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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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The original sold for $350k.

Since I can’t afford that might as well make one everyone can enjoy.

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🧡❤️Eevee Gacha❤️🧡

€18 for a roll and €25 to pick one!

You get one extra free reroll if you do not like the first one you rolled! DM me if you would like one!

I had a ton of fun designing these so I hope you all like these too!

Availability under the cut!

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pokemas valentine girls!

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Pokemon every day challenge.

Day 59:

2/28/2021 No.59 Arcanine

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I love this game so much and it isn’t even out yet 😭 couldn’t pick which one I liked more so

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A mysterious traveler from Kanto arrives in Sinnoh!

Wanted to draw Rosie in a Legends-style outfit (also tried to mimic the style of the official art lol)

I wonder what they’re gonna do with Pokemon Legends Arceus in the anime? Are we gonna get Ash time-traveling to the Sinnoh of old or are they gonna skip over that?

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more booboo! this time with his partner pkmn, venomoth.

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Keldeo has been a very special Pokemon to me since Black/White, so I decided to draw it for Pokemon Day!!!

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