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savethedots a day ago
Hi, I had a fight with my best friend. I miss them very much, now. Which makes me sad. To give them a subtle hint, I posted a pic of plants and the plant emoji馃尡 because this is our thing.
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[2 days apart! It鈥檚 like: I miss you! - I miss you, too鈥ut no talk me, I angy! rightfully, tho!]
Did it work? No. Did I get more dramatic? Absolutely!
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[鈥hey really were pining idiots before they got their shit together. Both of them!馃檲]
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philamuseum 9 days ago
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This post is for the plant parents. Happy Houseplant Appreciation Day!
"Cactus," 1931, by Charles Sheeler聽
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amyriadfthings 12 days ago
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i miss dua麓s and aurora麓s parents 馃尡馃馃尶馃挌
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talkingtomyhouseplants a month ago
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My Philodendron Birkin is giving me a white leaf. 馃挌
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I always appreciate any new leaf effort from my plants, regardless of any abnormalities. This included the full white leaves (non-patterned chimeral variegation).
Later I'll explain what a chimeral variegation means. 馃馃
Do you keep the abnormal leaves on your plants? Or your cut them off?
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randomreasonstolive 9 months ago
Reason to Live #5392
聽 Finding that one perfect plant for your room! 鈥 Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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genshinimpactful a year ago
Tartaglia: I'm having trouble deciding which would be a good fit for our family. Adoption is so difficult!
Lumine: We've been here for hours. Please just pick a plant already.
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unscharf-an-den-raendern 9 months ago
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prophesies4professions 3 months ago
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elements of water and air suggest that you focus on something positive today, especially if life's been dragging you down.
hobbiest gardeners, consider this a sign to play in the dirt today!
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r3ib0t 8 months ago
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Recent photos I took for The Potted Earth Co. Even though these photos are not too different from the last but the story behind it is definitely special. So, it鈥檚 been a year since I have created product content for them which I have figured out some shadow and lighting techniques on the way. Definitely thankful for their belief in my talents to experiment and create, so lead them to title me their creative director. =)))))
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jazzybitch 12 months ago
let鈥檚 keep the train going...quarantine spam?
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whereismymonsterlover 8 months ago
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What's wrong with my plant!!?? I have a bigger pot ready for them and I'm gonna be taking the babies out too but I'm just worried about the severe browning and curling of the stems.
Is it lack of sun or sunburn? Here in the UK, it got hotter and brighter quite suddenly so I think it's just got a little heat-shock.
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honeyricemagic a year ago
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lunatens a year ago
plant parents
word count: 0.9k
genre: flufffff with maybe a TINY bit of angst at the beginning
pairing: seo changbin x gender neutral reader
requested by anon <3
a/n: ayyyyy i鈥檓 back baybees!!! here to finally return to writing!! it鈥檚 been so long and i really missed y鈥檃ll and being on tumblr so i鈥檓 really happy to finally have to motivation and excitement to write again! i鈥檓 a little rusty so i hope this is okay oof
song rec: wildflower - 5 seconds of summer
the steady rainfall outside mirrors your mood as you lie on the couch wrapped up in a billion blankets, pouting at the empty shelf by the window. it had been two days since your plant died and yes, it was just a plant, but it鈥檚 still sad! you can鈥檛 help but stare longingly at where the cute lil pot used to sit, remembering how the curly vines looped down from the shelf. you鈥檇 had the plant for a while; you got it as a graduation present from your parent ages ago; it was before you even met changbin, let alone moved in with him. it鈥檚 safe to say this plant was your baby, so of course, you鈥檙e a little sad it鈥檚 gone--you鈥檒l get over it, but while you sit here and wait for your boyfriend to get home from the grocery store you can鈥檛 help but reminisce on all the things that happened in your life in the long time you had this plant.
you鈥檙e shaken from your deep thoughts by the sound of keys in the door, and you roll over in your nest to watch changbin shuffle in, kicking his shoes off and shaking the raindrops from his hair.
鈥渨hat are you doing, babe?鈥 he asks as he places the grocery bags on the kitchen counter.
鈥渋鈥檓 in mourning, binnie,鈥 you say dramatically, pulling a blanket over your head to hide under the covers.
鈥渋 have something that might cheer you up,鈥 he says, and you feel his weight on the couch beside you. 鈥渃ome out from under there, silly,鈥 he teases as he tugs a little on the blanket covering you. you wiggle out from underneath, cheeks flushed from the warmth, only to gasp at what you see before you. changbin sits with a small potted plant in his hands, and when you make eye contact he holds it out to you with a shy smile.
鈥渋 know you鈥檙e upset about your old plant dying, so i thought maybe it鈥檚 time for a new one. and uh, maybe, maybe we could raise this one together..鈥 he says the last part more quietly, a little bit shy about the idea of being plant parents with you. you take the tiny plant into your hands, studying its little leaves and tiny buds that are on the brink of blooming into some sort of flower. you鈥檙e honestly rendered speechless, and your heart feels like it could burst from changbin鈥檚 thoughtfulness, and you鈥檙e so touched you kinda forget to respond to changbin.
鈥渙r uh, it can totally just be your plant if you don鈥檛 want to raise it toge--鈥
鈥渘o! no, sorry changbin i just--thank you,鈥 you say, blinking away happy tears. you carefully place the plant on the floor beside you and leap forward to tackle changbin in a fierce hug. changbin giggles and hugs you back just as tightly, and for a while, you just sit there straddling him as you hold each other, you breathe in the scent of rain and cologne on his hoodie and find yourself wondering how the heck you got so lucky.
eventually, you lift your head off his shoulder to look into his eyes. 鈥渋 love you so much, changbin,鈥 you say as you brush a damp curl of hair from his forehead. he looks at you back, taking in your sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks and mess of hair and just the way you look at him like he鈥檚 the only thing you need, and he thinks his heart must鈥檝e stopped beating for a second because it鈥檚 impossible for anyone to love you as much as he does.
鈥渋 love you too, y/n.鈥 he responds, voice almost a whisper as his hand on the back of your head gently pulls you towards him and your lips meet in a soft kiss, gentle and delicate but so full of love and happiness. you break the kiss for a second because you can鈥檛 stop smiling, and changbin bites his lip in an attempt to stop himself from smiling too (needless to say, he fails miserably and the two of you can鈥檛 help but lightly giggle at each other). you pull him back in for more kisses, these ones deeper and more passionate than the first. your hands slowly make their way to his chest (you鈥檒l never get tired of feeling his muscles jfgndkjdf) and his come to rest on your hips.
changbin suddenly pulls away after a while, and you pout at the absence of his lips.
鈥渨hat are you gonna name your plant?鈥 he asks quietly, and you can鈥檛 help but let out a loud laugh at his question.
鈥渢hat鈥檚 what you鈥檙e thinking about right now?鈥 you ask, staring down at his flushed cheeks and swollen lips. he shrugs in response, 鈥渋鈥檓 curious.鈥
you take a moment to think about it, then an idea hits you. 鈥渉ow about 鈥榖innie鈥?鈥 you suggest. changbin sheepishly laughs, flattered you want to name it after him. 鈥渋t鈥檚 up to you, it鈥檚 your plant,鈥 he replies, although the blush on his cheeks says he loves it.
鈥渢echnically it鈥檚 our plant--we鈥檙e raising it together, remember. but, i鈥檓 making the executive decision that binnie is the perfect name,鈥 you say, pleased with yourself.
鈥渂innie it is,鈥 changbin agrees, now pulling you back towards him. 鈥渋 can鈥檛 wait to be plant parents with you,鈥 he mumbles between kisses. 鈥渕e too,鈥 you agree--there鈥檚 no one in the entire world you鈥檇 rather raise a plant with than the boy you have in your arms right now.
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talkingtomyhouseplants 18 days ago
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Happy New Plant Year! 馃槀
May 2022 bring you so many pups, seeds to sprout, current babies to grow, flowers and hopefully bugs to stay the f*ck away! 馃挌
I also hope this is a new year of learning and experimenting, my favorite part of loving plants. If you want to become a better plant parent, learn more about plant care and more, please feel free to DM me. I'm here to help! 馃挭馃徑馃挌馃
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thegirlthatcanopenjars a year ago
A barrage of plant posts
These photos are not mine. I got them from one of my gardening groups. I guess it sums up what plant 馃尡 newbies need to know.
馃摳 : credits to the owners/s
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toomacnairtocare a year ago
@lily-actiobellica鈥 Location; greenhouse four
Generally speaking, Walden didn鈥檛 care about most things. Grades only mattered as long as he passed his classes, rumors only mattered if they upset his friends, the rising tension only mattered as to what it let him get away with breaking. As for blood status, it didn鈥檛 really matter at all. Everyone鈥檚 blood looked the same staining the floorboards. Why would he care where it came from?
Which was to say, in the long and short of it, people most of his House couldn鈥檛 stand for arbitrary reasons generally didn鈥檛 bother him. Take Lily Evans for example. She wasn鈥檛 innately terrible in the end of it all. The sun didn鈥檛 shine out of her ass like Sev claimed when they were younger but she was passable. Plus she knew loads about plants. Walden could appreciate that in a person.
鈥淪o, partner,鈥 he said after Professor Sprout had paired them all together and given out the parameters of the assignment, 鈥測ou ready to be plant parents for a month?鈥
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thoughts-of-the-unheard a year ago
oho for the past four or five years i havent carved pumpkins for halloween ive just painted them or let them be and ive had ones for over a year after i initially bought them but when they start to get squishy i would just throw them over the porch railing into the little stretch of garden that was previously never used but since then my mom has tried grow things like mint and sunflowers but all we have is huge strands of pumpkin vines that grown out of the two square foot garden and nearly halfway across our admittedly small yard so weve accidently become pumpkin plant parents
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ew-succulents 2 years ago
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I decapitated her because she got too tall due to not getting enough light in the winter months and now she is showing me so much love!!
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amaryllisjewel 2 years ago
Tips for New Plant Parents
1.) Don鈥檛 buy something crazy to plant as your first choice. You need to get the hang of planting and caring for plants before you go all out.
2.) Know your plant鈥檚 needs. How much water should it have? How much sunlight does it need? Does it like hot or cold? Do you need a big pot or a little pot?
3.) Consider outside factors. Do you have a pet or child(ren) who might harm the plant?
4.) Make sure the water can properly drain from your plant鈥檚 pot. You do not want to drown your plant. Its roots could rot.
5.) Keep a watering/care schedule. Your plant baby deserves and needs attention, some more than others.
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