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Arctic Is Planning to Launch First New Thermal Paste in Almost a Decade - ExtremeTech

Arctic Is Planning to Launch First New Thermal Paste in Almost a Decade – ExtremeTech

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Arctic — once known as Arctic Cooling — appears to have a new thermal paste inbound to market. Right now, Arctic sells two types of paste — Arctic MX-2 and Arctic MX-4, with the latter positioned as a more expensive and better-performing product. According to Amazon, there’s a new MX-5 paste on the way, with a…


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Getting Organized

Tumnus, Ceramics, prepares for the new semester by creating a to-do list in “Getting Organized”

Hello again, can I admit something?  As much as I’m looking forward to this semester, I’m already feeling a little intimidated by the online/hybrid/in-person class format.  But I think I can reframe this anxiety and my lack of confidence in my study and organizational habits in a way that will help me plan ahead!

When trying to figure out where to begin reintegrating my school schedule (while…


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This is my favorite stage of gardening!

I love laying out the seeds and planning because it’s ripe with possibility. In my mind’s eye, I have a lush, weed-free garden and every seed that I start grows to a large heavily producing plant. There are no pests, no droughts, no blights, blemishes or broken plants.

Can you feel their energy??? Thousands of seedlings ready to burst forth. Ready to great the morning dew. Ready to unfurl their sleeping leaves. Stretch their roots. Yawn widely into the waiting air. Ready to soak in the warm sun.

I, for one, can’t wait to see what they bring.

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For our Documentary Film module we will be making an 8 minute documentary film that links to the topics of Home, Memory, and Exile. 

My first step in trying to come up with an idea for this documentary was to brainstorm each of the three possible topics.

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King County (Seattle) Community Planning paper - Assignment Help

King County (Seattle) Community Planning paper – Assignment Help

Read the documents associated with the following website:
Assignment: Provide an approximate 1200-word overview and explanation of the important concepts in the readings. Assume that you are writing for an uninformed reader that knows nothing about the topic and has not read what you read. Provide an introduction that gives the background of the…

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Porridge di avena e cacao, con banane e mirtilli rossi

La prima impressione non è stata proprio ottima, ma sono tante le cose che a prima impressione hanno fatto questo effetto, magari diventerà la mia nuova colazione preferita

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Living for Vacation

I think it’s more than a little obvious that I need to chill and reset. My struggles with ADHD, RSD, and my other mental health issues almost always lessen somewhat when we’re on the move. Vacations and little adventures with a change of scenery, even if it’s not an enormous change, always seem to lighten the load.

So, we’re getting ready to load up and head to one of our favorite escapes:…

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If you ever wondered what my writing vibe is like here’s a small bit of an outline of book I’m planning lmao

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01.19.21 // This is by far my favorite due dates spread I’ve ever made! I always try to have a master list of all my assignments for a semester to help me work ahead, but it usually gets quite messy. I really like this layout where I can see all my classes at once and also count out the weeks until something is due! 

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public spaces should be luxurious. They should be rich in what they provide the public. There’s no reason not to be other than to privatize a nation’s wealth into the hands of a few families.

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A Guide to Planning Systems

It’s important to have a system of getting things done, whether it’s tackling tasks as the day progresses or having a carefully planned schedule for every single hour of the week. How can you create an effective personal planning system that suits your needs and preferences?

Mentioned in this post:

My other posts

N.B. some categories include a few examples but they are no means limited to the ones listed here, e.g. there may be methods of organizing tasks other than the five listed here.

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Start planning what you want to do with your garden in the months to come.⁠

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Cognitieve Piramide

19 January 2021

What are cognitive functions?

Cognitive functions are important in our everyday life. Examples are awareness and speed of information processing, attention, memory, planning and organization and problem solving. These influence each other. If you have trouble with attention, it is more difficult to remember something. If you forget a lot, it is difficult to plan. This process allows us to understand and to relate to the world more effectively.

In PMT, we played a game called JENGA.

The cognitive pyramid shows how the cooperation between important thinking functions works. The base of the pyramid must work properly to function in the layer above, then the layer above, and so on. If there are problems in a certain layer of the pyramid due to brain injury, the thinking functions in the layers above can be difficult.

Where in the cognitive pyramid do you experience problems due to your brain injury?
I have problems with self-direction and flexibility, attention, awareness and speed of information processing.
Give examples of your problems with alertness and speed of information processing.
  • Depending on my energy I am alert. In the morning it goes better because I still have energy. When I have slept badly I am sleepy and not alert. Everything takes a lot of energy and I feel even more tired. My thinking and reaction to things that happen is much slower than before.
Give examples of your problems with attention (focus, persist, divide).
  • Multitasking is no longer possible; talking and cycling and paying attention in traffic do not work and I get tired very quickly. Walking and talking at the same time is very tiring.
Give examples of your problems with self-direction and flexibility.
  • I have trouble dealing with an unexpected situation. I need more time to process the information. If I’m asked a question suddenly, it is not possible to answer immediately. It takes a lot of energy.
These are the strategies I used to my make life easier everyday:
  • The STOP THINK DO method works well for me.
  • Good planning of my activities and distribution over the day. This gives me balanced energy. Also doing one thing at a time.
  • I make sure I can get enough sleep at night so that I start the day rested.
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A river runs through it? Central Street apartments meet opposition

A river runs through it? Central Street apartments meet opposition #IpswichMA

IPSWICH — Residents didn’t like the design and the chair of the conservation commission disagreed with the description of a brook. So it looks like developer Mike Becker has some homework before the first shovel hits the ground on his Central Street project.

Becker and his partner Charissa Vitas want to build five new units at 108 Central St., which is two doors down from CVS. The development…


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I had a really hard freshman year that landed me on academic probation. If I can successfully complete my classes this semester I’ll be able to leave that behind me. Thanks to the tips and tricks I’ve learned through trial and error the last year and a half, I actually think I’ll be able to do it.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to plan once and stick to it. I used to love procrastinating and avoiding the guilt of it by replanning over and over again, packing my schedule tighter every time, instead of just doing the work. So now, in the first week of the semester, I like to make a couple of long-sighted schedules to help keep me on track.

The first is a weekly schedule, this has all my class times, office hours, and tutoring schedules in one. Because these tend to overlap I opt to make this schedule in google sheets rather than on paper but if you just want to list them out a regular doc or sheet of notebook paper would do fine. It’s a great resource to have when you find yourself struggling with a topic so you don’t have to go all the way back through the syllabus or your email.

The next schedule I make is probably the most important, the assignment schedule. I like to make a visually pleasing easy to read google doc that lists out the due dates for each class activity and other non-graded activities that should get done each week. I refer to this schedule all the time and if you only have one take away from this post let it be this schedule.

The last schedule I make is a rough outline of recurring activities I’ll need to complete each week and what days I’d do them ideally. It differs from the last schedule in that it’s a more general overview applicable to every week whereas the assignments schedule lists every activity that I need to do throughout the whole semester. This is a great help when planning out my week each Sunday.

At the beginning of each month, I like to write out birthdays, holidays, and appointments in my planner. I also go through the school’s calendar to see if there are any activities I’d like to take part in. Even virtually colleges have lots of resources and seminars designed to help you in a variety of areas of your life. This is the perfect time for me to plan other activities I want to have that month too, like lunch with my mom or a date night. Some months I like to schedule a whole day just to focus on writing or spending time alone to recharge. I put all tentative things on sticky notes in my planner to avoid wasting space if plans change.

Then I like to make a finalized plan at the beginning of every week. Here I’ll include any club, hobby activities such as blogging, or school-related seminars, etc. I make sure to not overpack my day by limiting myself to a 3 point long to-do list, I don’t include things like appointments or classes in this though because that would take up my list very quickly and I’d never make time for the things I need to get done. I have my handy dandy list of recurring activities like homework that is due every week or club meeting times that I have listed out by day I should complete them. I use this as just a rough idea for when budgeting my time and will move things around as need for each specific week.

Making these schedules at the beginning of each semester may seem like extra work at the time but you’ll save so much time in the end when you don’t have to go through all your syllabi every day to see if anything is due and it will save you the trouble of rushing through an assignment you forgot you had.

What techniques do you use to stay on track and avoid procrastination?

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Winter Studying Challenge 

19th January - What outdoor winter activity do you love?

J’aime faire du ski!! Près de chez moi, on a quand même un téléski, mais à cause du coronavirus c’est interdit de l’utiliser. Mais c’est seulement un très petit téléski, je préfère faire du ski dans les montagnes comme les Alpes. J’aime aussi justement me proméner quand il neige!

January Study Challenge

19th January -  show us your planning system!

ohh, d’accord! J’ai mon agenda, mais pour chaque semaine je fais un plan comme ca où j’ai des colonnes différentes. Vous pouvez voir que je n’ai pas de RDV cette semaine (heureusement!), donc cette colonne est vide. J’ai mes courses en ligne, puis: le norvégien, les trucs que je vais poster sur tumblr (le challenge ici et le #6wordsadaychallenge, puis la dernière colonne est le reste que je veux/ dois encore faire, comme acheter une cafetière et faire le ménage.


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