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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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My new art!!!!! I FINALLY DID SOMETHING THAT I CAN SHOW OFF. It’s about my world (I’m rather huge nerd in worldbuilding) and this is shot from my main project, those are merchants in their small corner of commune-thing

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here pixel ranboo

this is from my OMORI styled Ranboo sketch and i wanted to test my pixel art skills so here ya go

And thus a Ranboo Sprite

hope its ok!

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Google Pixel update includes sharing features for audio recordings

Google Pixel update includes sharing features for audio recordings

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Google’s latest feature drop for Pixel phones makes it easier to share audio recordings, adds better integration for an underwater housing accessory, and wraps up a couple of other updates into a neat little package for Pixel owners. The update is available starting today for some owners of Pixel 3 phones and newer, and it will continue to reach others over the next…


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This one is more of a personal piece that I have been working on between doctor’s visits and commissions. I finished it after finally receiving a diagnosis - which probably explains my chronic pain: early-onset osteoarthrosis in a couple of my joints (yay, hypermobility..).

So the plants, flowers and crystals in this piece all center around health and perseverance. I hope it is as meaningful to you as it is for me. <3

🌱 Black tulip: power, strength & supreme elegance
🌱 Cactus: protection & endurance
🌱 Dandelion: overcoming hardship
🌱 Sage: health, wisdom, respect
🌱 Thyme: courage & thriftiness
🌱 Opal: freedom, independence and health

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Forest On The Hill. Resurrect32 palette. 80x80

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A commission for RLSpark on Twitter.

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