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alexistudies · 2 days ago
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NOV 26 / 2021
today was recharging with alone time and then going to work. it was much needed and it even allowed me to fill out my monthly reflection, which i didn't get to do for october :)
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foxiswriting · 6 months ago
story outlining methods, pt. 1:
take off your pants!! (“take off your pants!: outline your books for faster, better writing” by libbie hawker)
this outline starts with a character — specifically their biggest flaw — and leads to five points that will make up the core of your story. it’s best for plots and subplots that focus on overcoming the flaw!
this outline doesn’t just have to be used for coming of age novels. it is just as important in your dystopian, fantasy, or thriller novels that the main character learns something or has changed by the end.
STEP ONE: think about your character
your main character — what is their name, and what are their important features?
what are your character’s flaws? what about their FATAL flaw? ex: hubris, overconfidence, stubbornness, etc.
STEP TWO: think about the end of the story
the story (whether the main plot, a subplot, or a facet of the main plot) is the journey lead to overcome the flaw. now that you know the character’s flaw, you know what lesson they need to learn.
the end of the story = the flaw mastered, the lesson learned.
STEP THREE: think about the external goal
the external goal is the plot, the outer motivation to push the character to the end of the story where the goal is mastered. if you remember my post on quests, you know that a quest has two reasons to be there: the external factor (shrek saving fiona for his swamp), and the real reason (the lesson learned)
the external goal should provide a chance for the character to recognize their flaw and begin to change. how does your plot tie into their character development?
STEP FOUR: think about the antagonist
thinking about the external goal should reveal who the antagonist is. the antagonist should want to achieve the same goal or a goal that impedes with the protagonist’s goal. the antagonist should be the biggest obstacle to the character.
STEP FIVE: think about the ally/allies
the character(s) that is capable of forcing the protagonist down the correct path. where your protagonist most likely will resist changing and confronting their flaw, the ally will help force them to do so anyway.
STEP SIX: think about the theme
so what’s the point of your book? if you are struggling to boil it down to one sentence, you might want to think about it a little longer. this is what keeps the story feeling coherent. what are you trying to tell us?
STEP SEVEN: think about the plot
each main plot element should somehow relate to the core of the book, aka the character’s development in overcoming their flaw
OPENING SCENE - set the stage. address the flaw or the theme
INCITING EVENT - what forces the character out of their everyday life and into the story?
REALIZING EXTERNAL GOAL - what makes the character begin seeking their goal?
DISPLAY OF FLAW - if the character’s flaw hasn’t been made blatantly clear, now is the time. make it known to the reader.
DRIVE FOR GOAL - what is your character’s first attempt to reach their goal?
ANTAGONIST REVEAL - how do you first show your antagonist’s opposition to your character?
FIRST THWART - what happens to your character that keeps them from reaching their goal?
REVISIT FLAW - show the character’s flaw again, even if they themselves aren’t aware of it yet.
ANTAGONIST ATTACKS - what does the antagonist do that makes things worse?
SECOND THWART - where your character fails most likely due to the attack
CHANGED GOAL - the character finds a new goal or focuses on the external goal in a different way
ALLY ATTACKS - what does the ally do to force the character to see the flaw?
AWAKENING - the character knows what they must do to reach the external goal. how will you show that the character has also awakened to their flaw? how will you show them changing?
BATTLE - the final showdown with the antagonist!
DEATH - the character’s flaw dies here. how will you show that the character truly is different now?
OUTCOME - show whether the character won or lost the external goal, reveal the theme of the story.
naturally, you don’t have to follow that outline exactly, but it can be a good place to start ;)
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eintsein · 10 months ago
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A Guide to Planning Systems
It's important to have a system of getting things done, whether it's tackling tasks as the day progresses or having a carefully planned schedule for every single hour of the week. How can you create an effective personal planning system that suits your needs and preferences?
Mentioned in this post:
Attention Management: How to Take Control and Live Intentionally
Energy Management: A Human-Based Organization Method
Flexible Time-Blocking: A More Breathable Way to Get Things Done
The ABCDE Method: Accomplish Tasks More Efficiently
My other posts
N.B. some categories include a few examples but they are no means limited to the ones listed here, e.g. there may be methods of organizing tasks other than the five listed here.
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peachblossomstudy · 3 months ago
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// august
so i know it’s already pretty much half way through august but i was on holiday for the first week and have been having a bit of a weird week this week, so i didn’t get round to planning until today.
i’m getting kinda bad at picking themes for my planner, so i decided to try something new and get some stickers! i really love how this page turned out, and it’s much quicker to make spreads without having to draw things.
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probablyasocialecologist · 3 months ago
Apple is a perfect example. In its early stages the company received government cash support via a $500,000 small business investment company grant. And every technology that makes the iPhone a smartphone owes its vision and funding to the state: the internet, GPS, touchscreen displays and even the voice-activated smartphone assistant Siri all received state cash. The US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) bankrolled the internet, and the CIA and the military funded GPS. So, although the US is sold to us as the model example of progress through private enterprise, innovation there has benefited from a very interventionist state.
Mariana Mazzucato, State of innovation: Busting the private-sector myth
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createdviagrace · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media
I am DONE with my summer courses ♡  now, I get to relax for the next three weeks before going back to school, but this time, as the teacher. woooo!
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medemedemed · a month ago
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That’s a wrap on another period, and basically 3 months at my parents’ house. Gone will be the white desk and the pretty window view lol. Although I’ll miss their presence, and never having to cook dinner or eat it alone, I’m looking forward to get back into a productive routine on my own!
From my studygram
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sirgigglesda1st · 4 months ago
Odd Player Out: A DnD 5e idea
Recently getting a fulltime job, trying to play DnD has gotten harder to do, especially with online games with all the different timezones and things. My work schedule changes week to week, without a consistent day off, and I don't want to have everyone else wait for me, so the game goes on without me.
But surely there is a way to contribute to the game when you can't make it, right? In my opinion, yes. I haven't been able to try this yet, or only on small scale, but I feel this would be a very fun idea:
The DM has created this world, read through all the backstories they can stand, and ran the session. It was great, fun, and full of memorable moments. Too bad you couldn't make it. The DM packs up their stuff, takes notes of important events, and waits.
When you can, the DM has a private session with just you. They lay out the general history, and tell you who you are: the BBEG. They tell you your goals, your resources, and what major rumors and events are happening.
The DM does NOT mention the player's location or actions unless it is world news, a very popular rumor, or the BBEG has a spy/contact in the area to report back. (Ideally, the DM has other groups of adventurer's travelling around to make the world seem more real, and also keep the BBEG player from knowing which group is the players'.)
Then, you just tell the DM how you move your minions and resources to accomplish your goals. Have a Mcguffin in a warehouse? What guards do you have patrolling, and what security measures are in place? Keep in mind, it takes some money to keep those guards loyal and attentive, or you can buy some cheaper henchmen (or henchwomen, evil is an equal opportunity employer). Do you purposefully let slip the Mcguffin is stored there, only to move it somewhere else instead to bait any would-be thieves?
Planning a siege? How do you move resources to keep the pressure up? Is the siege for show? How will you quell possible rebellion when you take control?
I think having these little villain sessions helps involve a player that can't make it but still have impact. It also helps the DM plan out their world and game, while also spit balling off another human being to catch any flaws and things. The DM may try to keep the players alive and play nice, but having someone else be the villain allows the DM to truly just be narrator and roleplay henchman well. "I'm just following orders."
Of course, the DM has final say on everything, but I always thought this was a cool concept. Please let me know any questions, comments, or concerns!
And if you need me to be your BBEG, PLEASE let me know, I will happily be your villain and take over your world for you.
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adhd-worlds · a month ago
What is it with adults and their obsession with mindmaps? They love them, practically start foaming out of the mouth when mindmaps come up. Don't you dare bring up the fact that mindmaps dont work for you because you're lying they work for everyone
Most people I know with learning disabilities hate mindmaps and I would like to stop being taught about mindmaps thank you. They aren't for all
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zalighart · 8 months ago
god imagine being able to plan your writing chronologically and not have your brain jump from ‘book one’ to ‘the fifth book of your second spin-off series surrounding side characters that haven’t even been introduced yet’
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the---hermit · 2 months ago
Bullet Journal weekly spread ideas
When I was writing my post on what I do with the unused spreads in my bullet journal, I realised that in the past I used to be way more creative with my weekly spreads. I collected a few pictures of some old layouts I did, in the hopes of getting some inspiration. I figured someone out there might be looking for inspiration aswell, so here you go.
Tumblr media
This very simple weekly layout is in one of my failed attempts at bullet journaling. Although at the time the whole system didn't work for me, I belive this spread could be a useful.
Tumblr media
This is the messiest of the list I created. I wanted to share one of my first spreads of my last attempt at bullet journaling (which ended up working). This was created solely to be useful, and it was. My advice to anyway who is starting or wants to start a bujo, is to be messy and experiment. Aesthetic comes after practicality.
Tumblr media
Here is a fairly simple spread, that is very similar to the ones I used the most. It's a good choice if you need a minimal and quick layout.
Tumblr media
My first attempt at doing a dutch door in my bullet journal. I must say, the way this weekly looks is incredible to me. It's useful to have a general overview of the whole week, but it also has plenty of space for each day.
Tumblr media
This is one of two spreads that again have a good amount of space to write in stuff for each day, plus notes, etc. At the end of the week it turns out to be quite cluttered, but I love the look of it. It's a great option if you want to avoid cutting pages.
Tumblr media
Here is the second version. The way this is structured gives a less cluttered look, in case you might prefer that. It still has a lot of space for each day, and for notes,to do lists and the next week.
Tumblr media
This one is my first attempt with the rolling weekly method . After I found out about it I had decided to try it out for myself. It's surely very different to what I am used to to plan my weeks, but recently I have been wanting to try the method again.
Tumblr media
Here is a weekly spread that was made only to be functional. I had only a few pages left in my notebook, and I didn't want to have a month split between two different journals. This resulted in a very minimalistic spread, where I tried to use as little space as possible.
Tumblr media
This is the spread I have used the most. It's quite similar to a couple others I have shown. I found this incredibly functional, and the version I am using at the moment it's almost identical. It has a lot of space on each day to plan things out, and at the same time you have two free columns at each side to write down notes and lists.
Tumblr media
Finally my current set up. It's almost identical to the last one, but instead of two columns, I have a bit one on one side. I do have to write a few things in the very middle of the pages, but it doesn't bother me. I find this incredibly useful, and most importantily it's very simple and quick to do.
I really want to try out some new weekly set ups, and going through my old ones surely served as inspiration. I hope it was the same for you! (Also let me know what kind of preads you normally use, I am curious to find new ones!)
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peachblossomstudy · 4 months ago
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// july 🪴
soo it’s been a while since i posted anything original… sorry about that! i broke up for summer last week, but i ended up finishing school a little early because my brother got covid and we had to isolate. it’s been a bit of a stressful time and i’ve been kind of struggling with being productive, but i think i’m slowly getting myself together
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billionairebabes · 11 months ago
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Hi dolls, as 2021 quickly approaches, I’ve begun my annual new year planning. 2020 threw curveballs none of us could’ve expected but I’m grateful to have made it through it all in good health. In years past, I’ve always set resolutions and goals going into the new year but this year I wanted to take it a step further and walk into 2021 with a little more intention and planning. Here are a few things I’m doing to prepare myself. 
1. I like to start this process by showing gratitude. Though 2020 was undoubtedly tough, I still think we can all find little pockets of happiness and blessings to be grateful for. I like to create a list in one of my journals detailing all of the highlights of my year. Naturally, 2019’s list was much more exciting but I still managed to throw a few things together. Write your list and express gratitude even if it’s just the small things. You can also take this time to reflect on some things you may have wanted to do a little better and how that can look going forward in 2021. 
2. For 2021, I want to try something very different. Since I was a child, I would create New Year’s resolutions and goals that I wanted to reach for the new year. This often looked like traveling to x amount of countries, working out, gaining x amount of pounds, getting better grades, etc but it’s estimated that only 8% of people actually stick to their resolutions, and 2020 hardly even gave people the chance to try. So going into 2021, I’m shortening a usually very long goals and resolutions list and adding a list of commandments. Within these, I may include small details about how I can go about living within each commandment. Example: Instead of saying that I will date xxx amount of wealthy men in 2021, my commandment instead looks like: I will only entertain wealthy men that value me when and if I do decide to date.
Other commandment examples look like:
a. Be kind to those around you. b. Don’t argue and don’t debate with others when unnecessary. (I actually have this problem lol. Should’ve studied law) c. No casual sex 
The commandments feel more like small corrections to my behavior and lifestyle and hold a lot less pressure. I will be creating a majority of my goals on a monthly and/or quarterly basis, and this way, I feel as if I’m more likely to follow through. I’ll be creating goals from where I’m at instead of where I hope to be. I think trying to set goals for an entire year all at once is unrealistic and that’s why so many people fail at keeping them. So rather than setting these broad goals for myself for 2021, I am instead setting standards and rules by which I want to abide in my everyday life that will inadvertently help me achieve my goals. Later this month, closer to the New Year, I’ll start my January & Q1 goals. 
Note: Remember to be incredibly specific when creating goals. They should be measurable, achievable and should include a time measurement. 
3. Building a vision board. Based on #2, my vision board won’t be a vision board full of goals and that’s ok for me because I’ll be creating many digital vision boards throughout the year as I do form my goals. If you decide to try out my method in #1 then your vision board can include pictures that represent what you want your life to look like in the next year.  Think, a vision board that represents a lifestyle more so than your individual resolutions. 
Example: If one of your commandments states that you should be open to more experiences then your board may include a picture of a cool dining experience. Another alternative is a collection of pictures that inspire you or fit your “aesthetic”. There are some goals that’ll remain constant so my vision board for my life regardless of the year so my 2021 vision board will reflect that.
 - My vision board includes women I admire, confident women, high maintenance women, beauty products, historically glamorous women like Zsa Zsa Gabor and Eartha Kitt, outfits and style I want to emulate, affirmations, my favorite foods, healthy foods, interiors, and other pics that match my current and desired aesthetic. 
(2 of 10 pages of my mood board)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- I created mine on Keynote on my laptop, put it in ‘View’ mode when it was complete, and then and took screenshots. I moved those screenshots into my notes (connected to my iCloud) so that I always have access to them. Whenever I need a motivation boost, I glance at my vision board. 
4. Cleanse and organize. I like to start the new year on as much of a clean slate as I can so weeks prior to January 1st, I like to begin my deep cleaning and organizing. Here are my suggestions:
a. Clean out your closet and donate what no longer matches the look you may want go for in the new year. 
b. Reorganize and organize your closets and drawers. Fold your undies sis.  c. Do you really need all of those lotions? Have they expired? If you haven’t in a while, go through your skincare, makeup, bath, and hair products to see if they’re worth holding on to. Discard what’s expired and give away what you just might not like or didn’t work for you. 
d. If you’re in school and you’re anything like I was then you probably have entirely too many documents saved on your computer just hanging out in that downloads folder. If you don’t need a document anymore throw them away. Clear away all of the files that live on your desktop for no reason too. Organize the files you do need into folders so that they’re easier to find.  If you have a Google Drive do the same. 
e. Delete contacts you no longer need or use  f. Delete the hundreds of pictures you might’ve accumulated this year. You probably no longer need them. 
g. Back up your laptop if you haven’t in a while. 
5. My Looks. This is a category that I am always working on so it usually always makes it to my New Year prep list in some shape or form. This year my list looks something like this.
a. What investments pieces do I want to add to my wardrobe this year?  b. What staple pieces should I be adding to my wardrobe this year? c. What treatments or procedures am I looking to get this year?  d. Do I plan on trying something new with my hair this year (what wigs do I need & costs, do I want to start going to salons (do research on where you’d want to go), do I want to try color? etc.)  e. Is there anything else regarding my looks that I want to address this year? How can I do that? What do I need? 
6. The Finances $$$. I’m starting a new job in January so I’ll be replanning my finances for the next year but even if you aren’t I think this step is still useful. Here’s what my financial planning for the new year looks like: 
a. New monthly budgets  b. Research on new stocks to invest in for 2021. This research is based on the Biden presidency and what I predict will boom during his term.  c. Beauty & Maintenance Investments. What treatments (fillers, chemical peels, etc.) do I want and how much will they cost? How often do I want to get my nails and toes, hair etc. done? How much do I need to budget for that? d. Are there any personal projects I’m already planning that will require an investment?  e. Savings plans and goals 
I hope you dolls found this post helpful and I’m wishing all the blessings and luck on to all of you! May we all have a prosperous New Year and Happy Holidays 🎄🎅🏾!
xxx BJC 
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jia-ink · 8 months ago
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Tumblr media
march 8th, 2021
what a week... well, I’ll share some good things: I got a full score on my art history midterm, and my last midterm is this friday! after that I’m planning to have a proper self care day. I haven’t baked in a while... maybe I should make some strawberry cheesecake? I’ll post pictures if I do 😋what are your favorite desserts?
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picnic-blanket-delights · 5 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ 03.29.21 ]
"I’d welcome you home, then.”
I love Wolf Children~ It's one of my favorite movies of all-time. I cried my eyes out during the first half of the film when I watched it for the first time. Without spoiling, I resonate with the themes of the movie ridiculously much. 
🌻 IG: CeeJayePicnics 
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