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annabethy16 minutes ago
The thing that gets me about Percy is how he鈥檚 always focused on Annabeth no matter what鈥檚 going on. He could be in the middle of danger, but he鈥檒l just stare at Annabeth and get distracted by literally anything about her. It鈥檚 always the worst times when he鈥檚 in a fight, but this man is so heart eyes for Annabeth like SIR
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grotesque-art23 hours ago
You must be fucking stupid if you think not every demigod in Percy Jackson is left wing. There literally all in marginalized communities EVEN OUR MAIN CHARACTER PERCY JACKSON THE CIS WHITE MAN IS LOW INCOME AND DISABLED like none of those kids could be even fucking Democrats especially Thalia Grace saying as she鈥檚 punk. Being punks means being anti bigotry so she鈥檚 definitely left wing
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timelesslords21 hours ago
Under Freezing Stars: Chapter 33
Annabeth has kept her identity hidden for as long as she can remember. Rome is not kind to children born of broken oaths, even if their mother is a goddess. Especially if their mother is that goddess.
But when a graecus shows up with a quest, Annabeth starts to realize that her secret is more complicated than even she imagined.
*** Or: an Annabeth-centric, Percabeth slowburn, Ancient Rome AU.
Chapter 33
Perseus was asleep on the bed. Annabeth felt a little fondness grow in her chest at the sight of him, clearly splayed out in a way that indicated he hadn鈥檛 meant to fall asleep at all. He hadn鈥檛 even bothered with the blanket, just laid on top of the whole thing, his head turned slightly into the pillow. Annabeth noted with a hint of amusement that he was drooling again, just a little bit. It was the first thing she鈥檇 noticed about him that made him seem human, and she couldn鈥檛 help but find it endearing again now.聽
Keep reading on AO3 || Read from the beginning聽
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consuming-leaves18 hours ago
Percy: Croissants: dropped
Leo: Road: works ahead
Piper: BBQ sauce: on my titties
Alex: Shavacado: fre
Sadie: Miss Keisha: fuckin dead
Everyone else:
Jason, grumpy: I didn鈥檛 understand a single word of that and I hate every single one of you.
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heyimboredtalktome8 hours ago
Chiron: Do you even love your campers??
Dionysus: Of course I love Nico and Will!!
Chiron: What about the other campers?
Dionysus: Uhh, yeah sure them too
Chiron: What are their names?
Dionysus: Uhhhhh, there's Perry the Platypus, Annabel, umm, the one who has fire hands, John Green-
Chiron: *deep sigh*
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best-ofpjo6 hours ago
Rating the Olympians
Zeus: 5/10, i think he鈥檚 a horrible person but he has his dramatic moments that add to the plot so i鈥檒l give him that
Poseidon: 1/10 for what he didnt to sally, percy, and my homegirl medusa
Hades: 8/10 because he鈥檚 the one with the most compassion and he鈥檚 the only one who kinda cared for their kid
Athena: 5/10, i used to think she was cool but she did annabeth so bogus in MoA. anyways i think she secretly has a crush on aphrodite but that鈥檚 a discussion for another time
Aphrodite: 7/10 MY HOMEGIRL. i鈥檓 a libra so venus is my patron goddess but her love games CAN be kinda cruel so points off for that
Ares: 3/10 he needs to relax on god. his anger issues can be so irritating like nothing is ever that serious. plus he got beat up by a 12 year old so
Hephaestus: 6/10 we barely got any interaction from him and i think he鈥檚 alright idk
Demeter: 5/10 again, almost no interaction but i adore katie and so for that i applaud her
Hermes: 6/10 because his bad parenting skills almost caused the end of the world but he also birthed travis and connor so he gets bonus points for that
Dionysus: 8/10 hes actually pretty funny and if i recall correctly he was like, the only god to help percy in combat that one time. that was cool of him
Apollo: 9/10 MY BELOVED. i adore him, i adore his kids, but he did some pretty messed up things in the past and i tend to cloud that off because i really love lester.
Artemis: 8/10 i love how she, like me, wants to stay far away from all men, but sometimes she was a little intense. i think she made some guy sacrifice his daughter to her so the trojan war could continue? idk. anyways stan The Hunters tho
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my-apollo-gies21 hours ago
leo: *bursts into the zeus cabin*
leo: why do you call me short? the word 'short' is literally longer than the world 'tall'.
jason: it's 3am.
(credit to @im-fucking-bored-rn for the revelation)
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hades-horcrux19 hours ago
Whenever I鈥檓 having a bad day I just remember that 14-year-old Percy wore a Lion fur coat for a majority of the Titans Curse and my day gets 10x better
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girlbossbigbrother3 hours ago
If only percy had fallen with jason into tartarus instead of annabeth. HE wouldnt have stopped percy from murdering that goddess. They wouldve been so powerful together omfg
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consuming-leaves18 hours ago
Percy, walking into his house: Hello, people who do not live here.
Thalia: Hey.
Jason: Hi.
Nico: Hello.
Rachel: Hey!
Percy: I gave you the key to my place for emergencies only!
Thalia: We were out of Doritos.
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heyimboredtalktome10 hours ago
Percy: And here you can see the wild Nico in his natural habitat
Nico: *rolls down the stairs, cereal spilling out of his pockets*
Percy: Natural selection is coming for this specimen
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princessofopus14 hours ago
Athena: Since pride month is over, it鈥檚 now prejudice month. I鈥檒l start; I hate you all.
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dorimei13 hours ago
do ever you think that chiron probably has to deal with people trying to buy the CHB property? like. mortals think it鈥檚 a strawberry farm so like鈥. did he have developers try and buy it?
if he did i wouldn鈥檛 be surprised if eventually he got so tired of it that he made dionysus handle it once and he just sent out percy and gave him a gun so.. safe to say dionysus was not allowed to handle those situations anymore
it would really go like:
chiron: oh no. they鈥檙e back again! mr. D you handle it this time!
dionysus: sure! hey, perry come here will ya?聽
percy: whats up?聽
dionysus, passing percy a gun: make those people over there go away.
chiron: wait NO-
it鈥檚 really basically just this meme:
chiron: percy what do you have?聽 聽聽
percy, running away: A GUN!聽
chiron: NO!
basically, what i鈥檓 trying to get to is that chiron has so many grey hairs just caused by percy, or dionysus enabling percy鈥檚 chaotic behaviour and聽dionysus and percy are really only there to just cause chaos and it shows and i love them for it
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