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just Jupiter looking mesmerizing. x
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spacewonder19 · 2 days ago
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Seven Sisters: one of the night sky’s brightest clusters
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without-ado · 2 days ago
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The sun sets illuminating the cloud tops l NASA l 2022
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Aurora on Jupiter via NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
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What do the signs have in common❤️‍🔥
🎨Pisces & Sagittarius both can at some point be independent of others and can do things on their own without needing other people. Sagittarius use optimism when things go wrong and follow through. Pisces use escape and dreams when things go wrong. They both love traveling to places by the ocean.
🌊Scorpio&Capricorn both can be intimidating. Both of them don't like to show emotions. Stability is important to both of them and they don't like getting into relationships that they see as pointless. They are both soft on the inside. Both can be fun and relaxed.
🧡Cancer & Taurus both like comfort and don't like to change things. Usually, neither of them likes being in the company of strangers and prefers those who are close to them. Both love food and enjoy it + both love a cozy evening and just chilling on the sofa. Both can be possessive but in a different way. Cancers show this outwardly and with emotion. Taurus show this with stubbornness and calmness.
🍜Leo & Gemini both focus a lot on themselves and their needs. Both can be self-centered when they want to be. Both like to express their feelings out loud and talk about them. And they both love drama and love to do it. They both love games and they both love to be the center of attention.
🛍Virgo & Libra both care about others and only want the best for the person. Libras show concern for others through love. Virgos, on the other hand, show concern for others through health and well-being. Both like to help others and give advice.
🎉Aries & Aquarius both tend to like to do things on their own and are not dependent of others. Aries mainly focus on themselves and their energy. Aquarians, on the other hand, like to isolate themselves from others and go out into nature.
🫀Cancer moon & Libra moon- both focus on other people's emotions. And both make sacrifices for the others even if they end up getting nothing in return. And they will always find time for the people they love. Both signs are quite emotional.
🧼Virgo venus & Sagittarius venus- both are picky in love. They have high standards and do not deviate from them. Both can be distracted by little things ,and little things can turn them away from their relationship. They like to have fun and have fun, but they don't stay in a relationship for long if they don't see the real potential.
🧞‍♀️Sagittarius moon & Aries moon- both signs tend to be emotionally independent and focus on their own needs. They both love to travel and explore new places. And both have a tendency to react emotionally quickly and violently.
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Your dose of space from the Hubble Telescope. The list of the astronomical objects in order:
Orion Nebula
Star cluster Westerlund 2
Mystic Mountain Nebula
Helix Planetary Nebula
Frosty Leo Nebula
Eskimo Nebula
Cat's Eye Nebula
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corpsoir · 15 hours ago
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decided to post these in the end. planets and moons i made in 2019 for a uni project
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Is it me or does Jupiter in this also look like calcifer from howls moving castle
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The Dolphin towards a cosmic REEF © Aleix Roig
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✨The Beauty of Jupiter ✨
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heckingheckonaheck · a month ago
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JWST EVEN TOOK A SELFIE!!! (you gotta appreciate that near not blurry photo… it is hurtling through space at 720 MPH)
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without-ado · a month ago
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Moon's vast lava plain, Mare Imbrium close-up
l Roger Hyman l Jan 2022
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loveemagicpeace · 2 days ago
🫀7th house & 6th house🛁
🫀7th house is connected with the descendant, the point opposite the ascendant, which reflects what you are attracted to and what you attract in others. It also represents the opposite of who we are. Usually ours descendant it shows differently and is definitely a part of us that we don't accept.
👄7th house Cancer -a part of you will always be emotional and care about other people. Although you won't show it. You will care about others and will always help if people have problems. You are attracted to people who are caring, emotional. You like people who makes you feel like home and familiar. You are attracted to people who have a child in them and with whom you can feel comfortable
🛼7th house Sagittarius -part of you is open minded, confident, independent. You like to explore new parts of yourself and you are actually a very spontaneous person who also likes to travel. You can have a certain idea about how your mind works and how the people around you work.You might actually be a person who isn't as chill as you think you are. You are attracted to people who have a lot of optimism and with whom you can go on adventures.
🍜7th house Taurus -part of you doesn't like change and prefers to live in your comfort and things that are familiar to you.You also don't like to change your circle of friends and people, even though it looks like it. You like luxury and material things. You like people with whom you can share the same food and music.
🌞7th house Sun in Scorpio- it means that marriage will mean a lot in your life and that your bright spot will be in your relationship and relationship with others. You will often be attracted to fun and their light and dark side in people. You will like people who make light out of darkness.
🛁The 6th house also describes your routine and how you experience life. How is your daily life and your lifestyle in general. The more planets you have, the more burdened your life is.
💜Jupiter in 6th house-your every day will be spontaneous and interesting. You will not worry and you will live in the moment-> you will enjoy life to the fullest. Had a lot of optimism and luck. Your plans will usually always be spontaneous and not planned. Very productive and oriented towards getting the job done.
🧊Pluto in 6th house-you will be obsessed with your routine. These people just don’t take any time for themselves, to have fun, relax, be comfortable and just enjoy life. Your every day contains a lot of analysis, discovery, mystery. You are passionate in the workplace, no one is more loyal, committed and dedicated to service. The work-life may go through cycles of change and they may stay in a job for years, until fate pushes them in a completely new direction.
🧞‍♀️Neptune in 6th house- your day may contain many unusual or dreamy things. Many artistic things related to your talents. But your everyday life and routine can be messy which means that many times you can get confused or you don't know where to start or you daydream too much. But you like to deal with things that include care, spirituality, astrology. When it comes to everyday activities, you are the happiest when you don’t have to relying on others.
☂️Virgo Saturn in 6th house you will like things to go according to plan and as you imagined. You will like your routine to always be the same and contain things that are important. You will want things to be done perfectly and well at the same time. Which also means that you will want to do things immediately and not delay them. Maybe your day can contain too much self-criticism and effort.
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