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secret santa i did a few weeks ago of a friends pokemon oc

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Fennekin is done. Probably doing Morpeko tomorrow.

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Prompt fill from earlier this week! There was a theme going on so I kind of mushed them together. 

@misrihalek: Gengar + Fake Fur Boa

@phantomroleplayer: Gengar + Ice Cream

@rust—nut: Alolan Raichu + Food Cart

@rachelordwayart: Psyduck + Floppy Sun Hat/Inner Tube

@gottagobuycheese: Totodile + Inner Tube

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I know race sheets without pictures arn’t as fun to look at, but ive been trying to get a head on a number of them as well as attempting to get some sheets done for players that need them on the discord server. I still like to show them off though from time to time cuse i put a lot of work into them.




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Went through an old book and this sketch is so Maxie I couldnt pass it up

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six pkmn girls!! i will try to do multiple of these w varying themes maybe?

thank u for ur requests! 💕

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I want to practice more with backgrounds this year so tried drawing route 208 in Sinnoh. But I guess it’s  not too accurate to the actual route

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Reminding @frikandelbroodje94 that we made a bet 4 years ago for when Sinnoh remakes are announced :’)

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“You’ll be okay. With your Pokémon, you’ll get things done whatever happens. I’m convinced of it!”

I’d appreciate a like/reblog if you use them! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

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Are you LGBT+ and like pokemon? Come join Pokegays!

We’re a pokemon server I made in 2016 in anticipation of pokemon Sun and Moon, and we’ve grown a lot since! It’s grown into a server that feels like a home away from home, and with pokemon Snap being announced I thought I’d make another promo post for the server. We’re all friends with one goal in mind, being the best pokemon trainers ever!

Requirements to join!

  • Must be part of the LGBT+ community
  • Must be 17+

    Yes, Aro/Ace members are welcomed! The only people who are not welcomed are people who identify as cisgender AND heterosexual.

                       MORE INFO IN THE REBLOG!
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and heres all the textless versions of the banners i made for my pmd streams! (i do plan on doing one for ep 5 so dont worry)

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