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galaxy-casper 2 days ago
yandere monty and a sweet, soft, crybaby-ish, reader? the read could be staff or an older sibling! (you can pick 馃榿)
Tumblr media
Crying tears of Joy
You were doing your usual shift, walking around and making sure everyone was happy, picking up trash that could have been left behind by any of the cleaner bots and the children thought it would be funny to hide something that could stink up the area.
Your usual route came around the entire auditorium and around the game route. Bleachers and all.
During your walk through you were up in the raptors, you looked down watching all the kids play mini golf and having the time of their lives.
You remember when you were with your family, playing small courses of mini golf and seeing the funny courses everyone thought of making.
Your eyes tears slightly as you smile in recognition. Your past was so happy and so fulfilling. You were so lucky you could work at a job you enjoyed.
As you continued to look down, you noticed that monty wasn't by any of the kids, showing off or winning.
You got confused and started looking around. Seeing the flying gators go across their ring.
You officially gave up and simply thought that Monty was just off on his own. Destroying his room or messing with roxy on the race track.
You started walking down the stairs until you felt the entire metal walk shake and a huge pound of metal against metal.
Turning around, afraid, you inhaled to let out a scream. Only to have the huge intruder charge at you and cover your mouth quickly.
Your scream was simply... Muffled. You couldnt get the help of anyone around you and your only sound to sense an alarm was blocked by a huge green claw.
You looked up at the terrifying black mass with tears that were once of happy memories, now falling in a horrified way to try and calm down your adrenaline.
You tried to breath regularly through the barricade and stare at Monty who literally came out of nowhere!
When your hand finally reached up towards his claw, he moved it away with no reluctance.
"Hey Darling, How is your day goin'?" He chuckled slightly, seeing more Humour in this situation then you are.
"I, was looking for trash, did I miss some? I can go get it if you tell me where it is." You pointed at the tiny monty bins that were scattered all around the PizzaPlex, staring at him afraid that he would critique your job.
Monty laughed and nodded, looked at you bending his sunglasses down a little.
"Aww shucks! Did I make the pretty maid cry? I'm sorry Darlin', I didn't realise you were that skittish! Don't want to be scaring my little ray of sunshine away!" Monty moved his hand towards your cheek and brushed away the terrified tears that were slightly still running.
"I-.. I'm sorry... I didn't mean to really.. Hurt your feelings.. Or scare you! I mean of course you scared me more then anything! But still! You're really sweet for worrying about me!" You didn't know why you were so shy around him. You enjoyed being around Monty, he just scares you, he's huge, loud, and almost barely uses proper manners towards anyone.
"Nah! You aint doing any harm to these old gears! You really make my day sometimes, Sunshine." You liked Monty. As a friend. It seemed something though that he wanted something more then a platonic friendzone though.
Monty made you laugh and smile, you always felt comfortable talking to him.
"T-thanks for... Making me feel better about that.. Hey uh Monty.. I was wondering if you... Have seen Jordan or like Brad? They were supposed to help me with the.. The cleanup but I haven't really seen them.."
"You mean those two knuckle heads that kept bugging you?" You nodded and Monty raised his head in thought.
"I think last I checked they called in sick!" He patted your head and you sighed. The pizzaplex was about 3 floors. Ridiculous to clean by yourself.
"Oh well.. I guess back to work I go, Thanks for telling me, everyone needs a sick day every once and awhile." You laughed and started heading down the stairs.
"Hey! Y/N!" Monty called after you quickly. The urgency in his voice made you turn. Your hair flying in your face.
"Yeah? Whatsup?"
"If anyone bothers you about anything again, just tell me, okay sunshine?" He moved some strands of hair out of your eyes and stroked your cheek.
"Don't worry Monty. I'm sure no one will mess with me."
"Yeah but just in case." He sounded worried, you smiled and mocked his cheek stroke against his own muzzle.
"Okay, I'll tell you." He grabbed onto you slightly and hugged your frame. Lifting you off the ground slightly.
"Okay Monty, seriously I got to get back to work." You kissed his cheek as he put you back towards the floor.
You waved goodbye as you descended the stairs. When you were out of sight, Monty touched his cheek and chuckled a bit shyly.
"No one will hurt my bright sunshine."
He definitely didn't regret sending those two dweebs home in an ambulance
Protected forever
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yandereaffections 2 days ago
I finished Arcane now and wow what a good series! Can I request a reader baking sweets with Jinx and Silco? Just a cute moment from them, please 馃ズ
Tumblr media
You have a energetic and hazardous goofball and a stoic man who at least tries to go by the directions as you get the ingredients all lined up, it's a whole family moment with the three of you trying to coordinate your efforts
Jinx is looking over between you and silcos shoulders, watching you scoop out the brownie mix as he holds the bowl up so it's easier to pour out onto the pan that Jinx bent into her own weird shape when waiting for you two to figure out how to work a makeshift oven
Once it's ready and cooled down you can stop distracting jinx and finally let her focus all her energy on decorating the cake, bright and vivid colors silco got just for this purpose will be used while silco pats you both on the head, right before jinx shoves a piece up to his face to try of course.
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dollmoth-productions 2 days ago
Hi doll moth! Can I request a platonic madrigals with a reader that still has her dreams powers from the last request about it but the reader dies in their sleep to something and the family is distressed, but then they keep seeing her in dreams in her dream world form with the little clouds on their hair and they uses the clouds to help guide them into their main domain in the dream world where she controls everything and they tells them that even after death, they are still here for them.
Tumblr media
鉂 Abuela聽 after your death they both fell into a state of disarray and sadness trying to find out anyway to bring you back whenever she would actually get sleep at this point she would see you and always try to run and get you but you would always disappear Without a Trace
馃挋Julieta and agust铆n聽 they probably miss you the most trying your best to help the town you overwork yourself to death sometimes they still see you in your dreams even though you're slightly different they always try to get you back they always kept your body but it was practically useless but for some strange reason you can't decay
馃挋 Isabela聽 she always decorated your room with flowers so she probably missed you the most even though you were gone for such a long time she couldn't get over it she wanted to see you again so she would always fall asleep to see if you were in her dreams you were but you were different but whenever she would try to get you you would disappear
馃挋lusia聽 she probably was one of the worst affected by your desk thinking that it was her fault that you died but of course she knew that wasn't true since you died in your sleep you would always try your best to even help her in her dreams even though your dreams form with your final form you couldn't go back to your body you are too weak
馃挋Maribel聽 when she figured out that she felt a great deal of sadness you what are one of the only people that actually respected her and treated her like family despite her not having a gift so you being gone really affected her instead of being happy and getting a she would be resentful and bitter even in her dreams she would see you as someone who left her but she missed you too much to be mad
馃挍Pepa and F猫lix聽 they missed you a lot don't get me wrong they felt so guilty when you passed away because you passed away in their room you never wanted to leave even though everything that they did was terrible even though you wish you had freedom you love them or is that Stockholm Syndrome oh you don't care your parents love you
馃挍 Dolores she wouldn't stop crying for hours you know she was really close to you since you would be the only person that calms her down in her dreams or from overstimulation from loud noises you had to do something but you tried to help her even in your final moments
馃挍 Camilo he blamed you you would always be there by him but there is nothing you could do about it you were dead and he knew it you would never come back and he felt guilty for hurting you for so long but he knew it was necessary he misses you so much but yet he still blames you
馃挌 Bruno聽 not even his Future Vision could bring you back it and he felt so building he didn't know what to do he missed you so much and you would always be there to calm him down but you are no longer there even when he was sleeping and you were in his dreams he couldn't bear to be by you
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yandere-starchild 17 hours ago
How does Wonder Woman react to Bat-Family Child?
"Baby. Must protect." - Wonder Woman
I think she would be those cool aunt you meet on the weekend, she always brings something nice to them. (I like to think that) Bruce trusts Diana so he doesn't really care when she takes them somewhere to hang out a little ((but with GPS on them of course))
Since the Y/N is not like the others from BatFam who fight so she gets very protective towards them. Diana would like to teach them some basic defensive techniques because you never know when you're going to be in a danger situation, but Bruce is against that (they're always arguing about that)
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the-broken-truth a day ago
Can I request yandere batman Nightwing Red hood red Robin and older damin x baby clone reader daughter reader.
Where the reader is a clone of doomsday and The boy's and they don't care they will take care of her please
Tumblr media
Broken: A Clone of Doomsday? Superman isn't gonna like it but I don't think he would go against The Dark Knight & The Batfamily. Now, let the words weave together!!!
When Batman was investigating an interesting rumor of a geneticist that somehow got a hold of the DNA of Superheroes and Villians as well as cryptids, he knew that nothing good could come from it, so he dispatched his sons: Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin to investigate the Geneticist's Rumored Lab.
Batman, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin headed to the lab and arrested the twisted geneticist but a very interesting discovery was uncovered - it was not gonna sit well with the Man of Steel.
Sitting inside of a locked crib was an infant with dark grayish skin, dull-white stones on the chest and shoulders of the child, snow-white hair and if that wasn't a clear indication as to whose DNA was used to create this child - the familiar red eyes were.
This was a child made from the Genetic Code of Doomsday -Superman was not going to like this but this was not the creature that almost killed him, this was but an infant - innocent. And Bruce was going to keep it safe...even if it was from his best friend.
Collecting the child, the files on the child - who Bruce named [Reader], and the crazy mind that decided to create them, the Batfamily was out of there and the doctor was placed in the custody was Gotham PD before the family retreated into the darkness of the night and back to the cave they called home.
Watching some old footage of Doomsday fighting Superman and noting the weaknesses gave Bruce ideas for making a decent but protective room for [Reader] to grow in alongside there rest of their family.
[Reader] grew and knew that they weren't like the rest of their family but there was never a reason to doubt the love that they all had for each other. While [Reader] didn't know what they were exactly, they knew they were going to put the power they had to good use by fighting along with side the Justice League - Batman and the brothers were against it but listened since they were going to be there with [Reader] too. Everything was going good...
Until Superman found out about Batman's Secret - [Reader].
The moment the Man of Steel saw [Reader] talking to Batman - something in him snapped and he charged at [Reader] but was stopped when Robin stood in the way and explained who and what [Reader] was. Superman didn't care and wanted them dealt with before they became an issue - he wanted to send [Reader] to the Phantom Zone but Batman and his family refused to let that happen.
Superman warned them that they would regret that choice before flying away with a glare on his face, making [Reader] feel like they were a danger to everyone around them. That was the day Batman and his family knew that they were gonna have to keep [Reader] safe...even from friends.
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mitsuributmexican a day ago
What Yandere!Platonic!Dad Levi Would Do For Your Birthday HCS
CW: yandere, protectiveness
Tumblr media
- definitely spoiling you for birthdays
- he鈥檚 making all his co-workers buy you presents
- he respects whatever way you want to celebrate your birthday
- whether that鈥檚 having a huge party or just chilling and watching movies
- all that matters is that you鈥檙e happy
- he鈥檒l let you take your entire birthday week off
- he gets a bit sad knowing you鈥檙e aging, but he knows you won鈥檛 leave him.
- right?
- man just wants you to stay with him forever so he can protect you-
- he鈥檒l cook/get all your favorite foods.
- he makes sure that all your birthdays will be special and that you enjoy them
- he鈥檚 not the type to force you to take pictures聽
- he鈥檒l just record you opening presents.
- he writes you lengthy card about all your accomplishments and how proud he is of you and how much he loves you
鈥淵ou鈥檝e come a long way. I鈥檓 extremely proud to have you as my child and you鈥檝e progressed so much. You鈥檙e still shorter than me though. Happy Birthday kiddo.鈥
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yansoftie 11 hours ago
jjk // platonic yan!gojo
Gojo secretly piggybacking his favorite students because he just loves them so much! Following you to every destination, making sure you鈥檙e never even grazed by cursed spirits, checking in on how well you鈥檙e doing in school. You鈥檙e like a little sibling, a daughter/son even. Oh, he can just imagine it now. Taking care of you and Megumi as a new family, bringing his lovely kids all around the world. You鈥檒l try every dessert there is, and Megumi can be a responsible big brother when Gojo鈥檚 on missions! He鈥檒l give you two everything you could ever want, making up for all the lost time spent without him. But he鈥檒l always be back soon. Anything for his little ones.
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bones-aa a day ago
What are regular cuddles like for yandere dads Erasermic?
Cuddles are a daily thing with them, they can be enjoyable at times but most of the times it's just... smothering. cough mic cough.
Cuddles with dadzawa i'd think would be with his beloved sleeping bag, cuddled up together inside when its cold outside. The warmth of dadzawa making them sleepy as dadzawa holds them in his arms.
That's his favorite way of cuddling them because he knows they can't escape but also knows that they're comfy. If it's not cold enough for that then it'll just be normal. Reader is sitting on the sofa; head laying on his shoulder as they quietly watch the tv, sometimes they would be in his lap as he holds them. Dadzawa enjoys the quiet times with them.
But Presentmic on the other hand is the opposite. Say it's after work, they come home and Dadzawa is usually tired from all the kids so he gives a quick forehead kiss to reader before going to sleep. But Presentmic is walking towards them talking about how his day went. He sits next to them on their couch and makes them rest their head on his lap. If they try to get up they get a stern no from him and sternness from is rare so when they see it for the first time they listen and stay there until he gets to the end of his stories/rants. But of course, he can't just ignore how his bby feels so he lets them get up letting them think they're done with cuddles for the day but then boom, he makes them sit on his lap as he rocks them asking about their day.
Together, it would obviously be either of them on their side. Reader in the middle. Both of them holding onto reader, making sure they can't leave their ever smothering grasp.
Tumblr media
sorryyy my school has just started and my schoolwork is piling up and I am not sure If I can balance this and my school at the same time so I may be going on a hiatus.
So I will slowly be putting out some asks that I am able to do. Asks will still be open!
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chocolate-milk-fanfics a month ago
Fix it fic-Nobody dies
Reader written with as a black coded gender neutral person
Picture this you're apart of the og gang. And as the 'weakest' member you're coddled a lot. You're not a sharp shooter like Powder. You're not a fighter like Vi. You're not strong like Claggor. You're not inventive or as clever as Ekko. And you can't pick locks like Mylo.
You fall short on everything and because of that your always stuck in the bar. It sucked.
Everyone is overprotective of you as you grow together
Powder is willing to take a few punches if it meant you were fine.
Everyone is feral
Everyone is feral
Vander is most likely your biological dad so there's that too
Poor Vander
He got 5 feral ass adoptive kids and 1 flower like kid.
If you look younger than you actually are you can use that to your advantage
Imagine being a preteen but looking 8
You aren't athletic so when the enforcer come you just play the innocent child role.
When they break into the bar you throw down some block and start pretending to play.
So when the enforcer comes and sees a small ass child playing with a stuffed rabbit and blocks he thinks nothing of it.
When he comes in you just stare at him and offer him a block.
"Hey kid, is there anyone else here to play with you?"
"No. Daddy normally plays with me but he's busy right now so I have to stay here"
He pats your head hands lingering for a second too
looks around any way only to find nothing
When he leaves you throw down the couch cushions to which Powder lands on immediately
Soon after everyone is down and walking about obviously upset.
Cue Vi dusting you off in disgust
"I can't believe that asshole enforcer touched you."
Now they're all 'cleaning' you.
"Guys it's not that big a deal I'm fine. I mean my dignity is hurt but other than that..."
Your words fall on deaf ears as your pulled upstairs.
Cue everyone venting and yelling to Vander about what happened.
Vi tries to sacrifice herself Yada Yada Yada
When you and Powder get left behind you calm her down by telling her if some hurt Vander they must be big.
A lot bigger than the alley thugs from before
This calms her down but she still throws her stuff
Cue her finding out about the blue crystal
When you and powder go to help everyone you watch as she fills the monkey with the crystals
"I think that's too much. If one crystal was enough to start all this, all those crystals can blow up the whole building. What if our family gets caught in the crossfire?"
Powder thinks for a second and agrees.
When the explosion happens its causes a chain reaction in the building You and Powder are blown away from where you were.
Unfortunately Mylo and claggor were hurt. But other than that everything is fine.
You smile widely from behind Powder as excitedly see the fruits of her efforts.
Color everyone impressed.
Vander carries Claggor while Vi and Mylo support each other.
"We should go to the last drop to treat your wounds"
For wholesome sake everyone and everything in that building is gone. And Marcus, thinking the kids died in there, reports it as such.
The last drop is closed early for the time being so everyone can be treated.
Ekko is crying into Vander's arms as you bandage Vi up.
"I wish I could take all these cuts away.. I don't like seeing you guys hurt"
A small light emits from your hands and sure enough all Vi's injuries are gone
It was at this moment your chance of freedom escaped.
Cue sounds of shock as you stare at your hands.
"My body feels so light! This is amazing Y/n How did you do that!?"
"I-I don't know!"
"Well you should do it again, but on me next. Breaking my ankle hurts."
Doing it again for Mylo was hard. Because you don't know how you did it in the first place. It takes a while at first but light returns to your hands once more.
"By the looks of it you got lucky it didn't completely breaks. Seems more like a fracture."
"Ah yes, lucky me! I got fracture instead of clean break, how fun! Powder next time you use one of those make sure I'm not there."
"Leave Powder alone. If it wasn't for the two of them we'd all be dead. What if all of them decided to drink that stuff? We wouldn't stand a chance."
Vander immediately agrees and praises Powder, causing the girl to light up.
Mylo is healed! But sore as fuck. Next was Claggor, who was unconscious from a head injury.
"Wait if you can heal them do you think you can do the same for Benzo!?" Ekko asked
"Uncle is hurt?" You asked as you looked at your dad.
"He's dead" Vander said solemnly
"I-ion know about all that... I can try but I still don't know how to work this new power."
Yada Yada Yada everyone is alive and you basically get benched indefinitely. You're not allowed to do anything dangerous. So no Powder Y/n can't help you make a bomb again.
No Ekko Y/n can't test out your hoverboard
Everyone is basically a Yandere for you. They will kill for you. No questions asked
Let you say someone is giving you problems...
They going missing
Let some be racist
Misogynoir???(if youre a woman)
Missing then found brutally tortured before death
It becomes an unspoken rule to not mess with you.
I'm in pain from Arcane. Like why. Why angst? What was the reason?Also, after rewatching the explosion scene(馃挃馃挃) it looks like it was the second crystal that caused the debris to fall in the pipe to fly so if it was only one instead of like 4 I think everyone could've survived
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cybersvoid 3 months ago
鉂 Big Brother ii [First Cold]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
鈾 Pairings: BigBrother!Dabi x Reader [Platonic]
鉁 Request: Hello! How to you think young Platonic yandere older brother dabi would react to his baby sister getting her first cold? Knowing how concering it can be for babys to get them sometimes [Anon]
鈥糤arnings鈥: Murder (over medicine, don鈥檛 ask me homeboy is ~dramatic~), Violence, Obssessive, Protective, Cursing, Endeavor (yea thats a warning), etc.
鈮郝犅燩art One聽鈮宦
Tumblr media
鈥淚t鈥檚 just a cold.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 perfectly normal for babies to get them.鈥
鈥淵/N will be better before you know it.鈥
At least that鈥檚 what everyone kept saying. But he couldn鈥檛 help but be concerned when your usual lively and playful aura. had been turned into a crying mess that tore his heart apart to hear. You weren鈥檛 eating, your skin was abnormally warm to the touch, and you just seemed to be so miserable. And the worst part was that he seemed to be the only one that actually gave a damn. No one even bothered to tell him you were sick until he came home! All-day. All-day, you were suffering by yourself, and he wasn鈥檛 there to help you. The second the news left his mother鈥檚 mouth, he ran to your room without a second thought.
鈥淗ave they had medicine? They feel so hot.鈥 The boy questioned, adjusting your blanket around your body and lifting you out of your crib. You were a bit fussy, but he rocked you gently, and that seemed to soothe you just a little.
鈥淣o, we ran out after Shoto got sick last week. When I went to buy more they were out, and I didn鈥檛 think anyone else would be getting ill so soon, so I put it off.鈥 Touya clenched his jaw at the mention of his younger brother. It was probably his fault you were even sick in the first place.
鈥淚 can run and get it.鈥 He offered. He didn鈥檛 like watching you suffer, so he was going to do whatever he could to make your illness just a bit more bearable.
鈥淚t鈥檚 late, Touya.鈥 His mother countered, kissing the top of his head as she took you out of his arms and placed you back in your crib. 鈥淵ou have class tomorrow, and their symptoms are under control. If it was that bad, trust me, I would鈥檝e gotten the medicine.鈥
鈥淢edicine? It鈥檚 only a cold.鈥 A deep voice interrupted, the atmosphere in the room quickly shifting into something more intense as Enji walked in. Making his presence known. 鈥淚t won鈥檛 kill them, and little suffering never hurt. If anything it鈥檒l toughen them up.鈥
Touya鈥檚 fists tightened at his father鈥檚 words. Feeling his anger grow. He wasn鈥檛 supposed to be home, and by his outfit, Touya doubted he would be here much longer, which made him feel a bit more relieved. He didn鈥檛 want you around him when you aren鈥檛 feeling well. He鈥檇 only make you worse.聽
Subconsciously he moved in front of your crib, shielding you from his view, but all it seemed to do was focus the man鈥檚 attention onto him.
鈥淪houldn鈥檛 you be training?鈥 That was all he said before turning to leave, the tense atmosphere following him, and a deep silence taking its place. He always seemed to suck the energy and joy out of the family whenever he was close, and the last thing Touya wanted was for him to take the life from your eyes as he did to yours, and his, mother. He wanted you to stay happy for as long as possible, which meant keeping you away from that man.
鈥淧lease, mom? I can go get some,鈥 Touya repeated, breaking the silence that settled after Enji had left, 鈥淢edicine, I mean. There鈥檚 a store up the road. I鈥檝e seen some there before. It鈥檒l be quick.鈥
鈥淵eah鈥 alright. Just don鈥檛 be too long,鈥 she whispered, her voice sounding a bit duller than before. Still, he gave her a peck on the cheek, you on your forehead, before running to the store as fast as he could.
He seemed to have picked up too much speed, accidentally bumping into someone right outside the store. Touya mumbled a quick apology before going in and searching for the medicine. When he found it, there was only one bottle left. He was so overwhelmed with joy, finally feeling worthy of the title big brother, he reached out, only to have it swiped from in front of him.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e really gonna bump into me and not even give a proper apology?鈥 The guy from earlier scolded, holding the medicine in his hand. His eyes scanning the label 鈥淵ou almost knocked me over for some stupid fucking cold medicine?鈥
鈥淚 need that. My sibling is sick. Again, I鈥檓 sorry for crashing into you, but it was an accident. I was just in a rush.鈥 Touya tried to explain in desperation, 鈥淐an you please just give me that?鈥
The guy glanced at Touya, then to the medicine, then back and forth a few more times, as if contemplating if he should. 鈥淗mm, I don鈥檛 think so. I don鈥檛 think you鈥檙e sorry, so I鈥檒l be taking this. Think twice before you get in my way again.鈥 He walked out of the store, not even bothering to pay or respond as the cashier called out to him. Their salary most likely wasn鈥檛 enough to risk their well-being by getting involved so they just let him walk away as they groaned in annoyance.
Frustrated, Touya made his way to the front of the store. 鈥淒o you have any more medicine?鈥澛
鈥淪orry kid, it鈥檚 cold and flu season, all we had out, was all we had. We鈥檒l get another shipment next week.鈥
Next week? That was too long of a wait. You could be getting worse at this very moment. The boy just grumbled something, before darting out the door, chasing after the guy from earlier. When he finally caught up with him, he was in the park with a few other people around his age. Cigarettes and alcohol bottles littering the entire area.
鈥淗ey! I need that medicine.鈥 Touya called out, the group鈥檚 attention being grabbed by the young boy yelling at them.
鈥淗uh? Ohh it鈥檚 you.鈥 The leader sighed, throwing his cigarette off to the side, 鈥淚 already told you it鈥檚 mine, so get lost.鈥
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 even need it. You just wanted it because I bumped into you and I needed it.鈥
鈥淪o? What of it? Take a hike already.鈥 Touya felt his anger growing by the second, as the man in front of him just kept finding more and more ways to piss him off. He stood there seething, trying his best to control himself before the man opened his mouth again. 鈥淒idn鈥檛 you hear me? Scram! I鈥檓 not giving it to you. So go home to your little brother, or sister, or whatever the hell it is, and tell them that they鈥檙e going to have to suffer. If anything you should be thanking me. It鈥檒l toughen them up.鈥
His friends and him began laughing, finding the whole situation amusing, but Touya was far from entertained. His blood started to boil at the very same words his father used earlier. Suffer? Toughen up? You were a child for chrissake. One that he promised to take care of. One that he promised to keep safe and protect at all costs. Steadily, his quirk began taking over his body. Just like in the past, he felt his anger starting to consume him. A frightened expression replacing the once joyous ones of the men in front of him.
鈥淗-Hey鈥 we were just fucking around. Come on, kid. Chill out and take it.鈥 The man panicked, throwing the bottle of medicine, causing it to hit the ground and roll over to Touya, but it was too late now. He was too heated, and the only thing that could satisfy his anger now is blood. He couldn鈥檛 take his rage out on his father, he wasn鈥檛 strong enough. Not yet. But he could take it out on these punks who sure as hell came close enough to his father in his eyes.
The last thing he heard was their screams. Their screams of agony eventually dying out in their throats as they were burned alive, and eerie silence following. The only sound remaining after was the crackling of his flames, burning what was left of their bodies, and leaving him feeling鈥 satisfied.
鈥淚鈥檓 back,鈥 Touya grinned, a bit sweaty and out of breath, 鈥淚 ran home as fast as I could, but I got the medicine.鈥 He victoriously held the bottle up as if it were some first-place prize.
鈥淚鈥檓 glad. Sorry, you had to go through all that trouble but I-鈥 she stopped mid-sentence, smelling the air a bit before looking down at him. 鈥淵ou smell... smokey.鈥
Caught off guard, he hesitated a bit before regaining his composure. 鈥淭here was a guy smoking outside the store. It was a bit strong, so I guess the smell must still be lingering.鈥 He lied, turning his attention back onto the bottle of medicine as he began to remove the plastic.
鈥淎hh, you should try to avoid smokers, your lungs are too young, even if it鈥檚 only second-hand. Now hurry up and get some rest, and thank you for being such a caring big brother,鈥 She praised, giving him a kiss on the top of his head before heading to her own room. He thought it was a bit ironic, her telling him to avoid smokers considering his quirk, but he supposes it was just her way of mothering him.
He poured the medicine into the tiny cup before bringing it to your lips. 鈥淪ay, ahh, Y/N.鈥 You turned your head, tiny hand swatting it away as tears started to build up in your eyes. 鈥淚 know you鈥檙e not feeling well, but this will make you feel better, I promise,鈥 he cooed.聽鈥淟ook! Big brother will even have some see?鈥
He brought the tiny bottle up to his lips and pretended to take a sip, humming in mock satisfaction. This seemed to pique your interest, head-turning to face him in curiosity. He brought to tiny cup over to you once again, but this time you drank it. Immediately bursting into tears as the liquid settled in your stomach. He lifted you up to soothe you and that seemed to help a bit.
鈥淚t鈥檚 going to make you a little tired, but I鈥檒l be here for you if you need me. Just cry, and I鈥檒l be there.鈥 The rocking motion mixed with the medicine lulled you into a comforting sleep.聽
Touya placed you back in your crib and threw a pillow and a blanket on the floor next to it, so he could be here if you needed him. You only ended up crying out once, immediately settling down once your brother held you. He loved that you calmed down around him so easily. It made him feel like you trusted him and he was doing something right. He didn鈥檛 want to let you go. Enjoying the feeling of you grasping onto him as if he was your protector. So instead, he carried you into his room.聽
He slept on the edge while you slept sandwiched between him and the wall, just so he could make sure you wouldn鈥檛 fall off. He always loved when you slept in here. It saved him some time, since every night he would periodically walk over to your room every hour or so, just to make sure you were okay, and nothing had happened to you.
As you slept so soundly next to him, your breathing already starting to sound clearer and your fever already diminishing, he couldn鈥檛 help but feel relieved. Everything he had done was worth it. The screams of those men echoing in his mind, not in a frightening way, but as a reminder that he kept his promise. He did what he deemed necessary for you, and he would do it again if he needed. No questions asked. as long as you were safe, happy, and healthy. It was his job as your big brother after all.
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tilta-whirl a month ago
Platonic Yandere Daycare Attendant
Tumblr media
The daycare is a messy place. The other kids are constantly knocking things over and leaving their arts and crafts supplies all over the place.
You don鈥檛 like it.
Mr. Sunny doesn鈥檛 like it either, you can tell as you watch them from your place hidden up in the green tubes of the playground. Whenever a pile of cushions is knocked over they are quick to rush over and restock them exactly how they had been before, and make sure that the arts and crafts area is decently clean enough.
Even with infinite energy you think the daycare attendant probably gets tired of running around all the time. So, when they are busy with some of the older kids, you shimmy down the slide and set about cleaning the arts and crafts section.
You鈥檇 carefully watched how Mr. Sunny did it so you know exactly where everything is supposed to be. The safety scissors go in the felt box in the cubbyhole and glitter glue is in the one next to it:
Satisfied with your work, you scurry back into the play structure before Mr. Sunny can come back.
They look surprised, about as well as a robot without a moving face can, looking around for the kid that cleaned the arts and crafts section. They pull the boxes from the cubbys and seem only more surprised that everything is exactly how it should be. Neat and organized.
Before they can truly appreciate it or look for the perpetrators, Mr. Sunny is pulled away by a gaggle of toddlers that want to play a game of tag.
You feel disappointed but it鈥檚 nothing new. So you decide to continue your little clean and go tactic.
Whenever the other kids move on from one section of the daycare, you crawl out of the playground to restack the blocks in their towers, and to neatly place all the story books back in their respective places.
It鈥檚 a satisfying job. Even more so when Mr. Sunny becomes increasingly more confused as time goes on, and you giggle at them from your safety in the playground.
Then nap time comes. Some of the kids run out of the daycare while others reluctantly lay down.
You don鈥檛 see Mr. Sunny anywhere.
It鈥檚 dark but the lights outside of the daycare cast enough light for you to see your way out of the playground. All the other kids are bunched up in cuddle piles, snuggled under star patterned blankets.
There is work to do, and even though you are tired, you blindly stumble over to a knocked over pile of cushions and start to stack them how they were.
The creak of metal limbs announces the arrival of the daycare attendant before you see them. Except it鈥檚 not Mr. Sunny.
Well, they look a little like Mr. Sunny, but this one looks like a Mr. Moon type guy. You think they鈥檙e red eyes are pretty.
Mr. Moon鈥檚 head tilts down at you. 鈥淟ittle children should be asleep..鈥 Their voice is dark and chilling.
You maintain eye contact as you place the last cushion on top of the pile.
The two of you stare at each other. You break eye contact first, noticing that the story books are all over the floor again.
Mr. Moon trails you like a confused puppy as you wander over to the bookshelves and start putting them back. Once you鈥檙e finished you turn back to Mr. Moon and smile.
鈥淥kay! I鈥檓 ready to sleep now!鈥 You cheer quietly. The daycare attendant nods, scooping you up in their long and quite frankly very cold arms.
They set you down in a quiet corner of the daycare and carefully tuck you under a blanket they pulled from under their nightcap.
It鈥檚 nice to finally be able to rest and you fall asleep easily.
When you wake up the lights are back on and the other children have gone back to screaming and playing. You curl farther into your blanket in an attempt to fall back asleep.
Your plan is ruined as Mr. Sunny鈥檚 large frame casts a shadow over your burritoed form.
鈥淗ello friend! It isn鈥檛 nap time anymore, you should be up and playing!鈥 They scolded playfully, pulling a candy from behind their back and offering it. 鈥淗ere!鈥
You eye the candy warily but hesitantly remove it from its orange and yellow striped wrapper and eat it. It鈥檚 very sweet, and there鈥檚 a slight tang of orange, followed by a rush of euphoria that has you shaky and jittery.
Mr. Sunny escorts you to a group of children at the arts and crafts area, sitting you down next to a pair of twin red beads that are eager to have you pose as their model. You oblige and the girls happily go about making a picture of you with glitter glue.
The picture is, of course, pretty bad, but as a kid you think it鈥檚 the best thing ever and nearly burst out into tears because the twins had made you look so cool!
They introduce themselves as Emerie and Amerie and the three of you spend a long time taking turns drawing one another.
Eventually though they lose interest and invite you to go play in the ballpit with them. You agree but say you have to do something first and the two of them run off.
You scoop up all the glitter glue and organize it as it was and clear up all the stray paper on the ground.
鈥淔riend!鈥 Mr. Sunny suddenly shouts from behind you, nearly causing you to topple over in surprise, only to have the large robot grab you and hold you up by your armpits in the air. 鈥淎re the one that鈥檚 been cleaning up?!鈥
Are they mad?? Oh you really hope they weren鈥檛 mad- you nod.
Mr. Sunny practically seems to vibrate. 鈥淎ren鈥檛 you so helpful!! That鈥檚 so nice of you, friend! But you鈥檙e here to play, not work! Lets go play!鈥 You try and mention the ballpit but Mr. Sunny is already dragging you somewhere else.
It鈥檚 the same corner you were in before. Mr. Sunny hands you a blank art book and colored pencils.
You look up at them expectantly. Blank white eyes and a eerie smile stare down at you.
Do they want you to clean? There鈥檚 nothing to clean here! Oh, your blanket from before is still here! You pick the cloth up and neatly fold it, or as best you can bring so small, and push it towards the waiting robot.
Mr. Sunny鈥檚 head does a sideways spin as they crouch down. 鈥淣ew friend, is this for me?鈥
You nod. 鈥淓ven Mr. Sunny needs to sleep!鈥 You scold playfully, booping their nose with a giggle. Mr. Sunny giggles with you, booping you in turn. 鈥淥h don鈥檛 be silly! I don鈥檛 need to sleep, I only need to play! Surely you want to play?鈥
鈥淥h! Lets go to the ballpit!鈥 You cheer excitedly, grabbing the robots hand, and they allow you to lead them to the ballpit.
Emerie and Amerie pop out of the ballpit and wave you down.
The four of you play around, others kids joining as well until it鈥檚 all out war, plastic balls flying everywhere as you duck down to avoid getting hit in the face.
Mr. Sunny doesn鈥檛 seem to like that game, but luckily it seems like it鈥檚 closing time as the security desk starts calling kids back to the front gates.
Emerie and Amerie bid you goodbye before running off, and you slink further into the ballpit. You were having so much fun, you didn鈥檛 want to go home!
The front desk calls your name but you stay hidden.
Eventually all the other kids are gone and one of the security officers approach Mr. Sunny who鈥檚 been dutifully shooing kids back to their parents.
鈥淥ne of the kids didn鈥檛 report to the front desk, where are they?鈥
鈥淥h! But all of my friends are gone, gone! All back to their parents!鈥 Mr. Sunny replies with enthusiasm.
The guard scoffs and turns his walkie talkie on. 鈥淒aycare security calling in, we鈥檝e got a missing child. Probably wandered off into the atrium again.鈥 He says before walking off.
When the guard is no longer in eye shot, Mr. Sunny鈥檚 upper body does a full spin until their head is looking directly at where you鈥檙e hiding. You peek out of the ballpit and smile sheepishly.
Mr. Sunny almost seems to light up, diving into the ballpit and wading over to you. 鈥淔riend! You are still here!鈥 They cheer excitedly. 鈥淏-but shouldnt you go home?鈥
鈥淚 wanted to play more! And help clean up!鈥 You say, already swimming away through the plastic balls. The robot hurries after you, 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry about that!! Big ole Sunny will take care of it! How about you uhm, play with the building blocks!鈥
You shake your head, crossing your arms. 鈥淣o! I wanna help Mr. Sunny clean up!鈥 You don鈥檛 give them time to respond before running off to clean before they can grab you.
Mr. Sunny reluctantly lets you help them clean, and before the two of you realize the entire daycare as been scoured from top to bottom and everything is perfect.
But you鈥檙e tired now. You should probably go home, you鈥檙e guardians are probably worried.
鈥淢r. Sunny?鈥 You pipe quietly, looking up from the story book in your hands, to where the robot is sat cross legged beside you.
鈥淵es, bestest friend?鈥
鈥淚, uh, I need to go home.鈥
Mr. Sunny stares at you, head whirling to an angle. 鈥淏-but we are having so much fun! You are having fun, right!?鈥 They suddenly become panicked, grabbing you by the shoulders.
The harsh grip will definitely leave bruises but you try your best not to cry, giving your friend a nervous smile. 鈥淵eah! I鈥檒l come back... maybe.鈥 You mutter the last part quietly. The pizzaplex certainly was pricey..
Mr. Sunny seems to take your words as 鈥淚 hate you and I鈥檓 never coming back.鈥 As they reeled back as if burned. 鈥淢AYBE!? MAYBE?!?鈥
You winced at the loud tone. Your friends panic only seemed to grow as the lights suddenly turned off with a bam, leaving the two of you in almost complete darkness, the only remaining light coming from the security desk and check in on the second floor.
Mr. Sunny finally let go, hands moving up to claw at their faceplates as they screeched. 鈥淣O- NO NO NO! TOO SOON!鈥
You take the moment to crawl away before breaking out into a sprint to the security desk. You dive behind it just in time for a ear piercing crash to resound through the daycare.
It was quiet. Was Mr. Sunny gone?
Blue and white clawed fingers appeared over the edge of the counter.
鈥淢r. Moon!鈥 You cried.
Mr. Moon鈥檚 red eyes peeked over the edge before they hopped up onto the counter, towering over you. 鈥淟ittle friend?鈥 They asked quizzically.
You nod excitedly before slumping down. 鈥淵eah.. uhm, I have to go, I wish we could鈥檝e played more but-鈥
Gangly arms suddenly scoop you up and you cry out as Mr. Moon shoves a sleepy time candy down your throat. It certainly does its job, as you hardly notice yourself being carried out of the daycare, and completely black out after that.
Mr. Sunny was so happy to finally have made a friend that genuinely wanted to help them. Mr. Moon was glad to finally have met a child that didn鈥檛 flinch when they were nearby.
Surely your guardians wouldn鈥檛 mind if you disappeared for a little while? At least, until they could convince you to come back.
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i-cant-sing a month ago
Hera would initially chase the baby reader because she thinks she is Zeus's "bastard" daughter or does she know her when she is already with Hades AND Persephone?
She would think that you're her husband's bastard after she saw him chasing after you for months and then fighting with his brothers to kidnap you. So she decides what better way to hurt Zeus than hurting you. But homegirl never gets the chance, because you're always surrounded by gods. One time she got close and sent a snake your way to hurt you, but then Ares came out of nowhere and then yeeted the snake away (and then had to spend the next fee hours consoling you and apologising because he stopped you from befriending it)
Then one day, when Hera was thinking of a way to get rid of you without anyone interfering, she heard someone crying. When the loud noise didn't stop, a very annoyed Hera followed the noise to shut it down. Only when she found the source, it was you, crying in your sleep in Zeus's bed(tucked under the snuggly the soft gold covers of course). Seeing as this the perfect opportunity to kill you, she raised a hand over your head. But all of her thoughts ceased when you opened your eyes, and stared at her with fear and worry.
"M-mom?" You whimpered softly.
Hera's mouth parted. What did you call her?
"Hm?" The goddess asked.
Your eyes filled with tears, and your lips wobbled as you repeated the one word that suddenly brought such warmth to Hera's chest, she didn't understand.
"Yes?" Hera asked, lowering her hand, before hesitantly reaching over to caress your face, her breath hitching when you lean into her touch. You slowly start crying, and it's almost comical how quickly Hera swoops you into her arms, pushing your head to her chest as she pats your back. "Oh sweetie- oh, honey, what's wrong? Did you have a nightmare?" She asked, eyes widening a bit when you clutched onto her clothes with your tiny hands and nodded, still crying.
"Yeah? What was it about?" She asked, watching you with gentle eyes (as if she wasn't about to wipe you from existence 5 minutes ago) as you pulled your head away from her and thought.
You furrowed your brows and looked at her. "I- I forgot." Hera cracked a grin, gosh, you are adorable, aren't you?
She nodded her head. "Well that's okay. This means you don't have to cry anymore now, hm?" She said as she wiped the remaining tears from your cheeks with her thumb.
"Yeah." You hiccuped. "But I don't wanna go to sleep now."
"Oh, you don't have to then."
You shook your head, distress evident on your face. "No, Zoo said that I must nap or- or he won't let me play with Fluffy!"
"Zoo? Fluffy-?"
You nodded your head. "Yeah, Zoo! He's the guy that has a beard and- and leaves in his hair and and, he gives me little clouds to float on! And he had a bird! Fluffy!"
Hera realised who you were talking about after your description. "Oh, you mean Zeus." You nodded. "You know him?" Hera sighed. "I do. He's my husband." Your eyes widened. "Really?! You're married to Zoo? He is so cool! He must make you clouds all the time, doesnt he?"
He barely looks at me, let alone talk to me. Hera thought. She changed the topic quickly. "How about we go and get you a cup of warm milk? That'll help you go back to sleep."
"Will you sleep with me?" Hera looked at your hopeful eyes, something she could easily resist-
As Hera laid in bed with you, humming a lullaby as you slept, she tried to figure out how she ended up from wanting to kill you, to now wanting to keep you as hers for eternity.
For some reason, Hera's maternal instincts were kicking in full force. And she was accepting them with open arms. Perhaps she had missed the feeling, of caring for another, since Zeus didn't want her and her children were gods, so they were quick to become independent.
One thing that kept her up all night was the moment you called her "mom". Hera had somehow come to believe that perhaps she was special because you saw her as a mother figure. What she didn't know was that you often called everyone else "mom" too, just for fun. Just last week you were running away giggling as Ares chased after you because you called him "mom". At least, Dionysus was drunk nice enough to quickly put a hand on his hip and act like a suburban mom for you, freaking out Persephone when she saw him use his spit to comb back your hair.
"Mama." You mumbled in your sleep, catching her attention.
Hera smiled.
Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad to care for you.
Tumblr media
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dollmoth-productions 2 days ago
Tumblr media
馃А Platonic yandere Carlos 馃А
馃А if you thought Camilo was bad this guy's way worse Carlos is mean and no hesitation to be mean he will put you down no matter what if you try to actually need someone to be your partner she will definitely put them down to the point where they don't want to go by you anymore especially with his shape-shifting involving animals he person likes turning into your favorite animal to cuddle with you otherwise he's a complete dick
馃А this guy may be a little bit more violent than Camilo he personally likes killing them in front of you especially when he's jealous then he'll comfort you later"Mi preciosa I'm sorry you forced my hand you will thank me later you'll only need me" and then he'll leave you with the bloody body in front of you as extra punishment
馃А he puts you down so much that you believe the things that he tells you now you're in the palm of his hand and he loves it. He loves control when I mean he loves control he wants to take control of everything how you dress how you talk or even how you look at things this man is jealous if you even stare at someone that's not him for too long she will grab your hand and squeeze it until he hears a crack and then you look up at him trying not to cry from pain he only smiles聽
馃А you to start matching outfits because he likes the idea of people knowing that you're a part of his family and it doesn't really matter your mother just things you two are cute and matching little do you know he's just marking you as his little sibling and people won't mess with you especially with him because they know how ruthless is pranks will be
馃А you just try to be happy in the moments that you have time alone whenever you're in your room you normally just have some peace and Casita doesn't gives you that piece unless it's night time even then whenever you go to sleep you can still feel Carlos's eyes watching you like a hawk
馃А unlike Camilio where he would never punish you Carlos does painfully whether you like it or not you're staying in the family his family he sees you as his only connection to his family whether you be is cousin or sibling you will forever be a part of this family no matter what and you will never try to escape
"Mi preciosa I'll always be here for you"
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galaxy-casper 7 days ago
Hi! Could I request something with a platonic yandere Monty and teen reader? Like, the reader gets dared by their friends to sneak into Monty鈥檚 room and steal something from it or take a picture in it but they accidentally get locked in after hours and has to hide in Monty鈥檚 room until morning but they eventually get caught by him? Thanks!
Tumblr media
Hey Kid, Come on out.
Why did you do this?
This was a stupid idea!
You were currently in the off limits section inside of Rockstar row because of a dare.
A stupid dare!
You were supposed to take something from Montgomery Gators room and prove to them that you were the "Ultimate daredevil" or some crap like that.
"Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoyed the show!"
Oh shit-
"Freddy and the gang are pretty tired, but they'll be back again next week after a few days of scheduled maintenance! Please make your way--"
Oh my god... They closed... They closed while you were still here! No no no no.
Your thoughts were cut off when you heard the mechanical door open behind you.
Shit shit shit shit!!!
You quickly ran towards the pile of fluff and cushions by the corner of the room feeling like that was the best way to cover if you had to hide here until opening.
You heard the door closing with a heavy figure entering shaking the entire room with his footsteps.
You had already assumed it was Monty even before you heard his first yell of anger.
"STUPID!" He screamed out in anger. Flipping a table over.
"HAS TO BE SO GOD DAMN! WHY IS HE ALWAYS THE STAR!!!!" Monty threw something again. Shattering like glass by the doorway.
He growled like a wild animal. Breaking apart the table and throwing pieces all around the room.
In his fit of rage he threw a piece of wood towards the pile of fluff and springs you were hiding in.
You didn't mean to make a sound, or a squeak, or a sigh of relief that the pieces didn't hit you in the face.
You made some sort of noise that made the giant animatronic stop in his fit of rage and look towards the shreds he used to call a couch.
"Whose there?" He growled and got down in a crouched position slowly moving towards your hiding spot.
You tried to quiet your breathing, try and make it seem like he was imaging the strange sound.
Before you knew it he ripped away your cover and backed away slightly. Staring at you.
You curled up in yourself some more, hoping you could disappear.
You saw a red sort of laser go around your body, identifying you.
"Hey... Kid. Whatcha doing here?" His voice was scary off stage.
"Hey kid! What's your name?" He sounded harsh, but calm?
"M..My name?" You whimpered slightly wishing you could grow your balls back and disappear.
"Yeah! Your name. To help me identify you."
"Uhh Y/N" Monty nodded at you, he looked slightly in thought.
"So, Why are ya here?"
"A.. A dare..."
"A pretty bold dare, isn't it kid?" His claw came up towards your puffed out hair and picking out some fluff tangled inside.
"I.. I was supposed too steal something from this room..." You were slowly gaining you voice back. Starting to speak clearly instead of a mouse stuck in their hole being guarded by the house cat.
The gator made a small hum and backed up a little bit and sat down.
"Kid, Come on out here." He gestured towards him, taking off his sun glasses and placing them next to his huge frame.
You slowly crawled out of your small protection corner, he grabbed your arm and guided you towards him. He turned you around and sat you in front of him and started to guide his claws through your hair.
The door opened once again, you and monty turned around and saw a cleaning bot staring at us both.
The cleaning bot quickly raised his hands in a small siren directing towards the hallway.
You started panicking, "Oh! Shit! Im gonna get arrested! Oh my god! What do they even do to people like me.. Oh god oh god."
Before you could continue on your downward spiral, Monty got up and ripped the head off of the cleaning bot and pushed his body out of his room.
You sat there shocked, petrified. Did he do that for you?
"Don't worry kid. You'll be safe here. With me."
"Then I can leave in the morning?" You were hopeful now. Maybe you could get out of here unharmed and out of trouble after all!
"Are you kidding me? You have to stay here! You leave in the morning and they'll know somethings up!" He was quick with his response.
"What does... What does that mean?" Your voice quickly lost hope and you were now in confusion.
"I mean you can't leave now! You'll get in trouble no matter what! You are only safe here! You can't leave here or you will get in trouble." He was aggravated and terrifying.. Is that the truth?
"Why do you care?" You were near tears you were staring at him as he made a mocking huff noise and he sat back down infront of you.
"Let's just say I like your balls kid!" He gestured towards him again and you turned around.
He continued his menstruating in your hair then stopped and pulled your hair a little.
"Don't swear like that. It doesn't look good on a kid like you." He let your hair run through his claws. "Understand me?" You nodded
You could hear him inhale, you closed your eyes trying to think of a solution to any way you could get out of this place.
"Shit!" You exclaimed quickly when he accidentally tugged out a knot in your hair. Quickly after he tugged your hair again.
"I'm sorry!" You cried out in pain.
"Don't do it again." He growled out.
"We'll be with each other for quite a while..."
"So there's going to be some rules that you gotta follow."
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yandere-starchild 13 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Better not think too much..."
Just wanted to draw they sleeping together and [redacted] getting a mini-panick attack
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abbachioslipstick 17 days ago
Too Dark (Sunrise & Moondrop, FNAF Security Breach)
Warnings: gender neutral reader, yandere behavior, restraint, reader is an adult/older teenager, platonic yandere, threats of being buried alive, claustrophobia triggers, force-feeding
Tumblr media
Sunrise warned you to keep the lights on.
But at this point, you couldn鈥檛 trust any of these freaks.
Maybe if it was dark, he wouldn鈥檛 be able to see you? Maybe that鈥檚 why he kept fervently insisting that the lights stay on. A glorified babysitter, and he saw you as the baby.
The reason you were here in the first place is a complicated one. You were just trying to enjoy yourself at your younger sibling鈥檚 birthday party, even though the Pizzaplex happily informed that it was entertaining for all ages. The only time it felt that this place was worth your time was seeing your sibling happily playing in the ball pit of the daycare center. Because your sibling was much younger than you, you were not permitted to go in there with them, instead sitting outside of the giant arena-like play area to keep an eye on them.
After a while of watching them play, you hear and announcement on the loudspeaker that the Mega Pizzaplex will be closing in ten minutes. Your mother asked you if you could go get your sibling, since you were smaller (and much younger) than she was. You obliged.
You weren鈥檛 sure how you got locked in there, but you assume that your sibling had left a different way and found your mother, while you were left searching for them in the daycare area. Soon enough, you didn鈥檛 hear any kids running around as you squeezed out of a slide that you thought you would see your sibling in.
There was no one left.
As you cautiously made your way to the exit of the daycare, you were greeted by the Daycare Attendant, who greeted you jubilantly.
鈥淲ell, hello there! You鈥檙e a little big to be in here, huh? No matter, we can still have lots of聽FUN! Do you like finger-painting? I have glitter glue, and Fizzy Faz, and all of this GREAT stuff to do!鈥 He shouted, bouncing and dancing around you like an energetic puppy.
You blinked, unsure of the animatronic in front of you. You remembered seeing him dancing and playing with the children, finding him a little creepy with that big smile on his face all of the time. It was so odd that wherever you tried to turn, or even if you turned your head, he would follow so that he was right in the center of your vision.
His arms wiggled as you slowly walked away, hoping that he would recognize that you wanted to leave.
You yelped as Sunrise grabbed your arm and pulled you back to the same spot with surprising strength. He laughed as you glared at him.
鈥淐ome on, kiddo! We can have fun, right here!! Forever!! As long as you keep the lights on... on...鈥 He trailed off, still idly dancing in his place. You were curious by his odd warning. Keep the lights on? Can he not see in the dark or something?
This led to an idea. You could possibly attempt to turn the lights off and attempt to escape his intent on bothering you with useless playtime meant for children. You needed to get out of here and find your family again. You noticed a small tower of toy cylinders near you and while Sun was distracted, you shoved them over and quickly pulled yourself up. The Sun screeched and flung himself at the mess, fretting over it in a loud manner. You quickly backed away and made your way to the security desk, careful to look back and see if he was close enough to grab you yet. He wasn鈥檛. Now was your chance.
You stared at the buttons on the desk, eyeing the one that seemed to indicate that it controlled the lights above. You could hear Sun getting closer, frantically trying to pry your attention away like you would with a child that was getting into something that they shouldn鈥檛. You swiftly pushed the button and suddenly all of the burning overhead lights shut off.
鈥淣onononono!!! Why would you do that?!! Lights on!鈥 Lights on!鈥︹ Sunrise screams, pulling at his face as he stands on the desk. He suddenly falls over, but no noise came with his sudden drop. The next thing you hear is a raspy growl of a voice as red, glowing eyes emerge from behind the desk where Sunrise should have been. It had a moon face now, with a hat that had little stars on it.
鈥淣aughty child鈥 Naughty child鈥 You didn鈥檛 listen鈥 It鈥檚 past your bedtime鈥 You must be punished鈥︹ The new thing spits, springing up from behind the desk to grab at you. You manage to dodge him by a hair as you scramble off into the now dark playground area.
You once again squeeze yourself into one of the colorful plastic slides that connected with the squishy floor, climbing up and into the crawl space. You could hear the creaking of the Moon鈥檚 servos as he crawled after you, still chanting about how you needed to be punished. You crawl faster, suddenly running into a generator just sitting in the corner of the tower. You curiously flip the switch and鈥
Nothing happens.
Are there more generators then? Probably.
You sigh in frustration and stress as you crawl on, attempting to find the next generator.
One more generator.
You managed to evade Moondrop for this long, you just need to make it to the very last one. Hopefully Sun will come back, he was less scary.
You made your way to the last generator, and in your excitement at the prospect of finally getting out of there, you failed to notice that the tunnel that you were crawling in had a giant hole in the top where Moon could immediately spot you.
You scream as he roughly pulls you from the tunnel, dragging you over to the specific area where kids could lay down and take naps. Moondrop dragged you by the arm and flung you onto the mat, mumbling and grumbling about how late it was and that you shouldn鈥檛 have been out of bed. Your eyes widened as he sunk next to you, wrapping his arms around you to hold you down. He roughly sang you a lullaby, petting your head with his uncomfortable and sharp metal fingers. You were fearful of the fact that this could very well be a part of his programming, holding children down and making them sleep.
Paralyzed and with nothing else to do, you attempted to fall asleep. Easier said than done, with a giant metal abomination holding you down. After a while, Moon quieted his lullaby. You assumed that he had shut down when he thought you were asleep. Using your arms, you attempted to wiggle out of the animatronic demon鈥檚 grasp. Your escape was short-lived, as Moon growled and slammed you down, climbing up and sitting on your stomach.
鈥淵ou move again child, and I will bury you under the ball pit. Maybe then you鈥檒l stop moving around and being bad.鈥 He rasped. You whimpered under his horrific threat as you watch him pull something out from seemingly nowhere. Under the red glow of his eyes, you could see that in-between his fingers was a small, dark candy. You immediately recognized it as a Moondrop candy that was advertised all over the daycare area of the Pizzaplex. It was apparently used to help children fall asleep.
Moondrop shoved the candy into your mouth before you could even react, covering your mouth when you pitifully attempted to spit it out. Soon enough, your eyes begin to droop as Moon shushes you, pulling you closer to him and snuggling you with his cold body.
A/N: Sorry for that ending, it was a little rushed ^^; I hope you liked it anyway~
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lolita-lollipop 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Gimme some suggestions for what I should do- I am fully blank and have no idea what I鈥檓 doing.
Yandere front man who has held you on this base since you were nothing but a child, his little baby. You just want to live a normal life, go to school how you see on the tv, have friends, not have to see hundreds of people die monthly, you wanted to help them, to leave this place and never come back. How sweet you were, how innocent, how naive. Everyone here knows not to mess with you, unless they want to catch the attention of the front man, or the host. And that would be terrible.
You鈥檇 seen almost 17 games at this point, too much blood, death, destruction, maniplulation. You would stare at the bodies as they were balled away in those present boxes. Fear would creep its way into your mind at the lack of sympathy form these so called 鈥渉osts鈥. You would scream and cry and struggle when guards would come to swaddle you up in a blanket and drug you, or when the front man would do it himself, because you knew it meant a new room, and a new room meant a new game, you hated new games.
You did know they love you, your father, the guards, your grandpa, they just had an odd way of showing it. They wanted to keep that 鈥渋nnocence鈥 you apparently held safe, they wanted you to feel loved and happy, like a baby getting doted on. And what fits a child more than being treated like one? It was normal to you, this was your life after all, so much opportunity in your hands, but no ability to grasp it. Usually you could do nothing but let them take you across the globe to see different places.
Except, this time, it鈥檚 different. You don鈥檛 wake up in some European styled bedroom in pretty lace pajamas, with a guard at both sides of each door, you aren鈥檛 in a room decked out in pink and white, you don鈥檛 look like you鈥檙e some innocent little child. You could still hear those little earrings they made you wear though, and you could tell you were wearing some You wake up in a solid black chair, sitting in a large room, silk pajama getup, apparently it made you look sweet, bleaugh. the floor covered in screen-like panels, around were guards, silently eyeing you while managing the camera machines. Your eyes widened when you realized your hand was tied to the chair, a silkcloth that couldn鈥檛 hurt you no matter how hard you struggled, but still confining.
鈥淚 know this is not what you鈥檙e used to, but I need you to listen to me for a moment, alright?鈥 The man you鈥檇 recognized as 鈥減apa鈥 emerged from the darkness of the room, gesturing down to your form, which was now starting to struggle, your eyes started to tear up. These people were inhumane, maybe this is the time where they decided they had enough of you. Maybe this is where you die. You didn鈥檛 like his mask, it made him feel less human in your eyes, so he doesn鈥檛 like Wearing it around you.
鈥淲hy am I tied up- where are we- you鈥檙e gonna kill me aren鈥檛 you- oh god I-鈥 you started panicking, he knew you would do this, this is why he usually never restrained you, only kept you safe in your room until he could accompany you out, you鈥檝e been sheltered so you freak out over all the little things, he loves it though. Immediately he hushed you, and stopped your freak out in its tracks.
鈥淚 wish to make a proposal, if you don鈥檛 want to hear it, then I am perfectly fine with plucking you right out of your chair and carrying you into your playroom. Do you want to hear it or no?鈥 He spoke, in that tone taht he used with no one else but you, he was probably smiling under that mask at how adorable you looked, who knows, laying a hand on on your shoulders to shush you. You did nothing but nod your head, not only curious to what he was speaking about, but slightly suprised that he was giving you a choice to hear or not, he never does that, ever.
鈥淣ow. I know that you don鈥檛 enjoy your time here, I know that you cry late at night longing for actual freedom. I protect you here, yet you hate it. So I am proposing a deal darling, you鈥檝e watched the games many times, enough to know how they work. This time will be different, if you agree of course, I would never force you, you will be entered into the games, if you manage to win, then you will be free to live on central Korea, go to school, and live a life of normality. If you lose, then you I鈥檒l stop trying to escape, and accept your role here, as my child.鈥 He continued on, walking in circles around you, acknowledging how adorable you are.
鈥淲ait- but- won鈥檛 they kill me if I lose? 鈥 you were horrified at this pint, side, you鈥檇 always wanted fro play the childish games with someone other than the men dressed in red, but not with a death penalty present. He could read you like a book, and could tell that you were thinking this over for real. He let out a chuckle, and stopped his pacing, waving his hands back and forth to reassure you.
鈥淣o no no, the systems recgonnoze you as a VIP, which you are. So it鈥檚 not shoot you, and our guards have been specifically instructed not to lay harm to a single hair on your head. I would never put you in harms way鈥 so. What will it be? I can鈥檛 promise it will be easy.鈥 He questioned, drawing out your thought further, there wasn鈥檛 much to lose here, but still it would be scary. You thought for a moment, pulling your head up into the clouds whiel the entire room waited for your answer. The atmosphere was tense, every single guard, along with the frontman, hoped for you to say no, for you to just stay their innocent little one, but of course, you wouldn鈥檛 comply.
鈥淵es, yes I鈥檒l do it.鈥
And then it all went black.
When you woke up, you woke up fast and terrified, wonderi no if they鈥檇 reallly put you into the games, or if it was all some big fantasy. But then you heard that oh so familiar classical music, the one you used to get played when you couldn鈥檛 sleep because wit was your favorite, and you hopped Ohhh out of bed, bonking your head on the metal railing in the process. A groan left your lips at the pain, but it was quickly forgotten when your brought your hand up, just to be met with a dark geeen color draped around your arm. One of those tracksuits you dreaded seeing was on you. You were on the competition.
It took you a moment to recover form your initial shock, but you got there, immediately your eyes were drawn to the crowd of people in the center of the room, staring at the oh so colorful guards you knew and loved. You muttered little 鈥渆xcuse me鈥檚鈥 and 鈥渟orry鈥檚鈥 as you waded brought the group of people. They sideeyed you, wondering what the hell a I鈥檇 was doing here, especially such a frail one, you ha dna chance of surviving whatever the hell was going on, no way.
鈥淧layers, we will begin shortly, but first we will ask you sighs these contracts to ensure you follow the rules. Then we will proceed, make three lines, read it, and write your name on that line鈥 the square guard belted through the room, and it was all of the sudden chaos, people pushed in front of the other to be first in line, the volume level raised significantly, and you were inevitably shoved to the back, unknowing of all the masked eyes waiting to jump and protect you. Some started to yell at the guards, and asked what was happening, your eyes did nothing but shift around, trying to find out where you were in the compound.
People chattered about with others, waiting for their turn to sign the waver, not knowing what they were getting themselves into. You didn鈥檛 really know either, sure you鈥檇 seen glimpses of the games here and there, while being carried off for bed, or for lunch or dinner, maybe even to be in your private playroom. But you鈥檇 never been allowed to watch a full game through, apparently it was too violent, and would scare you. You wished you had though, because the , you could know how bad it might be.
By the time you鈥檇 made it to the front, you looked up silently at the guards, they met your stare, and one of the circles in the back gave n enthusiastic thumbs up, which did nothing to uplift the odd eerie ness you felt in this room. You clicked the pen, and read the line of rules, which essentially said 鈥渄on鈥檛 quit, don鈥檛 cheat, and majorities rule can end the games鈥. And with a deep sigh, one that held slight regret, and fear of the times ahead, you sigh es your name in that cute font of yours. And the. It was final.
You were player 1
Sorry if this absolutely sucks, I鈥檓 not entirely sure how to write for actul scenarios in a show. So tell me if you liked it!
This is gonna be a series, I don鈥檛 know how many parts there will be, I鈥檒l figure that out later.
But thanks for reading! I hope you like it!
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totallyawr1t3r 18 days ago
You Can't Leave [Yandere Madrigal Family]
You wanted to leave Encanto and explore the outside world. Sure, Encanto was nice with lovely people, but you wanted something more.
But as a certain magical family would have it, you weren't going anywhere.
You wiped the sweat off your forehead as you finished getting everything ready.
"[Y/n]! Whatcha doing?" The local shapeshifter asked, looking back at your horse then at you.
You smiled at him, "It was supposed to be a surprise but." You gently patted Horse [I can't think of a name, so Horse is named Horse]. "I'm leaving Encanto."
Camilo's face faltered for a brief moment before he sent you a confused smile. "What?"
You rubbed the back of your head. "I'm going to leave Encanto and explore the outside world."
"Don't get me wrong, it's filled with amazing people, but I need a bit of adventure in my life." You shrugged, turning your back towards him as you looked through your bag again.
Camilo frowned, "When are you leaving?"
You let out a small 'hum' as you thought about it. "I was thinking maybe tonight. That way I can say goodbye to everyone."
"If that's the case then, how about one last Familia dinner?" He brought up, as you glanced back at him.
"Sure, if it isn't a problem."
"Great!" He jumped in the air, before running off. "Don't be late!"
You really shouldn't have came to that dinner invite.
When it was finally time, you didn't even need to knock on Casita's door. It already threw its doors wide open for you.
"Thank you, Casita." You sent it a nod as you walked inside, already getting tackled by Camilo a few seconds after.
You stumbled back a bit; Casita even helped you regain your balance. "Someone is happy to see me." You teased as Camilo got off of you. Though you couldn't put it past him, you were going to leave. Or that was your plan.
He didn鈥檛 get time to respond as the Golden Perfect Child; Isabela pushed him aside. But instead of being happy to see you, she looked upset. Camilo or Dolores most likely told them your plan.
You were gonna greet her, but she quickly interrupted you. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e leaving?!鈥
You sweatdropped, 鈥淲hy Hello to you too鈥︹ You joked but that just worsened her mood somehow but luckily before she could go off, a savoir came to help.
鈥淸Y/n]!鈥 Mirabel ran over to your aid, as Isabela rolled her eyes.
You smiled warmly at her, 鈥淗ola, Peque帽a Flor.鈥 You greeted her, patting her head as Isabela sent a quick glare at her younger sister.
鈥淒on鈥檛 know why you call her that, I鈥檓 the one with the gift to grow them.鈥 Isabela grumbled, as you chuckled with a shrug.
鈥淚t just fits her.鈥
She left it as that as more people came to greet you.
You had to admit, you were going to miss them but still. You needed that adventure in your life. You promise to come back one day, just after you鈥檝e been satisfied.
You talked a bit with Pepa, and Felix. They nor you brought up you were leaving, just small talk about random happy things.
Or that was until Alma finally showed up.
You glanced over to her and gave her a small wave. 鈥淪e帽ora Alma, it鈥檚 good to see you.鈥
She sent you a gentle smile as Pepa and Felix moved out of the way. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e like family, [Y/n]. Please call me Abuela.鈥 To which you just smiled at, even though no one would really say it, she favored you for reasons you鈥檒l never know.
But her smile faltered as she looked at you straight in the eyes, for some reason feeling dangerous. 鈥淚鈥檝e heard from two little birds that you plan on leaving. Is that true?鈥 She asked, like she was hoping you were just joking.
But you sadly nodded your head, causing her breath to hitch. 鈥淚t鈥檚 true. I wanna see more of the outside world.鈥 You admitted, smiling a bit thinking of all the cool things you could find or see.
Breaking you out of thought, Alma held concern in her eyes. 鈥淎re you sure? It鈥檚 a dangerous world outside of Encanto.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sure, and I鈥檓 completely aware of the dangers. I鈥檓 fine with it.鈥
But it seems like she wasn鈥檛 taking that answer, as your little talk started to become more like an argument between you two. Your guy's voices rising a little higher as both of you made new points on why you should leave and why you shouldn鈥檛.
The other family members just watched the little fight, seemingly taking Alma鈥檚 side then yours. Even joining in sometimes to add more points on why you should stay. Why didn鈥檛 they think you could make it out there?
鈥淚鈥橫 NOT A CHILD! I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF!鈥 You shouted, balling up your fists as you let out an angry huff.
The room became silent as everyone stared at you, Alma looked taken back while you couldn鈥檛 tell what the others were thinking. Maybe this dinner was a bad idea, it was supposed to be a sweet way to say goodbye but not anymore.
The silence became tense as you awkwardly rubbed the back of your neck. "I should go...I got a long night ahead of me..." You murmured as you quietly started to backup.
Or that was until Julieta spoke up with a soft smile. "Let me get you something to eat before you go." She offered, "As you said, you got a long night."
You thought about it for a minute, then hesitantly nodded. "Alright."
Her smile grew as she glanced at Isabela, "Isabela, could you help me?" The Golden Perfect child nodded and followed her mother to the kitchen. Leaving a weird feeling in your gut, but you ignored it. It would make you even more of a dick if you just suddenly left. You weren鈥檛 sure when you were gonna come back, and Julieta鈥檚 cooking was pretty good.
You bit your lip as you glanced at Alma and sighed. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, Se帽ora Alma but I just need something more than this.鈥 You sent her a meek smile. 鈥淚 understand your concern though, but I promise I鈥檒l be fine.鈥
She didn鈥檛 respond though, making your smile falter as Julieta came back holding her famous arepas. You noticed the slight smug expression on Isabela鈥檚 face, causing that weird feeling in your gut to come back.
But noneless, you gave Julieta a kind smile as she handed you the arepas. 鈥淎h, Thank you, Se帽ora Julieta.鈥 You awkwardly shifted your weight, as everyone stared at you, waiting for you to take a bite.
You did so hesitantly, feeling too much anxiety to really enjoy it. 鈥淕reat like always.鈥 You complimented, but she didn鈥檛 say anything back. Just staring at you like she was waiting for something to happen.
And something did end up happening.
You suddenly felt calmer, and for some reason sleepier. Black dots filled your vision as you lost your footing and swayed a bit, Isabela鈥檚 vines helping you a bit with your balance.
The last thing you saw were the Madrigals staring at you, all with their own little smugness besides Antonio, who looked confused more than anything else.
They all thought you would be safer with them.
They all knew you were safer with them.
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t31etubby 26 days ago
sure thing!
soft yandere bakusquad x fem! classmate! reader
this is a continuation of part one, !!
summary: ever since the bakusquad took a liking to you, you've become an important member of their friendgroup. unfortunately they're not too fond of how much attention your sweet little self is attracting from other students, nor the possible dangers this school might expose you to.
warning: mentions of animal abuse (not at the hands of any character) , manipulation, general toxic yandere behaviour.
i wrote this at 2 am so there might be a few mistakes
Tumblr media
the class dynamic in 1a had been weird lately, to say the least.
the question surrounding how much you actually wanted to be a part of your current friend group had created quite the conflict.
any time another member of the class would interact with you, you'd be pulled to the side for a very urgent matter, which required your attention immediately.
like the time momo had asked if you wanted to study with her after school, and bakugou immediately showed up at your side, sending her the coldest eyes he could muster up and gently pulled you closer to him.
"actually y/n said she would watch me train today. you know how she is, breaking a promise is the last thing she'd ever do."
you had no recollection of ever making a promise like that, and yet you just nodded your head softly. in case you actually had made plans with him, you didn't want to seem like a bad friend by forgetting.
this earned a smirk from bakugou at your oblivious compliance.
that is, until you reassured momo that you were free tomorrow and the two of you could study in your room.
another example is that time in the cafeteria when the members of the bakusquad were all sitting at their usual table waiting for you.
they'd encouraged you to stop masking your presence when outside of combat, not realising people would obviously start to question why the prettiest girl they'd ever seen was suddenly walking around school.
that day you were headed towards your table, lunch tray in hand, when monoma jumped in front of you, nearly causing you to fall backwards from the shock, if it hadn't been for shinso catching you.
"easy there sweetheart." the blonde laughs, pushing his golden locks back. "you look familiar, but i don't think i've seen you around campus before... are you a transfer student, or just the girl of my dreams?"
you stood there dumbfounded, trapped between the two male students blocking your path.
鈥渆xcuse me-鈥
shinso took the tray out of your hands and softly nudged you towards an empty table, preventing you from any sort of protest.
catching sight of this, kirishima notified his friends of the current situation, pointing over towards you and the two other students.
鈥渦gh sorry about him鈥︹ shinso sighs apologetically. 鈥渨e鈥檙e just curious about you. are鈥 you a new a student?鈥
you sigh in defeat.
鈥渋鈥檓 not. my name is y/n l/n and i鈥檝e been in class 1-a since the school year started. we already met at the entrance exam.鈥
monoma studies your features with a blank stare until he suddenly gasps, smashing his hands on the table and standing up with intense force.
鈥測ou鈥檙e that girl from the entrance exam! i looked for you all over the first couple of weeks!鈥 he exclaims, attracting the attention of a few students around you. 鈥渟hinso this is who i told you about! the girl that single handedly took out three robots! everyone just thought they malfunctioned and self destructed since no one saw you do it, except me of course!鈥
the people listening in on the conversation gasp in shock. the mystery of three self destructing robots had caused quite the stir up in the beginning of the school year. meanwhile everyone had called monoma mad for saying he saw the person responsible for taking them out.
鈥渋鈥檓 not crazy! no one believed me but now you鈥檙e here!鈥 he brawls, reaching out to pull you into a hug, until a hand firmly grips his shoulder.
鈥渂eat it monoma. cant you see she鈥檚 dying to get away from you.鈥 denki mutters coldly, his eyes filled with plain hatred.
shinso stands in front of you, taking notice of the obvious tension thats just begging to unfold.
鈥渙h yeah, and who are you to talk?鈥 the blonde says, harshly shoving the hand off his shoulder and turning around to face his schoolmate.
鈥渋 happen to be her boyfr- best friend鈥︹ denki mutters, standing his ground. 鈥渃ome on y/n, the others are waiting for you.鈥
he reaches his hand out for you to grab it. shinso looks at its skeptically, still standing in front of you protectively, until you gently pay his shoulder, letting him know it鈥檚 alright.
鈥渟ee you around.鈥 you smile innocently, giving the two a wave before taking denkis hand.
as the boy drags you away, the two friends stand there pondering about the situation.
鈥渋 don鈥檛 know about you, but somethings off about that group.鈥 shinso states, eyes never leaving your petite form as you sit down with your 鈥渇riends鈥
鈥渙h y/n i鈥檓 so sorry we weren鈥檛 there! did they say anything to upset you? i swear if that monoma guy laid a single finger on you i鈥檒l-鈥 you grab minas hands softly, giving it a little squeeze before smiling kindly.
鈥渋t鈥檚 okay, they just wanted to know who i was since i looked familiar to them.鈥 you say, going to grab a bite of your pasta salad.
鈥渨ell yeah, you go to school together.鈥 bakugou huffs, kicking his chair out so he鈥檚 sitting more leaned back.
鈥渨ell i did conceal my presence up until a week ago, so it鈥檚 normal for people to start asking questions.鈥 you say, looking up at the angry blonde with those innocent doe eyes of yours. cheeks slightly puffed as you chew your food.
bakugou coyly looks away, putting a hand on his face to cover the heat rising to his cheeks at your cute appearance.
鈥渋 just don鈥檛 like the thought of people coming up to bother you all the time. that鈥檚 it.鈥 he states, looking away angrily.
you just laugh at his stubborn behavior and continue eating your food, occasionally accepting a bite of the others lunch.
鈥渨hy do you have to be so sweet and perfect? it鈥檇 be way easier if you just acted cold towards everyone that鈥檚 not us.鈥 kirishima pouts, grabbing a napkin to wipe your face of any crumbs.
鈥渋t鈥檚 no bother. i don鈥檛 mind answering peoples questions.鈥
鈥渨ell i do..鈥
since the weekend had finally come around, aizawa had given everyone permission to sleep wherever they wanted as a special treat for doing well on this weeks tests.
of course bakugou had given you no other option than to sleep in his room, and obviously the rest of the group had insisted on joining despite bakugou fighting for his life to deny them access.
but when sero told you he鈥檇 feel left out if he couldn鈥檛 join sweet little you just had to mention to bakugou that it鈥檇 be fun, and you really needed a sleepover with all your best friends.
mina helped you pick out some cute pajamas, and upon entering your blonde neighbors room the boys of the group looked at you with such fondness in their eyes.
鈥測ou look so cute oh my god鈥︹ kirishima practically burst, wanting to pick you up and stuff you in his pocket.
sero just pulled you onto his lap, insisting him and denki braid your hair.
鈥渨hat movie should we watch?鈥 mina asks, returning from the kitchen with two bowls of freshly made popcorn.
bakugou turned to look at you with a smirk. 鈥渉ow about a horror movie? pet massacre 2 just came out.鈥
鈥渦gh is that the one lame movie about that guy getting off on killing peoples pets? it鈥檚 just plain bad.鈥 mina complains, grabbing a handful of popcorn.
鈥渉ey, my room, my pick.鈥 the blonde responds, reaching for the remote.
鈥測ou don鈥檛 mind, right y/n? it鈥檚 been on my watch list for a really long time.鈥
the others share a look of understanding, finally catching onto just what鈥檚 going on here. they all turn to you with expectant looks.
鈥渦hm.. i don鈥檛 mind.鈥 you smile, knowing very well that this could end really bad for you. but who knows, maybe the movies so lame that you won鈥檛 mind.
only 20 minutes in and you鈥檙e already shaking. so far two puppies, a turtle, and a group of ducks have been brutally murdered.
bakugous only thought process is that you鈥檙e practically clinging onto him already. he knows for sure that the next jump scare will have you flying into his arms.
but to his surprise, as he looks down to see your reaction, he鈥檚 shocked to see your wet eyes and rosy cheeks. the way you bite your lip to hold yourself back is heartbreaking.
he doesn鈥檛 even hesitate to turn off the movie.
鈥渉ey it was just getting interesting!鈥 sero complains, meanwhile mina mumbles something about almost falling asleep at how lame it was.
at both yours and bakugous silence, the group looks to you with curiosity.
he鈥檚 holding you in his big arms, rubbing comforting circles on your back as you sniffle softly into his broad chest.
鈥渉ey what鈥 what happened..?鈥 denki asks, him and kirishima coming closer to get a good luck at you, meanwhile mina and sero start scanning you for any injuries.
鈥渋鈥檓 sorry it鈥檚 so dumb i just鈥 i know it鈥檚 just a movie but i- whenever an animal gets hurt in movies i just-鈥 you gasp for air softly in between your sentences. placing your forehead on bakugous shoulder as he hugs you tight. finding a great deal of comfort in his broad build.
鈥渙h sweetheart it鈥檚 not dumb..鈥 kirishima whispers, coming around to the other side of bakugou to meet your eyes. feeling his heart break a little at your helplessly sad expression. 鈥測ou should just tell us when something upsets you.鈥
鈥渂ut.. you- all wanted to watch the movie.鈥 you sniffle, ashamed at how vulnerable and pathetic you must look right now.
鈥測/n this might be the worst movie i鈥檝e ever seen. you鈥檙e a saviour for putting an end to this torture.鈥 mina encourages, handing you a glass of water as you lift your head from bakugous shoulder.
speaking of bakugou. although his expression is stern on the outside, internally he is over the moon at the close contact he鈥檚 getting right now. you鈥檝e never been this vulnerable with him before, and it warms something inside of him.
unfortunately you get up from your position, removing his arms from around you despite the much needed comfort they provided.
鈥渢hanks.. i鈥檓 gonna go the bathroom real quick so um鈥 you can keep watching if you want.鈥 you say, walking out the door without a second word.
the group sits still for a while before kirishima breaks the silence.
鈥渄id you do that on purpose?鈥 he asks, the question directed at bakugou.
鈥渨ell- not exactly. i was hoping it would scare her, not鈥 make her cry.鈥 he sighs, putting his face in his palms.
鈥渋t鈥檚 not your fault. now we just know how sensitive she really is. maybe we can learn something from this!鈥 mina states, patting bakugous back softly.
鈥減oor y/n.. you can tell she felt bad about crying in front of us.鈥 sero sighs, looking at the door with a longing expression.
鈥渋t鈥檚 probably because of her damn parents. i鈥檝e noticed it before but she never wants us to worry about her.鈥 kirishima states, recalling the few details you鈥檝e given about your childhood.
鈥渟he鈥檚 so.. fragile. someone like her shouldn鈥檛 ever be exposed to the world the way a hero is. she鈥檒l get torn apart.鈥 bakugou commented, suddenly feeling a wave of protectiveness wash over him.
they sit in silence for a while, all thinking the same thing and pondering about just how serious this is about to get.
鈥測ou gotta admit鈥︹ denki speaks up, breaking the silence.
鈥渉er crying face is really cute.鈥
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anxiousnerdwritings a month ago
*Yandere Batfamily gifting Y/n with expensive and luxurious gifts for Christmas*
Meanwhile, Y/n: *looks down at the crudely glued macaroni family portrait they made* 馃ゲ
(You can bet that piece of art is going on the fridge and is getting marveled at every chance the family gets. Wouldn鈥檛 even be surprised if Bruce bought out a whole art gallery just to show off this one piece of macaroni art his bby made.)
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