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zackcrazyvalentine · 2 days ago
Random Twst Headcanons #02
Can you believe I got this as a loading screen?! Dorm leaders!!!! Are these even headcanons? These came out more like short scenarios
Tumblr media
The most beautiful sight of you, evokes mirth and affection within me
🌹 Riddle Rosehearts ❤️
In a croquet game, when flamingos and hedgehogs run around with their respectful players, there you were...
Sitting on a patch of grass, wind blowing through your hair and sunlight dancing on your skin. A couple of colorful quills poked above the grass, tiny black noses sniffing at your hands and nuzzling your crossed legs.
Hedgehogs ran over to meet you, recognizing the kind hands that often feed and bathed them with delicate care. You were smiling and giggling, lovingly carrying the small critters on hands and shoulders, kissing their little heads while baby talking them with praise.
Seeing his beloved dorm hedgehogs run to you, enamored by your care, was a sight like no other.
It was then when Riddle found himself not caring about croquet games or strange rules, all he wanted was to see you shine and hear your melodious laughter as little colorful hedgehogs surround you.
If only you had seen the softest of smiles grace his lips, feel his heart dance full of appreciation for you
🐉 Malleus Draconia 💚
A ghost of a touch brushed away stray hairs from your face. Malleus wished not to disturb your sleep, after all.
"It appears Child of Man forgot our plans for tonight." He thought to himself, "But I cannot blame them... It is hard work that which they do, their body pleaded for rest."
You turned to follow his warm hand, relishing on the comforting presence you came to love. A pleased sigh left you once your cheek came in contact with his fingers, small smile painting your face at the tickling brushes of his fingertips on your skin.
Malleus' breath hitched, heart stopping at the sight in front of him. Soon enough, a small chuckle passed his lips.
"Well, aren't you brave, Child of Man?" Draconia leaned down to whisper in your ear, "I certainly wouldn't change you for the world."
Silently, the prince left Ramshackle dorm to allow you some well deserved rest. His entire being shone with calmness as he made his way back to Diasomnia.
That morning, you woke up to a surprise by your side: your own little black dragon plushie to cuddle with.
No words were needed to tell you who left the gift, you immediately knew.
🦁 Leona Kingscholar 💛
Your head hurt. It honestly really hurt.
No way in all of eternity would you be able to beat him in a game of chess, yet you decided to take on the challenge.
Now, you have a headache from thinking so hard about your next move.
Meanwhile, across from you, Kingscholar smirked mischievously at the sight of you: fingers fidgeting with hair, brows furrowed, biting at your bottom lip, small grunts and frustrated sounds popping up at random.
It was.... endearing
Because you wouldn't let yourself be defeated, because you were giving it a genuine try, because you were brave enough to face a challenge
But you should know better than to take on something greater than you can handle
"I supposed that's how their whole school life has been, however. Overblot after overblot, and they always come out victorious." Leona admitted to himself. This realization only made him smirk wider, fangs poking his lip.
"So called tactician, hurry up." He tried to sound annoyed, but the smile was clear on his tone.
A gasp. "You're enjoying my torture! How cruel, Leona!" You accused, but made your move anyways.
Emerald eyes analyzed the board, a new shine glazing over them. "Not bad, herbivore, not bad...." Now, it was Leona's turn to give his next play a good thought.
But seeing you concentrated like that, really trying your best to take him on in his best game, to overcome a hurdle....
It was wonderful
🐙 Azul Ashengrotto 💜
Rules of closing hour: no one is to remain inside the Lounge when it's time to close the doors and clean... yet...
All Azul could find himself capable of doing was observing, watching, standing there at the entryway of the spacious eatery.
The aquarium's lights penetrated through the clear water, illuminating the colorful sea life swimming within. Sparkles of rainbow scales cascading onto the table occupied by a lone costumer.
Light humming buzzed the peaceful atmosphere, adding grater mythicality to the already magical environment created by the silence and watery flashes in the room.
Alone you sat, playing with tiny shining fishies who decided to chase your pointer finger as you waved it around against the glass of the aquarium. A melody laced in your voice traversed the room until it reached Azul's ears, making his heart leap at the wonderful sight in front of him.
Perhaps he can disregard rules, in exchange of a simple price: Can you allow him more secret pleasures like this, ones made only for him?
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animeomegas · 2 days ago
I just got to the part where baby naruto is crying because he does not have food and…. and…. 🥲
It honestly breaks my heart every time I think about it. 😭😭😭
Let me write this to make all of us feel better:
"Hey, you okay, kid?"
Naruto startled, having been too focused looking in the shop window to notice the person standing behind him. He clutched his coin purse to his chest to protect it from the unknown person.
"Kid?" they asked again hen he didn't respond.
Naruto jumped a second time and made eye contact with the mystery person. They didn't look angry or like they would hurt him... but Naruto was hesitant to speak, fearing retribution.
Their eyes softened seeing his fear and they knelt down onto one knee beside him.
"Are you doing some shopping, sweetie?"
Naruto hesitated, before shaking his head.
"Can't 'ford anything," he mumbled shamefully, hiding his face into the collar of his raggedy jumper.
"Oh dear," they hummed. "Why don't you wait here, okay? I'll be back in a minute."
Naruto didn't believe that they'd be back, but he didn't have anything else to do, so he decided to hope that maybe this time someone would actually be nice to him. He waited for ages, but eventually they came back out of the store with four full shopping bags. Oh, they must have been doing their shopping. Maybe one day he could do his shopping like that. That sounded nice.
"Here," they said, coming back over to him. "I've done some shopping for you, but I'll have to help you carry them back, I think there's too much for you to carry."
Naruto blinked at them. What?
"They're... for me?"
"Uh huh," they smiled at him. "All for you! If you need some help with cooking, I can teach you, okay?"
Naruto's bottom lip quivered as the tears from earlier made a reappearance. No one had ever done something for him before.
"Oh sweetie," the kind stranger gently put the bags on the floor before kneeling down and hesitantly opening their arms. Naruto knew he shouldn't, but he couldn't help but throw himself into their arms. He couldn't help himself. He had wanted a proper hug for as long as he could remember.
The kind stranger caught him easily, and wrapped him up in their arms. They were so warm. And despite getting what he wanted, the tears came faster and faster until he was sobbing into their shirt, arms circled around their neck.
"You're okay, sweetie, don't cry," they ran their fingers through his hair gently, and Naruto couldn't quite believe how nice it felt. He relaxed instinctively. "Come on, why don't you help direct me to your house, so I can carry all the bags in?"
Naruto nodded, reluctantly pulling away and wiping at his eyes with a fist. The kind stranger shifted all the shopping bags onto one arm and held out his free hand for Naruto to take.
Naruto reached out to take the offered hand as fast as he could, just in case they decided to revoke it if he was too slow. He held the hand tightly in both of his and used it to gently drag the kind stranger in the right direction.
Naruto tried to walk as slowly as he dared. He didn't want them getting frustrated if he went too slowly, but... he didn't want to get home too fast either because then they would leave and Naruto wasn't ready for that.
The kind stranger squeezed his hand suddenly, pulling Naruto out of his thoughts.
"Would it be okay for me to stay for a little so I can make you some dinner? You might not know how to cook some of the things I picked out."
"Yes!" Naruto blurted before he could stop himself. When he realised what he'd done, he blushed and lowered his eyes back to the floor. "Sorry... I don't want you to go yet."
"Okay," they replied simply, rubbing their thumb over his hand.
Naruto thought they sounded a little sad, but they didn't seem sad because he did anything, so he simply tightened his grip on their hand. He needed to be on his best behaviour so they didn't leave him. Maybe he should help them with all the cooking? Yes! That's it, he'd be the most helpful assistant cookerer, and then they'd definitely stay. Believe it!
(Hope that soothed some of the inner torment 😭)
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0darkonyx0 · a day ago
Are you my Dad?
Tumblr media
A/N: I'll probably write more in this universe but it wont be as lengthy cause this ideas was just very cute and I still have ideas. This also was BARELY proofread
Summary: When Techno was going to search that abandoned fallout shelter he did not expect much but what he wasn't expecting was a child
(Nuclear Apocalypse/Fallout AU)
Platonic! Technoblade x Child! reader
Word count:1.8k
Warnings: apocalyptic themes?
This kind of apocalypse is based off the fallout games also TECHNODAD
To be fair, Technoblade didn't think this would happen. He had been on his way back from a job when discovered this old abandoned  fallout shelter.  He decided to go and search it for any supplies it had. Techno hadn't really expected much knowing that raiders most likely got to it before he had. But what he wasn't expecting was a seemingly alive child inside a cryogenic chamber.
‘Child pog...ORPHAN..Blood for the Blood god...take them… BLOOD.. ’ 
Techno tuned out the voices as they badgered on and on. He then scanned over the rest of the room. There were about a dozen chambers and the data tablets all showed them to be flatlined except the one with the kid. They looked no older than 4 years old from what he could tell. He didn't bother with it so he proceeded to go back to searching for anything useful and was about to exit the room until he heard a mechanical hissing sound from behind him. Alarm bells rang as his instincts went off, and he pulled out his pistol, turned around and aimed only to see the child that was once in the cryo chamber out in the open air staring up at him with unaware doe eyes. Techno realizing that there was no danger, slowly put down his weapon as he watched as the kid stumbled on their feet like a newborn deer due to them only coming unfrozen not even a minute ago. Once the kid got stable footing, they walked over to Techno and gazed up at him in curiosity. “Hullo” muttered Techno, looking down at them. The kid continued to blink up at him in curiosity, head tilted as he continued “What are you looking at?” He then crouched down to the kids level and tilted his head back at the kid. The kid proceeded to stare at him in curiosity until unexpectedly, the kid reached out and touched their hands to his face, gripping onto his tusks and touching his mutated features confused since they were different from their own. He almost thought he felt his heart squeeze a little at the kid's small hand curiously felt his face. He gently moves and pries the kids hands from his tusks  and face and stands back up.
 ‘Little baby…. SO SMALL…. ADOPT….E...EW ORPHAN…PROTECT..’ 
As the voices cooed , Techno huffs and  goes on his way to the door and exits the room. He held his weapon out at the ready since creatures tended to wander around fallout shelters especially abandoned ones. As he walked through halls, he could hear the tapping of small feet following him, very different sounding from his own hooved feet. Looking over his shoulder he saw the curious eyes from earlier peeking out from a corner. This proceeded to happen several times and with each time it amused him more and more. The kid followed him around like a duckling would  as he searched through the room in the vault. He had been in the medical bay, looking around when he heard a small yelp of fear behind him. He turned in urgency and saw the child, cornered by a adroach  with it trying to bite them. In urgency he pulled out his modified bat and killed it. The kid was clearly terrified, with tears streaming down their face. Once they noticed it was dead they ran over to him hiding their face into Techno’s body, clinging to him. Techno went still, not knowing what to do. He slowly patted their back in an attempt of comfort. “..It's okay…?” Techno said, unsure if that would be any help to console the child that was currently clinging to him. It seemed to work because slowly the kid stopped crying ‘TECHNOSOFT…..PROTECT…..BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD...TECHNOPROTECT…’
 When the kid was calmed down enough techno tried to pry his shirt from the kids tight grip but they wouldn't budge. He had almost had the kid pried off of him but the kid looked as if they were about to cry again and decided not to try anymore. Techno signed and looked down at the clinging child and said reluctantly “Seems like you’ll be traveling with me for now, since you obviously can't take care of yourself..” ”The name is Technoblade.. You got a name?” he asked. “(y/n)...” the kid muttered out , it being muffled due to their face still being pushed into his pants. Technoblade didn't see the point of searching anymore due to the addition to his party and for the fact that there wasn't much of anything. “C’mon kid.. You need to let go. I can't move properly with you clinging to my leg like that” Techno told the kid. The kid looked reluctant but did so now only holding Techno’s wrist. He let the kid do it.  Pulling the kid along he navigated his way with the help of his modified Pip Boy to the entrance he came in which happened to be the vault door that is in mangled bits. He gently pulled the kid along to the opening where they both could see a dirt tunnel with sunlight at the end. “Let's get going, kid” Techno ushered them along the path to the dirt tunnel until they exited. Techno shielded his eye from the sun with his hand. It didn't affect him much since he only was down there for a couple of hours but it affected (y/n) the worst since they were hiding their face into Techno’s body. Once their eyes got used to the brightness of the sunlight they slowly peeked out and removed their face from techno’s body. Checking his surroundings  he looks down at his Pip Boy’s map to see how long it would take to get to the nearest town. His main mission was to get back to L’Manburg so he could get his payment for the job he took. The closest town was a few hours on foot and L’Manburg was even longer, being a couple of days away. He sighed looking down at the kid, the kid looked back up at him. “You ready?” Techno asks and the kid nods their head aggressively giving Techno a toothy bright smile. ‘I'm so done for’ Techno thought, feeling his heart squeeze tighter than before.
 It was 2 and a half hours into the walk when (y/n) started to slow down tiredly. Their eyes drooped tiredly, not wanting to walk anymore they tugged on Techno’s sleeve. Techno stopped and looked down at them. “What?” Techno asked. (y/n) looked up and made a grabbing motion upward, signaling they wanted up. “mm..sleepy..Teh-no bade..” they muttered tiredly and pouted. Internally he totally wouldn't admit his heart absolutely melted at the kid's  sleepy actions and how they said his name. He almost didn't pick up the kid but he fought against that thought and picked them up in his arms ,holding them with one. Once in his arms the kid nuzzles into his neck.
His heart almost certainly exploded. ”It’s pronounced Tech-no-blade” He quietly corrected, smiling slightly down at the kid that was slowly falling into slumber. For the short amount he has spent with this kid he just knew he wouldn't be able to leave them, no matter how hard he would try. He’d protect and care for them until he couldn't anymore.
The trip was quite chaotic but they finally made it to L’Manberg. He comes to find out on this trip that once (y/n) got more comfortable with him they seemed to be more talkative and even more curious than before.  They were quite the chatterbox, babbling about anything and constantly asking questions about anything and everything even if they aren't the best at speaking. Usually the senseless talking would annoy him since he had grown up with Tommy but he found it endearing in a way. It grew to be the same thing with Tommy as well. Now that they are at the destination he can get his payment for the job ,maybe buy some things for the youngling and pick up some more bounties and jobs. Currently the kid is perched on his shoulders having the time of their life, them having never been up so high. They were giggling lots, gripping onto his dull pink hair to stay upright. They were quite the duo as they were gaining a ton of stairs. A little human getting a shoulder ride from a 7’8 mutated half pigman that is known as the Blood God. Techno could care less since he can just give a small glare and they would run away due to his status around here. He needed to get his payment jobs from the broker at the Las Nevadas bar so he could get back on his way but he first needed to drop off the kid at his home.  Techno proceeded to change course to his residence. He started to walk off in the direction of his house. The little one on his shoulders had long since gone quiet until they piped up with a question. 
“Where are we?”
“We’re going to my house”
Once his eyes caught the sight of the door to his home he lifted the kid off his shoulders and set them down on the ground. Pulling the keys out to the lock, he opens the door and guides (y/n) in. Once he closed the door behind them (y/n) let go of his hand and ran off to explore their new environment. Not long after he soon heard the tapping of claws on wood coming rapidly towards him. The thing that had been  making all the running towards him had come into sight as his dog Floof came barreling towards him.  Crouching down with a small smile, he meets the dog on the floor and gives him all the pets he couldn't give him when he was out. Once he looked up he noticed the kid tugging at his sleeve while looking at Floof in curiosity and slight apprehension. “..What's dat?” they asked, still looking at Floof. “This is Floof, my dog” “Oh” they nod in understanding. “He won't bite, don't worry. ”He reassures them. The apprehension from before completely disappears and courage is shown as they bend down and pet the dog the same as how they saw Techno do it.  Techno looks at them in straight fondness unexpectedly. Honestly he thought he didn't really like children all that much but when he met the little one somewhere deep inside instantly would kill for the kid and it got attached. ”I'm going to go out for a bit, be good both of you and stay here, ok?” He tells them. (y/n) and pulls their attention back to Floof and gives it all their attention. His mouth upturns slightly and he proceeds to leave his home to get his money for his bounty.
Taglist: @strawberrymilkgeorge​ @struggling-with-time @bugsinmycoldsoup
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glitchxboy · 2 days ago
- ͙۪۪̥🐺˚┊❛𝓼𝓬𝓪𝓻𝔂 𝓭𝓸𝓰 𝓹𝓻𝓲𝓿𝓲𝓵𝓮𝓰𝓮𝓼, 𝓬𝓬!𝓫𝓮𝓷𝓬𝓱 𝓽𝓻𝓲𝓸❜ ˢᶜᵃʳʸ ᵈᵒᵍ ᵖʳⁱᵛⁱˡᵉᵍᵉˢ, ᶜᶜ!ᵇᵉⁿᶜʰ ᵗʳⁱᵒ┊˚ ͙۪
Tumblr media
hello! thank you so much for liking all my post, im very happy :D, anyways, any bad grammar please tell me, btw, what do you guys like? y/n or m/n? i will do both sometimes but yeah.
and you gonna have piercings in here
𝐬 𝐭 𝐨 𝐫 𝐲: one-shot, platonic 𝐜 𝐡 𝐚 𝐫 𝐚 𝐜 𝐭 𝐞 𝐫 𝐬: bench trio, irl  𝐩 𝐫 𝐨 𝐧 𝐨 𝐮 𝐧 𝐬: he/him
warning: swearing
Beach House - Space Song .・゜゜・
0:00 |───────── 5:20
↺͏͏ ° < ll >> ⋮≡
_________🐺💕 ׂׂ་༘࿐
All the chat was full with “hello” and other things, the blonde boy smiled while humming a little bit the song, vibing.
-well well, guys, girls, anything, today! we gonna do some things, all random, wich means that-he pause the music for a little bit-i can play miinecraft, i can do lore, i can watch videos, i can do irl vlog, for no reason!-he puts the music again-so, what should i do...
Now for two hours Tommy was just playing minecraft while cursing in bedwars, but now it was just a terror game whit Tubbo and Ranboo, yeah full of screams.
-HOLY FUCK-he screams as the murder was chasing him-NO NO NO NO
-RUN TOMMY, RUN-Tubbo screams while watching him for afar
Ranboo was just laughing at this point
-AAAAAAAAAAH HELP MEEEEEEEEEE-he run more but the murder got him and he die- FUUUUUUUUUUUCK
After some time the boys decide to end the game and just chat for a bit, till Tubbo recibe a text
- OH SHIT, Y/N IS HERE!-Ranboo watch as Tubbo jump with happyiness
-WAIT REALLY?-Tommy screams and just claps very hard
-y/n? is the guy that you guys always talk about?-Ranboo says feeling kinda confused.
The chat was just spamming “vlog pog?! “ “y/n supermacy” and other things
-wait let me ask him-theres was a little bit of silence-YEAH! He doesn’t mind!
-Do i look good?-
-Ranboo you wont take our best friend-Tommy says with a “””serious””” tone
-SHIT, OKAY CHAT, I WILL END STREAM BUT I START AGAIN WHEN I GOT THERE, SE YAA-he turns of everything and fast brings all his things
-oh hello there!-the voice of Ranboo while he was watching the guy
-SHET, IM GOING THERE IN A MINUTE, YOU BETTER WAIT-Tommy “angry” voice was the last thing before he mute
-um, hello?-Y/N enter to the place
-YEEEEEEEEH-Tubbo hugs him almost making him fall
-hello-Ranboo says waving a little bit
-TuBBo!-you hug the male and you see the other guy-sup
-Tommy is gonna be here! he vlogging-
-oh yeah-
-so you know this guy but for the internet, Ranboo-Tubbo looks at Ranboo-
Ranboo is not someone of  juding someone but, you looked kinda scary, not to be mean but you seem like the kind of guy that hits someone like daily basis
-hey big guy-you smile and all his fear dissaper, now you are nice
-hey big/small guy-he says laughing a little bit
[after some time]
-OKAY BOYS IM HERE AGAIN WITH THIS MAN-Tommy shows you’re face and you laugh
-he scary-Tubbo says laughing
-shut-you hit Tubbo friendly
-”scary dog”? i dont know, i really dont think that chat-Tommy says while looking at you
-i mean, i do woof woof but i dont like to bite-you laugh a little bit with the joke
-oh but you will-Ranboo says with his glasses and mask
-yeah, why not-you smile
-HAHA, thats kinda true-Tommy says worry
-yeeeh, short story? people being mean and me being angry-Ranboo looks at you scared
-angry Y/N is scary Y/N-Tubbo laughs 
And yeah, the time that you hang out with them theres no much people around, mainly because you are scary but you dont bite, yet.
_________🐺💕 ׂׂ་༘࿐
YEEEEEH, hope you guys likes it
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mocha-bunbun · a day ago
Hcs for being Childe’s younger sibling?
A/N: as someone who is a younger sibling but also an older sibling, I will have a lot of fun with this >:)
Content contains the following: childe being a loving jerk, this is platonic i will destroy your kneecaps if you think it’s romantic, a hint of angst, and fluff! Also GN! Reader
Being Childe’s younger sibling!
good luck mf
It depends how old you are
If you’re a teen, he will be so annoying but the best
But if you’re younger than that, expect to get spoiled a bunch
If you’re younger, he will literally do anything for you
Have you seen the way he treats teucer?
He will do anything, you want a huge sword?
Sure, but he’ll have to teach you how to use it first
You want an octopus?
He’ll go into the ocean and find one for you
You want Scaramouche’s idk maybe his like shoes for no apparent reason other than you think they look nice? Have em, he’ll get struck by lightning for you
You want dottore’s mask? Okie dokie, he doesnt know how you met Dottore and he’ll get answers out of him later, but he’ll make a copy of Dottore’s mask for you
In all seriousness, he really does care for you and look out for you
He wants to make sure you have a normal and happy childhood, unlike himself
if you’re a teen
Prepare for non-stop teasing and annoying shit
And not the playful annoying things
He will open your door and not close it, at all, no matter how much you yell at him to
He will hang out in your room unannounced
Childe will poke you all the time when he gets the chance to visit
But when you’re really not in the mood for his antics because you had a rough day or you’re just in a bad mood, he will be the best at comforting you
I really mean it
If things were going rough for you, he would talk to you and try to help out, and if you didn’t wanna talk, he would do stuff around the house for you
He really does care for you
Also no matter the age, he will send you letters of all the places he’s been to and the interesting people he’s met
Most of the time they make you laugh but you cant help but be concerned when you see the slightest smudge of red on the paper
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technoslays · a day ago
Tumblr media
these guys. like genuinely. their friendship is truly something.
also free my man george
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i-writes-things · 2 days ago
Power Outage...
Natasha x daughter!reader
tiny angst and fluff!
summary- It's dark. Too dark. Much to dark for your liking.
Warnings- Being alone in the dark, scary, stepping on legos, the feeling of being alone in the dark but people are watching you(don't worry no one is <3).
Extra Pairings::
Platonic!Bucky x reader
Tumblr media
Not my gif*
[12:00] Blared at you from across the room, you held the covers near your face
You had heard an explosion just as you were going to go to sleep, different parts of the Compound had started to shut down.
The air had cut off almost 20 minutes ago and your clock went from 11:23 to completely off to 12:00 in a matter of minutes. It was dark
Really dark.
The night light that your mom had put in your bathroom a long time ago was even out. It was too dark. There was no light for your eyes to adjust too, except for the clock that sat on your desk, and that wasn't much light as it was
You looked at your hands, well it didn't look any different from just moments before. You couldn't see them at all.
As the silence started to settle you felt eyes grab on to you quickly and you ducked under the covers feel overwhelmed and scared.
You pulled the covers over your head, and tried to calm yourself, as you were afraid of the dark, not the dark itself, just the thought of who could be lurking in the dark.
Staring at you right now.
Your covers didn't seem like enough protection from them so you wrapped yourself up to make sure nothing would happen.
Once you stopped moving the silence came back for you, and you heard the buzzing in your ears, the sound of nothingness..
You had to leave, your mom was usually up at this time of night, for a split second you wondered why she didn't come to see if you were ok, she knew you didn't like the dark very much.
Looking to see if your clock had changed, the silence leaves again...
After going back and forth on if you should get out of bed, you finally stand up with your top cover over your head and around your shoulders.
"Go away." You say quietly, directed towards the non-existent monsters that you thought were in your room
Slowly you walk to your door, making sure to not step on anything.
You had stepped on 2 legos and cursed as you went on to lose your balance on one of your shoes in your way to the door. Finally, opening it to a empty, dark, and errie hallway, a rush of fear, circles through your body
"Mommy" You whine loudly down the dark hall, hoping at least someone would wake up and hear you.
You want to go jump back into your bed or hide in a corner, but you just stand there holding the blanket tightly around your body.
After a few moments of waiting you get no response, just the sounds of footsteps from your left, and you scream and run straight to hide in your bathroom, hitting the wall on your way and almost tripping on your chair.
Sitting in the dark shower, holding your head where it hit the wall, you can hear the air turn back on and all of a sudden your
your night light comes back on right outside of the glass shower door.
It scares you, but you all you can think of are the footsteps you heard earlier.
Your bathroom light turns on and you close your eyes immediately from the blinking light
After adjusting, you can see that your room light is also on from under the bathroom door.
You guessed two things, one the Compound was haunted, or two Tony or someone had turned your lights on from the control box.
Hoping it was the second, you slowly walked to the bathroom door and hit the light switch...
Nothing happened.
Someone had totally turned them on from the Control Box.
Your room lights were flooding into the hallway and you went straight to the hall, still holding the blanket around you, now just by your shoulders.
"Y/n..?" You snapped your head to your left, seeing your uncle Bucky standing near your door tiredly
Once relaxing you asked him "What are you doing?" he responds tiredly "I was making sure you were ok. I heard you earlier." He was always protective of you, everyone was, really.
"Do you know what happened?" You ask your uncle worriedly
"No, probably just a power outage." He is more awake now
"Do you know where mom is?" You needed to make sure she was ok, you knew it probably was a power outage, but you've never heard an explosion like that before and your family was literally the Avengers.
"Uh, before I went to bed she was in the Din with Wanda, Tony was there.. and Pietro. Oh and Sam..." He counted them off on his fingers trying to remember "You not thinking of finding them right now, are you?" You nod to his question. "Y/n.. If your going, I'm coming."
See, very protective.
You both, after 30 minutes of bumping into the dark walls and tripping a few times you guys got to the front doors, the light from the outside was brighter than the inside.
Walking through the newly trimmed grass, and the crickets being the only thing you can hear besides Bucky and yours' footsteps, you walk around the front corner and to the side of the building..
In the distance near the next corner of the building you see 3 people with flashlights.
"Is that them?" Bucky asks stupidly
"Of course it's them." You state knowingly
Picking up your speed, and leaving your uncle behind, Natasha quickly turns her flashlight towards you
"Mom!" You shout from afar, when you see her flashlight turns towards you.
Sam turns, his flash light, lighting up the grass in front of you as a smile grows on your face, racing towards all them.
Tony turns to see you and just continues to work on the control box.
You slow down but basically jump into Natasha's arms, finally feeling fully calm and safe. You let go a deep breath.
"See Nat, I told you she would be fine." Sam exlpains
Your mom kisses your head "We turned on your lights to make sure you would be ok, were you?" She asks you pulling away and seeing Bucky walk up
"Yeah, maybe. Not at first. It was scary." You pull yourself back into a hug
"She was very brave." Bucky spoke up and it made you smile into your moms shoulder.
"Nat, not to break up this reunion, but, we need your flashlight. Now." Tony said to your mother and she shot him a look as you both pulled away from the hug, so Natasha could shine her flashlight back on the box
You were just glad that she did make sure you were ok, just not in the same way she usually did.
After getting the power back, you slept with your mom for the night, as you were still a tad frightened from earlier...
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squidgameheadcanons · a day ago
Headcannons for being the other non-Korean participant in the games, and getting along with Ali, bonding over your homelife?
Tumblr media
This is such a good idea thanks anon! Also I don’t know if you wanted a romantic relationship so I did it like a brother-sister relationship.
Also justice for Ali he didn’t deserve it
Considering that anyone foreigner or native they don’t care who enters the game it’s just participate and win they don’t care.
•I’ll just say your Russian for this (don’t come at me I don’t know what I should pick)
•I think Ali would feel more comfortable around you more when another foreigner is present taking down the just Korean majority.
•he could just talk in English with you mostly if you understand English.
•you two would mostly stick together at any time considering how much you two had bonded together.
•during the 4th game (marbles) you had won against your opponent and went back to the sleeping quarters poor you.
•you probably asked sang-woo but the only response a sad look.
•you would die in the next game (the glass bridge)
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoyed that! I know it’s not a lot of headcanons but I’m running on a couple hours of sleep and am not creative I’ll try and keep posting but for now stay tuned!
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Hi :) I wanted to request Arcade and Boone from FNV for this Shippy Saturday since they are my favorites from the game. Also, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who makes these Sketchy Saturday’s possible ❤️ you guys are the best!
Tumblr media
"Wait a second-- Veronica, is that a camera?"
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campfire1949 · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
some c!tommy/raccooninnit hc’s!! b
more versions of the art + funny screenshot under the cut!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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justasouthern-boi · 2 days ago
Is the Cake Okay?
Pairing: aos Leonard McCoy x Teen!Kirk!Reader (Platonic)
Summary: Y/n is sent to the Medbay yet again after more shenanigans with her older brother.
Wc; 786
A/n: Hey everybody! Okay, so I was reading To Annoy a Doctor, a lovely (3 year old lmao) fic by @cas-kingdom​, which you should definitely read, because you should definitely read all of her fics, and in it, she mentions that Y/n hurt her rib falling off of a table. I was just thinking about how that might have happened, and then this fic happened! So this is really just a cas-kingdom ripoff lol I’m sorry ♡
Tumblr media
“Give it back, Y/n!” Your brother hollered, chasing you around the mess hall.
“It’s totally unfair for you to take the last piece of cake!” You tried holding the cake above your head, but you quickly realized that wouldn’t work as your brother was much taller than you.
“But I’m the captain.” He practically wined.
“Exactly! And shouldn’t the Captain be charitable?”
Thinking quickly, you decided to climb into the nearest table.
Several others watched in amusement as you slowly backed up when Jim got closer.
Spock walked in, looking unsurprised at the sight of you using the Enterprise as a jungle gym, “Y/n, do be careful when climbing on things. Your history with athletics is... unfavorable.”
You swiveled around, preparing to give Spock one of your classic comebacks when your right foot got tangled with your left, and you slipped off the edge of the table. Unfortunately for you, your ribs ended up taking much of the impact during your fall. Several gasps were heard throughout the mess hall.
“Y/n!” Jim ran over to you, immediately feeling guilty.
He lifted your shirt slightly and took a look at the obviously broken rib, and large gash that had cut through your side and was now soaking your shirt with blood, “Oh Y/n/n.”
“I will go and get Doctor McCoy.” Spock said. You could see the slight worry in his face, but you could tell he had just been waiting for this to happen.
Somehow, the pain was manageable... barely, but what wasn’t manageable was the sight of the blood that was now spreading across your shirt. You blinked away tears and tried not to pass out (or throw up) at the sight.
Bones rushed in and kneeled down next to you on the floor, “Alright, what happened- goddamnit Y/n. What did you get yourself into this time?”
“She was climbing on the table.” Jim spoke up.
“Traitor!” You said, pain evident in your voice, “I wouldn’t even have had to be on the table if Jim hadn’t taken the last piece of cake!”
Jim crossed his arms, “I tol-“
“I think we have bigger problems right now than dessert.” Bones rolled his eyes, “Y/n, I’m going to take you to the Medbay now so we can take care of that.”
He noticed how your state was declining, your usual attitude fading.
“Don’t pass out on me now, y/n.”
Reaching down, he scooped you off of your feet in one motion and started carrying you out of the room.
“Wait!” You looked up at him with wide eyes.
“What is it?” He asked, his tone serious.
“Is the cake okay?”
Tumblr media
It was strange, because if you took into account how often you ended up in situations like this, it would seem to anyone like you wanted to be there. But you didn’t. You really, really, hated being sick or injured. You loved Bones, you loved annoying Bones, but you weren’t sure if it was worth it anymore.
“Alright, kid. I hate to break it to you but you’re gonna need one of these.”
You looked up at the hypospray and grimaced.
“Are you sure?”
You pouted, looking up at him with your best puppy dog eyes.
“Those aren’t going to work this time. Sit still.”
His usual gruff tone suggested that he meant business this time.
You sighed dramatically and turned your neck so he had better access.
“Good girl.” He was happy that you were complying for once.
You winced when the needle was injected into your skin, but it was over just as soon as it had started. 
“Well, it looks like you’ve got a broken rib, and that cut will require some stiches.”
You groaned.
“Yeah, ‘ugh’,” He imitated your groan. “I leave the Kirk siblings alone for 5 minutes...”
“How ya’ doin, kid?”
You looked up and saw your brother. His expression was laced with worry.
“I’d be a lot better if Bonesy here would stop stabbing me with what he calls ‘medical equipment’.”
Bones rolled his eyes yet again as he walked over to the desk next to your bed, “Watch your mouth, kid.”
“Anyway,” Jim walked closer to you, you realized he was chewing something “I brought you this.”
You smiled at him when he held up a piece of cake... A half eaten piece of cake. You blinked up at him.
“What? I got hungry on the way here!”
Tumblr media
The next few weeks were a lot of fun. You kept yourself entertained by mercilessly annoying Bones any chance you got. 
“Dr. McCoy?” You giggled.
*A sigh* “Yes, darlin?”
“What’s your favorite color?”
“If I answer that will you be quiet?”
Yeah, it was a lot of fun. 
For you. 
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somethingacademia · 8 months ago
people who know random things are so platonically attractive to me like yes let me be your best friend tell me about the history of liquid soap
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Feeling another human’s touch.
touching foreheads
running fingers through hair
hiding face in neck
caressing the other’s hand
feeling their pulse
patting the other’s head
holding hands
shielding the other one with their body
listening to the other’s heartbeat
spooning at night
laying their hand on the other’s neck
pushing a strand of hair behind their ear
nudging the other one
putting an arm around the other’s waist
hugging each other
massaging them
holding the other’s chin up
squishing the other’s cheek
high fiving
bandaging/stitching up an injury
kissing the other’s brow
falling asleep on the other’s shoulder
carrying the other one in their arms
whispering in their ear, lips touching the skin
stroking the other’s arm soothingly
kissing the top of their head
pulling the other one towards them
feeling for each other in the dark
tickling the other one
grabbing onto their arm
doing a pinky swear
caressing the other’s back
tasting their smile
washing the other’s body
kissing their bruises and scars
lifting the other one up
putting their head on the other’s chest
stroking their leg
leaning into the other’s side
patting them on the back
sitting close and knees touching
braiding the other’s hair
giving them a piggy-back ride
sitting on the other’s lap
feeling their temperature
linking arms with each other
touching their elbow to get their attention
dancing with each other
holding onto the other’s shoulders for support
putting a hand over the other’s mouth to shut them up
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deadfallenagel · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Come then, and let us pass a leisure hour in storytelling, and our story shall be the education of our heroes."
-Plato; The Republic
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wooloo-inc · 5 months ago
could i request a platonic techno x reader, where the reader is an orphaned piglin hybrid (maybe 7-8 in age) like techno, but instead of killing them, he decides to bring them along and when he gets home with the hybrid child philza’s like “how did they not die?” while watching techno hold the child at his hip while making dinner or something.
if tumblr is still wonky and this shows up as blank, I will die 
. . . 
He could feel the sweltering heat of The Nether on his back, along with the stares of piglins around him. He just left the fortress after spending hours in there fighting wither skeletons. The entrance he came through was blocked off by many mobs, and not wanting to fight them all, he took a different route. This way leads him through a crimson forest, and it certainly is taking longer to reach the portal home, but he doesn’t mind. 
He was minding his own business, knowing that the piglins are smart enough not to attack him. They respected him, for the netherite armor he dons. A strange cry catches his attention. For a moment he stops but it passes and he walks again. But, the same noise rings out and with mild curiosity he follows it. 
Sitting up against a crimson tree is a child. He could tell from afar that they are like him, a piglin hybrid. They yield a stick like a sword, swinging it frantically at the approaching hoglin. The beast snorts and scraps its hooves into the dirt below. It is about to charge. 
Technoblade grunts to himself in amusement. This will be fun to watch. But, the sudden noise startles the hoglin and it scampers off at the sight of the tall hybrid. Techno sighs in disappointment before his attention is drawn to you. The child stares up at him, amazement shining in their eyes and mouth agape. He grimaces at the child’s interest in him and turns around. This isn’t something he needs to get involved in. 
He begins to walk away from the scene. Soon enough he can hear light footsteps behind him. His ear twitches and he turns to look over his shoulder. You’re following the male, dragging the stick behind you.  When he stops walking so do you. He narrows his eyes and takes a step forward. Your ears twitch and you follow his step forward. 
Techno begins walking again, this time at a faster pace. He weaves in between the trees casually and climbs ledges of netherrack easily. Somehow, you manage to keep up with the older hybrid. Sometimes you slow down but catch up after enough time. He is finally able to lose the child when he jumps over a small abyss. It isn’t too large of a jump, only four blocks. But, it is enough that the piglin child can’t follow him. He grins and walks away, adjusting the armor on his shoulders. However the voices are not pleased with his choice. 
Go back. Help the child. We can’t leave them alone. They could get hurt. They are like us. 
Technoblade tries to shake off the voices but they only get louder and louder. Huffing, he stops and turns around. You’re standing by the ledge, holding the stick to your chest. You smile, when he looks at you, and wave lightly. 
With a sigh, the older pidgin hybrid makes his way back begrudgingly. He returns to your side in mere moments. He stares you down, his face passive. With a grimace he holds out his hand. You squeal happily, grasping it and following him. He leads them around the forest, asking any piglins he comes across if they recognize you. Strangely enough, the mobs ignore him or walk away. After almost half an hour of trying to find your family, he gives up. 
The male walks you over to a large chunk of blackstone and sits you down on it. He crouches slightly to be at eye level. His piglin ears twitch, jewelry chiming with it. 
“So, what am I supposed to do with you?” His question is obviously rhetorical. You don’t say anything, just watching him closely. 
“Do you have a name?” You nod, ears jostling with your actions. Tech sighs. “Will you tell me?” You look down at your feet. 
“Okay, so that is a no.” Techno hums to himself in thought. “Do you remember when you lost your parents?” Once again, you do not respond instead just watching your feet. He snorts, obviously not enjoying how silent you are. He taps his boot in thought, before something crosses his mind. With a dramatic groan he stands back up. 
“Fine kid, if you won’t talk then I can’t help.” He turns around and begins to walk away. He doesn't plan on actually leaving you, just using this as a tactic to get the kid to talk. The voices get louder with each step, talking over one another. 
“Wait, please don’t leave me.” A soft voice speaks from behind him. Techno has to conceal his smug grin before returning back to the child. However, his heart drops at the tears forming in your eyes. 
“Kid, don’t cry.” He holds his hands out awkwardly, freezing up. “No, no, no don’t cry.” The numerous protests tumbling past his lips don’t help the situation. With tears already forming it was too late to stop them. The voices scold him angrily, poking and prodding at his mind. In an attempt to help, he rubs your back awkwardly until cries turn to sniffles. 
“Let’s try this again.” His voice is much softer but still has an awkward tone to it. “What is your name?” This time the child gives their name. Techno nods. “Alright. I’m Technoblade.” He pauses. “Just call me Techno. Do you remember when your parents left?” He doesn’t miss a beat, asking his next question already. You nod, ears bouncing. 
“A couple days ago.” His blood chills despite the heat of his surroundings. The voices go dead silent, waiting for your next sentence. “They told me to stay here until they come back. But, they didn’t.” 
Techno swallows dryly, worries racking through his thoughts. “What did you eat, kiddo?” 
You hum contently, rustling through your pockets. Soon enough you pull out a few berries and crimson mushrooms and hold them out to the man. It certainly isn’t healthy to eat only that. It would explain the pale pink tones in your ears. The voices begin to murmur again. 
Take them home. They need our help. Protect the child. Our child. 
Technoblade ignores the last comment, no matter how much they begin to chant it. “Let’s go back home, kid.” He stops reluctantly. “We will come back in the future to find your family.” You nod giddily, grabbing onto his hand again. At a slow pace, he leads you out of The Nether. You squeeze his hand when going through the portal. 
At first you stumble a bit, feeling slightly woozy but nothing else. Once in the overworld, you let out a loud yelp. You cling to his frame, staring at your surroundings. Slowly, you kneel down and poke the snow. You flinch back at the cold feeling then sink your hand into it again. Tech watches as the child inspects the snow before diving into it face first. He laughs lightly before dragging you out of the snow. He lifts you into his arms and trudges towards his home. He lets you nuzzle into the fur of his cloak, shifting your weight slightly. 
He pushes past the spruce door and into the warmth of his home. He ignores the judging face of the polar bear and moves past the animal. He finally sets you down in front of a door. Gently, he nudges you to it. 
“You can get cleaned up in here. I’ll be downstairs when you’re ready.” He leaves the kid in the bathroom and ventures into his room. He struggles to find any clothes in his closet that’ll be small enough for the kid. After all, he usually kills them. He moves to the hall closet reluctantly pulling out the clothes that Tommy left behind. It’ll have to work, being the closest set of clothes that’ll fit you. 
He leaves them outside of the bathroom and knocks lightly. Technoblade leaves before you can open the door and heads back downstairs. He hangs up his cloak and rolls up his sleeves. He needs to make dinner, something with enough food and nutrients since you haven’t eaten in so long. The hybrid just finished slicing up all the meat and vegetables when he hears the soft padding of feet against the hardwood. 
You round the corner still carrying the towel in your arms. The shirt and shorts Tommy left are slightly too long but fit well enough. 
“I didn’t know where to put the towel.” You mutter an apology, looking to the ground. Tech tilts his head to the side and nears. 
“It’s no problem kid.” He takes it from your grasp, ready to put it away until he sees water drip from your hair. He moves closer and drops the towel onto your head. He ruffles the fabric through your hair and behind your ears until all the water is gone. “At least dry yourself off properly.” You giggle lightly, peeking out from under the towel. The older man bites at his cheek, trying to conceal his smile. 
He tosses the towel aside and returns back to the kitchen. You trail behind him the entire time. Occasionally, he bumps into you on accident. He apologizes briefly but after it happens enough times, he halts in his actions. 
“Come here, kid.” He lifts the child up easily, balancing them on his hip. They waver a bit but end up clutching onto his shirt. He moves around the kitchen like before, stirring the food and chatting with the kid he’s quickly grown fond of. The door opening makes the piglin hybrid freeze up for a second yet he plays it off. Technoblade can hear Philza shake off his boots at the door and take off his own cloak. The blonde greets the bear then makes his way to the kitchen. 
“Hey mate-” Philza cuts himself off, staring at the child on Techno’s hip. 
“Hey Phil.” 
“Is that a kid?” He is almost hesitant to ask the question. He blinks owlishly when you wave to him. 
“Yeah, uh I found them earlier.” Phil can see Techno’s ears burning red from the place he stands. The blonde smirks and leans his weight against the counter. 
“So, you took in an orphan?” His tone is teasing, mischievously so. Techno’s ears flick at his words. 
“Don’t mention it; the voices wouldn’t stop talking about them.” The piglin snorts, trying to provide something as an excuse. He doesn’t pay attention to the way that Philza rolls his eyes. You mimic the older man’s snort and flap your ears in excitement. Techno turns to look at you fondly, offering a small smile. 
“Hello!” Philza greets the child, grinning when they greet him back. The blonde certainly wouldn’t mind having a child around the house again, it would remind him of his boys when they were younger. “I’m Philza, one of Techno’s friends.” 
You hide into Tech’s shoulder a bit, peering over at the other hybrid. “You have wings.” You point, craning your neck when Philza stretches his feathers out. Your eyes practically sparkle and you reach out to touch his wings. Phil laughs briefly, a tiny hiccup escaping him too. 
“Here, I’ll take them while you cook.” For a split moment, Technoblade hesitates. The voices, too, are unsure of allowing him to take you away. But, he trusts his dear friend. He hands you off to the older man, smiling when you hug the other. He watches the two interact but quickly covers the grin on his face when Philza looks over. The older man gives him a knowing look, even raising an eyebrow. They both know how attached Techno is to the child already. Maybe it was in his instinct to protect the piglin hybrid or because he saw himself in the kid. Either way, he doesn’t mind too much. He adores you already, and the voices do too. That is more than enough of a reason to keep you around.  
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love-me-a-good-prompt · 2 months ago
Person A is always asleep when Person B is awake which makes calling/video chatting with them nearly impossible so Person A switches to the night shift at their job so that their sleep schedule lines up with the time zone that Person B is in.
Person A photoshops themself into a bunch of Person B's photos from moments throughout their life that Person A couldn't be there for because of the distance (birthdays, holidays, fun nights out, etc) and gives them to Person B as a gift.
Person A and Person B live so far away from each other that neither of them can afford to travel to visit the other, so they decide to meet somewhere half-way between them and explore a place that neither of them have been to together.
Person A writes Person B a letter every day, but they never send them. Instead, they put them into a folder to give to Person B to read when they're finally together.
Person A's time zone is east of Person B's which means that new movies, music, and tv shows are released in Person A's time zone first. Even when Person A is really anticipating a new release, they wait a few hours for it to come out in Person B's time zone so they can experience it for the first time together over video chat.
Person A and Person B have both moved away from the places they grew up and one day they meet each other online. As they're getting to know each other, they realize that they're both originally from the same city. They both correlate their schedules and each plan a trip back home to visit family at the same time so they can finally meet up with each other in person.
Person A starts their day by texting person B "good night" and Person B ends their day by texting Person A "good morning.”
Person A and Person B using video games like Minecraft to virtually hang out, build a house that they can live in together, etc until they can do those things together in real life.
Person A is on vacation (at a place that is not where Person B lives.) One day during their trip, they see another tourist who looks very familiar and seems to be looking at them too. It turns out to be Person B, who is also coincidentally on vacation at the same location.
Person A throws a message in a bottle into the ocean, knowing that it's highly unlikely that it will ever actually make it to Person B. A few months later, Person B is walking along the beach when they happen to notice a little bottle poking out of the sand with a note inside.
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I love this prompt! May I request Skyler Woods and MacCready, (who act so much like siblings together, they could be twins) dancing away in a classic rock 'n' roll style. As the Autumn leaves turn, so do they!
Tumblr media
[ Sketched by Supporting Artist @bexatomarama ]
Dancing until the sun comes 'round~
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