasn’t right. I would have these moments of clarity where I would be like I’m not okay, but then there would be this switch and it was like everything would get turned upside down on its head and I was just holding on for dear life.”
On learning to accept her illness:
“Honestly when I was finally diagnosed it was like this combination of relief because it finally had a name, but also fear. Because the reality is, you’re living with this illness that can consume you so completely and push you to the edge of life and questioning how do I relate to people anymore. It took a really long time for me to come to a place of acceptance and a lot of it happened once I started to learn how to handle it.”
On keeping her secret from the public:
“I’ve lived with so much anxiety for so many years worrying about relapsing or having my condition revealed when I wasn’t ready. When you live under a microscope you don’t have the luxury of much privacy. And then you also have the added stress of the pressure to perform and be at your best not wanting to let anyone down. I didn’t actively go out of my to hide it, I just didn’t want the attention. The media and social media can be very unforgiving and unrelenting.”
On why she chose to open up now:
“Seeing what Britney went through, it got to me in a way I didn’t think anything outside of my immediate circle could. That person could’ve very easily been me. There are systems in place that allow callous people to take advantage of people who are perceived by the eyes of the law as vulnerable. If god forbid I ever relapsed I would hope, with advances we have in treating mental illness, that I would be taken care of, not locked in a prison I can’t escape from. I didn’t want to be seem as someone who could be taken advantage of. I don’t want to be taken advantage of and I don’t want to see this happen to somebody else.”
On living with bipolar disorder on a daily basis:
“I’m not gonna say it’s easy. I take meds every day to sit here and be the person that I am right now, in control of my mind and my thoughts. But there are still hard days. I’ll always live with the worry that I will have a relapse or that some day I’ll forget to take my medication and I’ll spiral. But it’s all part of the process, one that I’m still learning and building on every day.”
On the stigma surrounding mental illness and Bipolar Disorder:
“I do think we are getting better at acknowledging mental illness and mental health, but there’s still a long way to go. I mean, even hearing the term Bipolar Disorder, a lot of people still have this perception that if you have it you’re incapable of functioning and that’s not the case at all. It’s such a treatable illness but it does need to be treated. Once you get on that path, your life is yours to do whatever you want with it. If you can keep yourself on track nothing can stop you.”
On whether or not her illness interferes with her career:
“I’m not gonna sit here and say every day is perfect. Like I’ve said there’s a lot of pressure and expectation working in this industry and you’re dealing with all that while having the eyes of the world watching you. There are days where I definitely feel my mind begin to waver especially if I’m stressed. But as I said before those are the moments where I need to check in on myself and make sure that nothing comes before keeping my mind in a good place. If it’s not, then I need to take myself out of the game and recalibrate.”
On finding her soulmate and handling her illness as a couple:
“Having that person who sees you for who you are and not just as this illness, honestly it can completely change how you see yourself. From the day Chloe and I met she has never once made me feel like my Bipolar is bigger than me. Yes it’s a part of me, and we deal with it together, but it doesn’t define me. When I’m with Chloe I feel like the best version of me I could ever hope to be. Being with her has given me focus and purpose in a way not even music could. She’s the lighthouse that calls me home when the tide turns and I feel like I can’t make it back to shore. She is the safest place I could ever hope to land .”
On why she chose the Mind Over Matter Live to share her story:
“This space was created to remind people about how important our mental health is and to create a community where people who are struggling can feel seen and be heard. If ever I was gonna share my story this is the safest place I could have ever done it. Where better to share your story than with the person who makes you feel the safest right by your side in a community that embraces peoples struggles instead of forcing them into the shadows. I’m so proud of Chloe for creating Mind Over Matter and being such a force for good.”
On her hopes for the future:
“The only thing I could ever hope for is to be a small part in this ripple effect that is pushing for change. If my story helps one person then it’s totally worth it. If it somehow reaches someone in their time of need and proves to them that you can be okay, that you can take on the world and win I couldn’t ask for more. For me personally, I just want to marry the love of my life, build a family, keep making music and keep my mind on the right track, cause that’s all that matters.”
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