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How to make a #plan to #achieve your #goals:
🤔 Consider what you want to achieve
🙋🏽‍ Commit to achieving it
🤓 Set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) goals
📝 Write your goals down
🗺 Plan out the steps you must take to realize your goals

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© Anika Hofschen

here: perspective, section and plan 

as becomes clear in these drawings, theres still some issues with the geometry, especially on a functional level. 
It seems rather chaotic and the intentionality of the process is lost - 

I will be concentrating on simplifying and diversifying in the next step.
And also on figuring out what the usage and the purpose will be.

I also need to find a better way to incorporate the lines  

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I shall probably start Kaokyoin week (I mean Kaori x Kakyoin.) in some day - tomorrow or later perhaps.

This is first couple stuff that melts my heart and I’m very happy to make them being together. I just love these two and considering them as comfortable and tender sweethearts. 💕

If you are interested and you’re also newer blog, feel free to send them the asks, they will answer you then~!

That’s all, have a nice day ❤️

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Inspired By Art - Still Life Plan

Aims -

- To produce two photographs inspired by still life paintings from the Dutch Masters era, these two images must be created at home, one using natural Day light and the other using a Artifical light.

Objectives -

- Create two fine art still life photographs.

- Develop research skills and communication skills.

- Develop skills with artifical lights, including the provided LED light from the College.

- Futher resourcefulnes skills from having to work from home.

Possible Routes of investigation -

- When starting my research, I decided to use the padlet to look at which Still Life painters others in the course have found, i also used a website called ‘The Garden Gate Flower Company’ which had a blog post on The Dutch Golden Age, I felt like this was a good start as it gave me inspirtation at other painters/photographers I could look at.

- The first painter I found while researching was Rachel Ruysch, a still life painter from Northern Netherlands, who became one of the best documented women painters of the Dutch Masters era, who made Flower Paintings a huge popularity, a list of her paintings can be found on Wikipedia.


(Examples of Rachel Ruysch’s work)

- When looking at Ruysch’s work I decided I wanted to do my still life photographs using flowers, Using I looked at paintings/artwork with the keyword 'Flowers’, I found a couple painters from 1600’s to 1800’s that had painted still life flowers, the first being Paul Gauguin, Second being Jacob Van Walscapelle and the third painter being Ambrosius Bosschaert.


- These paintings stood out too me back of the colours and unique shapes of each flower, I also liked how all the lighting was different, and that each painting is different to eachother.

Possible Materials and Tehcniques -

- When I create my still life photographs I will be using an LED light, as well as using a tripoid for both my camera and the light, I will also try using Natural Light by setting up a small area infront of the window to capture the natural lighting.

- I also looked on Ikea for Fake Flowers, as well as a Glass Vase which seems to be a reoccuring prop used in these Still Life Paintings, Buying artifical flowers also means I can reuse them in feature projects.

- The main painting Im looking at recreating/taking inspiration from is Ambrosius Bosschaert’s 'Flowers in a glass vase’.

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This is more of me holding myself to account than like an actual attempt to be informative lol but the plan for the blog at the moment is 

1. Grammar - Modh Coinníollach with regular verbs - followed by - the irregular verbs (which will probably take until at least the summer given how slow i am) - followed by the tuiseal ginideach (which will probably be the thng to kill me)

2. Everything else completely unplanned and on my own personal whims

3. Obviously i will answer asks as soon as

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I have decided to sketch out larger changes and voids I would like to create in Peckham, changes include:

  • Minimise the bus station
  • Creating a pedestrian only stretch of road from the top to the bottom of the high street
  • Identifying current projects for residentialisation
  • Creating a pavilion/courtyard around Peckham train station
  • Enhancing focus on current Peckham highlights (Bussey building, Peckhamplex, market stalls, transport)
  • Tram-lines for transport up and down the high street

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November 2020

How fast time flies. It feels like yesterday that i had just moved to this new city and started my new job. And in 2 days time I’ll have been here for 4 months, moving on to the next department. And before that, it feels like no time has passed since I was sat a year ago in a quiet little house in a northern city, still slightly sad, reminiscent and quiet.

Sometimes when I look out, like now, the sun not quite out yet, the cold dark city spreading out beneath me, I am filled with this sadness, this immense longing to live hard, live strong, live free. Time flies so fast and none of us know what is going to happen that we should live every moment to the fullest. We should be out there living our strongest dreams.

A lot has changed since last I wrote. I started this blog, nearly two years ago now because I was going through, what at the time I thought was, the worst period of my life. And the blog evolved and changed with me, it was a reflection of my inner self, my turbulent self at times, and was a calming beacon when I needed a lighthouse in the roughest seas. It moved with me, as I got over that to the first love of my life, and then the strongest pain I have ever known. And then it simply stopped. I lacked the energy to keep writing.

But it is hard time for me to hit refresh. I still need my lighthouse, although I may not be going through the roughest seas anymore. I still need this time to myself, this time to explore the darkest depths of myself and to put myself back into sync, into rhythm of what I want.

I still have the biggest dreams, and I am still never content with what I have. This unknown drive pushing me all the time to achieve the next best thing, enjoy it but for a moment before setting my eyes on the next target. And that is why I want to hit refresh now. I want to start a new, I want to start invigorated, I want to push myself back onto the path I know I should be on, the path to my greatness.

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Racism in America

The more things change…the more they stay the same

To time is now to keep fighting for change in communities, our schools, healthcare and in the workforce. 

I am sick of accepting and expecting Racism. No more. Killer Mike Render, Rapper and Social Activist says, “in order to move things along, we must Plot, Plan, Energize, Organize and Mobilize”.

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