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#platonic for minors
deceptxcon · 4 days ago
I gotta do homework but SCREW SCHOOL! I need some mcyts (preferably dream, ranboo, and Philza) comforting teen reader when school gets though and helping them with homework because school is really shitty for me rn. Thanks Deacy! Love ya! -🧋
mcyt’s helps reader with school!
“i know it’s tough, but your tougher, yunno.”
Tumblr media
OOH YES, and do your work! it’s important…but also is procrastination. :’]
hope school is going well, take breaks and drink lots of water!! love yah, boba anon!! <3
also i want to apologize for taking so long, Tumblr deleted most of this draft so i had to rewrite some of it…and that my stuff wouldn’t post for a while.🙄
Dream, GNF.
Tommy, Tubbo, Ranboo.
tbh, my mans couldn’t even stay in class so, if you’re lucky, he’ll know a little bit about math.
he literally knows nothing about math btw.
but if you ask him for help, he is helping you and he WILL help you.
he’s not backing down .. if he doesn’t get it? he’ll learn it.
sometimes always takes over.
“shh, y/n .. wait- are you supposed to do that? I didn’t learn this!! what the hell are they teaching you-!?”
and one night, when you asked for help .. you found him at the table, the only light being the one from his phone/calculator deciphering fractions. he’s really really trying to get it right.
but if you’re really stressed about it, to the point of tears or degrading yourself..he immediately calms down and all his focus is on you.
“Hey, it’s okay..i know it’s tough, but you’re tougher, yunno. i know what it’s like feeling this stressed, but i know you’ll get through it,” Dream smiles. “You’re strong.”
And after calming you down and getting you water and such..he’ll try his best and slowly, but surely, make sure you understand and help you through your homework.
he’ll even take his old history books or science books from when he was in school and study from there while helping you.
but he really sucks at history so i apologize on that part..
eventually, when the night comes to an end .. he’ll say how proud he is when it comes to homework, and that he didn’t do so well when he was in school…and that you’re automatically cooler than him.
he’s basically like a big brother. <3
honestly? has no clue how to help with your homework, but he sure as hell knows his history and science.
knows absolutely nothing on english..mans can’t even speak right. 🤨
“Uhm..english? I dunno, Y/n- *chuckle* i don’t know much on that..uh,” George rubs his neck nervously, glancing at your paper. His face goes pale white. “Oh, this is..i can’t do that.”
feels bad and ends up trying to help you.
“Wait what? How is that wrong? … because i didn’t put the ‘er’ in you’re? Whatever..”
he feels embarrassed cause he couldn’t exactly help with english..and he is really bad at it too.
You end up saying that it’s fine and that he could go to bed .. but really? he stays with you all night long if need be.
george isn’t a very- expressionate boy..but his actions outshine his words..and he genuinely wants to help you.
so when you said that you were incredibly stressed and the work was becoming too much..he was immediately understanding.
he did most anything he could to make sure that you got your work done, and that you felt confident in it.
“Hey, it’s okay! I was never that good in school..but you’re a very, very smart person, Y/n. Incredibly,” he gave a quick smile. “C’mon, good put that good brain to work.” George joked as he patted your back supportively.
While you read off the questions and equations, george is making you a little snack with water and fruits.
“X is equal to the..what? Wait, are you sure this is (grade)? I don’t remember it being this difficult.”
You: “maybe cause you dropped out to be a streamer.”
“..I will leave. No joke, you’ll be on your own, Y/n-”
George wasn’t very happy with your comeback there.
Reluctantly, you guys are were close to a finish..the evening was coming to an end while night kissed the sky..illuminated by the 1:32 AM on the stove clock.
He sighed and leaned back in his chair, head leaning back before looking over at you.
“We done? That was it right?”
You nodded and thanked him for his help..he gave a smile and ruffled up your hair.
“No problem, Y/n. Get some sleep, it’s insanely late.”
You: “not that late..considering you’re always on call with Dream at this time.”
“If you mention that one more time, i will actually move out. Don’t go thinking I’m joking!"
you started laughing and George reluctantly chuckled, rolling his eyes before stirring back to bed.
"Go to bed! It's late! Night, Y/n, sleep- ... sleep well." He said, yawning mid sentence..disappearing into his room.
"Good night, sleep of sweet, sweet dreams."
George was very mad. (you ended up having a pillow fight ... soo-)
why did you ask him? I mean, respectfully, you'd be lucky if he was ever really listening.
"What? Math? too?? Y/n, we're in the same class ... what DO YOU MEAN THAT'S ALL MORE THE REASON I SHOULD KNOW-"
Tommy is actually a very, very smart boy..and even though he denies it constantly and puts up his internet persona, he's very helpful and kind.
"Uh huh. Good, good! Now bring the x 'round here- yeah! See? You got it!"
He's definitely hypes you up and let's you know how good you're doing ... and Tommy will also stop his work in turn of helping you.
Tommy didn't do his homework..motherinnit was upset.
Tommy is good at most anything. Whether it's math, science, or english .. he's got it all down! The only thing he's bad at is teaching or showing you how it should be done.
" I did this and like- brought that there and got..and then I got 32 so- ..Y/N, SHUSH. I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS, DICKHEAD."
he apologized for swearing. and motherinnit heard him so he was sorta forced to…but he genuinely meant it.
“Listen, I’m sorry- I know how to do this, though!! …MUM, I ALREADy did-- ..ok, alright- OK, i’ll stop yelling..!”
Tommy also gets very, very the point where it's bad.
"And that's called the uh- the..yeah, that ......... so i was on a call with tubbo one night and he said that- what? No, not that night .. YOOO, WHEN DID YOU GET A SOMBRERO, Y/N???"
you did not have a sombrero…he mistook it for your clothes. apparently.
He's so off-topic constantly, it definitely took more than just a second to check your paper.
you hadn’t said a thing about being particularly stressed..but he felt it. and although he didn’t directly say anything, he did it through actions to make you feel more confident.
he complimented your work and that you were sure to get your work done efficiently until the sunrise hit your window.
he also mentions that you have nothing to worry about…and that Tommy will always be there, always. ^^
also y'all were up since 8 going on to 2:45 AM .. but y’all never sleep anyway so 🤨
but it was safe to say you guys fell asleep in the middle of an equation.
straight A/B student, gets his shit done, and efficiently too.
he’s very very smart and Tubbo is always happy to help! :D
sometimes he teases and says he might help you. 🙄
so when you ask him, he is always willing to help..but no answers. sorry bud.
“Question 23? what happens if you take- hm? …NO, I CAN’T TELL YOU THE ANSWERS, Y/N … I CAN’TT-”
at least you tried.
multiple times.
but tubbo understands when you say you were very very stressed about school..he is too.
“Don’t worry! We all get super stressed about this stuff, I suck at English but the more I work at it, it becomes easier, yunno!” Tubbo reasoned, smiling at you. “You’re of the smartest people ever, whether you refuse to accept that or not, you’re big brain, Y/N.” Tubbo said, and he meant every word.
He was happy he had brought your confidence up, and he was proud of you too! Even though Tubbo is smart, he understands what it feels like to be under any kind of pressure.
you guys even built a little fort with chips and such to study under.
and when you finished your work, you two laid down and watched a movie, popcorn in hand and work complete.
Tubbo was happy he had helped. :]
When in doubt, look for tall man for help.
Ranboo had just graduated, so it was all kind of fresh in his mind.
and honestly was just your luck.
Ranboo was pretty smart when it came to english and so on..don’t mention the part where he forgot most of it..but math was- oh god.
“Math homework? ..uh- hold on,” … “TUBBO! Y/N NEEDS HELP WITH MATH-”
Genuinely though, he was good at math..but he was one of those people who scrolled through the textbook to find some close understanding to what you were learning.
It was like he was in school again.
“X is equal to..oh okay..oh okay! Wait, ok, i get it!” you told him he didn’t need to speak whatever came to mind .. he continued to talk.
When you told him you were originally stressed and felt like you were under pressure, he immediately understood and pushed your work aside for just a moment.
A one on one convo.
“Y/N, that’s totally understandable. It’s okay to feel this stressed,” Ranboo rubbed your back to soothe you and keep you from tearing up. “I was super stressed in school too-”
“And so was Tubbo- ..apparently-” You guys had a small chuckle. “But hey, it’s always is, and you’re super smart there’s no doubt you’ll get through this.” He assured you with a quick smile and hug.
He always gives the best hugs. 🥺
You guys soon got back to work, Ranboo beside you and helping with every step.
he was also super proud when you did a few questions by yourself, he even gave you his spare candy from Amazon.
such a nice lad.
Soon the night came to an end and you had thanked him for helping you.
“Of course, anytime, Y/N,” he smiled and stood, stretching since he had sat down all evening long. “Wanna play some games?” Ranboo asked, you nodded.
It was nice, because it took your mind off of the stress you held for school..he was really good at taking your mind off of things.
Ranboo was your best friend. :]
dadza smart, we go to dadza for help cause he smaert.
“Homework? Yeah, sure, bring it over, mate.”
Honestly? You guys got it done super fast..who knew Philza was such a good teacher.
Sometimes he would just give you the answer and tell you how it’s done afterward .. that’s only because you seemed to be getting tired.
“You alright?” Phil gently put his hand to your forehead to check for a fever. “You’ve been sleepier recently, something wrong?” He asked, voice soft and accent thick.
You mentioned that you haven’t been sleeping due to stress and spending most of your time completing homework.
Phil sighed. “Was that why you always came to dinner pretty late?” You nod. “Stressing about what, mate?” The blonde put the work away for a moment, facing you with curiosity.
You had explained how you felt, whether it was that you didn’t feel smart, couldn’t finish in time, the pressure of projects and all seemed to spill out once you started talking more and more to Phil.
He hummed and rubbed your back, his arm moving up to your shoulder as he gave you a small side hug.
“It’s alright, it’s gonna be know why?” Phil asked, making sure you looked at him in the eyes. “Because you’re good enough and super smart..don’t go forgetting that, okay? School will always be stressful, but when you find a way to cope with it, it’ll be a piece of cake, yeah?” You nodded, rubbing your eyes to refrain from crying or tearing up.
Phil patted your shoulder gently before grabbing the homework again. “You got this,” he encouraged. “Wanna try again?”
You guys started working again and finished it, all caught up with work and upcoming projects.
You thanked him.
“No problem, Y/N,” He gave a smile. “Anytime.” He chuckled as he patted your back.
Thanks, Phil. :]
Woof! Finally!!
Really really enjoyed writing this one!! It was such a good one, hope school and all is going well boba anon .. wish the best for you. :D <3
- deacy! <3
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
>> “And those wings aren’t the only thing you’ve been neglecting, are they?”
Fun fact! The blue bellied roller, which is the bird Patton’s wings are based off of, have a diet that includes snakes! I didn’t know when I started this, it’s a bit ironic. I almost didn’t post this because it started as a vent and there’s a bunch of errors, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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dadzathechaosgod · 7 months ago
Petition to make Ranboo’s title “Beloved” now in the same way we call Grian Dreamslayer
(only better, bc i want to unironically call ranboo “Beloved” bc he really is beloved by the community and its just part of his brand at this point)
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arty-shadow-morningstar · 3 months ago
Con Man's Daughter
Posting this because there isn't enough biodad! John Constantine content.
(Part 2)
I feel like this should be a Damianette story or just platonic relationship after Jon got aged-up to seventeen and Damian wanted a friend his age but doesn’t want to admit it.
So basically there is this big bad in Gotham using magic that Batman was fighting at the time and enlisted John Constantine to help out.
John realizes that the villain is using a Miraculous.
“Oh. I think I know how he gets his powers. And lucky for you, Bats, I know an expert on this special brand of magic.”
And he did the smart thing and called up Marinette who at the time was already Guardian and was looking for other lost Miraculouses like in the Treasure Hunter AU I wrote.
He calls her at a really bad time. She was in the process of being chased by the guardians of the place. Monsters and evil spirits.
“Hello, Dad. What do you need and can you do it quickly?”
“Hey, sweetheart, it’s me. How is my little cupcake up to these days?”
“You called at a bad time.” Gunshots.
“Somewhere in Japan. Getting a Miraculous. And why can’t you call me to check in on me and not ask me to help you with whatever mess you got yourself into.” More gunshots sounds and it was telling that Marinette was using a gun.
“Where did you get a gun? And don’t you have school?”
“It’s summer break. Don’t worry Maman and Papa know. Well, the fact that I am in Japan anyways.” Marinette sounded a little out of breath. Roaring and horrifying sounds at the other end. “Can we do this later?”
“As it happens, there is a villain going around Gotham with what I think is a Miraculous.”
Swears on the other end.
“Oi. Watch your fucking language, young lady.”
“How about a No and move the fuck back, old man. I am coming over right now.”
“Old man? I am not that old-” as a magic blue portal opens up in the Bat Cave.
And a red Chinese dragon comes out with someone riding it.
Its rider was a black-haired girl. She had a trench coat similar to Constantine's. I imagine her with a fedora. Like Carmen Sandiego style but not red. Sometimes red but only when she has to steal it from a museum or high security places and she leaves a name card with the name Carmen Sandiego. A sword strapped to her back and a dagger to her thigh.
She had a gun in her hand which she used to shoot the monsters as it was halfway through the portal and yelled out the spell to close it.
“Brilliant entrance but you are in lots of trouble, little lady. What were you thinking about going to another country unsupervised? And isn’t there still a butterfly problem in Paris?”
“One, I wasn’t unsupervised. I had Tikki, a billion years old being and a sort of god. Two.Well, it got boring trying to track Hawk-bitch down. And I found this legend about a guy with a Miraculous who disappeared in the temple and thought hey, more miraculous could mean another edge to defeating Moth-man.”
More bickering and John grounding Marinette who was acting very nonchalant about it.
Okay, at this point, I should say that Batman and Robin are in the background trying to make some sense.
Batman is surprised to find out that Constantine has a daughter who is also involved in magic like her Father but an apparently more specialised kind called the Miraculous. He is a little miffed that he didn’t know about John having a daughter. He did consider it weird at first that she had a slight french accent unlike her father’s Liverpool accent although she pronounced some words like he does.
He also connected some dots that she is also the Parisian heroine, Lady Rouge who Wonder Woman introduced to the League a while back and had declined to join the Young Justice or Teen Titans until everything in Paris was resolved.
Damian on the other hand was suspicious of the new arrival and came to the same conclusion as his father about the daughter thing.
Batman after a few minutes, clears his throat.
The Constantines stop arguing.
“Bonjour. Batman. Robin. Pleasure to meet you. I am Mari Constantine and yes, I am this homeless looking man’s brilliant daughter.” “Hey”
“Well, Mari. Your father thinks you can help us with this new criminal turning Gotham upside down. Literally in some cases. He said that you might be able to help us.” Batman said as he pulled up zoomed in picture of the Miraculous.
Mari looks through the Miraculous grimoire and tells them all about it and power-ups, basically the most effective thing to defeat the guy is to get the Miraculous off them. Plus a spell that would make the Miraculous ineffective if casted within a certain radius of it.
“Thank you for the information, Mari. Constantine, let’s go.”
Mari made to follow them.
“You young lady are grounded and staying here.”
“I don’t need another supervillain using the Miraculous which are my responsibility as Guardian to retrieve them for their own misuse and wreaking havoc on the city. And what if there is an akuma in Paris? I can’t go there if I am grounded in the Batcave although it is a cool place to hang out.”
“You can portal back to Paris but you are not going to follow me. Understood?”
“yes. crystal”
“Good. After me and Batsy get the Miraculous, you can do your Guardian duties.”
Damian snickers. Until Batman cut his mood short, “You are staying behind too. Robin.”
“But Father, why? I am much more capable than Constantine.”
“Hey!” Both father and daughter.
Damian is staying behind too because of the Miraculous power or other reasons and keeps an eye on Mari.
Damian stays behind and there were some protests about mari mad about having a babysitter and Damian doesn’t want to be a babysitter. Despite the two of them being around the same age.
“I got an eye on you so no funny business.”
“Okay, Dad, I am not going to have sex with Robin.” Mari said with a shit- eating grin. Robin definitely didn’t blush.
“I hate you sometimes.”
“I love you too, Dad. Go save the world. Byee.”
John eyes her suspiciously because she is not one to give up that easily usually.
He casts a spell to watch her as they leave. and which she totally knew about.
“So...I have one question.”
“Tt, ask and don’t bother me anymore.”
“Is Batman Bruce Wayne?”
Damian looks up, totally caught off guard.
“I am going to take that as a yes.”
Puts sword at her neck. “How did you find out?!”
“Opened up Google Maps and saw that we are under Wayne Manor. Connected the dots. Also I already knew when Dad made a bet with me once to find out Batman’s secret identity but he never did confirm it for me. And can you please not tell your father about this? I don’t feel like being interrogated by the Bat in the future yet.”
“Father must know about this.”
“I saw you looking at Scarlet here. An animal lover then? You can give her some belly rubs. She deserves it after helping me outrun those monsters.”
His silence was brought. To pet a dragon.
One thing after another and he ends up bringing out his pets-Jerry the turkey, Goliath the dragon-bat, Titus- and her introducing him to her other pets like a hellhound, griffin and other mythical creatures who mostly roam free but come to her when she calls for them and also the kwamis, at least the ones who came with her.
After 30 mins have passed, “So Robin how do you feel about disobeying our fathers?”
“I am in.”
“Depends. Are we going after the (villain's name) ?”
Awesome montage of them getting rid of the spell John casted and flying out of the Batcave on their respective giant flying pets to the villain’s base.
Meanwhile, their fathers are not doing so well and are trapped in a death trap. John can’t say the spell because the villain made him unable to talk.
“At least, the kids are staying put.”
Cut to Damian and Mari jumping off their pets and onto the roof. Taking out the guards posted there and going into the building all sneakily and also taking out the guards that come their way.
They dropped into the room where their fathers and the villain is.
“Why am I not surprised?”
Villain starts an evil monologue about his mastermind plan to which Damian cuts it short by trying to cut him down with his katana. Mari goes to deactivate the death trap.
They are evenly matched with Damian’s training and the Miraculous.
Mari steps in as Damian was about to be killed. Taps on the shoulder of the villain and when he turns around, gives an awesome right hook that knocks him out.
Takes away the Miraculous and curses him. Wiped the dude’s memories of it.
“When I said stay in the Batcave, I meant stay behind at the Batcave. What point of being grounded, don’t you understand?”
“You mean, Oh, Mari, light of my life, my wonderful daughter, thank you for saving my ass. You are the best.’ by that, right?”
Mari and Damian exchanged numbers and email addresses.
As she was about to leave the Batcave, “It’s been nice meeting you, Mr. Wayne.” and leaves with a wink.
John ‘ungrounds’ her for the look on Batman’s face.
After this, Marinette and Damian become friends who bitch and vent to each other about their alter egos and various villains of their respective cities. (In codes, just in case) They also share updates about their pets and love of drawings.
They have that type of friendship where they trade favors. Mari calls Damian to Paris sometimes to help out with the akuma of the day and Damian sometimes calls her in when Bruce doesn’t let him go investigate a case so he can sneak out by magical means or as back up for when his brothers were too annoying to deal with.
It’s summer break so no missing school.
John and Bruce are aware of their friendship and some of the shenanigans the pair gets into behind their back.
Right. how this all started...
John and Sabine first met when the latter was still in college somewhere in France. John was tracking down a demonic entity which was targeting Sabine for some reason and she was the next target.
John saved her life and exorcised the demon. There was a heat of the moment thing and they had a one-night stand. There were a few more flings and hook-ups after that night.
And nine months later, Marinette Cheryl Cheng-Constantine was born.
When Sabine first found out, she called John to come over and he thought that it was a call for another hook-up and was very surprised to find out that it was not and that he was going to be a father.
They both like each other but do not want to be in a relationship together so they both remained as friends and John agreed after some strong-arming at the very least to meet his daughter before he goes to do his job. And pay for child support. And help Sabine during her pregnancy.
Pregnant Sabine was someone you don’t want to mess with. And John has never met a demon or anyone scarier than her.
He was at first not into meeting his child and there was a self-pity party he threw himself with how the child was going to live a bad life because he was the dad and how he destroyed every good thing in his life.
That’s why he is going to meet the baby once and leave maybe a letter and the occasional birthday present and stay out of their life. Forever.
The day Marinette was born and it took one look into her eyes for the HellBlazer to fall under the spell and all of his plans to stay out of her life to burn away.
At first, he tried. He really tried but he couldn’t do it.
Lasted 4 months before he came back, wanting to place protection spells on her and sigils around the house to keep away the forces of Heaven and Hell and other entities so they won’t use her against him as a bargaining chip.
Sabine calls him to babysit. He could have refused and Sabine would have easily found a babysitter. He moans and whines about how he is a great mage and not a bloody babysitter. Sabine retorts that it is actually called parenting since he is Marinette’s father. He grumbles but in the end, agrees.
The great John Constantine is wrapped around the little girl’s finger.
He was around for some of Marinette’s firsts. Her first word was “John”.
It made him cry. He wasn’t a good man and he doesn’t deserve someone this precious. His daughter doesn’t deserve someone like him as a father but fate made it that way and what can you do about it.
After an exhausting week of doing the usual and coming back from Hell, he saw that Sabine had sent him a video. It was Marinette taking her first steps.
Chas swears that in all the years that he has known John Constantine he has never seen the man look so happy.
When Tom came into the picture, John was there to take care of a toddler Marinette while Tom and Sabine went on dates.
Insert John threatening a much bigger Tom while holding a baby Marinette with wide eyes and hugging a teddy bear with the same coat as John’s. (It was something Sabine brought on a whim and to tease John when he came around.)
Tom is supportive and treats Marinette like his own flesh and blood.
John resolved to leave for good now that Tom would be there to be a father figure for Marinette.
That plan fell into the drain the moment he was going to leave for what was supposed to be the last time before Sabine pulled him back and knocked some sense into him.
His face was a big giveaway. Sabine knows that despite his claims of being a terrible father for Marinette, he was a good one and damnit she was going to make sure that Marinette would get to know her actual father.
Tom later made an awkward talk with John about how he was not going to replace John’s role as Marinette’s father.
Marinette was the flower girl at Tom and Sabine’s wedding. John was there too.
During bedtime, John would read her stories and use his magic to make it come to life. Although he would feel a little drained afterwards, it was worth it to see her smile.
Sometimes he told stories about his tamer adventures. (After cutting out some of the inappropriate bits)
When Marinette was about 5 or 6, Sabine was out on an errand and Tom was at home with Mari and helping her with her homework. There was a crash downstairs at the bakery. Tom went down to check it out to find John lying on the ground.
With a weak cough, he said, “Close the door. Close it.” Before losing consciousness
Tom did before a man with pitch black eyes slammed against it.
Thankfully John had installed heavy wards around the bakery when it first opened.
They held against the demon on John’s tail. Tom brought John inside and unsure of what to do, grabbed a rolling pin on the counter.
The man outside started pounding on the glass door and every time his hands touched the door, light glowed outwards, showing the invisible magic barrier around the bakery. Sparks and steams fizzled with every pound.
Despite the reddening and burns of his hands, the not-human didn’t slow down.
“ʝօɦռ....ʏօʊ ӄռօա ȶɦǟȶ ɨȶ'ֆ օռʟʏ ǟ ʍǟȶȶɛʀ օʄ ȶɨʍɛ ɮɛʄօʀɛ ɨ ɮʀɛǟӄ ȶɦʀօʊɢɦ ȶɦɛֆɛ աǟʀɖֆ. օռƈɛ ɨ ɢɛȶ ʏօʊ,” He laughs, the sound sends chills down the large man’s spine, “ȶɦɛʀɛ ǟʀɛ ֆօ ʍǟռʏ ȶɦɨռɢֆ ɨ ɦǟʋɛ քʟǟռռɛɖ ʄօʀ ʏօʊ.”
Tom knew that Marinette’s father was a con man. Come on, Master and Practitioner of the Dark Arts and Occult. But he was a good father nonetheless despite all his flaws and Sabine liked him enough so that was good enough for him.
Before today, magic was just the sleight of hands and use of fancy tools to sell the illusions. Now, with a could-be-a-demon knocking on his door to get to the father of the girl he sees as his daughter, he’s not so sure.
“Tom? Qu'est-ce qui se passe? (What’s going on?)” A little voice came from the stairs, “Dad!” Marinette padded across the floor to the body of her passed out father.
She shook him awake and there were a few soft slaps to the face.
“Dad, what’s happened?”
John mumbles, “Demon…. possessing some rich guy….. Exorcism…. Doesn’t like me very much…Don’t worry...wards going to hold.”
John manages to stand before falling down and Tom catches him before he hits the floor. He has a concussion. Tom turns to Marinette, “Go, Hide and don’t come out until It’s safe.” which she did
Unfortunately, a while later, Sabine returns from her night out and the demon upon seeing Sabine. “ɛӼƈɛʟʟɛռȶ..”
The demon possessed Sabine and the previously possessed dude hit the sidewalk with a thud.
“ɨռȶɛʀɛֆȶɨռɢ....” The voice coming out of Sabine didn’t sound like her mother which scared Marinette a lot. “օքɛռ ȶɦɨֆ ɖօօʀ օʀ,”the demon pulled a knife out of thin air, ,“ȶɦɨֆ ɮօɖʏ ɢɛȶֆ ɨȶ.”
Tom hesitated until the demon put the knife on Sabine’s neck and put enough force for a thin line of blood to be shown.
He opens the door and the demon knocks him out. Stepping over his unconscious body and looking down on it, “ʄօʀ ȶɦǟȶ, ɨ ǟʍ ɢօɨռɢ ȶօ ʟɛȶ ʏօʊ ʟɨʋɛ ʊռȶɨʟ ɨ ǟʍ ɖօռɛ աɨȶɦ ʝօɦռ, օʄ ƈօʊʀֆɛ.” and cackles. The sound was so wrong and unnerving and little Marinette tried very hard for her sobs not to be heard.
Too bad the demon had super hearing. “Come out, my little blossom. Maman is home. Why don’t you come out and give me a hug?”
It sounded so much like her mother and she nearly believed that it was her mother and not some entity in control of her body.
But she knew better from John’s stories of dealing with demons and how they would use the voice of loved ones to lure them out and into a trap. (Definitely not something one should tell as a bedtime story but Marinette was very different and had an unconventional childhood with John Constantine as her father.)
Wait...she got struck with an idea but she wasn’t sure if it would work.
Before she could do anything, the door of the cabinet she was hiding in was opened and she was dragged out.
The demon lifted her a few feet above the ground by the collar of her dress.
It heard Marinette saying something. “աɦǟȶ ǟʀɛ ʏօʊ ֆǟʏɨռɢ ƈɦɨʟɖ, ֆքɛǟӄ ʟօʊɖɛʀ?”
“Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica.” Marinette was now screaming the words at the top of her lungs. She repeated the spell over and over again with fierce determination.
John, being his paranoid self, taught her the spell for an exorcism, just in case. Demons spared no one, not even a girl.
It screamed “NO….” as Sabine’s body contorted in strange angles before a dark shadow seemed to be dragged down into the ground. It made a desperate attempt to possess John before it was pulled away and disappeared. There was no sign that there was a demon attack.
After John woke up, he managed to piece together that his 5-years-old (Sorry 5 and a half) daughter sent a demon back to hell.
He was a very proud dad. (He was a tad worried about the consequences from this event and demons hold one hell of a grudge. He wanted his daughter to live a very safe and happy life. The bakery’s wards also need an upgrade.)
He also got the job of explaining what he actually did to Tom. And lots of reassuring.
Sabine, on one hand, was not happy that Marinette knew how to do magic. That is until John told her that he did it just in case so she can protect herself and later it was agreed that Marinette can learn some Magic spells and charms to better protect herself and when she is older, she can decide if she wants to continue or not.
(Part 2)
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ulmariaarts · 8 months ago
things i like about fundy (because im pretending that we’re not going to get either angsty funboo content or none at all):
he’s a dork
that one video of him dancing to his music
he visually looks like a fox
he literally only wears merch (its funny)
his totsmp characters!!
fox laugh fox laugh fox laUGH fOX LAUGH-
he fuels our gambling addictions
his acting :0000
chess man, i have no idea how chess is played but hes great at it apparently
feel free to add more
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chudleycanonficfest · 2 months ago
For Good
Day 5, Story #1 is by @accio-broom
Title: For Good Author/Artist: accio-broom Pairing: Ron & Harry Prompt: Brother from another mother / Song Fic Rating: T Trigger Warning(s) (if any): A small amount of peril
They should have known the fight wasn’t going to go their way when they entered the warehouse, but determined to prove their skills as newly graduated Aurors, Harry and Ron barrelled ahead anyway. And now, only ten minutes later, the chaos of the fight is overwhelming them.
Five rogue Death Eaters have backed them into a corner. The rest of the Auror team are here, somewhere, but despite Harry’s loud pleas, nobody comes to save them.
Harry’s heart pounds in his chest as he clutches hold of his best friend. Curses whoosh above their heads, crashing into the stone wall behind them. The taste of dust from the rubble dries his mouth. There has only ever been one other time he’s felt like this, desperate and out of his depth, and he died then, too. 
He is expecting the outcome of this fight to be the same.
There’s so much Harry still has to do. He doesn’t want to die yet. Harry wants children and the chance to have a family with the woman he loves. He hasn’t waited nervously at the top of an aisle for Ginny’s appearance in a white dress to take his breath away. Heck, he hasn’t even had a chance to propose. There are still rooms in their new cottage that they have yet to christen.
It’s too soon. The redhead beside Harry cringes against the wall. Ron still has his whole life ahead of him too.
A purple curse hits Harry square in the chest, stealing the last of the breath from his lungs. His body grows rigid, but his cry echoes around them.
Ron calls out, shielding his friend with his own body as he clutches Harry’s dirty robes. “Harry! No!” 
“Ron,” Harry croaks. “What’s happening?”
“Stay with me, Harry. You’re going to be okay.”
The room around them is growing dark. This is the end.
“I just want to say thank you, Ron. For everything. You didn’t have to be my friend that first day on the Hogwarts Express, but you took me on and let me be a part of your family. And then, you even allowed me to date Ginny.”
“I don’t think—”
Harry can’t let his best friend interrupt this, not when there are so many important things he needs to say before he breathes his last breath. “I just want you to know.” He inhales deeply, coughing as a cloud of dust fills his lungs. “B-because I knew you, I have been changed for good.”
A hack takes over his body, burning his throat as he fights with his last grasp on consciousness. The light dims, so Harry chooses to focus on Ron’s deep ocean blue eyes staring back at him, concern pouring out of them as they sparkle with tears.
And then Harry sees no more.
Warmth shines on Harry’s face. Nothing hurts, and none of the usual thoughts troubles him. 
Everything is good.
When he first opens his eyes, he expects to see King’s Cross station and Headmaster Dumbledore waiting to ask Harry if he wants to move on or stay behind. Harry’s not sure if he’d like to be a ghost. He hasn’t had much time to think about it, which is quite peculiar for a man who always seems to be on the edge of death. He hopes Dumbledore will congratulate him on a good job again. Harry quite liked that before.
But instead of the beautiful Victorian arches and pale green benches hidden behind a light smattering of ethereal fog, all Harry sees is white. No kindly old mentor waits to greet him, and there’s no squawking corpse of his enemy there to help him ponder the real meaning of life.
So this is what dying is really like?
At least it’s cosy wherever he is. The bed he lies on is comfortable, and crisp, white sheets envelop his body. A steady beep fills his ears, and it smells clean. He’s going to like it here. Harry is about to close his eyes and drift back off to sleep for a while longer—he has all the time in the world now, after all—but a long, black blurry shape appears in front of him. As he grows more awake, he can hear other things, like the shuffle of papers and the scratch of a quill against parchment.
With a frown and a groan, Harry tries to sit up, but the action hurts, and he gives up before he’s even given it an honest try.
The blur speaks to him. “Stay there, mate. You’ve had a bad few hours.”
“Glasses?” Harry manages to croak through dry, chapped lips. “Where are my glasses?” 
If he’s still alive, he at least deserves to be able to see correctly. The shape presses a familiar metal into his hand, and gingerly, Harry lifts them to his face. Forms become sharper as the world finally shapes into focus.
“Welcome back.” Ron beams down at him. “You’ve been out for a couple of hours.”
Harry’s confused. “W-what happened?”
“Ah, mate.” Relief floods Ron’s face. “It was awful. Selwyn and his buddies cornered us, and I thought we were done for, especially when they hit you with that curse. Fuck knows what that was—the Healers were utterly stumped. You were fucking paralysed, Harry.
“They were about to hit me with the same thing when Smythe and the others finally found us, the lazy gits. They arrested everyone. Otherwise…” The redhead trails off with a sigh. He pauses, a mournful look crossing his face. After a moment, he shakes whatever thoughts are haunting him out of his head, and his usual lopsided grin reappears. “Anyway, I managed to grab you and Apparate us out of there. Brought you straight here.
“The healers are still running tests, but I think you’re going to be okay.”
Harry nods, memories of the fight roaring back into his mind. He scrunches his eyes tightly closed, trying to ignore the throb of pain. Maybe he bashed his head? Then with a groan, his final words to Ron echo, like the final moments of a love film.
Because I knew you, I have been changed for good.
“Paralysed, was I?”
“Yeah, I was trying to get you to move your fingers and your legs and stuff but nothing. Although it, uhm, it didn’t shut you up. You couldn’t stop talking.” Ron’s ears turn pink, and he takes a sudden interest in the top left corner of Harry’s sheets.
Harry’s not sure he wants his friend to repeat whatever he said. The memories are cringe-worthy enough. “Oh?” he questions anyway, inwardly kicking himself as the word falls out of his mouth.
A silent nod confirms Harry’s suspicions that whatever he thinks he said was actually spoken. Ron doesn’t say anything else. A flicker of movement from a diagnostic charm distracts both their attention, and Harry’s best friend glances up at the door with glassy eyes. He clears his throat before finally looking back at Harry.
“So, I owled Ginny and Hermione. And Mum, of course. Now I know you’re not going to die, I think I’ll go and wait outside for them. They’ll want to see you, and I don’t think Mum will do well trying to battle the Welcome Witch for an answer this afternoon. Plus, if anyone hears that the famous Harry Potter is in here, we’ll never get a moment’s peace.”
“Sure, thanks, mate.”
Harry closes his eyes again, letting the sound of trainers squeaking against the linoleum track Ron’s movements towards the exit. To Harry’s surprise, a surge of disappointment tugs at his heart. He confessed his true feelings to his best friend, told him how much he means to him, and got nothing back.
“Oh, and Harry?” 
Ron’s voice breaks through Harry’s brooding, causing the wizard’s eyes to shoot open as he lifts his head from his pillow just enough to glance at his best friend. “Yeah?”
“I love you, too.” Ron’s grin widens, and there’s a cheeky glint in his eyes. “Just wish you didn’t wait until you were on your deathbed to say it.” 
The ginger git’s glowing pink ears disappear before Harry can even reply. Harry sinks back into his bed, a small smile crossing over his lips. 
He knew it.
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axolottller · a month ago
Tumblr media
Ranboo / Reader ( platonic).
warnings: angst, minor character death, murder, bullying
SUMMARY: Ranboo is a hybrid trapped in your dad’s research facility and you are a student who hates the negative treatment of hybrids.
I had first seen the research facility when I was ten and it did not sit right with me. Of course, I couldn’t do anything about it since I was a tiny child and everyone else were adults. They would just scold me for my naivety and move on. However, that in my eyes, did not justify the cruel treatments of hybrids in my father’s research facility. If you could even call it that. Essentially, it was just a glorified slaughterhouse.
The crisp white walls were stained ever so slightly with the blood of others. Even if you couldn’t see it, you could smell it. Doctors and scientists strayed the halls wearing their long, white lab coats and blue uniform. Then, there were the doctors carrying tools, surgical tools. Probably removing certain body parts from hybrids in their greed to find out more information. If only they would realise that their non stop killing would kill the hybrid population off.
Sometimes, I would wander up to the glass windows and attempt to make conversation with the hybrids. Some of the older ones would either smile or ignore me, but the children were a lot more eager and would play games with me. Too bad, we couldn’t be friends for any longer.
That brings me to school. Sure, I had friends and maybe they were good friends and maybe they weren’t. Yet, what bothered me about school is how the teachers talked about hybrids. They were described as creatures that could risk endangering humanity as if the ones that they studied weren’t part human. Some of them DID have scary traits such as long, sharp teeth or horns on their head but that didn’t make them nasty. In fact the chances were that they were angry because of their kind being hunted.
Two years after I first visited my father’s research facility, i decided to visit again. My mother wanted to drop off some lunch for my father so I decided to tag along. It was slightly quieter than usual: probably due to the lack of doctors scuttling about with their bloody tools. As soon as my mother left my side to go to his office down a few hallways, I found myself wandering past the glass windows, smiling at the hybrids as I passed.
I quietly slumped against the wall with a sigh. My eyes caught those opposite me, but they retracted from mine. I waved at the hybrid opposite; he waved back, shy and hesitant. I could not tell what kind of hybrid he was: half black and half white. His heterochromatic eyes resembled green and red. They were pretty yet dulled from the pain he had experienced for however long he had been here.
Crawling forward a little, I blew against the window. Since I had last visited, they had soundproofed the lab so I couldn’t easily speak with the boy. The window fogged up, just enough for me to draw my finger against the cold glass.
‘Hello, I’m [insert name].’
Opposite me, the boy squinted at the glass to read. He smiled and murmured something under his breath, then blew on the glass as well. He drew a little more on the foggy window and I read what he wrote.
‘Hi, I’m R a nb oo’
“Ranboo,” I repeated with a grin. He grinned too.
I fogged up the glass once more and wrote.
‘How long have you been here?’
‘I a m no t sure b ut they h ur t me for n o rea so n and I ca nt find m y bes t fri en d’
I quickly held my hand to my mouth. He stared at me confused. Sighing, I brought my finger to the glass and wrote.
‘What’s your friends name and what does he look like? I’ll find him!’
He explained that he has brown hair and deer antlers. His ears are pointy and he has blue eyes. His name is Tubbo. I nodded before leaving Ranboo and wandering further down the hallway. All the way, there was not a single hybrid I could find that resembled the description.
“[insert name], where are you?” I hear the voice of my mum and sigh. She had already left my fathers office and was about to leave. I still hadn’t found Ranboo’s best friend, who was nowhere near him if he was still alive.
“Here, mum. Did everything go well?” I asked, turning to meet my mum. She silently nodded, taking me by the wrist and quickly leaving. Ranboo quickly saw me and waved; I waved back.
Two years later, I wandered into the laboratory I hope of seeing my friend. I had been visiting for two years on a regular basis. Most of the time we communicated via the fog on the window. However, i sometimes took paper and pen which was slightly easier. I had never found Tubbo, but we both knew from the beginning, he had probably been killed by the cruel workers.
Ranboo turned 15 in August, although he didn’t know himself if that even was his birthday. I had also turned 15 in August so we threw our birthday party (if you could call it that) on the same day. We joked that we were twins but sometimes I wished that were true; if it was, then he would be human.
I had also decided on my 15th birthday that I was going to free those trapped in the lab even if it meant that my father would go bankrupt. Besides, I could always live in the forest.
'Hey, Ranboo. How have you beeennn?'
'I'm fine, but why are you here?'
'I've been thinking. It's possible for me to free you as well as the rest of those here.'
My hands shook as I wrote on the paper I had bought. This way it would be easier; I could simply just slide the paper under the thin gap underneath the glass. Ranboo was always concerned about me rather than himself and he'd probably do everything he could to stop me. But, I'd do everything to save him so it cancels out.
'no. you will out yourself in danger and it isn't worth that.'
'Listen. It's completely fool proof and I'm attacking at night when there's practically no one here.'
'I can't do anything to stop you but don't do anything too wild.'
I nodded. Too wild didn't include taking fire extinguishers and hammers and smashing them into the glass before smuggling every hybrid out and running away from home, right?
Humming, I played with my hair nervously. Operation free the hybrids is a go.
It was around 1 in the morning when I took a fire extinguisher from the lab and calmly walked to the first glass window. Ranboo. After that, i'd free everyone else, but i prioritised him over everyone. Tapping on the glass, I let him wake up. His eyes widened as he realised and shook his head slightly.
I grinned. My hands left the extinguisher as it flew into the glass. It shattered, just enough for me to hit the glass with the extinguisher and it fell apart. Ranboo stood in shock for a small second, then running up to me to engulf me in a hug. I hugged him back quickly.
"Take this extinguisher and free as many hybrids as you can. I'm using the hammer I brought to free some further down," I stated, handing the heavy object to Ranboo who simply complied.
"Sad these are the circumstances we first talk in," he replied with a raspy voice. He probably hadn't used it in a while.
I strided down the hall to where a few stronger hybrids had been resting. I thumped on the glass to let them know I was breaking the glass. One by one, they all left. It was just me and the broken glass. I carefully stepped around it to avoid cuts.
By the time I reached Ranboo, every hybrid had been freed from the glass containers. They left together, keeping silent to avoid any detection. The building was empty but that could still change.
"I'm glad we're friends, [insert name]."
"Me too, Ranboo."
We both stepped into the open, admiring the moonlight and the fresh air. How the grass rustled and the leaves on the trees swayed as the wind brushed through them. How the stars in the sky twinkled like the city lights.
"Welcome home."
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teddy06writes · 6 months ago
A Day In The Life
requesred by this genius anon: “Aight imma hit you with a good one: Literally everything as platonic, but a day in the life of reader in high school with the minor gang (too my, tubbo, ranboo) and all the faculty at the school are dreamsmp members”
Platonic! Minors gang (tommy, tubbo, ranboo and purpled) x reader
trigger warnings: none
premise: a day in the life of a student at the DSMP public high school 
{with all the shit that goes on the smp there's no way it could be anything but a public school}
{also if I do things slightly off or something its cause my high school is weird, we only have four blocks a day, but I think most have seven, so we’re going with that}
{also the dream/george thing, is based on two of the sciences teachers at my school being suspected of having an affiar}
{Full teacher list:
English: Mr. NotFound
Drama: Mr. Soot
Spanish: Mr. Dream (its mexican dream lol)
Gym: Coach Sapnap and Coach Punz
Home ec: Miss Nihachu
Music: Mr. Quackity
Chemistry: Mr. Halo}
Home room: Mr. Callahan
You sighed, trudging toward the school entrance, god it was way to early for this. 
The halls were already crowded with people heading to there home rooms, and Mr. Minecraft, the principal, was standing outside the admin offices, greeting everyone with a smile. 
“Good morning, (y/n).” 
“Good morning Mr. Minecraft.” You grumbled as you passed. 
You hurried through the foyer and up the stairs, toward Mr. Callahan’s room. 
“Hey!” Tubbo called, hurrying down the hallway, “(y/n)!”
“Hey Tubbo.” you yawned.
He fell into step with you, “You think Callahan will actually show today?” 
The one good thing about your home room teacher is that none of the kids ever seemed to have seen him. It meant that some days, while other home rooms had lectures of bullying or something, your class got to hang out for 30 minutes. 
“I don’t think he even exists.” Purpled said, falling in on your other side. 
“He definitely doesn’t.” You agreed. 
History: Mr. Blade
“Hey (y/n)!” Ranboo called from his seat at the front of the room as you came in. 
He was lucky enough to have moved homerooms and ended up getting the same room as his first block. 
“Hello Ranboo.” you sighed, sitting down in your seat next to him. 
Tommy came in and plopped down behind you, “Well you sound like shit.”
“No swearing in my classroom, Tommy.” Mr. Blade chided, hardly looking up from the book on his desk. 
You turned to look at Tommy, “It’s too early for this.” 
“You say that everyday!” He laughed. 
“Yeah! Cause this class starts at 7:45 in the god damn morning!” You half exclaimed. 
“Bloody hell you’d think you’d get used to it-” 
“Tommy, what did I say about swearing?” Mr. Blade cut Tommy off. 
“But you didn’t yell at (y/n)!” Tommy yelled, “That’s not fair Tech!” 
Me. Blade glared at his brother, “Do you want me to send you down to Phil’s office Tommy?” 
“I didn’t even do anything!”
After a moment under Mr. Blades glare, Tommy sighed, “Please don’t send me down to Phil.” 
The teacher didn’t respond, instead standing up and moving to stand in front of the board, queuing up the intro slides for the day, “All right everyone, settle down. Today in our ‘tour of the ancient world’ or whatever, we’re going to start our mini unit on Greece.”
Statistics/Math: Mr. Was Taken
After a class that ended mostly in a rant about the myth of Heracles, you said goodbye to Ranboo and Tommy and met up with Purpled to head to math. 
Mr. Wastaken was already passing out the notes when you two got there, sliding into your seats at the back of the classroom just as the bell rang. 
“You’re late.” He chided, dropping the papers onto your desk, then Purpleds. 
“Purp needed to refill his water bottle.” You explained. 
“Seriously?” Mr. Wastaken questioned, “Dude, it’s second block, why the hell was your water already empty?” 
Purpled shrugged, “P.E?” 
“Ehh, wrong, Sapnap doesn’t have you till sixth period.” 
“Stairs... are murder man.” He fumbled. 
You nodded, “First floor to the fourth floor is tough Mr. Wastaken.” 
Rolling his eyes, the teacher moved back to the front of the room, “Alright, last nights homework was a bit of a flop so we’ll be more review for the quiz tomorrow.” 
You groaned internally, pulling out your pencil. 
Purpled nodded, “I fuckin hate review days.” 
“I can hear you, you know!” Mr. WasTaken half yelled. 
Chemistry: Mr. Halo
After Math you and Purpled headed down to the science hall to meet back up with Tubbo to head to Chem. 
“Welcome back everybody!” Mr. Halo greeted cheerily, “Good to see smiling faces for chemistry!” 
How he managed to stay so upbeat, no one would ever know.
You sat down at your lab table with Tubbo, “You think we actually make it to doing the lab today before he starts talking about Mr. Skeppy again?” 
“Oh no chance.” 
You chuckled, pulling out your notebook as Mr. Halo pulled up the opening review before the lab. 
Twenty minutes later found you elbow deep in the lab, quite literally. 
“It was supposed to just be a small scale elephants toothpaste!” Mr. Halo cried. 
Purpled grinned, “You should’ve taken my wildcard factor into account sir.” 
You laughed, wiping the foam off your apron (thank god for lab aprons), “That was brilliant!” 
A few minutes earlier, Tubbo had helped him do out the math to scale up the experiment by 20%, and you had willingly given up your own materials to help.
Now most of the classroom was covered in the foam, and Purpled and the girl who had been unfortunate enough to be partnered with him were knee deep in it. 
“I sent the video to the groupchat.” Tubbo whispered.
“Good.” You chuckled again. 
Mr. Halo groaned, “You three start cleaning this up, Elizabeth, dear, why don’t you join a different group.”
“I volunteer to switch with her!” Drista yelled, “they look like fun!” 
Mr. Halo sighed, “No- no absolutely not- I can’t deal with you added to the mix.” 
Drista pouted, the rest of the class went back to there work, and you, Tubbo and Purpled began to clean up the foam. 
Drama: Mr. Soot
As Purpled left for his history class, you and tubbo headed twoard the music/performing arts suit, where you met up with Ranboo. 
“Tommy said he wished he could’ve been there to see the foam.” Ranboo reported as Tubbo peeled off into the band room, and you both continued on to the green room. 
“Hello, Hello, Hello!” Mr. Soot greeted in an aussie accent (you know the one). 
“Oh god please say were not doing accents today.” Ranboo muttered. 
Mr. Soot laughed, “Nah, we’re going to do some more rounds of improv.” 
“Oh thank god.” You said as you moved to take a seat at one of the side tables. 
“That would have been hell.” Ranboo agreed. 
More people poured into the room, take seats all around as Mr. Soot began to dig through on of the closets. 
As the bell rang he let out a triumphant cheer, turning around and brandishing a very large bowl of paper slips, “I found the prompts!” 
“Oh dear lord.” Ranboo muttered.
“Mr. Soot can we please do like, anything else?” You asked, “Like scenes, or hell I’d even take monologues, you know we’re all shit at improv!” 
The teacher sighed, “I suppose we could do something else. I guess we can begin our next topic, you’re all going to be assigned scenes and given time to practice them, we’ll present on Friday!” 
The entire class breathed a sigh of relief that you had managed to change his mind. 
~~ English: Mr. NotFound 
After a very chaotic lunch full of Tubbo retelling a bunch of jokes Mr. Quackity had told during music,  you trudged off to the one class that didn’t have any of your main group of friends in. 
The one good thing about having Mr. NotFound as a teacher was that he had no clue what he was doing. 
More often then not you would be left to do essays or read the required books, and then watch the movies that went along with them.
And, just your luck, your English block happened to take place during Mr. Wastaken’s prep period. 
“Right, everyone, today’s a work day, finish up anything you need to for this class, or another, and I’ll put on a movie.” Mr. NotFound said as soon as everyone was seated. 
Ten minutes into the movie the teacher had left, and you pulled up the group chat.
(y/n): Mr. NotFound has yet again suspiciously left during class. 
Purp: sus
Purp: just went by WasTaken’s room
Purp: he’s not there
BooBoy: I saw him down in the science hall ten minutes ago
BeEs: Science hall is oposite to English isn’t it
(y/n): yeah it is
BooBoy: very sus
Purp: I swear their having an affair
BeEs: defintly a lesbian
BeEs: *leassion
BeEs: lesion
BeEs: le-a-zon
BeEs: you know what I mean!
BooBoy: take your time Tubbo
You chuckled quietly, putting your phone down to look back up at the movie on the screen. 
Spanish: Mr. Dream (its mexican dream lol)
“AYYYY kids!”
You groaned as your Spanish teacher burst into the room.
“What is with this guy?” Tommy muttered. 
“ayy man not cool.” Mr. Dream said. 
“Mr. Dream your ten minutes late!” Someone pointed out. 
“SHut up man. And I told you just call me Mexican Dream!” The teacher said. 
You frowned, “That doesn’t make sense, theres no way your first name is ‘mexican’.” 
“Well its not,” He explained, “But its cause I’m the Mexican version of that math teacher!” 
“Why couldn’t I have taken French like Boo and Purp?” Tommy asked the ceiling quietly.
~~ Home ec: Miss Nihachu
The last block of the day was always the best, but not just because school would be over soon. 
There were three main reasons why everyone agreed it was the best. 
1. Miss Nihachu was the nicest teacher in school
2. baking was done often, and everyone always got to take some home
3. it was the one class you, Tommy, Tubbo, Ranboo and Purpled all had together. 
Soon your found yourself crowded into one of the tiny kitchen areas with all your friends, as Miss Nihachu gave instructions. 
“Now, if you make a mess you will be cleaning it up! I’m looking at your kitchen a!” She said, half threateningly.
Ranboo pushed away from the group, “I’m not with them I swear!” 
Miss Nihachu rolled her eyes playfully, “Sure your not.” 
Surprisingly, a mess was not fully made. 
Somehow between Tommy wanting to taste the cookie dough at every step from butter to flour, Tubbo trying to add as many chocolate chips as he could, and Purpled all but refusing to move from where he was sitting on the counter, you and Ranboo managed to get the cookies into the oven with no real disasters. 
As you wiped down the empty counter space you sighed, “That wasn’t too bad.” 
“Yeah.” Tubbo agreed. 
Tommy only nodded, still eating the large glob of cookie dough he’d stolen. 
Ten minutes before the bell rang and when everyone was supposed to be finishing cleaning up you sniffed the air suspiciously, “Why do I smell burning?” 
Tubbo took a deep breath, “I smell it too.”
“Oh yeah, something is definitly burning.” Ranboo agreed. 
You whirled to face Purpled, who was absently scrolling through his phone, “Purp you did set a timer right?” 
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deceptxcon · 26 days ago
CC!MCYT’S Reacting to You Helping Wilbur Blow L'Manburg Up.
• Anti-Hero •
- sorry if i get anything incorrect, i haven't seen much of L'manburg history. -
Mentions: you admitting that you had helped wilbur blowing up L’manburg and how DSMP members would react.
Intention: angst … romantic intentions but is NOT ROMANTIC for MINORS.
Mentions: Dream, george, quackity, tommy, niki, technoblade, and philza.
Description: you admitting that you had helped wilbur blowing up L’manburg and how DSMP members would react.
Pronouns: they/them.
CPT: Current. (EX: Las N. & Techno Prison Escapement.)
CPT = current place in time.
- You had visited the prison with a shaky stride, quick to stay far from Dream..scared of his genuine reaction.
- You had told Sam that you were nervous, and he told you he wouldn't do anything harmful..and that he was sure of it. (and you trusted him on that.)
- Dream stood confused as he leaned against the obsidian wall opposite of you. Dream walked closer to you, making you walk away farther from him.
- He narrowed his eyes, raising an eyebrow.
- "Y/N? What's going on?" He asked, making you sigh.
- "I helped blow up L'manburg. Originally."
- Dream gave a small smile, almost prideful.
- "I was waiting until you admitted so," He walked closer to you, looking down at your troubled face. "Don't go thinking I hadn't known."
"Hiding from me isn't easy, don't go thinking you had the upper hand."
- shocked.
- even though he wasn't there, he still felt as though he could've done more to prevent you running alongside Wilbur.
- Through past rivalries with the familiar group, he thought it had calmed down..let alone, done. But it wasn't the end.
- He wanted it to stop..the person he loved destroyed one of the only homes he had.
- so to see you, looking down at your feet shamefully, tears welling up in your eyes..he couldn't bear to see you. He just couldn't.
- although he was disappointed, and saddened to the idea you gave your trust to Wilbur and not him..he couldn't leave you.
- he'd need space and time to process, but he couldn't run from you.
- " what? How could- ...why did you-" George couldn't finish his sentence. His throat was dry and cotton-felt, almost making him gasp for air. "I just- ..please, go."
- it was the hardest decision he had ever made in his life.
Y/N. His lover, but an assistant of destruction.
"I can't bear to look at you.."
"Why? Was it worth it? Trusting him over me?"
"Give me time. I'll return for you. Always."
- it wasn't an appropriate time to approach Quackity about this incident.
- he was drowning in work, just finished talking to Foolish about reinforcements with Dream, the constant worry of Wilbur sending any direct threat..and overall managing Las Nevadas.
- It nailed through his mind constantly, but as well as your cooperation with the mass shock of now L'manhole.
- Quackity sped-walked through the streets of Nevadas, the fountain of water growing louder as he walked closer and closer to it.
- You desperately tried to break through to him, but he was talking to himself about renovations and upcoming plans for threat and business opportunities.
- Soon, you had enough.
- "Oh my god, Y/N. Leave!! I need to work, so, stop it. Go the fuck away, you understand? You don't know the stress I'm under-"
- "I helped blow up L'manburg!" You exclaimed, eyes full of tears from the overwhelming feeling you had inside. The water rushing, the yelling from the man in front of you, the feeling of was too much. “I- I had to say it to someone and you were- you are the only person I can talk to..the guilt was- it wasn’t something I could shrug off!”
- Quackity stood in shock, eyes slightly wide and cheeks flushed from realization. He turned around rather quickly, searching for any kind of diversion or lie..but found no fault.
- "You..helped?" He whispered. You nodded shamefully as tears fell down your cheeks. Although it hurt Quackity to the bone, he couldn't process it. So he turned around and stared down at the paperwork in his hands, not being able to read it due to him mind fogging up.
- "Leave. I don't want you near or in Las Nevadas, if you take one step inside the premise, I will make sure it'll be your last step anywhere. Do you understand?" Quackity threatened. Before you could mutter any disapproval, he tensed up. "Do you understand, Y/n?!" He exclaimed, his voice cracking as he felt hurt course through him.
- You were quick and quiet to leave.
- Quackity took no hesitation, not wanting Las Nevadas to be the next L'manburg.
- It was best you never shown your face in Las Nevadas anymore.
- Tommy was painfully effected by the destruction of L'manburg..let alone, the idea of his brother blowing up his home.
- And when you approached him, he was quick to open up to you.
- "Hey, Y/N! What's up? You alright?" Tommy's voice hushed as he tilted his head at his best friend. You shook your head as you leaned against his home-wall. "Talk to me." He muttered.
- Tommy was soft on you. He liked having you around and always felt like he could tell you things..along with you being the first person to ever open up to, not even Puffy being first.
- "I..I blew up.." You couldn't even finish your sentence, you shivered from the nervousness. You suddenly felt cold.
- "Well, I've blown up quite a lot of things, Y/N," He chuckled, but you never stiffled a giggle. "Y/N?"
- "I helped blow up L'manburg alongside Wilbur, Tommy."
- Silence.
- Tommy stood in shock, his heart racing as he felt his throat get tighter.
his best friend helped blow up L'manburg alongside his brother, his best friend helped blow up L'manburg alongside his brother, his best friend helped blow up L'manburg alongside his brother..
- No matter what you said, Tommy wouldn't respond in that moment. He was having a (small) panic attack as he slowly fell into the corner, his chest heaving as he felt the tears run down his cheeks...that was until the boy, enraged, spoke.
- "Leave. Fucking- leave!" He exclaimed, he said anything he could. He yelled mindless insults and threats of betrayal. "You fucking- you left me! You left me to blow up my only home! You- You-!!" He couldn't finish his sentence, he just shook his head as he looked away, not bearing to look at you anymore.
- So you left. That was best for the both of you to calm down until you saw each other again..if you ever saw each other again.
- Niki knew it was going to blow up..but, in that moment it blew up, she still couldn't comprehend it.
- She blocked that part of history from her mindset so it wouldn't bug her, so it wouldn't effect how she lived.
- Of course, she felt guilty when she knew about it. She saw the TnT and knew, in some time, it was to blow up. But it was still unbelievable..even for Will.
- You were quick about it, you didn't want to hesitate or sugarcoat it..she didn't deserve to not know the full truth, you knew that much.
- "Niki, i have something to confess, and I'm pretty sure you'll hate me for it," You said, making her frown. "I helped Wilbur blow up L'manburg."
- She blinked a few times, mouth agape as she tried to process what was said to her.
- "You..Y/N, please tell me you are joking," Niki said, but it sounded as though she was pleading. You shook your head, eyes filled with sorrow. She narrowed her eyes as they glistened with tears. "Oh my god." Was all she could say.
- Her heart dropped as she sniffled, hands to her face as she hid..she was losing it, surely..
- Niki looked up at you and frowned, her eyes filled with ... understanding. Understanding and sorrow.
- "I knew it just days before he was going to blow it all up," She admitted. "And I still didn't do anything." Niki mumbled.
- You guys stood in a comfortable, understanding silence, you soon leaving just minutes afterward with a hand on her shoulder and a quiet retreat.
- who could forget about the destruction of L’ wasn’t easy to forget.
- Techno sees it as another time in history he swore to himself he wouldn’t repeat..and even though it did just that, he had no intention of considering you were ever a part of it.
- Techno knew you were capable of a lot..and you were honestly one of the strongest people he had known, mentally.
- so he didn’t believe you when you said you helped..he didn’t think you’d succumb to something so foolish.
- so truly foolish.
- “techno..?” You mumbled, walking into his winter-home with a shiver down your spine. You had recently been informed that Techno had broken out of prison, but not enough to stop you from visiting him. You knew he was busy and was about to go off somewhere with a book held close to his hip.
- “Hm? Make it quick,” Techno broke through, walking past you and back outside straight where you came from. You sighed shakily and followed him back to his horse. The snow bit at your feet, making your teeth chatter as you followed close behind him to try and find any source of warmth. Techno sighed and had his arms leaned against the horse, ducking his head before turning to you, grabbing the blanket that wrapped around the horse (extra blanket for emergencies in cold weather) and wrapped it around you. Techno patted your shoulder with a hum. “Don’t stay out for long..what was it you were gonna say?” The pig asked, hopping onto his horse, still staying where he was at.
- he had made it so difficult to come clean..just getting out of prison and already leaving you and Phil already, it was difficult. But you refused to put it off any longer, the guilt was too much for your shoulders.
- “Techno..I- I helped blow up L’manburg, alongside Wilbur,” You whispered, but Techno could hear you just fine. He looked over at you, eyebrows furrowed as he clenched his jaw. His horse huffed and stomped its hooves in discomfort, wanting to leave. Techno couldn’t help but agree with his steed. Techno shook his head. “Listen, I regret it. Of course I do, but it was so long ago..i had no where to go and he was the only person I could turn to- I was lost..i realize he was no good for me!” You tried to explain, Techno scoffed, looking down at your shaking figure.
- “Lost? Y/N, i offered you everything. A home, clothes, a horse,” Techno explained, his voice getting lower and rougher the longer he processed your words. “You weren’t lost. You were stubborn, Y/N.” You we’re silent. Ever so took a step back as Techno rounded his horse up to the side of you. “Guess my plan was worthless in the end..even if it was all for you.”
- before you could mutter anything, Techno rode off into the blistering snow.
- Phil had never forgotten the day he had taken his sons life in the sorrow of his request.
- how could he ever?
- ..but he has grown to cope with it, healthy or not. Phil didn’t want to dwell on it like a sore throat.
- it was just about to hit night and techno had just left, you two had a comfortable silence in the home..for Phil at least.
- you tapped your foot nervously, your stomach filled with butterflies sickly, head light as you tried to distract your horrid mind.
- Phil had taken notice..he always takes notice.
- “Y/N? What’s wrong, seem nervous,” He said as he walked toward you, boot against the wood flooring before sitting down in front of you on the ottoman. You sighed shakily, refusing to look him in the eye. “Mate.” Phil said with a low tone.
- You whispered something unintelligible, making Phil furrow his eyebrows.
- “What?”
- silence.
- “Y/N, you need to talk to me or else I can’t help you-”
- “I helped Wilbur blow up L’manburg!” You exclaimed before slapping a hand on your mouth, tears forming in your eyes as they glistened. Phil’s mouth was agape, heart dropping as he went silent. Phil furrowed his eyebrows and blinked a few times before scoffing. “It wasn’t- I didn’t think-”
- “Of course you didn’t. Of course you didn’t think, what the hell was the intention, Y/N?” He raised his voice, making you flinch. He bit his lip before rubbing his eyes, sighing.
- of course he didn’t want to yell at you, but he was so overwhelmed with Techno and Dream..and basically everyone else.
- you sniffled as you brought your knees to your face, looking away from Phil. He shook his head and stood from the ottoman, crossing his arms while his hand stood idle on his chin.
- “Was Wilbur dying part of the plan too?” Phil mumbled eyes narrowing with disappointment. You bit your lip to refrain from letting any sobs out but it was worthless.
- “O-Of course not! God, did you think I wanted any of this to- to happen?” You exclaimed, tugging painfully at your knees.
- “Well apparently, Y/N! What else did you expect? To go on living happily with the destruction of your only home?” He turned to you, cheeks flushed with anger. You shook your head and stormed up to your room, tears falling down your cheeks. “Jesus..” Was all Phil could say.
- he sighed.
•••’s the angst for the week!!! Hope you enjoyed this one, much love!
- deacy. <33
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wangshengs · 9 months ago
I'm kinda curious about this, but how do you think the big Genshin boys are like as private tutors? And also the subjects they teach, hm... Love your blog btw! I find myself coming back here daily to see if you have anything new out hehe
nonnie its like you peeked into my brain and knew exactly what i wanted to know 😳😳 i love this ask so much, it really made me think hehe
this was written platonic as i know people could get uncomfortable with the potential teacher-student power dissonance even if i specify that they’re tutors. but!! this could be read as romantic hehe.
- ships(?) : childe/reader, zhongli/reader, diluc/reader, kaeya/reader
- character/reader, sfw, short scenarios
- Childe is, without a doubt, the most aggressive PhysEd tutor in the best way possible. Childe’s always had a keen sense for athleticism, from getting you to run a few laps around the track and and watching you do a few basic exercises alone, his discerning eye able to pinpoint your limits and the best way to stretch them. If it’s your thing, expect him to be the ultimate, plucky anime-esque rival, running and shouting and egging you on in sports and made-up competitions for a fun but also beneficial experience. But, if it so very isn’t your thing, then he won’t so much as be a rival as much as the world’s most violent cheerleader -running with you and cheering you on as you go through the challenges (he) set. And at the end of it all, he’ll treat you to cold water bottle and a spot of ice cream on him - he wants you to come back, after all, not scare you off!!
- Zhongli on a normal day is like listening to a textbook talk, the most simple, mundane things spurring the most random, obscure trivia to jump to his tongue. Now, Zhongli as a World History tutor is like listening to history itself talk - his remedial lessons are so in-depth, it’s like he was there himself when it all went down. (And who knows? He probably was.) Zhongli is a patient man, and an even more patient tutor, guiding you through the materials with soft, but firm, tone and an ever present helping hand. Having been a public servant for the past how many thousands of years, Zhongli is very well versed at relaying complex information to a plethora of different types of people, and so he’s consistently monitoring how well you learn under his tutoring, tweaking his lessons here and there should you prefer hands on, auditory or visual learning. He has a little pack of gold stickers he places here and there when you’ve done something he deems exceptionally bright! (More often than not, they end up on your cheeks.)
- Diluc is less of an Economics tutor so much as he is the prime economics study - literally have you seen his business model? His tax papers - his financial records? It’s so perfect and well oiled it could make an accountant cry in relief. This coupled with the fact that he’s not exactly the best at talking means his teaching style skews much more straight forward and hands, preferring the watch and learn methodology of teaching as opposed to others. During lessons, he’ll bring in Dawn Winery’s ledgers from the past few years to use as real life examples, pointing out specific dates of economic rise and fall and explaining how and why he made each decision in relation to the economic standpoint of Mondstadt at that time. If this method doesn’t work, however, catch him spending hours analyzing himself as a case study and boiling down his analysis into more easily digestible chunks - he’s here to help, and he wants to help right damnit. Tactile, visual, auditory - he’ll always try his best. (And even if he’s a little awful at auditory teaching, he’s willing to go the extra mile if it means your smile stays.)
- Kaeya is a very shady interesting Sociology tutor - the unassuming and lax smile on his face a stark contrast to his ability of being able to study and report the nuances of human sociology with terrifying ease. Seriously, he’s doing his job of having human nature down to a science so scarily well that you’re wondering how this theatre kid in pirates clothing managed to gain all that knowledge without alerting like - the professor or the institute or something. Kaeya explains in great detail sociological concepts like the back of his hand, his knowledge seemingly endless as he goes down the list of who, what, where, why and how with pin point precision. Even if his hand-drawn charts are a little crappy, he’s such a good lecturer that he’ll talk for hours to make sure you understand what he’s saying. On days when he wants to make sure a particular idea hits home, (and maybe even cause some On-Brand Kaeya mischief,) he may even go so far as to perform real life experiments with the knights that just so happen to pass by his office.
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thislilfecker · 7 months ago
phil and the dsmp minors
Phil, looking at Tommy: Oh look!
Phil uses his ‘parent voice’: Tommy brought a knife on the field trip everyone!
Ranboo backs into a corner:
Tubbo joins Ranboo:
Purpled uses Tubbo and Ranboo as a shield:
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insertcooluser55 · 10 months ago
I always loved the idea that Tommy and Tubbo comforted each other whenever fireworks/tnt go off due to the PTSD both have from it, like they’d sit together and play a music disc or something to distract themselves, etc etc
What if something happens now that they’re separated- though banned what if someone sets fireworks off in L’Manburg maybe for a celebration and they just forgot the rules? What if ghostbur or someone else visiting Tommy sets off tnt for some reason? They can’t really go to each other now
Tubbos first reaction is to hide, cower in fear and look around for any sense of danger, the memory of death takinbg over him as he feels suffocated, trapped, almost as if he’s in a box and can’t escape
Tommy’s first reaction is the fight, he’s scared of the damage that is done but whatever it is he wants to protect it, land like with L’Manburg blowing up, but in most cases his reaction is to find Tubbo and protect him
Explosions go off near his tent and Tommy wakes up startled, his mind already back to L’Manburg blowing up and the feeling to run away and find Tubbo is taking over. He throws the blanket off of him and gets up to find where the explosion came from despite his mind yelling at him not to. There, stands Ranboo, not knowing much of what happened, with tnt to clear out some land, he looks over at Tommy and smiles and waves at him but his hand and smile quickly drop when seeing Tommy’s angry and panicked face, Ranboo asks him what’s wrong, and Tommy is quick to compose himself as to not want to show a vulnerable state but manages to ask Ranboo to stop what he’s doing. He goes back into his tent heart pacing as he opens his Enderchest and pulls out his compass, he watches it move depending on the way he faces, a small sigh escapes him knowing Tubbo is alive and well. He lays back down holding the compass up so he can watch it, remembering Wilbur’s words, his Tubbo is safe and away from the explosions, and a person who he trusts is handling the tnt and stopped on his request. He rolls over placing the compass in front of him and watches it until he falls asleep again, dreaming of the a world where he and Tubbo sit on the bench with one of his disks playing in the background, as they watch the sun set together.
Fireworks go off in LManburg in celebration of the walls now broken down but Tubbo, instead of joining in on the festivities, is currently in his home scared. He’s backed into a corner of his room in the dark, he has no discs to block out the noise, and no Tommy to sit by his side. No one except his best friend understands how much it freaks him out. He feels like he’s suffocating, and sometimes he has to reach his hand out to remind himself he’s not trapped. He remembers the bright colorful lights much like the ones flashing through his window, and the searing pain in his chest as the explosion hits him, the coldness he felt as death washed over him for a good while until he respawned. With shaky hands he holds onto his compass, staring at his reflection in the glass as tears run down his face. He’s trying to picture Tommy’s face there instead, the compass is pointing away from the sound, towards Tommy and for some reason that comforts him more. Knowing his Tommy is at least away from it, somewhere safe, and that if he were there he would immediately go and stop the fireworks for the both of them. He manages to acknowledge his surroundings and grabs a blanket afrom his bed, wrapping it around his shoulders every firework makes him jump but he holds the compass close to his chest until the party is over and they stop going off. He’s too mentally and physically exhausted to move and he falls asleep against the corner, the compass in hand.
This is not in anyway a ship post, both are minors and uncomfortable with it, and frankly so am I
they’re platonic soulmates and I’ll die with that fact
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teacupcollector · a month ago
Loki And His Follower - Epilogue
Series Masterlist
Summary - When Loki's time on Earth is interrupted by a sudden voice in his head, everyone around him are suddenly suspicious. In order to determine that he is not a danger to those around him with his constant talking to himself they send him to a secluded location in a disguise. What happens when he meets a young woman who is also a  magical practitioner  and has been speaking to Loki all along.
Tumblr media
Giggles echo throughout the clearing. Sat on a checkered blanket is a basket full of food that you have made accompanied with a bottle of wine that you are sharing with your now lover. You sit up and take a sip from your glass as you look down at Loki's resting face as he is soaking up the sun. "You are staring love." He chuckles opening his eyes and looking at you. "I am just living in the moment..." You say slowly setting the glass down and gently dragging your hand along his face, taking in every feature.
 It has been almost a year since the incident with the cult group called 'The Purity' occurred.  You spent many months in the compounds medical ward healing and Loki never once left your side. To say you were slightly upset with the situation was an understatement. You learned that your home was burned to the ground and that you were miles from your hometown. Even so, something positive came out of it. You got to meet Earths mightiest heroes and become good friends with them, you discovered that the ritual worked and that you are indeed alive, and you get to spend the rest of your life with the God you love. When Thomas -who is now Loki- had to explain who he was. You looked at him with nothing but admiration. Loki feared that you would look at him differently now that you knew of his Godlike life, but you didn't. Meeting the Team was truly exciting but a bit overwhelming since you lived in isolation for so long and not to fond of crowds. Luckily Loki caught on to how you were feeling and was sure to make sure everyone gave you space and didn't bombard you with questions. You will never forget meeting the one and only Tony Stark. Other then Loki and the recent events he has changed your life. His diva like personality and sassiness could never be forgotten as well as what he gave you.
"Hey lady is Loki around?" You laugh when he says that. Tony has taken to calling you lady but you can't seem to understand why. "No, he went to go take a shower." You say smiling up from your hospital bed. "Good because I wanted to talk to you." He says taking Loki's chair and spinning it so it is facing him before straddling it and sitting down. "What would you like to talk about Mr. Stark?" Tony sighs at his surname because he has told you countless times to call him 'Tony.' "I wanted to talk to you about your plans for after you have recovered." Tony says slowly as if he is scared to offend you. "Oh. Okay what exactly would you like to know?" You ask somewhat concerned. You haven't really thought that far ahead as you are still trying to process everything and therapy has been really helping with that. "I wanted to know if you have any plans on moving out." Tony says. You must have made a face because he quickly follows up with a. "I'm not kicking you out! I was just wondering if you had anywhere to stay. I understand that your home was burned down and I would like to help you out." He says quickly. "Honestly Mr. Stark I have no where to go. I haven't talked to my family in years and I didn't really have any friends until Tho- I mean Loki came along." You say looking down at your hands that are placed in your lap. "Yes I heard that you like quiet areas... So I want to make a proposition for you." "Okay I am listening..." You say cautiously. "As you see our compound lives on acres and acres of forest..." He says as he produces an Ipad in front of you showing the surrounding location. "... And I was thinking that right here..." He zooms in to a clearing a little ways away from the compound. "... Is where you could live, and if the Team is okay with letting Loki leave their sight he could be there with you to." Your bottom lip starts to quiver as tears well up in your eyes. "Y-You're willing to do that for me?" You say trying your best to hold back a sob. Tony nods putting on a small smile. "Yes but only on one condition." He says with a smirk. "Yes anything!" You exclaim. "You need to cook for us twice a week because I hear that you make bomb ass spaghetti." You burst out laughing which is followed by a few tears. "I'll make anything you want just say the word." You sniffle before throwing yourself into Tony's arms crying into his shoulder. "Now, now, don't get all sappy with me pretty Lady you keep our mischievous God in check it is the least I could do." You pull away wiping your eyes with the back of your hands. "Thank you Tony!" You say with a smile.  
Loki brings your face down to his in a soft yet passionate kiss. You sigh through your nose as he sits up and you lay down deepening the kiss. He now has his arms on either side of your shoulders before lifting one hand and cupping your cheek before tilting your head upward exposing your neck to him. "My Darling..." He says kissing down your jaw sucking on your pulse point. You let out a pleasurable sigh. "My Dove..." His lips travel down to were your shoulder and neck meet sucking and nibbling gently. You run your hands through his raven colored hair tugging and gently scraping your nails against his scalp. "My Lady Love..." He finishes as his hand that was against your cheek down to your knee gliding up your thigh. You gasp quickly and sit up using your hands to put space between the both of you. "My Dove?" He asks surprised. You look away from him in shame. "My Dove what is it? Did I do something? If I misread I'm so-" "No! No it wasn't you..." You say taking his hand putting it in your lap and playing with his fingers. "Then what is it my Darling?" He asks tilting his head down to catch your gaze. "It's just... I am still bald and I have all these scars!" You blurt out tears welling up in your eyes. "(Y/N)... That doesn't deter me from loving you..." Loki says with a small frown. "I know we have tried being intimate and I am sorry I have been rejecting you it's just..." You try taking deep breaths so you don't burst into tears. "Your fathers, mothers, brothers, and many other names are carved into me... How could you make love to me while those names are present on my skin?" You say sniffing. Loki takes both your hands and kissing your palms. "I understand that you feel... Insecure, but like I said that doesn't deter me from loving you." He begins trailing his lips up the inside of your arms where some of the runes remain, placing kisses on each one before moving to the other arm.
"Your body does not belong to any of the names present on your skin. You belong to yourself my love..." He says cupping your cheek. You lean into his touch as he continues. "You have given me the greatest honor. You have given me a chance to love and be by your side." He says kissing the scar on your forehead. "If loving you means that we will never make love then so be it. I am not here for your body - which is beautiful might I add - I am here for you." He says pulling you into his lap. "I fell in love with your heart and mind and many other things I could name but it would take longer then my life expectancy  to name all of them." He says whispering into your ear as you hide your face in his chest. "But if I have to... I will tell you all the reasons I love you for forever." At this point you are in tears and you look up at him with a smile. "I don't know how I got so lucky." You say cupping his cheek. "They are still out there Loki... I never want to be apart from you." You mumble as you place a kiss on his lips. He pulls away as his sharp green eyes meeting your slightly red, and teary (E/C) eyes. "I promise that I will protect you from those cultists, Hydra, Aliens, and anything else that comes our way." You nod and lay your head on his shoulder hiding your face in his neck. "I love you (Y/N)." Loki says incasing you in his arms. "I love you too Loki..." You let out a sigh gripping his shirt as you feel your body relax.
Taglist: @yaskna @lucymfer @dark-night-sky-99 @fredsandlokiswhore​
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brotherwives · 8 days ago
Canon wise I like to think Sam and Dean get. marginally used to touching each other casually in non-life-threatening situations and then they wonder how on Earth they survived three decades not constantly physically wrapped around each other
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i-was-born-a-mistake · 4 months ago
Ranboo: The moon is beautiful tonight. Tubbo: It really is. *in another room* Tommy: *whispering* Should we tell them that's a tortilla I threw at the window? Purpled: Please don't.
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tommy-needs-healing · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Did I post this here? I keep forgetting I have other social medias since I use discord all the time TuT anyway I hc tubbo with long hair-
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