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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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*sigh* okay, let me try to come up with something of a commissions thing. I’ll be using my main as a template.

There will be limited spots to this stuff cause again, I don’t want to make this my main form of commission jobs.

I love the regular stuff I do, and I’m still getting used to drawing this type of stuff. Please respect that I’m more sensitive to this.

In the mean time if you want to see examples of other things I do and get a feel of my style, go look at my main Instagram.

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hey y’all! god i haven’t posted on here in forever, spending today planning and chilling, clock the quarantine exam special

prepping for my second yr university exams that i will be unfortunately sitting at home and not in cambridge :((

now listening to: Houses in Motion - Talking Heads

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#2020 quarantine challenge

Week 1, Monday

Have you made a study schedule?

As of right now, I haven’t. Today the first of the new period though, so I have an excuse. I did make a tracker for my mood, if I did anything useful, going for a run, practicing flute and piano and more! It’s easy to use, which makes the chance that I’ll actually follow bigger :).

I placed an advertisement on the neighbourhood chat for tutoring for primary and secondary schoolers, which has increased my need for more planning. I’ll be making decent money, pretty useful right now!

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Hey Mishka! First off, I absolutely love Wayhaven and the LI’s. I’ve played at least 200 hours on your game!! Now, I just need to know, how do you outline or plan out interactive stories with multiple branches? Love you and hope you have a wonderful day! :D

I’d like to say with great organisation :D But it’s more a mess of notes and sheets of paper sprawled everywhere until I can make sense of it and start collating it down into a storyline!

Usually I start with the idea I have for the book, then I work on the branches for it, making sure to account for all the different ones.

There certain scenes and branches I know are definitely going in for sure, soI start with those. And then kind of just build around it!

Thank you so much for the ask and lovely message! <3

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hello :) hope you all are well

I’ve started bullet journaling again, so here’s my April spread (excuse the handwriting).

The habits I’m tracking this month are:

working out - I’m doing the Fierce at Home program on this app called SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness and trying to reach 10,000 steps everyday by walking with my dad.

no snacks - I’ve been stress/bored eating lately, so I’m trying to stop that.

brush teeth at 10 pm - ever since self-isolation began, I’ve been getting ready for bed around 12 am and going to sleep around 1:30-3:00am. This kinda messes up the next day for me because I would like to wake up at 8 am and get a decent amount of sleep.

ap review - i really need the motivation to start reviewing for my ap exams because time is passing by pretty quickly 😅.

learn korean - i’ve been slowly learning korean for the past year, and i think this is the best time to advance even further! it’s also a good break from all the school work :). my goal is to at least learn one word a day and learn new grammar once a week.

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Searching for the Right Residence (Part 1)

*Disclaimer: Everything that I express in this post is based off of my personal opinion and preference on certain things. This post is mainly just for fun (on my part) and to show how I am dealing with things for my university journey! *

As a senior in high school, university is definitely a subject that has been on my mind for a while. Thankfully, before our school switched to online learning, I managed to get accepted into my top program! Talk about good timing~~

Although my offer was conditional, a perk about it was that I was guaranteed residence! This is great because the city where my university would be is a 45 minute drive away from my home, and I would need to live there due to the distance.

Since I have some extra time during this extended break, I decided to do a bit of research into the dorm types I could possibly live in as well as calculating the approximate costs.

Estimating the Cost


Since tuition is expensive by itself, I wanted to make sure that the dorm I will live in is set at a reasonable price for the space and amenities that are provided. For this cost section alone, I was only looking at the overall price of the dorm and meal plan combined. The question of, “is it worth it?” will be discussed later!

Using the university’s website, I found all the costs for each room type as well as the price for every meal plan. Since I mainly cook for myself and I don’t eat that much on a daily basis, I opted for the minimum meal plan. For my school, people who live on campus MUST purchase a meal plan as well. That is why the prices I will be comparing will be the cost of both the meal plan and the residence.

I colour-coded the different room types with their corresponding meal plan. For the majority of the residence styles, they include meal plan A, which is around $4335 at it’s minimum price. Crazy. I know. But for the residence styles that include a kitchen, it includes the option of a reduce meal plan B, which is around $2995. I added the minimum meal plan cost and residence cost together, and boom. I got my totals~ I also colour-coded them for price range as a better visual representation.

My budget for residence is maxed out at $12 000. Even though it’s expensive, I am grateful that my family is financially stable enough to pay for it. Although off-campus housing is cheaper, my parents felt it would be safer for me to live on campus for my first year so that I could get used to the city. Based on this budget, I chose 5 dorm styles that I would be interested in living in.

Apartment — 2 Person (Double Room)


Cost: $11 320

So this is my FIRST CHOICE for residence. Not only is this the 5th cheapest style + meal plan option for me, but it is quite spacious and provides great amenities! It includes a kitchen, private bathroom, double bedroom and a living/study space!

Since I am opting for the reduced meal plan (and I just LOVE to cook in general), the kitchen will be really useful for my roommate and I. On top of that, we get a huge fridge. The reason why this is so awesome is that it is included in our residence fee. Unless you live in a residence that includes a kitchen, you would need to rent a mini fridge as an additional fee.

Another aspect that I enjoy about this dorm style is how the bedroom space and study space is separated. Although this sort of design isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I personally love it because I tend to be more focused on my work if my private sleeping space was not present. But this doesn’t mean I can’t relax in the study area! That’s right — there’s a couch. It’s honestly quite hard for me to find anything bad about this place, so hopefully I will be able to live here! Best. Place. Ever.

Apartment — 4/6 Person (Single Room)


Cost: $11 470

This room style also gives me the option of choosing a reduced meal plan, which brings down this overall price. This type of room would also be a number one choice (if I had enough roommates to request that is) because it includes a kitchen, fridge, private washroom, living room and single rooms!

The perks of a private washroom and kitchen are the same with the double room apartment, but the reason why this stands out for me is that I can get a single room for myself. I am able to get some privacy whenever I want it and I have enough space to do my own things.

Double Room with Ensuite Washroom

Cost: $11 910

Can you believe that this costs more than the other two for less space? Well that’s mainly because of the meal plan. Downsides is that this room style is quite cramped based off of past students and that you need to rent a fridge.

What I do like about this room is that the closets act as a divider between the two sides. I find that quite nice since it allows both of us to get some form a privacy.

Despite the small space for this room design, I think it wouldn’t be bad at all to live here because there are many libraries and other spaces available for students to study in! This will definitely force me to explore the university rather than stay cooped up in my room all day!

Suite — 4 Person (Single Room)


Cost: $11 995

My thoughts are the same as the apartment 4/5 person, but the only difference I’d say is that the price for this is a tad bit more expensive. I would personally consider the apartment style over the suite style for financial reasons only.

Double Room with Access to Single-User Washroom

Cost: $11 560

My friend’s brother lived in this style, and they said that it was generally a very awkward set up. The shelves that are shown in the presentation floor plan were actually right above his headboard on his bed. As a result, he would constantly hit his head on the shelf whenever he woke up! This story was quite funny to hear, but it’s quite sad if you think about it!

As I mentioned before, this cramped space shouldn’t be only seen as a setback, but rather as motivation to allow you to seek out the other parts of campus. That’s why I wouldn’t mind living here either, as long as I keep things clean for my roommate’s benefit as well.

Out of all of these options, this room is the only one that requires you to share a washroom with people who are not limited to your roommate. While I’m comfortable with sharing washrooms, I would just feel bad if I ate something unlucky one day and occupied the space for half an hour!

Closing Thoughts & Next Time

After researching a bit into these dorm styles and their costs, I am opting towards the apartment styled rooms! I believe that in relation to the other residence costs at this particular university, they’re worth the price they are set at.

Residence/roommate applications haven’t opened yet and some programs still haven’t given out their decisions yet! That is why I will continue this bit until the day I move in!

Stay safe, and I’ll see you in my next post ❤️

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in a bullet journaling rut? unsure of what to bujo? try some of these spread ideas, both conventional and unconventional, to include in your 2020 bullet journal and beyond!! 

these are categorized based on different traditional bullet journal categories.

the basics 

  • year in pixels 
  • yearly overview 
  • habit tracker 
  • sleep tracker 
  • food and drink tracker 
  • [insert year here] schedule 
  • quarterly goals 
  • water tracker 
  • bucket list 
  • resolutions/goals 
  • best of the last year/last decade

learning about yourself / covering your person

  • about me 
  • words for this year 
  • birthday wish list 
  • [amount of years you are old this upcoming birthday] i learned before [upcoming age] 
  • example: 21 things i learned before 21 
  • favorite quotes 
  • a decade in review 

caring for yourself 

  • self care ideas
  • mindfulness ideas 
  • living in quarantine practices 
  • positive affirmations
  • date ideas 
  • dates with myself 
  • i.e. things you’d like to do with yourself that you’d enjoy. or self dates 
  • things to improve on 
  • workout plan 
  • gratitude log for this year 
  • gratitude log for previous year 

life organization

  • master grocery list 
  • ideal morning routine 
  • ideal evening routine 
  • yearly achievements 
  • brain dump 
  • weekly to do 
  • monthly to do 
  • things to sell 
  • wardrobe capsule 
  • cleaning routine 
  • daily to do 

surveying your life 

  • podcasts to listen to  
  • movies to watch 
  • tv shows to watch 
  • book reviews
  • places to go 
  • things i want to buy 
  • books i want to read 
  • playlists in the works 


  • assignments due 
  • dining dollars or meal exchange budget (if you guys have those are your schools) 
  • grade calculator 
  • grade tracker 
  • attendance tracker
  • courses left to take/courses you want to take 


  • needs vs wants 
  • income tracker 
  • no spend challenge 
  • 30 days or more
  • budgeting goals 
  • no spend ideas
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I love the days when I get to do photo shoots for my artwork. Also! It’s my plant bobby just the cutest succulent ever🌵🍃🌻 Comment below your favourite activities!

#cutesyday #cuteaesthetic #pinkaesthetic #tiktokvideo #succulents #plantlover #bobbytheplant #photoshoot #howitakephotosofart #artsyvideo #planningmyday #planning #traditonalart #artphotoshoot

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“Day 18 - 4/1/2020” it is 3:24am. I woke with breathlessness. Slightly hyperventilating. Thinking something was stuck in my throat. It was only anxiety. I rarely experience feelings of true anxiousness. Times like these I have reasons to worry. I looked at my iPhone and saw it was April 1. Traditionally known in the US as April Fool’s Day. I love a good laugh but I woke just now hoping that everything occurring the past weeks was some huge April Fool’s joke. I anxiously checked my email, social media, texts in WhatsApp for any signs that my wish was true. It wasn’t. COVID-19 is real. It’s ruining lives physically, emotionally & economically. I dreamed a waking dream and it was merely a fool’s hope unfulfilled. RONIM Art Studio, Harlem, NYC.

Work by CMinor for RONIM. Copyrighted.

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Just trying to figure out wardrobes for my DCSHG customs. My eraser is so crappy. In order: Huntress, Renee Montoya, Batwoman, and Zatanna.

I found a few promising ebay listings for Barbie clothes, but I’m going to have to dig my mom’s childhood Barbie out of storage to do size comparisons, since I somehow didn’t bring a single Barbie with me when I came down here? Got one Barbie head, I think.

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