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#pkmn cards

Happy 25th anniversary to Pokémon and lol also my anniversary with SO. Here is my original copy of heart gold. This is the game that started it all for me.

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Southern Island 🏝 ☀️

Excited for the warmer months.

I’m genuinely losing track of whether I post certain cards before.

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Tumblr will only let me open up 1 pack lol.

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The audacity of younger me. How many cards did I destroy? 😞🤔

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An actual card from my childhood. 🍥 Conditon is pretty bad but can’t beat nostalgia.

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Notice how there are the same statues of the legendary birds in the background but different perspective. F* fantastic.

These cards are from skyridge, one of the hardest to find sets. It is going to take me forever to collect them all.

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