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#platonic moxiety

Title: 5 times the sides were waring someone else’s cloths and one time they all were

Fandom(s): Sanders sides

Description: There were very few things all the sides could agree on. One of those things was that Thomas was terrible at giving them warning before summoning them, which resulted in some rather interesting and somewhat embarrassing moments. Be that missing items of clothing or wearing pyjamas.

Characters: Virgil, Roman, Patton. Janus, Remus, Logan, C!Thomas

Parings: intrulogical, Analoroceit, moceit. 

Individual bits as induvisual ships: anxeit, parental moxiety, roceit, intrulogical, logicality, analogics & prinxiety & moceit & demus [this was confusing]

Tags/warnings: can’t think of any warnings, implied making out at the end, kinda fluffy, 5+1 things, sharing cloths


Things had been pretty hectic over the past week, and everyone needed a break. Which, of course, meant no one was, and Thomas was making a video. Logan, Patton and Roman were all arguing over what they should be spending time on. Patton was pushing him to help his friends, Roman telling him to go dream chasing and Logan failing to find a balance between them.
Thomas was expecting Virgil to rise up any second as he had done many a time before, but it wasn’t the anxious side that appeared.
“Well, isn’t this lovely. Totally productive and very useful bickering.”
It may not have been who he expected, but Janus had the desired effect, and the sides were able to begin to work towards a solution.
Looking over, Janus realised Thomas wasn’t paying much attention. Snapping his fingers, he got said man’s attention.
“Sorry, just. What are you wearing?”
Logan cut in before the yellow side could answer “He is waring Virgil’s hoodie, surely you can see that?”
“No, no, I see that but… why? Never-mind, what were you saying Janus?”
Janus restarted his point, and things continued as usual.


The sides had materialised to watch another movie. Thomas had found a behind the scenes Disney documentary which had done the near-impossible task of appeasing both Roman and Logan while still engaging all the other sides. Logan and Remus were off in the latter’s room presumably working on their recreation of Frankenstein’s monster; assuming Remus hadn’t distracted the logical side. Patton and Janus were making another batch of cookies in Thomas’ kitchen; Thomas himself was chatting with them and making a note to buy more flour, sugar and eggs. Again. Roman was adventuring in the imagination, and Virgil was presumably on Tumblr in his room.
An hour later, the sides to congregate in Thomas’ living room scattering all about the place. Janus was lazing on the sofa, next to Patton in his cat onesie, looking surprisingly comfortable given he was still waring slacks and a buttoned-up shirt. Roman leaned against the yellow side’s legs and practically vibrating with excitement. Logan was sitting in his usual spot having lost his tie at some-point but still looking very put together. Remus was lurking behind the sofa in his birthday suit.
Virgil appeared on the arm of the couch in Patton’s cat hoodie. The sides all greeted him, and the Moral side could not stop cooing at how adorable he looked in his hoodie. Janus looked at their human with a raised eyebrow as he walked and received an eye-role in return.
“You do look adorable Virge.”

Finding the sides in the kitchen at random hours wasn’t particularly surprising anymore. Between Patton’s baking, Janus’ cooking, Logan’s love of crofters and Virgil’s random snacking there was usually someone there and if there wasn’t you didn’t have to wait long.
However, what was unusual was the two most dramatic sides appearing singing some kind of competitive duet. Once Roman and Janus had reconciled, they took bickering to the next level. If the others thought he was bad with Virgil, Roman took it to new heights with the deceitful side.
Competitive Disney mealies was a new one though.
Somehow Janus had lost his cape, and Roman’s sash was nowhere to be seen. What was most surprising, however, was that Janus’ hat had found itself onto the prince’s head. Given how protective, said side was of his hat it was unexpected but the two sank out before anything could be said.

[Remus’ sash is absolutely massive when unfolded and I WILL die on this hill]
For once, Janus had managed to get everyone to listen and actually take a break. Said side was cuddling with Roman and Virgil back in the mind-palace commons and Patton was knitting in a chair next to them. The last anyone had seen of Logan and Remus was them talking excitedly heading off to the latter’s room.
A few hours later Patton had finished up the beanie he had been knitting and had moved I join the others’ cuddle pile. At some point, Virgil had fallen asleep with his head on Romans shoulder to the creative side running his fingers through his hair. Janus was starting to doze off curled around Patton. He raised his head sleepily when Logan shuffled into the room and flopped onto the couch with a book in hand. He pulled the Duke’s sash tighter around his shoulders and cracked open the hefty tome as the Moral side ruffled his hair. The owner of the sash around Logan’s shoulders slunk into the room to steal Janus’ hat and lie across the back of the couch.

The sides were sitting around having a far more relaxed debate than usual. There was no one specific topic, the conversation drifted from the mundane to the ridiculous.
Other than a brotherly spat that had left Roman sulking for a short while things were thankfully drama free.
Or, well, they had been before Logan had accused Patton of not taking things seriously. There was a tense moment before the latter snapped his fingers.
“Pat, what?”
Then Virgil started snickering and pointed to Patton’s neck.
“Well, Lo, I’d say I’m being plenty serious. See, necktie!”
Sure enough one of Logan’s old ties had materialised around his neck. Even the logical side couldn’t keep a straight face and they all burst out laughing.

Thomas was getting used to seeing his sides in clothing other than their usual attire but he was still rather surprised when he summoned them to start recording and they were all each-others clothes.
Patton and Janus appeared together, the yellow side in the others hoodie with his arm over his shoulders. Remus had popped up with Janus’ hat next to his brother who had Virgils hoodie on and was looking a little awkward.
Virgil had Logan’s tie draped around his neck and blush on his cheeks as he glared at the human who had summoned him while the Logical side just smirked.

42 notes

*looking into the mirror after not sleeping for a few days*

Virgil: wow I look like a trash rat that just climbed out from the sewer

Patton: I will physically fight you, be nice to yourself

Remus: *appearing randomly behind a curtain* someone say trash rat?

20 notes

Sure haha

- every Friday Patton and Virgil have a cartoon night where they eat candy and cuddle

- whenever one of them gets sick the other insists to take care of them and they inevitably end up catching the illness too

- Virgil is doing a great job at helping Patton overcome his arachnophobia

- Patton is absolutely enamoured with Virgil’s heterochromia and every time Virge says he hates his eyes he passionately  explains how amazing they are and gives him hugs

- Virge grew his hair out because why not and Patton absolutely loves to style his lovely purple locks in loads of different ways. Virgil doesn’t mind at all

- When they’re both sad they go down to the kitchen and bake cakes

- I’ll add more!

33 notes

Fandom: Sanders Sides

Relationships: Patton & Virgil, Logan & Virgil, Logan/Patton

Characters: Patton, Virgil, Logan

Summary: Patton’s toddler is sick and hiding under the bed. He didn’t know what to do. He knew what he couldn’t do. He couldn’t get mad. He couldn’t scream. He couldn’t threaten to punish him. He couldn’t drag him out from under the bed by anything he could reach, so he could get to him. Virgil was sick and hurting and Patton refused to hurt him more. But what was he supposed to do?

Notes: Past child abuse/neglect, panicked parents, illness, sick child, briefly mentioned superhero AU

This is set in the Shadow Crawler AU which is an AU I thought up for my Labeled Universe where Logan and Patton adopt Virgil when he is a toddler instead of when he is 15. This is the first fic in this universe, but you can find what I’ve said about this AU here.

The prompt was “I can’t take your temperature unless you come out from under there.” with Logan & Patton & Virgil from the Hurt / Comfort Sickfic Drabble Prompts list.

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120 notes

New Year’s Party


Summary: Patton and Virgil take a breather from their friends’ New Years Party.

WC: 1182

Pairings: platonic moxiety

Ao3 Link

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Underneath The Spotlight- A Sanders Sides Fic

Taglist: @sophiexteresa thank you so much for all your support! You’ve been here since chapter one and I cannot thank you enough for always leaving such sweet comments! I hope you’ve enjoyed this story, read my note at the end which explains what will happen with this au next!

Chapter 14: When the Curtain Falls

Read chapter 1 here!


Read here on ao3!

A/N: this is it, folks! The final chapter has arrived!

Warnings: mentions of food

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*nearly knocks over his mug*
Hey, kiddo! Don't mind me. I'm just hungry.
Hi, Hungry. I'm A Danger To Myself.
I'm happy that you made a pun but I'm also very concerned.
162 notes

AO3 Link

Masterpost - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5


Me: Oh, I’m on the last chapter! This should be easy to finish!
My heart: Nooooooooo! Not endings! I hate endings! I don’t want to be done! T^T *coughs awkwardly through confrontations, trying to make it as realistic as possible and ends up making it longer than intended*
And then I procrastinated for days.

When Roman returned, he was pleasantly surprised to find Logan and Virgil cuddling on the couch. Looking at Virgil, he was reminded of a koala with the way he clung to Logan. Though both of them had dozed off, Logan woke up when Roman moved closer.

“You got him out of his room,” Roman whispered, “Did you find out what’s wrong?”

Logan rubbed his eyes, “Yes. We’ll all talk later after he wakes up.”

Roman pouted, “But-”

“Not now, Roman. He’s exhausted so let him sleep.”

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9 notes

Platonic Moxiety in the ALiPverse? Naah, never happens. ;)

This is an idea I’ve had for a while, and it involves the Steven Universe Movie. There is meaning to it and how some of the songs I feel would resonate with Patton specifically. Because you need to know the songs, I never shared this, but I figured for a special occasion … I can make an exception. 

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75 notes

Hi yeah its me, and look I’m already back with a new fic for the new year :D cherish this moment I don’t think i will have have this turn around so quick again. For the TSS Fanworks Secret Santa Exchange because I was a pinch hitter :DD @nerdywriterhaven I hope you enjoy!

Summary: Patton has a thing about boardgames and Virgil has a thing about Logan. Together they figure it out. 

Word Count: 7900

Quick Taglist: @alias290@chelsvans@coyboi300​ @dante-reblogs @dwbh888@glitchybina@faithfulcat111@felicianoromano​ @harrypotternerdprincess @holliberries@jemthebookworm@killerfangirl3@mrbubbajones​  @musical-nerd18@nonasficcollection@stricken-with-clairvoyancy@the-sunshine-dims@themagicheartmailman​ @themultishipperchild @thenaiads@treasureofpriam@vianadraws@welovelogansanders​  

Read on Ao3 || My General Writing Masterlist

Patton shows up at Virgil’s dorm room just slightly after six pm on a Tuesday with two thermoses of soup that are still warm to the touch, a halloween tupperware of chocolate chip cookies that had been passed between him and Virgil so many times that Patton really doesn’t remember whose it was originally, his laptop, phone, the chargers for both, and the board game Trouble.

Virgil, predictably, shuts the door in his face the second he sees the game box hidden under all the other things in his arms. Patton also thinks that Virgil tells him to go away, but it’s muddled by the door.

Instead he shuffles all the supplies to his left arm and knee, and knocks again on his door just below the leftover tape from the nametag that his RA keeps putting up and Virgil keeps ripping down because he doesn’t want anyone knowing where he sleeps. His knuckles hum with the rap, datatata dat dat! And he smiles even when there’s the sound of something being thrown at the door from that side.

Patton chooses not to hear it because he’s a good friend and an even more stubborn houseguest.

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Fandom: Sanders Sides

Ships: Virgil & Patton

Characters: Virgil, Patton, (character Thomas mentioned)

Summary: Virgil wants to take care of Patton for once.

This is part of the What Remains Universe.

Notes: Sick fic, brotherly moxiety

The prompt was “Why don’t you let someone else take care of you for a change.” With Patton and Virgil from the Hurt / Comfort Sickfic Drabble Prompts list.

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46 notes

Virgil pulled his jacket a bit tighter around himself as he sneezed into his hoodie. He shook his head as he sniffled and wiped his nose on his sleeve as he continued to walk down the sidewalk towards his friend Patton’s place. As the wind bit at his cheeks, Virgil swore he felt a drop of water hit his nose.

The sidewalk looked completely dry, so Virgil figured he imagined it, but when he felt another, and then another, and then it was pouring freezing rain. Virgil tried to pull his hood up against the rain, but the wind kept blowing it into his face regardless. Virgil picked his pace up to a run. His hoodie was already soaked through and Virgil’s teeth chattered as he rounded a corner.

Virgil stumbled up onto the doorstep of Patton’s house and rang the doorbell.

It immediately opened and Patton dragged him inside, “Virgil what were you doing out there? Look at you! You’re shaking like a leaf!” Patton began to fuss as he rummaged through a cabinet and through a towel at him, “Get out of those clothes.”

“Yes-” Virgil stifled a couple of sneezes as he took off his hoodie. “Yes sir.”

As soon as Virgil took off his clothes and wrapped himself in the towel. Patton returned a few moments later with some baggy clothes which Virgil quickly changed into.

Virgil sniffled as his nose began to tickle, Patton flopped down beside him on the couch, “Your nose is so pink.”

Virgil scrubbed at it, “No it’s not!”

Patton rolled his eyes and poked his nose, which immediately sent Virgil into a sneezing fit, “uh huh… and you’re about to tell me you’re not sick either.”

“I’m not-” Virgil’s breath hitched.

Patton raised an eyebrow and grabbed a tissue out of the box on the coffee table and handed it over.

Virgil sneezed, once, then twice, then it just kept going.

Patton took out a couple more tissues as Virgil finished, “As you were saying?”

“Fine maybe I’m not 100%…” Virgil mumbled before blowing his nose.

Patton turned on a movie and cozied up next to Virgil, “Mhm you’re staying here until the rain ends.”

Virgil yawned and leant against Patton, “no arguments here.”

44 notes

Patton and Virgil are the bestest, mostest, dynamicist, duoist duo in the entire Thomasphere! Spider boi Virgil and frog dawg woof man (emphasis on the frog part-) are best bois

28 notes

Virgil is either the type of person who hates math because it’s too hard or the type that loves math because the answers never change

154 notes

(these prompts are old, prompts are closed, do not send more)

14. “But it’s such a lovely word! Tickle tickle tickle!”

Cuteness Quota

Fandom: Sanders Sides

Ship(s): gen or romo Moxiety

Characters (lee/ler): Lee!Virgil, Ler!Patton

Word Count: 133 words

Summary: Patton never missed an opportunity to make Virgil smile.

[ao3 link]


Virgil yelped as he was pinned onto the couch. He tried to pull his wrists out of Patton’s grip, but it was no use. Gentle as it was, Patton had him pinned to tightly.

“Pat, no!”

Patton laughed. “Pat, yes! What, suddenly you don’t want the tickles?”

Virgil made a choked noise and wished he had enough slack on his hands to hide his face.

Patton cocked his head to the side and grinned. “Oh? Feeling a little ticklish, are we?”

Virgil struggles to find his voice. “Don’t— say that word!”

“But it’s such a lovely word! Tickle tickle tickle!”

“No!” Virgil squealed.

“You’re just cute as a button, you are!” Patton cooed. “And I bet your laugh is even cuter!”

Needless to say, Patton’s “cuteness quota” wasn’t filled for a while yet.

34 notes

AO3 Link

Masterpost - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4

Virgil couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Out of all of them, he expected Logan to be the one to agree with him, to accept what Virgil offered first… Logan wouldn’t lie to him. But… Logan… cared? About him? But-he couldn’t. Logan wouldn’t lie to him.

Suddenly, all Virgil craved at that moment was to be held. To be told that he was loved, that he was important to them. Not just for what he could do but for who he was. The rush of emotion and longing was overwhelming. The rational part of his mind was trying to convince him that he would only get hurt if he let Logan in. But rationality was long lost in the wave of desperation.

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11 notes

Virgil: I have no friends

Remus: Even-

Virgil: Nope. You’re not my friend either

Remus: *pouts*

Virgil: I have no friends and I care about noone.

Patton, tears in his eyes: No friends? Care about noone?

Virgil, hugging him: You don’t count. You’re my dad. You’re my friend.

Patton: *is happy*

24 notes

AO3 Link

Masterpost - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3

A/N: Happy new year!

The following morning was no better than the day before. Virgil was still holed up in his room despite the fact that it was almost noon. Patton wouldn’t stop stress baking, pacing when he ran out of things to do while waiting on the oven. Virgil had turned him away when he went to bring him breakfast and refused to even open the door. Roman was rather upset when he heard that but the concern for Virgil shone through his anger. This only solidified Logan’s resolve.

Once Logan managed to convince Patton to calm down a bit and take some time for himself, he left to see Virgil. On his way there, he had to stop Roman from joining him. The prince was far too worked up to be speaking to Virgil and he knew that having more than one person would likely only make things worse.

When he reached Virgil’s door, he paused to listen in. The Anxious Side’s walls weren’t at all soundproof. One could hear almost anything through them. Likely to help set Virgil’s mind at ease so that he wasn’t startled. At first, Logan wasn’t able to pick up on any noise but he managed to latch onto the sound of deep breathing after a few seconds of intense focus. Virgil’s breathing was stable, slow enough to know that he was calm but frequent enough he wasn’t sleeping.

Logan took a deep breath and knocked. As he expected, Virgil didn’t answer.

“Virgil, you don’t need to open the door but you should know that I’m not leaving until we talk this out.”

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11 notes

Fandom: Sanders Sides

Relationships: platonic Moxiety, background platonic DRLAMPT

Characters: Virgil, Patton, (Thomas, Logan, Roman, Remus and Janus are all there in the background)

Summary: Virgil liked spiders. He loved them. Ever since the other sides had learnt of his affinity for spiders, Virgil had been in charge of disposing of any spiders found in Thomas’ apartment or the Mind Palace. Nobody thought anything of it. But here’s the thing. Virgil didn’t just like spiders - he was a spider. The other sides all hated spiders. And there was no doubt that if the other sides knew, they would hate Virgil forever.

Warnings: Spiders (to skip descriptions of actual spiders, skip up to the first ***. However, Virgil has several spider legs and eyes which are described throughout. If that would bother you, it’s best not to read this), a minor panic attack, fear of isolation/abandonment, self deprecation, one mention of potential harm to animals, one mention of angler fish, fear of yourself

Read on AO3

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