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love-me-a-good-prompt · 2 days ago
More non-sexual intimate scenarios to insert your characters into:
Person A tucking Person B into bed
Person A clasping Person B's necklace
Person A checking, at Person B's request, to see if Person B has bad breath
Person A and Person B trying on each other's clothes
Person A accompanying Person B to a doctor's appointment
Person A helping Person B clean / organize their house / apartment / room
Person A and Person B sleeping in the same bed together (just sleeping)
Person A checking Person B's hair for ticks / lice
Person A taking Person B's measurements to fit them for a custom garment
Person A making a playlist / mixtape for Person B
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londonsaysstuff · 2 days ago
hi london ! how are you?? before you ask, i’m doing well, i’ve been in a better spot mentally and physically and it’s very exciting for me. do you think you could do headcanons of everyone with a s/o(or friend in the case of platonic ccs) that have tics? verbal and physical :)) thank you !! ~ 🪐
:0. i'm glad your doing well! :D
CC's x gn!reader who has tics
People Mentioned: Dream, Georgenotfound, Sapnap, Tommyinnit, Tubbo, Wilbur Soot, Jack Manifold, Ranboo, Fundy Type: Platonic TW: Swearing, Tics
he tries not to bring up any of your tics
or repeat any of your verbal ones
when you two go out together
he tells the server that you have tics
if your comfy with him telling the server
he will also try to spread awareness on his socials <3
"hey, its ok. I know you can't control them"
dreams gonna make sure you feel loved
even if you have any hurtful tics
he's gonna ask a lot of questions
and i mean
of questions about your tics
"they have tics, chat. they can't control that."
mans is gonna defend you
against everyone
if your comfy with it
he might call one
or more
of your tics cute
"here, I made you some of your favourite food"
he's gonna make you
your favourite food on bad tic days
and try to make you as comfy as possible
when i say that sapnap will fight anyone
PEOPLE when they insult you or your tics
mans will be throwing punches and shit
he will also make sure you feel loved
no matter what your tics may be
protective boy
will also fight people who insult your tics
and call out people in his chat who insult you
and perma ban them
"its ok if you have tics."
he's gonna spread
and be so so so very very supportive of you :))
hes also gonna ask lots of questions about tics
"wait, what are your tics?"
tubbo will want to know what your tics are
so he knows if your ticing
your actually speaking/gesturing to him
he's gonna play you some songs
to make you feel better on bad tic days
hes gonna make sure that you know he loves you for who you are :)
"Darling, do you need anything?"
mans will make sure your as comfy as possible
and make sure your as loved as you can be <3
mans is very supportive of you :D
will also make you food and bring it to you
no matter the occasion
back rubs unlimited for you
"what are tics?"
confused boy
you probably have to explain what tics are to him
several times
but he still supports you
even when he forgets what tics are
mans will spread so much awareness to your tics
and tics in general
hes also gonna ban anyone disrespecting you in his chat
he's gonna wanna know what your tics are
"i know what tics are, but which tics do you have?"
will also spread SO much awareness
and ban idiots in his chat
who make you uncomfy
because he wants you to be has comfy as possible :)
he also doesn't know what tics are-
but he's gonna try to understand as best as he can
"chat, chat. they have tics. if you make them uncomfortable, I will ban you"
and he wont hesitate to ban his chat
will ask if you need anything
a lot
he wants you to be very comfy
and makes sure your loved :D
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m0th-writ3s · a day ago
Reader who’s good at baking trying to teach Tubbo and/or Ranboo how to bake a cake (on stream or not, you can decide)
thanks for the request! i made the reader gender neutral, but you can send in another request if you’d like the pronouns changed and i’ll go back and edit it! Also a lot of it is beeduo at the start for some reason, and also i had trouble at the very end so dont ask about the conclusion lmao.
Tumblr media
Baking with BeeDuo
“Hey chat!” Y/N greeted, turning around and scanning the ingredients that Tubbo, Ranboo, and them had put out before starting stream. They checked over a mental checklist of everything they would need before turning around and introducing the stream.
“Today i’m here with Tubbo and Ranboo, and we’re going to bake a cake from scratch!”
The two boys, who were behind Y/N, both gave a quick wave to the camera.
After talking to chat for a bit Y/N turned around and grabbed a medium sized bowl, turning back to Tubbo and Ranboo telling them to get all the dry ingredients.
“Okay so lets put in like 3 cups of flour first?” They say, as Tubbo reaches over and grabs the cup measurements, shoving his hand into the bag of flour and dumping three cups of flour into the bowl Y/N was holding.
After he was done, he put down the cup and grabbed a handful of flour, smudging it across Ranboo’s forehead, quietly laughing to himself.
Ranboo looks down to the shorter boy in surprise, hesitating slightly before he took a handful of flower, throwing it at him.
“Revenge, loser!” He laughs as Tubbo looks down on his blue sweater, which was now stained white with flour.
“You little-” he starts saying as he reaches out to grab another handful of flour, before Y/N takes the bag and closes it, putting it inside the cabinet they got it out of.
“No fighting, children.”
“I’M LITERALLY OLDER THEN YOU WHAT DO YOU-” Tubbo starts, before Y/N places a finger to his lip and shushes him.
“Anyways,” They then look back at Tubbo while saying “my children,” with a slight smirk.
“Next lets add like 3 cups of sugar, preferably without making a mess.” They chuckle.
Ranboo turns towards the ingredients they put out on the counter and grabs the bag of sugar, opening it, grabbing the 1 cup measurement and pouring the sugar into the bowl.
“One, two, thre- OH MY GOD TUBBO WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THE SPATULA-” He yells as Tubbo runs at him full speed, jumping onto him as both of them tumble onto the floor out of view from the camera.
“Okay, so next is 1 1/2 cups cocoa powder.” Y/N said, ignoring Tubbo, whos still on the floor attacking Ranboo and laughing manically. And Ranboo, who is screeching and begging for help. Both boys still out of view of the camera.
They were finally done with putting all of the ingredients together, which shouldn’t have taken long, except it took them two hours. You’d think the hard part was done, but then Y/N screeched “Okay, so next, pour it into the pans- NO TUBBO DONT FLIP THE BOWL ONTO IT-” Tubbo, who’s baking experience amounted to random cooking shows he’d watched flipped the entire bowl of batter into a cake pan.
Y/N quickly flipped the bowl back into place, deciding to take over from there as those two most definitely didn’t know what they were doing.
Finally, after a bit of struggle, they had three cake pans full of chocolate cake mix.
“Okay, were almost done now, now can one of you open the oven?” Y/N, who was carrying two cake pans because of Tubbo’s thoughts on the cake batter.
“they look disgusting, i’m not touching that shit”, he’d said looking at the pans in disgust.
Ranboo swooped under Y/Ns arm and opened the oven, setting the cake pan he was holding onto one of the shelves, turning away with a ‘there we go’ and waiting for Y/N to put theirs in.
After they had cleaned up, they had 20 minutes to make frosting while the cake finished baking.
“Okay, so we’re going to make a really easy to make frosting because…well-” Y/N said, taking a glance at Ranboo and Tubbo on their right, both of them had mock insulted expressions. Or so you’d assume Ranboo did, because of the mask and glasses.
“Okay, 3/4th cups of butter and 6 cups of sugar for it!” They said, turning to get the 3/4th measurement while Ranboo grabbed the 1 cup measurement.
Ranboo took out the huge bag of confectioners sugar and started counting out the cups. When he was done, he turned to Y/N, who had just finished pouring in the melted butter, and tackled them to the ground, while grabbing a handful of the sugar and throwing it onto them.
“Revenge for not helping me with Tubbo, loser!” He yelled as Y/N screeched on the floor.
Tubbo looked down at them, grabbed another handful of the sugar and threw it onto both of them, causing them to stop their little fight, turn to Tubbo, and jump onto him.
“Y/N- RANBOO DONT DO THIS NO- AHHHH” Tubbo squealed out, as he was being tackled to the ground by the both of them.
After they had frosted the cake, Ranboo had flour all over his sunglasses, mask, and top part of his shirt. Y/N had sugar all over their pants, and Tubbo- well he was covered head to toe in both flour and sugar.
The trio ended stream with a couple laughs and a goodbye to chat.
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Queerplatonic culture is saying you're not really into shipping unless you count platonic ships (you have A LOT of those, hahaha), and then realizing about half of those platonic ships don't quite fit most people's definition of “platonic.”
yep, same here-
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made-by-jade-222 · a day ago
First-Year, Third-Year
Mirio x Reader
Lers! Mirio, Reader, Izuku, Uraraka
Lees! Izuku, Uraraka, Reader, Mirio
Length: 🍨
Mirio Togata, everyone’s favorite third year. Well, that’s what you teasingly called him sometimes to bug him. But he’d always smile and ruffle your hair, saying that you were everyone’s favorite first year. The two of you had met when he and Nejire, and Tamaki, the big three, had been introduced to your class, 1-A.
You, like everyone else, had gotten your butt handed to you after battling with him. After the match, everyone hit the showers. You were one of the last to leave though, and dragged your feet coming out of the locker room. As you walked out, you noticed two of your best friends, Izuku and Uraraka, walking away with Tamaki and Nejire.
“There you are!”
You jumped out of your skin, gasping sharply and holding a hand over your heart as you turned and saw who was behind you. “M-Mirio! You scared me!” you breathed, smiling a little.
He laughed and put a hand on your shoulder. “Sorry about that, heh. You okay?” he asked.
“It was only a jumpscare.”
“What? Oh, hahaha! No, I meant in general. You seemed pretty down after our match, and you were one of the last to leave. The Senseis had things to do, so Nejire, Tamaki and I volunteered to wait for you guys,” he said as you both started walking towards the door.
“Oh, you didn’t have to do that,” you said, slightly embarrassed. “I’m okay I guess. I mean, I just got my butt handed to me, who wouldn’t be discouraged?”
“But Y/N, I’m a third year. I have a lot more experience than you.”
“Yeah, and I get that…but I feel like I could have done a lot better,” you said, pausing in the doorway.
He turned around and frowned at your crestfallen expression. “Did you do your best?” he asked.
You looked up, not expecting that reply. “Huh?”
“I said, did you do your best?”
“Well, yeah. Of course I did.”
He beamed. “Then there’s nothing to be upset about! That’s all we ever wanted. Me, my friends, and the Senseis. We wanted your best, not perfection. And for the record, I think you all did a great job. Seriously! You guys are much farther ahead than other first years we’ve faced off with,” he said, then held his hand out to you. “Now come on, it’s almost time for dinner. And I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse!”
You couldn’t help smiling a little at his goofiness and encouraging words. You took his hand and then jumped down the four steps that led into the building. You headed back to your dorm, and were pleased to find out that he, Nejire, and Tamaki were all staying for dinner.
You, Izuku, and Uraraka caught most of their attention and ended up chatting with them for most of the night before they had to head back to their dorm. Soon after that, you six kept bumping into each other. Fate seemed to want you to hang out, and who were you to argue with it? It didn’t take long, but a sibling relationship developed between you all. You gravitated towards Mirio, Izuku to Nejire (which was incredible considering a lot of girls made him nervous, but he felt comfortable around her, though why he did nobody knew), and Uraraka to Tamaki. She was really good at getting him to come out of his shell, which absolutely blew Mirio and Nejire away. How could a little first year who hadn’t known him for that long do what had taken them two years?
The Senseis, once they were sure your relationship didn’t cause any favoritism when it came to training, adored your relationship with each other and thought it was rather endearing.
“Sho, sho! Look! Look at them!” Yamada whispered, pointing towards the common room.
Aizawa, who was working at the kitchen table, looked up to see Uraraka and Tamaki talking calmly. Tamaki was holding the yarn around his hands, while Uraraka crocheted what looked like a blanket. “Aw,” Aizawa said quietly, his grumpy exterior crumbling and giving away into a smile. “That’s adorable.”
Yamada giggled. “Isn’t it?”
“Yeah. She’s really doing him some good, helping him come out of his shell. I’ve seen a change in his confidence level on patrols and missions.”
“I hope this continues, if I don’t die from cuteness first.”
“Heh, yeah.”
Tamaki must have unintentionally said something funny, because Uraraka suddenly went into a fit of giggles. He smiled, then started laughing quietly as well. Yamada clutched his heart and slowly fell to the floor, dying from cuteness. Aizawa just went back to his work, grinning like an idiot.
Toshinori was pleasantly surprised to see Izuku warming up to Nejire, and hoped that being close friends with her would help him be more comfortable around girls. And it did! Plus the two got along really well and always had a great time together.
“Midoriya, slow down. Give yourself a break. We’ve been working for hours,” Nejire said. They were both doing their own homework, but she’d stopped occasionally to help him out. It was a nice day outside, so they were working at one of the outdoor picnic tables in the backyard while having lemonade, apple slices, peanut butter, and cookies.
“But I have to understand this concept for the test!” Izuku said.
She put her hand on the book, blocking his reading. “You’ve got another three days. It’s not gonna kill you to give yourself a break. Besides, your brain probably needs a break too. I’m sure it’s well beyond fried at this point and needs time to rest and actually absorb the information.”
He pouted.
She poked his cheek a few times. “Take a break,” she said.
He snorted, unable to keep from smiling. “Okay, okay,” he agreed, shutting his book and setting it aside. She did the same.
“You haven’t even touched your snack!” she gasped. “You’d better hurry before I eat it all!”
After munching on cookies and apples with peanut butter, then washing it down with some lemonade, Nejire pulled out a little notepad.
“Let’s play mad libs!” she said.
Izuku frowned.
“Oh come on! It’ll be fun!”
“I don’t know…”
“What, think I can’t come up with funny stuff?”
She gasped. “You challenge me? How dare you sir! Just you wait, Izuku Midoriya! I’ll make you laugh so hard that all the freckles come off your face!”
And a few minutes later, both of them were in stitches. And there wasn’t a cookie left in sight.
“Hey Y/N! Whatcha up to?” Mirio asked, coming into the study room. It was empty save for you two.
You glanced up from your book. “Oh nothing,” you sighed. “Just reading. There’s nothing else to do.”
“What? Do I detect a hint of boredom in your voice?” he asked.
You smiled a little and shut your book, then stood up and stretched. “Yeah, a little. I did all my chores, finished all my homework, literally everything. I’ve got time to kill until it’s time to eat, so I decided to come in here and read.”
“Doesn’t look like you’re having much fun,” he said, picking up the book. “Hmm. Doesn’t look too bad.
You gasped as he opened the book to the page you’d marked, which just so happened to be a steamy romance scene. You blushed and covered your face with a groan.
He blushed a little himself, but laughed when he saw your face. “Y/N! You shouldn’t be reading stuff like this!” he tried to scold, but was too amused for it to take much effect. “I know you want a significant other, but geez!”
You pouted and playfully smacked his arm. “You’re the worst,” you grumbled half-heartedly.
He put the book back on the table, then patted your head, making you pout even more. “I love you too,” he said, grinning widely. “So, what do you wanna do now? Ooh, you know what I’ve always wanted to do in a library?”
“Have a dance party!”
“Are you serious?”
“Yeah! Because normally you’re supposed to be quiet, but we’re the only two in here! So why not?”
Both of you were terrible dancers, well, Mirio was. You were slightly better than him because of the dance lessons you’d gotten from Mina, and from playing Just Dance with the Sero and Kaminari. Somehow he’d gotten a pair of ridiculous hot pink shutter glasses and a pink plastic lei, and you’d gotten a headband made out of glow sticks around your head, and a purple plastic lei.
“Hahahaha! The sprinkler?” you asked, leaning against a bookshelf for support while you laughed. “You dance like a dad!” you giggled, walking up to him.
“Excuse you, I dance a lot better than that,” Aizawa said.
The two of you screamed and you jumped into Mirio’s arms like scooby doo. Aizawa tried so hard not to laugh, but ultimately failed and leaned against the door to support himself as he cracked up, partly covering his face. But you could see the corner of a smile and his eyes crinkled up, sparkling with mirth. And it was amazing.
“Come on you two,” he said, trying to stop laughing. He took a breath. “And don’t ever let me catch you goofballs doing that again. There are plenty of places to party, and the study room is not one of them.”
He knew you’d heard him, but had a feeling that his words fell on deaf ears since the two of you were too busy giggling and celebrating the fact that you’d made him laugh.
While you, Izuku, and Uraraka gravitated towards one person in particular, you all loved switching it up and spending time with everyone. Izuku and Tamaki usually body doubled, aka they spent time in the same room together and sometimes talked as they did their own thing. He and Mirio would throw the football around or train together, usually doing outdoor athletic activities when they weren’t playing board games. Uraraka would do Mirio’s makeup, hair and nails, and they’d often watch cartoons together. Nejire would take her out shopping, and they’d go to the pool, or just sit and cuddle while Nejire read to her.
You and Tamaki would do puzzles together, play video games, or play with Aizawa and Yamada-Sensei’s cats. You and Nejire would bake together, or just talk, or play video games together.
It was a lazy Friday afternoon, and everyone had dispersed to do their own thing, whether that be homework, gaming, cooking, whatever they liked. You, Izuku, Uraraka, and the Big 3 had planned to meet up in the study room and do homework, then follow up with a few episodes of your favorite TV show.
You walked in with a bowl of popcorn and a couple sodas, grinning at the sight before you. Mirio sat sandwiched between Tamaki and Nejire and was currently pulling Izuku and Uraraka onto his lap, one arm each. The two of them were giggling and squirming, trying to get out of his grip as he started tickling them.
“Hey now, I told you I was gonna tickle you if you didn’t stop arguing,” he said, grinning brightly as they giggled like children, futilely trying to escape the hands kneading and tickling their sides.
From what you’d heard, Izuku was taking too long to type in the name of the TV show in the search bar, and Uraraka was trying to take the remote from him and do it herself.
“Ahahahahaha! Mirioooo!” Izuku whined through his giggles.
“Plehehehehease! It tihihihickles!” Uraraka managed to say.
Tamaki was smiling slightly, and Nejire was outright grinning and taking a few pictures to send to your group chat. You sat down at the coffee table and happily munched on popcorn as you watched your friends get tickled silly, if they could get tickled any sillier than they already were that is. Izuku was the first to escape, leaving Uraraka to be tickled by their captor.
“Deku! You trahahahahaitor!” Uraraka giggled as she felt Mirio tickle up her sides and into her armpits.
“Haha! Sorry!” Izuku called, running off.
Nejire and Tamaki exchanged a look, then got up and followed after him once he was out of sight, tho Tamaki was lagging behind shyly until Nejire grabbed his arm and pulled him along with her.
Mirio lightly pushed Uraraka onto the couch, and she landed on her stomach. He tickled up her spine, then went back to her armpits, adding the slightest bit of extra pressure to get her really laughing.
“Told ya I was gonna getcha!” he teased. “I told you I was gonna tickle you! And if there’s one thing I know, it’s that I never go back on my word!”
“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Uraraka writhed and squirmed as her spine was poked, prodded, squeezed and tickled, and she was defenseless to stop it. She managed to roll onto her back and tried to sit up and stop him, but she was laughing too much. And the silly faces Mirio was making certainly didn’t help things. “EHEHEHEHEHEHE!”
“Something funny?” he asked, tickling her tummy.
She snorted. “Tihihihihihickles!”
“Tickles are really funny, yeah! Hahaha!” he said, then sat up and gave her knee a few squeezes as a proud Nejire and shy but smiling Tamaki dragged in a blushing, giggling and squirming Izuku.
“Guys! Lehehemme gooo!” he pleaded, knowing he was next.
Mirio stopped tickling Uraraka and helped her sit up. “You okay?” he asked, then pulled her into a big hug once she’d nodded. “Oh, hey Y/N!” he said. “Stay put. You’re next!”
You hid your smile behind your hands. “Why does he have to be so casual about it?” you asked Uraraka, who was still panting a little and drinking one of the sodas you’d brought.
She smiled. “Probably because he knows it flusters us,” she said. “You know, I don’t think we’ve ever really tickled Mirio back.”
“We have sometimes, but it’s never been crazy, not like when he tickles us. We give him pokes and light tickles because he always overpowers us,” you said, then turned back to the others as squeal pierced the air.
Mirio was slowly stalking towards Izuku with his hands formed into claws, grinning evilly. Izuku giggled and squirmed in his captor’s hold but the two had a pretty good grip on him.
“Here comes the tickle monster!” Nejire teased in Izuku’s ear.
“I’m gonna getcha!” Mirio teased. “I’m gonna getcha!”
Izuku screamed with laughter as Mirio kneaded his hips. “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NAHAHAHAHA!”
The three third years laughed, even Tamaki, who was actually having a lot of fun. Even though he personally enjoyed being tickled, it was nice not to be on the receiving end.
“STAHAHAHAHAP!” Izuku cried, and instantly Tamaki let him go, giving him just enough leeway to wiggle out of Nejire’s grip and run away with Mirio chasing after him.
“Get back here, freckles!” Mirio called. “I’m not done with you yet!”
Nejire pouted and poked Tamaki in the stomach a few times, making him giggle. “Did you do that on purpose?” she asked.
He grinned shyly. “Uh, ehehe! Mahahaybe…”
You leaned back on your elbows and watched with delight as she forced him back onto the couch, giving him tickly pokes all the while.
Izuku ran into the room and tried to hide behind the other couch, but his hair stuck out from the top of it and gave him away.
“Hmmm...where did Midoriya go?” Mirio wondered loudly, sauntering into the room. “Is he...under the table? No. Hmmm. Is he...behind the curtain? No. HMMM. Is he...behind the couch? Aha! Gotcha!”
Izuku shrieked as he was lifted up and playfully tossed onto the couch. Mirio chuckled and tickled his sides, occasionally using one hand to knead his thigh.
“Tickletickletickletickle!” he teased. “Who’s a ticklish future hero, huh? Who’s a ticklish future hero? Is it you? I think it’s you, cause you’re laughing an awful lot!”
Izuku was blushing and giggling relentlessly, batting at Mirio’s tickling hands. “Eeeahahahahahahaha! Mehehehehehehe!” he answered, making Mirio pause, unable to keep from laughing.
“Not only are you ticklish, but you’re also cute,” he said, ruffling Izuku’s hair.
Izuku beamed and jumped up from the couch, surprising him with a big hug. After which Mirio turned to you while Izuku went to join the cuddle pile on the couch with the others.
“Aw, is someone feeling a little left out?” Mirio asked teasingly, kneeling next to you.
“No,” you lied, avoiding eye contact.
Mirio sat next to you and poked your stomach a few times. “Are you sure?” he asked. “You’re sulking.”
You hadn’t even noticed that you’d stopped smiling. You were laying back and leaning on your elbows, but found it hard to keep yourself upright at the endless assault of tickly pokes. “Pfft! M-Mirio!” you sputtered, desperately trying to keep it together.
“Yes, Y/N?” he asked.
When his finger poked your belly button and tickled there, it was over. You fell back onto the floor, giggling hysterically.
“Noooohohohoho! Nahahahat the behehelly button! Ehehehehe!”
Mirio chuckled. “Yes, the belly button! Tickle, tickle, tickle! I love your laugh, Y/N,” he said, using one hand to knead your ribs on your left side.
“See? It just lights up a room! Ehehe! Who’s my giggly, ticklish little buddy? Huh?”
You felt like giggly jello, the tickly sensations switching to your knees and thighs all of a sudden. “STAHAHAHAHAP TEHEHEASING! I’M NAHAHAHAT A DOHOHOHOG!” you shrieked, severely flustered.
“Are you sure? Because you suuuure look like a cute little puppy right now!”
Mirio shrugged and moved to pull your feet in his lap, ignoring your pleas.
“Nononono! No tickles there! Plehehehease!”
He glanced over you and raised an eyebrow slightly, then smirked when you groaned and hid your face behind your hands. He, being the mean friend he was, made you wait for a good ten seconds before he finally started tickling your socked feet. Darn those thin socks. They didn’t protect you at all.
“Man, what a ticklish pair of feet you have, Y/N! Tickletickletickle!”
“Ahahahahahaha! Behehehe quiet!”
He gasped dramatically. “Did you just…?!?!” he asked incredulously. “Ohhhh you’re in for it now!”
You howled with laughter as he tickled your belly button again, and only your belly button for a solid minute. Then he used one had to knead your hip.
“EEEK! AHAHAHAHAHAAAA! I’M SAHAHAHARREHEHEHE!” you cackled, kicking your legs wildly and rolling around on the floor.
Mirio could tell you were reaching your limit, so he slowed down and gave you a few light, playful tickles on your sides before stopping completely. “You okay?” he asked. “I tickled you pretty good, if I do say so myself.”
You lay on the floor, on your back, panting. “Whew! Yeah, I’m good!” You said, slowly pushing yourself up. He hugged you and briefly massaged your scalp as he did, because he knew you loved it. And sometimes one of your friends would lovingly tease you about it because if someone scratched your scalp, you’d practically melt.
“I’ll get you back,” you mumbled as you pulled away.
Mirio snorted. “Sure buddy, suuure,” he teased.
Little did you know that Uraraka had been whispering to Izuku about what you’d said earlier. And once he said that, it seemed like the perfect cue for them to pounce.
Mirio yelped in surprise as he was suddenly tackled by two first years. You jumped back, then grinned evilly when you realized what was gonna happen.
“Aw yeah!” you cheered. “Let’s get ‘im!”
The three of you pounced on him and all started tickling at once. You at his armpits, Uraraka at his right side, Izuku at his left.
Mirio burst into adorable, squeaky giggles as he was attacked with tickles. “Gahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahaha!”
The three of you smiled and teased him as he squirmed around on the floor, trying and failing to roll away from the tickles.
“Tickle, tickle!”
“Muahahaha! I’m gonna getcha! Now you’ve been got!”
“Take this, tickle monster!”
Mirio rolled onto his stomach, only to have his spine, sides and hips targeted.
“Nohohohohohohohoho! Dahahahahahad! Dohohohohohon’t!” Mirio laughed and kicked his legs like a child throwing a tantrum.
“Don’t what?” Izuku asked, tickling underneath his knees.
“Tihihihihickle mehehehehe!”
“Tickle you? Okay!”
The three of you kept tickling him, but after a moment Uraraka huffed in frustration.
“Ugh! Where’s your spot?” she asked.
“I’m nahahahahat tehehehelling you!” he giggled, endeared by the three of you teaming up to tickle him.
Izuku frowned and looked to Nejire and Tamaki for help.
Nejire giggled. “Try his tummy,” she said.
Mirio shrieked and fought as you three turned him over onto his back, with help from Tamaki and Nejire. Then the three of you tickled Mirio’s tummy at once, sending him into hysterics.
“Aw, what’s the matter?” You teased, scribbling into his tummy. “Does it tickle? Hmm? Does it tickle?”
Izuku smirked. “Who’s a good hero? Huh? Who’s a good hero?” he asked.
The three of you laughed.
“Told you it was flustering!” you said.
“OKAHAHAHAY! OKAHAHAHAY! YOU GOT MEHEHEHEHEHE!” he cackled with tears in his eyes. You took this as your cue to stop, and the three of you did.
Mirio lay on the floor, still laughing and tears streaming down his blushing face and his smile bigger than you had ever seen it. It took him a solid two minutes to calm down for the most part, and when he did he got up and crawled over to Tamaki and Nejire, who hugged him. The three of you stared at him worriedly, but relaxed when he spoke.
“Save me! Protect me!” he panted, being overdramatic. “I almost died!”
Tamaki snuggled into him, mumbling just loud enough for everyone to hear. “Best way to go,” he said. “Death by laughter.”
Nejire stroked his hair. “Oh you’re fine,” she sighed. “Stop being melodramatic. Now shoo. Go get your hugs.” she said, then lightly shoved him in your direction.
Mirio kept up his little nervous act until he was close to you, then beamed and opened his arms. The three of you hugged and cuddled him.
“Man you three are good ticklers,” he remarked. “Even without knowing my worst spot.”
“Now you know how we feel!” you said. “Not that we mind though. We always have a lot of fun with you.”
Uraraka hummed happily. “Mmm-hmm!”
Izuku gave him one last squeeze and said, “I don’t know about you, but I’m tired and more than ready to be a couch potato for a while. What do you think?”
Mirio reached over and ruffled his hair. “Sounds good to me!”
And so a few minutes later, Mirio was still being intensely cuddled. Uraraka and Nejire on his left, Izuku and Tamaki on his right, and you were sitting in his lap.
“Aw man! There’s no more room!” You whined once you came back from the kitchen with a bottle of water.
Mirio waved you over. “Sure there is! Come on!”
You were surprised when he pulled you onto his lap, but you definitely didn’t complain. “You’re comfy,” you remarked as you settled in with your head on his shoulder.
He smiled and leaned his head against yours affectionately. “So are you.”
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broken-hheart · a day ago
Howdy! I always have a place in my heart for soft yanderes so I have a request for another one if possible. May I request Platonic Yandere Holy Kujo with a fem darling who's giving her the silent treatment for two weeks ever since Holy grounded her for trying to sneak out of the house. Again thank you for your time!
Hi !
I have a soft spot for them as well ! Yanderes are a little better when they are calm and more loving ♡
I've never written a platonic Yandere before and I'm glad that I got the chance for it , females take a special place for me , that's why I love your requests :3
Yandere!Platonic!Holy Kujo x fem!reader
Warnings : isolation , angst .
darling is adopted here ~
enjoy 💞
Tumblr media
The Clock's ticking became a soporific tune to Holy's ears . The usual snug atmosphere of the house had gone and let the way to a dull , suffocating air .
she sighed , even the lunch she was preparing didn't have any of its tempting smell . Odorless and bitter as your neglect.
' it was for the best ' the housewife would comfort herself , still , the feeling of immense guilt and gnawing remorse was eating her alive .
you , on the other hand , were getting physically weaker due to your disregard of healthy food and fresh air . Holly didn't ignore your needs even after the quarrel between you two weeks ago . a tray of breakfast , lunch , dinner or even simple treats were left in front of your room's door , but it came back as it went , still full and untouched.
a sad expression covered her usual , merry face at the remembrance of your spiteful words to her... she had scolded you with an uncharacteristic tone of annoyance at your attempt to leave the house . what were your intentions ? were you trying to escape the house ? doubts and fears swirled in her head like a flock of crows in a field .
she had deprived you from going outside , saying that you were never trustable and worthy of her faith in you , Anger is the one thing made better by delay for sure .
you've had enough of her intolerable worry and suffocating control . you've always hated how she excused her Obsession by protection . you've hated her and you voiced that outloud to your ' mother '.
a tear rolled down her soft cheek . the same heartbreak of these words still had its effect , never easing a single second until you would soften and understand her view .
you were dear to her as much as Jotaro was - unlike what you think - or maybe more . she'd always wished for a babygirl , a sister for Jotaro and a daughter for her , a missing piece of her family that would complete the empty space left . everything she does or says is for your own good as well as Jotaro's . she didn't mean any harm at all .
The blonde stepped quietly to your room , Carrying a small tray that contained your lunch . this time she would get you to eat properly , and maybe hear a word from you after all that dull dissemblance from your side . God , she missed that sugary melody of your voice .
your room's door was half open , Clearly you didn't bother to close it anymore on everytime she checks up on you . Knocking gently , she entered , your back facing her as she put the tray on the small table of your chamber.
" I brought you lunch , darling " she informed meekly , hoping to elicit a reaction from you . Sadly , none came .
Holy took a deep breath before starting "Honey , please don't be angry . My intentions are protecting you from anything bad , not controlling you " Now you're turning around to face her .
" So by locking me up you are protecting me ?! " you snapped , Pouring your heart out immediately and causing her to flinch " I didn't refuse to be educated at home , I didn't say anything about accompanying you everytime I have to go out , you clinged to me and I didn't protest . but now I'm forbidden of my simplest rights because you're paranoid ! you're getting more and more suffocating !" you yelled , ignoring the warm feeling under your eyelids , this is not the perfect time for crying.
" Jotaro does as he pleases while I'm kept here all the time , and you don't say anything to him while I'm lectured about the smallest things I do ! this is unfair ! I can't just waste my life here , I need to go out ! " you resolve broke , tears were wandering freely on your face.
Holy was a good woman and as gentle as a lamb . you were more than blessed and thankful to have her as your mother but that didn't stop you : she had to know her boundaries as a parent .
her features mirrored your own at the sight of your weeping . she hated herself for causing you pain  . all that she desired was your happiness ; not the contrary .
" I didn't realize that , dear , I'm so sorry " she neared you , opening her arms wide and enveloping your form in a warm hug " Please don't say that , I love you as much as I do to Jotaro and I would never be unfair . I just care about your Safety more and I love to be with you , you're the girl I've always wished for "
you sniffed in her embrace , enjoying her motherly intimacy as you slowly returned the act " and you're the mother I've always wished for , I love you "
She smiled , your sweet confession wiping away your previous declaration of hate from her memory " and I love you too , I promise I'll take you out more at anytime you want sweetie " your mother planted a kiss on your forehead , the feeling of her lips on your skin warmed your heart .
" Now , shall we eat together ? Come on , I'll feed you "
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rosekins621 · 2 days ago
Hunter x Hunter when their friend graduates high school
I’m only doing the main 4 and melody as those are the only characters I’m comfortable writing.
Tumblr media
Gon: He’s super proud of you and cheering the whole time. He’s shouting to you from his seat and trying to say hi. He can’t sit still and jumps up in the air (like super high up) when you get called up. He picked some flowers for you too. He got Aunt Mito and Killua to come with him. He’s just so happy! After he’s taking you to whale island and dragging you around while Mito cooks dinner and Killua buys Chocorobos. 
Tumblr media
Killua: Killua will be super proud of you. He’ll try to act all cool and calm but as soon as you’re called he’s jumping super high and cheering from the top of the lights on the football stadium. He got in trouble for that but agreed not to do it again so he got to stay. Gon and Alluka are coming with him. Maybe Kalluto too. The boy is so happy and proud. He’ll take you to a candy store and tell you to buy anything as he uses his mom’s credit card that he stole. If you want dinner then you guys have a pizza party! Gon and Killua end up eating two large pizzas each while you and Alluka are on chaos control. If Kalluto is there then they just observe quietly happy to be with Killua. If they get comfortable they will join in on the fun! 
Tumblr media
Kurapika: He’s so proud! He will try his best to be there if he thinks it is safe. He has made plenty of powerful enemies and would feel terrible if they hurt you. If not then he will make sure to send you a very thoughtful letter and maybe a gift depending on how well he knows you. He’ll call you the day of after making sure the two of you would have time to talk. He wants to express how happy he is for you and how much he wished he could be there. If he does show up expect him to want to help you get ready if you are okay with it. If not then he’ll just wait for you. He’ll be clapping from the stands and only stand up when you go on stage. After he wants to make dinner with you and the rest of the main four!
Tumblr media
Leorio: Very proud. Like won’t shut up about it when he finds out. He’s going to brag to all of his friends about you! He wants you to know that it is a huge accomplishment and that whatever you choose to do after is up to you. Honestly, he’s going to be the loudest in the stands. Probably the tallest too. You’ll see and hear him when you go up. He almost got kicked out for being too loud lol. He’s going to get the others to come if you’d like them too. If you just want it to be a small gathering then he’ll respect that and offer another time for you and his friends to hang out. As soon as you’re done he’s finding a good yet cheap take-out place and getting you food. I see him trying to decorate a cake for you and it looking messy. However it tastes great. 
Tumblr media
Melody: Sweet sweet girl! She’s so proud of you and happy for you! She will be able to tell if you’re nervous cos she can hear your heartbeat. She’ll be there for you no matter what! Once you go up on stage she’s clapping and cheering with her soft voice! It’s so precious. She made your favorite sweet and plays your favorite song on her flute! Once she’s done you pull her over to share the sweet with you and order delivery while you talk and celebrate! 
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somethingacademia · 8 months ago
people who know random things are so platonically attractive to me like yes let me be your best friend tell me about the history of liquid soap
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Feeling another human’s touch.
touching foreheads
running fingers through hair
hiding face in neck
caressing the other’s hand
feeling their pulse
patting the other’s head
holding hands
shielding the other one with their body
listening to the other’s heartbeat
spooning at night
laying their hand on the other’s neck
pushing a strand of hair behind their ear
nudging the other one
putting an arm around the other’s waist
hugging each other
massaging them
holding the other’s chin up
squishing the other’s cheek
high fiving
bandaging/stitching up an injury
kissing the other’s brow
falling asleep on the other’s shoulder
carrying the other one in their arms
whispering in their ear, lips touching the skin
stroking the other’s arm soothingly
kissing the top of their head
pulling the other one towards them
feeling for each other in the dark
tickling the other one
grabbing onto their arm
doing a pinky swear
caressing the other’s back
tasting their smile
washing the other’s body
kissing their bruises and scars
lifting the other one up
putting their head on the other’s chest
stroking their leg
leaning into the other’s side
patting them on the back
sitting close and knees touching
braiding the other’s hair
giving them a piggy-back ride
sitting on the other’s lap
feeling their temperature
linking arms with each other
touching their elbow to get their attention
dancing with each other
holding onto the other’s shoulders for support
putting a hand over the other’s mouth to shut them up
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deadfallenagel · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Come then, and let us pass a leisure hour in storytelling, and our story shall be the education of our heroes."
-Plato; The Republic
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londonsaysstuff · 2 days ago
Hii!!! Can i be 🍁 anon
I was wondering if you could do a bench trio x reader (p!) where the reader is bi and got a girlfriend, and when tommy is calling them like single on stream reader is just like " i have a girlfriend.." I just wanna see their reactions and chat going crazy XD
(she/they) pronounce btw <3
ofc :D
cc!Benchtrio reaction to fem!reader having a girlfriend
People Mentioned: Tommyinnit, Beautie_, Tubbo, Ranboo Type: Platonic TW: Swearing
˚⊹ ˚︶︶꒷︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷꒦︶ ₊˚⊹.
It was one of those late nights where you were up in the middle of the night. Of course you were in a call with your three best friends. And of course, Tommy was dying of laughter for absolutely no reason. You happened to be reacting to Tommy's video with Beautie_.
"Tommy, how do you fuck up this bad?" You asked him, laughing.
"Without hesitation, she built a penis." Tubbo said.
You could hear Ranboo giggling in the background.
"At least I have the balls to try to get a date." Tommy said.
"Tommy!" Ranboo said before laughing.
"I have a girlfriend, you ass!" You yell, in between giggles.
"No you don't!"
"I'll call her!"
"Do it then!" Tommy yelled, trying to hold back laughter.
All you could hear was the intense giggles from Tubbo and the loud bangs from Ranboo hitting his table as you call your girlfriend on your phone. She might not pick up. You thought. It is past midnight..
"Hello?" You heard the groggy of your girlfriend. The boys go silent.
"Heyyy lovely."
"YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!?" Tommy screeched.
Tubbo and Ranboo burst into laughter.
"Wha.." Your tired girlfriend says.
"Love, I'm sorry to wake you. I just had to prove a point. Good night!" You hung up on your girlfriend.
It took a moment for the boys to calm down. You texted you girlfriend a small explanation for what happened while you waited.
"Wait. So you do have a girlfriend?" Ranboo asked.
"Yeah." You replied.
"Call her again." Tubbo said.
You all busted into laughter again.
You and the rest of the Bench Trio tease Tommy about it from time to time but that was a really funny night for all of you.
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wooloo-inc · 5 months ago
could i request a platonic techno x reader, where the reader is an orphaned piglin hybrid (maybe 7-8 in age) like techno, but instead of killing them, he decides to bring them along and when he gets home with the hybrid child philza’s like “how did they not die?” while watching techno hold the child at his hip while making dinner or something.
if tumblr is still wonky and this shows up as blank, I will die 
. . . 
He could feel the sweltering heat of The Nether on his back, along with the stares of piglins around him. He just left the fortress after spending hours in there fighting wither skeletons. The entrance he came through was blocked off by many mobs, and not wanting to fight them all, he took a different route. This way leads him through a crimson forest, and it certainly is taking longer to reach the portal home, but he doesn’t mind. 
He was minding his own business, knowing that the piglins are smart enough not to attack him. They respected him, for the netherite armor he dons. A strange cry catches his attention. For a moment he stops but it passes and he walks again. But, the same noise rings out and with mild curiosity he follows it. 
Sitting up against a crimson tree is a child. He could tell from afar that they are like him, a piglin hybrid. They yield a stick like a sword, swinging it frantically at the approaching hoglin. The beast snorts and scraps its hooves into the dirt below. It is about to charge. 
Technoblade grunts to himself in amusement. This will be fun to watch. But, the sudden noise startles the hoglin and it scampers off at the sight of the tall hybrid. Techno sighs in disappointment before his attention is drawn to you. The child stares up at him, amazement shining in their eyes and mouth agape. He grimaces at the child’s interest in him and turns around. This isn’t something he needs to get involved in. 
He begins to walk away from the scene. Soon enough he can hear light footsteps behind him. His ear twitches and he turns to look over his shoulder. You’re following the male, dragging the stick behind you.  When he stops walking so do you. He narrows his eyes and takes a step forward. Your ears twitch and you follow his step forward. 
Techno begins walking again, this time at a faster pace. He weaves in between the trees casually and climbs ledges of netherrack easily. Somehow, you manage to keep up with the older hybrid. Sometimes you slow down but catch up after enough time. He is finally able to lose the child when he jumps over a small abyss. It isn’t too large of a jump, only four blocks. But, it is enough that the piglin child can’t follow him. He grins and walks away, adjusting the armor on his shoulders. However the voices are not pleased with his choice. 
Go back. Help the child. We can’t leave them alone. They could get hurt. They are like us. 
Technoblade tries to shake off the voices but they only get louder and louder. Huffing, he stops and turns around. You’re standing by the ledge, holding the stick to your chest. You smile, when he looks at you, and wave lightly. 
With a sigh, the older pidgin hybrid makes his way back begrudgingly. He returns to your side in mere moments. He stares you down, his face passive. With a grimace he holds out his hand. You squeal happily, grasping it and following him. He leads them around the forest, asking any piglins he comes across if they recognize you. Strangely enough, the mobs ignore him or walk away. After almost half an hour of trying to find your family, he gives up. 
The male walks you over to a large chunk of blackstone and sits you down on it. He crouches slightly to be at eye level. His piglin ears twitch, jewelry chiming with it. 
“So, what am I supposed to do with you?” His question is obviously rhetorical. You don’t say anything, just watching him closely. 
“Do you have a name?” You nod, ears jostling with your actions. Tech sighs. “Will you tell me?” You look down at your feet. 
“Okay, so that is a no.” Techno hums to himself in thought. “Do you remember when you lost your parents?” Once again, you do not respond instead just watching your feet. He snorts, obviously not enjoying how silent you are. He taps his boot in thought, before something crosses his mind. With a dramatic groan he stands back up. 
“Fine kid, if you won’t talk then I can’t help.” He turns around and begins to walk away. He doesn't plan on actually leaving you, just using this as a tactic to get the kid to talk. The voices get louder with each step, talking over one another. 
“Wait, please don’t leave me.” A soft voice speaks from behind him. Techno has to conceal his smug grin before returning back to the child. However, his heart drops at the tears forming in your eyes. 
“Kid, don’t cry.” He holds his hands out awkwardly, freezing up. “No, no, no don’t cry.” The numerous protests tumbling past his lips don’t help the situation. With tears already forming it was too late to stop them. The voices scold him angrily, poking and prodding at his mind. In an attempt to help, he rubs your back awkwardly until cries turn to sniffles. 
“Let’s try this again.” His voice is much softer but still has an awkward tone to it. “What is your name?” This time the child gives their name. Techno nods. “Alright. I’m Technoblade.” He pauses. “Just call me Techno. Do you remember when your parents left?” He doesn’t miss a beat, asking his next question already. You nod, ears bouncing. 
“A couple days ago.” His blood chills despite the heat of his surroundings. The voices go dead silent, waiting for your next sentence. “They told me to stay here until they come back. But, they didn’t.” 
Techno swallows dryly, worries racking through his thoughts. “What did you eat, kiddo?” 
You hum contently, rustling through your pockets. Soon enough you pull out a few berries and crimson mushrooms and hold them out to the man. It certainly isn’t healthy to eat only that. It would explain the pale pink tones in your ears. The voices begin to murmur again. 
Take them home. They need our help. Protect the child. Our child. 
Technoblade ignores the last comment, no matter how much they begin to chant it. “Let’s go back home, kid.” He stops reluctantly. “We will come back in the future to find your family.” You nod giddily, grabbing onto his hand again. At a slow pace, he leads you out of The Nether. You squeeze his hand when going through the portal. 
At first you stumble a bit, feeling slightly woozy but nothing else. Once in the overworld, you let out a loud yelp. You cling to his frame, staring at your surroundings. Slowly, you kneel down and poke the snow. You flinch back at the cold feeling then sink your hand into it again. Tech watches as the child inspects the snow before diving into it face first. He laughs lightly before dragging you out of the snow. He lifts you into his arms and trudges towards his home. He lets you nuzzle into the fur of his cloak, shifting your weight slightly. 
He pushes past the spruce door and into the warmth of his home. He ignores the judging face of the polar bear and moves past the animal. He finally sets you down in front of a door. Gently, he nudges you to it. 
“You can get cleaned up in here. I’ll be downstairs when you’re ready.” He leaves the kid in the bathroom and ventures into his room. He struggles to find any clothes in his closet that’ll be small enough for the kid. After all, he usually kills them. He moves to the hall closet reluctantly pulling out the clothes that Tommy left behind. It’ll have to work, being the closest set of clothes that’ll fit you. 
He leaves them outside of the bathroom and knocks lightly. Technoblade leaves before you can open the door and heads back downstairs. He hangs up his cloak and rolls up his sleeves. He needs to make dinner, something with enough food and nutrients since you haven’t eaten in so long. The hybrid just finished slicing up all the meat and vegetables when he hears the soft padding of feet against the hardwood. 
You round the corner still carrying the towel in your arms. The shirt and shorts Tommy left are slightly too long but fit well enough. 
“I didn’t know where to put the towel.” You mutter an apology, looking to the ground. Tech tilts his head to the side and nears. 
“It’s no problem kid.” He takes it from your grasp, ready to put it away until he sees water drip from your hair. He moves closer and drops the towel onto your head. He ruffles the fabric through your hair and behind your ears until all the water is gone. “At least dry yourself off properly.” You giggle lightly, peeking out from under the towel. The older man bites at his cheek, trying to conceal his smile. 
He tosses the towel aside and returns back to the kitchen. You trail behind him the entire time. Occasionally, he bumps into you on accident. He apologizes briefly but after it happens enough times, he halts in his actions. 
“Come here, kid.” He lifts the child up easily, balancing them on his hip. They waver a bit but end up clutching onto his shirt. He moves around the kitchen like before, stirring the food and chatting with the kid he’s quickly grown fond of. The door opening makes the piglin hybrid freeze up for a second yet he plays it off. Technoblade can hear Philza shake off his boots at the door and take off his own cloak. The blonde greets the bear then makes his way to the kitchen. 
“Hey mate-” Philza cuts himself off, staring at the child on Techno’s hip. 
“Hey Phil.” 
“Is that a kid?” He is almost hesitant to ask the question. He blinks owlishly when you wave to him. 
“Yeah, uh I found them earlier.” Phil can see Techno’s ears burning red from the place he stands. The blonde smirks and leans his weight against the counter. 
“So, you took in an orphan?” His tone is teasing, mischievously so. Techno’s ears flick at his words. 
“Don’t mention it; the voices wouldn’t stop talking about them.” The piglin snorts, trying to provide something as an excuse. He doesn’t pay attention to the way that Philza rolls his eyes. You mimic the older man’s snort and flap your ears in excitement. Techno turns to look at you fondly, offering a small smile. 
“Hello!” Philza greets the child, grinning when they greet him back. The blonde certainly wouldn’t mind having a child around the house again, it would remind him of his boys when they were younger. “I’m Philza, one of Techno’s friends.” 
You hide into Tech’s shoulder a bit, peering over at the other hybrid. “You have wings.” You point, craning your neck when Philza stretches his feathers out. Your eyes practically sparkle and you reach out to touch his wings. Phil laughs briefly, a tiny hiccup escaping him too. 
“Here, I’ll take them while you cook.” For a split moment, Technoblade hesitates. The voices, too, are unsure of allowing him to take you away. But, he trusts his dear friend. He hands you off to the older man, smiling when you hug the other. He watches the two interact but quickly covers the grin on his face when Philza looks over. The older man gives him a knowing look, even raising an eyebrow. They both know how attached Techno is to the child already. Maybe it was in his instinct to protect the piglin hybrid or because he saw himself in the kid. Either way, he doesn’t mind too much. He adores you already, and the voices do too. That is more than enough of a reason to keep you around.  
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love-me-a-good-prompt · 2 months ago
Person A is always asleep when Person B is awake which makes calling/video chatting with them nearly impossible so Person A switches to the night shift at their job so that their sleep schedule lines up with the time zone that Person B is in.
Person A photoshops themself into a bunch of Person B's photos from moments throughout their life that Person A couldn't be there for because of the distance (birthdays, holidays, fun nights out, etc) and gives them to Person B as a gift.
Person A and Person B live so far away from each other that neither of them can afford to travel to visit the other, so they decide to meet somewhere half-way between them and explore a place that neither of them have been to together.
Person A writes Person B a letter every day, but they never send them. Instead, they put them into a folder to give to Person B to read when they're finally together.
Person A's time zone is east of Person B's which means that new movies, music, and tv shows are released in Person A's time zone first. Even when Person A is really anticipating a new release, they wait a few hours for it to come out in Person B's time zone so they can experience it for the first time together over video chat.
Person A and Person B have both moved away from the places they grew up and one day they meet each other online. As they're getting to know each other, they realize that they're both originally from the same city. They both correlate their schedules and each plan a trip back home to visit family at the same time so they can finally meet up with each other in person.
Person A starts their day by texting person B "good night" and Person B ends their day by texting Person A "good morning.”
Person A and Person B using video games like Minecraft to virtually hang out, build a house that they can live in together, etc until they can do those things together in real life.
Person A is on vacation (at a place that is not where Person B lives.) One day during their trip, they see another tourist who looks very familiar and seems to be looking at them too. It turns out to be Person B, who is also coincidentally on vacation at the same location.
Person A throws a message in a bottle into the ocean, knowing that it's highly unlikely that it will ever actually make it to Person B. A few months later, Person B is walking along the beach when they happen to notice a little bottle poking out of the sand with a note inside.
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helliontherapscallion · 5 months ago
Pairing: SBI family x reader (platonic, one shot), BASED OFF FROM CHARACTERS NOT ACTUAL PEOPLE
Warnings: child abuse/neglect, bullying, alcoholism, death of a parent, mentions of panic attacks, injury, mentions of a dog’s death, mentions of eating disorders, mentions of suicide attempts, depression
Word count: 7,730
(A/N): if you’re not feeling safe at home or are being abused, please contact the proper authorities. Here’s the abuse hotline: 1-800-799-7233, my DMs are always open if you want to talk 
You met Tommy and Tubbo when you were in third grade. You were a relatively quiet kid, the type to always keep to themselves and abstain from social activity. Mrs. Jansen, being the nice woman that she was, let the entire class choose their own seats.
“Welcome to your first day of third grade, class! I’m Mrs. Jansen and I look forward to getting to know all of you. As you can see, there are enough desks for all of you. You may sit with who you want.”
You shifted around uneasily and gripped your book in your hands as your classmates hurried to get the back seats. After every seat was taken, you walked to the only seat left in the front. You were between a girl and a boy. They introduced themselves as Dorothy and Samuel, and were relatively kind to you. 
As the class passed their second week, two boys that sat in the back row made themselves apparent very quickly. They were both rambunctious, always disrupting the class with their giggles and whispers. Mrs. Jansen had warned them multiple times that she was going to separate them, but it seemed that they didn’t think she’d do it. One day, she finally had enough.
“Tommy, Tubbo. I’ve given you plenty of warnings, I’m going to have to separate you. Dorothy, Samuel, can you please switch places with them?”
You could feel dread wash over you. Why was she putting you between them?! What did you do wrong to deserve this? You could swear that you’ve done all your chores, you even made your mom smile at you! She never did that. 
They pouted as they sat next to you, Tommy on your right and Tubbo on your left. You already missed Samuel and Dorothy. “Thank you. (Y/n), make sure they behave.”
You shrunk down into your seat as you felt Tommy’s glare burning holes into the side of your head. Tubbo, on the other hand, was watching the lesson with bored eyes and  his chin propped up in his hand. You tried to take notes, but you kept getting distracted by Tommy’s heated glare. You were going to fall behind, you couldn’t have that. Mama wouldn’t like that. 
After the final bell rang, you hurried out of the classroom to avoid Tommy’s wrath. You could hear him shouting for you to stop, but you never stopped until your hand was grabbed and yanked backwards in the empty playground. You fell back onto the pavement of the basketball court and whimpered at the sting in your palms. 
Tommy glared down at you, “you gonna cry? Serves you right. Never tell on Tubbo and I. Got it?”
You tearfully nodded and he grinned maliciously at you, “good. Tubbo, let’s go. Wil and Tech’s probably waiting for us.”
The brunet was staring at Tommy with a shocked expression, unmoving. Tommy rolled his eyes and huffed before he grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the crowd of families. Tubbo looked back at you with an apologetic expression and watched as you looked at your scratched up palms. 
You wiped at your tears as you stood up and started to walk home. Your neighbor’s dog behind the wired fence barked at you as you hurried past it. You never liked that dog; it was a drooling, angry, ugly furball. It scared you, but not as much as Mama did when she drank her adult juice. She was scary when she drank it. You tried hiding it from her once but she grounded you from eating dinner and snacks for half a month. You didn’t try to hide it again. 
You trudged up the creaky wooden stairs of your porch and tried to open the door only to find it locked. You tried to knock on the door but Mama didn’t answer so you just sat on the front porch waiting for her to open the door. She did so when the sun was setting, surprise and then anger shining through her hazy eyes. She yelled at you before she sent you to your room for the night without dinner.
The next day when you were sitting alone at a lunch table, someone plopped down in the seat next to you. You jumped and scooted away from them, looking up only to see Tubbo. He was smiling at you.
“Hey, I’m really sorry about Tommy, he gets mad easily.”
You eyed him warily and clutched your open book, “’s okay.”
He grinned and scooted closer to you, peering over your shoulder at the book. “What’re you reading?”
“‘Harry Potter’.”
“Oh I love that book! My favorite character’s Ron, who’s yours?”
Surprisingly, the conversation was pleasant before he was dragged away by a glaring Tommy. You might actually make a friend after all. Later that day after school, Tommy once again stopped you in the school yard. This time, he shoved you to the ground and started to shout at you. 
“You do not talk to him, freak! You’re gonna mess him up, he talks to me and me only. Do you unde-undastunend?”
You gulped and shakily spoke up, “yes, and it’s ‘understand’, not ‘undastunend’.”
His glare intensified before he reared back a fist. You yelped as you curled into a ball with your hands protecting your head. Before he could hit you, you heard the stomping of shoes against the concrete.
You could feel a hand on your back and a gentle voice asking if you were alright. You hesitated before you looked up to see an older boy with a mop of curly brown hair on his head and wire glasses perched on the bridge of his nose. He reminded you of Harry Potter. Looking past him, you saw a tall pink haired boy glaring and lecturing Tommy, holding the struggling boy in place with a firm grip on his elbow. Tubbo was just behind him looking down and shifting on the balls of his feet.
“I am so sorry about Tommy, are you alright? He didn’t hit you did he?”
You shook your head and the boy heaved a sigh of relief, “that’s good. I’m Wilbur and that’s Technoblade, we’re Tommy and Tubbo’s brothers. What’s your name?”
He smiled at you, “that’s a lovely name.”
“Wilbur, let’s go. This one,” Technoblade shook Tommy’s arm, “needs to talk to Dad.”
You watched as Tommy’s movements stopped and he looked up with wide eyes. “No, please don’t tell Dad. Please-” 
Wilbur stood and helped you up before grabbing Tubbo’s hand and lead him away, “you aren’t weaseling your way out of this.”
You watched the brothers leave, feeling guilt wash over you. You didn’t want to get him in trouble, punishments were the absolute worst. Even though he shoved you and almost punched you, he didn’t deserve any punishment. With guilt weighing down on your shoulders, you walked home. At least Mama was in a good mood, she made you some mac n cheese for dinner. 
The next day, Tommy trudged up to your desk and put a tupperware dish on your desk before sitting down in his seat and ignored you. Tubbo sat in his seat next to you and smiled at you.
“Open it,” he jumped in his seat slightly as he watched your expression change to shock. In the container laid five chocolate chip cookies. You had only had cookies once in your life and that was during a class birthday celebration a year ago. “They’re our Dad’s secret recipe, I helped make them! Um, Tommy wanted to apologize to you.”
You glanced at Tommy. He was glancing at you over his shoulder and blushed a bright red when he saw you looking at him. Tubbo cleared his throat and gestured at Tommy. The blond crossed his arms and looked off to the side. “Sorry,” he mumbled halfheartedly. 
After that, they started to sit next to you during lunch. Tommy was a bit cold towards you, but you found yourself beginning to relax around Tubbo’s friendly aura. Soon enough, you started to supply him with more than a few words per sentence. Tommy eventually got bored of eating in silence and would join your conversation. You three became thick as thieves that year, you even met their Dad. He was very different from Mama; he never yelled at you, he was always giving you snacks, and he even smiled at you often. 
That house became like a second home to you. Eventually, you ended up spending more time at the Minecraft residence than you spent at home with your mom. Over the years, she got worse with her drinking. She was always passed out on the couch and when she wasn’t, she was swaying on her feet in the kitchen staring at a portrait with dazed, wistful eyes. You can remember when you first realized that she had a problem and always being unhappy and drunk was, in fact, not normal for a parent. 
It was a warm spring day in seventh grade. Luckily, you had your health class with Tommy and Tubbo. You were currently learning about alcohol dependency and the effects it had on the body. The teacher listed all the symptoms your mom had; the uncontrollable urge to drink, the aggression, the shakiness and dizziness, everything. When you came to the realization that your mother might have a problem, the teacher started to explain the disorders and diseases that could come from heavy drinking, most of them having the potential to be fatal if the drinking persisted. You felt like you were drenched in icy water as your body seized up in fear for your mother. You stared unseeingly at your notebook at the symptoms of alcoholism and associated disorders. You didn’t want your mom to die. You had to do something before it was too late for her.
“(Y/n)?” You jumped and looked at the person who called your name. Tommy and Tubbo were giving you worried stares. “Are you okay?”
You shakily started to put your supplies away into your backpack. The class had been dismissed and you didn’t even realize it. “Y-yeah. It’s just- I’m worried.”
“Yeah, I’m worried too,” Tommy laughed as you followed the two out of the classroom and to the courtyard. “That essay’s gonna be awful.”
“Oh god we have an essay?”
“Yeah, Mr. Smithers assigned it to us before the bell rang, are you sure you’re okay? You’re usually on top of this stuff.” Tubbo threw a worried glance towards you.
“Yeah, just a bit distracted today. I uh, have to go home. Like right now, my mom wants me home right after school today.”
You sprinted off towards your house. When you reached your neighborhood and ran past the wired fence. The bulldog that lived there was now old and gray. You found out that his name was Buster and he was actually a total sweetheart if you slept next to him on the other side of the fence on more than one occasion. Buster watched from inside his doghouse as you sprinted into the house. Luckily for you, the door was unlocked and your mother was passed out on the couch surrounded by glass bottles. You locked the door behind you as you rushed over to her intensely watching for any sign of movement. She looked dead, her skin was pale, her hair matted, and her mouth gaping open showing off her yellow stained teeth. She wasn’t moving, were you too late?
Just as you started to panic, she snorted and started to breathe. You slumped in relief as you stepped over the beer bottles into the kitchen. The table was sparkly clean with a pristine picture frame resting in the middle, a stark contrast of the beer bottles that littered the floor and the piles of dirty dishes in the sink. It was of a man standing stiffly in a military uniform saluting at the camera with a stern expression. He was an exact copy of you. Well, you were an exact copy of him; that man was your late father.
“Hey Dad, how was your day? Mine was awful, I learned about alcoholism and cirrhosis today and- and I’m worried about Mom. She’s been drinking a lot lately.”
You stared at your dad’s face behind the glass as if expecting a response. You wanted some reassurance from the man. You wanted him to tell you everything was going to be okay and that he’d handle it so you could be a normal kid. Like usual, his steely expression didn’t budge one bit. 
You sighed to yourself sadly and trudged to the refrigerator opening the door. The beer bottles stared back at you tauntingly. Your fingers twitched on the fridge door as you contemplated the consequences of throwing away the offending glass bottles. You remembered in second grade when you hid your mother’s alcohol she punished you by withholding food from you. She’d probably do worse this time, but the consequences were worth it if you were going to save your mother’s life. 
It took you ten minutes of tossing alcohol into the garbage can until the fridge was left barren of the drink. Without the green bottles, the fridge was completely empty with the exception of milk and a few probably rotten eggs. You struggled to take the trash out to the curb and started to work on homework in your room. 
At seven at night, you could hear her roll off the couch and stumble into the kitchen. A series of frantic rustling and banging sounded downstairs before you could hear pounding footsteps storm up the stairs. Your door flung open to reveal your red-faced, livid mother. 
“What the fuck did you do?”
“M-mom I hid them because we learned about alcoholism and cirrhosis and-” You cut yourself off when she walked over to you with her arms extended towards your trembling frame. You tried to scoot as far away from her as possible, but she grabbed your shoulders with clammy but firm hands, shaking you roughly.
“Are you saying I have a problem?! You spoiled fucking brat, you’re the problem! Everything was amazing before you came and fucked up my life. You took him away from me. YOU FUCKING KILLED MY HUSBAND.”
You could feel tears start to drip down your cheeks as you remembered that day in first grade when you begged your dad to get you some McDonalds for dinner. When he relented, you cheered and your mom laughed at your excitement. She was so full of life back then; her hair was shiny and bouncy, her skin was unmarked and flawless, her eyes were lively and bright. Her laughter was perhaps your favorite memory of her. Then everything went to shit when your dad never came home and your mom got a phone call saying that your dad was killed in a car wreck on impact. You could remember your mother’s heart wrenching sobs as she collapsed to the floor and pulled you tight against her body. As if she was trying to protect what was left of her husband.
You were snapped back to reality when your mom shoved you back onto your bed. The happy, beautiful woman that you saw was replaced by the shell of a broken woman. Her silky hair turned dull, her smile turned into a grotesque scowl, her loving eyes turned cold. She truly was a husk of her former self. 
“Stop crying, you’re not the one who’s life was ruined. I want you out of my house in ten minutes. You’re gonna not step foot anywhere near here for two weeks. If I even see you on my property before those two weeks are up, you’re fucking dead.”
You frantically nodded and watched as she stumbled out of her room. You packed what you would need in your spare backpack and ran out of the house past your mother sobbing and babbling incoherently to your dad. You flinched when you could hear a bang and the sound of glass shattering when she threw a bottle at your retreating figure. 
You ran until you couldn’t run anymore. Your legs brought you to the park where you spent most of your childhood. Everywhere you looked, you could see glimpses of your mom and dad pushing you on the swing, Tommy and Tubbo running from you playing tag, Mr. Minecraft putting a bandaid on your scraped knee. Tears streaked down your cheeks as you pushed yourself up and went to your safe place. It was a little nook deep in the vegetation where nobody could see you. You originally found this place when you were playing hide and seek with Tommy and Tubbo. They never knew where you hid.
Tears moistened the soil underneath you as you pulled out a blanket you had hid in a plastic grocery bag and spread it out on the floor. You curled up on it and cried freely into your hands. You didn’t sleep much that night. 
That was the first time she had kicked you out for that long. You barely ate in those two weeks, wolfing down any food you could get your hands on at lunch. Lunch for you was the small scraps of food that Tommy and Tubbo shared with you. Mom never packed you lunches or gave you money to buy things anymore. To make matters worse, they had told their dad that they thought you had some form of eating disorder. 
About a week into your exile, you finally visited the Minecraft residence after avoiding them for a week. You remembered how the blond man pulled you aside into the kitchen. He gently sat you down and pushed a plate full of chicken and vegetables in front of you. You looked at him confused as he gestured towards the plate.
“Eat that, I heard you haven’t been eating much lately.” When you made no move to eat, he smiled at you. “Go ahead, it’s okay if you don’t eat it all. Just eat some of it.”
That was all you needed to hear, you began to eat quickly like a starving wolf. It’s been a while since you had more than half an apple to eat, let alone an actual homemade meal. When you were done, you looked up to see the older man looking at you worriedly. 
“...Are you not getting enough food at home?”
You scrambled to find a lie, “my- my mom is away a lot on business trips. We don’t really eat much.”
His worried expression grew tenfold as he moved to kneel in front of you and put his hands on your shoulders. “You need to eat three meals a day, especially now that you’re growing. You’re always welcome here when your mom’s away, our door’s always open. Is she away now?”
“Yeah, she won’t be home until next week.” You felt bad for lying to the man that put bandaids on your scraped knees and took you to the father daughter dance in fifth grade when he heard that your dad was dead. He was always so kind to you, which you never quite understood. Despite feeling bad for lying to him, you felt incredibly relieved that you didn’t have to be alone anymore. 
From then on out whenever she kicked you out, you went to the Minecraft residence. They welcomed you with open arms and treated you like you were a part of the family. You and Techno bonded over your love for reading and mythology, Wilbur made sure you took care of yourself, and Philza (he told you to just call him Phil at that point) treated you like his own child. You didn’t think that it was possible for you, Tommy, and Tubbo to be any closer than you already were, but you three became inseparable. You told them everything one night when you couldn’t sleep. You told them how you felt like you were the cause of your mother’s decline and your dad’s death, how she would usually punish you, her ‘hobby’. They were about to tell Philza, but you begged them not to. After a while of pleading and assuring them that she’d never hit you, they hesitantly agreed and made you promise to call them whenever you felt unsafe in your home. 
You kept to that promise, calling them whenever she would get too drunk to know what she was doing. They would calm you down from panic attacks late at night and invite you to their house in the daytime. They felt like your actual brothers and you started to refer to them as such. You three gave each other a shoulder to lean on and gave each other comfort when needed. One night when you were in your freshman year, however, your mother caught you sneaking out to see them after she sent you to your room. That was when she started to hit you.
Just as you were about to sneak out the front door, your mother started to scream at you incoherently. When you flinched away from when she got up in your face, she became even more enraged. 
Without thinking, you yelled back at her, “I would never! Why-” You were cut off by a harsh slap to the cheek sending you to the ground. She quieted down and stared at you and her hand, a glint of shock shining through her dazed eyes. Without a word, she turned around and left to go talk to your dad. You sat there listening to her rant about how she failed as a mother, how she wanted to do better but she didn’t know how, how she wished that he was there with her. You scrambled up and ran to your room. You looked at yourself in the mirror, there was a bright red mark on your cheek in the shape of a hand. There was a small cut where her wedding ring connected with your cheek. A single drop of blood dripped down your cheek and curved down the dip of your chin before dripping onto your shirt. Without doing anything else, you plopped down onto your bed and sobbed into your pillow, crying yourself to sleep.
When you woke up in the morning, you realized that you slept through half of the school day so it was useless to go to school now. You reached up to run a hand down your face only to hiss and pull your hand away. You once again looked at yourself in the mirror.
You looked terrible. Your eyes were bloodshot and swollen like you were crying in your sleep. Hair was sticking up in all directions and matted slightly. The slap mark was gone, but the cut had bruising around the edges with dried blood crusted on your cheek and on your pillow. It was a small cut, but it bled a surprising amount overnight. You couldn’t see Tommy or Tubbo like this, they’d flip out. Luckily for you it was a Friday and you had the weekend to heal. 
Your mother gradually started to hit you more and more. It started off as a once-a-week thing whenever she was really angry, but then it divulged into something that would happen daily over the smallest things. You became her punching bag for her to release some steam. Makeup became your best friend at that point; you used what little savings you saved over the years for dollar store makeup.
Soon after it became a struggle to hide the cuts and bruises from Tommy and Tubbo, so you gradually started to avoid them. Your face, once synonymous with the Minecraft residence and Tommy and Tubbo, became a rarity. They tried their hardest to contact you, but you always dodged their calls. After a few months of you dodging Tommy and Tubbo, you finally told them that you didn’t want to be friends with them anymore. 
It broke your heart to say it, but it had to be done. They were getting too close to the truth and you couldn’t have that; the government would take you away from your mom and she’d end up dead. You were the only one keeping her alive at this point, she lost all motivation to eat. The only thing she did nowadays was hit you, drink, and hug your dad’s photo to her chest. 
The beatings got to the point where you could barely walk without feeling pain. School became something that you’d rarely attend. Tommy and Tubbo stopped trying to talk to and call you. Buster, your previous confidant, had long since died so you were truly alone in the world. The neighbor’s yard looked barren without the dog house and the graying dog. The only person you had left was your mom. 
When you had accidentally burnt dinner late at night, she completely snapped. She grabbed your arm and held it on top of the burner. Pain hit you immediately as you screamed and cried apologies to her. When you instinctively hit her with your other hand, she dug her nails into your arm and pushed your arm closer onto the burner. Nerve endings screamed at you to get away from the pain. The pain was becoming too much, so you looked on the countertop next to you for something to defend yourself with. A metal fork was lying close to your other hand. 
You grabbed it and, with a distraught apology to your mother, drove the prongs deep into her arm. She screamed in pain and let your arm go. You ripped yourself out of her grasp and started to run for the front door. A force collided with the back of your shoulder making pain explode in the area. You didn’t know what happened at first, but after hearing the shattering of glass, you realized that she threw a beer bottle at you. You could feel the sting of alcohol and glass mingling with your open wounds on your shoulder. The sting was almost as bad as your arm, but you didn’t stop running especially when you glanced behind you to see her running at you with a knife raised and the fork protruding from her arm.
You flung open the door and sprinted out without bothering to close the door behind you. As your bare feet hit the sidewalk, you could hear your mother stop at the end of the stairs and shout at you to come back. You never stopped.
You didn’t stop until your feet took you to the Minecraft residence’s front door. Nobody was on the street as it was about eleven at night. You hesitated to knock on their door, you ignored the family for the past six months, and you weren’t sure if they even wanted you there. After five minutes of thinking, you just sighed as you walked back down the wooden stairs and walked back towards the sidewalk.
“(Y/n), what are you doing here?” You froze up at Tommy’s sleep riddled voice. You stayed frozen as you heard him stomp over to you. He placed a firm hand on your injured shoulder and forced you to turn around. His angry expression faded into a concerned one when he heard you start to sob and flinch away from him. 
“Wha- shit are you bleeding?” You nodded slightly and he gently turned you back around to see a patch of darkened cloth on your shirt. You could feel him shaking as he grabbed your arm and pulled you into the house. He plopped you at the dining room table and told you to wait there. With that, he sprinted up the stairs and brought back a serious Philza holding a first aid kit. 
When he saw you bruised and battered, you could hear him take in a sharp intake of breath and saw unbridled anger flash across his face. You flinched away from him when he approached you. 
“Hey,” he said in a gentle voice, “I won’t hurt you. Can you show me where you’re hurt?” 
You eyed him warily like a scared wild animal and reluctantly moved your burned arm away from your chest and showed it to him. This was the first time you saw your forearm; it was an ugly red that expanded up the majority of the underside of your forearm with skin burned off at the edges. Yellow, fluid-filled blisters were starting to form. 
You could hear Tommy’s horrified gasp as he turned to run out of the room. You kept your gaze downwards as Philza warned you that he was about to put disinfectant on your wound. He apologized to you when you whimpered in pain at the sting of the alcohol on your exposed nerves. After he was finished wrapping your arm, he asked you to show him where else you’re injured. You turned around so he could see the growing patch of blood staining your now ripped shirt. You could feel him gently move your shirt to the side and heard him wince. 
“Shit, there’s glass in here. I’m going to have to get some tweezers to get it out. Stay here, I’ll be right back.” You were then alone in the kitchen for a moment before he came back with a worried Wilbur and Techno in tow. The brunet pulled up a chair next to you and asked if it was alright to hold your hand. After you hesitantly nodded, he grabbed your hand and started to run his thumb over your knuckles. Techno held a light close to your shoulder as Philza started to tweeze out the green tinted glass from your shoulder. 
Every time you would suck in air through your teeth and muffle your yelps with your other hand, Wilbur would whisper reassurances to you and hold your hand tighter. After the glass was out, the wound was disinfected, and wrapped in gauze, Philza told the boys to leave the room. He grabbed both of your hands and gave you the best reassuring smile that he could.
“Tell me what happened.”
You swallowed the lump in your throat as you felt tears well up in your eyes, “I tried Phil, I really did. She never got better no matter what I did.”
“What do you mean, are you talking about your mom?” You could hear the angry undertone of his voice. You tensed up and nodded.
“She… she needs help. She was never the same after Dad died, she started drinking. It started off with only one beer a day, but after seventh grade she was going through an entire case in a day. She’d punish me if I said or did anything about it. No dinner for a week was a popular one until she started to ban me from the house for weeks on end. She never went on business trips, Phil. She got a knife today. I-I thought she was actually gonna kill me this time, I was so scared.”
Without another word, he pulled you into a tight hug, letting you sob freely into his shoulder. “It was my fault, I couldn’t help her! She- she needed me and I couldn’t help her.” You said between sobs. He hugged you tighter and started to rub your back, making sure to avoid your shoulder. “None of this is your fault, you can’t help someone if they don’t want help. Sometimes you can’t fix someone who’s too far gone.”
“Am I too far gone?”
“No, you aren’t. We’ll help you through this, we won’t let anybody hurt you ever again. You’re gonna go on to live a good life.” You passed out in his arms after a while of crying. 
When you woke up, you were in Tommy and Tubbo’s room. The two boys jumped to your side and pulled you into a tight group hug. After you tried to apologize to them for how you treated them in the past six months, they shushed you and just sat there in silence hugging you. 
Later that day you found out that your mother was found by your neighbor on the front porch with her wrists slit and empty beer bottles surrounding her. She was breathing, but just barely. Currently she was in an unstable condition in the hospital. You had a full breakdown when you found out that she almost killed herself because of you. You had run out of the house and to your safe place in the park. You hadn’t been there in a few years, so you hoped that it was still there. 
Sure enough, it was still there albeit a bit overgrown. The blanket in the plastic bag was in the same place where you left it. You had no idea how long you were sitting there crying and having a panic attack, but when you came to your senses it was dark outside. You could hear crickets chirping and the rustling of leaves in the entrance of your hideout.
A brunet head poked itself in and smiled when he saw you. Tubbo fully came into the nook and gestured for someone to follow. Tommy’s blond hair made itself apparent before he joined you two inside.
“Nice little place you have here. It’s… homey.” Tubbo rubbed his hands together and blew warm air on them. You threw one side of the blanket at him and pulled your knees up to your chest. “Thanks, I used to sleep here sometimes… How’d you find me?”
“We could hear you,” Tommy pulled out his phone and typed something on it before pocketing it and sitting next to you. He covered himself with the blanket as Tubbo followed suit. You sat in silence before Tommy broke it. 
“How long has she been hittin you?”
“Tommy!” Tubbo scolded him.
“She started about six months ago.”
“Six months ago… that was when you cancelled plans! I knew something was wrong Tubbo.”
Tubbo said nothing as he looked at you with a helpless expression. Just as he was about to open his mouth, you interrupted him. “It’s not your fault. It’s mine. Everything’s my fault. I’m the reason my mom’s in the hospital right now fighting for her life. I wasn’t there for her.” You would’ve started crying if it weren’t for the fact that you just felt so drained and numb.
“The fuck do you mean? She was about to kill you! You told us that she was about to stab you, what else were you supposed to do, just let her kill you?!” Tommy exclaimed.
You shrugged, “maybe. If she did she’d be happy, I was just a burden to her. I- I just wanted her to be happy and I would never be able to do that as long as I’m alive. If she killed me she wouldn’t be in the hospital right now.”
“What the fuck (y/n),” Tubbo shouted, startling you. He never shouts, let alone swears. “How could you even say that? I don’t know what I’d do without you, everything would be so boring and nothing would be the same without you. Fuck her happiness, she’s a wretched woman if the only way she can be happy is when you’re dead. Fuck her.”
You and Tommy stared at the seething boy in shock. He never shouted when he was angry, he only did that once when he found out that Tommy was being bullied. Whenever he sweared, that’s when you knew his emotions were hitting him at full force. Tommy quickly recovered from his shock to join him, “yeah fuck her, man! She can go suck a dick.” He was interrupted by his phone buzzing.
“Dad’s here, c’mon he’s worried sick about you.” After they helped you out of your safe place, they both wrapped an arm around your shoulders and walked you to the parking lot. You could see the headlights of the lone car in the lot turn off before the door swung open and a figure rushed towards you. You pushed yourself behind Tommy and Tubbo and hid behind them fearfully. They both turned around and put a hand on your shoulders. “It’s okay, it’s our dad.”
You peeked over their shoulders and saw a mop of disheveled, long blond hair. Philza looked like he was just told that there was an antidote for a fatal poison he just ingested, despite the flash of hurt that showed on his face. His blue eyes were accentuated by the redness of his sclera and you can see the relief painted in them. A gentle smile was on his face as he moved his arms up. Without another word, you launched yourself at him and pulled him into the tightest hug you could manage with your shoulder.
“Are your accusations true, Mx. (L/n)?” 
Your gaze flickered over to your mother sitting on the other side of the courtroom. She looked at you with no expression on her face. Her wrists were wrapped tightly in a white bandage that was a stark contrast to the bright orange prison uniform and the silver of the handcuffs. She wasn’t the woman you knew when your dad was alive. The life was sucked out of her the second she picked up that phone call.
You looked back at the lawyer, “yes sir.”
“I have no further questions, your honor.”
“You may return to your seat, Mx. (L/N).”
You stood up and walked as confidently as you could past the dull eyes of your mother and back to your seat between Tommy and Tubbo. You held their hands tightly as the trial moved onwards. Buster’s owner even stepped up to the witness stand to give his testimony. Apparently he knew about the abuse from your late night conversations with Buster. He had contacted CPS and the police multiple times but the case was always dropped for some reason that you couldn’t bring yourself to ponder. A few of your previous teachers even showed up to give their testimonies. Their words, though true and slightly sweet, rubbed you the wrong way. If they ‘knew something was happening at home with you’, then why didn’t they do anything when it was happening? You tried to focus on the rest of the trial. 
Your mother’s only witness was herself, and she did a piss poor job at it. She was basically digging her own grave with every word that came out of her mouth. The entire time, she was staring at you with her infamous dull eyes. 
“Do you have any further points you would like to add, Mrs. (L/n)?”
“Yes, I have always loved my child. They were my husband’s pride and joy, the splitting image of him. Their rightful place is safe with their real parent at our home.”
You could feel Tommy attempt to stand up, but you pulled him back down; now was not the time for him to start yelling in anger. Tubbo squeezed your hand in reassurance and glanced at you. You were staring at the woman you called your mother with pain and hate filled eyes. You wished her words were sincere, but you knew fully well that they weren’t. The words that left her mouth would’ve been one hundred percent true  and genuine when your dad was still alive, but he’s buried six feet under in a military cemetary now and he has been for years. You would’ve given anything, even your own life, for those words to be true a month ago, but you knew better now. Mothers don’t treat their kids like this, they’re supposed to give their children their unconditional love and take care of them. As far as you were concerned, she was no longer your mother. She forfeited that title the second she turned to the bottle. Philza is and will always be more of a parental figure than she’ll ever be. 
After the jury left to discuss, the court was in a recess. You slipped out of the room and speed walked to the bathroom. You looked at yourself in the mirror. You could see heavy eye bags under your dull eyes. The dullness of your eyes, to your horror, reminded you of your mother, so you splashed your face with water. That fixed it, your eyes were slightly brighter. You could still see the faint outline of the scar on your cheek from when she first hit you. Small scars littered your face from the more recent wounds she gave you before you ran.
A knock sounded at the door, “(y/n), the recess is almost over.” It was Techno.
You patted your face dry and went to leave the bathroom. The pink haired boy that you now saw as your older brother was waiting patiently for you on the other side. He put a gentle hand on your shoulder and led you back to the courtroom. There, the rest of the Minec- no, your family was waiting for you. Just as you reached them, the judge announced that the jurors would be arriving back. The entire courtroom stood as they walked in.
“Have you reached a verdict?” The judge asked.
“We have.”
“Mrs. (L/n) and Mr. Langsburg, would you stand and face the jury? You may read the verdict.”
“We the jury of the state court find the defendant guilty under the charges of child abuse and child neglect.”
Tommy clapped a hand on your shoulder as Tubbo squeezed your hand. They both smiled widely at you. You, however, didn’t acknowledge them. You were only staring at the empty eyes of your mother as she was looking at the jury. Her reaction was akin to her breaking a pencil, like it didn’t matter to her. Like all the years abuse that she put you through didn’t matter was as trivial as breaking a pencil. 
“So say you all?”
“Yes, your honor.” 
“I hereby sentence Mrs. (L/n) to twelve years in the state penitentiary with no opportunity of parole. Mr. Philza Minecraft shall be bestowed the custody of Mx. (Y/n) (l/n) as they do not have any next of kin. Court is adjourned.” With that, she banged the gavel and the courtroom exploded in the bustling of people. You never took your eyes off from your mo- no, the monster with the dull eyes as she picked at something in her nails boredly. Just as she looked up to meet your gaze, Tommy pulled you into a tight hug, lifting you off the ground slightly. You were passed around the family in the courtroom for their individual hugs. Philza’s was comforting, Tubbo’s was congratulatory, Wilbur’s was warm, and Techno’s was slightly awkward, yet soft. 
At home, you spent most of your time in the spare room Philza had given you. He had offered to help you decorate it, but you had no idea where to start. You were never allowed to have decorations in your old room. You kept the room simplistic and your possessions light. 
You often stared at your dad’s portrait on your nightstand wondering what your life could’ve been like if you never asked him for McDonalds that day. Your family probably would’ve been stationed in who knows where and moved around often, as is customary in most military families. You probably would’ve never met Tommy and Tubbo in third grade. You probably would’ve never met your now older brothers and new father. You didn’t want to imagine a life without them. 
After a few days of you being locked up in your room, Tommy and Tubbo came into your room with mischievous grins. You knew them like the back of your hand, so you knew the second you saw their faces that they were about to do something. You sat up and looked at them suspiciously. 
“What are you doing?”
“We’re not doing anything, (y/n). Right Tubbo?”
“Right Tommy.” Tubbo nodded curtly. They still had grins on their faces. They walked over to your bed before they picked you up and walked you out of the room. You didn’t have the energy to fight them, so you laid limp in their arms. They eventually took you down to the living room and plopped you down onto the couch between them. Techno tossed them a blanket when they then used to wrap you tightly into a blanket burrito. The home screen of Disney Plus was pulled up on the TV and the curtains were drawn. Philza and Wilbur exited the kitchen with glasses of water and two big bowls of popcorn.
They smiled widely when they saw you squashed between your brothers, putting a bowl of popcorn in your lap and three glasses of water nearby. The two next to you dug into the popcorn as the rest of the family made themselves comfortable on the couch. 
“What are we doing?”
“Movie night! We’re gonna binge the Marvel movies, your favorite!” Tubbo grinned at you, practically bouncing in his seat.
“Just double checking, the order is Captain America, Captain Marvel, Iron Mans One and Two, Incredible Hulk, Avengers, Thor-”
You cut Wilbur off with a mumbled “first Thor, then the first Avengers movie.”
“Glad I asked then! The timeline would’ve been thrown off.” 
As the movies progressed, you started to finally feel like you belonged as a part of the family. Laughter came easier to you, mingling effortlessly with the family’s laughter. Every time you laughed at a scene, they would give you a smile and laugh alongside you. Eventually after about halfway through Captain America: The Winter Soldier, everyone had fallen asleep on the couch. Soft snores and the quiet sounds of the occasional fight scene filled the room as your eyelids started to close involuntarily. You looked around the room at the rest of your family. They all looked peaceful in their slumber. Tommy and Tubbo’s protective hold of their arms around your shoulders made you feel safe. It was in that moment that you realized that they would never let anyone hurt you ever again. You were a part of an actual, loving family. With that, you let yourself fall asleep into a peaceful slumber surrounded by the people that loved you the most. 
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