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#platonic!sam wilson x reader
comfortbucky · a month ago
true north: chapter 5
Tumblr media
gif credit: @biwilson
summary: the winter soldier is activated once again, forcing steve, sam, and y/n to intervene and take bucky away from the berlin facility. bucky and y/n get to know each other a little better!
pairing: bucky x fem!reader/avenger!reader
warnings: canon-level violence, grumpy bucky, winter soldier mode activated, references to the readers time with HYDRA
A/N: BUCKY IS FINALLY HERE BABES. AND I AM ABSOLUTELY THRILLED. i know this is kind of short but i promise we are building towards bigger and better things!!!!! i wrote an outline of the whole series but when i actually start to write i change things up which impact like chapter length and whatnot so pls forgive me bUT i hope u guys enjoy!!!!!!!!! <3
also???? thank u guys SO SO much for all the love and support for this series🥺💗 it means the absolute world to me u have no idea!!!!!!
as always i would love to hear any feedback, comments, or suggestions u guys have!!!!!!!!🥰
if u would like to be added to the taglist, pls send me a message! :)
word count: 3k
series masterlist!
Y/N, Steve, Sam, and T’Challa were all sitting in the back of the van in silence.
“So, you like cats?”
“Sam.” Steve and Y/N spoke at the same time. Sam raised his eyebrows at Y/N.
“Hey, you said it first! Dude shows up dressed like a cat, you don’t wanna know more?”
She rolled her eyes in response and mumbled. “Read the room, dumbass,” earning a shove from Sam.
There’s a moment of silence before Steve speaks up.
“Your suit, it’s vibranium?”
T’Challa turns his head slightly in Steve’s direction, but not enough to make eye contact. He replies, completely ignoring Steve’s question.
“The Black Panther has been the protector of Wakanda for generations. A mantle, passed from warrior to warrior. And now, because your friend murdered my father; I also wear the mantle of king.” T’Challa paused. “So, I ask you, as both warrior and king, how long do you think you can keep your friend safe from me?”
The rest of the ride was silent.
As the four of them exited the van upon arriving at the CIA facility in Berlin, Y/N followed Steve’s gaze as he looked at Bucky. He was being kept in a clear containment unit, sat in a seat with his hands confined to the armrests, and his body restrained to the chair. They walked towards Sharon and an unfamiliar man standing next to her.
“What’s gonna happen to him?” Steve asked.
“Same thing that ought to happen to you,” the man beside Sharon spoke. “Psychological evaluation and extradition.”
“This is Everett Ross,” Sharon stated, introducing the man next to her. “Deputy Task Force Commander.”
“What about a lawyer?” Steve kept his focus on Agent Ross.
“Lawyer,” Agent Ross chuckled. “That’s funny.” His face was immediately stoic again. “See their weapons are placed in lockup.” He noticed a concerned look in their eyes. “We’ll write you a receipt,” he clarified.
“I better not look out the window and see anybody flying around in that.” Y/N was about to reply to Sam when she noticed, out of the corner of her eye, Steve turned back to look at Bucky one more time. She turned as well, making eye contact with the super-soldier for a second before he shifted his gaze away.
Nat greeted them in the hallway on the way to the office they were being taken to. Tony was on the phone with Secretary Ross when they arrived.
“Consequences? You bet there’ll be consequences,” Tony stated, staring at Steve, Sam, and Y/N. “Obviously you can quote me on that because I just said it. Anything else? Thank you, sir.” He hung up the phone as he walked towards them.
“Consequences?” Steve asked.
“Secretary Ross wants the three of you prosecuted,” Tony replied, pointing to them. “Had to give him something.” He started to walk off as Steve spoke.
“I’m not getting that shield back, am I?”
Nat followed Tony and turned her head around to reply for him.
“Technically, it’s the government’s property. Wings too.”
“That’s cold,” Sam quipped.
Tony quickly turned towards the three of them. “Warmer than jail.”
Y/N and Sam sat in a separate office cubicle from Steve, as Tony attempted to convince him to sign The Accords. Sam blabbering on about something but Y/N wasn’t listening. Her attention was concentrated on the security screens, watching Bucky’s session with a doctor that was sent by the UN to evaluate him. She couldn’t hear any audio of what was being said, so she observed his facial expressions. He looked lost, and there was a certain sadness in his eyes that caused a pang in her chest. Steve entered, his body language indicating to Y/N that he didn’t sign. He watched Bucky alongside her and they stood in silence.
“The receipt for your gear.” Sharon walked into the clear, glass cubicle, handing Sam a piece of paper. He studied it for a moment.
“‘Bird costume x 2’? Come on.”
“I didn’t write it,” she said in defense, observing Steve and Y/N staring at the screens in front of them, beyond the glass. Sharon carefully looked to see if anyone was watching her, before pressing a button on the conference room remote. The TVs in the room turned on and started to broadcast Bucky’s session. The pair turned to look at Sharon, silently thanking her, before turning their attention back onto the screen.
“Do you know where you are, James?.” The doctor’s voice filled the small room. “I can’t help you if you don’t talk to me, James.”
“My name is Bucky.”
Y/N’s eyebrows raised at hearing Bucky’s voice for the first time. It was scratchy, probably from not having spoken in hours, but there was a certain softness to it. She’d imagined it in her head to sound much harsher, but in reality, it flowed like a gentle melody to her ears.
Something shifted in Steve’s attitude after Bucky had corrected what his name was. He grabbed the photo of Bucky in Vienna and studied it closely, thinking about the logistics of the bombing and possible motives. Every possible angle to try and figure out how this all started.
“Why would the Task Force release this photo to begin with?” He asked, pointing at the file. Sharon sighed.
“Get the word out, involve as many eyes as we can?”
“Right. It’s a good way to flush a guy out of hiding. Set off a bomb, get your picture taken. Get seven billion people looking for the Winter Soldier.”
“You’re saying someone framed him to find him?” Sharon questioned, thinking out loud.
“Steve, we looked for the guy for two years and found nothing,” Sam interjected.
“It just doesn’t make sense that someone would do something major like bomb a UN meeting after two years of hiding.” Y/N finally spoke the words on her mind, looking at Steve and finding a look of support on his face. He nodded and backed her up.
“Bombing the UN turns a lot of heads.”
“Yeah, but that doesn’t guarantee that whoever framed him would get him. It guarantees that we would.” As soon as Sharon ended her sentence, everyone had come to the same conclusion. They whipped their heads towards the screen, cautiously eyeing the doctor sitting in front of Bucky.
Suddenly, the screen shut off and the room went dark as the facility lost power. Steve turned to Sharon and she answered his question before he could even ask it.
“Sub-level five, East Wing.
Steve, Y/N, and Sam immediately sprinted out of the cubicle and headed towards Bucky. When they arrived, unconscious officers were scattered all over the floor. There was an uneasy feeling shared amongst the three of them, communicated through silent looks they shared. Steve was checking the pulse of one of the officers when a faint voice cried out.
“Help me.”
They looked up to see the supposed doctor that was speaking with Bucky earlier, lying on the ground in front of the containment unit Bucky had once been in. Steve wasn’t taking the bait.
“Get up,” he demanded, using both of his hands to grab the man’s shirt, lift him off the ground and slam him against the wall. “Who are you? What do you want?” He demanded.
The man simply replied. “To see an empire fall.”
Sam and Y/N were scoping out the scene, searching for Bucky. Sam turned the corner to enter another room and was met with a metal arm swinging at him. He quickly dodged the hit and shoved Bucky back, before attempting to punch him. Bucky punched him in the gut and grabbed Sam’s chin, launching him into the container that had previously held Bucky.
Y/N leapt into action, kicking Bucky, only to have him catch her foot mid-kick. He held onto her foot tightly and threw her against the wall. Steve released the fake doctor to step in and fight. Bucky threw punches at him before kicking Steve into the next room.
When Sam recovered from being knocked out, he opened his eyes and saw the fake doctor standing at the end of the hall.
The man turned towards Sam at the sound of his voice and quickly fled the scene. Sam scrambled to his feet when he heard Y/N groaning. He quickly arrived at her side, helping her stand.
“You okay?” He asked, his eyes scanning over her for any injuries. Sam noticed her holding her left shoulder in pain.
“Yeah, ‘m fine,” she said, clenching her teeth in pain as she stood. Sam gave her a concerned look. “Come on, we don’t have time for this!” Sam sighed in defeat as he ran closely behind her.
The two followed the man to the stairwell but had lost him by the time they were outside the building.
“Damn it,” Sam said, picking up a sweater on the ground that the man had been wearing.
“He could be anywhere by now,” Y/N said, holding her left shoulder for support. Sam looked at her and his face fell, seeing her injury. “Let’s get out of here before they lock us up, for real.” He nodded in response and they ran off to find Steve.
Tumblr media
Bucky groaned as he woke up. His attention quickly shifted to his left arm, being held under some sort of metal machine.
“Hey Cap!”
He looked up at the sound of an unfamiliar man’s voice to see three people standing before him. Bucky recognized Steve, his childhood friend, and the other two from Bucharest.
“Steve,” he croaked out, wriggling in his seat. Y/N’s stomach dropped at the sight, knowing how uncomfortable he must be. But they had no idea if Bucky was still in Winter Soldier mode, so she held her tongue.
“Which Bucky am I talking to?” Steve questioned cautiously. Bucky paused to think.
“Your mom’s name was Sarah,” he stated, sounding just as surprised that he remembered that detail. He started to chuckle as he attempted to recount other memories from the past. “You used to wear newspapers in your shoes.”
Steve sighed a breath of relief and smiled slightly. “Can’t read that in a museum.”
“Just like that, we’re supposed to be cool?” Sam’s comment is met by a smack on the shoulder by Y/N with her non-injured arm.
Bucky glanced up to see the makeshift sling that Sam made for Y/N’s dislocated shoulder from his jacket. His lips formed into a slight frown, Bucky having a feeling that he was the one who hurt her. He proceeded to ask a question he dreaded hearing the answer to.
“What did I do?”
“Enough.” Steve firmly stated. Bucky sighed and dropped his head down.
“Oh, God, I knew this would happen. Everything HYDRA put inside me is still there.” Y/N frowned upon hearing the name HYDRA, knowing that compared to Bucky’s experience, her time with HYDRA was like staying at a 5-star hotel. “All he had to do was say the goddamn words.”
“Who was he?” Steve continued his line of questioning.
“I don’t know.”
“People are dead. The bombing, the setup, the doctor did all that just to get 10 minutes with you. I need you to do better than ‘I don’t know.’”
As Bucky was silent, thinking back to his interactions with the doctor, Y/N watched and couldn’t help but notice the exhaustion on his face. He had bags under his bloodshot eyes and looked like he was struggling to hold his head up, especially with one arm immobile under a hunk of metal. She couldn’t help her next movements, slowly walking towards him.
“Y/N,” Sam spoke with a concerned tone. Steve gave him a comforting look and he sighed, Y/N ignoring him.
Y/N kept her distance from Bucky, not wanting to frighten him, as his eyes widened at the sight of her approaching. She remained silent and advanced towards the metal contraption holding Bucky’s arm down. Y/N, using her good arm, let out a groan as she started to crank a lever. Sam and Steve took one step forward to help her and she gave them a look, silently pleading to let her do it on her own. They, unwillingly, halted, watching as she managed to crank the lever to have the top portion lift up just enough for Bucky to free his arm. Bucky pulled his arm towards him, stretching out his metal fingers as if to see if his arm still worked. He looked up at Y/N and nodded his head slightly in thanks, and she returned it with a soft smile, returning to her spot next to Sam.
Bucky, feeling slightly revived with the weight lifted off his arm, was able to think clearly. He remembered the doctor was asking about Siberia. He went on to tell Steve that there were other Winter Soldiers, far more dangerous than him.
Y/N followed as Sam walked towards Steve, glancing back at Bucky. He spoke in a low voice. “This would’ve been a lot easier a week ago.”
“If we call Tony-“ Steve’s reply was quickly dismissed by Sam.
“No, he won’t believe us,” Sam whispered back.
“Even if he did…” She chimed in.
“Who knows if the Accords would let him help.” Sam was right. Steve sighed in defeat.
“We’re on our own.”
“Maybe not.” Sam had a look on his face that Y/N recognized, the face he got whenever he had a plan.
“What are you thinking?” She asked.
“I know a guy,” he said plainly. Steve nodded.
“Let me make a call.” Y/N smirked at Steve’s comment.
“Sharon?” Steve’s cheeks turned pink and he smiled, walking off without replying, but Y/N knew the answer.
Sam turned to face Y/N, a look of concern in his eyes.
“You okay being alone with him?” He gestured to Bucky by darting his eyes over to him before looking back at Y/N. She rolled her eyes.
“I swear, it’s like you forget that I was a soldier or something,” she joked, only to be met with silence. Sam didn’t crack a smile and she knew he was serious. “I’ll be fine,” she said reassuringly.
Sam walked away, begrudgingly, leaving Y/N alone with Bucky. She felt awkward at first, just standing in silence, several feet away from Bucky. As she was looking at him, he was looking down at the ground.
“I’m Y/N, by the way,” she spoke, attempting to fill the silence. “Wiseguy over there is Sam.” Bucky didn’t respond and she mentally kicked herself. She couldn’t figure out why she was so nervous to speak. It wasn’t because she was afraid of him, but because she had spent the last 2 years searching for Bucky and now that he was here in front of her, she had no idea what to say.
Y/N took a deep breath in and exhaled, as she carefully lowered herself onto the ground with her good arm. Bucky glanced up for a second, to check if she was managing okay, before shifting his gaze back down again.
“I’m sorry about what happened to you,” she started, deciding to just speak honestly. He didn’t move. “I can’t say that I completely understand how you’re feeling right now, but unfortunately, I’ve gotten a little taste of HYDRA’s hospitality myself.”
That made Bucky jerk his head up and have his eyes meet hers. She had a pained look in her eyes, accompanied by a soft smile and he felt his stomach churn. Bucky had no idea how someone who had experienced torment by HYDRA’s hand had just shown him, the Winter Soldier, such kindness earlier.
“So, I can’t even begin to imagine what they did to you.” Bucky’s face softened as she continued. “That kind of pain and suffering, nobody ever deserves to go through that, let alone for 70 years.” Y/N carefully inched herself forward, watching for Bucky’s response. He remained still, so she shifted to sit only a couple feet away from him, her legs crossed in front of her. Y/N gave him a comforting look, keeping her eyes on his.
“But you’re safe with us now. You’re not alone anymore. We’re right here with you.” She gave him a gentle smile and Bucky felt his heart palpitating. He couldn’t remember the last time someone was this gentle or understanding towards him. His eyes scanned her, studying her features. She had the kindest eyes, making him feel safe in her presence. A loose strand of hair from her ponytail had fallen, framing her face perfectly. Despite them being in a dim abandoned garage, she managed to be a source of brightness that Bucky couldn’t help but stare at. His eyes trailed down, stopping abruptly at the sight of her injured shoulder, and he shifted his gaze down at the ground.
“I hurt you,” he mumbled. Y/N frowned, realizing how much guilt Bucky was feeling.
“Hey,” she spoke softly. “That wasn’t you, Bucky.”
He softened and looked up, hearing her voice say his name. It made him feel seen, almost normal, for a split second. Just Bucky, no Winter Soldier attached to his identity. Y/N noticed his change in demeanor when she said his name and smiled.
“Besides,” she continued. “This isn’t the first time I’ve dislocated it. Popped it back into place earlier, so I’m just keeping it in the sling for a bit to rest. No biggie.” She grinned at him and Bucky couldn’t help but smile. Y/N felt a surge of joy, knowing she was the one to make Bucky smile.
Bucky felt a wave of calmness wash over him, something he hadn’t felt in years. He had known the woman standing in front of him for approximately 10 minutes and yet, she made him feel at ease. He was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that she had once been captured by HYDRA and came out the other side as thoughtful and caring as she was. His thoughts were interrupted by Steve and Sam entering the room.
“We should get going, the doctor’s probably already headed to Siberia by now,” Steve stated.
Y/N nodded in response and slowly started to stand. She struggled, feeling herself wobble. Before either Sam or Steve could intervene, Bucky shot out of his seat and grabbed her waist, stabilizing her. He held her firmly, but so delicately as well, scared of hurting her again. Y/N looked up to meet Bucky’s strikingly blue eyes and let out a soft breath.
He grunted in response and quickly removed his hands from her, avoiding her gaze as he felt a blush creeping onto his cheeks. Y/N was frozen for a second in shock, missing the warmth of his hands on her, but quickly brushed the thought away as she followed Steve and Sam out of the garage, Bucky trailing behind her.
taglist: @superavengerpotterstar @swtbbybarnes @buckysbarnes @astro-rain @spnmarvelsimp
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that-damn-girl · 9 months ago
(Extra #2) Bucky and The Bed
~Happens during the epilogue, between the cemetery and the bedroom scenes. 
Bucky and The Bed Masterlist
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x (cis)fem!reader platonic!Sam Wilson x (cis)fem!reader platonic!Sam Wilson x Bucky Barnes
Words: 700+
Summary: You and Bucky are stranded in the middle of a snowy nowhere when there is an ‘electronic blackout’ during your mission. With no back ups or any way to contact your team, you take refuge from the worsening weather in the only cabin you find  in miles. Not to mention, with no power, Bucky has become your personal heater and there’s only one bed.
Chapter type: Fluff. Sam Wilson is a good bro. Humor.
Chapter/Trigger warning: Language?
A/N: I’m too indecisive for my own good. It’s the last of the additions to the series. I couldn’t just leave Sam Wilson out of their story. So here it is, some Sam Wilson platonic fluff! Takes place after the cemetery scene but before the bedroom one.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“’re practically her only family left. It felt right to ask you.”
The men stood on the balcony, overlooking the rebuilt lake of the compound which glistened under the morning sun. Both of them leaned on the sturdy railing, a thoughtful look on their faces as they conversed. 
Two men brought together by a man of the past, whose memory would live on forever and ever. Two men who turned from strangers to enemies to friends who they trusted their lives with.
Sam felt ecstatic not only to hear the news he did but also at being asked the question he was. He didn’t even have to think about the answer. It was already predecided even before Bucky had asked about it. Though he wouldn’t give it to Bucky this easily. He wanted to toy with his partner first. When did he not?
Sam took a deep breath a while later and straightened his back as if going hard over what he had heard and actually had to formulate the right answer. He meant every word he said with the utmost seriousness. 
“You know she is the only family I have left too, right?” After Bucky nodded, he continued, “If you hurt her, man, I swear I’ll chop you with one of your freakishly sharp knives and feed the pieces to Alpine.”
Bucky chuckled heartily, unable to stop himself. Any nerves he had felt were replaced with lightheartedness. He had no doubts about it. Hell, if he made you cry sad tears, he’d himself surrender his body to Sam and the team to torture as they wished. 
The two friends conversed further, laughing and enjoying the moment as they hugged at the end.
The package in the pocket of his jacket awaited its future.
Tumblr media
He hadn’t meant to, but it happened. 
As Bucky trudged along the corridor, on his way to meet Rhodey, he heard his name. Naturally, he stopped and searched for the source with eager ears. He hadn’t meant to eavesdrop. It wasn’t his fault he could hear more or less just fine through the walls.
Despite not being able to see through the walls - in spite of his enhancements, Bucky wasn’t Superman, no matter how hard he wished he was - Bucky was sure you and Sam sat crisscrossed on the countertop in the kitchen beyond the wall, snacking in a manner that would make Thor and the Hulk blush.
“By the way, how are things with you and Bucky?” It was what had made Bucky stop midway.
“They’re great. They’re awesome But you already know that Sam.” You said. A frown overtook your face at the question directed at you out of the blue. “Why? Is everything alright?”
That bastard! Bucky cursed inside his head, unsure where this was leading to. He pressed himself closer to the wall.
Sam mentally rolled his eyes. Of course he knew how great your and Bucky’s relationship was. It was the reason he had shifted his room from beside yours to the other side of the compound under the guise of a change of scenery. The walls really weren’t as soundproof as he had initially thought them to be. It was also hard not to see how disgustingly adorable of a couple you made even after all these years.
“Yeah, everything’s alright.” Sam paused for a couple of seconds and continued. “It’s just that I’ve been thinking...We don’t know what the future holds for us. You and Bucky are doing great right now for sure but in case, and I’m only saying in case something changes in the future and if, again, if the two of you aren’t doing as great as now...You know I’d kill you if you hurt him, right? He’s a close friend.”
“Are you alright?” You asked Sam with a laugh bubbling out of you. 
Oh, that bastard! Bucky chuckled inwardly. Already feeling guilty about listening in on your conversation without your knowledge, he continued on his way down the hall.
The package bounced inside the pocket of his jacket as the man with a Wakandan bionic arm literally walked with a skip in his step.
Tumblr media
The divider is made by @writeyourmindaway
Some feedback on the series would be highly appreciated :)
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the-superior-stark · 3 months ago
What about no. 10 in fluff with platonic!sam wilson x reader (possibly a reader thats on the younger side) :D?
Hi anon! I love the idea of Sam and the reader being like really good friends and them having a sort of sibling dynamic relationship where they joke around so that’s the route I tried to go. It’s kind of short but I like the way it turned out. Hope you enjoy!
Platonic!Sam Wilson x Teenage!Reader
Prompt #10 Fluff/Angst “How much money would you give me just to cause chaos in the tower?”
Warnings: Fluff, swear words, nothing else I think
Prompt list can be found HERE!
I was sitting in the living space of the compound when FRIDAY announced that somebody has arrived. Sam Wilson A.K.A. America’s other ass has arrived at the compound, now entering the doors of the living space.
“Really (y/n)? I thought I asked you to tell FRIDAY to change my name back?” Sam groaned as he slung his bag off of his shoulder and onto an armchair. “If I wasn’t here to make your life just a little bit more unbearable what would you do then? Mope around.” Seeing the contemplating look on his face I huffed out a “I thought so.”
“Speaking of making others lives just a little bit more unbearable I have something fun we could do while I'm taking a break from missions” Sam said with a hint of mischief spread across his features. “Oh really? What’s your idea Sammy?” I questioned waiting for him to answer. “I was thinking me and you could cause a little bit of chaos in the tower among some of the avengers.” I looked up at him thinking about it and thought seriously about saying no. Clint already has it out for me because I replaced all of the Splenda packets with unmarked packets of salt and he had a very unpleasant surprise in his morning coffee.
“Cmon, (y/n), you know nobody else in the tower could be more fun than me. With me being ‘Uncle Sam’ and all.” I looked at him with an amused face and said, “Well I'm pretty sure the real Uncle Sam was a righteous dickhead so your argument really means nothing to me.” Sam looked less than amused at my response and said, “How ‘bout I pay you, kid.” I honestly couldn’t turn down some pocket change right about now and he knew that seeing as how he had that knowing look in his eye.
“How much money would you give me just to cause chaos in the tower?” I asked already caving in to the idea of at least 20 bucks. “Now we’re talking, kid. I knew you’d say yes to some money seeing as how, ‘Uncle Sam’ is loaded” Then he thought about his current situation and said, “Well figuratively.” I laughed at him and his idiocy and started to walk away and said, “We’ll talk more about this later bird boy, and I was right when I said Uncle Sam is a righteous dick head.”
He snickered at me and threw a pillow and said, “Okay miss (y/n), you know where to find me.” and then flapped his arms out in a joking way. “I sure do bird boy, up in the sky.” I said snickering as I pointed up out of the skylight.
This next week is going to be more than interesting with Sam here.
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holylulusworld · a year ago
Time travel and heartbreak
Tumblr media
Request: Could you do an fic, about Steve and the reader where they are together and neither one of them gets snapped, but Steve gets a chance to go back to Peggy in the time jump And he does, leaving the reader behind. However, you think is best!
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Steve Rogers x Peggy Carter (mentioned/brief), Bucky Barnes x Reader, Sam Wilson x Reader (platonic)
Characters: Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, Wanda Maximoff, Ofc’s
Warnings: angst, heartbreak, unrequited love, abandonment, accidents, coma, medical procedures (I am not a doctor), pregnancy, mentions of miscarriage (nothing graphic), sadness, hurt reader, soft Bucky, language, did I mention angst?, Steve being the Russo brothers asshole (I still hate you for pulling that shit!), comforting, fluff
Tumblr media
Two months earlier,
“I am always honest,“ ocean blue eyes looked down at you while his large hands cradled your face to bring you close to his lips. “I’ll be back soon,” he said knowing it would be the last time he will see you.
“Steve, please be careful,” you pressed your lips to his, desperate, almost crying as he seemed to want to get away from you as fast as possible. “I love you, Steve.”
“Love you too, doll,” that he used the pet name was an indication something is wrong. Steve always used your name when he said those three meaningful words but back then, he said ‘doll’ and your heart sank.
One look at Bucky, the guilt too prominent on your friend's face and you knew, just knew this was the last kiss you shared with Steve for a lifetime. 
“Lying bastard,” you screamed at Steve before he disappeared, leaving you numb, heartbroken, and all alone.
“Y/N, doll,” Bucky tried to stop you but one look into your eyes told him to take a step away, give you time and space. “He told me this morning; I swear.”
“You’ve got a fine friend, Buck,” you huffed, wiping a single tear away. “Didn’t he promise to you till the end of the line?”
“He did,” your friend choked out, giving you a sad smile before he replaced it with a frown. “I am sorry, Y/N, please believe me.”
“I do, Bucky but,” sniffling you squeezed Bucky’s flesh hand, not wanting to cry in front of your friends. “I need time to overthink a few things. I’ll be back soon.”
“You know, he left me for a better version of me, doll. What does this make me?” Bucky was left in a world he was still strange to by his only friend. “The broken toy?”
“We are the same, Bucky,” you whispered, gently caressing Bucky’s cheek. “We both are not enough for him. He will always dream of glorious times with his original friend and her. We were only substitutes, my friend.”
Bucky let you go, not wanting to drag you into the hole he will hide in for weeks, months, or maybe forever. 
“She’s one in a million. Steve will be happy when he comes back,” Sam said, unbeknownst of the heartbreak Bucky and you felt at that moment.
“Sure, he will Sam. If you excuse me, I got places to be or not,” Bucky ran off, not wanting to witness your friend’s reaction when Steve does not return.
Tumblr media
“Please, doll you got to wake up,” sniffling Bucky holds your hand while his eyes are glued to the machines keeping you alive. “You can’t just leave me too.”
“Mr. Barnes, she’s in an artificial coma to help her body recover and give the baby a chance,” the doctor explains and Bucky inhales sharply. 
“How’s the baby? I haven’t seen her for like two months,” choking on his words his grip on your hand tightens. “Will the baby survive?”
“All we can say for now is that Ms. Y/L/N has a subdural hematoma. It is not unusual after a car accident, Mr. Barnes,” opening your file the doctor swallows thickly. 
“A subdural hematoma develops if there's bleeding into the space between the skull and the brain caused by damage to the blood vessels of the brain or the brain itself,” Bucky nods, not understanding everything the doctor said. 
“We hope it won’t add too much pressure on the brain to cause brain damage. I need to interfere before this happens.”
“A surgery,” the doctor nods, giving Bucky a sympathetic look. “Can she and the baby survive surgery?”
“I hope for the best, Mr. Barnes. All we can do now is wait, pray, and hope for the best. If not, we will have to take the pressure off her brain as fast as possible.”
Leaving Bucky alone the doctor looks at Sam who silently enters the room.
“How is she holding up, James?”
“Not good,” Bucky wipes a few tears away, looking at Sam who cannot find the right words. It is not as if he and Bucky were friends before they got dusted but somehow, he feels responsible for the man holding your hand. 
“Doc said she needs surgery if the pressure gets too much. He didn’t answer my question about the baby, though.”
“Baby,” Sam shakes his head, sitting opposite Bucky to take your other hand. “Listen, girl, we are here, okay. Even if Cap left you, Bucky, me, and the others are still here to help you. All you must do is to fight, for you, the baby, and the old man holding your hand. He’s alone too, you know.”
“I’m used to being alone,” Bucky murmurs, not letting go of your hand. “How could he leave her knowing about the baby?”
“You think he knew?” quirking a brow Sam searches Bucky’s face. 
“I don’t know him anymore, okay. He spent almost five years trying to bring you, me, and the others back only to leave us without saying goodbye. 
Steve lied straight to Y/N’s face before he stepped onto the platform. So yes, I fucking believe he left her knowing about the baby,” Bucky’s voice cracks hearing Sam calling your name when your blood pressure falls. 
“Get the doctor!”
Tumblr media
“The pressure is back to normal, the surgery was a success but we will monitor her and the baby day and night,” Bucky is pacing in front of the intense care while Sam tries to get as much information out of the doctor as possible.
“Buck, please calm. You are making me damn nervous,” Sam sighs, not able to stop Bucky from pacing. He is wildly gesturing toward your room, not liking the way the doctor tries to keep him away from you.
“Mr. Barnes, I am sorry but right now Ms. Y/L/N is in a critical state. No visitors but the nurses and my team. We will do anything to save her and the baby’s life,” Sam nods, shaking the doctor's hand before he joins Bucky.
“I’ll wait here all day and night, Sam,” stubbornly crossing his arms over his chest Bucky will not move an inch. 
“Same, Buck.”
Tumblr media
One month later,
“She looks better, doesn’t she,” Bucky tries while Wanda carefully touches your cheek. She smiles softly at your dreams, the ones she will never tell anyone about.
Silly dreams of you dancing with Steve barefoot in your kitchen while an old song he loved, the one he wanted to dance to with Peggy, plays in the background. Your child plays in the backyard while all your friends call the faceless child’s name.
It is a pleasant dream, helping your mind heal, just like your body but Wanda can’t stop the tears running down her face. 
“Wanda, what’s wrong? Is she in pain?” Bucky desperately grasps for your hand.
“No, Bucky she is at peace in her dreams,” Wanda sniffles, giving Bucky a sad smile. “She dreamed of her child and I just…”
“I don’t know what to tell her when she wakes up either, Wanda. How can I tell her she lost the baby, the only thing left of Steve in her life?” Bucky chokes out.
Sam hides his face in the palms of his hands. “Steve doesn’t even know what he lost a month ago.”
Silence fills the room when Bucky gets up to look out of the window. He barely found the time to think about his lost friend, or rather he did not allow himself to think about him.
“I bet he wouldn’t care, Sam,” Bucky’s words are final, and he does not hide the bitterness behind his statement. “I wanted to visit him, the old Steve, but I can’t. Not yet.”
Again, silence weighs heavy on the friends, only watching your chest rise and fall, rise and fall until Wanda can’t stop the sob leaving her lips.
“How could he leave us behind? I believed in him, lost my brother, my home and still, I followed him,” her voice cracks looking at Sam who joined Bucky to look out of the window.
“I don’t know, Wanda,” Sam tries to calm the angry redhead, but she stomps out of the room, silently closing the door. “She’s hurt like everyone else. I guess it’s on me to tell him about his loss.”
“I can’t face him yet, Sam,” Bucky turns to look at you, a soft smile tugging on his lips. “If he would’ve stayed there could be a smile on her lips and a baby under her heart.”
Tumblr media
Another month later,
“I am worried Y/N,” Bucky gently strokes your hair while the physical therapist tries to help you lift your leg. “You shouldn’t look so good after four months at a hospital.” 
You giggle lightly, even raise your fist to weakly punch Bucky’s upper arm. “Y…you,” searching for the right word you sigh, “look good. Short hair.”
Bucky nods, taking your hand to press a soft kiss to your skin. “I know I look dapper with short hair doll but do not fall for me,” giving you a wink Bucky smirks as the therapist chuckles lightly.
“We are done for today, Ms. Y/L/N,” the therapist says. “I’ll leave you in your visitors’ capable hands, ma’am.” Nodding you watch the young man leave the room, rolling your eyes.
“I get it, you are pissed it wasn’t me touching your legs,” Bucky teases, covering your lower half with a blanket. “You have to be patient, Y/N. The doctor said your brain and body still need time to recover.
“…know,” sighing you clumsily turn to your left side, “Bucky…” sniffling you touch your belly, looking up at your friend. “…gone.”
“I know and I am so sorry, sweetheart,” whispering the words he sits onto the bed, helping you to cry into his chest. “I am here, Sam and the others too. You’ll never be alone, Y/N.”
Tumblr media
Two months later,
“Look at our champion, Sam,” cheering you on, a big smile plastered on his face Bucky watches you walk toward them without any help. “I knew you will make it, doll.”
You do not say anything, just walk toward Bucky, the only person keeping you going as his heartbreak matches your own. 
“You’re a good trainer, Barnes,” his smile grows when you peck his cheek before you let him help you back into the wheelchair you still need.
“She’s getting better and I think, it’s time to show her the new tower. Stark would be proud,” Sam stumbles over his words, smiling sadly as silence fills the room. 
“Tony, he always liked to make you smile, you know. He was,” Sam’s voice cracks now and you nod, wiping a few tears away.
Tumblr media
Two weeks later,
“Whoa, Pepper did a great job,” looking up at the tower, you smile as Bucky wraps his arm tightly around your waist to steady your body. “She’s as impressive as Tony.”
“He would be proud of her,” your eyes shine remembering your lost friends as their features look down at you, adorning the towers façade. 
“I got the feeling Stark’s eyes follow me,” Bucky jokes, breaking the awkward moment. “I mean, he had a huge ego and now there is a huge picture of him painted onto the façade.”
“It’s a hologram according to Bruce,” Sam corrects, and you chuckle at the bitchface Bucky throws at Sam. “I mean, that’s a difference, Barnes.”
“Smartass,” grunting the word Bucky leads you toward the tower. Wanda is already waving at you pointing at Morgan who runs toward you a smile on her face.
“Auntie Y/N,” the girl sniffles holding out her hands. “I am glad you are no longer sleeping beauty.” 
Bucky laughs at her words, still, his heart hurts as you lost months of your life and your baby only for Steve being happy in another lifetime.
Tumblr media
Three months later,
“It’s been a while,” whispering the words you look at Bucky who nods silently. 
There is comfort only he can give you. Maybe as you are two wounded souls, hurt by the very same man. “I feel like I cheated on him.”
The kiss was short, sweet and all you could ask for but there is this feeling in your guts as if you betrayed Steve. 
Your brain knows you are wrong as said man left your months ago for another woman, but your heart was not able to catch up, as it missed the chance to process that you got left behind.
“That’s normal. You were in a coma, could not cry, scream, or throw things around as the accident took this from you,” Bucky understands you, tries to pull away but you shake your head, pressing your lips to his warm pillows again.
“We won’t let him take this away from us too, Buck. He can go and rot in hell or dance all his life with that woman he left us for,” voice trembling you touch Bucky’s cheek.
“I will not give you up.”
“Same, doll,” Bucky stammers before he feels your arms wrap around his neck. “I loved you since I met you.”
Tumblr media
Two years later,
“I know it took me long to come here,” whispering the words you lean back, watching a squirrel run toward a tree.
“Will you ever forgive me,” Steve or rather his aged version rasps, glancing at you folding your hands.
You slowly get up, looking into the distance. “I forgive you for being a selfish bastard and I have to thank you at the same time,” you smile as Steve wrinkles his forehead.
“I don’t understand,” Steve whispers.
“You gave me the chance to be free again. I had the chance to find the love of my life thanks to you,” you look at Bucky waiting at the end of the park, your baby boy in his arms.
“I got my husband, my son and a baby girl on her way,” you peck Steve’s cheek, turning to leave.
“The only thing I'll never forgive you is that due to the heartbreak you willingly caused I had an accident, lost months of my life, and,” you sniffle silently, “our baby.”
“Baby!” Steve chokes out, feeling his heart break at the thought he could’ve had it all - with you. 
“I hope she was worth it, Steve. I hope, from the depths of my heart, you had a wonderful life with her.”
One last time you look at Steve before you are the one walking away, leaving him behind...
Tumblr media
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comfortbucky · 26 days ago
true north: chapter 6
Tumblr media
gif credit: @buckysbarnes
summary: the last third of the civil war timeline! the iconic sambucky scene in the car and some more shy!bucky x reader interaction hehe :) the airport fight scene is also included along with bucky deciding to go back into cryofreeze in wakanda
pairing: bucky x fem!reader/avenger!reader
warnings: canon-level violence (like descriptions of injuries) and not much else!
A/N: hi..... i am SO sorry for how late this chapter is but life has been kind of crazy so pls forgive me i hope this chap makes up for it🥺
also i did skip over the scenes with steve, bucky, and tony fighting in siberia just bc it was not relevant to my agenda 🤣🤝
SOFT!BUCKY !!!!! god i love him so much like, y'all this chapter is SO MF SOFT I HOPE U ARE READY FOR IT!!! i had SO SO much fun writing this one, definitely my favorite chapter so far hehe <3
also i am very down to write headcanons of time periods i might have skipped over in the chapters, so feel free to send me a request! :)
disclaimer: there's a part where y/n hot wires a car and let's just say the way it is written is, most definitely, not accurate at all but,,,just pretend guys<3 // also i apologize for how poorly written the fight scenes are 😔 sorry besties
as always i would love to hear any feedback, comments, or suggestions u guys have!!!!!!!!🥰
if you would like to be added to the taglist, pls send me a message! :)
word count: 4k
series masterlist!
“We need to find a car to meet up with Sharon,” Steve stated, standing behind a wall and peering around the corner to survey the area. He signaled to the rest of them that the coast was clear and they walked around the area, searching for a ride.
It wasn’t hard to find a car since they’d been hiding out in an abandoned garage, but it was hard to find a properly working one. Steve came across a blue beetle and grinned.
“You’re not serious, right?” Sam asked, walking up from behind him. Steve turned around, one hand resting on the top of the car, and gave it a tap.
“It’s low profile.”
“It’s a clown car,” Sam quipped back before letting out a sigh. “You got keys?” Steve shook his head in reply.
“We don’t need them.” They both turned to see Y/N, a smirk on her face, and several tools in her right hand. “Step aside boys,” she said, cruising past them. Bucky looked up from his search, as he heard their voices, and found himself gravitating towards the group. They all watched as she opened the driver's side door, and carefully sat down in the seat, one leg hanging out of the car. Steve, Sam, and Bucky stood in shock, mouths agape, as Y/N got to work.
Bucky would never admit it, but the sight of her fiddling around in the driver’s seat of the car, beads of sweat forming on her forehead, and her sticking her tongue out in concentration to hotwire the car just one-handed, was very attractive to him. Sam spoke, quickly bringing Bucky out of his entrancement.
“Where the hell did you learn how to do that?” Y/N grinned, holding a blue and red wire in her right hand.
“Fell in with the wrong crowd in high school and learned a couple of things,” she handed one of the wires to Steve. “Hold this.” Before Steve could ask why, she touched the tip of her wire to his, setting off a tiny spark, causing the car to rev. Her face lit up and she turned to see the three men staring at her in astonishment. She laughed, stepping out of the car and patting Steve on the back.
“Come on, Cap. Let’s head out!”
Tumblr media
Steve was driving with Sam in the passenger seat beside him, while Y/N and Bucky were sitting silently in the back. Bucky saw how close he was to Y/N and clinched his jaw, scared that she didn’t have enough space. He immediately tried to make himself smaller, shifting his body towards the right until he physically couldn’t anymore. Y/N noticed and her face fell.
“Do you have enough room?” She whispered. Bucky turned to look at Y/N and nodded.
“Yeah, sorry,” he replied, shifting his gaze away.
“You don’t have to do that, you know,” she chuckled. “I don’t bite, promise.”
“Careful, she’s lying,” Sam teased. She rolled her eyes.
“Ignore him,” she said, patting the space between her and Bucky. He hesitated before letting himself sit comfortably. Their thighs were touching, causing a conduction of heat. Bucky felt his heart rate speed up.
Bucky nodded once again, feeling his face turn red, and turned his head in response, looking out the side window.
They pulled over and parked behind Sharon’s car, and Steve stepped out to talk to her. The remaining three sat quietly, watching the pair talk. Bucky felt his legs cramping, due to the lack of space Sam had given him and broke the silence.
“Can you move your seat up?”
“Sam, be nice.” Y/N gave him a stern look, but Sam didn’t see, keeping his view forward.
“This is me being nice.”
She let out an exasperated sigh. “Here, switch with me.”
Before Bucky could protest, Y/N grabbed the headrest of Steve’s seat in her right arm and pulled herself up to stand. She stepped to the right while Bucky slid over to take her old seat. He used his left arm to pull himself over and, instinctively, lifted his right hand to hover behind her back and guided her down slowly. Y/N felt the body heat emanate from his hand as she lowered herself, and ignored the fact that she missed his warmth when he took his hand back.
“How’s that?” She asked as Bucky stretched out his legs.
“Good, thanks.” He said, a small smile forming on his lips. She smiled back before looking away, wondering if that was a glimpse of how he looked back in the 40s. She shifted her gaze ahead to see Steve and Sharon embraced in a kiss.
After he pulled away from her, Steve looked back at the car to see the three of them smirking at him. He gave them a stern, but playful, look that made Y/N let out a giggle. Bucky thought it was the sweetest sound he’d ever heard.
Steve loaded their gear into the trunk of their small car and set off to their designated meet-up spot with Sam’s contact, an airport parking garage.
Tumblr media
They pulled in, a couple spots away from a white van. Steve got out first to meet Clint, emerging from the driver's side. As Sam and Y/N got out and walked towards Steve, Y/N looked back to make sure everyone was accounted for, a habit she had developed from a young age. She noticed that Bucky stood with the car in front of him, an extra layer of defense as he kept his distance from the group. Y/N wanted to signal to him to join them, but he kept his gaze down.
“Cap.” Clint walked towards Steve and extended out a hand.
“You know I wouldn’t have called if I had any other choice,” Steve replied, grabbing Clint’s hand to shake it.
“Hey, man. You’re doing me a favor.” Clint turned around to glance at Wanda, who had emerged from the passenger seat of the van. “Besides, I owe a debt.” Steve followed his gaze.
“Thanks for having my back.”
Wanda shrugged. “It was time to get off my ass.” She handed Y/N an ACE bandage. “Is this okay?” Y/N nodded and thanked her.
“How about our other recruit?” Steve asked. Clint turned around to open the van’s door.
“He’s rarin’ to go. Had to put a little coffee in him…” He started to slide the door open to reveal a man lying down on the car seats, eyes shut. The force of the door jolted the man awake. “But he should be good,” Clint finished.
The man climbed out of the car and spoke groggily. “What time zone is this?” He looked around and his eyes widened seeing Steve.
“C’mon, c’mon,” Clint gave the man an encouraging push towards Steve.
“Captain America,” he said incredulously, as he shook Steve’s hand.
“Mr. Lang.”
“It’s an honor,” Scott said, still shaking Steve’s hand. “I’m shaking your hand too long,” he realized, releasing his grasp on Steve.
“Wow! This is awesome!” He turned around to face Wanda, pointing at Steve. “Captain America.” He did a double-take. “I know you too, you’re great!” Y/N felt a surge of pride hearing Wanda be complimented and smiled at her.
Scott looked back in Steve’s direction, giving a nod to Y/N. “My daughter’s a big fan of yours, Redwing,” causing her to blush. His attention turned back to Steve, specifically, his muscles.
“Jeez,” he patted Steve’s shoulders before switching gears. Steve glanced back at Y/N as she stifled a giggle, turning back to Scott as he continued. “Ah, look, I wanna say, I know you know a lot of super people, so thinks for thanking of me.” Steve tilted his head in confusion at his statement but smiled as Scott looked at Sam.
“Hey man!”
“What’s up, Tic Tac?”
“Uh, good to see you. Look, what happened last time when I-“ Sam interrupted him before he could continue.
“It was a great audition, but it’ll never happen again.” Y/N raised her eyebrows and nudged Sam.
“Don’t worry about it.” She frowned and pivoted on her heel to face Scott, raising a hand to point at him. “We’ll talk later,” she stated, smirking as Sam sighed.
As Steve and Sam continued to fill the rest of the team in on the situation, Y/N handed back Sam’s jacket to him, which he fabricated as a sling for her, and walked away to secure her shoulder to fight. She leaned back against the back of the car and sighed, shrugging her left arm out of her sleeve to lift her shirt up enough to wrap her shoulder.
Earlier on their ride to the airport, Sam had tried to convince her otherwise, but she was stubborn, as always, and refused. Their interaction reminded Bucky of him and Steve in the 40s, before either of them became super soldiers and were just two kids from Brooklyn.
He missed those days when his biggest problems in the world were picking between two dates to take to dance and preventing Steve from getting himself knocked out. But when he saw Y/N smile or heard her laugh, Bucky didn’t seem to miss them as much, satisfied with being in her presence to witness those pockets of joy.
As Y/N lifted up her shirt, Bucky immediately shifted his gaze away out of respect, but not before noticing a large scar on her side. His heart sank in his chest, having a feeling that it was the work of HYDRA that left a permanent reminder of their presence on her. He clenched his metal hand, his own lasting reminder of HYDRA and the pain they caused him.
Bucky was pulled from his inner thoughts as he heard Y/N mumbling under her breath. He lifted his head slightly to catch a glimpse of her and saw her struggling to wrap her shoulder.
Holding part of the bandage in her teeth, Y/N used her free hand to pull it across her chest. She cursed under her breath as it slipped out of her hand, causing the rest of it to unravel around her arm. Before she could reach down to pick it up, a metal hand grabbed it. Y/N looked up to be met by blue eyes and a soft smile. Without saying a word, Bucky went to work, firmly, but delicately, wrapping the bandage around her bicep, then shoulder. She couldn’t help but focus on the contrasting temperatures of his hands as they lightly grazed her skin, goosebumps forming on her arms. His touch was so gentle and kind. It seemed impossible to her that these were the same hands that HYDRA had once weaponized.
He paused before having to pull the bandage across her chest, not wanting to be a source of any discomfort for Y/N. Observant as always, she noticed and tenderly took the bandage from his hand and tugged it across for him.
Once they had finished securing her shoulder in place, Y/N carefully pulled her shirt down, gently wiggling her arm through her sleeve. She faced Bucky, a glowing smile on her face.
“Thank you, Bucky.”
The last time she referred to him by his name, Y/N noticed that his attitude softened and made a mental note of it. She hoped that, over time, if she said it more, it would help remind him of who he was and not what HYDRA had turned him into.
Bucky nodded in response and turned to face the group, trying to ignore his thought about how much better his name sounded coming from her voice. He cleared his voice before speaking.
“We should get moving.”
“We got a chopper lined up,” Clint added.
Everyone’s attention was redirected towards the speakers as a man who spoke German spoke on the PA system. Bucky translated for them.
“They’re evacuating the airport.”
“Stark,” Sam concluded.
“Stark?” Scott asked. It seemed that Steve and Sam had forgotten to mention Stark’s involvement.
“Suit up,” Steve firmly stated to the group.
Tumblr media
Y/N stealthily soared through the airport, attempting to locate the quinjet with her goggles, as the rest of the group took their spots.
“Their quinjet’s in hangar five, north runway,” she stated into her earpiece, flying back towards Steve’s direction to help him.
Rhodey was about to swing a large club, glowing with energy, when Y/N flew in, kicking him aside. He quickly recovered, taking a swing at her, missing, as she flew straight up. She was dodging force blasts that he was shooting at her when Sam sent her a distress signal, distracting her, allowing Rhodey to hit her square in the chest. The signal was something that she had Tony program into their gear so that if either of them ever needed an SOS they would alert the other. Yet another suit feature inspired by her HYDRA kidnapping experience. She recovered from stumbling back and yelled down to Steve.
"Sam needs me!”
“I got this, go!” Steve yelled back, holding his shield up to defend himself from T’Challa’s claws. Y/N nodded and followed the GPS tracking to one of the airport terminals.
The new recruit that Tony had brought in, Spider-man she heard him call himself, was perched upon a pole when she flew in quietly to avoid making her presence known. Sam and Bucky were lying on the ground, held down by webbing.
“Guys look, I’d love to keep this up, but I’ve only got one job here today and I gotta impress Mr. Stark, so, I’m really sorry,” Spider-man said, extending out a hand to, presumably, shoot out more webbing, when Y/N swooped in and grabbed his wrist. She crashed through the window, taking him with her, and dropped him on top of a truck. Y/N flew back inside the terminal and landed between the two men, hands on her hips.
“How did one kid take down the two of you?”
“I hate you.” Sam retorted back. She chuckled, removing a small knife from her pocket. Y/N released Sam first and then Bucky.
While Sam was trying to get the webbing off of his flight pack, Bucky watched as Y/N delicately cut the webbing from his metal arm. She stuck her tongue out in concentration and Bucky felt the corner of his lip curved upwards into a smile, remembering back to when she did the same action, hotwiring the car. He felt the pressure from his arm being held down be lifted and looked up as Y/N offered him a hand to stand. He grabbed it, pulling himself up, and thanked her, their hands lingering in each other’s grasp for a moment too long.
“We gotta go,” Sam’s voice snapped them both out of their thoughts and both immediately released their hands, looking away.
The three ran out of the terminal and out to see Steve and the rest of the team running towards the quinjet. Suddenly, a beam of yellow energy cut the pavement in front of them, forcing them to come to a halt. They all looked up to see Vision flying above them.
“Captain Rogers, I know you believe what you’re doing is right. But for the collective good, you must surrender now.”
As Vision spoke, the rest of Stark’s team joined him, the two groups facing each other in a standoff.
“What do we do, Cap?” Sam asked. Steve took a moment to think.
“We fight,” he said, walking swiftly towards Stark’s team, increasing his speed to a jog, the rest of the team following suit.
The two groups collided, causing a burst of fighting to erupt. Y/N was fighting alongside Bucky, something about his essence that pulled her to him. Her inner thoughts were cut off by a fist swinging towards her head. She swiftly dodged it and extended a wing out to send T'Challa flying back. As he quickly recovered and jumped to his feet, Y/N noticed Bucky standing slightly in front of her on her left side, her injured side. She observed him as he kept himself planted on her left while they fought T’Challa together.
Clint’s voice came through Y/N’s earpiece.
“Redwing could really use some help right about now.” She turned to Bucky, who gave her a reassuring nod, and she set off to the sky.
The fighting continued for a while when Steve’s voice rang in Y/N’s earpiece.
“We gotta draw out the flyers. I’ll take Vision, you get to the jet.”
“No, you get to the jet! Both of you!” Sam responded as he flew away from Rhodey. “The rest of us aren’t getting out of here.”
“As much as I hate to admit it,” Clint added. “If we’re gonna win this one, some of us might have to lose it.”
“This isn’t the real fight, Steve,” Sam concluded. Y/N following closely behind Rhodey, trying to get him off Sam’s tail.
“He’s right,” She added. “We’ll be okay from here.”
“Alright,” Steve sighed, knowing that this was the smart move. “What’s the play?”
“We need a diversion. Something big.”
“I got something kinda big,” Scott chirped up. He then proceeded to grow giant-sized, allowing Steve and Bucky enough time to sneak away to the Quinjet while everyone else held back Stark’s team.
Once the Quinjet took off, Tony and Rhodey flew after it, trying to stop them, while Y/N and Sam trailed behind them. They suddenly heard the sound of an energy beam behind them and looked back to see Vision’s blast come towards them. The pair quickly folded their wings in to dodge it, and swiftly expanded their wings back out, only to see Rhodey plummeting towards the ground.
Y/N, Sam, and Tony all raced to break his fall but none of them were fast enough. Rhodey’s limp body was in Tony’s arms as Y/N and Sam touched down to the ground. A sigh of relief escaped her lips as FRIDAY informed them that a heartbeat was detected and that emergency services were on the way.
“I’m sorry,” Sam said, and Tony blasted him in response. Y/N gave a pained look to Tony and he ripped away from her gaze. She felt a pang in her chest as he did and remained silent, not wanting to make the situation worse.
The authorities came, bright lights flashing as they surrounded Y/N and Sam, now a familiar scene to her.
Tumblr media
Cap’s team was rounded up and put into cuffs, packed into helicopters to be taken to the Raft. Y/N was lost in thought about Steve and Bucky when Tony arrived. He made his way down the line of cells to speak to Sam. Y/N watched as Tony tapped his watch to cut the audio in order to covertly talk to Sam about Steve’s whereabouts.
“That..” She heard Tony say, glancing over to try and get a peek of what he was showing Sam. “is the fellow who was supposed to interrogate Barnes. Clearly, I made a mistake. Sam, I was wrong.”
Sam said exactly what Y/N was thinking. “That’s a first.”
While Sam disclosed where Steve and Bucky were headed, Y/N sat on the floor of her cell, her back against the wall, tilting her head back to rest it as a smile crept on her lips. She’d been right about Bucky all along. The real Bucky would never purposefully try to assassinate a group of world leaders. The real Bucky, the one she had come to admire, was the man who sacrificed his own comfort for Y/N’s sake in the back of the car, the man who helped her wrap her injury when he saw her struggling. Despite having only been shown and taught cruelty for 70 years, Bucky emerged from HYDRAs captivity with a level of compassion that Y/N yearned to see more of.
Tumblr media
A week had passed before Steve broke into the Raft and helped all of them escape. On the helicopter ride back to the mainland, Steve explained to Y/N how T’Challa found out that Bucky had been framed, and offered that he stay in Wakanda while they worked on figuring out how to get rid of the Winter Soldier programming.
“I know he’s going to get the help he deserves,” Steve said, sighing as he turned his attention to the ground. “A part of me wishes I could stay with him, make sure he’s okay. But I don’t think I can.”
Y/N bit her lip and hesitated, unsure what Steve’s reaction would be to the spontaneous idea that had popped into her head, before offering a proposition. “What if I stayed?” Steve jerked his head up. “The world needs Captain America way more than they need me,” she grinned. He opened his mouth to talk but Y/N quickly added, “I’d call all the time and give you updates on how he’s doing!”
Steve shook his head. “Y/N, I can’t ask you to do that. What about everything you’d be leaving behind?”
“You’re not asking, I’m offering!” She reassured him, patting his knee. “Besides, I’m not really leaving anything behind except for Sam.” Steve’s face fell, remembering that a while ago she told him about her parents passing back in high school, leaving her alone.
“I’m sorry.” She waved off his apology.
“Believe it or not, therapy works wonders for the human mind,” she chuckled. “I’ll be fine.” Steve pulled her into a hug, quietly thanking her.
Tumblr media
Bucky was already in Wakanda when Steve broke into the Raft. T’Challa had seen them stagger out of the facility in Siberia when he offered Bucky a place to stay. Y/N went back to D.C. to get her affairs in order before moving to Wakanda.
Sam wasn’t thrilled about the idea of his best friend leaving him to help out an ex-assassin but was proud that Y/N had gotten to a place in her recovery where she felt ready to help others. He was leaning against her bedroom door frame watching her pack a bag.
“You know, it’s not too late to back out.” She chuckled and nodded before pulling Sam into a hug, rubbing his back.
“I’ll miss you too, Sam.” They pulled apart from each other, Sam resting his hands on her shoulders.
“I’m really proud of you, Y/N.” She beamed at him and playfully hit his shoulder.
“Don’t get all soft on me now, Wilson.”
Sam chuckled in response and pulled her in again for another hug, placing a kiss on the top of her head. Y/N fought back tears as she squeezed him tighter, the reality of leaving him finally hitting her. He'd become the brother she never had, and this was their first goodbye since leaving the Air Force together. Sam pulled away and looked down to see Y/N eye's brimming with tears. He patted her on the back and walked towards the couch.
"C'mon, let's go finish that episode of The Bachelor."
Tumblr media
“You sure about this?” Steve was standing in front of Bucky, hands in his pockets.
“I can’t trust my own mind,” Bucky replied, letting out a soft exhale and a pained smile. “So, until they figure out how to get this stuff out of my head I think going under is the best thing.” He paused before speaking softly. “For everybody.”
Y/N had just arrived in Wakanda and was just entering the lab when Steve and Bucky were speaking. She caught the end of their conversation and felt a pain in her chest, hearing Bucky’s confession.
“Well, I’ll be here when you wake up,” Y/N spoke, making her presence known to the two men. Steve turned to look and smiled while a look of shock was plastered on Bucky’s face. “I told you that you’re not alone anymore.” Bucky was silent in disbelief. Y/N nudged Steve with her elbow, whispering into his ear.
“Did you forget to tell him I was coming?”
“Slipped my mind.” She rolled her eyes in response before facing Bucky, his eyes wide as he stared at her. Y/N suddenly felt a wave of embarrassment, forgetting the possibility that he might not even want her there at all.
“Only if you’re okay with it, of course! I can go-”
“No,” Bucky interjected, surprising everyone in the room, including himself, with his statement. His face turned crimson as he spoke up again. “Stay,” he mumbled quietly, looking down at the floor. Y/N felt her cheeks grow warm as she nodded.
Bucky stepped into the chamber and leaned back as the technicians strapped him in. He gave a reassuring nod to Steve and shifted to look at Y/N. She gave him a comforting smile and he smiled back, studying her face for a moment, before shutting his eyes. As he felt the cool air slowly lull him to sleep, Bucky thought about her.
Steve and Y/N stood side by side, taking in the majestic view of Wakanda out the window.
“Thank you again, Y/N,” Steve said, breaking the silence and turning to look at her. She looked at Steve, smiling.
“When I said I would do anything for Captain America, I meant it.”
true north taglist: @superavengerpotterstar @swtbbybarnes @buckysbarnes @astro-rain @spnmarvelsimp @dazzledamazon @jessquil @ssll2200 @bangtanxberm @knowyourworth-sellyoursoul @romantizzity
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john-carter · 5 months ago
Definitely Not Jealous
Definitely Not Jealous, Bucky Barnes. This was again written from a female perspective!
Summary: You were definitely not jealous of that girl dancing with Bucky, no, not at all. Well, maybe a little. 
Set During: Post-Civil War!AU
Word Count: 1290 words
Gif used not mine!
Tumblr media
You loved being around all of your fellow Avengers, especially at Tony’s parties. Everyone was relaxed, mostly because of the booze, and care free. The conversations you had at those parties were ones you could never have sober. In fact, you were sure you had to be at least four drinks in when you told them about your first kiss. You were thirteen and it definitely was not good, what thirteen year old is great at kissing? And that lead into everyone telling each other about their awkward firsts, which made you feel a bit better about everything. Those parties were a way for you to grow close to everyone, to remind yourselves that there were good things in this world. Not just the horrors you guys saw far too often.  
The worst part about the parties? Watching the man you had been silently in love with for years shamelessly flirt with countless women. And it’s not like you could even be mad. He was completely single. He was doing absolutely nothing wrong. Yet it still made you jealous. Was it wrong of you to be jealous over a man that wasn’t even yours? Probably not. 
Taking a sip of the drink in your hands, you watched Bucky shamelessly flirt with the girl that had been hanging onto his every word the entire night. Your eyes rolled as his hand pulled across her waist, pulling her body closer to his. It was wrong to be watching them like that — you knew it was. He had every right to find a girl and do something like that. He wasn’t yours. And yet that same fury burned within you, coming from a place of hurt that you tried not to let come out. Seeing him with someone else, it killed you. There was no one other than yourself to blame for it either. It was your fault he didn’t know how you felt. You were the one who decided not to tell him.
“You know,” Sam took the seat next to you at the bar, a bottle of beer resting carelessly in his hands. “Glaring holes into the back of both of their heads will do nothing for you.”
“Shut up,” you muttered, rolling your eyes as you took another sip of your drink.
“Oh you’re jealous aren’t you?”
“Me? Jealous? No. I’m definitely not jealous.”
“Yes you are,” Sam raised a brow. “Do you wish you were that blonde girl that Bucky has pulled into his arms right now? Oh I bet you do. I can see those gears turning in that mutant brain of yours right now.”
“I hate you,” you deadpanned at him, shaking your head.
“I love you too,” Sam let out a laugh, head falling back as you glanced back over to the dance floor. Bucky’s hands had left the girls body, in fact, the two of them were no longer even near each other. Your eyes skimmed the crowd, trying to find where the blonde could have gone but you came up empty each time. “Cyborgs coming your way.”
“What?” You muttered, looking back towards Sam.
“Bucky, he’s a walking over here.”
“Does it look like I can read minds?”
“Obviously not. Where’s Wanda when you need her.”
“I think she went with Vision.”
“Well,” your eyebrows went up when you saw Bucky take the other seat next to you at the bar. “It’s an odd pairing though, don’t you think? Wanda and Vision?”
“Visions an android.”
“That’s my point.”
“To each their own,” Sam raised his hands in defense.
“Guess so,” your brows scrunched together as you took another sip of your drink. Smiling at Sam as he stood up, waving at Bucky and saying goodbye to you. Turning back to look at the bartender you gave him a sweet smile, “Hi! Can I get another one of these and then a whiskey on the rocks for him.”
The him in question was Bucky. He turned over to you with a smile, his way of saying thank you. Leaving the old glass on the bar, you took the new cup of liquid in your hands. Silence overtook the two of you as you both took swigs of drinks that had little to no effect to your bodies. Part of you was tempted to get up, to walk out and away from him. To not think about what you had just been focused on, but the other part of you screamed to stay there. Somehow hoping that maybe he had heard you and Sam while he was dancing. That that was the reason as to why he and the girl stopped dancing. You knew it was a long shot although, it wasn’t like you expected him to feel the same way as you. 
“Y/n?” Bucky looked over to you, the glass resting in his metal hand. “Are you okay? You’ve spent most of the night up here alone and not talking to anyone. That’s not how you normally act during these parties?”
“Have you been watching me Barnes?”
“Are you deflecting my question?”
“No,” you took a sip, “I’m just not answering it.”
“That’s mature.”
“Very,” you smiled at him. “Seriously though, have you been watching me?”
“Like you have? Doll, I’ve seen you staring at me all night.”
“If you wanted to be that blonde who was dancing with me, you could have gotten up and joined me on the dance floor. No point in glaring daggers into the back of her skull,” Bucky took a swig of his drink, a smirk resting on his lips as your face dropped. So he definitely was watching you. 
“Would you have enjoyed that Barnes? Me, you, on the dance floor.”
“I think I would have enjoyed other things more,” his smirk and raised brow made you scoff. 
Eyes rolling you let out a laugh, “Sure.”
There it was again, the silence. It wasn’t anything bad. You felt comfortable sitting in it with him, the faint hum of the music from the dance floor reaching your ears. Biting your lip, you turned over to him. Was he just playing along as if everything was a joke? When you two got going with each other, you found it hard to decipher whether things were serious or not. You didn’t want to let the moment go into something, let it sail away on a new wave if he wasn't joking. “Hey, Buck.”
“Yeah?” He turned to you, blue hues staring directly into your e/c hues. 
“What you said about me coming down onto the dance floor with you,” your words faltered for a moment, “what would you really do? If I did that. No jokes this time.”
“Y/n, I respect you too much to let you dance like that with me.” This was it, you thought, the moment he would tell you he thought of you like a sister. “We would have to go out on a few dates before I would let you dance like that with me.”
“You heard me.”
“I like you,” Bucky smiled. “I like you a lot, Doll. I couldn’t imagine just letting you have one dance with me, I’d rather you have all of them.”
“Anything beats seeing another girl on your arm,” you muttered. “Nothing against them, I just didn’t like seeing anyone hanging around you.”
“Oh? Was someone letting jealousy get the best of them?”
“Yeah,” you smiled. “But I’m free on Friday and I really like the cheesy romantic first dates. I’ll let you plan this one Barnes, next ones on me.”
“You got it,” he let out a scoff, placing a kiss on your hand as you stood up. 
Who said jealousy gets you nowhere?
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lovelybarnes · a month ago
dumb jokes- b. barnes
pairings: bucky barnes x reader, platonic!sam wilson x reader, platonic!bruce banner x reader, mentions of other avengers warnings: language but pure pure fluff about: prompt generator: bucky telling y/n a dumb joke just to see her smile.
bucky is surprised at the ugly feeling that fills his stomach when he sees you laughing at sam. your hand is on his forearm, lightly squeezing as your sweet laughter makes his senses go into overdrive. seeing you so happy usually raises his spirits, but, he realizes, he doesn’t like it all that much when it is provoked by anyone other than him.
possessive and irrational, yes, but bucky is set on the next time you laugh, it’ll be at something clever he’s said. he rolls his eyes when sam says something- probably stupid- else and you laugh harder, promising himself you’ll laugh even more when he’s the one causing it.
unfortunately for him, he completely underestimated your beauty, because the next time he sees you, every joke he asked friday to tell him disappears from his mind, only one, ridiculously dumb one left. his brain can’t seem to work when your eyes and kind smile are directed at him. when there’s a pause in what you’re saying, he blurts the beginning of his joke, “talking about pigs-” you were definitely not talking about pigs, “what do you call a pig that does karate?”
your head tilts in confusion at his random addition, but you play along anyways, “i don’t know, what do you call a pig that does karate?” bucky swallows, “a pork chop.” the joke is even more absurd when he hears himself say it, about to cringe when your lips break out in a grin and you begin to laugh. “oh god, bucky,” you manage, catching your bottom lip between your teeth to try and calm yourself down. bucky wants to tell you to not- to please, please never stop laughing. “i think my nephew would appreciate that one,” you say, still chuckling. tony calls you over, and you look back at bucky with an apologetic look, remnants of your laugh still shown on your face through your small smile and crinkled eyes. “thank you for that, bucky,” you say, then press a kiss to his cheek, lighting him up bright red.
sam suddenly claps his back while he stares at you walk away, still snickering softly. “you’ve got it bad. a pork chop? seriously?”
bucky can’t find it in himself to care.
the next time, he swears he had an actually smart joke, not at bruce-level, and not pork-chop level, enough to not make him sound like he spends most of his time with three year olds. he searched it up on google, next to other ones he didn’t particularly prefer.
he repeated it to himself enough to make him forget about his current mission, but he considers it worth it if he’ll get to hear you laugh again. however, the moment your tired self leans your head against his shoulder, he blanks. “tell me something, bucky,” you request softly, the effects of the mission clear in every way. “uh- what do you call a fake noodle?”
“an ‘im-pasta,” he replies sheepishly, pleased to hear you laugh when he does. “like imposter, that’s funny,” you say, still blessing him with light giggles. “you have the best jokes, bucky,” you compliment, pushing yourself closer to him while you yawn, smile still on your face while you drift to sleep, “im-pasta,” you mutter softly, chuckling quietly.
sam shakes his head in front of bucky, exasperated look in his eyes.
bruce is with you the third time, easy look on his usually stressed features when you push him gently with your shoulder, talking to him about some fancy equation. bruce says something else to you that bucky can’t understand, the sentence too jumbled with gamma radiation jargon for him to completely understand. it’s a joke that you chortle at anyways, making that jealous feeling crawl into his gut again.
bucky is smart. he knows that, but every time your pretty eyes look up at him, he feels every ounce of that fall out of his ears. he has his bearings enough to call you, though. “y/n?” he starts. you look up at him, “hey buck; yeah?”
“why can’t you trust an atom?” he asks, barely noticing the flicker of recognition on banner’s face while he shakes his head, tiny smirk still on his lips. “why?” you question, “because they make up everything.”
you laugh loudly, as expected, and a lovesick smile spreads on bucky’s face. bruce remains quiet, silently observing a frustrated sam behind bucky.
sam decides he’s had enough after bucky tells you a joke about a used tissue and you actually laugh, sick with both the reciprocated pining neither of you seem to grasp and the horrendous jokes bucky is pulling out of the internet.
as easy as it should be to get two people who are very clearly in love with each other- bucky, who tells you moronic jokes just to see you smile and hear your laughter, and you, who laughs at said moronic jokes because anything that comes from bucky is akin to a priceless, precious diamond to you (because there is no way anybody older than ten actually enjoys them)- it really is not, considering your whole “love from a distance” thing that drives absolutely everyone insane.
well, insane no longer, because sam wilson, as always, is to the rescue.
he finds himself looking up “cheesiest pick up lines,” making himself cringe immediately when he realizes those words will end up in his history and available to stark. he finds a suitable list of lines he can imagine coming out of bucky’s mouth, even if those occurrences are in his nightmares, and writes a couple of them down, leaving the choice of which one to bucky.
the super soldier is horrified when sam shoves the small piece of paper into his chest, jamming a finger in his flesh arm while he threatens to hurt him if he doesn’t end the dumbassery and just asks the girl out already.
sam will take full credit at your wedding, you’re sure of it, when you see him smile and nod proudly from his place in the doorway when you accept bucky’s offer of a date.
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captain-kelli · a year ago
Call Sign: Renaissance (Masterlist)
Tumblr media
Summary: After a rescue mission gone wrong, you retire as a pararescue airwoman. When an old friend of yours comes calling, asking you to spearhead a disaster response team for the Avengers, you have to decide if you can let go of the past in order to save lives. Will you move on and possibly fall in love? Or will the demons of your past come back to haunt you? 
Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader, Sam Wilson x Reader (platonic)
Warnings: slow burn, fluff, angst, violence, alcohol + drinking, definitely and always language, optional smut (be sure to read the individual tags of each post)
Author’s Note: Welcome to my first series, fam! I cannot wait to share it with all of you. 
Want to be tagged? Send me an ASK. I’m keeping them open.
Fun Things: The Series Pinterest Board + Series Spotify Playlist will be updated as the story goes along, just in case anyone is interested 💕✈️
* indicates smut
Part One: Wheels Up // 11.13.2019
Part Two: Stilettos + Aviators // 11.15.2019
Part Three: Dueling Pianos // 11.17.2019
Part Four: Planes + Parachute Packs // 11.19.2019
Part Five: Beast of Burden // 11.24.2019
Part Five Interlude* // 11.29.2019
Part Six: Ring the Bell // 12.10.2019
Part Seven: Redemption // 12.28.2019
Part Eight: From the Ashes // 01.10.2020
Part Nine: The King’s Gambit // 02.19.2020
Part Ten: The Days in Between // 04.06.2020
Part Eleven: These Things We Do // 05.02.2020
Epilogue // 08.09.2020
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comfortbucky · a month ago
true north: chapter 3
Tumblr media
gif credit: @buckysbarnes <3
summary: we get some reader x riley action in this chapter! also a lot of character development for the reader so once again i know this is literally the slowest of burns but pls bear with me guys :) also! this is the last chapter that will be following ca:ws, so the next one will be taking place during ca:cw. i'm skipping over movies that do not have bucky bc if i didn't..... we would be here for A WHILE folks 🤣
but i am more than willing to write headcanons about certain time periods!!!! :)
pairing: bucky x fem!reader
warnings: canon level violence, we go into detail regarding the readers time in HYDRA's captivity so mentions of that, violence, things along those lines
A/N: i skipped over steve saving bucky on the helicarrier and then bucky saving steve from the river at the end of winter soldier only because i wouldn't want to change a single thing to the scene (it is perfect and should remain untouched!!!!!!!!!) and i don't think i could truly do it justice by rewriting it 🤣 so if u want to see it u should definitely!!! go back and rewatch it :)
as always i would love to hear any feedback, comments, or suggestions u guys have!!!!!!!!🥰
if u would like to be added to the taglist, pls send me a message! :)
word count: 4k
series masterlist!
Y/N, Steve, Sam, and Agent Hill made their way over from their secure hideout to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. Once they had arrived, they were able to infiltrate the comm system room where Steve started speaking into the PA system.
“But the price of freedom is high. It always has been. And it’s a price I’m willing to pay. And if I’m the only one, then so be it. But I’m willing to bet I’m not.”
The last few sentences of his speech elicited a repressed memory in Y/N’s brain.
She knew she should have listened to Riley, but she had seen some movement in the trees below and wanted to do a quick surveillance check. Y/N loved him, unbeknownst to Riley, but hated how he always seemed to be right. Her stubbornness had led her to have her flight suit pack shot, forcing her to crash land. The impact of her landing caused her comm systems to malfunction as well, leaving her stranded. Riley and Sam knew the general area that Y/N flew towards, but the forest was so vast, it would be a while before they could track her.
Y/N groaned as she started to stand up, body sore from her, not-so elegant, landing. She’d only recently started to learn how to use the Falcon suit. Before she could begin to assess her surroundings to try and figure out where she was, Y/N heard rustling noises from her left. She froze, hoping that whoever or whatever was nearby, wouldn’t be able to sense her presence if she held her breath. Unfortunately for her, a nearby HYDRA agent was using thermal imaging cameras which gave her away. Y/N felt the back of her head being hit before passing out.
When she awoke, she found herself sitting in a chair, hands handcuffed behind her and her feet chained to the chair. Panic washed over her but she quickly took a deep breath to relax. She knew that getting worked up would only make things worse for her.
Riley and Sam will find me.
Riley and Sam will find me.
She shut her eyes and repeated that statement over and over again in her mind, almost as if saying it enough times would summon them.
“Sergeant L/N, you’re finally awake.” Y/N’s eyes shot open at the sound of an unfamiliar voice. Standing in front of her, was a man dressed in a black military-style suit with an octopus logo on his collar. HYDRA.
“Ah, Lieutenant Asswipe, how lovely to see you,” Y/N smirked as the man’s face bunched up in anger.
“You may want to choose your next words wisely, Sergeant.” The man moved his face closer to hers, in an attempt to intimidate her. “Or your life won’t be the only one in danger,” he said, smirking. Y/N glared at him, hoping he didn’t see the fear in her eyes from his threat. She knew that Riley and Sam were probably in the surrounding area, and if HYDRA had spotted her and taken her in, there was no reason for her to believe they could do the same to them. The man stepped back and started to pace back and forth as he continued. “As long as you cooperate with us, we shouldn’t have any problems.”
“What the hell do you want?” Y/N hissed at him. He paused his pacing to turn his head towards her.
“The EXO-7 Falcon suit. Tell me how it is manufactured and operated.”
“I don’t know.” Y/N’s reply was met with a slap to her face. Her eyes began to fill with tears from the stinging pain, so she bit her lip to prevent any tears from falling before looking back up at the man.
“I will ask you again, and you may want to reconsider your previous answer.” He bent down to meet Y/N at eye level. “Tell me about the EXO-7 Falcon suit.”
“I already told you, I don’t know.” This time, the man punched her across the face. Y/N spit blood that had started to pool in her mouth from her now split lip. The man sighed and turned around to exit the room. He took a couple of steps before pausing to speak, keeping his body facing forward.
“You’re not ready to talk to me. That’s fine. But you will want to be ready by the time someone else returns.” He left the room and Y/N heard the door lock behind him. She immediately went to work, trying to escape from her chains.
After about an hour of trying to break loose, Y/N realized her efforts were useless. Even if she was able to release herself, there was nowhere to go. She was trapped inside a concrete room, with the only port of exit being the locked door in front of her. Y/N muttered curses to herself as her mind raced, trying to figure out what to do. She wasn’t sure how much time had passed, with no frame of reference to try and determine what time of day it was before she realized she had no escape options.
Every round of interrogation was worse than the last. Once a day, she assumed, as she still had no reference of time, someone would come in and try to find out information about the Falcon suits. Y/N didn’t have to look at a mirror to know she looked like shit. She had been starved for what felt like weeks, receiving the occasional piece of stale bread and some water. On top of that, she had been beaten to a pulp. Her left eye bruised, she had a split lip, probably a broken nose, fractured or broken ribs, and last, but certainly not least, a long cut on the side of her abdomen.
Y/N had finally started to feel her body give out. She wasn’t sure how much longer she would last in HYDRA’s hands. Eyes closed shut, Y/N allowed her body to relax in her chair, trying to feel some semblance of peace. Suddenly, the door swung open, causing her eyes to shoot open and see a cloud of smoke blocking her view. Adrenaline pumped through her body, preparing her for another beating. She wasn’t sure if she could endure another interrogation, but hell if she wouldn’t go down fighting.
“Y/N?” A sense of relief washed over her. Riley.
“Riley?” She managed to croak out, coughing from the smoke entering the room. Y/N saw a figure move towards her, eventually being able to see Riley’s face emerge from the smoke. “Riley.” Tears immediately started to stream down her face as Riley embraced her in his arms. He pulled back to look at her and his heart immediately broke after seeing her injuries.
“I’m here, I’m here, Y/N,” Riley said, as he moved pieces of Y/N’s hair out of her face and rested his hand on her cheek.
“My knight in shining armor,” She teased.
“Glad to see HYDRA didn’t take your humor from ya, princess.”
Y/N ignored the warm feeling she got from hearing Riley’s term of endearment as he helped her get out of her handcuffs. Once she was released, he grabbed her hand and started to lead her towards the exit. She suddenly stopped and Riley quickly turned around to see what the hold-up was.
“My Falcon suit! We can’t leave it here.”
“It self-destructed as soon as HYDRA tried to take it apart; the Air Force embedded it as a security measure. Come on!” Riley gently pulled Y/N’s arm and she quickly followed behind. She would follow him anywhere. Before they made it out of HYDRA’s base, the man who she spoke to when she first got captured was waiting by the exit. Riley defensively stood in front of Y/N, arm extended out to shield her. The man in front of them chuckled.
“Several of your team members have paid with their lives in exchange for yours. Is that the price of your freedom? Are you really worth that much?”
Y/N clenched her fists, glaring at the man. She was about to reply with a snarky comment when Riley spoke up.
“She’s worth the world.”
Y/N quickly turned to face Riley in response to his confession. He kept his eyes forward, staring intently at the man. The man began to chuckle before his laughter was abruptly cut off by a blow to the head. He was effectively knocked out and fell forward, revealing Sam to be standing behind him.
“Someone needed to shut him up,” Sam shrugged. “And we need to get the hell out of here.”
The three of them quickly escaped the facility, with Sam and Riley taking flight with their Falcon suits, Riley holding Y/N, bridal style, in his arms. She felt her eyes close, exhausted from the torture she had endured for the past several weeks. Riley felt her muscles relax and held her a little bit closer to him. After having her gone from him for so long, he realized he never wanted to be that far apart again.
Y/N woke up in an infirmary bed, eyes fluttering open to see Riley sat in a chair next to her, asleep. She smiled and started to attempt to sit up in bed, wincing from the pain. That was enough to wake Riley up and he shot out of his chair to help her.
“I’m fine, Riley.”
“You’re hurt, you need help,” Riley grabbed her hand and placed his other one on the small of her back as he helped her sit up. Y/N’s cheeks flushed red as she held onto his hand. He smiled softly at her and she immediately melted. She waited for him to release his hand from hers, but he never did. Instead, he pulled up his chair with his free hand, keeping a firm grip on hers. She gave his hand a light squeeze as she stared into his eyes.
“Thank you for saving me.”
“Anytime, princess.”
Y/N quickly shifted her gaze down, feeling her face heat up. She felt a hand gently cup her cheek and looked up to meet Riley’s eyes again. If it were anyone else, she probably would have flinched, after having been tortured by HYDRA, but she felt safe in his presence. Y/N studied Riley’s eyes with hers. She had always found them to be so beautiful, emerald green with specks of gold scattered throughout. Her thoughts were interrupted by Riley’s voice.
“I meant what I said back there,” Riley slowly leaned closer to her, watching for any signs from Y/N to stop. There weren’t any, so he continued, speaking in almost a whisper. “You’re worth the world, Y/N.”
Y/N let go of Riley’s hand to hold his face with both her hands and closed the space between them as she placed a gentle kiss on his lips, careful to not further injure her already split lip. They pulled away, resting their foreheads on each other.
“You’re my entire world, Riley.”
“Did you write that down first, or was it off the top of your head?” Sam’s comment pulled Y/N back from her memories. Steve gave Sam a smile before heading out to the launch pad, Sam and Y/N following behind.
“Hey, Cap, how do we know the good guys from the bad guys?” Sam asked, running beside Steve and Y/N.
“If they’re shooting at you, they’re bad.”
“I figured that’d be obvious,” Y/N shot Sam a smirk and he rolled his eyes in response.
The three ran off a ledge, Y/N and Sam taking flight in separate directions, while Steve landed on a lower level of the launch pad. As Sam approached one of the helicarriers, the sensors started to fire missiles at him.
“Hey Cap, I found those bad guys you were talking about.”
“You okay?” Steve spoke into his earpiece, seeking cover behind storage crates.
“I’m not dead yet.”
“Be careful, Sam.” Sam could sense the worry in Y/N’s voice. After losing Riley, he knew she was always concerned about him. He was about to reply when Agent Hill’s voice came onto the comm system.
“Falcon 1, status?”
“Engaging.” Sam flew towards the helicarrier, skillfully dodging the bullets fired at him.
“Wait, why does he get to be Falcon 1?” Y/N interjected.
“Not the time, Y/N.” He made his landing, kicking a guard in the process. He turned around to shoot at another armed guard, surveilling the area. “Alright, I’m in.” Suddenly, a jet turned the corner and started to open fire on Sam. “Oh, shit!”
Y/N whipped her head around to locate Sam upon hearing him yell. She was taking cover from the shots being fired at her from the helicarrier she was targeting. Y/N watched as Sam stepped off his helicarrier backward, shooting at the jet as he fell back. He caught himself, wings spreading out. Y/N didn’t take a moment to think before flying towards him.
They flew side by side, dodging the bullets being shot at them from the jet.
“What the hell are you doing?”
“I’ll distract them, just get your target blade in.” Y/N didn’t give Sam time to object before flying in the opposite direction, firing off at the jet to gain its attention.
Steve’s voice came on the comms, “Alpha lock.”
Agent Hill spoke next, “Falcon 1, where are you now?”
“Had to take a detour,” Sam replied. “But I’m in now.” He accessed the mainframe of the helicarrier, replacing one of the target blades with his. “Bravo lock,” He said, before diving off the platform to catch up with Steve.
“Two down, one to go,” Agent Hill updated the trio. “Falcon 2, what’s your status?”
Y/N was attempting to land on the last helicarrier when the jet behind her set off heat-seeking missiles, forcing her to divert her course.
“Kind of in the middle of something right now.” She flew towards another incoming fighter jet, missiles following right behind her. Before crashing into the oncoming jet, she folded her wings up at the last second, free-falling, as the missiles collided with the jet. The original jet wasn’t able to slow down in time and crashed into the debris, causing an explosion. Y/N quickly spread her wings out to take flight again and headed back towards the last helicarrier.
Sam had flown Steve over to the last helicarrier, waiting for Y/N who had the last chip.
“You know, you’re a lot heavier than you look,” Sam stated, dropping Steve onto the landing platform.
“I had a big breakfast,” Steve replied back. “Y/N, we’re at the last helicarrier. Meet us here and I’ll get the last target blade in,” Steve spoke into his earpiece, before getting shoved off the platform by the Winter Soldier.
“Steve!” Sam yelled, leaping to rescue him from falling. Before he could, the Winter Soldier grabbed a hold of one of Sam’s wings, throwing him back. Sam regained his balance in the air and began to fire at the Soldier. He retreated, allowing Sam to fly away, before using a grappling hook to wrap around Sam’s foot and slam him down on the ground, ripping off one of his wings. The Soldier ran to Sam, kicking him off the platform. As Sam was hurtling towards the ground, he released his other wing from his pack and launched his parachute to land safely on the ground.
As Y/N approached the last carrier, she saw Steve hanging off a ledge and immediately streamlined towards him. She grabbed him and brought him back onto the ledge.
“Cap! Y/N! Come in, you guys okay?” Sam’s panicked voice came through their earpieces.
“Don’t worry, I got him, Sam,” Y/N replied, giving Steve a pat on the back, as she took a moment to catch her breath. Steve grinned before responding to Sam.
“We’re on the helicarrier, where are you?”
“I’m grounded,” Sam said in defeat. “The suit’s down. Sorry guys.”
“Don’t worry,” Steve replied back, placing a hand on Y/N’s shoulder while he gave her a reassuring smile. “We got it.”
Agent Hill noticed Rumlow on the security cameras, headed towards the Council, where Natasha and Fury were, and informed Sam. He ran off to take care of Rumlow while Y/N and Steve rushed to place the last target blade.
Y/N ran across the catwalk to put the chip in before getting shoved to the side by the Winter Soldier. The target blade flew out of her hands, landing in the space between where Steve and the Soldier were standing. They were facing each other, on opposite ends of the catwalk. Y/N remained on the ground, scared that if she moved a muscle, the Soldier would attack. She knew it wasn’t really Bucky who was standing before her, carefully thinking about her next move.
“People are gonna die, Buck.” Steve was met with silence, as the Soldier stared blankly at him. Steve continued. “I can’t let that happen.” Y/N watched as the men continued to stare at each other, neither of them making the first move. “Please don’t make me do this,” he said, his eyes silently begging the man before him to let him pass peacefully. The Soldier’s face remained unchanged, forcing Steve to narrow his eyes and throw his shield at the Soldier as he quickly launched himself forward to grab the target blade. Y/N took that as her signal to get up and help. With the Soldier focused on fighting Steve, Y/N entered the code to access the rest of the helicarrier’s target blades. She took one of them out, a spot waiting for Steve to place the last one in.
She turned to see the Soldier tackle Steve, throwing them both off the ledge and onto the glass panels below. Y/N launched into action, flying down to distract the Soldier in order to give Steve a chance to put the last chip in. She swooped in, kicking the Soldier in the process, as Steve scrambled to grab the target blade that slipped out of his hands.
“One minute!” Agent Hill’s voice shouted into their earpieces, causing Steve to start climbing back up towards the catwalk to insert the last target blade.
The Soldier recovered quickly, latching onto Y/N’s foot with his metal arm to slam her to the ground. She kicked out of his grasp and stood up to stand face to face with the Soldier. He swung a punch at her and she dodged but ended up getting stabbed in the shoulder from a knife in his other hand in the process. She yelled out in pain before landing a kick to his chest, pushing him away from her. Y/N held pressure over her wound, panting, as the Soldier started to charge towards her again. She swiftly dodged him, moving out of the way, using her wings to jump onto his shoulders, pulling him to the ground, holding him in a chokehold. The Soldier’s arms frantically clawed at her legs, trying to free himself, but she held on tight, slowly feeling him lose consciousness. She let out a sigh of exasperation as she released him from her grip and slowly started to stand up. Y/N looked up at Steve, watching as he put the last target blade in.
“Charlie lock.” Steve turned to see that Y/N had flown up to the catwalk to meet him.
“Okay, guys. Get out of there,” Agent Hill said as she got ready to initiate the helicarriers attack on themselves. Steve turned to Y/N.
“You need to get out of here now.” Y/N shook her head furiously.
“You’re coming with me,” she shot back with a hint of desperation in her voice. Steve sighed.
“I’m not leaving him,” Steve glanced in Bucky’s direction, realizing that he wouldn’t be unconscious for much longer. “I can’t.”
Y/N wanted to refuse to leave, not wanting to possibly lose Steve like she lost Riley. But she thought about how she might act if she were in Steve’s position, with Riley in place of Bucky. And she knew then what she had to do. She threw her arms around Steve, tears forming in her eyes. They pulled away from each other before Y/N flew up, stealing a quick glance at Steve, watching him make his way over to Bucky.
“Fire now,” Y/N heard Steve state firmly through her earpiece.
“But, Steve…”
“Do it! Do it now!” Maria hesitated for a moment, but ultimately obeyed Steve’s orders, initiating the attack sequence. Y/N watched the helicarriers start to fire at each other, taking each other down, as she flew away from the wreckage.
Tumblr media
Y/N and Sam spoke softly in Steve’s hospital room, in an attempt to not wake him up from his sleep.
“It’s not like you were the first one to put on the suit,” Y/N whispered, crossing her arms over her chest. Sam sighed.
“Well, we can’t both be called Falcon.”
“Just seems a little condescending to be called ‘Falcon 2.’”
“Then we’ll call you something else,” Sam paused to think. “What about Redwing?”
“Redwing,” She said softly to herself, testing out the sound of her new name escaping her lips. It felt right, like it belonged to her. Her regular therapist appointments, since she had come back from overseas, had revealed to her that she had no idea who she was without Riley. Since her capture, she’d become dependent on him, seeking comfort in following whatever he was doing. When she returned with Riley gone and had to adjust to civilian life, Y/N had struggled to find who she wanted to be, what she wanted to do. Sam was a huge help during her recovery, encouraging her to try new things to find what she was passionate about. She’d be able to find a couple activities she enjoyed doing, helping out at the VA with Sam and working part time at a daycare, but nothing felt quite as right as fighting alongside Steve, Sam, and Natasha. She smiled to herself. Y/N knew who she was now.
“On your left.” Y/N and Sam quickly looked to their left to see Steve with an exhausted smile on his face. They smiled back at him, both letting out sighs of relief.
“I’ll go tell your nurse you’re awake,” Sam said, standing up and leaving the room. Y/N scooted closer to Steve and rested a hand on his arm. She felt her eyes swell with tears as Steve placed his other hand on hers.
“I’m alright, Y/N,” he said in response to seeing her eyes glossy with tears, causing them to both chuckle.
“I’m so glad you are.”
He let out an exhale before saying, “He pulled me from the river,” he paused. “He remembered me.”
“You’ll find him, Steve.” She said, giving his arm a squeeze. They shared a smile as Sam returned with Steve’s nurse.
Tumblr media
Y/N, Sam, and Steve were standing at Fury’s grave, as the man himself approached them from behind, walking past them to get a good look.
“So, you’ve experienced this sort of thing before,” he stated, referring to Steve.
“You get used to it.”
Fury kept his gaze on his tombstone as he spoke. “We’ve been data mining HYDRA’s files,” he turned to face Steve. “Looks like a lot of rats didn’t go down with the ship. I’m headed to Europe tonight.” Steve looked at Fury before looking back down at the ground. “Wanted to ask if you’d come.”
Steve kept his focus on the ground. “There’s something I got to do first.” He looked back up at Fury, who had already turned to Sam.
“How about you, Wilson? Could use a man with your abilities.” Sam glanced over at Steve before turning to reply to Fury.
“I’m more of a soldier than a spy.” Fury nodded and looked at Y/N, already knowing her mind was made up from the look in her eyes.
“I think I should stay here,” she said, looking at Sam and Steve before shifting her attention back to Fury. “Keep an eye on these two.”
Fury chuckled, “Alright, then.” He turned to shake the trio’s hands. “Anybody asks for me, tell them they can find me, right here,” he stated, tipping his head in the direction of his grave.
“You should be honored,” The three of them turned to the sound of Natasha’s voice. She walked over with a grin on her face as she continued. “That’s about as close as he gets to saying thank you.”
Y/N and Sam gave the two space to talk. Sam crossed his arms as he exhaled.
“I have a feeling that I’m gonna have to tell Carl to take over my sessions at the VA.” Y/N chuckled in response.
“Carl has big shoes to fill and crappy snacks to give out.” They shared a laugh together before a wave of silence washed over them.
Sam broke the silence, "I'm really glad you're here Y/N." She smiled.
"Me too."
They watched as Natasha handed a file to Steve and kissed his cheek before walking away. Y/N and Sam made their way over to Steve.
“You’re going after him,” Sam watched as Steve opened the file Natasha had given him.
“You don’t have to come with me,” Steve spoke as his gaze was locked on a small, wallet-sized, picture of Bucky from the 40s.
Y/N and Sam shared a look between each other before turning to Steve.
“We know.” Y/N placed a hand on Steve’s shoulder. Sam took a step forward to stand next to Steve.
“When do we start?”
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tricksters-captain · 4 months ago
Bucky Barnes Imagines - Some Sunny Day Part 1
Tumblr media
AN: My Marvel obsession has been lying dormant since Endgame finished but Wandavision and Falcon and Winter Soldier have brought it back to life.... This is going to be a series based off the show. Kind of like my ‘Oh Dear’ fic, it’s the series with an added characters and story lines. 
Summary: Before the Blip, you and Bucky were close. After you both returning and Tony’s funeral, you decided to go back to your home town to spend time with your family. When duty calls, you return.  
In this chapter: You reunite with Sam and Bucky (Based on S1 EP2)
Pairing(s): Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader, Sam Wilson x Platonic!Reader
Word Count: 6,883
Warnings: Spoilers for episode 2, strong language, violence. 
You and Bucky had always been close. 
You were close with Steve before Bucky joined the avengers and you fought on Steve’s side during the small civil war between the avengers. 
Steve was your best friend and Sam always knew how to make you smile but there was something about Bucky that was different to the rest of the avengers. 
You had spent some time in Wakanda with Bucky at Steve’s request and you two had always fought side by side and it crushed Steve when you both taken during the blip and he wasn't. 
When you returned, you were thrust back into battle almost immediately. The final fight against Thanos which resulted in you losing Tony and then Steve. 
Nothing seemed to matter except the fact you had been gone for 5 whole years. You had missed 5 whole years with your friends and family. They had changed whilst you were gone and you came back the same as you left.
When Steve returned the infinity stones, he hadn’t given you warning that he wasn’t coming back the same age he was going in but he had warned Bucky. They had spoken about it before apparently and after everything, you felt kind of betrayed. 
You knew you’d never understand Steve’s choice but it was his choice. You were just upset Bucky didn’t warn you. 
You returned to your home town after that day. 
You returned to find some people had changed and some hadn’t but you knew you wanted to be around and spend time with them. 
After all the years fighting for the avengers and only calling every once in a blue moon. It seemed to finally dawn on you that you should spend time with them whilst you still could. 
However, that only lasted around 6 months before you found yourself answering a phone call from Sam. 
You were at a birthday party for one of your old school friend’s daughters when you felt your phone go off. 
You put down one of the little girls who had be asking you a hundred questions about being apart of the avengers and excused yourself from the party. 
“Tell me why I got an awful feeling when I saw your caller ID come up on my phone.” You answered, folding your free hand under your arm as you leant against the wall. 
“It’s cause your subconscious is reminding you about that one time you said no when I asked you out on a date and you regret that now.”  Sam’s voice instantly made you crack a smile. 
“Or maybe it’s because every time I get a call from you it’s to do with the world ending or something worse.” You shot back. 
“It’s good to hear your voice too.” Sam chuckled at your comment before he had responded. 
“So what’s going on? I haven’t heard much from you in months.” You asked. 
“That’s around the time you up and left us for the old way of living.” Sam reminded you that you were the one that decided to go cold agent and return home. 
“There isn’t anything wrong with a little quiet.” You told him as you looked back through the window to the children that were the opposite of quiet. 
“No there isn't.” Sam agreed, “However, I got a situation here at the moment that I could really use your help with.”
“I guess it’s a bit bigger than the usual military op or you wouldn’t be calling?” You frowned. You were in the loop enough to know Sam had been apart of the airforce these past 6 months and had been taking part in frequent missions but nothing that concerned you. 
“I’m sending you over the details now. I’d appreciate it if you could come.” Sam sent you through a file and you pulled your phone away from your ear to open it. 
“You don’t need to convince me, Sam. I’ll be there since I know you wouldn’t ask unless it was serious.” You answered honestly. 
“Guess I’ll be seeing you soon then.” You could practically hear Sam’s smirk through the phone.
“Depends how quick I can get a bag together and your jet can get me to you.” You told him as you picked up your jacket from the coat rack. 
“Well it’s no Red Wing but it’s pretty fast.” Sam stated. “Oh and (Y/n)... You haven’t seen the news in the past hour or so, have you?”
“No? Why?” You frowned at the hesitation in Sam’s voice. 
“Just... take a look.” Sam told you before you ended the call. 
You opened up the news on your phone and what you saw made your mouth go dry and your stomach drop. 
You felt an anger rise up in you as you watched the wannabe waltz onto screen with Steve’s shield in his paws. 
When Sam gave up the shield, you didn’t know how to feel at first but now... now you weren’t surprised Sam didn’t elaborate on what he wanted you to see.
You said your apologies and your goodbyes pretty swiftly and you had already stashed an emergency bag ready to go under your bed so you were soon on your way.
It didn’t take terribly long to get to the air base where Sam was waiting for you. 
“Who the hell is this guy and why is he calling himself the new Captain America?” 
“Nice to see you too.” Sam wasn’t surprised at the attitude once you stepped off the plane.
“Sam, first you call me up to help deal with this wannabe terrorist group and now I just find out that Steve’s shield, which you gave up, is being held by some wannabe superhero.” You dumped your bag on the floor as you closed the gap between you and Sam.
“Trust me, I’m not happy about it either and I knew nothin about it but we have bigger fish to fry right now so can we cut the dramatic and get to actually saying hello?” Sam stared down at you with his hands on his hips. 
You sighed and gave in.
You wrapped your arms around the man and hugged him warmly.
“I’m sorry. I just––”
“–I know.” Sam didn’t need your apology. He understood how you were feeling. You both loved Steve so much. 
“Miss (Y/N)(Y/L/N), it’s a pleasure to meet you.” A voice brought your attention away from Sam to a man approaching you both. 
“(Y/n), Torres. Torres, (Y/n).” Sam introduced you to the uniformed man and you shook his hand politely. 
“Nice to meet you.” You weren’t sure if you had gotten used to the way most civilians looked at you after you became apart of the avengers. When you joined you didn’t realise becoming famous would be apart of the gig.
“I’m sorry to interrupt but Miss (Y/L/N) has to come with me to get logged into the clearance system and sort out a couple things.” Torres pointed over his shoulder as he explained. 
“And by that he means sign an autograph for his kid sister.” Sam teased the man. 
“What?” Torres’ cheeks tinged pink. “No!”
“It’s alright. Lead the way.” You picked up your bag and sent a quick smile to Sam before turning back to Torres. “Oh and you can call me (Y/n) by the way.” 
It didn’t take too long for Torres to fill you in on Sam’s plan for the mission as he logged in a few details so you could have clearance around the airbase. 
You did end up signing an autograph after a little tiptoeing around the question and then by the time you walked back out into the open you spotted someone you hadn’t expected to see. 
It was Bucky. 
“Looking good for a senior citizen.” You spoke up as you approached Sam and Bucky. 
Bucky had his back to you but the sound of your voice soon paused his conversation with Sam and he spun around. 
“Hey Buck.” You smiled but you couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous. “Long time no see.” 
“(Y/n).” Bucky stepped forward and wrapped his arms around you. 
You chuckled at his tight embrace but hugged him back just as tight all the same. 
“You, uh, you look good.” Bucky cleared his throat as he pulled away from you. 
“If you’ll excuse us, Casanova, we got places to be.” Sam tried to pull you away from Bucky but Bucky only followed. 
“I’m coming with you.” Bucky announced. 
“No, you’re not!” Sam argued. 
You hadn’t missed the men’s bickering...
In spite of Sam’s protest, Bucky ended up on the flight anyway. 
“So how’s it been away from the Avengers?” Bucky asked you as you both prepared for the mission.
Sam was up with Torres in the cockpit so you and Bucky were alone for the first time since you saw each other.
“It’s been okay. Spending time at home. Doing non-hero regular folk stuff.” You chuckled weakly as you pulled off your sweater. Bucky’s eyes fell to your chest as you had only wore a vest underneath. You felt your cheeks burn as you pretended not to notice.
“Uh, same.” Bucky cleared his throat before he spoke.. “Been strange without you around.”
“Buck, you know I needed time away from everything. From Sam, from you... After Steve, I...” You let your words drop away. 
There was a short silence before Bucky decided to change the subject.
“I’ve been seeing a therapist. Court mandated. She’s got me doing this whole redemption thing. Contacting people in my past. Making things right.” 
“And how’s that going for you?” You couldn’t help but smirk slightly at the idea of Bucky forcing himself to face his past at the request of a therapist. 
“Well I have three rules I’m meant to stick to and let’s say I’m not exactly following them closely.” Bucky admitted as he folded his hoodie.
“Does your therapist know that?” You cocked an eyebrow at the man with a light amused expression.
“What do you think.” Bucky smirked back at you.
“Be careful. I might tell on you.” You sighed playfully. 
“You’re actually on the list.” Bucky suddenly confessed. “I wanted to make things right after...” Bucky paused for a moment. “...After Steve. I should have warned you. Should have told you the truth.” 
“Bucky.” You stopped him. “It’s okay. Steve made a choice and he chose to talk to you about it. You’re his best friend and the only other person on the team who could’ve really understood why he did what he did. I’m not holding it against you.” 
“I’m still sorry.” Bucky looked you in the eyes as he spoke, “You were with him for so long when I wasn’t around. You should’ve got a real warning.” 
“Thanks Buck.” You pressed your lips into a brief sad smile before looking down at your boots. 
“I’ve really missed you, (Y/n).” Bucky uttered. 
“I really missed you too.” You stopped tying your lace to look up at the man. 
His short hair had really revealed his face and you couldn’t help but notice every part of it. The lines by his eyes when he smiled, the curve of his lips, the shadow that was just coming on.
You straightened up and stepped towards the man. 
“I like the new haircut by the way.” You reached up and let your fingers brush the top of his forehead. “Makes you look almost like a civilian.” 
Bucky couldn’t help but feel his body tense under your touch. 
“You look tired though.” You let your hand drop down to his cheek. “Not been sleeping well?”
Bucky forced himself to move away from your touch.
“Bad dreams.” Bucky murmured. 
“I figured therapy might have been helping you with those.” You frowned, “I remember sharing wake up duty with Steve like it was yesterday.”
“Every time it was your turn you’d make hot coco.” Bucky reminded you. It brought back images of you and Bucky sat in a small kitchen drinking hot chocolate that you had made despite Bucky’s insisting that he didn’t want any. 
“Seems like a lifetime ago.” You smiled but the memories only made you feel dismal. It seemed those were simpler times. Steve was still around, at least. 
Bucky handed you your jacket in the silence and you took it gratefully.
“I’m not interrupting something, am I?” Sam said rather loudly as he climbed down the ladder. 
“No, we were just getting ready which is what you should be doing.” You picked up Sam’s bag and tossed it to him which he caught effortlessly. “I’m going to check a few things with Torres. Try not to kill each other whilst I’m gone.” 
Bucky watched you climb the ladder up to the cockpit and Sam watched Bucky. 
“I’ll never understand why you won’t just shoot your shot with the girl.” Sam shook his head as he opened his duffle. 
“Shoot my what?” Bucky glared over at the man with confusion clear in his eyes. 
“Your shot, man. (Y/n) has clearly been in love with you since Steve dragged your ass onto the team. What she sees in you compared to this, I’ll never understand but she clearly sees something.” Sam had gestured to himself when he spoke but Bucky just rolled his eyes. 
“Maybe instead of talking about (Y/n), you should actually tell me what the plan is?” Bucky suggested as he zipped up his jacket securely. 
“How about you stop avoiding your feelings?” Sam retorted which made Bucky shut up and sit down. 
“I’m not avoiding my feelings.” Bucky grumbled as he glared at the man. 
“Yeah right.” Sam scoffed, shaking his head as he started to change. 
You didn’t return to the boys until you were approaching the drop off. 
“(Y/n), you’ll be out first.” Torres explained as you put in your ear piece, trying your hardest to ignore Bucky and Sam starring daggers at each other behind you. 
“Great. See you on the ground, fellas.” You jumped from the aircraft just as you heard Bucky ask what the plan was in your earpiece. 
You had to jump earlier then the men since you were approaching the building from another angle but that didn’t mean you couldn’t hear them bicker still on the aircraft. 
When you reached the warehouse, you remained hidden in the trees. You watched several people start to load two trucks with large boxes. 
“You’re doing the staring thing again. They’re in there.” You heard Sam’s voice in your earpiece. He must have been talking to Bucky inside the warehouse. 
“Where’s the guy?” Bucky asked. 
“I don’t know. I think they’re smuggling weapons, though.” Sam responded before you could. 
“Well, I think you could be right.” Bucky agreed with a passive aggressive tone. “But there’s only one way to find out. I see a clear path. I say we take it.”
“We’re not assassins.” Sam argued with Bucky.
“I’ll see you inside or not.” Bucky must've walked away from what you could hear. 
“Hey, come on, man. I’m just messing with you! Come back.” You could practically see Sam’s smile in your head.
“If you guys are done, I have a visual on the targets. They’re loading up two red trucks.”
“We’re moving up now.” Bucky replied to you. 
“Look at you. All stealthy.” Sam was teasing him. “A little time in Wakanda and you come out White Panther.”
“It’s actually White Wolf.” Bucky corrected him and Sam’s reaction almost made you laugh out loud. 
You tried to move closer to the trucks to see exactly what was going inside but it was risky with the group constantly checking around them. 
“All right, I’m inside. Therefore, way ahead of you. It’s not great, but very doable.” Bucky’s voice came up again. “Hello. How are you?” Bucky sounded irritated. Sam must've snuck up on him. 
“Good. What did I miss? Nothing.” Sam whispered back. 
“All right, let’s go.” Bucky commanded but Sam stopped him. 
“No, wait.”
“I got a vibranium arm. I can take them.” Bucky held up his arm as he fought against Sam’s halt.
“And I can fly. Who gives a shit?” Sam muttered. “Wait. I want to see where they’re going.”
“Guys I may not be in the same location as you but I can hear everything you’re saying so quick the arguing” You whispered lowly as you kept your eyes trained on the trucks. 
You tried to zone out the boys bickering as you crept forward. A crashing noise from inside the warehouse made you jump back and hide as the flash smasher members all stopped and looked. 
“Be careful.” You hissed at the both of them.
“It wasn’t my fault.” Bucky tried to defend himself but frankly you didn't care. The trucks were staring to close up and their engines switched on. 
You watched the people pile into the trucks and you dived over, taking hold of the backdoors and clinging on. 
“They have a hostage.” Sam told you as the trucks drove off with you attached. 
“Then get moving.” You commanded. You pulled open the door you were hanging to and opened it. 
“No sight of a hostage in here.” You informed Sam as you looked around. “Just boxes of vaccines.” 
“I found her.” Bucky must've gotten inside the other truck. “Hi. You okay?” Bucky’s voice was then followed by a crashing sound. 
However, you had your own problems... 
You heard a loud bang behind you and you turned to see two men at the end of the truck. They both had masks on. 
“Cute masks.” You taunted them before they charged at you. 
You threw three knives at them, two managed to hit one of the men in the thigh and chest but the second man had knocked the third one away. 
You went to attack the uninjured one first as he drew closer, you punched him but he was strong. He didn’t even flinch. 
You felt a small panic in your chest as you started to fight. He was taking moves that would usually floor someone like he was being attacked by a pillow. 
You managed to get him to the ground by wrapping your thighs around his neck and flipping him over you before you threw another knife at the injured soldier. He seemed to retreat, climbing out of the truck and onto the roof. 
“Could use some back up, Sam!” You called out as you followed. 
You climbed up onto the roof and the first soldier chased after you. The injured one grabbed hold of Bucky along with a third guy and so you were left with the big one. 
You heard Redwing shooting at the roof before you saw it but a redheaded female smashed it in half like it was but a plastic toy. 
With that, Sam finally swooped in and started throwing punches. 
He was thrown to the other roof as you continued to fight your own battle. You were getting tired and his punches seemed to only be getting stronger and more painful each time.
You pulled out another knife but he grabbed your wrist and squeezed. You couldn’t help but cry out at the pressure, you dropped it before he could break your wrist. 
Then suddenly a helicopter appeared from what seemed like nowhere. Cap’s shield bounced off one of Sam’s attackers as two new bodies joined the fight. 
The distraction allowed you to kick your attacker off the truck and start to help Bucky. 
“Sam, John Walker; Captain America.” 
“Lemar Hoskins.”
“Looks like you guys could use some help.” Walker and his sidekick introduced themselves. 
 A surge of rage from the introduction of ‘Captain America’ helped you regain some adrenaline. You turned and started to fight once again. 
You let yourself become distracted as Bucky fell from the side of the truck which allowed one of the guys to send you off the truck too.
Sam was quick to fall back with his suit and grab you before you hit the concrete road. However, the impact of him grabbing you did leave you winded. 
“Bucky.” You wheezed as the man settled you on the side of the road. 
Sam flew up and chased after the trucks. 
You took a moment, wincing at your aching body before you rose to your feet and took off in their direction. 
You couldn’t catch up to the trucks but it didn’t take long to find Bucky and Sam once you spotted they were both coming out of a field. 
“If someone told me I’d be fighting a whole bunch of super soldiers today I would’ve wore my nice pants.” You stated as you approached the two men.
“We knew they were strong but not like this.” Sam defended himself from your anger. 
“One of those guys took a knife to the chest and could still walk away.” You threw your arms up as you informed him. This was so much worse than the documents had described. 
“It’s going to take a lot more than just a knife to stop these guys.” Bucky’s eyes seemed to carry a storm as he thought. 
“How can this be possible? I thought the super soldier serum was gone. What happened in Siberia was supposed to have put an end to it all.” You remembered the failed super soldiers as clear as day. 
“We know about as much as you, (Y/n). Unless you tried to, you know, your weird seeing thing?” Sam asked.
“No. It takes it out of me and I can’t do it whilst I’m trying to fight for my life so.” You shook your head as you walked beside the men. Whilst you weren’t as powerful as some of the Avengers, you were a great assassin like Natasha Romanoff. Your talent was your knife throwing but under all the training and all the knowledge, there was a gift. A gift you’d had since birth.
If you touched someone, you could see their entire past, everything they had experienced up until that moment. It really drained you of your energy and over the years you trained yourself so that you could switch it on and off so it didn’t happen every time you touched someone but when you did use it, it usually required a lie down afterwards. 
“Sorry about Redwing.” Bucky spoke up after a moment of silence. 
“No, you’re not.” Sam rolled his eyes at the fake apology before asking: “What’s going on in that big cyborg brain of yours?”
“It’s computing.” Bucky grumbled. 
“You know what? I can actually see it. I can see the gears turning. Oh, they’re malfunctioning, shutting down. Yep, they’re on fire.” Sam couldn’t help but make fun of Bucky which only made you walk ahead of the men. You weren’t in the mood for this.
“We gotta figure out where the serum’s coming from.” You said to stop their silliness. 
“Yeah. And how in the hell after 80 years are there eight Super Soldiers runnin’ loose?” Sam agreed with you just as a transport vehicle began to pull up along side him. 
“So that didn’t go as planned, huh?” John Walker’s voice penetrated the space like a foul smelling fart. 
He opened the truck’s door to allow you all to hop in but you all ignored him. 
“Alright. Let’s keep going.” He told the driver before directing his attention back to you. “Look, at least we know what we’re up against now, huh? And we’re pretty sure it’s one of the Big Three, so…”
"Aliens, androids, or wizards?” Sam spoke up just to prove to Bucky that others knew of the ‘Big Three.’
“Pretty sure.” Walker nodded.
“There’s no such thing as wizards.” Bucky exclaimed which made you cock an eyebrow at the man. You clearly missed a conversation here. 
“Then it’s aliens, or androids.” Walker shrugged as if it were obvious.
“––Or Super Soldiers.” Sam added. 
“Shit. Super Soldiers, for real?” Walker’s colleague responded with the reaction you just about expected. 
“Yeah.” Sam confirmed. 
“Wow. All right, well, then we gotta work together.” Walker’s eyebrows rose as he spoke. 
“That’s not happening.” Bucky declared.
“I think we stand a much better chance if we all just––”
“––Just ’cause you carry that shield, it doesn’t mean you’re Captain America.” Bucky cut Walker short and you were grateful for it. The man was making your head ache. 
“Look, I’ve done the work, okay?” Walker sighed. 
“You ever jump on top of a grenade?” Bucky shot back but he wasn't met with the answer he wanted. 
“Yeah. Actually, I have. Four times. It’s a thing I do with my helmet. It’s a reinforced helmet. It’s a long story, but, any… Look, it’s 20 miles to the airport. You guys need a ride.” Walker got his driver to stop. “Get in.” 
You looked back at Sam and Bucky. You hadn’t said anything yet which Sam thought was a record of yours. You chose to give in and climbed into the truck with Bucky and Sam since your body was already aching from the previous fight. 
“Okay, so we’ve got eight Super Soldiers on a bulk supply run. Why?” Walker asked, his eye on you as you sat in between Bucky and Sam. 
“They say their mission is to get things back to the way it was during the Blip. Maybe they’re just trying to help.” Sam told Walker what he knew. 
“They had a funny way of showing it.” Bucky grimaced as a bruise on his face started to form. 
“That serum doesn’t exactly have a great track record. No offence.” Walker looked over at Bucky as he hinted at the winter soldier. 
“We need to figure out where they’re going.” You wanted to shift the attention away from Bucky. 
“She speaks? I have to admit I was starting to wonder.” Walker smiled at you which only made you want to punch him even more than you already did.  
“How’d you track ’em here? The Flag Smashers?” Sam could tell you were a second away from decking the new Captain America and hopping ship so carried on the conversation. 
“Uh, no, we didn’t track them, we tracked you, uh, through Redwing.” Hoskins notified Sam. 
“You hacked my tech?” Sam was beyond irritated at this point. 
“Sorry. It’s not exactly hacking. It’s government property. Kind of the government.” Walker laughed as he gestured to himself. “Does he always just stare like that?” He stopped laughing under Bucky’s stare. 
“You get used to it.” Sam muttered. 
“Okay, look, you know, things have gotten kind of, uh––”
“––Chaotic.”Hoskins helped Walker find the word. 
“Yeah.” Walker cleared his throat. “The GRC, they’re doing the best they can to get things up and running smoothly, post Blip.”
“Reactivating citizenship, social security, healthcare. Basically just managing resources for the refugees who were displaced by the return.” Hoskins tried filling you in as if you hadn't heard about it before. The GRC propaganda was plastered across all the cities in America. 
“The Global Repatriation Council does all that. We understand but why exactly are you two here?” You questioned, cocking your head towards Walker. 
“Well, they provide the resources and we keep things stable.” Hoskins replied first.
“Yeah, violent revolutionaries aren’t usually good for anyone’s cause.” Walker added on. 
“Usually said by the people with the resources.” Sam smirked at the men. 
“Well, we got a lot of resources. If you guys, if you joined up with us, we could––”
“––No.” Bucky shut Walker down immediately. 
“I got mad respect for both of y’all. But you were getting your asses kicked till we showed up.” Hoskins wasn’t helping the situation. 
“Who are you?” Bucky asked genuinely. 
“Lemar Hoskins.” Hoskins introduced himself once again. 
“Look, I see a guy hanging out of a helicopter in tactical gear, I need a lot more than Lemar Hoskins.” Sam backed Bucky up on that one. A name was nothing in this situation.
“I’m Battlestar. John’s partner.” Hoskins nodded towards Walker and you couldn't stop the smile that spread across your lips when Bucky responded. 
“Battlestar? Stop the car!” Bucky called up ahead. 
The car slowed as it pulled into a bus stop. Bucky pushed open the door and you followed. You couldn't stand sitting in front of that man in that uniform another second longer. 
"Look, I… I get it, okay? I get the attitude, I do. You didn’t think that the shield was gonna end up here. I get it, Bucky. And I’m… “ Walker turned back to Sam. “I’m not trying to be Steve. I’m not trying to replace Steve. I’m just trying to be the best Captain America I can be. That’s it. It’d be a whole lot easier if I had Cap’s wingmen on my side.” 
Sam scoffed at Walker’s choice of words. Wingmen? He really had the audacity. 
“It’s always that last line.” Sam jumped out of the vehicle and followed you and Bucky. 
Tumblr media
Once back on the aircraft you stripped of your weapons and jacket. 
Sam and Bucky did the same. 
You sat down on your seat and rested your head back against the wall. You needed an ice bath. Your muscles were screaming at you. 
“You alright?” Sam asked Bucky as he sat, his eyes locked on the floor. 
You opened your eyes to look over at the men. 
“Let’s take the shield, Sam. Let’s take the shield and do this ourselves.” Bucky sounded pretty decided. 
“We can’t just run up on the man, beat him up, and take it. Do you remember what happened the last time we stole it?” Sam sat up slowly as he furrowed his brow at the idea.
“Maybe.” Bucky grumbled. 
“I’ll help you in case you forgot.” Sam proclaimed, “Sharon was branded enemy of the state, and Steve and I were on the run for two years. I don’t know about you, but I don’t wanna live the rest of my life la vida loca. We just got our ass handed to us by Super Soldiers, and we got nothing.” 
Even though you did spend some time in Wakanda under protection from their government, there was a period where you were on the run with Steve and Sam and it wasn’t fun. Being pardoned after the fight against Thanos was one of the best things that happened to you; it’s what allowed you to go home. 
“Not entirely true.” Bucky pushed himself onto his feet. “There is someone that you should meet.” 
Bucky’s eyes met yours and you knew who he was talking about. 
You had seen Bucky's past. Everyone of Bucky’s memories. You had seen all the death and the pain and the fighting. You had seen the Winter Soldier and pre-world war Bucky and you had suffered for it for some time. Nightmares used to plague you but you had managed to block most stuff from your mind over the years. Especially the Winter Soldier memories because that wasn’t really Bucky; that was a weapon made by Hydra. 
You had been forced by the team to check his memories to see if he really had bombed the UN but you couldn't choose how far you looked back, you gift made you see everything from the earliest childhood memory up to that moment. 
You stood and approached Bucky.
“Are you sure about this?” You whispered, taking hold of Bucky’s forearm as you pulled him to one side.
“He should know.” Bucky’s eyes seemed so sure. You dropped your hand down from his arm to his hand and gave it a squeeze. 
“Alright then.” You pressed your lips into a thin line as you accepted his choice. 
Soon enough the route was changed and the plane turned. 
“Will you come?” Bucky asked as the door to the plane opened. 
“I’ll wait here but call me if you need me.” You didn’t feel like seeing Isaiah. Some of the time if something from Bucky’s past showed up it could trigger his memories in your own head which you didn’t particularly enjoy. 
“Alright.” Bucky sighed but left without you. 
Only a short while later you had received a phone call from Sam. 
“Hello?” You answered. 
“It’s Bucky. He’s been arrested. There was a warrant out for his arrest.” Sam informed you. 
“Why?” You were confused. Bucky had been pardoned like the rest of you for his crimes and his warrant wiped. 
“He missed his therapy session or something. I’m heading back to your, we gotta go get him out.” Sam hung up pretty quickly. 
Tumblr media
“Why didn’t you tell anyone about the super solider?” Sam asked you as you made your way to the station. 
“I only knew because I’ve been inside Bucky’s head but if I listed off every single person Bucky has fought or killed or wronged it would take me a while.” You hated admitting that but the Winter Soldier had done a lot of damage. 
“But this was a black super soldier who rotted behind bars for years! Being experimented on like a lab rat whilst Steve sat in the ice and Bucky ran around playing secret assassin!” Sam was angry and you understood why. 
“I didn’t know he was in prison. I only knew of him as the guy Bucky fought in Goyang and lost. I figured if Bucky wanted him found then he would say. It’s not my place, they’re not my memories.” You tried to defend yourself but you knew Sam would never understand your logic. 
“How can I trust you if you’re sitting on information like that?” Sam catechised you. 
“Because you’ve trusted me for years. I say what needs to be said and if it isn't useful to us at the time then I don’t bring it up. I have so much inside of here from people that aren’t even around more. When I go inside someone’s head the memories don’t just go away. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s memories I’m thinking of when I look back on things. I block what I can and deal with what I can’t.” You stopped Sam in the hallway as you snapped. You couldn’t believe he was questioning whether he could trust you or not after everything. 
“I know it can be hard for you. I can’t imagine what its like but there are some things more important than others and Isaiah. Isaiah is one of them.” Sam’s words just made you turn and head to the desk. 
You tried to get as much information about Bucky but all they instructed you to do was sit and wait. 
“Sam?” A woman approached you and Sam. You lifted your head up at the sound of her voice. “I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m Dr. Raynor. I’m James’s therapist.” 
You shook hands with the woman and introduced yourself. 
“I’ve heard some about you too.” Dr. Raynor smiled as she greeted you. 
“Thank you for getting him out.” Sam thanked her as he shook her hand but she only furrowed her brow. 
“That was not me.” She told you both. 
“Christina!” You didn’t need super hearing to recognise that voice. “Good to see you again!” Walker was signing autographs as he entered the station. 
“You gotta be kidding me. You know him?” Sam only said what you were thinking. 
“Yeah, we did some field ops back in the day.” Dr Raynor looked between Sam and Walker. 
“I heard you were working with Bucky, so I thought I’d step in.” Walker approached her which made you stepped back. “Bucky’s not gonna be following a strict schedule any longer.”
“We haven’t finished our work. Who authorized this?” Dr Raynor protested. 
“Um…” Walker pointed to himself. You felt a fire flare inside of you. “He’s too valuable of an asset to have tied up. Just do whatever you got to do with him, then send him off to me. Got some unfinished business, him and I.”
Walker then pointed to you and Sam. 
“You too, Wilson. (Y/l/n). I’ll be outside.” Walker backed away, sending a wink in your direction. 
You felt Sam take hold of your wrist quickly before you could even take the chance to lunge forward. 
“Breathe.” Sam told you. “We’ll deal with that asshole later.” 
Bucky was allowed through and Dr Raynor approached him immediately.
“James, condition of your release, session now. You too, Sam.” She insisted as she headed back towards the cells from which Bucky had just come from. 
“That’s okay. I’ll be out here with (Y/n).” Sam brushed off the offer except it wasn’t an offer. 
“That wasn’t a request.” Dr Rayor warned him. 
You pushed the man forward. 
“Quicker you’re in, quicker you’re out.” You told him. 
“Why doesn’t she want you?” Sam pouted. 
“Get moving before I get bored and decide to use John Walker out there as my new punching bag. Get myself in trouble.” You tried to make the man laugh but failed. He only groaned and dragged himself inside. 
It didn’t take long for Sam to storm out of there who was swiftly followed by Bucky. 
“Hey, you okay?” You asked Sam as he returned to you. 
“Peachy.” He sneered.
You sighed and followed both men outside. 
“Well, I feel better.” Sam announced once you were all finally outside. 
“I feel awful.” Bucky muttered which made you want to take his hand but you refrained as a siren drew your attention over to Walker and his buddy. 
“Gentlemen. Lady. Good to see you again.” Walker had a smile on that you wanted to wipe clean off. “ Look, if we divide ourselves, we don’t stand a chance, you guys know that.” 
“Well do you have anything that’s actually useful?” You folded your arms across your chest as you closed in on the men.  
"Well, the leader’s name’s Karli Morgenthau. We’ve been targeting civilians who’ve been helping Karli move from place to place.” Walker started. 
“They geotagged a location, then scrambled the signal. But our satellites have found their symbol popping up in various displaced communities all across Central and Eastern Europe.” Hoskins continued. 
“We think she’s taking the medicine she just stole to one of these camps.” Walker finished. 
“Well, there are hundreds of those all over the planet since the Blip. So I guess you’ll have to look real hard.” Bucky’s glowered at the man as he leant on the cop car. 
“Good thing I have 20/20 vision, huh?” Walker smirked as he snapped back. 
“Where is she now, Walker? Do you know?” Bucky rose his voice. 
“No, we don’t know, Bucky. It’s only a matter of time before we find out.” Walker rose his voice also. 
“Things are really intense for you, aren’t they, Walker?” Bucky was being cocky. You had to stop yourself from finding it amusing. 
“Take it easy. Look, Walker’s right. It is imperative that we find them and stop them. But you guys have rules of engagement and all kind of authorizations you have to get. We’re free agents. We’re more flexible. So it wouldn’t make sense for us to work with you.” Sam interrupted and seemed to clear the air a little. You took his last words as a chance to leave but Walker wasn’t done.
“A word of advice, then.” Walker stopped you all. “Stay the hell out of my way.”
You watched the two men walk away. Your jaw clenching together to stop you from saying something you’d regret. 
“Come on.” Sam urged you on and you forced yourself to walk away. 
Once you were far enough from the station Sam asked you both what you were thinking. 
“Well, I know what we have to do. When Isaiah said ‘my people’...” Bucky was the one of out you both to speak first. 
“Oh, don’t take that to heart. That’s not what he meant.” Sam began. 
“No, he meant HYDRA. HYDRA used to be my people.” Bucky corrected him. 
“Not a chance.” You shook your head, putting your foot down. 
“Walker doesn’t have any leads.” Bucky claimed. 
“Bucky, I know where you’re going with this and I’m saying no.” You couldn’t believe he was even suggesting it. 
“He knows all of HYDRA’s secrets.” Bucky tried to reason with you. 
“Don’t you remember Siberia?” Sam also knew exactly what Bucky meant. 
Bucky nodded. 
“So you’re just gonna go sit in a room with this guy?” Sam stared at Bucky with a mixture of shock and concern. 
“Yes.” Bucky was hesitant to answer which only made you hate this idea even more. 
“Okay, then.” Sam sighed. “We’re gonna go see Zemo.” 
“No! No, we aren’t not going to see Zemo!” You demanded causing both the boys to stop. 
“(Y/n), it’s different now.” Bucky declared. 
“It’s the only lead we got.” Sam was actually on Bucky’s side. 
“What? And you think he’s just gonna help us like that?” You scoffed out of disbelief. 
“We have to try.” Bucky started to walk again. 
“I trust this guy about as far as I can throw him, Buck!” You exasperated. 
“That’s more than me.” Sam murmured but you chose to ignore it. 
“(Y/n). We’re going.” Bucky wasn't arguing anymore. It was going to happen. 
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holylulusworld · 2 years ago
I don’t like you but stay
Tumblr media
Summary: James ‘Bucky’ Barnes is the newest addition to the Avengers. Trying to help his friend settle in Steve asks his friend and the teams moral support to help him with unknown consequences.
Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader (platonic), Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff
Warnings: angst, language, Bucky being a douche, arguments, fights, violence, angry Bucky, tension, possessive Bucky
Takes place after Endgame. Everyone is happy and alive. No one got hurt...
“You could at least try, Buck.” Steve tries once again.
“They don’t like me and I’m not a team player…not for a long time.”
“But Sam helped us back then, just like Wanda and Clint. We fought together against Thanos, it’s only one dinner. Come with me and eat with the team. Y/N will be there too. You know, my best friend.”
“A doll is your best friend now, huh?”
“She’s not a doll, more like our moral support. Y/N listens to us after a hard mission or if we have problems.”
“A goddamn psychologist or more therapist? No way I let her rummaging in my brain. I’ve got enough of people trying to trick my mind or manipulate me, Stevie.”
“Buck, calm down. She doesn’t want to manipulate you in any way. She’s a friend and I want you to visit her once a week. That’s an order Sergeant.” Steve says full Captain now.
“Fine, Captain. But I will not talk to that woman.”
“Then go to her and just sit in her chair but you will visit her.”
“How is Steve’s friend?” You ask.
“Unfriendly.” Nat chuckles. “Ruined my bikini figure by shooting me.”
“That was years ago, and he wasn’t himself.” Bruce throws in.
“Says the guy with the temper problems.” Sam chuckles.
“Guys, I wanted to know how he is now. Not his time during the Hydra crap. It’s awful this happened to him.”
“Honestly we do not know much about him, except he’s a great fighter and Cap’s friend. I mean he’s not hanging out with us at all. Always stays in his room or trains with Cap.” Sam says, and you nod.
“Thought so. That’s the reason Steve asked me for advice. Jesus this will be a hard piece of work.”
“He’s not a bad man. I could read his emotions and he’s torn and hurt.” Wanda says.
“I guess so. After all, he’s been through. I mean being a puppet to someone must be awful. Waking up and everything you know and love is gone is the worst.” You whisper. Lost in thoughts you barely recognize the man standing behind your back.
“The puppet just arrived.” Bucky spats and you sigh.
“Be nice, Buck,” Steve warns.
“Why? She called me a puppet.”
“I said that being a puppet must’ve been awful. I showed compassion.” You say turning around to face Steve’s friend.
Angry blue eyes stare back at you. You never saw more beautiful eyes at a man. Steve has blue eyes too, but this man is beating him without any effort. The soft brown hair frames his handsome face and you can’t stop looking at his lips.
“Got nothing else to justify your speech?” Bucky mutters.
“Hell, I didn’t hold a speech. I…forget it. I’m sorry if you got it wrong. I was just asking how you are doing. Hi, I’m Y/N, a friend of Steve.”
“A therapist without any compassion.” The blue-eyed man snaps at you and anger is boiling up inside of you. Seeing you rolling your shoulders and your body go stiff Steve plants a hand on your shoulder.
“Just breathe…he didn’t mean it that way. You know you can’t…not yet.” Steve says and you narrow your eyes.
“Fine by me, let’s eat then. Wanda and I cooked for all of you. Including our new member.” You say and Bucky scoffs.
“Won’t eat a bite of anything that doll cooked.”
“Then starve to death, Jamesy.” You chuckle.
Around one week later…first appointment…
“Why is there no chair or stuff…only a couch?”
“I like to get comfortable while talking to people. I’m not your therapist. We are not in my office this is my room. I invited you to talk to me, but you don’t have to. There are books and newspapers.” You say to lighten the mood.
“I won’t talk to you doll, no matter which kind of trick you will use.”
“I will not force you to anything, James. If you just want to sit over there it’s fine by me. I’ll answer some emails and stuff then.” You say opening your laptop. Seeing you and Steve as your wallpaper Bucky narrows his eyes.
“Are you fucking Stevie?” He mutters.
“Steve and I are only friends. There’s no physical attraction between us.”
“Lesbian or blind?”
“Have you seen Steve? He’s Captain America.”
“I know that Steve is very attractive and most of the woman want a physical relationship with him too, but like Wanda and Nat, I’m not into him that way. We are friends since he came back. I helped him find a way to live in this for him new world. I would never risk our friendship for sex.”
“So, you would fuck him?”
“I do not like the word fuck…James. I’m not someone who has one-night stands.”
“Prude then?” He asks again.
“Neither prude nor a whore. Are we done talking about me and my sex life? Steve and I are friends. He’s into someone else, by the way, so if you want to talk about something start with your life.” You grunt.
“I like sex, I’m not prude.” James chuckles and you roll your eyes.
“Yeah. I get it.”
“Anything? Did he open up?” Steve asks.
“If you mean asking me about you and me and if we fuck, then yes, Steve. He opened up.” You mutter.
“Seriously? He asked if we…uh.”
“I told him we do not have sex. Don’t worry. Also, I told him I don’t like the word fuck.”
“Same.” Your friend stammers shaking his head. “Why did he ask you?”
“Saw the wallpaper on my laptop.”
“I see.”
Three weeks, James. If you do not want to talk about anything it’s fine by me. I’ll call Steve and tell him you are…whatever.” You groan while Bucky continues throwing knives at your books.
“Can you stop this? These books are rare. First editions. Stop ruining my books.” You yell now and Bucky starts grinning.
“That so? Do not look rare to me. Just old paper, doll.”
“If you throw one more knife at my books I’ll call Steve right now and tell him you can not attend any mission for the next months. How does that sound to you Bucky?” You mutter and he narrows his eyes. Searching your face, he licks his lips and throws a knife into the nearby wall.
“What the fuck!” You yell.
“Ah, you said fuck, doll.” Bucky teases and you want to strangle him.
“You threw a knife into my wall, you idiot! I can’t believe I promised Steve to help you. What a waste of time and energy. Could have good sex right now instead I’m trapped in this nightmare.” You groan falling onto the couch.
“Good sex? You…seriously.”
“As if you would know how to satisfy a woman.”
“I know how to fuck a girl to make her scream, doll!”
“Sure. That’s the reason you are hiding in your room since you came here. Just like in Wakanda you stay to yourself. No visitors or friends come around. You are one poor and lonely boy trying to get Steve’s attention.”
“I don’t need to listen to your stupid babbling,” Bucky yells storming out of the office.
“Finally, a reaction. I can work with that.” You say to yourself.
“How long do I have to come here.” He groans after two minutes.
“Until Steve says otherwise, or we killed each other.” You retort too tired to fight today.
Closing your eyes, you try to ignore the man staring at you. You can’t see it, but his blue eyes are searching your face.
“Why are you so silent today?”
“None of your concern.” You sigh.
“Tell me and I’ll tell you something too.”
“I do not trust you.”
“Pinky promise.”
“Fine, I was seeing this guy for some weeks. We had a few dates and I started liking him.”
“Was the sex bad?”
“Dunno. We didn’t have sex so far. I was busy with my job, the Avengers…you. I haven’t seen him for two weeks, so I called him and he acted like he’s busy. What he didn’t know was that I was in front of his house. I wanted to surprise him and then…”
“Then what doll? Don’t hook me on a story and don’t continue it.” Bucky mutters.
“I saw him with the waitress of the restaurant we were eating at during our last date. He almost choked on her tongue. Grabbed her ass and more.”
“So, he had fun. What’s the problem?”
“Only a guy can ask you something like that. I started liking him. If a woman does like you she imagines things…a future with you. We don’t see just a potential sex partner. We see marriage, children, a home…”
“Yeah, dammit, Barnes, sex too. But first of all, I thought he likes me but obviously, he did not. He was just another asshole trying to get in my pants. Satisfied?”
“Hmm…” Angrily clenching his jaw Bucky decides to pay your friend a visit.
“Will you tell me something now?” You ask.
“I ate pancakes and strawberries for breakfast.” Bucky chuckles and your eyes widen.
“I can’t believe I opened up to you only for you to make fun of me.” You yell. This time you are the one storming out of the room.
“This won’t work Steve. I’m trying to make him open up for six months now and honestly, I’m done. He’s making fun of me. Lies…”
“Lies?” Steve asks.
“He made a pinky promise if I tell him something personal he will do so too. I told him, but he didn’t keep his promise. Told me what he ate for breakfast. I’m done, Steve. Let him go on missions or not. I really don’t care. You know him better than I do…I just can’t do this any longer. I’m sorry for letting you down.” You sigh.
Moving his arms around you Steve gently plants a kiss to your hair. What you both can’t see is the angry look on Bucky’s face and the jealousy welling up his stomach.
The next sessions Bucky never shows up, so you decide to tell Steve you did your best. After the little breakdown, you promised to give his friend another chance but obviously, he doesn’t want it.
Leaving the room to finally meet up with Nat to go on a shopping trip you bump into Bruce staring at you with wide eyes.
“You okay? Do you need my help, Bruce?”
“I think James needs your help. His hand is bloody, and he doesn’t want to tell me why he’s injured. Looks like he hit someone, but he refuses to talk to me.”
“Okay. Calm down, breathe.”
“I’m not going to ‘hulk around’ right now. I’m just worried about Steve’s friend. I would’ve asked Cap but he’s away.”
“On a mission with Tony and Clint, I know. Let’s go then.”
“Will you tell me why your hand is bloody and your knuckles almost broken?” You ask.
Sighing you shake your head. He even refused to let anyone clean the wounds.
“Listen I know you don’t like me.”
Not answering Bucky stares at the wall beind you.
“Dammit, you are so frustrating. Steve had to soothe me after our last session. Cap had to hug me to calm me down, idiot!” You mutter and Bucky’s face lits up.
“I had to hit someone.” He mumbles finally letting you clean the wound.
“Why? Was someone else in danger?”
“He hurt a woman and I had to defend her.”
“Oh, then it was justified, I guess.” You say gently putting some sanitizer onto his wounds.
“Hmmm…I’m sorry I did not come to our session. I had to take care of that guy first.”
“It’s okay. I can throw knives at my books on my own.” You tease and he smiles at you for a moment.
“I can do this for you. Bet you can’t even hit the right target.”
“Maybe…or maybe I’m a master…”
“He did what?” You gasp.
“I’m sorry to tell you but it seems like Bucky beat your friend into a pulp,” Sam says.
“Why should he do such a thing? I never even told him anything about Matthew. God, did his wife see this? Was she there too?”
“No, luckily we came just in time and thanks to Starks technology we could fix what Bucky broke. Why is he going after your friends?”
“I think he hates me and tries to hurt me that way, Sam. This ends now. No matter what Steve told me I will make Bucky pay for this. Friend of Steve or not I will mop the floor with the Winter Soldier right now.” You yell storming toward the training hall.
Bursting through the door you see Bucky’s surprised face a smile on his lips he walks toward you but the moment he approachs you he feels his body gets slammed into the nearby wall.
“You think you can do this and believe I will not hurt you!” You yell.
“I got no clue what you are talking about.”
“No clue? You almost killed my friend!”
“A worthless piece of shit!” Bucky talks back.
Using your powers, you slam him into the ceiling and then down on the floor. Groaning in pain he can see you start feeling dizzy. Steve was right. It’s too soon to use your powers again.
“I swear I will break your neck stupid bitch!” Bucky yells.
“Do it! Steve will be very happy after you killed his best friend, asshole!”
“I’m his best friend!”
“Forget it! You tried to kill him, you psychopath. Crazy piece of a man, not even able to control his emotions. I’m done…I’m just done with trying to help you for Steve’s sake. Fuck you, Bucky Barnes. Go to hell or back to Hydra. I don’t care!” You yell and for the first time, Bucky flinches at your words.
Tears stream down your face and you need to brace yourself against a wall to not break down. Before you can react an impact next to you make you scream.
“You won’t just leave! I’m not done with you! I don’t like you…but stay…” Bucky pants removing his metal hand out of the wall.
“Why? You tried to kill my friend! He never did anything wrong. His pregnant wife was in his house. Would you have attacked her too?” You sniff and his eyes widen.
“Wife? You said he cheated on you with a waitress.” Bucky gasps.
“Waitress? I don’t…wait…did you believe Matthew was the one cheating on me?”
“Yeah…he was not?”
“No, Matthew is my cousin's husband. One of my best friends since college.”
“God…then I was wrong. I wanted to punish him for hurting you…”
“Why would you do that?” You ask feeling even dizzier.
“I think I need to sit down…” You whisper.
Scooping you into his arms Bucky picks you up to run with you toward Bruce’s lab. Someone has to help him...
“You see she’s like Wanda but at the same time different. Using her powers means using life energy. She drains her own energy out to perform her powers. I told her she’s too weak by now. The fight with Thanos got her good. Y/N was defending Vision with Wanda and almost died.” Steve explains looking at your unconscious form.
“She’s an Avenger too?” Bucky asks.
“Kinda…more into defending an injured team member and stuff. She uses a shield to protect us if needed. Y/N barely attacks. It’s just not her style.”
“But she attacked me…really good. A hell of a woman.” Bucky says.
“Ask her out, Buck. Man up and tell her how you feel. Watching you pining is kinda sad.” Steve says knocking Bucky on his shoulder.
“Hey, doll. Don’t move too much. You really shouldn’t have attacked me.” Bucky says gently holding your hand.
“What happened?”
“You were unconscious and I brought you to Bruce.”
“Oh, Steve was right. I wasn’t ready to use my powers yet.”
“I’m sorry for hurting your friend. I was wrong…uh…I just tried to punish that guy.”
“You don’t have to punish anyone for me, James.”
“But I want to…I don’t like you but…stay. Please stay with me. Don’t leave me too.” Bucky says kissing your hand softly.
“I want…I need…I like you. Would you go out with me?”
“You don’t want to?” He sighs.
“I mean you need six months to ask me out? Do you need that long to get me into your bed too?”
Eyes darkened Bucky grins down at you. Covering your body with his he presses you into the mattress.
“No.” He rasps before kissing you breathless.
“Fuck. I like you too…but you will have to tell Steve you stole his best friends heart.” You tease.
“I’m his best friend and he knows you stole mine.” Bucky retorts.
“That’s not true! I’m his best friend.”
“Woman don’t make me mad! I don’t like you but I will make you stay…and I’m Stevie’s best friend.”
“In your dreams…now kiss me again and we ask Steve.”
“Those are the most useful words ever leaving your lips, doll,” Bucky mutters claiming your lips once again.
“Fucking finally,” Nat groans dragging Steve out of your room.
“They were fighting over me.”
“No, they are fighting to turn each other on. You really don’t want to see what happens next.” Nat chuckles when you and Bucky start moaning.
“I guess you are right. I like them both but I will not stay…”
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yelena-bellova · 3 months ago
Safe Haven - tfatws!Bucky Barnes x fem!reader
Tumblr media
Plot: The world hasn’t been kind to Y/n Y/l/n and Bucky Barnes. Both having suffered deeply in life, the two of them join forces in their mission to aid Y/n’s brother Sam in his hunt for the Flag Smashers. Along the way they learn that you aren’t responsible for the sins of others and that sometimes even the most broken of pieces can fit together.
Warnings: angst, fluff, canon-type violence, language, suicide themes, mention of torture
Chapter One: The Other Wilson Sister
Chapter Two: According To Plan
Chapter Three: Ceasefire
Chapter Four: Madripoor
Chapter Five: Come A Little Closer
Chapter Six: Ten Minutes
Chapter Seven: Crossing Lines
Chapter Eight: Bloodshed
Chapter Nine: The Soldier and the Mutant
Chapter Ten: Heroes
Chapter Eleven: Safe Haven
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sluutz · a month ago
Avengers:*focusing on a hydra mission*
Y/n at the coms: my brain is held together by Elmer's Purple and black glitter glue.
Peter: really? that's so cool
Nat: what?
Bucky sighing: oh my god
Tony: what the hell is wrong with both of you?
Steve: is this what they teach you at school nowadays?
Wanda: *giggling*
Sam: what drugs are you on?
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tricksters-captain · 3 months ago
Bucky Barnes imagines - Some Sunny Day Part 4
Tumblr media
AN: What a crazy episode! I definitely think this episode was one of the best so far and I cannot wait to see what happens next after that insane ending!
Overall Summary: Before the Blip, you and Bucky were close. After you both returning and Tony’s funeral, you decided to go back to your home town to spend time with your family. When duty calls, you return.  
In this chapter: Now in Latvia, you and the boys must find Karli before the Dora take Zemo away (Based on S1 EP4)
(PART 1) (PART 2) (PART 3)
Pairing(s): Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader, Sam Wilson x Platonic!Reader
Word Count: 6,123
Warnings: Spoilers for episode 4, violence, strong language.
Once inside Zemo’s apartment, you started to look through the cupboards. 
Zemo had excused himself to take a bath but you felt starved. 
Even with the limited stock you managed to whip something up for you and Sam. 
“Thank you.” Sam took the bowl from you gratefully. The food Zemo had given you on his private plane wasn’t exactly edible and you were still feeling the affects of the Nagel fail in your body. 
“Well, the Wakandans are here.” Bucky announced as he entered the apartment; having returned from his walk. “They want Zemo. Bought us some more time.”
“”Were you followed?” Sam looked up at him. 
“No.” Bucky made his way over to you and Sam by the kitchen island. 
“How can you be so sure?” Zemo pondered. 
“Cause I know when I’m being followed.” Bucky sent an unimpressed glance to the man in the bathrobe. 
You pushed a bowl of pasta towards Bucky but he shook his head and pulled out his phone.
“It was sweet of you to defend me at least.” Zemo stated. 
“Hey, you shut it.” Sam quipped. “No one’s defending you. You killed Nagel.” 
“You gotta eat.” You whispered to Bucky. 
“Do we really have to litigate what may or may not have happened?” Zemo rounded the island so he was closer to you all.
“I’ll eat later.” Bucky mumbled back to you as he furrowed his brow at twitter. 
“There’s nothing to litigate. You straight shot the man.” Sam argued with Zemo. 
“Sam.” Bucky had found something. 
“What?” Sam turned his attention to Bucky and away from Zemo. 
“Karli bombed a GRC supply depot.” Bucky showed you his phone screen so you could read.
“What? What’s the damage?” Sam’s concern grew quickly. 
“Eleven injured, three dead.” You said after skimming over the article. 
“They have a list of demands and are promising more attacks if those demands aren’t met.” Bucky added as Sam sighed. 
“She’s getting worse.” Zemo spoke up. “I have the will to complete this mission. Do the three of you?”
“She’s just a kid.” Sam was right. She was only young, she reminded you of you when you first joined the avengers. Desperate to fight for a cause. 
“You’re seeing something in her that isn’t there.” Zemo disagreed. “You’re clouded by it. She’s a supremacist. The very concept of a Super Soldier will always trouble people. It’s that warped aspiration that led to Nazis, to Ultron, to the Avengers.”
“You’re talking about our friends.” You felt the need to remind Zemo that you were actually apart of the Avengers as you placed your empty bowl in the sink. 
“The Avengers, not the Nazis.” Bucky felt the need to clarify. 
“So, Karli is radicalised, but there has to be a peaceful way to stop her.” Sam was determined there wasn’t a need for a fight. 
“The desire to become a superhuman cannot be separated from supremacist ideals. Anyone with that serum is inherently on that path. She will not stop. She will escalate until you kill her.” Zemo explained as he reached for the bowl you had originally offered Bucky. “Or she kills you.” 
You swatted his hand away to which he frowned at. 
“Maybe you’re wrong, Zemo. The serum never corrupted Steve.” Bucky argued his point. 
“Touché.” Zemo picked up a biscuit instead. Holding it on his finger as he spoke. “But there has never been another Steve Rogers, has there?”
“Well, maybe we should give him to the Wakandans right now.” Bucky suggested to you and Sam as he moved over to the couch. 
“And you’ll give up your tour guide?” Zemo asked as he opened the cupboards to look for some food. 
“Yes.” Bucky didn’t hesitate. 
“From my understanding, Donya is like a pillar of the community, right?” Sam interrupted with a new thought. “So, when I was a kid, my TT passed away.”
“Your TT?” Bucky asked, unsure of what Sam had meant. 
“Yeah, my TT, yeah.” Sam nodded. 
“Who is your TT?” Bucky asked as you sat down beside him. 
“Fine. When I was a kid, my aunt passed away and the entire neighborhood got together for a ceremony. It was like a week long. Maybe they’re doing the same thing for Donya.” Sam proposed. He could be right. 
“Worth a shot.” You proclaimed. 
“Your TT would be proud of you.” Zemo sounded more awkward at the use of the phrase before he pulled out a fancy looking tin. “Turkish delight? Irresistible.”
Sam caught the small sweet that Zemo had thrown. 
“I say Zemo put’s some clothes on and we head over to the refugee camp that Donya was staying. See if anyone knows anything about a funeral or ceremony for her.” You ignored Zemo as he looked down at the sweets. 
“Sounds like a plan.” Sam stood from his seat at the island and looked over at Zemo. 
Zemo nodded before disappearing into a bedroom to change. 
It didn't take long to get to the camp from Zemo’s apartment. 
“Shame what’s become of this place. When I was young, we used to come here for fabulous dinners and parties. I knew nothing of the politics of the time, of course, but I remember it being beautiful.” Zemo seemed saddened by the state of the buildings being used as the camp. 
“I’m gonna take a look around upstairs. See what you can find out here. And keep an eye on him.” Sam told Bucky as he gestured to Zemo. 
“I’ll stay out of your way.” Zemo promised. 
“(Y/n), you look around through there. See if you can... You know.” Sam pointed down through one of the ground floor doors. You nodded and left the men.
Most of the adults fled when you entered the building but you noticed a young girl who looked too busy with what she was doing to notice. She had looked maybe 16 or 17 years old and she was embroidering an old silk scarf. 
“That’s beautiful.” You knelt down beside her but as you spoke, her eyes shot up and widened with shock and fear. 
“T-t-thank you.” She stuttered as her eyes flittered around the room for help. 
“It’s okay. I was just wondering if I could have a look at it.” You smiled softly at the girl as you held your hand out. 
She reluctantly gave it to you. 
“This truly is beautiful. You are very talented. May I buy it from you?” You placed your hand in your pocket and pulled out a note that you had previously stolen from Zemo’s jacket.
“You c-c-can have it.” She whispered as she stood. You rose with her as you folded the scarf to place into your pocket. 
“I insist.” You took her hand gently and cautiously and placed the money in her palm. She smiled but she still was nervous and full of worry. You figured she knew who you were. 
You folded your hands over hers and that’s when you unplugged the cork on your powers. 
You closed your eyes and within seconds all the girls memories flooded into your head. 
You tried not to react as it happened. 
You tried your best to filter through the memories quickly. When you reached the time after the blip, you slowed down. You saw the horrors of them being rejected, being abandoned and then you saw Mama Donya and Karli. 
You focused on Karli. 
You watched Karli smile and laugh with all the children, she’d play and look after them as Donya looked after Karli. 
Closer memories brought what seemed like events that only just happened. Karli visiting with supplies. 
You saw the mourning of Mama Donya from everyone and then you saw the arrangements for the funeral. 
You opened your eyes and let go of the girls hand. She thanked you again and left. She would have never realised what you had seen as the memories are shown to you within a matter of seconds. 
You leant against the table and inhaled deeply. 
You felt weak again. 
You pushed yourself off the table and headed back out to Bucky. 
Zemo was surrounded by a bunch of small children.
“You okay?”Bucky asked. The second you reappeared he immediately noticed a change in you. 
“I’m okay.” You lied. “I spoke to one of the teenagers inside. I looked inside her head. You were right, Sam. They are having a funeral but she only knew that she would be taken to it later this afternoon.” You explained as Sam joined you both. 
“Good work.” Sam wrapped his arm around you and gave you a small squeeze of appreciation. 
They both knew how hard it must've been for you to use your powers after the Nagel incident. 
The toll of touching the dead had knocked you for six in the past and in a matter of forty eight hours you had touched the dead and looked into the memories of a live person. 
You’ll need an energy boost before you can do this again. 
Zemo turned back to you and you all returned to the apartment. 
“Well, I got nothin’. No one’s talkin’ about Donya.” Bucky slouched down on the couch in defeat. 
“Yeah, it’s because Karli is the only one fighting for them.” Sam joined him on the couch. “And she’s not wrong.”
“What do you mean?” Bucky asked. 
“For five years, people have been welcomed into countries that have kept them out using barbwire. There were houses and jobs. Folks were happy to have people around to help them rebuild. It wasn’t just one community coming together, it was the entire world coming together. And then, boom. Just like that, it goes right back to the way it used to be. To them, at least Karli’s doin’ somethin’.” Sam explained himself. 
“You really think her ends justify her means? Then, she’s no different than him or anybody else we’ve fought.” Bucky pointed over to Zemo. 
“She’s different. She’s not motivated by the same things.” Sam argued with Bucky.
“Sam’s right.” You spoke up. “When I looked into that girls head I saw a lot of Karli. She means a lot to those people, she is their light, their Captain America. But she’s just a kid. From what I saw she has a whole lot of love in her heart and I'm not saying that hurting and killing people is right but she sees it as the only way to help her people.” 
Zemo had walked over from the kitchen with a tray as you spoke. 
“That little girl. What’d she tell you?” Bucky questioned him. 
“The funeral is this afternoon.” Zemo only said what you already knew. 
“We know that. Now you know the Dora’s coming for you any minute. In fact, they’re probably lurking outside right now. Keep talking.” Bucky demanded. 
“Leaving you to turn on me once we get to Karli. Hmm. I prefer to keep my leverage.” Zemo sure knew how to push someone’s buttons. 
Bucky shot up and threw Zemo’s cup against the wall. The crashing of the glass made both you and Sam jump to your feet. 
“You wanna see what someone can do with leverage?” Bucky threatened Zemo. 
“Take it easy. Don’t engage him. He’s just gonna extort you and do that stupid head tilt thing.” Sam tried to de-elevate the situation. “Let me make a call.”
“You want some cherry blossom tea?” Zemo offered Bucky as Sam walked away.
“No, you go ahead.” Bucky grumbled, scowling at the Baron. 
“Come on.” You took Bucky’s hand and pulled him away from Zemo. 
You headed into the bathroom and started to fill up the tub with some cold water. 
“Will you get me some ice?” You asked Bucky to which he complied. 
Once the tub was full of ice water, you stripped and climbed inside. 
Bucky had taken a stool and faced the door to give you some privacy. 
“You shouldn’t let him get to you.” You said as you settled into the water. Your body was screaming at you as the ice touched it but you knew it’d give you the wake up call you and your muscles needed. 
“I don’t.” Bucky grimaced. 
“You don’t? Oh, so the shattered cup in the other room was just a scare tactic?” You mused. 
“Yep.” Bucky grumbled. 
“Okay.” You sighed before going under. 
The cold water hit your brain and you immediately sat back up. 
“Feel better?” Bucky had heard the splashing of the water. 
“Yeah.” You admitted, running your hands over your face and hair. “Can I have my towel?”
Bucky kept his back to you as he passed you the towel. 
You wrapped it around you and stepped out. 
“You can look.” You told him.
Bucky turned and his eyes went straight to the bruises that covered your legs and arms. 
“I’m okay, Buck.” You assured him as you watched the cogs turning in his head. 
“I forget you aren’t...” Bucky’s words dropped off as he stepped closer and lightly took your arm, examining the damage. 
“That I’m not a super soldier?” You smirked. “I may bruise but I can hold a lot more than most, Buck.” 
“Doesn’t stop me worrying.” Bucky admitted as he lowered your arm. 
“I know.” You whispered, looking up at the man’s deep blue eyes.
“You better get dressed. You already know what Sam is thinking with us both being gone right now.” Bucky went to go towards the door when you stopped him. 
“I had a dream about Wakanda on the plane ride here.” You confessed. 
Bucky stopped and looked back at you. 
“It was the day you finally beat the Winter Soldier.” You told him. 
Tumblr media
“These are incredible, Shuri.”  You smiled widely as you threw the new high tech Vibranium knives that Shuri had made for you. 
“I know. I know.” Shuri was well aware of her awesome brain. 
Shuri pressed the combat button on the wall which simulated attackers for intense weapon training. 
You inhaled as you closed your eyes. 
A footstep gave away your first attacker. You threw the knives to the holograms and the attackers were down. You ducked and dodged and jumped around the room as you practised with the knives. 
Shuri cheered you when you finished. You smiled through your heavy breaths and Shuri jogged towards you to give you a fist bump. 
“You are something else, my friend.” Shuri praised you. 
The doors opening behind you made both you and Shuri turn to see who had entered. 
It was Bucky. 
He rushed towards you with a bright smile. His lips seemed to quiver and his eyes were glassy. Something had happened. 
It had happened.
He embraced you tightly and you returned it. Your fingers gripped onto Bucky’s long hair as he buried his face in your neck. 
You looked back at Ayo (who had followed Bucky) and Shuri and mouthed a ‘Thank you’. 
Ayo bowed her head at you before leaving the hall. 
Bucky had finally gotten over HYDRA’s programming after all these years of being held prisoner by a few words. 
You and Bucky stayed like that for what felt like hours. The relief from Bucky washed over you and bound him to you until he was ready to part. 
It was an incredible day.
*End of Flashback*
“Maybe you could sense that the Dora’s were close on our tails.” Bucky suggested. 
“No, we all knew that they’d come for Zemo eventually.” You dismissed the idea. “I think it was after seeing Zemo treat you like him again.” 
Bucky remained silent. 
“I don’t think I ever told you how proud I was of you that day.” You folded your arms over your chest as you leant back on the tub.
“You didn't need to.” Bucky assured you. “I already knew.” 
You watched Bucky leave the bathroom so you could change. 
When you had returned to the main space again it was just about time to head out again. 
You felt a little nervous as you didn’t really want a fight with Karli since you weren’t 100% but you figured you had felt a hell of a lot worse before.
As you left the apartment, a voice and face you didn’t particularly wanna see called out. 
“Karli Morgenthau is too dangerous for you guys to be pulling this shit.” John Walker and his little side kick were walking down some stairs towards you. 
“Ah! How’d you find us now?” Bucky called back. 
“Come on. You think three Avengers can walk around Latvia without drawing attention?” Lemar, Walker’s partner, scoffed. 
“No more keeping us in the dark. You could start by telling us why you broke him out of prison.” Walker pointed out Zemo. 
“He did that himself, technically.” Bucky corrected Walker.  
“This better be an unbelievable explana––”
“––Hey, take it easy before it gets weird.” Sam interrupted Walker before things could get heated in front of civilians.
“I know where Karli is.” Zemo kept walking as the others stopped. 
“Well, where?” Walker asked, stopping Zemo by stepping in his way. 
“All we know is it’s a memorial. So, we’re gonna intercept her there.” Sam informed them.
“That means civilians. High risk of casualties.” Lemar relaid to his partner as you continued to walk.
“All right, good, we’ll move in fast. Take her by surprise.” Walker started to talk through his plan when Sam stopped him. 
“No, I wanna talk to her alone.”
“I’m not losing her again.” Walker argued with Sam. 
“Look, the person closest to her died, she’s vulnerable. Now is the best time to reason with her.” Sam was trying to defend his reasoning but Walker wasn’t having it. 
“What? No. Wait, no! No! Stop. Hold on. Stop, okay?” Walker ran up ahead to stop everyone again. “I think we’re way past reasoning with her, unless you forgot that she blew up a building with people still in it.” 
“Sam, you walk in there cold, she could kill you, man.”Lemar tried backing up his partner. 
“If I go in hot and the op goes wrong, more people will die.” Sam handed over the other scenario. 
“You’ll let him do this?” Walker looked between you and Bucky. “Are you gonna let your partner walk into a room with a Super Soldier alone?”
“He’s dealt with worse.” Bucky told him flatly. “And he’s not my partner.”
“I used to counsel soldiers dealing with trauma, okay? This is in my wheelhouse.” Sam walked past you and Bucky to face Walker.
“I know. And I know those soldiers, which is why I know this is a bad idea.” Walker still wasn't on board. 
“Wait, John.” Lemar stopped Walker.  “If he can talk her down, it might be worth a try.”  
“Thank god Battle-scar here has some sense.” You declared. 
“It’s Battle Star actually.”Lemar smiled at you but you ignored him. 
“We’ll deal with you later.” Walker told Zemo as he caved in.
“I’m sure it will all come to an agreeable conclusion. My associate is just up ahead.” Zemo lead you towards the young girl he had spoken to earlier that day. 
“Hello, my friend. This is for your family. Can you show us the way?” Zemo handed her some money and the girl beckoned for you all to follow.  
“What the hell?” Walker seemed a little confused by Zemo’s ‘associate’ being 12.
The girl lead you to the building where the funeral was being held and you all waited for a signal. 
“Karli’s in there.” Zemo announced as the girl ran off. 
Sam went in whilst Walker cuffed Zemo. 
“You got 10 minutes. Then we are doing things my way.” Walker told Sam before he left. 
“Aggressive.” Zemo mumbled after being handcuffed. “But I get it.”
You rolled your eyes subtly at both Walker and Zemo. 
You took up a position by the door with Bucky. 
You watched Walker sit down, his grip on the shield was tight as he slowly huffed in and out. 
You frowned as you studied the man. Your eyes glanced over to Zemo who was also watching Walker. 
You shared a look before you let your eyes fall back down to your feet.  
“Uh-uh. No, no, no. This is a bad idea.” Walker started to pace as he let his impatience get the best of him. 
“It hasn’t been ten minutes, John. Just sit tight.” Bucky sighed unimpressed by the young solder. 
“Don’t do that. Don’t patronise me.” Walker glared back at Bucky. 
“Sam knows what he’s doing.” You backed Bucky up. 
You all watched Walker stop as he thought. His heavy breathes causing his chest to rise up and down quickly. 
“I’m goin’ in.” Walker didn’t want to listen anymore. He stormed towards the door but both you and Bucky stepped in his way.
“This is all really easy for you, isn’t it? All that serum runnin’ through your veins.” Walker didn’t even look at you as he squared up to Bucky. 
That really bothered you.
You took hold of the man’s upper arm and yanked him to look at you. 
“You may be Captain America right now but we don’t follow you. We said we’d give him 10 minutes. So, he’s getting 10 minutes.” You glowered at the man. 
“Your partner needs backup in there. Do you really want his blood on your hands?” Walker leant towards you, trying to be intimidating but it wasn’t working. 
“Just wait.” You looked the man in the eye with a subtle threat in your stare. His jaw clenched as he tugged his arm away from you. 
Walker went back to look at the clock again. 
After a couple more minutes, he tried once more. 
“Time’s up! Our turn.” Walker didn’t hesitate to push past you as he charged ahead. 
Bucky kept his tongue in his cheek as he watched it happen. 
You and Bucky stayed behind Walker and his partner as they marched ahead.
“Karli Morgenthau, you’re under arrest.” Walker announced as he entered the room. 
“This is what that was?” Betrayal flashed across Karli’s face as she looked at Sam. 
“No, wait––” Sam didn’t have a chance now that Walker had intervened.
“––Tricking me until help came?” Karli started to back away. 
“We had enough time to talk.” Walker exclaimed as he headed straight for Karli. 
“Nazi! “ Karli wasn't going the easy way. She hit Walker back and he went straight into a table. 
Lemar tried to keep you and Bucky back but you had easily managed to get round him to chase after Karli. 
Bucky being what he was managed to get ahead of you but you were close on their trail. 
Sam had found his own way but ultimately you all lost Karli. 
“I lost her.” Bucky sighed.
“This place is a maze.” Sam looked around at the several doorways with a frown. 
The sound of gunshots is what caught your attention next. 
“Come on.” You rushed through the building trying to get to the source. 
You didn’t manage to get there before Walker did. 
Zemo was unconscious on the floor and vials of the serum were smashed around the concrete floor. 
“What happened?” You asked as you looked down at the mess. 
“He was shooting at Karli. I stopped him but she got away.” Walker lifted his shield a little to symbol how he had stopped Zemo. 
“Let’s get him up.” Sam started down the stairs and you followed. 
Zemo woke up after a little encouragement and some smelling salts. You had decided it was best if you split up on your way back to the apartment. 
You and Sam were going to stay with Zemo and see if you can dig up anything on socials and the computer and Bucky was going to do a round and see if she had holed up anywhere familiar. 
Sam sat at his computer, he was contacting Sharon whilst you stood with your phone searching Twitter to see if any Flag Smashers appearances or Karli were popping up in recent tweets. 
Zemo laid down on the couch with a wet towel and a strong glass of scotch. 
“You got anything?” Sam asked you. 
“Nothing. I don’t think we’ll find her this time if she doesn’t want us too.” You put your phone down in defeat. It wasn't usual for people to give her Karli’s location anyway. 
“I think you’re right.” Sam hated to agree but this was the first time you had come close to actually talking Karli down and it failed. 
“And now with the serum’s gone. Who knows what her next move will be.” You knew that Karli didn’t have the option to create more super soldiers now and that gives her a disadvantage. The idea of an army is gone now and she would only have her current foot soldiers to help her. 
Zemo moved for the first time in ten minutes as he lifted his cold compress. 
“Were you ever offered it?" He asked aloud. 
“What?” Sam furrowed his brow at the man. 
“The serum.” Zemo replied. 
“No.” Sam smirked at the idea. 
“If you had been, hypothetically, that is, would you have taken it?” Zemo inquired. 
“No.” Sam answered instantly, his smile dropping. 
“No hesitation. That’s impressive.” Zemo nodded before removing his towel. “Sam. (Y/n). You can’t hold out hope for Karli. No matter what you saw in her, she’s gone. And we cannot allow that she and her acolytes become yet another faction of gods amongst real people. Super Soldiers cannot be allowed to exist.”
“Isn’t that how gods talk?” Sam queried. “And if that’s how you feel, what about Bucky?” There was a silence from Zemo. “Blood isn’t always the solution.” 
Before the conversation could continue, the door opened and Bucky strode inside.
“Something’s not right about Walker.” Bucky stated as he removed his jacket. 
“You don’t say.” Sam huffed with amusement. It was clear as day that Walker was at his wits end with the pressure on him.
“Well, I know a crazy when I see one. Because I am crazy.” Bucky poured himself a glass of whiskey. You rolled your eyes at his statement. 
“Can’t argue with that.” Sam retorted. 
“Shouldn’t have given him the shield.” Bucky was back on this topic again. 
“I didn’t give him the shield.” Sam rose to his feet to face Bucky.
“Well, Steve definitely didn’t.” Bucky sipped on his drink just as the doors flew open. 
All right. That’s it. Let’s go. I’m now ordering you to turn him over.” Walker commanded, his face red and his ears steaming. 
“Hey, slow your roll. Shield or no shield, the only thing you’re runnin’ in here is your mouth. Now, I had Karli and you overstepped. He’s actually proven himself useful today. We’ll need all hands on deck for whatever’s comin’ next.” Sam approached Walker to try and pump his breaks. 
“How do you want the rest of this conversation to go, Sam, huh?” Walker chuckled softly as Sam remained silent. “Yeah. Should I put down the shield? Make it fair?”
Sam scoffed, shaking his head at the man’s antics. 
Walker put down the shield but the only thing flying next was a spear that struck the pillar by Walker’s head. 
It was the Dora Milaje. 
They had come for Zemo. 
From your time in Wakanda you understood the language as Ayo spoke to Bucky. 
“Even if he is a means to an end. Your time is up.” Ayo reverted back to English. “Release him to us now.” 
Walker introduced himself to Ayo, not that she cared for him.
“Well let’s, uh, put the pointy sticks down and we can talk this through, huh?” Walker suggested, only to be met, yet again, by silence from the Dora’s.
“Hey, John, take it easy. You might wanna fight Bucky before you tangle with the Dora Milaje.” Sam tried to warn him but he wasn’t backing down. 
“They don’t have jurisdiction here––”
“––The Dora Milaje have jurisdiction wherever the Dora Milaje find themselves to be.” Ayo cut Walker short. 
“Okay.” John chuckled lightly. “Look, I think we got off on the wrong foot.” Walker made the mistake of putting his hand on Ayo’s shoulder. 
Ayo responded with an attack. 
The surrounding Dora’s fell into defence positions as Ayo and Walker fought.  Lemar bounced into action, trying to help his partner out but it only warranted in more fighting. Or more asses getting kicked by the Dora Milaje. 
“We should do something.” Sam said as you, him and Bucky stood together watching. 
“Looking strong, John.” Bucky called out. 
“Bucky!” You tried not to laugh as you scolded the man. 
“Guys...” Sam nodded to Ayo about to strike John with her spear which made Bucky reluctantly intervene. 
“Ayo, let’s talk about this.” Bucky only landed himself directly in the mess. 
You realised how serious this was as Ayo didn’t hold back and went ahead to help Bucky. Sam went over to help Lemar but was met by more Dora's.
You grunted as one of the women attacked you. You had almost forgotten just how incredible they were at combat. Almost. 
You were backed against a wall with the spear to your chest when the room fell silent. 
You looked over at Bucky to see his arm was on the floor. 
You wanted to move towards him but you were stuck until orders were given to release you. 
“He is gone. Leave it.” Ayo had opened the bathroom doors to reveal the manhole had been opened. Zemo had escaped. 
You were trying to slow your breathing when finally the Dora’s fell back. 
She retracted her spear and left with Ayo and the others. 
Tumblr media
“Did you know they could do that?” Sam asked Bucky as he pushed himself off the floor. 
Bucky reattached his arm. He groaned as he swung it round to adjust it. 
“No.” He said but the shock on his face from before had already given away that answer. 
You looked past Bucky to where Walker was still on the floor. 
“You all right, man?” Lemar offered his hand to help him up. 
“They weren’t even Super Soldiers.” You heard Walker mutter. 
“Come on.” Lemar tugged him to his feet. 
“I can’t believe he pulled an El Chapo.” Sam walked over to the bathroom and stared at the hole. 
“I can.” Bucky wasn’t really that surprised and neither were you truthfully. 
“Come on.” You beckoned the boys out of the apartment so you could talk. 
You got down to the streets and away from Walker before you spoke again. 
“Walker isn’t stable. He’s on the brink of cracking.” You kept your voice low as you spoke to the boys. 
“What do you mean?” Sam asked. 
“We may not like him but he’s not stupid. He knows that he can’t be Steve, do the things Steve did and it’s killing him. He's so obviously trying to win this fight by himself and it’s going to drive him insane if he isn’t the one to beat Karli.” 
“But he can’t beat Karli. You saw her kick him across the room like he was a cardboard box.” Sam reminded you of what happened earlier. 
“We have to get to Karli before he does because he’s either gonna stop her or kill himself trying.” You weren't worried for the man but worried about what would happen if he finally snapped. 
Suddenly, Sam’s phone started to ring. It was his sister. 
“She said what? Right. Hold on, hold on. I know, I know. Listen, pack an overnight bag and take the boys...” Sam sounded worried. 
“What happened?” Bucky asked. 
“Karli called Sarah. She threatened my nephews.” Sam told you both. “Okay. Go somewhere safe. Only pay cash. All right? Tell me when you arrive. I know. Look, I love you. I’ll never let anything happen to you and the boys. Okay. Bye.” He hung up and then immediately texted an unknown number. 
“What does she want?” You knew Karli was desperate but threatening kids was a different story.
“Karli wants to meet. She left a contact number.” Sam’s phone buzzed with a new text. “She said come alone.”
“We’re coming with you.” Bucky wasn’t going to take no for an answer. 
“Alright but keep your distance.” Sam didn’t bother to fight you on it. “We better suit up.” 
You suited up by adding a few more weapons to your body. You placed your favourite thigh holsters on that held your Vibranium knives out on display. 
Sam got his wings and soon you were at the location. 
“Karli!” Sam bellowed as you entered the building. 
Karli leant over a balcony to make herself seen. You remained on the ground floor but looked up at the girl. Bucky followed Sam. 
“You called my sister? That’s how we’re gonna play this?” Sam was upset and understandably so. 
“Sam, I would never hurt her. I just wanted to understand you better.” Karli confessed.“I see you, um, didn’t come alone.”Karli peered down at you then up at Bucky. 
“You have to end this now.” Sam told her. 
“I don’t wanna hurt you. You’re a tool in the regimes I’m looking to destroy. You’re not hiding behind a shield. If I were to kill you, it’d be meaningless. I was gonna ask you to join me. Or do the world a favour and let me go.” Karli spoke pretty boldly for someone who seemed to be alone. Super Soldier or not. 
“Hey, Sam, new Cap is moving, looks like he’s found them, or maybe they found him.” Sharon’s voice came through on Sam’s intercom. 
“It’s Walker.” Sam looked down at you and then Bucky. 
Karli jumped from the balcony at the realisation the jig was up but Bucky was quick to jump too. 
Karli kicked Bucky back but you managed to weaken Karli as you flipped over and kicked her in the jaw. 
Sam put her down momentarily as he flew down and kicked her also. 
“I’ll send you the location. Go!” Sam ordered both you and Bucky before he took off. 
You knew Bucky would be fast enough to run there but you didn’t have that luxury. 
You crossed the street to a parked motorbike and opened up it’s wiring. Just as you managed to get it running, Sam’s coordinates came through. 
You docked your phone and set off. 
You dodged through the narrow streets and traffic to arrive at another large building. Karli must have a favour for buildings you could get lost in. 
You drove through the doors and skidded to a stop. 
Bucky had gotten there before you. You could hear his grunts from a flight or two up. 
You raced up them only to be met by a super soldier fighting Bucky. 
You sent a knife forward, it embedded itself into the man’s soldier, he cried out which gave Bucky some time to throw him down the stairs. 
You tucked up, over the tumbling body, holding onto the railing and the wall. 
Bucky jumped over the rails and with one final blow knocked the soldier unconscious. 
“Stay there.” Bucky told him before climbing back up to you. He thanked you for the help, handing you back the knife that had been in the man’s shoulder. 
You then both went ahead to find Sam and Walker. 
They were fighting more super soldiers a floor up. 
You didn’t hesitate to go in for the attack.
You pulled a knife and threw it to Bucky for help; he caught it midair. 
Tumblr media
You screamed with frustration as the soldier you were fighting, pulled your arm behind you and slammed you into the pillar. You managed to swivel around, taking out the soldiers legs as you freed your arm. 
You threw a knife into both his biceps. You only intended to injure, not kill, them anyway. 
He groaned as he pulled them and tried to use them against you. 
All at once, the fighting stopped when you all witnessed Karli kick Lemar into one of the concrete pillars. 
Lemar’s body slumped down with blood painted across his lips. 
John broke free from his attacker and slowly made his way over to Lemar. 
From the sight of the body, you already knew he wasn’t walking out of there. 
Walker desperately tried to wake him up. 
That’s when Karli took her chance to flee. 
You and the boys took off after her but lost her again pretty quickly. 
When you rounded the building, you saw a crowd gathering. 
What you saw next made you feel psychically sick. 
John Walker stood above Karli’s right hand man, blood splattered up Steve’s shield and across his uniform. 
He had killed the man in front of all these civilians. He had killed a man as Captain America. 
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holylulusworld · a year ago
Never be your first choice
Tumblr media
Request: Hi I was wondering if you could do an imagine where y/n is going out with Steve and he is still hung up on Peggy, so Bucky goes to comfort her.
Pairing: Steve x Reader, Bucky x Reader (platonic), Sam Wilson
Warnings: angst, unrequited love, sadness, Steve being a douche, Bucky being a good bro, comforting, fluff, language, arguments, break-up
Natasha is talking to Sam as you pass by, waving at Steve’s friends. “He’s on the roof, but I need to warn you. Steve is in a bad mood and we got no clue why.” Sam says. Your heart drops. Why is he in a bad mood today?
You slowly walk toward the elevator to get to the roof. Maybe you can cheer your boyfriend up. Maybe he just needs someone to lean on today.
Your throat is dry as you get out of the elevator seeing Steve looking at something in his hands. You can hear him sighing as you get closer.
“Steve? Is something wrong? I wanted to ask you about the res…” Steve cuts you off, raising his hand. “Not today, Y/N. Okay. Any other day.” Your boyfriend of three years is looking at a picture in his hands and your face falls.
Peggy Carter. Again, she is the reason his mood is bad. “Steve, can we talk about…” You try once again but he shakes his head, gulping hard as he looks at the picture. “Today is the day I met her, okay. Just leave me alone, today. We can talk tomorrow.” Steve says, tone sharp as you turn around to hide your tears. You don’t need to hear another word.
Running toward the elevator you start crying even harder. The door closes and you fall to your knees, hiding your face in the palm of your hands.
Not hearing the door open or Bucky calling your name you cry your eyes out. “Y/N? What’s wrong? Do you need help?” Gasps leave Steve’s friend’s lips as he helps you get up. His blue eyes search your face and he can see the hurting on your features.
“Doll? What’s wrong?”
“I wanted to talk to Steve but he cut me off.” You sniffle.
“Peggy again? It’s the day he met her…” Bucky sighs. He can’t understand Steve is still yearning for a woman he barely knew.
“For Steve, it’s the day he met this woman, for me it’s my birthday and he forgot…again. I made a reservation, not him. I wanted to ask him if he wants steak or fish. I guess I’ll eat alone like last year and the year before.” Tears stream down your face as Bucky tries to find a way to soothe you.
“But you are his best girl, Y/N. He is just stressed out. I bet he has a nice surprise for you.” Bucky tries but this time you huff, shaking your head.
“Thought so too…last year, the year before. Believe me, Peggy is his best girl, not me. He remembers every date. Her date of death – sure she was a good friend, that’s normal. Her birthday – he forgets about mine but who am I to want him to remember my special day. Bucky, he even remembers her graduation date or anything else in this woman’s life, he didn’t even remember my fucking birthday!” Now you tug at Bucky’s shirt, making him look down at you.
“Doll…I’m so sorry.” 
“That’s not your fault, okay. It's mine. Last month he was celebrating her birthday. With a goddamn cake and a bouquet of roses, he brought to her grave, Bucky. I was stupid enough to go with him.”
“I thought he is in love with you. I never thought he would stupid things like this.” Your eyes meet Bucky’s and you see the pity in his blue orbs.
“Please don’t pity me, James. Don’t do this too me. It’s worse enough I wanted to invite Steve today and he didn’t plan anything for my birthday. But he forgot as today is only the day he met his perfect girl.” Wiping away a few tears with the sleeve of your jacket you avoid meeting Bucky’s eyes again. “I can’t live with a ghost any longer. A ghost Steve can’t let go or rather doesn’t want to let go. I gotta go…”
The restaurant has crowed when you arrive, you are a regular here and Susan is waving at you, pointing toward a beautifully decorated table for two.
“Happy Birthday, Y/N. Where is Steve? I thought…” She stops her tongue seeing your pained expression.
“Thank you but is it possible to get my ‘single’ table? I don’t want to sit here, and everyone can see I’m alone…again.”
“He’s such a fool. Maybe you should rethink your relationship, hun. That’s not the way to treat a girl.” Susan whispers as you glance at the table, holding back the tears. You are ready to follow Susan toward the table in a corner you preferred the last two years as someone calls your name, waving at you.
“Bucky? What are you doing here?” You ask dumbfounded.
“I can’t let you eat this delicious food all alone. You’re invited doll.” Bucky is grinning as he hands you a bouquet of white roses. “I wanted red ones but…uh…these are for lovers.” 
“You didn’t have to come here. I’m used to be alone, Bucky…” You sniffle but he shakes his head, moving the chair to help you sit down. “I’m here as I want to, not as someone was forcing me, Y/N. Now let’s eat. Lady, I want a steak and this pretty lady will get everything she wants tonight.”
Susan smiles, handing you the menu to let you choose your food. “I’ll be right back. How about whine?”
“Champagne!” Bucky exclaims. “I want the good one. We want dessert too. Y/N will decide which one she prefers.”
“You don’t have to…” Bucky tries to be nice but you can’t let him pay for your birthday. 
“Hush, hush…doll. I’ll pay and you will enjoy the evening. If Steve can’t see what I see he’s a blind fool, Y/N. Now let’s eat all the sinful food and have a bit fun as you should have on your birthday.”
Bucky smiles, gently taking your hand in his as you nod, blinking away a few tears. How can a man you barely know, a man you only met a few times be more attentively as the man telling you he wants to be your boyfriend?
“No sad face, doll. Let’s concentrate on the good things. Steve will hate himself getting to know he missed your birthday.” Bucky says.
“No, he won’t Bucky. I know for sure he will find a poor excuse once again. Nothing else. I’m simply not important to him.”
Bucky searches your face, tightening the hold on your hand. “This can’t be true.” His voice low, raspy James looks at you as you take a deep breath.
“It is, Bucky. He never said he loves me. Not a single time. Maybe I said it too early after a few months in dating, but he never returned it. I’m the fool, I guess. Steve was just looking for a cheap substitute to spend his lonely days with, nothing else.”
Your eyes fill with tears once again as you look at the plate the waiter is placing in front of you. “I thought this year would be different. I was wrong. He’ll never remember anything about me…”
Spending dinner with Bucky wasn’t the worse thing ever happening to you. It was the complete opposite. He’s funny, charming and even more important he likes to talk to you. You sat in the restaurant till past midnight. 
Bucky lead you out of the restaurant and drove you home. He was glancing at you from time to time. There was still sadness on your features, but a shy smile crept up your lips every time he talked to you.
Almost a week passed before Steve shows up your door. Not even mentioning his behavior or the fact he knows he forgot your birthday once again. 
Walking into your apartment, your home as if nothing happened he smiles. His large palm cups your cheek to brush his lips over yours, but you don’t want him to, so you push him away, shaking your head.
“No. I don’t want this, you or us anymore. I’ve got enough. It was my birthday and I would’ve spent it all alone once again as you had one of you ‘Peggy moments’. I’m done with feeling second best. I’m done feeling like you don’t want to be with me.” You raise your voice, slapping his cheek.
“Y/N, it was just the day we met and all.” Steve gasps. “I can explain…”
“No, you can’t, Rogers. I’m just done. It was my birthday and you completely forgot about it. Only your stupid past love was important. The joke is on you, Steve. Newsflash – Peggy moved on, had a life, husband, and kids. You, on the other hand, are clinging to a ghost and I can’t compare with that. Honestly, I don’t want to. I love you Steve, but this, us…is over. Now leave and hunt after your ghost…”
Steve’s eyes widen in shock. “I can…” Choking on his words Steve glances at the white roses in a vase, next to the gift Bucky gave you. “Who gave you these?”
“Bucky. You know, your best friend. The man only meeting me a few times remembered my birthday and saved me from another lonely meal.” You spat and Steve’s features darken.
“He tried to hit on you?”
“No, he tried to help me pick up the pieces of my broken heart. Don’t act all jealous now, Rogers. It’s not like I mean anything to you. It always has been her and always will be. I lost someone I loved years ago too. I assumed him as the love of my life, but I found you and realized I love you more…”
Your voice cracks as tears run down your cheeks. “Sadly, I will never be the one you love, never be your first choice. Now leave…”
“Please…I can…we can.” Steve tries but you open the door, waiting for him to leave. “Please.”
“No Steve. Find someone accepting you are a cold-hearted bastard only warming up for a dead woman. She was great, I can imagine but that’s no reason to hurt other people. Rather live your life alone, drowning into a memory which is rather a fantasy.”
“Y/N…” Steve tries but you close the door, locking it. Your phone rings and you smile as you hear Bucky at the end of the line. 
“Did Steve say he’s sorry?” Bucky asks as you break down. Choking out “It’s over…”
Read the sequel here: His first choice
Tumblr media
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thetiredbiwrites · a year ago
Nurse Rogers
Steve x Reader (Plationic!Bucky x Reader, Plationic!Sam x Reader)
Summary: Reader is ill so her dramatic boyfriend looks after her
Words: 3925
A/N: I seem to have a habit of writing a lot, even if it’s not that great 🤣, but I also love reading long fics so oh well 🤷‍♀️ (the ending might be a tad rushed as well but I got stuck at the end and I wanted to post something)
A/N no.2: I don’t usually write in 1st person (’I’ and ‘my’ and shit) so if it randomly jumps to 2nd person (’you’ and ‘your’ etc) I’m sorry.
Tumblr media
I am not sick. I tell myself again. I had felt it starting last night. You know how colds are. You just know when it’s coming. The scratchy throat, the sniffly nose and the mild headache when you moved. But I flat out refused to believe I was sick. If I believe I’m not then, I wont be. Besides, these things are always worse first thing in the morning and last thing at night, right?
Having survived the morning after a brief trip the gym, having to cut it short when my lungs screamed for air and spots danced in my vision, and a meeting with Tony discussing some new tech for me to use on missions (luckily I managed to control my sneezing so he wouldn’t question it), I was now on a personal mission to make tea.
Bucky and Sam strolled into the kitchen, their ‘debate’ being cut short by my loud sneeze. I somehow succeeded in not spilling boiling water all over the counter instead of my mug of lemon green tea with honey (I’m not sick. My sore throat is for other reasons. Definitely.) I immediately regretted shaking the sneeze away when my head pounded, and Bucky and Sam definitely caught it.
“That didn’t sound good, are you ok Y/N?”
Sam and Bucky commented. I just put on a smile, finishing making my tea and waved it off.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Totally fine. Just, dust. You know?”
Replying in a raspy voice, even I didn’t believe me. Sam and Bucky looked at each other and back to me with raised eyebrows.
“You want us to pretend that sounded even remotely believable?”
Sam remarked, leaning on the counter in front of me as Bucky rounded it and placed his hand on my forehead before dropping it and sighing.
“You’re sick.” Snapping to look at him with an indignant look I willed my voice to remain steady, “I am not sick!” I was betrayed as I sneezed loudly into my arm.
Sam and Bucky were more similar than they would ever admit as they looked at me with matching looks of ‘oh really’ but concern in their eyes. I had become fast friends with them and they knew how damn stubborn I was. I signed and dropped my head in defeat.
“You might want to try and sound more convincing before Steve gets up here.” I quickly looked up at Sam with wide eyes, in a panic. “No, I’m not sick.” Looking between the two men I knew they weren’t going to believe me anytime soon. “Ok, maybe I am but it’s just a cold, it’s not that bad. I’ve had a million colds in my life, it’s fine. I’m fine. Steve doesn’t have to know, please.” I practically whined at the end. Begging for Steve not to know.
Steve could get a little dramatic. Ok a lot dramatic. If anyone got hurt or was sick he could turn into a mother hen. Making sure they were resting, following doctor’s orders and well looked after. It was annoying really. And hypocritical. Given how his sick pre-serum ass never sat still for two seconds and fought people three times his size in back-allies. You’d have thought Bucky would be the fussy one, having looked after Steve all that time. He would make sure people had what they needed and were resting appropriately, sure, but gave you space and freedom and wasn’t overbearing.
Steve could become especially annoying when I was hurt or sick. Having been together for two and a half years, I knew this. Hence why I was trying to avoid him and deny this sickness. Luckily, he was always up first and every other morning went on a run with Sam and Bucky. Meaning he wasn’t there when I woke this morning wheezing, sneezing and sniffling.
Bucky and Sam just sent me sympathetic looks as footsteps down the hall indicated the arrival of my boyfriend. I groaned, dropping my head and letting my hair curtain my face from him as I drank my soothing tea.
Steve greeted everyone with a cheery hello, clearly Sam and Bucky behaved during their morning run and training for a change. I replied with a mumbled hello, trying to disappear into my mug.
I felt Bucky gently pat my shoulder before retreating to sit next the Sam opposite from me. Seconds later, I felt another presence on my other side and closed my eyes, breathing in the tea and hoping he wouldn’t catch on.
Of course I’m not that lucky.
*Steve had easily picked up on his girlfriend’s behaviour, not even looking at him and the clipped greeting. He took a closer look at her as he stood up straight after grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. She was stood slightly hunched, hair covering her face as she held a mug to her face. She was slightly shivering and wearing a chunky knitted cardigan which was unnecessary in the heated tower. Sparing a glance at Bucky and Sam he noticed them avoiding his gaze. The whole picture was off to him.*
I felt Steve place one hand on the other side of my head before planting a kiss on the other side, keeping his hand in place as he spoke.
“You ok, sweetheart?”
I still didn’t look up as I finished my tea,”Mmhm, yeah. I’m ok.”
Steve sighed, clearly not believing me. He may be in an idiot sometimes but he wasn’t dumb. Taking the mug out of my hands and placing it on the counter, he gently directed my face to look at him. I kept my eyes down but could feel his scanning my face before copying Bucky’s earlier actions and placing a hand on my forehead and tutting.
“Y/N you’re sick.”
I heard Bucky and Sam take in a sharp breath as I slowly meet Steve’s stern, but worried, gaze. I knew it was pointless trying to argue, but I was going to anyway.
“Not I’m not. I’m…slightly under the weather. With a common cold. It’s not even a bother. I’m totally fine, not even that bad. I’ve definitely had worse.”
Here it comes.
“You are sick. You should be in bed. It could get worse and you don’t look fine. You’re pale, shaking, your eyes are red and puffy, your nose is red, your lips are dry and chapped and your voice sounds bad, should I go on or are you done?” I groaned and closed my eyes, rolling my neck I spared a glance to the guys who immediately found something on the counter more interesting. Useless so-called best friends.
Steve nodded once before declaring that I was going back to bed. As he quickly made me a fresh tea I leaned into the guys, who coved their faces from my infected breath, and glared. “Traitors. Some best friends you are, totally useless.”
“Let’s go.”
Groaning, again, I dropped my head and muttered, ‘I hate Nurse Rogers’, causing the traitors to let out a laugh. I pushed off the counter and trudged after my Nurse, pout on my face.
*two days later*
I had been confined to my bed, only granted permission to get up to use the bathroom. It was much more tasking to convince Steve to let me have a shower last night than interrogating HYDRA agents. I was currently trapped under many layers of blankets reminding myself I did in fact love my boyfriend.
My symptoms had gotten worse, as they always do in the early days of a cold. The ones I could hide from Steve, I did. The coughing fits, runny nose, teary eyes and croaky voice were impossible to hide from him. But he didn’t know that my whole body ached, my head was pounding and that my chest cried out with every breath. He’d only freak out and try to force me to the med bay, completely unnecessary.
I tried not to glare at him as he softly made his way over to sit on the bed next to me. Another mug of lemon tea was placed on the bedside table as he handed me some water and painkillers to take as he checked my temperature, again. I had given up trying to stop him, actually I had just stopped talking to him altogether. Communicating in nods and various hums when he asked something. He was frustrating, but he only did it because he loved me. Something I had to remind my self of more and more frequently and the minutes ticked by.
“Temp hasn’t changed much. I brought you another tea and some mild snacks that should also be gentle on your throat. Here’s some more tissues. You take your pills?” With eyebrows raised I just nodded at Steve who was somehow tucking the blankets tighter and fussing around me.
“I have to run out to the store so promise you’ll stay in bed, drink your tea and try to eat something. I’ll be back very soon.” With an ‘mmhmm’ from me, Steve gently kissed my head before, thankfully, leaving. The furthest from me he had been in the last two days was the kitchen of our shared floor. Even then, he kept the door open so he could still see me.
I waited ten minutes before confirming with FRIDAY that Steve was out of the building to- with great difficulty- throw the covers off. I had made the mistake of shivering last night which got me wrapped up in a hundred layers. However, a couple hours ago, it all switched, and I was way too hot. This meant I was a disgusting, sweaty mess now.
I quickly sprayed some deodorant on, changed my clothes into some breathable pj bottoms and a tee and brushed my hair. Grabbing my slipper-boots and tea, I’d be in so much bother if I didn’t drink it, I dragged my aching legs to the elevator.
“Hey FRIDAY, where’s Barnes and Wilson?”
Luckily FRIDAY is a high-tech AI designed by THE Tony Stark, meaning she could still understand my horrible voice. The effect of not speaking for a while made my throat scream and I tried to sooth it with my tea as I was informed the guys were in the gym.
A coughing fit broke out as the doors opened to the gym and yet I somehow managed not to spill any tea and walk in. This, of course, caught the attention of the two sweaty men in the middle of yet another competition, both turning to look at me.
“How the hell did you get away from Steve?”
“Did you finally snap and kill him?”
Bucky and Sam asked as my coughs eased, free hand slightly pressing on my chest as I got my breathing back.
“Ha Ha. I don’t think I could if I tried right now.”
I made my way in front of the boys, who’s faces scrunched into sympathy and concern as the sound of my voice.
“He had to go to the store so I finally got my chance to bolt. Escape the confines of my bed. And to see my two favourite guys, of course!”
I laid it on thick at the end, smile wide- well, as wide as possible when they’re so cracked and sore. The boys just smiled and rolled their eyes, despite being sure they knew what I wanted, they asked anyway.
“Please, please, please, distract Steve. I am begging you. I will do anything, and that is a lot to promise to the two of you!” “Hey, offended.” “What do you expect us to do? Trying to get him to leave you is like convincing Tony to go to bed.”
Bucky had a point. Steve had cancelled all his training, gym time, meetings, everything. Just to stay with me. It was sweet, in a way. He loves me, but he’s smothering me. There’s a line.
“Maybe…you could make up a mission? Or spice one up a bit so that Captain America is needed?” The only chance Steve would leave is if innocent lives were at risk and he was needed. It had to be important and urgent, it was my only hope.
“’spice up’. Are you kidding, Y/N? You want us to lie about a mission just so you can have a break?” “Sam you have no idea what I would do. I cannot take anymore of this. I know he’s trying to help but to be honest he’s just prolonging this. The tea is the only thing working right now. I’m not dying but if innocents might be in danger of dying, they he’ll leave. Hopefully.”
Bucky dropped his head with a sigh. He knew better than anyone how Steve could be. During his recovery and adjustment into the 21st century and away from HYDRA, Steve was with him almost 24/7. After two weeks in the tower, he couldn’t take it anymore. He had slipped away from Steve and found himself in the lab with Tony and me. It didn’t take much begging for Tony to lock us in the lab and Steve out. He loves to mess with Steve.
“Ok. Sam, don’t you and Nat have that mission this afternoon? Maybe you could tell him there’s been some chatter and Captain America is needed.”
Sam looked at Bucky in disbelief and betrayal that he gave in so quickly. Also, that what Bucky came up with would pin him to blame when Steve finds out. But one look at my tired, begging, teary puppy eyes, had him caving.
“Ok, ok. I’ll let Nat know. Maybe we can tell him there’s word of more guards or hostages or something. But when he finds out, I’m blaming you, Tin-Arm.”
When Steve returned half an hour later, I was back in bed- with significantly less layers of blankets- watching Scrubs re-runs on tv and explaining things to Bucky who had cleaned up and offered to keep me company, without fussing over my cold.
Steve, after announcing his return and greeting Bucky, was immediately at my bedside again spewing question after question about how I was feeling.
“Hey, Punk, ease up. Try taking a breath and you might get an answer.”
Bucky came to my defence and Steve snapped his mouth shut. Bucky smirked slightly as he glanced at me and I smiled a thanks in return.
“I think Sam was looking for you. Something about a mission.”
“Yeah, I caught him downstairs. They have a meeting soon and leave in a few hours but-“
“Go” I rasped out the first work I’d spoken to him in days. My voice definitely felt worse after being mute for 48 hours then talking and laughing with Bucky for the last 30 minutes. But I didn’t show it.
“But I don’t- what if you- I wouldn’t be back for a couple days and you’re-“
“Fine. She’s fine, Steve. Don’t want to make your girl feel guilty if someone got hurt or killed because you chose to be dramatic about her basic, easily recovered from cold over going on this mission, do you?”
Damn. He’s good at this. Ok little mean, definitely a guilt trip. But it’s working and I need a break.
“I’ll stay with her. Get your butt to the meeting and go do your damn job.” I placed a hand over Steve’s and with a comforting smile told him I would be ok. With much reluctance and many glances, Steve gathered what he would need and headed out. Not before kissing my head goodbye though. He tried to tell me he doesn’t get sick with the serum so just let him kiss me, but I was not allowing myself to suddenly cough or sneeze into his mouth. Yuck.
Steve POV
(Two days later, back at the compound)
“So, you two lied to me?” Steve stormed through the halls, still in his uniform, Sam and Bucky trailing behind. He was infuriated.
He had easily realised he was not in fact needed on the mission the day after they arrived. He had decided to ignore it and just complete the mission as he was already there. The second they landed at the compound, however, Steve had turned to Sam and Natasha in fury. Natasha was quick to announce she had no part and take her leave. Bucky had made the mistake of meeting them when they landed, a mistake Sam was grateful for.
“Well, yes, but-“
Steve cut Sam off, “You lied to me. Made me go on a mission I was not needed on while Y/N is sick. I should have been here, looking after her. She could have-“
“She asked us to do it.”
Steve stopped and turned to Bucky, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“Y/N asked us to do something. The only thing you would leave her alone for is a mission- If innocent lives were in danger.” He explained, softly. He knew as well as Y/N did that Steve was overprotective out of love.
“She did what? Why-why would she…?” Steve questioned, quietly. He was hurt. He just wanted to look after her, like a good boyfriend and friend should. He wanted her to be ok because he hated seeing her down or hurting or sick.
“Because she was going crazy. Dude, we know-she knows- that you love her. Like a lot, man, getting you to shut up about her is near impossible. But you get a bit much when any of us are sick or injured, but when it’s Y/N, man you go overboard.”
Steve was silenced by Sam’s confession. He just wanted everyone to be ok. He had realised he could go a little over the top sometimes, but every member of the team is so damn stubborn. Natasha dislocated her shoulder the year previous and, against doctors orders, was in the gym the following week. Clint had the flu the previous winter and still insisted on flying himself back home to Laura and the kids.
Both Tony’s therapist and the med bay doctor told him he needed to sleep more, and not at his workbench (it was not good for his back!), and yet he hadn’t listened. Steve is the only the one who still regularly pressures Tony to sleep. After the accords and Siberia incident, when everything was settled and everyone returned to the compound, Steve made an effort to pay more attention to Tony. Noting all the mistakes he made before. Tony did well at hiding his PTSD, anxiety and lack of decent sleep. But once Steve realised, he made it a personal mission to help him and regular, good sleep would go a long way. Even if it usually included arguments, threats to get FRIDAY or call Y/N down to get all his equipment shut down and even occasionally just picking him up, fireman style, and carrying him to his bed. After a 9 day stretch in the lab Steve had carried Tony to his room and stood guard til he was asleep (he had a habit of sneaking back out) and it wasn’t long until Tony was out for the night.
But Y/N, she was so important to him. And just as stubborn. Steve couldn’t bear the thought of her being in any sort of pain or anything bad happening her. He certainly couldn’t imagine losing her. It scared the shit out of him. He was just trying to help.
“Steve,” Bucky broke his prolonged silence, “she loves you, she knows you’re just trying to help her. But it’s just a cold. She just needs rest and occasionally painkillers for the headache. She admits the tea was helpful, but it’s hard to rest with hourly temperature checks, a game of 20 questions and those concerned eyes watching her 24-seven.” He pointed to Steve’s eyes, a smile on his face, and the corner of Steve’s mouth twitched.
“I guess I could, back off a bit. I was a slightly dramatic for a common cold.”
“Slightly?! Dude, just, ask her what she needs. Be there for her without taking over. You know she calls you ‘Nurse Rogers’ right?”
Steve laughed, “Really? Well I guess it’s appropriate.” He nodded and thanked his best friends.
I was curled into my side, covers over my head and facing away from the windows. Curses aimed at my boyfriend swirled around my pounding head, why the hell did I agree to not have blackout curtains? I could have got black out blinds underneath for when he isn’t here. Maybe I’ll ask Tony next time I see him. Steve liked to wake up and see the light entering the room. He’s an early morning person and I’m not even a morning person. I accepted it though, actually got used to it and mastered the ability of easily falling back to sleep with the light. But my head hurts so much that the light is ten times too bright, making my eyes burn and the cold monster pound it’s heaving fists against my skull.
The rest of my symptoms had either disappeared or lessened. I no longer had a runny nose or teary eyes, no sudden sneezing or constant coughing and my throat was much better. I still had mini coughing fits and my chest ached, but not as much as the previous days. Unfortunately, the headache was relentless.
This is how Steve found me, the door slightly and slowly scuffing across the carpet and his light footsteps alerting me to his presence and identifying them as him. Bucky’s footsteps where slightly louder (and he had visited many times the last couple days) and Sam always swung the door open quickly. I didn’t raise my head though. I hadn’t long taken painkillers after waking up and they had yet to kick in.
I felt the bed dip and Steve carefully perched at the edge next to me and I braved peaking over the covers at him. He held a small and soft look on his face which brought me comfort. I had missed him. Well, I had missed Steve not Nurse Rogers. Bucky had checked in, especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night when I felt the worst, just to ask if I needed anything, and we watched a couple movies. I was perfectly able to look after myself, I did it before he came along and I can do it now.
“I know you got the guys to send me on that mission.”
I cringed and looked up at him, guilt on my face.
“It’s ok, I know I’m, a lot. They told me. I just love you so much and wanted to help. I guess you got too much of ‘Nurse Rogers’ huh?” He smirked slightly, running his hand through my hair.
“I’m sorry.” I mumbled from under the overs, my mouth still hidden.
“Do you need anything? What do you want?”
“I want my boyfriend. Not a Nurse. I want my boyfriend to just lie in bed and watch crappy tv with me.”
He moved to get into bed, but I stopped him, “after he takes his uniform off and takes a shower.”
15 minutes later I was curled into my boyfriend’s side, head on his chest as we watched some baking programme arguing over who’s cake was better. He had one arm round my waist, thumb rubbing soothing circles on my hip and the other running through my hair. It wasn’t long until I was asleep, happily in his arms and already feeling a hell of a lot better.
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truebelieversworld · 12 days ago
This message is for the late night scrollers, the ones who prowl Tumblr late at night for an escape. Looking for those fics that hit just right, that take away the hurt and make you feel like your comfort character is there, beside you, holding you, loving you.
Take a deep breath for me, in and out. They're there. Can you feel them? They know you struggled today and they're so proud of you! They're so happy to see you even if it's only in the dark, when you're hurting, when you need an escape. They treasure these moments with you, breathing in your scent, feeling you. God, how they love you.
I hope you find the story you need. The one that brings you comfort and peace that follows you into your dreams. I hope tomorrow is better then today and that you remember you are loved, even if the only love you can feel is from that fictional character you adore so much.
They believe in you and so do I, the random girl on Tumblr who's scrolling late at night too.
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sluutz · 2 months ago
Y/n:*looking out the window*
Y/n:*sees Steve and Sam running*
Y/n:*shouting out*are you ok? Is somebody chasing you?
Sam: *shouting back*we're running on purpose!
Y/n*sitting back down* you're running on purpose? It's seven in the morning.
Bucky: doll it's 2:20pm
Y/n: same shit
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holylulusworld · a year ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Steve doesn’t like Natasha’s friend and the new right hand of Tony. Taking one step too far he catches hell from the black widow.
Pairing: Steve x Reader, Natasha x Reader (friendship/platonic), Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, Dr. Cho
Warnings: angst, Steve being a douche, unrequited feelings, sad reader, protective Natasha, diabetic reader, violence, comforting, fluff
Thanks to @lumar014​ for the idea to write this fic in Natasha’s PoV.
Tumblr media
Natasha’s PoV
Steve looks at Y/N, my best friend. Well, my only friend outside of the Avenger’s and I don’t like the looks he gives her.
Y/N is kind, warm and friendly. Being like her in our kind of business is dangerous but she shouldn’t have to be afraid of Captain America. Still, I’m worried. I know my friend likes Steve, but he looks at her like she’s an enemy.
I’ve got no clue why…
“You with us?” Tony asks as I didn’t listen to the last mission’s report. I nod either way as Y/N smiles at me. Handling me her notes.
That’s the reason I like her. Whoever needs help, she jumps in. I see her struggling with Steve. Her feelings toward him and her good heart make it impossible to believe Steve doesn’t like her.
I’m worried about my friend. I saw her breaking down once and she needed almost a year to survive the heartbreak. I won’t allow anyone to hurt her like that again.
Tony continues talking about the latest mission as I glance at Steve only to see him clenching his jaw. He looks at Y/N as she hands Tony some papers, smiling. Tony smiles back as Y/N is like a little sister to him.
Everyone seems to like my friend. Everyone welcomed her with open arms, hell even Bucky who stays in his room most of the time warmed up for her…everyone likes her but Steve.
I can see her eyes drift toward Steve, the man she adores and loves. I can see the hurting as he looks away to talk to Sam instead of answering her question.
Even Tony is shocked. Awkwardly looking at Steve my friends try to make him answer Y/N’s question, but he prefers playing with his phone.
I want to strangle him.
My friend just smiles at my fellow team members and tries to compose herself. I can see the struggle all over her face. Close to tears, she looks at me and I motion her to sit back down next to me.
I need to talk to Steve.
Normally Y/N’s eyes shine but right now they are clouded with tears. I’m not sensible like she is but right now I have the urge to hug her tightly. My friend is hurting, and I feel helpless.
Why can’t she fall for Sam or even Bucky? They like her, almost worship the ground she walks on. Tony is the same, even Thor is enchanted by her. Only Steve seems to have an aversion against my friend, and I’ve got no clue how to fix it.
“Do you want to stay for our movie night?” Sam asks Y/N and she smiles at him but she shakes her head. I know she won’t come as Steve will be there too.
Last time he forced her to sit far away from him as he spilled his coke all over the couch…on purpose. Since then she is even more silent…distant.
“I’m sorry, Sam but I have work to do.” My friend lies and I can see the shame all over her face. Y/N is always honest, hates to lie. But here she is, lying to Sam only to avoid seeing Steve.
Days have passed since our meeting and I watch Y/N talking to Tony. She fixed something with his system, and he smiles at her.
Friday is disturbing their conversation while Steve enters Tony’s office as he kisses Y/N’s cheek to thank her for the great help over the last week.
I can see the anger almost radiating through Steve’s body as he watches his friend being nice to Y/N.
What’s his problem?
This is not the Captain America; the Steve I know and call my friend. I would assume someone stole his face and took his place.
When Tony passes me, he motions toward Y/N. Silently telling me to ‘save’ her from another silent treatment of Steve.
I want to enter Tony’s office but then I hear Y/N’s soft voice asking Steve if she can help him with his technical issues.
Smiling I see Steve lips moving but the words leaving his mouth let Y/N freeze to the spot. Her lips a quivering and I can see the tears slipping down her cheeks.
Normal PoV
“Can I help you with your technical issues, Captain?” You ask and Steve’s brows furrow. Anger is plastered all over his face and you’ve got no clue what you did wrong this time.
Your legs are shaking as he raises his voice. “Stop acting nice around me! I don’t like your ‘sugar sweet’ behavior. You can trick Tony and the others but not me. I know what you are.” Steve yells and you flinch at his harsh tone.
His size is intimidating, he’s towering over you and his words are hard. There’s nothing soft or ‘Captain America like’ in his posture. Pure unadulterated hatred is what he gives you and the tears start falling.
“Why do you say something like that? I never did any harm to you.” You say, your voice barely a whisper. Meek and shy you dare not to look into Steve’s eyes.
“We both know you only got this job as you warm Tony’s bed!” Steve spats and your eyes widen and now you start crying.
You want to say something, but the words won’t come out as he keeps on yelling at you.
Close to passing out your feel someone catching your fall…Natasha.
Natasha’s PoV
I run into the room to catch Y/N just in time. She is weak, I guess she hasn’t eaten anything yet. Too busy to help everyone out as always. I help her lying down onto the couch as Steve’s features soften.
He wants to touch my friend, but I slap his hand away. The look I give him makes Steve taking a step backward. His eyes search mine as I shake my head.
“Out…now!” I warn and he leaves the room as I hand Y/N something sweet to regulate her low blood sugar. She sniffles - tries to hold back the tears but this time…she fails.
Turning around to hide her face my friend starts crying uncontrollably. I want to smash something, so I storm out of the room to kick Steve’s balls. He didn’t see the blow coming and falls groaning to his knees.
Super-soldier or not - a kick to the balls is a kick to the balls.
Searching my face Steve sees the anger before he sees me punching his nose, his chin, followed by his eye.
“Do you have the slightest idea what you did? Y/N is the kindest person in this whole building, maybe the kindest person I ever met. She got the job as she is smart. Tony and I had to beg her to work for the Avengers as everyone offered her a job. She could’ve chosen a job less dangerous, less stressful and with better payment. SHE CHOSE TO HELP US!” I yell and my fist collides with his nose again.
Steve doesn’t fight back he just looks at me and I see the confusion all over his face. He never thought I would choose anyone over him.
“Nat…I…” He tries but I shake my head. I raise my hands in frustration and I know I will cross a line or two, but he needs to know…everything.
“Y/N is not warming Tony’s bed. She never warmed anyone’s bed before cause she’s pure in any way. Y/N would never do such a thing as Tony is like a father to her. Do you know what’s funny? She’s only interested in you. The girl in there, lying on the couch as she didn’t eat properly to prepare our next mission is in love with you since ages. I know this doesn’t mean anything to you, but you hurt her…you hurt her and I’m afraid it’s beyond repair.” I whisper the last words; afraid my friend will leave now.
I wouldn’t blame her…
“She loves me…not Tony?” Steve gasps glancing at Y/N standing in the doorframe. She looks vulnerable, broken and I swallow hard. “I thought she wants Tony…I…I’m sorry.” Steve mumbles and I got no clue why he can’t take his eyes of Y/N.
“I need to help F.R.I.D.A.Y.” Y/N whispers and I can see she only wants to get away from Steve…and me. Her legs are wobbling, and I want to steady her but Steve is much faster.
Picking my friend up he holds her close to his chest as she passes out. A sigh leaves Y/N’s lips as she rests her tired head against Steve’s shoulder.
“She needs sugar. Y/N is diabetic, Steve. Her blood sugar is way too low…” I whisper unpacking a sweet candy to shove it into Y/N’s mouth.
“I can bring her to Dr. Cho.” Steve offers.
“No. You’ve done enough, Rogers.” I spat but he’s already walking away with my friend in his arms. I run after him, but he is much faster than me – I hate his enhanced body sometimes.
Steve’s PoV
I watch doctor Cho taking care of Y/N. She’s checking her blood sugar and I sigh relieved as Y/N opens her eyes. But then her eyes land on me and she casts her look down. I can almost feel her body tense…
I hate myself right now.
“Y/N forgot to eat once again. I told her she needs to look after her blood sugar and take better care of herself. She forgets everything else while trying to help people.” Doctor Cho says and my eyes drift to Y/N’s sad face.
Natasha is clenching her fists, struggling to hold back her anger she glares at me. Her features only soften when her eyes land on her friend.  
“Can I talk to Y/N alone for a moment?” I ask and Natasha, my friend looks at me as if I asked if I can blow up the tower.
“No.” Is her answer but I hear someone whisper. Y/N, her voice is so silent, so broken and my heart clenches in my chest. I let my jealousy, my obsession with her take over and now I hurt her…so bad.
“It’s okay…” Y/N whispers and Natasha nods. “You’ve got three minutes Rogers, nothing more.” My fellow Avengers warns pointing a finger toward my crotch.
I watch Natasha leaving the room before I rush to Y/N’s side. My hands take her right one to bring it to my lips.
She looks confused and still hurt up at me as tears well up her eyes. I can see the shame all over her face…Natasha told me her secrets…all of them.
“I’m sorry…so sorry, Y/N. I was jealous and let my feelings for you turn into a burning rage every time I saw you with Tony.” I stammer and she sniffles, desperately trying to hold back more tears.
“I never…” She whispers and I kiss her hand once again. My sweet innocent angel is hurt, and I wish I could take my words back.
“Y/N…I know…It’s just…I saw Tony coming out of your room some months ago and then again some weeks ago. Early in the morning…I thought you and him. I thought he’s cheating on Pepper with you.”
“Tony works on a project with Bruce to help me with my diabetes. He needed blood samples before I ate something. That’s the reason he came to my room that early in the morning. I hate examination rooms…Tony knows that. He tries to make me feel more comfortable.” Y/N sniffles and my hands hold her tiny one even tighter.
“Please…forgive me. I was so stupid…I’m so sorry, Y/N…It killed me. Believing Tony is touching you…you loving Tony made me so angry.”
“Why?” She asks, her voice so sweet and innocent as her face. I want to hold her so badly, but I can’t. Y/N would reject me so I just hold her hand.
“I’m in love with you, Y/N. I want you to be mine. I know I hurt you but if you are willing to give me a second chance I can give you all you want.” I whisper as my lips touch her forehead softly.
Natasha’s PoV
I enter the room four minutes later and Steve…he’s holding my friends’ hand and his lips are on her forehead. My anger is rising once again but then I see Y/N looks up at him in awe.
She’s so lost in what Steve is telling her she doesn’t recognize me watching the scene. Her lips are trembling as Captain America is leaning closer to kiss her lips.
I want to strangle him, but she moves her hands to his face and a moan escapes her lips. Who am I to disturb the intimate moment? Who am I to judge their feelings?
All I know is I will hurt him if he dares to hurt my friend…
Steve breaks the kiss and then he looks at me and his face is red, and he prepares himself for another blow from me. The look on Y/N’s face tells me to not harm the man she loves so I let it slip.
I walk toward Steve, my Captain using my ‘I kick your ass’ posture to lock eyes with the much taller man. He’s a super-soldier but I can tell he’s looking at me like a little boy right now. I poke my finger into his chest before I start talking.
“Last warning, Rogers. You will make her happy every single day…every fucking day! If you betray her, hurt her or break up with her I’ll be there to mop the floor with you. I will break every bone in your body, and I’ll start with the thing between your legs.” I warn and I swear Steve turns pale. His eyes drift toward my friend in the hospital bed and he smiles.
That fucker smiles!
“No need for that, Natasha. I’m going to make my sugar sweet girl happy from now on. I’ll make sure she will never cry again and eats properly.” Steve says and I narrow my eyes.
“I’m watching you, Rogers. One false step…” I warn Steve one last time before I walk toward my friend to hug her. “If he does anything stupid, just tell me,” I whisper into Y/N’s ear and she starts giggling. I just love this girl.
Two weeks later I smile at Y/N as she explains something to Tony. Her eyes drift toward Steve, and he gives her a bright smile but she pouts and looks away.
“Damn, Stevie. You are catching hell, punk…huh?” Bucky chuckles next to me and Steve ignores his friend. His hands are twitching as he jumps up to walk toward Y/N and then he does something no one expected.
Steve cups Y/N’s face to kiss her. She places her hands against his chest as she melts into the kiss. I can tell I saw a lot of kisses and got many in my life but this one is a ‘makes your knees go weak’ kiss.
Y/N is panting after Steve breaks the kiss and everyone awkwardly looks away as Steve picks her up to carry her toward his chair.
“Uh…what was that?” Sam asks and I simply shrug.
“I think Captain America is into sugar sweet girls…”
Read the sequel here: Bittersweet 
Tumblr media
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tricksters-captain · 3 months ago
Bucky Barnes imagines - Some Sunny Day Part 2
Tumblr media
AN: I’m splitting episode 3 into two chapters because so much happens. 
Summary: Before the Blip, you and Bucky were close. After you both returning and Tony’s funeral, you decided to go back to your home town to spend time with your family. When duty calls, you return.  
In this chapter: Despite your protests, Bucky seeks out Zemo (Based on S1 EP3)
Pairing(s): Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader, Sam Wilson x Platonic!Reader
Word Count: 5,196
Warnings: Spoilers for episode 3, violence, strong language. 
You watched Bucky as he sat beside you on the aircraft. 
“Do you mind?” Bucky’s side eye didn’t make you look away. 
“I’m just trying to see what’s going through that head of yours.” You confessed. You were all on your way to Germany to visit Zemo. It wasn’t a plan you were happy with but it was the plan. 
“Don’t bother.” Bucky frowned, looking down at his hands on his lap. “And don’t ask me if I think this is a good idea again.” 
“I wasn’t going to ask that.” You turned away from the man.
“What was it then?” Bucky asked. 
“I was going to ask if you were sure you wanted to do this.” It was another question you had already asked 20 times or more but you couldn’t shake the overwhelming feeling of anxiety about this trip. 
“She has a right to be worried, Buck. The last time you were alone with Zemo, you ended up putting (Y/n) through three windows.” Sam reminded you both of what happened the last time you were in Berlin. 
“It won’t happen this time.” Bucky tried to reassure you both but you still felt uneasy. 
After another hour or so Sam announced that you were almost there. 
It was a short drive to the prison from the airport but once you were inside, you felt your chest begin to tighten again. 
“He’s just through that corridor.” The German guard gestured up ahead and that’s when Bucky stopped you. 
“Alright. Give us a sec.” Bucky instructed the security guard before turning to you and Sam. “I’m gonna go in alone.”
“Why?” Sam asked, 
“You’re Avengers. You know how he feels about that.” Bucky said as he looked between the two of you. 
“It’s not like you two were known for frolickin’ in the sun together.” Sam felt he needed to remind Bucky of the past again. However, Bucky stood his ground. 
“He was obsessed with HYDRA. We have a history together. Trust me. I got it.” 
“Buck...” You started, 
“I got it.” He repeated himself before you could say anything else. 
You watched Bucky head through the doors alone. 
“Let’s wait outside. This place gives me the creeps.” Sam encouraged you to follow him to which you didn’t do without hesitation. 
Sam brought you a hot drink as you sat on a bench outside. 
“I forgot how worried he can make you.” Sam admitted as he sat down beside you.
“I’ve seen what he went through, Sam. All of it leading up to Zemo. I just... I don’t want it happening to him again.” You knew you couldn’t explain the extent of why you cared for Bucky. 
“You love him.” Sam said. It wasn’t a question but rather a statement. “I can see it clear as day. Anyone could if they stuck around long enough.” 
“Why are you bringing this up, Sam?” You sighed, looking away from him. 
“Because it’s also obvious that he loves you too. You run around driving each other crazy with worry but you have none of the good stuff that comes with being in love with someone.” 
“What do you know about love, Don Juan?” You chuckled as you tried to lighten the tone.
“I know it when I see it.” Sam smiled but there was a sadness behind his eyes. 
“Things are complicated, Sam.” You muttered, “You already know that.” 
“Well I also think that if Bucky got some he’d be a whole lot less angsty all the damn time.” You knew Sam only said it to make you laugh but you still gave him a whack for the comment. 
“Shut up, Sam.” You shook your head, trying not to smile at the inappropriate comment. 
Sam kept you entertained by a couple of silly games of rock, paper, scissors before Bucky returned. 
“Come on, I got some information. We gotta go.” Bucky hurried you and Sam along. 
“Just like that?” You were surprised that Zemo even spoke to Bucky at all. 
“A location. I’ll explain everything once we get there.” Bucky wasn’t giving you much information and it was making you a little suspicious. 
“Hey, hey, hey...” Sam ran after Bucky, stopping him. “You gotta give us a little more than that.”
“Zemo agreed to help us after hearing that there were more super soldiers. It was his life ambition to stop the winter soldier programme and he’s given us a lead.” Bucky explained. 
“And you’re just gonna trust his word?” You probed. 
“There’s not much else we can do.” Bucky did make a point. 
It didn’t take long to reach the large warehouse/garage that Bucky wanted to go to. 
Bucky on the way had started rambling about breaking Zemo out of jail in order to help you guys which sounded ridiculous to you. 
“Tell me you’re joking, Buck.” You pleaded, unsure whether he had lost his mind entirely. 
“He’s our best shot at finding who is making the serum and he’d be a lot more useful out than in.” Bucky opened the door to the building and you followed him inside.
“What are you talking about? You wanna break Zemo outta jail? Where are we, Buck? Have you lost your mind?” Sam was just as lost as you were as he shot questions at Bucky. 
“We have no leads, no moves, nothing.” Bucky sighed as you made your way in with your flashlights. 
“What we have is one of the most dangerous men in the world behind bars.” Sam argued. 
“We also have eight Super Soldiers that are loose.” Bucky retorted. 
“Anyway, I thought this was a lead?” You tried to look around but the place was badly lit. There were mainly mechanic tools and lots of storage scattered around. 
“It’s complicated.” Bucky frowned.
“What’s complicated is Zemo. He’s gonna mess with our minds. Especially yours. No offence.” Sam shone his flashlight at Bucky as he spoke. 
“Offence.” Bucky didn’t look impressed as he found the light switch. “Super Soldiers go against everything he believes in. He is crazy, but he still has a code.” 
“I’ve been on the wrong side of that code and so have you. He blew up the UN, he killed King T’Chaka and framed you for it. Did you forget that? You think the Wakandans forgot about it? It’s a rhetorical question. They didn’t. I know why this matters to you, but it’s pushing you off the deep end.” Sam stepped closer to Bucky. You couldn’t deny that Sam had a point. Zemo was the one who tore the avengers apart by framing Bucky.  “We don’t know how they’re gettin’ the serum. We don’t even know how many of them there are.” Bucky couldn’t give up. “Let me just walk you through a hypothetical. Can I?”
“What did you do?” Sam narrowed his eyes at Bucky. 
You were busy looking inside the car that was revealed by the lights coming on. 
“I didn’t do anything.” Bucky shook his head before he continued with his ‘hypothetical’. 
“The weakest point in any system isn’t the software, the hardware, it’s the meatware. The human element. Now, in this lockup, it’s nine to one, prisoners to guards. And if two prisoners start fighting, then the protocol says four guards have to respond.”
“So why would two prisoners randomly start fighting at that moment? Who knows?” Sam questioned. 
“There could be many reasons…” Bucky shrugged. “But the point is, these things escalate. Lockdown procedures would have to be initiated, and with all those bodies flying around left and right, wouldn’t be hard to slip down a hallway or two.
At this point, you stopped looking around and looked over at Bucky with your arms across your chest. You weren’t liking how thought out this plan was sounding. 
“And if the fire alarm got tripped while the prisoners were being separated someone could use the chaos to their advantage.” Bucky continued. 
“I don’t like how casual you’re bein’ about this. This is unnatural. Are you… And where are we, man?” Sam gestured around the place with confusion locked on his face. 
“Bucky, I’m with Sam on this one. I’ve got a bad feeling and–––” A door opening behind you cut you short. 
You turned around to see Zemo walk through the plastic door curtains. 
“Woah, woah, woah!” Sam jumped forward instructively. Bucky managed to stop him but he didn't stop you. 
You rushed towards Zemo and held the tip of one of your knives to his Adams apple as he held his hands up. 
“What are you doing here?” Sam shouted at Zemo before snapping back to Bucky.
“I didn’t tell ’cause I knew you wouldn’t let this happen.” Bucky admitted. 
“What did you do?” Sam pointed at Zemo in shock.
“We need him.” Bucky stated to which you chuckled harshly, pressing your knife a little harder. 
“You’re going back to prison!” Sam called over. 
“If I may..? “ Zemo tried to speak but you all shut him up with a unanimous ‘No.’
“Apologies.” Zemo mumbled. 
“(Y/n), put the knife down.” Bucky came towards you and wrapped his hand round your wrist. “Please?” 
You did. Slowly. 
“Look, when Steve refused to sign the Sokovia Accords, you both backed him. You broke the law, and you stuck your neck out for me. I’m asking you to do it again.” Bucky looked back and forth from you to Sam. 
“I really think I’m invaluable.” Zemo spoke again. 
“Shut up.” You rose the knife again to which Zemo took a step back and pretended to zip his mouth shut. 
“Okay.” Sam sighed after a moment of contemplation. “If we do this, you don’t make a move without our permission.”
“Fair.” Zemo nodded. 
“Bucky... You understand what this means right? If they find out we took Zemo, specifically you. We’ll be on the run again and I don’t know if there will be a pardon this time either.” The concern in your eyes made Bucky frown. 
“It’ll be alright. He's the only shot we got to stop these guys.” Bucky wasn’t sure if he believed his own words but he was praying that this was the best thing to do. 
“Alright.” You turned to Zemo. “So where do we start?”
Zemo gestured for you to follow him before taking you into another dark room. You kept your knife in your hand just in case.
He reached for the light switch to reveal a mass of classic cars. 
“So our first move is grand theft auto?” Sam cocked his eyebrow at the impressive collection.  
“These are mine. Collected by family over the generations. I spent years hunting people HYDRA recruited to recreate the serum. Because once it’s out there, someone can create an army of people… like the Avengers.”  Zemo entered one of the cars and pulled out a bag. “I ended the Winter Soldier program once before. I have no intention to leave my work unfinished. To do this, we’ll have to scale a ladder of lowlifes.”
“Well, join the party. We’ve already started.” Sam told the man.
“First stop is a woman named Selby. Mid-level fence I still have a line on. From there, we climb.” Zemo took his bag and headed into another room. 
“Jesus... How big is this place?” You looked around to see it was full of clothes. 
“First I change and then we head to Selby.” Zemo placed the bag down before filing through one if the rails of clothes. 
“How are we supposed to get anywhere with Zemo on our hands? We can’t exactly call Torres and ask for a ride but please ignore the fugitive that’s coming with us.” You looked between the boys. 
“I will get us there.” Zemo told you. 
“Great.” You pressed a fake smile onto your face which Zemo chose not to acknowledge.
Tumblr media
Before you knew it you were at the airport at Zemo’s private jet.
“So all this time you’ve been rich?” Sam’s eyes went wide at the sight of the plane.
“I’m a Baron, Sam. My family was royalty until your friends destroyed my country.” Zemo spoke as if it was well known information. You felt a pang hit you in the chest, it happened every time you thought of Sokovia... it was guilt. 
You watched Zemo greet an elderly man in a suit before you entered the jet. 
You sat furtherest away from Zemo, still feeling very uncomfortable about him being free and under your custody. 
You watched him sip on a glass of champagne like he had no worries in the world. 
“You don’t know what it’s like to be locked in a cell. Oh. That’s right you do.” Zemo reminded you of the time Tony had locked a lot of the avengers up. 
“Why don’t you tell us about where we’re going?” Sam suggested. 
 “I’m sorry. I was just fascinated by this. I don’t know what to call it, but this part seems to be important. Who is Nakajima?” 
Before you could blink, Bucky had lunged forward and taken Zemo by the neck.  
“If you touch that again, I’ll kill you.” Bucky kept hold of Zemo for a second longer before sitting back down. You had fought the urge to get up and take hold of his arm to calm him down.  
"I’m sorry. I understand that list of names. People you’ve wronged as the Winter Soldier.” Zemo made no attempt at a sincere apology for the invasion of privacy.  
“Don’t push it.”  Bucky warned him.
“I’ve seen that book. It was Steve’s when he came out of the ice. I told him about Trouble Man. He wrote it in that book. Did you hear it? What’d you think?” Sam smiled as he thought back on the memory. 
“I like ’40s music, so…” Bucky shrugged. 
“You didn’t like it?” Sam seemed more shock to hear this than when he saw Zemo. 
“I liked it.” Bucky proclaimed. 
“It is a masterpiece, James. Complete. Comprehensive. It captures the African-American experience.” Even Zemo had to get involved. 
“He’s out of line, but he’s right. It’s great. Everybody loves Marvin Gaye.” Sam turned back to Bucky after giving side eye to Zemo. 
“I like Marvin Gaye.” Bucky repeated. 
“Steve adored Marvin Gaye.” Sam couldn’t drop it but you didn’t bother getting involved. 
You looked at the book in Bucky’s hands. You knew Steve had given it to him before but seeing it again after all this time brought up a hundred thoughts. You remembered the many things you had told Steve to watch or eat or listen to like ABBA, Mochi ice cream and pranking him by suggesting the twilight movie as must see. 
“You must have really looked up to Steve.” Zemo mentioning Steve made you look up again. “But I realised something when I met him. The danger with people like him, America’s Super Soldiers, is that we put them on pedestals.”
“Watch your step, Zemo.” Sam warned him. 
“They become symbols. Icons. And then we start to forget about their flaws. From there, cities fly, innocent people die. Movements are formed, wars are fought. You remember that, right?” Zemo looked over at Bucky. “As a young soldier sent to Germany to stop a mad icon. Do we want to live in a world full of people like the Red Skull? That is why we’re going to Madripoor.” 
“What’s up with Madripoor? You talk about it like it’s Skull Island.” Sam asked but you already knew of Madripoor. Anyone with links to the underworld of crime knew of Madripoor. 
“It’s an island nation in the Indonesian archipelago. It was a pirate sanctuary back in the 1800s.” Bucky informed him. 
“It’s kept its lawless ways. But we cannot exactly walk in as ourselves. James, you will have to become someone you claim is gone.” Zemo looked down at his duffel bag of clothes that you had watched him pack before.
“What do you mean by that?” You finally chimed into the conversation. 
“James will have to retake the person of the Winter Soldier. You both will have a role to play also.” Zemo explained, turning to face you as you sat in the chair by the back wall of the jet. 
“Bucky, can I speak to you privately?” You looked past Zemo to Bucky. Bucky gave you a look to ask where would you go so you stood and opened the cabin toilets door. 
Bucky huffed before following you in.
“Bucky I’m not okay with this.” You whispered as you pressed yourself up against the wall so you could try and fit both you and Bucky a little more comfortably. 
“This isn’t up to you.” Bucky sighed. 
 “Everything about this situation is making every nerve in my body scream this is a bad idea.” You folded your arms across your chest as you stared up at Bucky. 
“How many times do I have to tell you that this is the only plan we got?” 
“I don’t trust him.” You kept your voice low as you threw your hand up in the direction of the door. 
“Do you trust me?” Bucky asked. 
“I’m starting to question it.” You muttered. 
Bucky just stared at you in response. 
“Yes, I trust you.” You grumbled, caving in. 
“Anyway I have you if things go bad.” Bucky tried to make light of the situation but you weren't impressed. 
You left the bathroom and remained silent until you drew closer to Madripoor. 
Tumblr media
Upon your arrival in Madripoor, you were handed some clothes to change into. 
“You’ve got to be kidding me?” You held up the small material dress that you were meant to wear. 
“I had to choose a disguise that would cover your face. Too many people here would know you from your days before the avengers and after.” Zemo defended his choice of ‘costume’ for you. 
“So I’m assassin barbie?” You scoffed before taking to the bathroom to change. 
You slid on the black leather playsuit and boots, along with the mask that Zemo gave you. 
You felt exposed and uncomfortable. You managed to hide a few knives in your boots and you slid on a thigh holster to hold some more to make you feel like you were protected at least. 
“Loose the knives.” Zemo instructed. 
“Are you serious?” You were growing more agitated by the minute with this man. 
“You are playing an escort. You can’t have knives on show.” Zemo pointed to your holster. 
You bit down on your cheek as you removed it. 
“Fine.” You then left the plane to Sam and Bucky waiting outside. Bucky’s eyes went wide at the sight of you but he tried to hide it by clearing his throat and looking away. 
“We have to fix this. I’m the only one who looks like a pimp.” Sam was wearing a red patterned suit and chains. He didn’t look too bad in it either.
“Only an American would assume a fashion-forward Black man looks like a pimp. You look exactly like the man you’re supposed to be playing. The sophisticated, charming African rake named Conrad Mack, aka the Smiling Tiger.” Zemo handed Sam his phone revealing a picture of Conrad Mack.
“He even has a bad nickname. Hell, he does look like me, though.” Sam took the phone and looked down at the picture. 
“(Y/n) is playing your partner for the night. Conrad is known for his appreciation for the finer things in life and often has a woman on his arm Therefore, (Y/n), you must be attached to Sam’s hip the entire night.” Zemo filled you all in on the reason behind your disguise. 
“Excuse me, what?” Bucky almost choked at the idea of you having to be Sam’s woman for the night. 
“Well it is the only disguise that makes sense. She can’t be your girlfriend as you are the Winter Soldier. She can’t be mine as everyone knows I am loyal to my wife. She has to be the smiling tigers current whore.” 
“Watch your mouth.” Bucky hissed. 
“We all must play a part.” Zemo defended his choice of words. “You smell this?”
“Yeah, what is that? Acid?” Sam asked. 
“Madripoor. No matter what happens, we have to stay in character. Our lives depend on it. There’s no margin for error. High Town’s that way. Not a bad place if you wanna visit, but Low Town’s the other way.” Zemo gestured across the city as a car approached you all. 
“Let me guess. We don’t have any friends in High Town.” You sighed as Zemo opened the car door for you. 
“Not if we want the answers we are looking for.” Zemo climbed into the car after you and then the boys followed. 
It didn't take too long to find the way to low town. You had been to Madripoor before but it had been years ago. 
You did as you were ordered when you all exited Zemo’s car. You stuck by Sam, walking in the middle of Sam and Bucky. 
The air wasn’t cold but it felt thick, you could feel it sticking to your bare skin which gave you the desperate urge to take a long shower. 
“Here we are.” Zemo had brought you to a bar. It was busy and filled with a lot of men.  
“Ready to comply, Winter Soldier?” You heard Zemo ask Bucky in Russian. 
You heard whispers around you questioning if Bucky was who everyone thought he was. It made your gut clench with nerves but you didn’t let it show. 
“Hello, gentlemen. Wasn’t expecting you, Smiling Tiger.” The bartender greeted Sam and Zemo but barely brushed a glance over you.
“His plans changed. We have business to do with Selby.” Zemo spoke for Sam. You then felt Sam wrap his arm around your waist. You leaned into him, batting your eyelashes first at Sam and then the bartender. 
“The usual?” The bartender asked Sam. He nodded, afraid that if he spoke then it would give away the facade. 
You were thankful you were wearing a face mask when you saw the drink made for the Smiling Tiger. You grimaced at the dead snake being cut open and then again when one of its organs was dropped into Sam’s shot. 
“Ah, Smiling Tiger. Your favourite.” Zemo picked up his own drink as he looked down at Sam’s. 
“I love these.” Sam forced himself to speak. 
“Cheers, Conrad.” Zemo and Sam touched glasses before Sam hesitantly shot back the drink. You could tell Bucky enjoyed watching that. 
“I got word from on high. You ain’t welcome here.” A man suddenly approached from behind and tapped Zemo on the shoulder. You felt Sam’s grip on you tighten protectively. 
“I have no business with the Power Broker, but if he insists, he can either come and talk to me...” Zemo held his hand out to show his new bodyguard. 
“New haircut?” The stranger looked Bucky up and down. 
“Or bring Selby for a chat.” Zemo gave him the other option. The man retreated. 
“A power broker? Really?” Bucky spoke once the stranger had left.
“Every kingdom needs its king. Let’s just pray we stay under his radar.”
“Do you know him?” Sam asked. 
“Only by reputation.” Zemo admitted honestly.
“In Madripoor he is judge, jury, and executioner. You can’t visit low town without appearing on his radar.” You spoke up as you let yourself look around the room and take in just how many threats were around. 
“And you know this why?” Sam looked down at you. He must've forgotten your past. 
“I was a free agent before the Avengers. I've been here undercover a few times especially when I was a young teenager. Surprise Surprise evil guys like little girls.” You kept quiet in case anyone around was listening. 
Zemo suddenly spoke a command for Bucky in Russian once again and that’s when another stranger put his hands on Zemo. 
You watched Bucky follow orders and he didn’t hold back. 
He grabbed hold of the strangers wrist and pulled him off Zemo before attacking him and several others around. 
You took notice of those around with their phones out. Cameras...
You went to step forward when you felt Sam squeeze your side. He gave you a look that told you no. 
“Didn’t take much for him to fall back into form.” Zemo muttered to you and Sam. You wanted to punch him. 
Bucky slammed another man onto the bar and that’s when you heard the wave of guns cocking. 
Sam took hold of Bucky’s arm when Zemo told him to stay in character. 
Instead Zemo told Bucky to stand down once you were informed you could see Selby. 
Sam took hold of you hand and dragged you along side him as you all left the bar. 
“She isn’t welcome.” One of the guards stopped you before you could enter the room. 
“Excuse me?” Sam scoffed at the guard. “She’s with me and so she is welcome.” 
“Let her in!” You heard an English accent call from ahead. 
“You should know, Baron. People don’t just come into my bar and make demands.” Selby was an older woman with a white pixie cut and a sly grin. Sam remained stood and so did Bucky but Sam had commanded you to take a seat next to Zemo. 
“Not a demand. An offer.” Zemo was impressing you by how cool he was playing this. It also worried you. 
“A lot has changed since you were here last. By the way, I thought you were rotting away in a German prison. How did you escape?“ Selby asked. 
“People like us always find a way, don’t we? I’m sure you’ve already figured out what I’m here for.”
“You’re taller than I’d heard, Smiling Tiger.” Selby ignored Zemo as she eyed up Sam.” What’s the offer?”
“Tell us what you know about the super-soldier serum. And I give you him, along with the code words to control him, of course. He will do anything you want.”Zemo had risen from his seat and held Bucky by the chin. 
“Now that’s the Zemo I remember. I’m glad I decided not to kill you immediately. Yeah, you were right to come to me. Arrogant, but right. The super-soldier serum is here in Madripoor. Dr. Wilfred Nagel is the man you wanna thank...Or condemn, depending on what side of this you’re on. The Power Broker had him working on the serum, but… things didn’t go as planned.” Selby fed you what she knew. 
“Is Nagel still in Madripoor?” Zemo questioned. 
“Oh. The bread crumbs you can have for free, but the bakery is gonna cost you, Baron. And before you get all cute, don’t think you can find Nagel without me.” Selby pushed herself from her seat and walked across the room. 
That’s when Sam’s mobile went off. 
“Answer it. On speaker.” Selby ordered. The gun behind Sam made him pull out his phone. 
“Hello?” He answered. 
“Hey, um, we need to talk about this situation. It’s been drivin’ me nuts.” A woman’s voice came through. 
“What situation exactly are you talkin’ about?” Sam tried his best to keep up his persona. 
“Are you high? You know what situation, it’s the only situation me and you have.” The woman’s attitude was not helping Sam’s case. 
“What situation, Sarah? Say it.” Sam demanded. 
“The damn boat. And watch your tone. Okay? I let you slide at the bank.” Sarah snapped back. 
“The bank. Yeah. Laundered so much...” Sam chuckled. “Yeah, they’ll come around.”
“If that was the case, then why’d they dog you out, Big Time?” Sarah asked. 
“Yeah, you damn right I’m Big Time. You’ll see when I have that banker killed.” Sam tried to seem intimidating but at that moment you knew you were screwed. You reached down into your boot to take a knife just in case. 
“Cass! What’d I tell you about the Cheerios? I don’t have time for this! Sam, I’m sorry. I’ll call you back.” Sarah had used Sam’s name and that was the end of it. 
“Sam? Who’s Sam?” Selby looked pissed. “Kill them!” She ordered but before her hired men could react, a bullet came through the window and shot Selby down. 
You snatched two knives from your boot and sent them into the guard behind Sam. 
Bucky immediately reacted with taking out the other guard. 
“They’re gonna pin this on us.” You took the knives from the body as the boys took the guns. 
“We have a real problem now, so leave your weapons and follow my lead.” Zemo’s order made the boys put their guns down but you just wiped your knives and placed them back in your boot. 
You left the club in a hurry. Text chimes went off around you and you knew the power broker had seen what happened. 
You were well and truly fucked. 
“This is not good.” Zemo’s last words before the shooting started. 
You took off alongside Bucky and Sam, cursing the fact that Zemo had put you in the most uncomfortable shoes on the planet. 
“I can’t run in these heels!” Sam shouted which almost made you laugh. 
“Down here!” You took a turn into an alley to get off the road as two mopeds appeared behind you. 
Before you could spin around to fight, a shooter had taken them out. 
“You seem to have a guardian angel.” Zemo looked just. as confused you felt. You weren’t aware you knew anyone who was in Madripoor at the moment. 
“Well, this is too perfect. Drop it, Zemo.” A familiar face soon revealed itself from the shadows. 
“Sharon?” Sam furrowed his brow at the woman. 
“You cost me everything.” Sharon ignore Sam as she spoke to Zemo. 
“Sharon, wait. Someone recreated the super-soldier serum and Zemo had a lead.” Sam stepped ahead of Zemo to protest him. 
“That explains why you guys are here. And Selby’s dead.”Sharon glowered at the four of you. 
“So what are you doing here?” Bucky asked the question on everyones mind. 
“I stole Steve’s shield, remember? I also took the wings for your ass, so that you could save him from him. I didn’t have the Avengers to back me up. So I’m off the grid in Madripoor.” Sharon informed you.
“Don’t blow smoke. Both (Y/n) and I were on the run, too.” Sam didn't bother with feeling pity. 
“Was. Is. Big difference. I don’t speak to my family anymore. I can’t. My own father doesn’t know where I am.” Sharon shot back. 
“Listen, Sharon, we need your help.” Bucky interrupted her before she could say anything else.  
“Please.” You added. You and Sharon were friendly for a time before the world went to hell. You figured she’d help you at least. 
“This isn’t over. I have a place in High Town. You’ll be safe there for a while.” Sharon sighed, giving in and lowering her gun. 
“Thank you.” You pressed a small smile onto your face but Sharon didn’t reciprocate. 
She managed to get you to a car safely and you headed out of low town for the night. 
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