Please consider Lilia going full on Mrs Bennet like “I have 3 lovely sons in want of spouses” while Malleus, Silver and Sebek are all just in the bg like 🧍🏻🧍🏻🧍🏻
Lilia and his favorite future in law, the mc ❤️. No he does not know which son they’ll marry, that’s not what’s important
NRCS: The Bachelor!
Gender Neutral, Slight Crack Toward End
The Diasomnia dorm was almost your second home when you befriended Malleus. The nightly walks alongside each other and sharing ice cream evolved into a genuine friendship. You treated Malleus like a person, not a prince, not a powerful sorcerer, but Malleus. You invited him to hang out, you listened to his interests. He's… never had that before.
From there you ended up going out of your way to invite him out, venturing into the unfamiliar dorm to find him. The act ended up catching the attention of the rest of his friends/pseudo-family, who embraced you happily.
They all grew on you like Malleus. You had your own rituals you did with each of them. Listening to Sebek's passionate rambles. Practicing fencing with Silver. Having to get Sebek to help you carry Silver back to his room when he passes out somewhere. They became just as important as Malleus to you. 
Another ritual you had was with the dad of the dorm, Lilia. You would both often play a few online games with him or come over for tea, which you are doing now. Thankfully, this time Malleus informed you that he made sure to prepare the tea himself. You learned the hard way anything Lilia makes is either inedible or toxic. Silver took care of your poor, sick self after.
You take a sip of the tea Malleus prepared– it's your favorite actually– as you enjoy your time with the fae in front of you. The conversations and gossip from earlier died down and now you both sit in comfortable silence.
At some point you must have zoned out when Lilia began talking again, your name on his lips being the thing that snapped you out of it. Lilia looked over at you with his usual smile. 
"My my, does my old tale bore you that badly?" Lilia dramatically puts a hand to his forehead, his expression dropping, "Oh how you wound this poor old man." 
"My apologies, Lilia, I didn't mean to." The fae chuckles teasingly before responding. "Were you perhaps daydreaming of a special someone?" You tense up and he beams, mischievously. "Oh don't worry my boys do the same thing!" 
You chuckle, not surprised, after all, he did raise Silver, who is known for dozing off in the middle of a conversation. You can imagine Lilia speaking to Silver without realizing he was asleep the entire time. "... Speaking of my boys, you seem awfully close to them." 
His gleeful voice catches your attention again. "I'm quite happy they found new a friend"
You nod "Yes, they mean a lot to me, you know? Not a lot of people on campus treat me kindly." At that, the general's smile falters for a moment before sighing, deciding to change the conversation to a happier one.
"So… they mean a lot to you?" "No not at all actually," you reply sarcastically, the fae just rolls his eyes half-heartedly. "Kidding. You know I love them." What he says next throws you off guard.
"Hoh, is that so? They aren't seeing anyone currently. If you're interested, that is!" It's hard to tell if he is serious or joking or not. "You would make a wonderful addition to the family, after all ~" His voice sounded serious, yet his expression was mischievous, in the smug dad way only he can do.
You open your mouth, then close it. Right as you were about to respond, Malleus enters the room you both were in. The dragon glances at you, then at Lilia. 
"I'm sorry to interrupt you both, however, Silver and Sebek are awaiting your sword lessons, Lilia."
"Oh is that so? I nearly forgot! I'm sorry, Prefect gotta go. Oh, and feel free to help yourself to some tea Malleus, you did brew it yourself after all." You swore you saw Lilia wink at you. Wait. Did he just wingman you with his son??
The very next day you awoke to a lot of commotion outside of the dorm. Stepping out of bed, you made your way to the front door. Opening it, you see an entire camera crew right in front of your dorm, Vil standing in front of them with a mic in hand.
"Hello ladies and gentlemen I am your host Vil, here to present to you the very first season of Night Ravens College Bachelor!-"
You tuned out and looked around, confused. You saw Malleus, Sebek, and Silver behind the camera crew, confused looks on their faces as a few people do their makeup.
"Ah you're awake," a familiar voice purred. Looking to your right you see Lilia, sitting in an old rocking chair on the porch, popcorn in his lap and tomato juice in his hand.
Oh this son of a-
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clanwarrior-tumbly · 2 days ago
A teen/adult reader (your choice) meets mommy long legs turns out that the reader is mommy's bilological child this was before she was turned into a toy.
The reaction of both the reader and mother please.
You always thought your mom’s work at Playtime Co. was..sketchy. The toys never ceased to creep you out.
Although your favorite was Mommy Long Legs, having a toy of her and taking it in your bag wherever you went. It was fun to stretch her limbs around. It’s a good stress-reliever.
So when she’s finally brought to life, that should’ve made you happy, but...for some reason you felt even more uneasy seeing her.
You didn't know why the children ran up to her so willingly and followed her down to the games.
Not only that, but you haven’t seen your mother around all day, which was most unusual. You knew she was doing a lot of work with the new living toy, so you figure you could ask Mommy later when she wasn’t swarmed by kids.
Around closing time she says her last goodbyes to the children, only to see you, a teen, approach. And when she greets you, you’re taken aback by her voice.
It sounds...almost exactly like-
"Why do you sound like her?"
"...like who? Mommy only sounds like herself!" She giggles, although she looks rather unsure of her response. In both body language and tone.
“Do you know who I am?”
“Of course! You’re [F/n] Payne!”
“...yeah. My mom, Marie Payne, was assigned to you.” You hold up her nametag that you found on one of her lab coats, along with a polaroid you keep with you. “I haven’t seen her around. She hasn’t come home last night either, and nobody’s telling me what happened to her. I was hoping you might know. I miss her a lot.”
Her smile drops and she stares at the picture for a long time.
“I-If you don’t know, it’s okay. I can ask-”
“Wh-What happened...?” Suddenly she speaks, sounding scared for some reason. She hands you back the items and stares at her own hands, feeling her face as if she was having an internal crisis. “[Y/n]..wh-what happened...t-to me..to Mommy?!” Her voice suddenly deepens, pupils dilating in a way that you didn’t know was possible.
You stare back at her, just as scared and confused by her response, though some workers escorted you out, insisting Mommy was growing “tired” and to visit her tomorrow.
You missed her screams of rage as the scientists attempt to sedate her and drag her back to containment.
Today you only had more questions than answers.
Why did she freak out like that? 
Especially when you said her name?
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yulin-pop · a day ago
Hello may I request some platonic headcannons for Epel and a much younger sister reader who's like Qiqi from Genshin Impact
⤷ ✧ Melancholy sister
- order 15 | Headcanons | Epel
Requested by @ask-deltale-twins2 ! I really like writing older brother headcanons cause I love two and I love them . Thank you for requesting!
Tumblr media
Epel Felmier
He adores you. You’re years younger than him and usually he isn’t good with little kids. But you weren’t like usual little kids. You were quiet and calm. He knew you were withdrawn.
You always listened, you handled his usual duties if he wasn’t in the mood to do it. You were his only little sister so he treasured you. Instead of hanging out with other children your age, you stayed by his side.
“Brother, this apple…”
“Ah, do you want me to carve it?”
You would watch him carve apples in amazement.
“You wanna learn how?”
Everyone in town called you his shadow, his side kick, and his “mini me.”
Epel severely missed you when he left for Night Raven. You stayed emotionless as usual but you didn’t let go when you gave a last hug before he left.
“Brother, when will you come back?”
“It won’t be long, don’t worry.” He crouched down and pat your head. You moved closer and wrapped your arms around him wordlessly.
He got calls from home a lot at the most random times. There was a time Vil was doing his makeup before classes. Epel kept his face from scowling but looked clearly displeased. But then his phone rang. He grabbed his phone immediately and looked at the caller.
“Brother, good morning.” You said.
“Put down the phone, I’m not done yet.”
“It’s my lil sister! Good mornin’ how’s it over there?”
“Cold. Without you.”
Vil listened to the conversation since Epel put it in speaker. It’s been a while since Epel shouted out so urgently like that. So he listened to the oddly one sided conversation.
If Rook and Vil ever visited his home town, they would be bound to meet you. You rushed up to Epel and latched yourself onto him. He swung you around then set you down.
“Warm and fun. Again, again.” You said demandingly. Rook cooed at you two and Vil observed how Epel’s acted so affectionately towards you.
“Brother, who are they?” You pointed at the two taller men that stood behind Epel. Rook kneeled down in front of you and held out his hand.
“I am Rook Hunt, mademoiselle, your big brother’s upperclassmen! You are strikingly similar to your brother.” Rook passionately said while taking in your facial features that were the same as Epel’s.
“Vil Schoenheit. I am too an upperclassman for your older brother.” He squinted his eyes at you. You must’ve missed your brother while he was gone.” Vil said sympathetically.
Now, expect Vil to absolutely obsess over you. He constantly urges you to stay clean and to do things more lady like things. Don’t stand like that! It’s bad for you back. Also don’t eat like that, it’s messy.
You don’t seem to mind unlike your big brother would. Epel tries to keep you away from Vil but with the rest of his family calling it impolite, he has watch disapprovingly.
Rook on the other hand, he tries to extract details from Epel’s childhood from you. He wants to know the fun loving, good big brother he is to you! You end up responding with blank answers.
“How was Epel back then.”
“Umm… He was kind. He hugged me.”
“What did he teach you?”
“Apple carving. And warmth. It’s warm around him.” You hugged yourself as you spoke.
Requests: Open!!
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lukasspookas · 20 hours ago
I wish there was a way to say "I think you're so cool and I wanna hang out with you and I wanna be your friend" without sounding like
A. I'm a four year old
B. I have a crush on them
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Imagine your f/o making you pancakes in the morning with a little smiley face on them. :)
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twstlibrary · 2 days ago
The final day of Ramadhan has passed, and today is Eid Al-Fitr! How does the dorm celebrate Eid with you?
Scarabia ver.
Pomefiore ver.
A/N: This can be read as a continuation to the Ramadhan headcanons (Riddle, Ruggie and Kalim). (A late) Eid Mubarak to my Muslim readers! Sorry this was posted so late-
Heartslabyul | Gender-neutral reader | Headcanons
Tumblr media
On the night before Eid Al-Fitr, Trey would encourage Ace and Deuce to sleep over in Ramshackle to keep you and Grimm company, and he’s also able to convince Riddle into giving them his permission. The two first-years have no qualms about staying the night in Ramshackle as that means they could temporarily escape their dorm leader’s radar.
As the ADeuce duo keeps you busy with multiple rounds of Blackjack and a small ramen party, Trey, Riddle and Cater slave away in the kitchen to prepare the ingredients that will be used to cook the food in the menu Trey had planned for the Eid party tomorrow. When the dawn of Eid came, Deuce wakes up first to rouse you from your slumber so you could perform Eid prayer, while Ace and Grimm continue snoring away.
Not long after, Cater drops by Ramshackle to personally pick the four of you up and make sure that you’re on time for the Eid party Riddle had put a lot of effort into planning just for you. Before leaving for the Hall of Mirrors, he pulls you away from the three first-years and snaps a quick selfie with you. He then uploads it on MagiCam with the hashtags: #DoneWithRamadhan #TimeForEid #EidAlFitr.
Cater’s Eid gift for you: a brand new pair of headphones in your favourite colour for you to wear and turn up your music whenever you need to tune out the world. Take good care of them, okay?
Riddle would be the first one to greet you when you pass through the mirror that leads to Heartslabyul. He’s not wearing his dorm uniform but an outfit that seems to be unique to the Land of Hot Sands; when he notices your inquisitive gaze, he explains with a proud smile that he borrowed some clothes from the students of Scarabia to establish an atmosphere that is suitable for Eid in his dorm. On cue, Cater waves his magic pen around to change your clothes so that you’ll match with Riddle.
Riddle’s Eid gift for you: a glass rose lamp that lights up when you tap the glass petals. If you can’t sleep in complete darkness, the night lamp he gifted you will emit a soft pink hue that’ll evoke a feeling of relaxation and thus soothe you into a peaceful slumber.
You soon notice that the entire dorm is decked out in a similar outfit to Riddle’s; even Trey is dressed in the clothes that boys would usually wear for Eid back in your world. As he takes over for Riddle, he leads you to the tea garden, where green and yellow decorations resembling moons and stars adorned the venue. He then nudges you towards the tables of food placed at the centre of the garden and urges you to take the first bite of the food he had worked hard on cooking just for you on this day.
Trey’s Eid gift for you: a box of your favourite desserts, crafted by yours truly! They’re food that would be unfamiliar to Twisted Wonderland, which makes you wonder how he was able to make them - but when you suddenly remember Deuce asking for the recipes of your favourite desserts, it all makes sense…
You’d be dragged around by Ace and Deuce all day as they stuff their faces with the food their upperclassmen cooked for the Eid party (Grimm obviously joined them in being a glutton). While Deuce is asking you questions about Ramadhan and Eid to know more about your culture, Ace would sometimes barge in to jokingly feed you the food on his plate, annoying his rival. The two first-years proceed to go at each other’s throats, providing free entertainment for you.
Ace’s and Deuce’s Eid gift for you: the two of them decided to work together to get you traditional clothes from the Queendom of Roses. Unsurprisingly, they argued about the colour during the selection process; Ace wanted red whilst Deuce wanted blue. In the end, they settled with your favourite colour since it is a gift for you.
Tumblr media
Taglist | @wondrouslovelyflower @fanumsomnia @blossomized-loveshow @cherryusei @glamorousruins @melkxsh @milk-bulb @beeiingluminee @jur17 @misszealeastersblog @twstsimpp​​ @dexxcoil​ @sinsinrants​ @devilszer0sixteen​ @spanish-bread​ @flowwerpot​ @daily-diasomnia​
Tumblr media
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swanimagines · 2 days ago
hii i think this is where i make requests i have no idea how but
i was wondering if you could do another kaz x little sister but it’s really angsty
like kaz and y/n did everything together, they went through the barge together and kaz ended up abandoning her and basically leaving her for dead. but years later when he has the crows and stuff kaz and jesper are walking through ketterdam and she’s going around asking people if they know where kaz is. she runs into them and start asking like “do you know kaz reitveld” or something like that and kaz is just really surprised and they end up taking her back to the slat and she stays there for a while and kaz doesn’t tell her they’re related. but she ends up finding out and they getting into a huge fight and she says something like “as far as i’m concerned both my brothers died in that barge” and storms out
FREDDY EVENT, send in requests for any of Freddy Carter's characters (NOT the man himself (= no Freddy Carter (the real person) x readers), only his characters)!! The event means that requests I get for his characters during it's on are my top priority but I might sprinkle in other requests too. The event will be on for an indefinite time, if you're unsure, see if the event post is pinned. If it is, then it's still on. (Other requests are open too, but their schedule is unknown, I'm planning to slowly start filling them too asap though as I feel slightly better)
Warnings: mentions of death
A/N: Hahaa two up in less than 12 hours!
This is more from Kaz's POV so I felt like third person POV would work the best in this. So it's written like "Y/N did this and that" instead of "you did this and that". Also spoilers for Crooked Kingdom, but the ending hasn't happened, nobody has died, nobody has left anywhere etc.
Word count: 2.8k
Tumblr media
There were a lot of things people didn't know about Kaz Brekker, and one of them was a secret he had tried to bury with Jordie and Kaz Rietveld.
Kaz Rietveld had had a little sister, Y/N. When Kaz Brekker's past self drowned, Y/N was left alone in the world. Y/N had kicked herself to the shore as well, and they had tried to survive together, but the person who he had become after the Barge scared her. He was thirsty for revenge, and after figuring out who Jakob Hertzoon actually was, he wanted to join a gang, where Y/N wanted to move to the countryside and give up with paying back to Pekka Rollins. Kaz had called his sister weak, selfish, and naive—and walked away from her, made her lost him into the crowd. She was screaming, crying after him, but Kaz had just continued walking, shutting her cries from his mind. He couldn't have a weak sister with him if he wanted to pursue revenge.
That evening, Kaz regretted what he had done and tried to find Y/N, but she was nowhere to be found. Then it started to look like maybe she'd been robbed, killed and drowned in the Barge too... there were rumors about an unidentified girl being found by the shore. Kaz swallowed the news without a single tear, deciding he shouldn't dwell in them, but he'd have revenge for Y/N and Jordie. That thought fueled his will to push forward, and the next day, he went to Per Haskell and asked if he had the need for another soldier.
Seven years had passed from that moment, and Kaz was an adult now. He had gotten revenge on Pekka Rollins, he was the leader of the Dregs and was known as a legend around the city, a feared legend, but the King of the Barrel nonetheless, sitting on a pile of kruge, knowing nobody would dare cross him unless they were idiots.
He had even gotten friends. He didn't call them his friends, but deep down he knew he cared about them more than he cared about other people. He had even fallen in love with his Wraith, Inej, and Jesper had grown as close to him as Jordie had been. He might not want to admit it, but he needed people in his life. Even if you liked having no ties, things got messy when your heart gave a damn.
Today, Kaz and Jesper were down at the market, every shopkeeper ready to serve Dirtyhands if he needed anything.
Jesper sighed, eyeing the line of homemade food stands. "I didn't eat breakfast this morning, all this food makes me hungry."
"Then get something to go," said Kaz.
"As if I had any money."
Kaz groaned and reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a few coins. He pushed them into his friend's hand. "Go buy some food, for fuck's sake."
Jesper grinned. "It's nice to be appreciated."
Kaz rolled his eyes, waiting for Jesper as he strolled to one of the stalls, picking up hot buns stuffed with fried chicken and slathered in spicy sauce. He came back, munching it away happily and Kaz sighed, continuing to walk forward.
They didn't walk for long before they were stopped by a girl, around the age of what Y/N would have been now - which was what, sixteen? Kaz swallowed at the sight of her, actually she looked just like Y/N would have looked like.
She looked at the two men, fiddling with her fingers for a moment. "Um, excuse me, but do you know anyone called Kaz Rietveld?" she asked, looking between them hopefully.
Kaz's eyes widened slightly, and he felt Jesper giving him a side glance. His heart began beating faster, water splashing at his feet, but he collected himself enough to answer to her. 
"He was part of my gang once. But he's dead now." he replied, careful to keep his voice low.
Y/N's eyes widened. "What? When... what happened?" she asked, and Kaz felt Jesper frowning at him. He ignored the look, focusing on Y/N. He knew he'd never get forgiven if Y/N ever found out about the truth, so it was better to pretend he didn't know her.
"I don't really remember," said Kaz, shrugging. "A few years ago. He went off after someone. The person he wanted revenge on." He saw her shoulders fall in disappointment, and a twinge of guilt twisted inside his gut. 
"Pekka Rollins," she mumbled. "He killed Kaz, then?"
Kaz didn't answer anything, just looked down and gripped his cane tighter. He was afraid that if he let Y/N see his face properly, she'd recognize him, and he'd have to face her anger, his regret, and this wasn't the day to have a heart-to-heart with her.
Y/N nodded, probably taking Kaz's silence as a confirmation. She dropped her gaze, and Kaz knew she was trying to keep tears in, she had probably learned that showing a weakness in Ketterdam was making you a target.
Jesper looked between Kaz and Y/N, and blurted out, "A young girl who's alone like you isn't safe here at the streets."
Kaz frowned as he turned to look at Jesper, and Y/N blinked at him.
"What do you mean?" she asked.
"I'm just... it's dangerous to be here alone. It's a wonder you haven't gotten robbed yet, or worse. Maybe we should take you somewhere else—"
Y/N cut him off. "I can handle myself."
"I'm not trying to lure you into some kind of trap," said Jesper. "But you don't know where you're going, what could happen to you. Barrel is full of con men, and since you're clearly distraught about the news you just got of your brother, you could need an escort to get out. See, this is Ka—"
"Dirtyhands," Kaz corrected Jesper with a glare, and he shut up with a confused frown. "I'm called Dirtyhands. Only my gang can call me by my real name."'
Y/N frowned at the words. "Dirtyhands? But... I thought that Dirtyhands is... uh..."
"A feared king of Ketterdam, with claws and sharp teeth?" Jesper supplied. "Yeah, that's him."
Y/N took a step back, suddenly her whole body trembling. Kaz swallowed again, he didn't like seeing his own sister being so afraid of him. Jesper seemed to realise that he said something wrong and shook his head.
"No no, don't be scared. He won't do anything unless you're his enemy."
"Everyone who's not a Dreg is my enemy, Jesper." Kaz grunted, but then sighed. "But I think this... girl won't pose a threat to me." 
The last thing Kaz wanted was for Y/N to be frightened of him.
The sky tore open suddenly, sending a downpour on the market, and all the stalls began closing. Y/N looked between the two of them, worried, and Jesper reached shed off his coat as a gentleman he was, laying it on Y/N's shoulders.
"We have to take her to the Slat, you know?" he told Kaz. "I can't have her standing around in this rain."
Kaz grimaced briefly at the thought of Y/N possibly finding out about who he really was, but he didn't want to leave his sister again either. So he nodded at Jesper and the three of them went to have shelter at the Slat.
The rain had started coming down harder, and they walked quicker, trying to get away before they would be soaked through. They made it to the Slat, people looking over at them, frowning at an unknown girl wrapped in Jesper's coat, snuggled up beside him. It wasn't common to bring non-members to the Slat, let alone someone who nervously looked around and shuffled her feet, making it obvious she didn't belong there. Too naive for a place like this.
Nina approached the three of them, but before she could ask anything, Kaz nodded towards Y/N. "Nina, show this girl a room she can stay in."
"I'm fine, no need to do that," said Y/N, sounding stubborn. "I'm not staying here."
Kaz scoffed. "Yes, you are. You're a young girl, alone in the most dangerous territory in the whole country. I won't let you go out there alone anymore."
Y/N didn't argue anymore after that, probably knowing it's true what Kaz said. Nina frowned at Kaz's words, it was obvious he cared greatly about this unknown girl for some reason, but the look he laid on her made her not question it in front of everyone. She led Y/N upstairs and into a room that had been empty for a couple of months, after a Dreg living there had died in a shooting. Y/N nodded at Nina, and the door closed behind her. Kaz turned his eyes away from them then, slowly starting to make his way to the attic. He felt Nina's eyes on him and knew she wanted to pry and snoop, but she probably heard his heart and knew that now was not the time.
Kaz was unable to work properly that night, so instead he spent it pacing around his room. His leg hurt more than usual, and his head was swirling with memories - mostly about the day he abandoned her. Her cries and pleads echoed in his head.
Come back! Kaz, please, come back! Don't leave me here!
He shook his head, forcing the memory to subside.
What Y/N had done after she couldn't find Kaz? She had probably left the city, but where would she have gone? Had she found a family from the countryside? Was she angry at him? Angry at herself?
He slumped on his armchair after a while, his thoughts continuing to race. What did Y/N think of him? Did she hate him for abandoning her like that? Why would she try to find him if she hated him?
The night went by while he was deep in his thoughts, and finally falling to sleep on his armchair, after staring into the dimming embers of his fireplace. His dreams were restless, full of flashbacks and memories he thought he had forgotten.
So when he woke up at the morning, it felt like a relief. But it also meant that he had to see Y/N again, he had to keep pretending, and he had to find out ways how to keep his real identity as a secret. Y/N hearing someone calling him by name would be the first stop, but surely there were multiple Kazs in Kerch, not just him. She should know that too.
He ran his hand through his hair and took in a deep breath, standing up from his chair and making his way downstairs to have breakfast.
A few weeks had passed, and Y/N was still staying at the Slat. She admitted she liked the place, she hadn't had a proper bed or food in years - she had been living as a maid and resided in a tiny cellar of a merchant she had been working for. Her bed had been some hay and a rag as her pillow, until she had finally made her way out and bought a ride back to Ketterdam in order to find his brother. She told about Kaz, what had happened before they separated. She told about losing his other brother to the Queen's Plague, and that Kaz had begun to turn out as a completely different person who he had been before they had fought their way back to the shore together. Kaz didn't dare ask, but Nina did it for him.
"Are you still angry at him?" Nina asked.
"No," said Y/N. "But I don't understand why he left me."
Kaz frowned at the words, wondering if he should tell her the truth. He knew she wouldn't believe it, and he wasn't sure he could even bring himself to say those words to her.
Nina kept talking though, probably trying to help ease the pain Y/N felt. "Maybe he felt like he had no choice? Maybe he felt like leaving you would protect you from things he was planning to do? He never talked about having a sister, but I sensed something is pressing on him."
Y/N nodded slowly, biting her lip as tears began streaming down her face.
Kaz sighed, shifting uncomfortably. He fully knew what Nina was doing, she was trying to encourage Kaz to come forward to his sister and explain. And while Kaz reluctantly appreciated the gesture, it was clear that his guilt over leaving Y/N was more than enough of a reason to keep his secret.
But fate had other plans for him, and after a few days from that, the truth came out.
Y/N had been sad since the morning, and Kaz knew why - it was the anniversary of Jordie's death. It was a hard day for him too, even though he had learned to mask it. He sat down with Y/N at the table, looking at her thoughtfully stirring the soup with her spoon.
"You're sad today," he said simply, and she gave a nod.
"It's my brother's death anniversary, the one who died from The Queen’s Plague," she replied. "It still feels so fresh on these days..."
Kaz nodded, gripping his cane at the memory. But he couldn't help but smirk as he thought of the panic and grief he put Pekka through when he got his revenge. And the words were out before he could stop them. "Pekka paid dearly for what he did to Jordie and Kaz."
Y/N stopped stirring the soup, and slowly looked up. "Wait… h-how do you know Jordie's name?"
Kaz's eyes widened as he remembered that Y/N had never mentioned Jordie by name. She had always talked about her “brothers”, she hadn’t mentioned Kaz by name either after learning he has died. He could have corrected it by claiming Kaz had mentioned Jordie's name once or twice, but her eyes already started to wander around his face, first time looking at him properly and not just glancing at him sometimes as he rarely talked with her - her own eyes widening after a moment, and she let go of her spoon, it clattering against the bowl. Her mouth dropped open as she looked at him. "You... you're..."
Kaz tensed, quickly standing up and making his way up the stairs, but he heard Y/N quickly following him. When he reached his room, he tried to slam the door shut behind him, but Y/N was quicker, catching the door and pushing it back wide open, marching towards Kaz and giving him a harsh push.
"Why didn't you tell me?!" she yelled.
Kaz grimaced, breathing heavily. He wasn't sure how to answer that question, not without admitting what really happened. So instead, he said the first thing that popped into his head. "You didn't ask."
"That doesn't matter! You owe it to Jordie, to me, after you abandoned me there and basically left me to die because of your own selfish, greed-driven reasons!"
"What did you expect to find?! A loving brother to embrace you, who would take care of you?" Kaz snapped. "Kaz Rietveld is dead, Y/N! You should know that after seeing what I do!"
Y/N huffed and her hands clenched into fists. "But I'm not dead! I needed to have my brother, do you have any idea how scared I was after you left me there?! I was just nine years old, and you left me to be potentially kidnapped by slavers and being sold to a pleasure house, or raped, or murdered, or all of those, because you didn't give a damn about me!" Her eyes began to tear up, but she wiped them angrily. "And all this time, I hoped you would have even tried to look for me, and if you found out where I am, then you'd come to save me from it. And you never came back for me, and when I found you, you still chose to lie! Do you even understand the damage that has been caused by you?! I was ready to forgive..." Her voice died away with a sob.
Kaz's breath hitched at the anger in Y/N's voice, and his knuckles cracked as he squeezed his cane. He spoke through gritted teeth. "I didn't lie. Your brother is dead. He isn't coming back. No matter how much you wail and beg, he's there at the bottom of the Barge with Jordie."
Y/N fell silent on that, and they stared at each other for a long while. Then Y/N sniffled, and raised her chin up. "You know what? You're right. Both of my brothers died in that Barge as far as I'm concerned."
Then, she turned around, slamming the door behind her and Kaz heard her going back to her room, slamming the door there too. Kaz knew she had begun to sob the moment she was alone, probably throwing herself on the bed and crying herself to sleep. Kaz closed his eyes, taking a deep breath in and made his way to his desk.
He had work to do, and even his sister from his past couldn't distract him.
THIS WILL GET A PART 2!! (As I won't do stuff like this without a happy ending)
Tags: @scandalous-chaos @brekkers-desigirl @bb-skyrunner @ellora-brekker @animalistic0 @voidranboo // send in an ask to be added, and specify which of Freddy's characters do you want to be tagged on! (This taglist is for Freddy event only, I won't take character taglists for anyone else than Freddy's characters. And note: after the event, Kaz pieces will get the full SaB taglist again, this taglist applies only during this event) ALSO IF YOU WON’T INTERACT BEYOND LIKING, I’LL EVENTUALLY TAKE YOU OFF THE LIST!!
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ifuxedurmom · 21 hours ago
Warnings: Cursing
Teen Peter, Wanda and Y/n being...well...Peter, Wanda and Y/n
Peter:"I-In our defense...we are 16 so..."
Natasha:"I don't care."
Tony:"Yeah this is just unacceptable."
Natasha:"Tony shut up. Your only saying that because it's Peter."
Tony:"I mean that's not a lie"
Tony:"But still Wanda and Y/n both of you are teaching Peter to be like you. And that is unacceptable."
Tony:"But not only that, you both made him swing around all of FUCKING ENGLAND covered in, I DON'T EVEN WANT TO KNOW WHAT while also, GETTING ATTACKED BT BIRDS...WITH NO SUIT ON!!"
Natasha, talking to Wanda:"No no honey you don't have to say anything it's not your fault."
Natasha:"Stark, keep my kid out of this and keep your kid under control."
Y/n:"U-um i-if I may-"
Tony:"No you may not. It's probably you who started this anyway. Making my poor son, do weird shit.
Natasha:"Y/n, you also probably involved Wanda into this shit to, corrupting Wanda like this how could you..."
Natasha, leaving:"You know...what I'm done. Y/n clean up all the bird feathers"
Tony:"I will also leave. Because I want to look dramatic to. And Y/n fix Peters bird attack wounds."
Wanda and Peter, who started everything:"...Anyways.."
Y/n, glaring at Peter and Wanda:"Noooo, nobody ever listens to Y/n, 'Y/n did this', 'Y/n did that'."
Y/n:"Man I can never get a break."
Y/n:"But nooooo it's not like I need a parental figure or anything..hmph...I don't need Tony or Nat..."
Wanda:"W-well... At least only one of use got blamed."
Peter:"Y'know I agree...That's good right?"
Y/n:"Both of you better clean this shit up.."
Peter:"Y-yup right away"
Wanda:"..Y-yeah yup.."
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missrabbitart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
🦇 Nothing shows brotherly love like a group hug. 🦇
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mayullla · a day ago
My brainrots are back with stepbrother au!!! Haha. What do you think mc's first pet would be? I like to imagine a bunny since her favorite stuff animal is her pink rabbit, or a small chinchilla that cuddles her hair. I can also imagine her singing along to a bluebird. Perhaps even a kitty or puppy that gets territorial over and would only approve a selective amount of people (which is hilarious if they hiss or growl at some of the brothers that want affection from their lil sis). ☆Starlight Anon
Tumblr media
Well, it is a bit difficult to bring a pet. Maybe because you unconsciously knew that they are not your family. That Zhongli or any of the other brothers were not your father and well your father is outside the country right now so it wasn't like you could ask your dad if it was okay to bring in a pet when this residence isn't even your dad's place. It is an unconscious thing that you really just never noticed.
Maybe it was a puppy that you saw when you were out on a walk with Ayato. The poor guy was inside a box lonely while looking pitifully at the passerby's hoping that they would take notice of it.
Ayato noticed the look you had on your face, as you looked at the small pup with pity but also somewhat with understanding as if you knew the feeling that the puppy felt. Dear, it ate the insides of Ayato when he saw that look.
So when Ayato told Zhongli (by call) about it they thought that it would be a good idea to bring in a pet. They were sure that the younger sibling would help you take care of it when you struggle to care for it alone.
You went back home with a cheerful look on your face on your arms was a towel and tucked inside was the puppy.
The puppy was just adorable really, always cheerful and active whenever it sees you. The other boys all a lot adored the pup, but everybody could see that it adored you the most.
Venti and Childe also adored the puppy too. But it was just that one time, that one time when Childe by mistake stepped on the puppy's foot did it yelped in pain. You were frightened as you ran to the puppy to console it, with tears in your eyes as you continued to give the puppy your affection, kisses, and treats.
You were practically miserable when the puppy continued to limp around your room as if he was still in pain, the younger brother Itto and Thoma along with Bennett and Chongyun tried to console you but you still have gobs of water in your eyes as you watched it flinch when Childe goes near.
It was the older brothers who noticed how weird the situation was because as soon you were gone probably at kindergarten the puppy started to walk normally all the while ignoring Childe as if he wasn't there from the start.
The audacity. Childe just could not believe the puppy as he watched the dog walk fine but as soon as it hears your voice it starts to limp.
Or how about when you always feed that specific wild street tabby cat, chonky thing with a scar on the left eye and a resting b*tch face. You fed the cat back in your old home and it somehow manage to find you in your new home.
The brothers were surprised when you told them the fact that you knew this cat and they asked how you knew such a.... lovely dear cat who would often look at them with this pathetic expression. You shugged your shoulders as you pet the lazy cat who was showing his stomach to you as if telling you to scratch him there. Telling them that you showed the cat a map that one time as you chat about the fact that you would be moving there.
The only thing that went through the brothers' minds was "that cat ain't normal" as it kept on twirling specifically to get you to scratch that one place it want you to. Meawing with that deep tone that in a sense placed a bit of fear that you might one day somehow offend it and it would scratch you.
But it never did.... thankfully???
Venti got the most scratches from that cat much to his dismay.
He doesn't know why but this cat just has some sort of vengeance towards him apparently, the little creep would just suddenly jump from a high wall and land on Venti's face causing a reaction to Venti's allergies. Or that one time when that cat was able to sneak into the residence through a window which just so happened to Venti's room and just rub all its fur on his furniture.
The poor guy wasn't able to go to his room for a few days after that all the while the chub was able to get away scot-free when it suddenly ran towards you hiding between your legs. When the brothers told you the trouble the cat was causing they had to stop themselves when you gave that tearful gaze asking if the cat really has to go. Kaeya was the one who consoled you telling you that the cat doesn't have to go nowhere (while holding his laugh when it sees the smug look that cat was giving to Venti.) Venti wasn't able to say anything back then, as he kept on sneezing but he saw that pathetic smug look that kit was giving him.
Or maybe you are thinking of that one time your father brought you that one time that exotic parrot that could copy human language?
That parrot always sang songs and made cute sounds in front of you as you tied to train it to say your name. Most of the time you fail and you would pout but the motivation didn't disappear in your eyes.
It was that one time, that one time you left the living room to get snacks for the parrot where the parrot is when Childe and Venti were in the room. Did it start to go almost crazy or so that is what Venti and Childe said later on... not that you believe them. The parrot was a gift from your dad, why would he give you an bird like that!!
"Clack! Piich! CHILD, CHILD, CHILD, CHIL-DEE CHILD!!" The parrot yelled as it took a seat on the sofa where Childe was resting. "Huhh??" Childe looked at the parrot in shock while Venti burst in laughter. "The parrot called you a child!! Hahah"
"Pi-ick!! TONE DEAF BARD!! TONE DEAF BARD!! Cleek, click, cick!!" "Huh what did you say!?!?!!"
You came back to see the parrot call you in distress as it avoided the hands of the two adults. "___!!! ____!!! HELP!!!"
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soupytea · 2 days ago
yandere c! philza (dadza) x reader platonic
trigger warnings- drugging, kidnapping
i am so sorry for not uploading much i haven’t had any ideas neither have i had much motivation in writing 
your text his text
Tumblr media
you smiled hopping off of your bike placing it down at the side of the house walking towards the front door i’m home you yelled out for your dad to hear. hey kiddo you hear from the kitchen what are you making you ask soup now go sit down at the table I will bring it to you. mk you walk over to the table sitting down at your usual spot so what did you and your friends get up to. uh nothing much we just hung out really. alright well how are you? i’m fine. as you say that your father walks over placing the plate in front of you and walking back to get his once your father sits down he starts eating watching as you eat yours. uh dad i really don’t feel well you mutter trying to stand up your father copying your action but walking over towards you sit down he says but not in a nice kind way but more of a demanding tone but before you could do anything you passed out your father catching you before you could hit your head.
this is not the greatest but i wanted to try and write something!
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mod-ibuki · 2 days ago
May I request headcanons of Kotoko, Monaca, Jataro, Nagisa, and Jataro with a blind gn older sibling reader?
“It’s okay.”
Tumblr media
M-I: hope you like this, anon, it’s my first WOH request!! i apologize this took so long, and sorry if they’re OOC, i havent played UDG in a while.
SUMMARY: Kotoko, Monaca, Jataro, Nagisa, and Masaru with a blind!gn!older sibling.
PAIRINGS: Kotoko + reader, Monaca + reader, Jataro + reader, Nagisa + reader, Masaru + reader
GENRE: fluff :D
[Super sorry if I got anything incorrect, do not hesitate to tell me as I will gladly change it.]
I can imagine her tiny hand holding yours as you both walk, with you asking her questions and Kotoko answering willingly and happily as you walk towards your destination. When you need to go a certain direction, she’ll tug at your hand and tell you that you need to walk a different way.
Kotoko will always guide you so you can get where you need to be at. If you want, she can help you dress up for occasions (or purely for fun), and if you’ll allow it, she’ll paint your nails! “What about sparkly red? Or maybe just red? Whatever you pick will be totally adorbs on you!”
If anyone is rude towards you, she’ll step in with the most serious and intimidating face she could muster. That would be slightly hard to be intimidating though, since she’s a kid and it isn’t exactly easy to be scary when she looks like, an adorable child, basically. So, when that doesn’t work, she resorts to calling them a demon, pointing out that they’re attacking a person who’s clearly already struggling..!
If that doesn’t work either.. Well, you’ll have to step in and just tell them to go somewhere else. Although Kotoko was upset that she couldn’t defend you, she was still happy that you got the person to go away. You congratulate her, saying she did her very best and it helped a ton! You ask if you wanna go get icecream as a reward, of course she eagerly says yes, and grabs ahold of your hand.
When you’re careful not to say her trigger word, she appreciates it a lot. You know of her past and as her older sibling, or just as a decent person in general, you’re cautious not to say the word that’ll make her have a breakdown. After all, Kotoko is just a child and no one deserves to get reminded of their trauma, which you tell her. She’s happy you’re her older sibling. Even though you may not be able to see, she hopes you can see how much she loves and appreciates you.
She’ll make small talk when you’re pushing her wheelchair, and tell you whenever you need to stop or make a turn. Monaca prefers silence between the two of you though, it comforts her since she can just look at you and know you care for her, even if you were unfortunate to have your sight taken away, you were still so generous to her.
Monaca, as I’ve mentioned earlier, likes it better when there’s silence between you two. She especially likes it when she falls asleep in your arms, your comforting words lulling her to sleep. She knows how much you make her feel like she’s special, and she loves you for it. You make her feel like she’s the center of the world, focusing most of your attention on her and her only, which makes her feel so special.
Will throw a tantrum when someone is giving you attitude. Monaca hates it when people do or say anything mean to you, so she’ll basically cry until the person is annoyed enough to leave. Completely switches her personality once they’re gone from view though, and goes back to the sweet and loving Monaca you always knew.
You tell him he’s nowhere close to ugly and that you’d never hate him, Jataro says you’ve never seen his face, you smile and pat his head, reassuring him that you know when someone is ugly and who’s not, depending on their personality. Jataro then feels happy, but doesn’t think he deserves it.
You’re quite upset you cannot see his artwork, but he describes it to you in a childlike manner when you ask him to. Your imagination will have to do for now, but you don’t mind. You try to make Jataro more comfortable with taking his “mask” off, even if it’s just with you, and you say you don’t care if you can’t see it. As long as his head isn’t in that mask.
You know what happened to Jataro. You hate what she did to Jataro, and always will. Jataro is glad that you’re trying to up his self esteem, and it works, the slightest bit of confidence arising each day as you remind him that he will never be hated by you, that you’ll love him forever, no matter what.
Jataro likes it when you hug him or ruffle his hair. It makes him feel good, it makes him think that he’s worth of everything you’ve ever had, and that you’ll always be there to stay with him, even through the roughest times.
Praising him for how smart he is will melt him, and he can’t keep a straight face because he’s so happy. The amount of times you’ve said you were proud of him for his achievements is something not even Nagisa can add up, and knowing that makes him so joyful.
Often times, you study with him. After you study, he pulls at your hand and asks if he’s allowed to sleep, and you just remind him that he doesn’t need to ask such silly questions. Nagisa sounds rather confused, so you answer, “of course, Nagisa.” With that, he leads you to your bedroom and waves you goodbye, going back to his own room and finally resting.
Nagisa’s quite the smart kid, so he often does the communication when you’re in a taxi/uber and does the paying (using your money, since he doesn’t have any, of course) so you don’t have to go through the trouble. Once you’re out of the car, you pat his head and thank him for what he did, to which he shakily replies with, “i-it was just returning what you did for me, nothing m-more.”
A tad bit upset you can’t play sports with him.
He’ll most likely spend the day with you, telling you about how great sports are. You gladly listen to his rants, nodding and making sounds to agree with him. Masaru likes when you talk about what you like to do though, even if they don’t involve sports.
Oh? Someone’s being disrespectful? He’s the type of kid who won’t usually think before they act, which is normal for most kids of course, so Masaru starts pointing at the person and “cursing” them out. By cursing, I mean telling them to go somewhere else or he’ll throw a soccer ball to their head.
“Big sib Y/N, look, look! Oh wait-” Is what happens when Masaru’s doing something cool and he wants to show you, forgetting that you’re blind and can’t see the trick he’s doing. You pat his head and tell him he did great.
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secretcasanova · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Characters: Ryuunosuke Akutagawa, Chuuya Nakahara
Word Count: 1312k
Warnings: Spider, slight description of it? I don't know technically the reader making them disgusted
Authors note: I can't believe my friend, she could've requested something else but no, its the spiders, and it's honestly freaky when you think about that one giant... yeah. But hey if you don't like spiders or has a fear of it, I don't really encourage tou reading this not unless you can somewhat handle it to some extent, but still, just warning ya!!
SFW // Slight crack??
Tumblr media
Ryuunosuke Akutagawa
To think that this man has a fear? over something little? You gotta be kidding me then because he'd still kill those ants(if it wasn't for Atsushi telling him not to kill "anyone" for like, how long? Then him taking it seriously /hj)
You were an enemy- he's more confused on why is there a ginormous creature roaming around the Yokohama and destroying one of the PM's properties? He would still complain if it's Atsushi but he well know that he doesn't have a heart to do that.
Akutagawa realizes that it could be another ability user, because now creature could just target their property for no absolute reason. He doesn't believe that one specific report; "the ginormous beast" one.
There was a time where you turned into a small spider then followed Akutagawa to the headquarters, you were already aware of his prescence as the Port Mafia's dog after all(he almost killed you too while you were in that state to be honest, but managed to retreat to one of the little spaces where he can't reach you).
A little bit time skip, where Akutagawa entered this one warehouse alongside with Higuchi as per usual, telling him to be slightly more silent while he also tell her to shut up as well. When the two reached this one specific place- it has an awful lot of cobwebs and all of those dead rotten corpse's were fully wrapped around by your webs (Don't ask me how you exactly do those, I won't answer it)
Higuchi was already muttering incoherent nonsense when there was a huge shadow looming over the two- again he told her to shut up before finally looking at his back only to see a giant beast with two tagmata, eight giant legs thay were crawling on the ground while it makes a sound, then those little crimson eyes with the warehouse light illuminating it to make it seem like it's glowing in the dark
It was actually more terrifying, especially if its up close.
Akutagawa immediately used his Rashoumon to try and tear that disgusting vile creature apart- being a little pest you are you turned back to your human form for a brief second after it nearly stabbed your main body of the spider, then later on engaged in a battle with the two
You realized that you can't just keep hold of them forever, most of Akutagawa's actions were impulsive but you really did forgot this one woman he was with, then eventually landed a tranquil dart to your shoulder
"C-cheater..!" You snarled at the man in black in front of you, before your vision fully blackened out.
Let's say you got held as a captive by the PM while being interrogated by him, you eventually admitted that you were only commissioned by some of the group to mess with the PM
Mori thought that you'd make a great asset to them, so he eventually offered you the position in the PM- it's up to you whether to decline it or not
If you eventually accept it, you'd annoy Akutagawa every now and then (and also scare Higuchi), even if the two of you are paired up in the missions
If not, Mori would try to rearrange and have a contract between you both, who wouldn't want someone great as you?
In the end of the day, he'd usually shoo you away but now he doesn't, he would still hit you as you fight him back, it all started from a small fight to a huge mess.
Kouyou or Chuuya would probably kill you both if you kept on doing this.
Tumblr media
Chuuya Nakahara
He has a huge pride and ego, there are some of the other things he still hides and feign it with his assertiveness and pride
Like, maybe this man hates of spiders- depends. He can handle those all fair and square(yeah sure until you give him a tatantula)
You are a newly recruit of the PM, said to have no ability(or in other words you asked Mori to not have it shown on your records after paying your debts to... him.) and you were put as Chuuya's subordinate
Nothing new, he thought. It would be just the same thing, he really thought. Which that's the part where all of his assumptions are wrong and ended up regretting it in the later parts- he did train you and taught you some basics and all, sure.
There was also a time where you got curious and decided to become a little spider, then spy him on his office— it was rather a boring experience because all he does is to drown on his paperworks, you tried your luck by heading to the empty side of his desk and do a little spider dance
This stupid bit went on until he was going to grab something on the other side, then saw the "spider" dancing in his desk before staring at it for a long lloooong time. (He probably flinged you, at least he didn't try to squash you)
At the same time of your recruitment ever since, he's getting the reports of this "Ginormous Beast" or whatsoever- a person that turns into a giant spider? he cringes by the thought of that
So one day when he's having a small chat with you, he suddenly brought that topic up while you were drinking some water.
"Do ya believe this one report? About the legendary spider beast or whatever? 'cause I don't."
You definitely choked on your drink while he stared at you weirdly.
"I don't wanna encounter them, that's for sure."
Because you ARE them lmao
So maybe one day where the two of you were sent out on a mission to retrieve this one particular information, you got seperated from him to handle with some certain situations, you were assigned to retrieve it while he fights the others
But the enemy's reinforcement are coming from every sides, felt like an endless wave to you so you decided to use your spider form then scared a bunch of freaks. Some ended up dead- you even made a cobweb and made them stuck on the web you made
Some of them are running for their lives yelling that the "Beast" is in this area, the other's eventually retreated
You basically thought it would be fun to scare Chuuya so you tried go over to his back, yet again the shadow looming iver him before snapping his hear to the back
Again, completely frozen- almost as if he's like he's trying to process the whole situation before grimacing by the sight of this
"I don't want to deal with ya."
Is what he said before a red aura appeared in him- you knew he activated his ability so you tried to run away but eventually ended up getting stuck on the ground, forcibly causing you to return back to your human state
Again, hes bewildered and terrified(he won't admit that outloud) befote scolding you beforehand about that whole situation, he'll ask you the ability thing tomorrow so be prepared
For now, you were having fun getting a reaction from him, a disgusted one rather.
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elyzsia · 12 hours ago
DILUC PROTECTING A YOUNG THIEF FROM THE KNIGHTS. 𓂃⭑ okay maybe i'll write for men every once in a while...
Tumblr media
A celebrity in Mondstadt all for the wrong reasons, this young person was. Every store owner knew their face, every store owner knew of their devious deeds, and every store owner had been robbed more than once. Why had Diluc gone to such lengths to protect them from the severe punishment which was awaiting them so?
Was it because they lacked a satisfactory guardian and he was hoping he would suffice enough to point them in the right direction? Was it because they had absolutely nothing to their name because they lost everything so young? He honestly wasn't sure. Probably. Many other reasons, too.
Not to mention it pissed off the knights to an extent which was almost amusing.
Charles crossed his arms from behind the bar, a quiet laugh escaping his lips as he observed the two knights dragging a h/c-haired teen through the tavern doors, the three of them clearly peeved. "What've they done now?"
The knight switched his agitated gaze to the man. "Stealing. Yet again."
"I wasn't even stealing!" the h/c-haired teen protested loudly, violently shrugging the hold of the knight off their shoulder, then proceeding to pry off the hold on their forearm from the other. Quickly turning around, they pointed directly at the knight whom had spoken. "This is exactly why Master Diluc doesn't deem the knights suitable for the titles that they have been given!"
"Because you were caught stealing from Marjorie?" Charles asked, causing them to turn around to him in a flash. The prominent smile on his face agitated them to the max.
"Not you too, Charles!" they scoffed. "I wasn't even stealing! They just, like, assumed I was going to steal before I could pay for it... Besides, who the hell would steal from Marjorie? What would I actually steal of worth from her? A- a glass ball?"
"We saw you walk away with it."
Wasn't exactly sure if it would prove beneficial or not with their unpredictable nature, but he had decided to teach them how to pour drinks in the tavern. Forcing them to act as some sort of waitress from time to time, too, and paying them for their time in "training". Just so they have some money to spend, and knowing it would class as some experience for a future job somewhere else.
A future job somewhere else which never actually came to be, as he kept them employed at the Angel's Share anyway.
Jean has approached him asking why he is protecting this thief many times, and every time he has stated that he is trying to change them out of those ways, saying that them getting taken in by the knights would hinder that progress. She trusts him, and wholeheartedly hopes that he succeeds. As much as she knows the reason behind the thievery, she is still the Acting Grandmaster, and it's a problem.
Has forced them to apologize to store owners personally on numerous occasions. It is a very... embarrassing experience.
"I am sorry Flora..." the apology was extremely stiff, and questionably genuine. They could not look the girl in the eyes, constantly averting them elsewhere. Peering at Diluc in the near distance, leaning against a wall whilst watching everything go down, they noticed his unamused expression. Well, he always seemed unamused. But more so right now. "...For tripping over your flowers as I ran away from the knights."
Flora's eyes had widened, leaning forwards. "Woah, I never thought I would hear an apology today--! I'm glad you're trying to fix your wrongdoings, [name]. It's going to be difficult but I support you."
"Ah, thank you.... and sorry again."
Was it the apology or the impassive stare of Master Diluc which had caused them to sweat so much?
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randomperson1me · 2 days ago
Remus lupin x student reader ( platonic )
Tumblr media
TW: mention of cancer, breakdown and agnst.
Summery: reader is a young student of Remus lupins. He notices her run out of the great Hall and goes to check on her
Remus lupin had been keeping an eye on young Y/N L/N for a while now. He noticed how the H/H student had been looking more tird than usual. They had been almost falling asleep in class, not doing homework and being less energetic.
It was a Monday morning and all the owls were flying in with post. Remus sat at the teachers table and watched all the owls with a smile. He looked over at the H/H table and noticed Y/N had a letter. They opened it up and read over it.
Both he and Mc Gonagall looked worriedly as they seemed to tear up and ran out of the messhall, bringing the letter with her. Mc Gonagall stood up but Remus held a hand up " I'll go, you stay here " He said. The professor nodded.
Remus stood up and quickly walked out of the messhall. He walked out to the corridors. He glanced around trying to find the student. After a while of walking around the halls he found himself on the second floor.
He heard small sobs coming from around the corner. He quickly turned it and saw Y/N. The student was on the ground crying their eyes out as they held their knees. The hand holding the letter was shaking.
"Y/N?" He called out softly. The teen looked over hearing the voice. They went to open their mouth to speak but all that came out was a small noise, efforts of them trying to speak through the sobs.
Remus hurried over and sat down beside the student. He wrapped his arms around their shoulder and pulled them into a side hug. Y/N just leaned into his hug as they put their hand over their mouth to muffle the sobs. " May I read the letter? If that's the reason you're upset ?" He asked them.
Y/N shakily handed him the letter. Remus kept his arm around their shoulder and began reading the letter;
Dear Y/N
Hello love! How are you? I got your letter about your mom and I just want you to know that she's doing good! The doctor said that they caught the cancer early so she's going to be good! She started her chemo yesterday aswell. She's just a wee bit too tired to write a letter back. But she says hello and that she loves you. Lots of love from me and your father aswell! Keep your chin up love!
Lots of love. Grandma ♡
Remus felt his heart drop. He felt bad for the young students family. He looked back at the teen who had stopped sobbing but still crying. He gently rubbed their shoulder. " Is this why you were distant in class?" He asked her.
Y/N nodded " I'm sorry " they apologised. " It's not your fault. I understand that your worried for your Mother. But just like your Grandmother said, your Mother will he fine. " He reassured them.
The teen nodded " it's just- still scary " They said quietly. Remus reached into his pocket and took out a candy bar. " If you are ok with it, I can inform the other teachers and anytime you are feeling down, or worried or just having a bad day. We can organise something else for you to do" He Told them softly, while handing them the chocolate.
Y/N nodded and ate the chocolate quietly. Remus smiled and stood up. " I'll go infrom them. You have permission to go back to the common room until your back in fitting form" He said. " thanks sir " The student said as she stood up. " anytime Y/N" He nodded with a smile as he walked back to the mess hall.
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twstlibrary · 2 days ago
The final day of Ramadhan has passed, and today is Eid Al-Fitr! How does the dorm celebrate Eid with you?
Heartslabyul ver.
Pomefiore ver.
A/N: This can be read as a continuation to the Ramadhan headcanons (Riddle, Ruggie and Kalim). (A late) Eid Mubarak to my Muslim readers! Sorry this was posted so late-
Scarabia | Gender-neutral reader | Headcanons
Tumblr media
On the night before Eid, Scarabia is holding a banquet because… Kalim wants to. Jamil was obviously exasperated by his impulsive decision but fortunately, you were there to lend him a hand and helped him cook all the food that’s being served in the common room. Kalim then tells the two of you that he’d like to throw a huge Eid party and invite the other dorms tomorrow; before you could slink away, Jamil clasps your arm in a vice-like grip, silently telling you that you are not escaping the free labour.
The next morning, Kalim bursts into your room unceremoniously to wake you up early for Eid prayer. He then drags your groggy self to the common room, where some of the Scarabia students are gathered as they wait for Jamil, who was chosen as this year’s imam, to appear. After the prayer, everyone prepares to receive guests from the other six dorms - and surprise surprise, Malleus was invited (only thanks to you)!
In the middle of the party, Kalim pulls you away from the crowd as he wanted to have you to himself for a moment or two on this special day. The sun of Scarabia hasn’t reached its highest point yet, painting the sky with soft hues of blue and yellow. He planned to take you on a magic carpet ride so you both can admire the serene view, though his main purpose is to show you a familiar sight that you’ve seen in a thousand and one mornings.
Kalim’s Eid gift for you: colourful cushion covers for the cushions in Ramshackle’s lounge! They have his homeland’s motif, so hopefully you’ll be reminded of him whenever you’re resting on one of the sofas after an exhausting day.
Jamil is only able to approach you after the Eid party in the afternoon. As thanks for helping him clean up the mess in the common room, he presents you with a plate of the dessert you’d always eat with your family for Eid back home, which he may or may not have stayed up late making last night. Although he can’t replace your family, he can at least bring a part of your home to you. If there’s anything else you’d like to eat on this day, let him know and he’ll try to cook it for you.
Jamil’s Eid gift for you: Najma must have sent him a box of dates either to take the piss out of him or so he would have something to give to you as an Eid gift. He’ll give her the benefit of the doubt just this once and assume it’s the latter. He prays that you like dates because if you don’t… well, you could go on one with him tomorrow-
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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abraindeadtheythem · a year ago
people who know random things are so platonically attractive to me like yes let me be your best friend tell me about the history of liquid soap
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nightprompts · 6 months ago
&. 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐜 𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬.
(  platonic  ships  are  just  as  important  as  romantic  ones!  so  here’s  some  sentence  starters  for  all  your  friendship  needs!  )
❛ remind me why we’re friends again? ❜
❛ you know you can always talk to me. ❜
❛ do you think we’re friends in every universe? ❜
❛ you’re interesting and different and i like that. ❜
❛ i feel like i can tell you anything. ❜
❛ please don’t ever become a stranger. ❜
❛ i like being alone but i’d rather be alone with you. ❜
❛ you’re important to me, you little shit. ❜
❛ i can always count on you. ❜
❛ here, you can borrow my jacket. ❜
❛ i am this close away from strangling you. ❜
❛ no offense, but you look terrible. ❜
❛ do you think we’ll ever stop being friends? ❜
❛ i found this cool rock that made me think of you. ❜
❛ you can sleep over, it’ll be like when we were kids. ❜
❛ here’s a spare key so you don’t have to keep coming in through the window. ❜
❛ that sounds dangerous. i’m in! ❜
❛ we’re still friends, right? ❜
❛ i don’t have a date, so do you wanna be my plus one? ❜
❛ i heard you were feeling sick, so i made you some soup. ❜
❛ i already said i’m paying. you can buy next time, okay? ❜
❛ you’re the best, you know that? ❜
❛ i’m not hitting you, it’s called platonic bdsm. ❜
❛ you’re more family to me than my own family is. ❜
❛ because i like you. because you’re my friend. ❜
❛ i feel like i can be myself around you. ❜
❛ alright, who am i beating up? ❜
❛ you are literally too stupid to insult. ❜
❛ i’m trying to fix your hair, so hold still. ❜
❛ who needs them. we can have fun on our own. ❜
❛ you deserve every good thing that comes your way. ❜
❛ don’t worry, i’ve got your back! ❜
❛ you’re like, the strongest person i know. ❜
❛ friends don’t lie. ❜
❛ don’t make me regret giving you the aux cord. ❜
❛ you can come over any time. it’s not a problem. ❜
❛ i’m glad to have met you. ❜
❛ you remember the day we became friends? ❜
❛ i know, i know. i’m the best. ❜
❛ no one hurts you and gets away with it. ❜
❛ because you love me! duh! ❜
❛ why do you keep me around? ❜
❛ you’re not getting rid of me that easily. ❜
❛ what would you do without me, huh? ❜
❛ thanks. i really needed this. ❜
❛ what are best friends for? ❜
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cyevee · a month ago
gojo taking a drunk shoko back home
(i saw a funny pic in this pose and immediately thought of these two lol)
Tumblr media
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sdr2lovemail · 4 months ago
What about gender neutral!reader being a technician for Security Breach and the animatronics live in their house? You can decide on the reason. Reader is absolutely tired of the animatronic shenanigans but it’s also found family. Have a great night/day!!!!
Hello dear Anon! My first Fnaf request, woohoo! Found Family is fun to write. I hope you enjoy your request!
Also this post shall be my official resignation of my talksprites. I felt they were cluttering my blog.
⚔Mod Peko⚔
You’re the world’s best animatronic babysitter!
A shirt being flung at your head stirs you awake. You let out a groan while groggily sitting up. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, various articles of your clothes are flung across the room. Looking to your closet there stands Roxanne. She’s digging through your clothes like it’s a clearance shopping rack. Peering over to the electric alarm clock, It’s 8 AM?! You can’t even sleep in on your day off.
“Roxy. Why are you in my room so early?”
“Huh? Oh, look who’s finally awake. Everyone’s already up and roaming sleepyhead!” The wolf animatronic takes a minute away from your closet to give a teasing glance. “Well I guess it makes sense, you work afternoons and nights. It’s okay for you to be lazy in the morning. OH! This is actually kinda cute!”
Roxy pulls out one of your sweaters. Taking it off the hanger she holds it up to her metal body. The sweater is comically small compared to her 8-foot frame. “I knew you had to have some kind of style in here. This would help my beauty shine even more!”
“Would that even fit you?”
“Huh?! What do you mean by that!” She spits out. Oh dear, the last thing you needed was an angry Roxy in the morning.
“Oh, nothing like that! It’s just you know, those colors wouldn’t…match your outfit! It wouldn’t fit in with your leg warmers.” She stares you down for a minute. You could practically feel sweat dripping down the back of your neck.
“Hmmm, I guess you’re right. I’ll keep looking around.” Roxy turns back to rummage through the rest of the clothes. Does she think you’ll let her keep them?
With her attention redirected, you slink out of bed. Walking down to the bathroom, the light is on but no one is in there. Shutting and locking the door you begin to untie your pajama bottoms. You almost began to slide them down before your shower curtain was flung open.
“SURPRISE!” Sun leaps out of the shower with his hands up. Too stunned to even yell out, you jump back with a hand over your heart. So, that’s why the light was on. They had it on so he could hide in your shower. Taking a moment for your pulse to calm down you look over to him.
“Why were you in there Sun? I wouldn’t think my bathtub was a very fun place to hide.”
“Awww, you always look so grumpy in the morning. So I thought you would get nice and energized by a surprise! Did it work? Huh Huh Huh?” He’s only been in your house for a day. How would they even know that?
“It sure did…something. Would you mind leaving my bathroom? I need to get changed.”
“Okay! But don’t take too long. Me and Gregory are going to make paper puppets!” Stepping around you with ease, Sun unlocks the door and skips down the hallway.
You were starting to regret letting them stay at your house. The Pizza Plex was getting fumigated the week of the animatronics' scheduled maintenance. Your boss thought they could save a quick buck by asking you to just bring them home. Well, it’s more work than someone would’ve guessed. It hasn’t even been 24 hours and they’ve already caused so much havoc. And their portable chargers that make you turn off every outlet in your house just for them to turn on. But you couldn’t complain too much. They were like a weird robotic family.
Quickly changing out of your nightwear, you walk into the kitchen. The fridge door is wide open and halfway in it is Chica. The sounds of clinking jars and tupperware being pushed around fill the air. Just a few feet away from her is Gregory. He’s sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal.
“Hey, Greg. You could’ve woken me up. I would have made you some breakfast. That’s like your 5th bowl this week.” Ever since he was found hiding away in the Pizza Plex, Gregory has been staying at your place. It’s almost like an unofficial adoption.
“I didn’t want to wake you up just for something to eat.” Aw, that’s sweet of him. But also a little sad. “I can tell you need more sleep from those circles under your eyes.” You half-heartedly ruffle his hair at the comment.
“Well Gregory, you live here too. Don’t be shy to ask me for something- Chica that is raw meat!” You pry the package out of her hands. Over half of it was gone. “You can’t just eat random stuff in my fridge. I needed this for dinner.”
“If they didn’t want it eaten, they shouldn’t make it look so yummy!” Nudging her away from the fridge, you shut its door.
“You’re banned from the fridge. Please, stop eating my groceries.”
“Hey! There’s my favorite sleepy technician! Did you get enough sleep?” A large, green arm is slung over your shoulder. Monty only spoke like that when he wanted something.
“What do you want Monty?” Pulling away from his hold, you start up your coffee maker. If you were going to be up you needed some caffeine.
The robotic gator let out an offended gasp. “Why would I want something? Can’t I just compliment you? Geez!” He could tell by your face that you weren’t buying it. “...I told Fazbear that I could beat him in any game, but we can’t remember how to turn your TV on.”
Pouring coffee into a mug, you take a long sip before walking to the doorway. “Alright, I’ll show you one last time. But if you forget you’re on your own.” The second you walk out, Chica dives straight into your pantry.
In the living room, Sun is sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table. He’s sorting multiple sheets of construction paper by color. They were practically vibrating with excitement. This was the first time Gregory actively sought out their company. Behind him was Freddy sitting on the couch. Due to his big stature, his knees are awkwardly close to his torso. The bear visibly perks up upon noticing you.
“Good Morning! I hope we didn’t wake you up. Did you sleep well?”
“It’s fine Freddy. It’s nice to be up early…sometimes. I slept well, thank you for asking.” That was a lie. Everyone was up late into the night, exploring every inch of your home. With the sounds of their heavy footsteps, it was hard to get any sleep.
You set your mug down, Sun is quick to put it on a coaster, and pick up your TV remote. “So this button turns it on. After that, you gotta click this button a few times for it to connect to my console.”
“PSH! I knew that. I was just testing to make sure you knew that.” Monty exclaims, too embarrassed to admit he forgot something as simple as that.
“Thank you, Superstar! Now, which game should we play Monty?” The two bandmates begin to discuss the games in your selection. After some banter, they decide on some fighting game you don’t remember getting.
Grabbing your mug, you take a seat next to Sun. With another sip of your coffee, you begin to watch their fight go down. You guess it wasn’t all bad to have the animatronics around.
Though, it was gonna be hard to get them to leave.
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