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#pjo headcanon
ravennir · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
it would be a ny bestseller in the span of 7h
Uncle Rick, make this happen idc
fight me if u disagree
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extrabluecement · 5 months ago
percy showing up with nico at school, telling them that this is his cousin and he’s transferring schools. the absolute havoc those two would cause, not bc they’re demigods of the big three, but bc it’s percy and nico.
now, annabeth showing up with will and saying he’s her cousin... they’d be president and vice president of student government in a day. tell me i’m wrong.
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I stand by the fact I think Perseus Jackson is a Slytherin 100% and, while had has the capability to be in any HG house, his Slytherin qualities will always be there.
I simultaneously believe that if Perseus Jackson took the Pottermore quiz and got Slytherin that he would cry.
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Demigod Signatures
My rendition of how I think select demigods would sign (or write) and why.
Tumblr media
Percy: I liked the one Rick had in the official books. It makes sense. He has ADHD and dyslexia. Writing in all capitals would be a little easier to read (in my experience, at least) and so Percy having edgy and capitalised handwriting makes sense. 
Tumblr media
Annabeth: I feel like she’d have a little cursive. I dunno, she just gives off a more circular and slightly joint kind of writing. And it’s really quick and easy to write. But I feel like her handwriting would be super messy and illegible when she’s designing at night. 
Tumblr media
Leo: Come on guys, it’s Leo. He’d love a dramatic signature/handwriting. But his handwriting in his blueprints would be a small, neat scrawl. Whereas his equations (so numbers and symbols) are very messy and often a little wrong because his brain is working faster than his hand and so he many miss a number or a decimal point.
Tumblr media
Jason: Neat. Ass. Handwriting. I was in a rush when writing this, but I expect Jason’s handwriting to be look like they were by a 4th grader practicing on stencils and tracing sheets. Alternatively, my other headcanon was if Jason have shit handwriting. Like, go write with your opposite hand, and that’s what Jason’s handwriting looks like
Tumblr media
Frank: I dunno. This is probably the closest to my natural handwriting. I feel like Frank would be the type to tilt the other way, but then tried to correct it later to be more straight. And I feel like he’s the type to put a line across his 7s and Zs.
Tumblr media
Piper: Headcanon that Piper and Tristan signs “McLean” the exact same way and the two have similar handwriting. Piper feels like a open “p” person. 
Tumblr media
Hazel: Slightly fancier capital letters. But I tried to keep it resembling a Palmer Method Script. You know, those nice looking handwriting. Penmanship was valued back in the 30s, and I feel like Hazel would put in effort to make her handwriting look as ‘normal’ as possible. A little sad, but I think she’d do that so that way there’s a chance that people won’t be able to guess her race/ethnicity from her signature. 
Tumblr media
Nico: Bitch had a diplomat as a Grandfather, and grew up in 30s Italy. Is he doesn’t have beautiful handwriting I- Anyways. I feel like Bianca was the one who looked over Nico when he was practicing his penmanship. And so Nico writes his A’s like Bianca. 
I wrote these myself, so if anyone wants me to write other character’s signatures/handwriting in the Riordan Verse, feel free to put in an ask and I’ll be very happy to do so.
Have a nice day folks  :)
Here’s a compilation of all the signatures I’ve done so far
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stanning-reyna · 6 months ago
Headcanon that a lot of girls that go to school with Percy really like him, like in a friendly way. At first everyone in his classes thought he was a weirdo or scary, but then a girl worked with him on a project, got to talking, and when he didn’t sexualize her or treat her like she’s dumb she went “woah. I want to befriend that.”
And so she’d say hi to him in the hallway, and introduced her to the rest of her friends, and before you know it he’s inducted into the group. They realize he’s not as scary as he looks and that he’s really funny. They also all appreciate that when they’re in public with him other guys don’t catcall and harass them because Percy gives off generally threatening vibes
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chironshorseass · a month ago
percy and annabeth get married in the middle of a thunderstorm as they battle monsters à la pirates of the caribbean style and clarisse la rue is their marriage officiant. that’s it that's the post
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asheslikestardust · 2 months ago
AU where Fredrick Chase, renowned professor of History at West Point, takes his classes online (becoz pandemic) and his students are regaled daily with the Shenanigans of his twin terror sons Bobby and Matthew.
Having siblings themselves (or being friends with those who have siblings) they didn't bat an eye at this, apart from being vastly amused, but they did have a lot to say when Prof. Chase's daughter (he has a daughter???) strolled into view, covered in weird glowy dust, bleeding from a dozen different cuts, twirling a steak knife casually between her fingers.
Shit got real when celebrity kid Piper freaking Mclean followed suit, accompanied by a boy who seemingly melted from the shadows (seriously, he appeared from nowhere who does that???), a black haired kid with a crazed smile carrying a- is that a flamethrower? And an actual, live, emu.
They had so many questions god and Prof. Chase was being of absolutely no use- he just waved Anna-whats-her-name into the kitchen and returned to the lecture like there wasn't an actual fucking ostrich (wasn't it an emu?) squatting glumly in the background.
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relictademigod · 3 months ago
I feel like we are really forgetting that Dark Percy first appearence was in TLT. Percy litterally wanted to kill Gabe, but didn't do it just because he thought that his mother deserved a revenge.
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hakuspokus · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy Birthday Annabeth!! 🦉🧡
A little comic I made to celebrate her birthday last year, I hope you guys like it <3
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sunpirate · 13 days ago
piper and leo first meeting and getting to know each other at wilderness school detention
piper and leo trying to one-up each other on who’s had the most delinquent experience
piper and leo making fun of wilderness school and its cheesy slogans
piper and leo laughing at the popular girls and cool jocks from the sidelines
piper and leo absolutely refusing to take formal events seriously and escaping in the middle of them to just walk around the campus
piper standing up for leo when the other kids would bully him and take his things and push him around and call him names. she tells one of them to “eat dirt” and the two of them get taken aback as the kid actually gets on the ground and scoops a handful into his mouth. he’d snap back into reality a second later and spit everything out and run away in fear. piper and leo make for the opposite direction just in case he comes back with reinforcements, but they’d be laughing as they run. “that’s insane, pipes! how’d you do that?” “no idea, but it was worth it”
leo taking the hit for piper without any hesitation after she almost gets caught in one of their shenanigans that would have led to the school sending a report out to her father if she did. “no sir, it was all my fault, no one else was with me sir, yes sir i know it looks like i was in two places at once but im just a fast kid sir, i mean you’ve read my police reports right ahaha”
leo intentionally making his grades low in math because piper is at the bottom of the class and he doesn’t want her to be alone and he helps her out when he can, and the math teacher wondering how this student who has initially gotten straight-A’s in class is suddenly doing so poorly
piper and leo having ridiculous competitions on who could play the better practical joke on coach hedge
coach hedge knowing the sudden increase in pranks on him was piper and leo all along but doesn’t say anything about it for the most part because he’s an aging satyr who has always wanted to be a father and he thinks, so this is what it must feel like to have kids
piper and leo getting caught eventually and then forced to run more laps than usual under the guise of punishment, but really this was coach hedge’s way of secretly training their endurance. the other kids laugh at them at first because wow, what losers, and expect them to not even last three laps until the grins melt off their faces as they watch the two finish eight, nine, ten laps and still keep on going and even having casual conversations as they run, seemingly unbothered and not even looking anywhere near exhausted
piper noticing leo’s shoes starting to wear out, soles peeling off and everything, and the other kids making fun of him behind his back for it. he hasn’t bought new ones in years and they’re falling apart from all those times he’s had to run away from the police. piper decides to use the money her dad left her to buy him new ones. the other kids gawk as he comes to class wearing brand new kicks.
piper and leo building a secret hideout in the woods near the wilderness school dorm to escape all the “normal people.” they find supplies in an abandoned toolshed. they easily sneak out more materials from the school’s supply rooms. leo teaches piper the basics of building a small shelter. piper is a quick learner, plus she watched her dad and grandpa do similar things before. they find out leo has an eye for interior design, and together with piper’s innate sense of style they build a cozy hideout, small enough to be unnoticeable, big enough for the two of them.
they find an old fashioned kerosene lantern in the toolshed. piper tries to light it in their hideout, but leo flinches as she stumbles with the matches. leo takes it gingerly from her and says he’ll light it himself outside. piper side-eyes him at first but notes the genuine concern in his voice. sure enough he returns with a glowing lantern, and they’re both delighted. only later did piper realize he never took the matches with him outside. but she shrugs it off “maybe he has his own pack” it never once crosses her mind afterward.
they fill their hideout with things they don’t want the other kids and teachers to find: stolen items, snacks, things from their home, school projects they were actually proud of, drawings of random stuff. leo puts up a picture of his mom. piper puts up a picture of her father and grandfather holding her as a baby. piper points to one drawing leo put up. “is that a flying ship?” “yeah, just something i remember drawing when i was younger” “huh, crazy” and they carry on.
piper and leo suddenly encountering an actual monster in the woods one night, and they both freak out but find themselves actually being able to dodge and outrun the monster’s attacks. hedge eventually rescues them and kills the monster, and before the two could ask questions he immediately performs a memory erasing spell with his nature magic, because no, it’s not time for them to know yet. and coach does everything he can to give them even just a few more moments of peace away from the dangers of the demigod life before he can take them to camp.
piper and leo finding comfort in each other because up until they met they’ve never found anyone as reckless and rebellious and impulsive as themselves before, and because with each other they finally get to be the teenagers their lives didn’t allow them to be.
(ps. youth by troye sivan and wild things by alessia cara are totally their anthems)
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So, I can’t remember for sure what Sally did with Medusa’s head. I think she wrote in her letter to Percy something very vague about her getting rid of it after Gabe’s disappearance, but no real details.
And It was a spoil of war so I don’t think it would just disappear on it’s own, and it seems kind of dangerous to just throw out. However, Percy did give the nemean lion’s pelt as an offering so she could have done that. Perhaps she offered it to Hades as a thank you for returning her...
...or, my personal favorite theory, she just put it back in the box and sent it to the gods again. Zeus is up on Olympus LIVID that he has received Medusa’s head in a box twice and Poseidon is just there like ‘Oh, you thought Perseus took after me?’
Tbh it would have been a funny gag if Medusa’s head getting sent back and forth between them was a running gag. Like, Percy is in the middle of a fight and Hermes pops up to hand him a box, so he just opens it and turns his enemies to stone before calmly putting it back and just handing it over to Hermes again. On the night of that winter council meeting, Hermes interrupts to whisper something in Zeus ear and hands him the box as Percy is just :D
Whenever he meets new gods like Aphrodite or Apollo, they hand him the box and Percy always, always finds a way to get it back to Olympus. It isn’t even a huge plotline or anything, but it appears once every book. idk why I find it so funny, but yeah. That would have been fun lol.
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pjo12fan · 4 months ago
Headcanon #7
Percy discovers Brooklyn 99
And proceeds to annoy Annabeth at any given moment
• Fighting monsters
Annabeth: Percy, listen up
Percy: Okay.
Annabeth: So you go from the front, then I’ll come up from behind and we’ll double team it. Got it?
Percy: Noice. “I’ll come up from behind and we’ll double team it” title of your sex tape
Annabeth: This was a mistake
Percy: “this was a mistake” title of your sex tape
Annabeth: oh WHAT THE-
• Those intimate, vulnerable moments when they kiss
Annabeth: I love you seaweed brain
Percy: *smirks* chills, literal chills
Percy: Noice?
Annabeth: I’m going to slap you
• Annabeth designing a new temple for Olympus
Percy: *peering over her shoulder* Wise Girl you’re so talented, I love the design
Annabeth: *gushing* Aww thanks Percy
Percy: Also, I love your butt
Annabeth: Percy Jackson do you have a death wish?
• Annabeth going to buy groceries
Annabeth: *browsing the dairy section* Percy do you want anything
Percy: Terry loves yoghurt
Annabeth: what the actual-
• In college
Annabeth: I got an A on my test!
Percy: Annabeth Chase, you are an amazing human/genius
Annabeth: what?
Percy: what?
Annabeth: why would you say it like that
Annabeth: *glaring* is that another Brooklyn 99 quote?!
Percy: no?
• Annabeth brushing her teeth in the bathroom
Percy: Annabeth?
Annabeth: *muffled* mhmmm?
Percy: there’s a bomb in the bathroom
Annabeth: *spits her toothbrush out* what?!
Percy: your butt, your butt is da bomb
Percy: cool cool cool cool cool, no doubt no doubt no doubt
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wow-ok-i-guess · 12 days ago
Y'all need to stop pretending that Nico learned all his Badass sword skills on the run after ttc and accept the fact that he learned way before that because he wanted to be a pirate when he was 5 smh😒
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halfbloodcarrie · 26 days ago
if u ever read anything that I write, just know that there are cell phones. there are so many cell phones. everyone has one. and they use them all the time. idk what richard was on about with ‘cell phones are dangerous to demigods’ bc it makes No Sense to me and I have chosen to actively ignore it :) !! 
idc what you’re reading, idc if it’s relevant. just know that Annabeth Chase has a BlackBerry and Connor Stoll texts her ‘u up?’ every night at 2am and Percy subtweets about it from the very slow internet browser on his silver RAZR using t9
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