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Yandere Friendly Platonics be like:
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Yandere Todoroki clan x bullied reader pt2
Part 1 is here. Check out my MASTERLIST for more.
You were avoiding him.
Dabi could tell. You had been avoiding him ever since Enji brought you home from the park, the night when you were found on the brink of death because of bullies. Bullies that Dabi had paid to beat you up.
He didn't understand why you were doing it. You were seriously injured so he was even being nicer to you, not pulling your hair, or putting you in a chokehold, or tripping you. Hell, he even toned it down with all the verbal teasing, not too much, but enough for Rei to appreciate his effort on not being a jerk to you.
And yet you continue to dismiss him. Not replying to his snarky comments, not accepting his gifts, not even looking in his direction.
What had he done to upset the brat of the family?
"Maybe you should try making her some hot chocolate." Fuyumi advised him, after confirming his suspicions that you were off for the past two weeks since the incident. "That'll get her to open up and talk to you. You sure you didn't eat her favourite cookies or something?"
Dabi rolled his eyes. "No, I did not eat her stupid cookies. Even if I did, that isn't something for her to go that upset over. Maybe she's on her time of the month. Or maybe she's done with your and Shotou's clinginess."
While Fuyumi argued in the back that she was not clingy, Dabi decided on his game plan to approach you.
So here Dabi stood outside your door at 2 am, his hands holding the two cups of hot chocolate as he knocks on your door lightly with his foot. Hearing no answer, he whispered "I'm coming in, brat." before turning the knob with his elbow and walking in, raising a brow when he found you hiding under the covers.
Dabi walked towards your bed and sat down on it, placing the cups on the side table. "Wake up, brat. I got you hot chocolate, with the stupid hello kitty marshmallows too." He said, poking you from over the covers. When you didn't move, he yanked the covers off you, snickering a bit when you turned away from him, curling up in yourself tightly, clenching your eyes shut as you tried your best to ignore him.
Mindful of your bruised ribs and stitches, Dabi flicked your ear, causing you to finally open your eyes and glare at him.
"Aww come on. What did I do? If you don't talk, how'll I ever know what I did wrong to the high and mighty princess, hm?" He mocked, deciding to pull you until you sat straight up, which only ended in you shoving his hand off you.
"Go away."
After weeks of silence, you finally spoke, tone full of cold venom that Dabi didn't understand why it was directed him. And he was determined to find out why you were acting like this.
He shook his head before yawning. "No can do, princess. Not until you tell me what's got you in such a pissy mood, why you've been ignoring me."
Something flashed in your eyes, something angry that signalled to him that you were furious at him for not knowing why you were like this. He saw the way your nostrils flared up, the way your brows furrowed, the way you looked ready to blow up in his face, just like old times.
But you didn't. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, before swinging your legs off the bed.
If he wasn't going to leave, then you will.
Dabi watched you stand up and wince when your ribs moved uncomfortably, and he couldn't believe you'd much rather be in pain than be anywhere near him.
How badly had he fucked up?
He grabbed your wrist, tugging you back towards the bed, keeping a hold on your hand as he reached over to get the cup of hot chocolate. "Oh my god, fine- I'll leave. But at least drink this. Its really good, and I promise that I'll leave you alone once you drink this. And I haven't broken my promises ever, have I?" Dabi chuckled as he pushed the cup towards you, but then you grabbed it and threw it on he floor, spilling some of the hot drink on your hand in the process.
Dabi was furious. "What the fuck is wrong with you-"
"Haven't broken your promises? Really? Oh what about the one you made when we were little?!" You screamed at him, and Dabi stood there confused and angry.
"What the hell are you talking about?"
You scoffed, tears welling up in your eyes, not caring that your screaming had probably woken your family up. "Like you don't know. What was the whole shit show you made "I'll always protect you, Y/n. No one can hurt you on my watch." Huh? What was that about?"
Dabi didn't get what you were saying, but then a terrible thought came into your head.
"Did... Enji hurt you?" The accusation alone made your anger double over.
"No, dad didn't hurt me. No, no. He was the one who was there to save me when you fucking left me there to die!" You yelled, just as Rei and Enji walked into your room, their faces holding concern as to why you were screaming at 2:30am.
"Y/n- Dabi, what is going on here?" Rei asked, eyes shifting between the two of you.
Before Dabi could answer, you cut him off. "Well, your son here was trying to process how I know he was standing there the day I was getting beaten the shit out of me at the park." You looked at Dabi. "Yeah, well the thing is brother, you don't really camouflage all that well with the bushes. No, no- you were right in my field of view when I was getting kicked in the chest and I saw you standing there, watching me get beat up." You sniffled, chuckling a little. "Hell, I thought you didn't recognise me. I even called to you, reached out my hand for you and you know, expected you to help me. But you... you just turned around and walked away. You left me there with those boys- you left me, Dabi."
"Did you stop to think for a second what else could've occurred that day? What else they could've done to me? To my body? When I was in such a vulnerable state, did you think about how they could've used that to their advantage?"
No, he hadn't considered that aspect. Wait. Had they touched you... inappropriately?
"I would've had their heads-"
"Why do you hate me?" You asked, looking away from him. "Thats all I could think about from the moment you'd left me in the park that day. Because that's the only possible explanation, right? Its not like you're a hero who had to save the day, too busy to come your sister's aid."
"I don't hate you-"
"You do! You hate me, despise me, my very existence disgusts you. And I don't even know why? Is it because I don't hate our father? Is it because you're jealous of all the attention mom gives me? Is it because I'm quirkless? Or is it... that I'm not related to you by blood?" When your eyes met his, Dabi saw the hurt in them, saw that you actually believed that he loathed you.
"I-" Dabi was at lost for words. How was he to explain it to you that he had you beaten up to protect you?
"I don't hate you." He finally managed to say, and your eyes searched his to see if he was lying.
"Well, I do. I hate you. I'll stay out of your way, never bother you again, so don't bother pretending to care about me. I will never talk to you again, and I will be off to college in a couple of months, so you don't have to worry about me taking the attention from your family or me leaching off them."
You hate him? You want to leave him? Never see him again? Dabi doesn't want any of that.
He walked towards you. "I don't hate you, you stupid brat. I don't want you to leave-" He said as softly as he could, and grabbed your hand. But you yanked your hand away, and shoved him away from you with all your might, not caring at the burning pain in your ribs.
"I DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHAT YOU WANT! I DON'T WANT TO BE NEAR YOU, TALK TO YOU OR SEE YOU EVER AGAIN!" You yelled, your face red and tears now flowing down. "Don't you get it? I fucking hate you!"
"Y/N!" Rei yelled this time, everyone looking to where she was staring at. Your shirt, it was getting red from the right side.
Your stitches had opened.
She and Enji rushed over to you and gently pushed you back to bed while you continued to stare angrily at Dabi. "I'll- I'll call Natsuo!" Rei said before rushing out of the room. Dabi had only taken a step when you barked at him to stop. "Don't you dare think about touching me! Get out!"
He never thought his sweet little baby sis could ever hold so much hostility for him.
Enji cleared his throat, his eyes briefly leaving the wound on your side that had opened up to look at Dabi. "I... I think its best if you leave for now, Dabi." Or Y/n will get more worked up and end up hurting herself more. Enji didn't have to say the last part aloud for Dabi to understand what he meant.
Without another word, Dabi left the house, slamming the door on his way out.
Almost 2 months had passed since the park incident. 2 months since you talked to Dabi. He tried to talk to you, but the moment you found he was home, you'd go to your room and lock yourself there until he left. Of course, nobody believed you, except for Enji, but you think he only did it to please you. Rei and your siblings tried to get you to talk to Dabi again, but you refused to talk that bastard again and if they persisted, you'd threaten them with silent treatment with them too. So they didn't push you too much, deciding you'll come around on your own eventually.
Why should you forgive Dabi anyways? You have had nightmares because of him. You cant run ever again without risking your ribs breaking or feeling completely breathless when you walk the stairs. Not to mention, Enji and Rei haven't allowed you to go back to school again, saying that its not safe for you. If Dabi had helped you that day, you would still be allowed to go to school. They didn't even allow you to leave the house alone anymore either.
But when you kept on persisting, Enji allowed you to finish your education online, and now you were waiting for admission letters from colleges you had applied to. You cant wait to get out of this place, live a normal life again.
"Do you have to go?" Your voice was muffled due to you burying your face in Enji chest.
Enji laughed, patting your head as you hugged him. "Yes. Its a mission that the government wants me to go on. Its only for a month. I'll be back before you know it."
You still didn't let go of him, opting to pulling your face away and looking up at him with puppy eyes. "What if I'm in trouble? What hero do I go to?" Enji chuckled at your antics to get him to stay. "Well, you can always call me, although I don't think I'll be able to answer if I'm in a fight. You do have Hawks's number, hm?" You nod. "Good. Besides, your mother is here too. Shotou will be coming back from the dorms later this week and Fuyumi and Natsuo will swing by when they can. You wont even miss me, I'm sure."
You pulled away, scoffing. "Of course, I'll miss you. You're the only one who listens to me."
Enji smiled. You were still as adorable as you were as a baby. "Hm, how about this then? I'll bring you chocolates and souvenirs from there?"
You looked at him bewildered. "Are you bribing me? Because if you are, its working. Be sure to bring me a plushie too." Enji nodded, leaning down to kiss your cheek before leaving.
"Oh my god." You said to yourself as you read the letter again.
"Y/n Todoroki, you have been accepted into-"
"I got in." You whispered. I got into college.
You wanted to scream out of joy, but opted to do a little happy dance instead, before patting yourself on the back.
You picked up your phone, about to call your dad to tell him the good news. But then decided against it. What if he's busy at the moment? Besides, it'd be more fun to see his reaction live when he's back home.
I should tell mom.
Nodding to yourself, you rushed down stairs to tell Rei about your acceptance letter, only stopping outside her room when you heard Dabi's name.
He was home? You opened the door slightly to peek in, but found no one except for Rei who was talking on the phone.
"Its not your fault, Dabi. No, its not. You were just looking out for her- we were looking out for her. Yes, I don't ever want Y/n to get hurt, but it was necessary to get those boys to beat her up to make her realise how she'll never be safe anywhere but home. Yes, it hurts my heart-" Mom knew those bullies? "-but if you see the big picture, its for the best. Y/n has been such a perfect little girl, and I loved taking care of her. Honey, don't beat yourself over that. Yes, those ruffians weren't supposed to hurt her this badly- poor baby had her ribs bruised, but thank god they weren't broken. But you took care of them, didn't you? There isn't any evidence? Good boy. No, she doesn't hate you, Dabi. She's your sister- she'll come around. Family always sticks together, no matter what." Rei continued to talk, while you tried to process what the fuck you'd just heard.
Dabi- Rei, they both knew the bullies. No, they fucking orchestrated the whole thing. They set you up to get attacked by those shits.
What the fuck?
"College? No, don't even get me started on that. Of course, I'm not letting her go. Yeah well your father doesn't want to let her go, but he cant resist anything she says when she insists. But I'm sure I'll be able to convince him that you're not safe out there because of the incident. If he doesn't get on board with keeping Y/n at home, I'm sure... another "little scare" can change his mind."
You weren't breathing, your heart beating fast as you tried to deny what she meant by "another little scare".
She was going to hurt you again.
Your mind was screaming at you to get out of the house right now, and you began backing away, eyes so fixated on the door that you didn't manage to see the vase you knocked over behind you.
That was when you heard her stop talking and you made a break for it, hissing for a moment as a shard jabbed into your foot.
"Y/N STOP!' you didn't. And as your hand reached for the door knob, your entire body suddenly felt cold. You looked down and saw your body had been encased in ice.
And when you looked back, ready to see the monster you called your mother, you were hit on the head and knocked out.
2 weeks had passed, you guessed the time when Rei would bring you food. Its not like you had your phone or a clock to check the time, no. Rei had decided to lock you up in the basement, taking away your phone and the only thing you had down here to keep you entertained was throwing the food Rei brought you, a small feeling of satisfaction growing in you whenever you saw her frown at the mess. You thought that was what would have upset her more- you not eating her food and wasting it. But it was actually you not talking to her that got to her.
You had stopped talking to her the moment you woke up in the basement and yelled at her how messed up she is for hurting her own child. What else were you supposed to say? You'd already heard everything, and everything after that were lies Rei tried to feed you to convince you that she and Dabi hadn't deliberately set you up to hurt you.
Rei was getting desperate for you to talk to her. She tried cooking your favourite meals, but that failed. She tried cuddling you, but you flinched away. She even tried to get her kids to talk to you, but that didn't work either when you realised that they weren't going to help you get out of here either. She'll never forget the look of betrayal you displayed when Shotou said that it'd be best for everyone if you just stayed at home instead of going to college.
She decided to get you some books from the library. You always fancied reading, so maybe that'll get her on your good side again.
At the library though, Rei found a section for herself too.
"Self Help"
She walked in that aisle and a book caught her eye. She pulled it out and began reading it.
3 hours later, Rei had diagnosed you with depression.
Which then lead her to a day of researching what she could do to cure your "depression", and she went down the rabbit hole, reading article after article until she found something she hadn't already tried.
And then she did.
At the beginning of the third week was when you had began wondering when Enji would be returning.
Would he even help me?
You shake your head. Of course, he would. He has to. He's your only hope to escape from this hell hole.
You were busy imagining how Enji would react to finding his family locking you up like a bunch of psychopaths when the door to the basement opened and Rei walked in. She had already given you lunch an hour ago so you didn't really know why she was here again. God you hoped it wasn't because she wants to tell you more lies again.
You laid back on the mattress she had so generously provided you with, covering yourself with the cover as you turned your head away from her, refusing to even look at her.
"Y/n, sweetie, I- I know I haven't been the best mother. But I really do want the best for you, even if it makes you hate me. When you're in pain, so am I, baby. But you know it, don't you? No pain, no gain." You rolled your eyes so hard at that. What the fuck is she up to now?
"Which is why, this is gonna hurt me way more than it will hurt you. Stay still, honey." Rei whispered before flipping you on your back, quickly encasing your limbs in ice before climbing over you and sitting on your stomach.
If you weren't terrified already, you sure felt your heart drop when you saw what she'd pulled out from behind her.
An ice pick and a hammer.
"M-mom! What are you doing? Please stop, you're hurting me!" Fuck not talking to her, she's gonna kill you.
Rei patted your head gently and cooed. "Shh, its okay sweetie. Mama knows you're depressed and I've found a way to help you." Depressed? I'm not depressed. What the hell is she on about-
You shake your head. "I'm not depressed, mom! I'm okay now! Perfectly fine. You don't need to kill me, I swear I won't tell anyone anything. Not even Dad!"
She just hummed, continuing to wipe the sweat of your forehead with a rag. "You know I read in some articles that this procedure will make you happier, reduce your agitation and anxiety, make you less tense, even get rid of those nightmares, if done right!"
If done right? If?
You gulped, eyes fixated on the ice pick that Rei was cleaning. "What- what procedure?" She smiled down at you.
"A lobotomy."
You don't think you've ever screamed this loud.
Upstairs, Dabi had just walked inside the house to drop of his clothes for Rei to wash when he heard your scream. He ran towards the basement, burning down the door when he found it locked, the sight in front of him was something he'd only ever seen in horror movies.
Rei was on top of you, one hand holding an ice pick over the inner corner of your eye while her other arm was raised in the air, holding hammer.
For a brief second they both looked back at him, and thats when he saw the petrified, horror-stricken look on your face.
"Dabi, HELP ME!" You begged, sobs wracking your body as you tried to deny the fact that you were about to die.
But he was frozen. Not because of Rei, no she turned her attention back to you, no Dabi was frozen because he couldn't wrap his mind around what he was seeing.
Was mom about to kill you?
Heart sinking at the thought, Dabi practiacally flew down the stairs to pull Rei off you. But he was a second too late, air leaving his lungs as he heard a sickening crack. He shoved his mother off you, and looked at your face.
It was emotionless. Mouth agape, eyes wide open with the right one bleeding.
Were you dead?
Dabi didn't wanna check- he didn't want to risk knowing you were. So he scooped you up in his arms ever so gently, throat closing up with the way your head hung limply over his arm, but he was quick to tuck your head to his chest.
He ran up the stairs while Rei babbled on about how you were finally cured, before breaking down into sobs but Dabi's main priority was you at that moment. And just as he opened the front door, there stood Enji, his face turning to confusion when he saw the tears on Dabi's face, before his eyes followed down to where you were, your head turned away from him and your body way to still for him to sense was very wrong.
"Y/n?" Enji called out, as he turned your head towards him, brushing the hair out of your face. His blood running cold when he saw your lifeless face, a trail of crimson flowing out of your eye. He looked back at Dabi, who was having a hard time breathing and when he heard Rei's wails from inside the house, Enji connected the dots.
"Get in the car, right now." He ordered Dabi, rushing towards the drivers seat while Dabi settled in the back seat with you. He'll deal with Rei later, but he needs to get you to the hospital right now.
And perhaps for a rare occasion it was when both the father and son had the same thought running through their mind in that moment.
I can't live without you.
Tumblr media
Thoughts? Need a part 3 where you see the aftermath or no?
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write-it-motherfuckers · 5 months ago
Person A: "You know, you’re my best friend ever." 
Person B: "...."
Persona A: "Aren't you going to say it back?" 
Person B: "I don't know you, all you did was kidnap me, tie me to a chair, and start rambling at me." 
Person A: "See I'm making your life interesting, we should be best friends forever." -pulls out phone to take selfie with Person B.-
Submitted by @afullnightwithabook 
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dollmoth-productions · 17 days ago
Yan encanto family with villain (cuz why not? Or normal if dont write villain reader) reader whos a power like naagin (a person who can shape shifting into a snake)
I could not find any good GIF so I hope this is good
Tumblr media
The darling is more mischievous than evil
💙 Isabella is very showy for you she especially loves it whenever you do turn into a snake she purposely likes to put you in the sun on one of her many plants so you will heat up she thinks it's absolutely adorable when you are completely healed up you normally try to leave her room and she usually just try to stop you by putting a Vine around your leg sometimes even with thorns
💙 Maribel does get tired of your shenanigans because of your constant pranks or lack thereof which means you're planning but she truly does love you even though sometimes it becomes too much when her jealousy does show
💙Julieta and agustín are more of the sickly sweet pipeline she will make you food and maybe when you're even in your steak from catching mice for you even though you don't really eat sometimes the food is even poison so you are too sick to take care of yourself. Agustín is accident-prone as you see but that doesn't change the fact that he cares about you he's a lot like his wife in some ways maybe less obsessive so he commonly just plays the piano for you even if you're crying after a punishment or chained up by Casita
💙Luisa very strong but very dangerous it's coming for you even if you try to leave the 
Casita tries to force you to stay here but if you ever follow the rules and play nice 
she's an absolute sweetheart a darling even but it doesn't help because she's the strongest she's often the one that has to bring you home even if you try to Slither away she holds you down by the neck or where she believes your neck is
❤ Abuela it's probably the most tame but also the most dangerous to make angry she is a lot more less stressful on you than the others but that comes with more helicopter parenting if you ever are close to window she's always three feet away if you ever try to get out of the Casita she's always two inches away she's the most dangerous to make angry because she will make sure you get punished
💛Pepa  and Felix the helicopter parenting was Abuela then they are complete watch dogs always watching you always checking up on you always making sure you're okay and that would be nice but wasn't every 5 minutes it comes to the point where you sometimes even hide but they normally know where you are they think it's absolutely adorable that you can transform into this think even more when he tried to bite them normally that leads to Pepa thundering through even though Felix is more laid-back here does have his limits his limits come whenever you try to escape and he doesn't the Show punishment but he does give you a firm talking to where he threatens to break your legs
💛 Dolores the person who can hear everything is possibly the only chance that you'll ever be to normalcy you were never able to truly Escape her she can hear you slithering away she can hear you whenever you stub your toe and you swear and beneath your breath and you expect the girl who knows everything about everyone to actually help you because they might understand you but nope you have to stay here it's scary.
💛 Camilo the light-hearted jokester you have lost all hope of anyone ever letting you escape which also lead you to be kind of depressed and sad so Camilla was there to always cheer you up which was usually than my mocking the victims that they've usually got done rid of he loves it whenever you turn to snake whenever you're scared because it really depends on your mood what type of breed you are she does miss your shenanigans with him whenever you would prank people with him but it's safer for you to stay here and not do anything too dangerous
💛 Antonio he's the less of your worries he doesn't even understand his feelings on the matter he understands you whenever you turn into a snake so that's good or he even lets you pet his pet Jaguar so you would feel better watch me yet again he doesn't really allow you to escape but you can easily overpower him because of how young he is but you would never hurt him if you were given the chance he's the lesser of two evils
💚 Bruno is definitely more of a danger for you he will start doing his Visions again especially when he's accepted back in the family so he can see if you would ever escape so he can plan it out normally the family gives you to him whenever they have to do their normal chores so it's definitely an uphill battle with you and him his hugs are so crushing and tight that you commonly can't even escape and you even fall asleep in them they're not even comforting anymore they're more dangerous especially after you tried to escape multiple times he hate it whenever you turn into a snake he's scared that you might hurt his rats so he often punishes you so you won't really turn into a snake as much otherwise he's completely calm
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cheesus-doodles · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I commissioned this absolutely stunning piece of Boss and Izana from Day Off from @purarupu and holy shit am I completely blown away!
It's jawdropping gorgeous and they are such a pleasure to work with! I would highly recommend them if anyone is looking for their own piece, and definitely would be back again for more!
I know I said I had a treat for yall but tbh its more a treat for myself-
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cybersvoid · a month ago
Yo your big brother fanfic is so good, but I can help think how would y/n life be like if the entire family like that?
Referencing: Big Brother
Could you imagine? There would have to be a schedule devoted to who you spend your time with, and even with it all planned out, you know there's going to be some serious arguing.
Natsuo: "Fuyumi, it's my turn to play with Y/N."
Fuyumi: "Go away, Natsuo. We're working on our alphabet. My Y/N is so smart."
Touya: "Your Y/N? I think we all know who Y/N loves the most."
Natsuo: "Ahh, well someone has a big ego, but when Y/N got sick, who did they cry for again?"
Touya: "Keep running your mouth, and your clothes might 'accidentally' catch fire again."
Shoto: *walking in with your favorite snack* "I assume this is a bad time?"
And that's when it's mild. They 100% have and will get violent amongst each other. And god help any partner you choose to bring into your life when you're older. The second they get a whiff of you liking anyone, that person will never be heard from again. But your oh-so-kind siblings will all be there to console you with open arms.
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yanderemommabean · 4 months ago
Imagine a pack of deathclaws imprinting on one person? Like a wander found a nest of newborns with the mother's dead body near by. They can't just leave them to die, they aren't heartless. They can at least take care of them one day. But a day becomes a week, becomes a month, becomes a few years. The deathclaws are full grown and won't leave the wander, God forbid anything hostile or human get near them.
Imagine your able to have a small store going with some home cooked treats and meals for wanderers and the like, and you see a wounded little creature pitifully begging for a meal.
You decide to give it a few little scraps, nothing anyone would miss or ask for on the regular, and hope the poor little guy gets better after he snatches it away and trots off.
The next morning you open your door to five more, sitting by your doorstep, ranging in size and health. Some worn down, others just younglings befriending the others for the food.
Alright. You obviously didn’t heed the warning to never feed a stray. But getting rid of the old food is such an annoying waste! At least this way it’ll be given to the creatures in need. They aren’t aggressive if you aren’t being a dick to them much like any other animal.
So this is a nice routine change and great for your peace of mind! In an odd sense.
Soon you become like a parent to all of the wounded and sick deathclaws. Even some other monsters and mutated beings. They look at you as someone who will heal them and comfort them. Some even use your storage as a nest! You didn’t exactly have the nerve to move them. The babies were appreciative at least, and the parents even gave you some presents in return for your kindness.
Such as the murdered remains of those who rob you, and stolen satchels from caravans. Some bring metal scraps and drag cars to your property thinking you’d like it.
Starting with one little deathclaw and a soft spot in your heart, you now have an army of beasts who see you as one of them and trust you like no other. You’re basically a Deathclaw whisperer!
And so far, it isn’t so bad!
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thefieryphoenix · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Pic from: Pinterest
Narcissa would probably be the first person to meet you and get obsessed with you? How? That's a very goo question but fortunately or unfortunately for you, she'd either spot you at Diagon Alley curiously checking out the cauldron shops and thinking what to buy for your first year at Hogwarts. Draco may or may not be in the same year as you but either way, you'll still have a new friend. Or she'd probably meet you at Flourish and Blotts reading your list and struggling to hold the books. She'll be ever so kind to help you with your books and she'll start cooing how cute and adorable you look, her protective motherly instincts kicking in to see such an innocent little child like you all alone. And she isn't too fond of your parents either for leaving you alone and if she ever sees them, she'll be having a word with them. Or maybe little more than having just a word with them
After that interaction she sees you come to Diagon Alley a few more times and each time she gets real touchy and grabby with you till you tell her to quit it and you try running away from her, hoping against hope that you'll never see her again. But Narcissa is infatuated with you and she just can't stop thinking about you and how you might be suffering with your so called family. Lucius will observe her cheerful and happy behavior and it would confuse him for a while till he demands her to explain why she's behaving in such a weird manner. Narcissa then spills her heart out to Lucius and Draco describing every detail and inch of you perfectly
Lucius just brushes her off not thinking too much about it but Draco is somewhat curious to know who you are and how you've managed to capture his mother's heart. He decided to keep an eye and a lookout for you if at all the does manage to see you and he sincerely hoped you'd be in Slytherin along with him
Draco would see you in the Great Hall for the first time either for your Sorting Hat ceremony or you're just there with the rest of the other people applauding the first years and stuff. Whatever the case is, if you're in Slytherin he'll be really happy and pleased, you'll end up sitting with him for everything and you're like the Slytherin Princess to the Slytherin Prince or something. If you're not in Slytherin and you ended up in some other house especially Gryffindor, he'll be sulky and sulk around for a while like a child when denied candy and his feelings are hurt. He wouldn't be able to spend too much time with you as he thought but no matter, he'll still find a way to make you notice him and make you be his friend. Oh, and anytime he sees someone trying to bully you or tease you, they'll be at the wrong end of Malfoy and his family and let me tell you, NO ONE wants to be on the wrong end of the Malfoys since you know.... they ARE Death Eaters after all and they're not going to spare the fool who dared to insult you like that
Draco will lure you into a friendship pretty quick and he's really clingy, always getting jealous if you pay attention to someone else other than him. If that person ends up taking too much of your time and attention he'll just get mad and secretly find a way to hex them and pretend like he doesn't know anything
Lucius meets you one fine day while visiting Hogwarts, to criticize Dumbledore's teachings of course and the ways and methods of education of the staff there. And Draco introduces you to his father despite your indignant protests. And guess who told their parents all about you in their letters to their parents updating them on what you do every singe freaking day? The little ferret here. Lucius finally understands why Narcissa and Draco are so obsessed with you and he couldn't believe someone so innocent and naive like you was getting mixed up in friendships with mudbloods, blood traitors, half breeds and half bloods (So sorry Hermione, Ron, Hagrid and Harry, no offence TvT)
Don't be too surprised if your real family disappears one fine day. Draco sees you crying and his heart feels like shattering into a million pieces, he doesn't want to see his darling baby sister/ brother cry! He thought you'd be glad that those fakers were now dead and you can now return home to your real family but he really didn't expect you to start crying. So, he'll comfort you no matter how much time it takes. Oh and guess which family now has custody of you? The Malfoys and if you've guessed that right, yay you, you win a cookie! 🍪
The Malfoys don't want you getting mixed up in all this Death Eater business but they'll find out anyways and if you're not careful of your actions you'll have Voldy as a platonic yandere for you as well. Bellatrix might be a bit sus of you at first but when she sees how happy and glad her sister is, she'll accept you as well and even though she isn't a Malfoy she will gladly kill anyone who dares to look at you in the wrong way
You'll always be their perfect innocent little angel in this dark and tainted world
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yandere--stuck · 13 days ago
Do you do platonic yanderes? If so, can I request a platonic yandere Bruno with a darling that doesn't have any strong parental figures and just hangs around castia because they're friends with camilo?
Yessss I love platonic/familial yanderes let's gooooooooo
💚 Bruno was never blessed with children, unlike his sisters. They were lucky ones. Happily married, with their own little - well, not-so little, anymore - bundles of joy. Bruno couldn't help but feel a bit jealous. He'd always thought himself pretty good with kids. He could forget about all of his worries for a while as he told them stories, played pretend, partook in games. And despite his age, he prided himself on still being limber enough and quick on his feet to play tag with the younger residents of the village. Though, perhaps it had been for the best. Before his return, (could he even say he returned if he never really left?) he was a ball of neuroses and paranoia and anxiety. He wouldn't - couldn't - allow himself to raise a child while his mental state was in such disarray. It wouldn't be fair to them.
⏳ Now that he reintegrated back into his family and the village, Bruno had… Well, remained pretty much the same. But, he was getting better! He and Luisa had been helping each other learn to relax, Pepa had taught him some of her anti-anxiety techniques, he and Antonio collaborated with the rats to make new telenovela ideas - which helped take his mind off his worries for the future, and his other sobrinos (well, mostly Mirabel and Camilo) would drag him around the village, introducing him to the residents if the village and their friends. As it turned out, before she saved Casita and it's magic, Mirabel didn't really have many friends. Her lack of a gift left her overshadowed by her cousins and other family members. Upon saving the miracle, becoming her own miracle, she was revered and much of Camilo's friends became her own. It made Bruno well with pride. Mirabel deserved friends. She deserved it without having to save their family's magic and home, but at least now they could all see it. Surprisingly, Mirabel and Camilo didn't mind having their uncle hang around them and their friends. Bruno supposed it made sense. He still felt himself very much a kid at heart, never really "growing up" in the same way Pepa and Julieta did. And it was easy for him to relax and have fun, playing with and hanging around his sobrinos and their friends - acting as a older, responsible figure while also being someone easy to talk to and relate to. He knew very well what lots of kids go through. Feeling different, feeling cast out, not knowing your place in the world… And all at once, it hit Bruno. He did it. Somehow, he managed to fumble his way into being The Cool Tío.
💚 As he became more and more like the younger villagers' surrogate tío, Bruno promised himself to never have any favorites. Well, no favorites outside of his family… Well, okay, maybe one. You were one of Camilo's closer friends, almost always at his side, like you were his shadow. And for some reason, you began to really look up to Bruno, vying for his approval. You'd volunteer to listen to his ideas for his telenovelas and were there for every show. You'd try extra hard to be funny around him, trying to make both him and Camilo laugh. You came to him for advice, or to just talk… And you and Camilo liked messing with him, too. You had gotten him a few times, he'd admit. Camilo pretending to be you, the two of you running around him, laughing, pulling on his ruana as the two of you told him to guess who was who. The first couple times, he'd gotten it wrong - making Camilo rather smug and you burst into laughter, the two of you ribbing Bruno and poking fun. But, over time, Bruno knew you better. Your quirks and intricacies. The things you did when you were happy, sad, lonely. The shape of your smile, the way your eyes shone with emotion, the way you clasped or fidgeted with your hands. The small things that make you you. The small things that Camilo, no matter how good of a mimic he was, couldn't replicate. And he felt so happy, so full of pride as he looked  between you and his sobrino pretending to be you, and was easily able to tell the difference. Which made Camilo switch back and stomp his feet, swearing that his tío had to have cheated somehow! But, it was your reaction Bruno focused on - the smile that erupted on your face and how you launched forward, pulling him into a hug.
⏳ And it was then that everything shifted. Clicked into place, like the fragments of his visions. You weren't just Camilo's best friend. You were like a member of the family. Like one of his sobrinos... But, that wasn't quite right. He had to share his sobrinos' attention with their parents and his mother. He had you all on his own, like you were his own- wait. Your parents. Where were your parents? Bruno hadn't recalled meeting them, seeing them, and he couldn't recall you ever mentioning them. Maybe they kept to themselves? It'd make sense, considering you never accepted Camilo or Mirabel's invitation for a sleepover… Butttt, just in case, Bruno figured he should ask Camilo himself. And the boy's answer was simple, "They don't have parents. They don't like to talk about it." And it broke Bruno's heart, knowing you had no one to look after you, living only and having to rely on the village as a whole to help you… But, it also made Bruno buzz with excitement, with happiness, with relief - you didn't have anyone to claim you! You… You really could be like his own child. His kid, and nobody else's. And despite it being late in the evening, darkness surrounding the Encanto, he set out to find you, in the small house (if you could call it that), that you lived in. Alone. He knew what it was like to be alone.
💚 In times like these, it was easy for Bruno to forget that not everyone had a family as big as his own. Not everyone had a family. The idea seemed impossible in a place like Encanto, but he was wrong. His whole body tensed with nervousness as he walked in the darkness. His fingers twitched with the need to cross for good luck. His hands itched, wanting to knock on the nearest wooden object, or to toss salt, or sugar, or sand over his shoulder. Or, maybe… Maybe he could get a quick vision. It'd be real fast, and he had everything he needed outside. Just to check. Just to be sure. That you'd agree and be his kid and you'd you'd happy and a part of his family, officially … But, no. He didn't need to. He didn't need to check. Clear skies. Clear skies. He doesn't cross his fingers. And when he knocks on wood, it's on the door to your house (so small, so tiny, so lonely, like his living space in the walls) to get your attention. Confusion filled your eyes when you opened the door, but he can see the smaller flecks of emotions. Tiredness. Loneliness. He pulled you into a hug, asking why you didn't tell him, that you were all alone. Well, you didn't want to be a bother. Why didn't you come over some time, they had plenty of room. Well, you didn't deserve to. And that made Bruno pull back, eyes wide and almost hurt. You explained that you weren't magic like him or his family. You didn't deserve to step foot in Casita, the home of the Magical Madrigals. Didn't deserve to take up space there, to eat their food, to sleep in their rooms. For a moment, all Bruno could do is stare. And then, he pulled you into an even tighter embrace. That you did deserve it. Mirabel didn't have a gift, but she was magic all on her own. Just like you. You deserved it. You deserved the world and more, he promised.
⏳ Bruno coaxed you to his home, gentle and reassuring when you hesitated to step onto the property. Until you do, waiting for… Something bad to happen. But, it never did. And Bruno was all smiles as he guided you inside, greeted warmly by the rest of his family. You have a full meal, and Bruno adores the way you lit up with joy at the company, the feeling of love and family from the entirety of the Madrigals. And, of course, Camilo is at your side the entire night, practically attached to your hip, overjoyed that his best friend had finally come over. Still, you couldn't believe it was true. You asked if Bruno was going to walk you home - but Bruno sternly insisted that this was your home now. In fact, he had the perfect place for you to stay. He guided you, hand in hand, up to his tower. You couldn't believe it, shaking a bit as you stepped inside the room of a Madrigal. Past the curtain of sand, Bruno's room had been changed since the morning. It was brighter, somehow more homey. And, not to far off, was a side room with knickknacks, and a 'welcome home' sign hung above a bed that was perfect for you. Casita had been busy. You let out a gasp as Bruno hugged you tight, cradling the back of your head. Tears escaped his eyes as he let out a shuddering breath, "Welcome home, mi tesoro."
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matching-with-my-demons · 9 months ago
Soft Yandere Todoroki Clan x Reader
Self indulgent Headcanons inspired by @i-cant-sing
Warnings: Yanderes and all that comes with them-
A/N: Idk where the sudden urge to write came from but I'mma post some Soft Yandere Shigaraki after this-
Summary: Backstory headcanons and then general- this happens after Endeavor starts trying to rebuild his relationship with his kids.) FYI this is rediculously long-
How It Started
Tumblr media
Rei had seen you when she was in the mental hospital, you were covered in scars, and timid as well. Apparently you had escaped the youth section of the hospital after being told you’d be going home with your “parents”
You had ran into her room and hid under the bed, begging her not to tell anyone where you were. You look so scared and desperate, and Rei’s heart ached at the thought of saying no.
So when a nurse came in she claimed to not have seen anyone running by. Afterwards you came out, thanking her and shaking. Not even thinking she pulled you into a hug, feeling you stiffen before melting her arms, crying quietly into her shirt.
Around an hour later you had explained the horrible things you had been through, including a sibling of yours dying. She felt horrible for you, and wished she could help. 
That’s when she realized she could, just indirectly. Calling Enji, she begged him to take you to their house under the chance of abuse.
Endeavor did so simply because it was all Rei had ever asked of him, and she sounded desperate. When he made it to the hospital, he understood why.
He quickly told the staff of the hospital you were under hero protection, and that your parents were investigation. And it was partially true. Your “parents” were investigated and found to be the reason you were in the condition you were, and that you hadn’t done this to yourself.
He then took you to the Todoroki estate, giving you one of the guest bedrooms. Rei was released from the hospital a few days later.
Relationships (How they formed)
Tumblr media
You quickly grew close to Rei, spending as much time as you could with her. She loved the attention and your hesitant affection.
As you grew closer to her, you started calling her Mom, which made her cry the first time. She started going places with you and giving you the chance to experience the childhood and mother bond you never had. She treated you like you were one of her own, and she saw you as one of her own too.
After warming up to her, you hesitantly tried to spend time around Endeavor, and he honestly appreciated it more than he’d admit. You would listen to him talk and visit him at his agency on slow days.
Whenever he’d raise or move too quickly you would flinch, and in the beginning he thought you were afraid of him, until he started getting you into therapy, finding out it was just your instinctive reaction due to the abuse you went through.
It makes him feel both guilt and rage, guilt for possibly doing the same to his other children and making you relive your past, and rage for the fact someone had put you through this.
It was then when the pieces of shit of your past were more or less “Taken care of” so to speak.
After this he was much more gentle around you, speaking in a softer tone and giving you words of encouragement.
The first time you called him Dad he felt a sense of pride, and also a longing to be your hero in your eyes.
He’ll never admit it but he almost cried.
After that his attempts at being a father go up tenfold, he asks Rei to ask you what you’d like to do with him, and what you’d like to have.
Gets you a credit that you can spend as much as 500K on, and on his day off takes you to an amusement park after you say you’ve always wanted to go to one.
He spends the entire day there, and honestly enjoys himself.
You’re having a lot of fun and tugging him around by his hand as you try the different treats and go on rides, your child-like glee rubbing off on him.
When you both get home from that is the first time you meet Fuyumi.
And she falls in love with you (platonically) almost instantly. Sadly you do not share this sentiment.
As soon as you see her you tell Enji you’re going to take a shower and make a b-line to your room as soon as you see her.
Fuyumi is a little confused, but after talking to her mom, she finds out you’re just on the more timid side, and that you’d been through a lot, so to give you time.
And she does, but when you start claiming not to be hungry during dinner when she’s there, the family has an intervention.
Rei and Endeavor approach you, asking about it.
When you explain you feel like you were taking them away from Fuyumi their hearts melted.
They quickly reassure you that isn’t the case and have Fuyumi confirm this.
After that you spent time with Fuyumi often, learning some new recipes and going shopping with her.
Natsuo found out about you through Fuyumi, telling him about how you were and how you ended getting adopted by their parents.
When you met him you were a little less hesitant due to Fuyumi, and he quickly found himself doting on you and wanting to protect you.
Whenever he has days off he likes to chill with you and his mom, just talking and telling stories.
You meet Shoto when Enji takes you with him to an event, and Shoto is there.
Enji, in Enji fashion screams “SHOOOOOOOOOOTOOOOOO-” startling you and causing a very unamused Shoto to cringe. 
At first he plans on just avoiding him and walking away, but then he spots you. 
When Enji introduces you as the newest member of the family, Shoto is horrified, not believing his father had changed, or could change.
Tries to get you away from him, pulling you away and asking if he’d hurt you.
When you explained that Rei and Enji had in fact rescued you from your own abusive relatives, he’s surprised.
He’s still suspicious of Endeavor, but you are obviously comfortable around him.
Shoto quickly becomes your partner in crime, introducing you to the Dekusquad and group outings. 
He has a lot of fun with you, and the first time you refer to him as brother he gets a warm feeling in his chest.
The youngest Todoroki is very protective of you, and has sworn to Rei and himself to keep you safe.
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cozymoko · 2 months ago
May I request platonic Yandere Mukami brothers when their sibling runs away? (If you do write for platonic Yandere-) I would like headcanons, pretty please
Pronouns: more feminine ones used.
Sakamaki version: here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ruki has always kept a keen eye on you; no matter if he's blessed with your presence or if you wallow in the comfort of your own room. Over time he's managed to memorize your schedule, though he controls most of it. Your habits, ticks, what makes you smile, he knows them all. He adores every last one of them, and hell is damned if someone robs him of those pleasures.
As an older brother, he's somewhat strange. Controlling and quite possessive you could say. Desiring no more than for his beloved sibling to follow close in his footsteps. Out of trouble, away from those nuisances, you call friends and more to come. While he hopes to be your only source of comfort, the one you can rely on. Since there should be no one in your life who could level to him, ever.
"You must like your punishments since you continue to rebel against me. Tell me, what has provoked such behavior out of you? Surely I can get rid of it."
Tumblr media
When involving you, the smallest things manage to send him over the edge. Much like this current situation, Yuma is practically itching to find you. Frantically searching every nook and cranny of the primeval mansion, leaving no place untouched. It's quite a shock that you are able to slip from his sight in the first place. After all, I'm sure this isn't your first attempt nor is it his. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts; it's temporary.
A more so protective brother. Though he's not the most harmless of the three, Yuma is surely not the worst. Outside of being overprotective he has some other downsides of being related to him. For example, possessive of his dearest sister, the one who he cherishes the most. He has no shame in monopolizing every second of your time, keeping you from experiencing the big bad world that may want to hurt you.
"Oi, just what the hell do you think you're doin'?! Hah...if something happens to you I...I wouldn't forgive myself."
Tumblr media
After a long evening under flashing lights, sweating in the middle of thousands of screaming girls, the vampire wanted nothing more than to be home. Bursting through the double doors of his precious sister's room only to be graced with bitter coldness. Vacant of the young vampire with various items scattered along the plush flooring. The feeling was ineffable, pissed — no, infuriated perhaps.
Laughs off your disappearance as a little prank. You may just be toying with his emotions as a way to get him back. Unfortunately, he can find no humor in your actions. Behind that sugary sweet smile resided a world of sinister emotions even you may not be ready to see. My dear, just what were you thinking?
"Naughty girl, were you trying to make me upset; well, you definitely succeed. Now, how will you make it up to me? I wonder~"
Tumblr media
In the beginning, he thought nothing of it, as he waited in your abandoned room. Hour after hour spent wallowing there, without your presence or dear smile. Something was off. Yet, he makes no move to search the spacious mansion as he lied still in his place, staring at the ceiling. Like a loyal puppy waiting for its owner, alas you never returned. No worry, he can always ask Ruki to go fetch you; problem solved!
He may as well be your favorite brother. Kind, caring, gentle, and much more. Despite his little habits, Azusa would never bring a knife a few centimeters to your skin. Though his clingy behavior may drive you over the edge. Dealing with the high maintenance half-breed is more than the average person could manage. A tip my dear: Don't let him too close to your waist, that is if you don't enjoy bone-crushing hugs.
"Ah...here you are...This feeling, it hurts but...not in a good way. Don't...don't do it again...please.."
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anxiousnerdwritings · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Dear (Name),
I needed to write you before the time finally comes. Before he finally comes looking for us. I won’t be able to send anymore letters after this for awhile, I shouldn’t even be writing this one, but I have to get this to you.
I just want to thank you for everything you have done, everything you have been, and everything you are. You are my greatest friend and I don’t know what I would have done without you by my side. We’ve always been there for each other and I know we will continue to be there for one another, no matter what.
I know we’ve been through so much together, you and I. Always and forever, isn’t that what we promised all those years ago? Well, I need you more than ever, my friend.
I wanted to ask something of you. If... anything were to happen to James and I, would you be there for Harry? Would you keep an eye out for him? Would you watch over him? Protect him? Would you love him and be there for him if we couldn’t?
I know I probably sound out of my mind but I can’t shake this feeling of dread. And I’m scared. I’m scared of what’s to come and whether my family will survive it.
Please, promise me you’ll be there; for us, for me, for Harry. Promise me that you will take care of my baby if I can not.
Promise me, (Name). You’re the one I trust most in the world, please take care of my baby. No matter what.
Always and Forever with Love,
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i-cant-sing · a month ago
imagine the pure panic enji and the fam would go through if the reader started choking on something, like turning purple choking.
Yandere Todoroki Clan reacting to Reader choking
As someone who has choked on toothpaste, bubble gum, ADVIL- this is very personal😭
Everyone has different reactions to reader choking.
You were still a toddler- around 4 and just learning how to use your chopsticks. Rei had made dinner and she and Fuyumi set the table for everyone. You were sitting beside Enji and telling him about your day, and you were talking as you ate- something Enji and Rei both told you not to do. But Enji came home after so long and you don't know how long you have with him until he leaves for another mission, so you gotta tell him everything right now.
And then the inevitable happens- you start choking on a piece of carrot.
Immediately, Enji is alert and he grabs you, opens your mouth to see if he can pull out the piece of food, but when he cant see it, he starts performing the Heimlich manoeuvre.
Just as you had started to turn blue, the carrot suddenly un-lodged from your throat, and you coughed it out.
You're crying as Enji turns you around, checking to see if you're alright, and when he's confirmed that, he hugs you to his chest and starts patting your back, assuring you that "its all okay now, you're not in trouble, nothing to be scared about, princess. Daddy is here."
After you'd calmed down, Enji then proceeds to carefully feed you the rest of your dinner, sternly advising you not to talk when you're eating, and to properly chew your food before swallowing. Even after dinner, you're both still shaken up, Enji more than you because he really thought he would lose you. So, the father daughter duo slept together that night, with you on his chest as he stroked your back, it took him a good few hours to finally fall asleep.
Now, if this happens in front of Rei- oh she freaks out big time. I mean, she's calm when she yanks you from your seat and does the Heimlich manoeuvre on you, but once you're breathing again- she goes crazy.
She yells at you, scolds you very harshly and then after a good 10 minutes of yelling at you, she calms down and then starts to work on calming you down. She's rocking you back and forth, whispering sweet nothings, and then she starts feeding you the dinner. Only now she opts to feed you the soup and and gravy, nothing solid for a few months.
Eventually, she has to accept the fact that your growing body needs solid food, so she starts feeding you that. But you're well into your teen years and Rei still cuts your food into bite sized pieces and spoon feeds you everything.
Its embarrassing, I know. But just be glad she's not feeding you the food by chewing it in her mouth first and then giving it to you- like a bird feeds her hatchlings.
Now if you're sick and big bro Natsuo comes over to give you your medicine- a pill to alleviate your fever, and for some reason you have a small oesophagus and you actually have difficulty swallowing the small pill (like me, idk) and you start choking, Natsuo expertly pats your back to help un-lodge the pill and then you start puking because of gag reflex- boy, you aint ever swallowing pills again.
Anytime you need medicine, Natsuo is gonna get you the syrup (flavoured, of course) formula, and if there isn't one available, then he's gonna get the pills, crush them into a fine powder, cover it in honey to mask the awful taste and then feeds it to you.
I love Natsuo 💖
I think if child reader was like me- an idiot, who thought that bubble gum should be swallowed, then that calls for big bro Dabi turning me upside down and starts smacking my back and shaking me up and down, because I refuse to believe he knows Heimlich manoeuvre (yandere dad Dabi knows Heimlich manoeuvre). When you finally spit the gum out, Dabi holds you in his arms and starts yelling at you for being a dumbass and how you could've died because of your own stupidity. He stops being so mean once he starts seeing the tears in your eyes, and then just scoffs as he tells you to stop being a brat- he's not mad anymore.
Dabi had to hold you in his arms, not to calm you down, but to calm himself down because for a second there, you had started turning blue. He buys you some cotton candy, warning you to eat it slowly and not choke again, because he'll kill you if you do that again, brat.
Even when you're all grown up, Dabi still reminds you of how you almost died because of your own dumbass-ery. Then, he proceeds to remind you how he saved your life.
Don't worry though, whenever he's being a jerk like this, you can always go ahead and make him remember how you almost died because you almost swallowed one of his staples that were lying on the floor. And if it hadn't been for Fuyumi pulling the pointy staple out of your mouth, you could've scractched up your vocal chords and lost your voice forever.
But you and Fuyumi never snitched on him to Rei, so he better stfu and buy you that limited edition Hello Kitty merch.
Tumblr media
The iced coffee i just made- so damn good omg
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thescarletwitchsapprentice · 5 months ago
Imagine: You’re a young adult stranded near Westview, and Wanda really wants a younger sibling.
Tumblr media
(CW: Mind control, platonic!yandere!Wanda Maximoff, kidnapping sort of)
Note: This takes place very shortly after the Hex was made, as in before S.W.O.R.D. started investigating. Let’s just say that Wanda knew about your existence somehow. She’s magic, her powers are practically limitless, just...just go with it.
Your car’s broken down. Again.
You get out to investigate the smoking hood, but the problem is....you don’t know how to fix your car. Usually someone’s with you to help, but this time you’re by yourself.
You go to look up how to fix your car when something catches your eye. A red wall of sorts. 
No, not a wall. It’s moving in a way. 
You try to look on your phone where you are....but your GPS doesn’t seem to work. And when you try calling for help, you don’t seem to have any sort of signal.
“That’s weird,” you remark. 
You think for a moment about what to do. Maybe there’s some sort of town nearby? You look around, but you don’t see anything close by. But strangely enough, you can’t help but feel compelled to move towards the red wall. After a few moments of consideration, you decide to give in. 
“I mean, what else am I gonna do?” you ask yourself as you head towards the wall.
Getting closer to the wall, you timidly reach out one hand and touch it. The sensation is....strange; that’s really all you can describe it as. Strange, but warm. Cautiously you step inside. 
The second you do, you feel your mind shifting. The sensation is overwhelming, but you feel compelled to keep going. Voices are whispering in your mind, but you can’t understand what they’re saying. Images of events are flickering through your vision; your parents dying in a bombing with you, the baby of the family, and your older siblings as the sole survivors, volunteering for HYDRA, exposure to the Mind Stone, unlocking your powers, your brother dying in your home country before it was destroyed, your older sister married to a synthezoid. 
“Wait...I...I never went....no, the fear.....Ultron....”
You begin to feel conflicted. You try to hang on to who you believe you still are....but you’re starting to believe the other way as you move ahead.
Your older sister
“I don’t have a sister!”
She misses you terribly
“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”
She wants you to be with her
“Stop it!”
She wants to protect you
She wants to take care of you
You’re the baby of the family
“...I...I am?”
What kind of sister would she be if she couldn’t look after the baby of the family?
“....Sister.....I need my sister....”
Your eyes develop a distant glaze and you move forward, almost in a trance-like state. Your hair style changes to match the town as you emerge from it, as do your clothing. 
You keep walking until you find yourself in a residential neighborhood and by a certain house.
“Sister!” you gasp excitedly, rushing up to her door as your lips curl up into an enthusiastic smile.
You knock excitedly multiple times.
“Alright, I’m coming!” a cheery voice calls from inside.
The door opens and there she is in her curls and housewife dress.
“Wanda!” you squeal excitedly.
“Oh! (Y/N),” she exclaims with a loving smile as she pulls you into a hug. “I’m so glad you made it safely. Please come in.”
She leads you into a cozy little suburban living room.
“Well, I had a little bit of car trouble on the way here,” you admit, blushing. “And I seem to have forgotten all of my luggage.”
Wanda giggles.
“Oh, you silly little (Y/N).” She ruffles your hair. “Always so forgetful. Well, good thing you’ve decided to move in with your big sister. Tomorrow we’ll get you some new things. You can borrow something of mine for your pajamas tonight.”
“You sure I’ll be okay here?” you ask worriedly as you sit on the couch with her. “I’m a little scared that they won’t like me.”
“What’s not to like?” Wanda asks, tilting her head. “You’re just so sweet and adorable, who wouldn’t like you? I just know they will. And if they somehow don’t, you come and tell me and I’ll have a little chat with them.”
“You....you promise, big sister?”
You look up at her with those innocent eyes of yours and it makes her heart melt. Now she knows she chose the right person to be the sweet, timid, and adorable baby Maximoff sibling, and she has absolutely no intentions of a recast. Ever.
“Oh, don’t you worry, sweetie pie.” She brings you in for another hug, rubbing your back and kissing your head lovingly.
“I have everything under control.....”
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dollmoth-productions · 14 days ago
Hello could I request yandere family madrigal with Anotino's twin reader, and the reader didn't get a gift.
And she was super upset just sobbing :(
 ( I'm not very happy about this but I hope you like it)
Tumblr media
   Yandere Family Madrigal with Antonio's twin that never got a gift
💜 you were born on the same day as Antonio just a few hours apart but you two were very close especially with the family even though it was your gift ceremony you were still so scared that you would possibly not get a gift little do you know that your worst fear would come true
💛Pepa will spoil you to bits after you never got a gift you were just so sad you won't stop crying for a few days scared that you disappointed to the family he wanted to help with family often will be by you whenever you would start crying again thinking that you fail the family
💛Félix will be by your side 100% even though you don't have a gift you are still very important to the family everyone loves and cares for you but they're still love you and care for you even though they baby you even more because you don't have a gift 
💛 Camilo would try to cheer you up by shapeshifting into people but that just made you more upset thinking that you were useless compared to everyone else you would just start crying again Camilla would quickly shape-shift back and hug you tight whenever someone would try to ask what your gift was he would give them a quick glare before quickly walking out of the area most of the time we have is no one asked you that they don't appear in the town
💛 Dolores is one of the many people that would comfort you she would definitely play more games with you and hang out most the time with you even forgetting about her love for someone else she would kill up anyone that she would I think that would make fun of you or call you useless
💛 Antonio which one of the worst affected by this expected you to get a gift to he was hoping and praying but when you didn't get a door and started crying he quickly made his room and your room combined into one he carved your name hello rather messily into his door and said sorry to Casita
❤ Abuela I felt terrible for you even more than Maribel. She didn't want you to end up like her she started giving you more and more gifts but that didn't really change her mind that she had to continue with taking care of Casita but she would give you a candle not necessarily like the one she had but the same design
💙 Agustín and Julieta face boil you even more than your own parents it becomes very tedious more food more of your favorite meals more songs more plushies more candy excetera it does get a little annoying but you love your family so you just deal with it you're too young to understand what's going on anyway
💙 Isabella she would make you small flower crowns and decorate your room covered with flowers even though it was still the nursery but she wanted to make you happy but even though you're allergic to some of the flowers she goes a little bit overboard
💙lusia it's probably one of the most overprotective one whenever someone in the town to try to talk to you she would quickly scared them all if anyone tried to befriend you scare them off and if anyone besides the family would try to talk to you they would scare them off she just wants to protect you from judgment Maribel that was that too much so she just wanted you to be happy
💙 Maribel knows exactly what you're going through she went through the exact same thing so she knows that you won't be okay for a while she wants you to be happy that's for sure but she will teach you how to help around the house without a gift and soon you started lighting up the mood and we're happy again but that didn't change your mind that you felt kind of useless
💚 Bruno's probably the second person to know what you're going through feeling like his gift wasn't helping with family he wanted to help you he would slowly show himself and give you small gifts which would be small dresses for your dolls or a little pet rat he was happy whenever you would refer to him as tío and when he was accepted back in the family he would be even happier to help you around the house
I'm sorry if this is bad
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t4m0raluvsme · 2 months ago
Platonic (Soft) Yandere Golden Cheese Cookie x GN Cookie!Reader Hcs
CW: small yandere themes, Golden Cheese being overprotective, fluff fluff fluff!!
A/N: I want Golden Cheese to adopt me ;_;
Tumblr media
‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵
The first few days you stayed in your new home, you still have reoccurring nightmares from your previous home.
You would whimper and cry whenever you nightmares appeared from your sleep.
But you aren't dealing with it alone..
Golden Cheese would sit by your bed and console you. If your nightmares gets worse, she would wake you up by force.
As soon as you woke you and instantly burst into tears, sobbing uncomfortably while holding your mom's arm, she doesn't hesitate to hug you back and saying words that might comfort you.
After you recovered from your emotional scars (it took awhile but the thought of your parents taking you away from your mom still scares you), you began to wonder around the castle.
You were enamored by the architecture of your new home. No wonder why your mom was considered to be a powerful queen.
There were times that Golden Cheese would join you in your walk, constantly talking about her battles and of course, her closest friends.
Her fellow people also praised you, you are the new royal in the kingdom of Golden Cheese so you deserved the praise as much as your mom has.
She spoils you rotten, like alot! You were the queen's only child so expect alot of gifts from your mom; jewelry, clothes, and even shiny tiaras if you fancy those.
She gives you all the love you needed since you didn't have alot of affection when you were small. So expect small cheek kisses or a head pat whenever she leaves the room.
If you want to explore the kingdom more, she would gladly to take you up towards the sky. I mean, your mom is the only cookie you know how to fly-
If the ancients visited her place and you accidentally walk in through their meeting, your mom would show you off to the others.
"This is my child everyone. Their name is Parmesan Cookie!"
"....Hi your majesties."
Everyone in the room was shocked when they saw you. Golden Cheese Cookie had a kid? How come they didn't know?
Now only two of the ancient cookies who didn't have a child hduehfhc
The resemblance between the both of you were similar, especially the outfit and the jewelry you wore.
They adored you, I repeat they adored you! There were times that you held your mom's hand for protection but you managed to overcome your shyness.
She doesn't let you outside unless it's for royal business. If you do manage to go outside and she's not available, then she'll just send some of her best guards to watch over you.
She's really overprotective of you and wants you to be the best heir of her kingdom. So she spends gold on the best tutor for you, learning about the kingdom's history and how to be a good ruler like your mom.
In my opinion, Golden Cheese is the definition of a Helicopter Parent.
But not all the time your relationship with your mom was stable. She may not like it if you go against her rules.
"What I'm doing was to protect you, Parmesan. Being outside was way too dangerous for you."
She'll do everything in her power to protect and of course, to have bits of control on your life. She may save you from your nightmare and she'll be the best mom you ever had. As long as you ignore the red flags your mom displayed.
‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵
Do not republish, edit, or repost to other websites.
Reblogs and likes are appreciated! 💕
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cybersvoid · 3 months ago
omg I love your yandere big brother dabi, but imagine baby talk with dabi and his little sister 🥺
≺ Original ≻
You can do no wrong in his eyes unless, you know, you show favoritism to anyone other than him, but that can be fixed with a little disappearing magic trick. You can't love someone more than him if they're never around.
But your big brother adores your little baby babbling. He'll just be feeding you when you pull away, making a bunch of incoherent sounds put together. He'll just nod his head, and answer back as if he actually understands what you're saying.
"Blahg nom nom"
"Ohh? Wow, that's so cool! Tell me more after you eat all your food."
He'll have full-on conversations with you while you're just babbling away. Always doing his best to encourage you to try real words too. Or a few words in particular. Words such as: I, Love, You, Big, Brother, and Touya
"Come on Y/N, you can say it. Say it. I know you can."
"Mmm blah"
"...well, you're close."
The day you call out to him, be prepared to be showered in attention and praise, but for now, he'll accept 'blah'.
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yanderemommabean · 4 months ago
That previous deathclaw ask just makes me think about a mama and papa deathclaw, who just got their nest raided and babies lost… but spot you!! A precious baby, who obviously needs their protection and love.
Just because their baby looks… different doesn’t mean they aren’t a deathclaw!! They just need to be guided gently into the right direction. And if you don’t get it, it’s okay. They’ll love you anyway.
You stumble upon the raided and devastated nest, and can’t help but feel bad. You didn’t do this, you know that, but a part of you still feels guilty and empathetic for the deathclaws.
They’re just doing what their instincts tell them too. Hunting and surviving just like you in these wastelands. There isn’t a need to destroy a family and a nest just because they’ve followed what nature told them to do.
Eggshells lay cracked and busted, empty and hollow as the nest echoes with your every step. Yeah, this spot was hit a while back, seeing as the nest looks abandoned. You feel sad but, this looks like a great place to rest. No raiders have a need to come here, and it’s a low chance they know it’s abandoned.
You should be safe for a night.
You sigh and sling your bag off your shoulder, laying out a sleeping bag you managed to salvage, and try to think of anything but the fact you’re in a mutated creatures destroyed home.
When your eyelids become heavy, and you actually manage to get some deep sleep, that’s when things become a lot more…alive in the nest.
Two very distraught, very grieving deathclaws come out of the shadows of the nest, and look at the strange being in the center.
They sniff, and huff around you in amazing stealth. You’re resting peacefully and completely unaware of their presence as they stalk around you in confusion.
You have a bit of egg yolk on your outfit. And you seem so small and so soft. So vulnerable. Did you just hatch? Did they have a baby left after all?!
They chuff and grunt at one another, and instincts once again kick in.
That weird cocoon won’t be warm enough! Not for their soft, odd looking baby!
So momma simply plucks you up, and considers your screams are from confusion. Which is partially right. It’s a scream of confusion and horror as you’re held against her chest while she purrs to soothe you.
It takes you a moment to really understand you aren’t about to be eaten. You feel that the egg you stepped in and possibly laid in must have left a certain scent on you, and the two parents see you as a youngling.
Well you aren’t stupid enough to try and tell them they’re wrong. They’re hostile. It’s best to just suffer through and try to get away when they’re asleep or off hunting.
So, you try that. That night the beasts cooed and purred happily while they surrounded you. The dad, you figured, dropped a large heap of meat in the nest for you and the mother to eat, and you had to swallow your pride and let them “help” you eat.
They picked off small pieces and made sure to watch as you nibbled on the dubious meat, making sure to show that you were full and not starving. They weren’t easily convinced, but eventually they believed you were no longer hungry.
You figured after a hunt and taking care of you, both would be exhausted and sleep around the nest. That’s the opening you need, then you can sneak out and hopefully never have this spoken about by anyone but your subconscious.
But once again, you’re duped. The father curls around you and nuzzles into the nest, while the mother patrolled. They were just following instinct. Making sure no one, not a single living being, would take away their baby.
Alright…looks like you can’t leave the nest then. Even if you tried they’d probably just plop you back in.
Maybe you can think of a better plan when you actually soak all of this in. Right now your exhausted body and mind are begging for rest, and it looks like it’s going to be shared by two giant, deadly lizards.
(-Mommabean )
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thefieryphoenix · 5 months ago
Okay platonic yandere Avengers loving their adopted baby. They first meet baby when baby was a toddler and was in the SHIELD child support group/protection agency. Somehow she managed to toddle into an Avengers meeting where our heroes are tired and a bit glum but enter this little bundle of sunshine who is say “Hi!”, “Hello!” and offer candy to them before toddling away.
Why am I getting Gauken Babysitters vibes here? Because seriously, this scenario is MELTING my heart
Tumblr media
Gif from: Tenor. ACK-SO FREAKING CUTE!!! 🥺
You were taken into a SHIELD support group after your parents were assassinated by HYDRA and now you were under their care. They looked after you really well and you loved spending time with them
One day, as the Avengers were back from one of their missions that didn't go so well, some of them were pissed. Some were glum and the others were just tired as hell. They wanted nothing more than to literally just flop down on some surface and melt into a puddle of nothingness. Neither of them were in the mood to argue or discuss anything with each other so they sat in a peaceful silence for a few minutes till you came toddling along
You peeked in the room and you started to wander around inside with your cute little stuffed teddy bear and looking at your surroundings with awe in your eyes. Wanda was the first to notice you and when she did she let out a small gasp as she got up from her chair, bent down and asked you what your name was. The other Avengers had to admit, you did look really cute. You were so freaking adorable Bucky had to restrain Steve from squishing your cute little baby face
You melted everyone's hearts when you hugged all of them and gave them some of your candy from your pockets. They were really touched with such affection from you, their hearts were literally bursting. You crawled onto Thor's lap and boy was he delighted. Of course, the other Avengers were jealous and glared at him but they didn't want to upset such a cute adorable cinnamon roll like you
They then realized that you were under the protection and care of the SHIELD agency. Of course, they all decided to adopt you as their own and heck, you even managed to make NICK FURY have a soft spot for you but shhh... you didn't hear that from me 😉
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blzzrdstryr · 4 months ago
Hi! If it's doesn't bother you may I request diluc,amber,zhongli and ganyu with their darling died during child birth but as a the child grow up their the exact copy cat of their mother ?
Starring: Amber, Diluc, Ganyu, Zhongli
CW: Death, yandere
Amber is distraught by the whole ordeal, the realization of your death finally sinking in months after it happened. She just can’t believe it at first, even denying the notion of any harm coming to you, and desperately repeating to herself that everything is fine and you’re still alive.
“You need to travel far, far away and you will eventually return” is what she will tell to herself, spending her days between attending her duties as the sole scout of knights of Favonius and being a single parent. All the words of condolences and pitiful gazes will be either ignored or met with faux confusion, until she comes to accept that you died.
She will collapse then, overcome with grief and self-hatred, the mask that she has been wearing all this time finally slipping and cracking into a thousand pieces, as the full blown hysteria takes over her. Amber will loudly cry on the floor, deaf and blind to the outside world, as her heart processes emotions she kept bottled up for so long.
She will quickly recover, remembering that she has a child to care for. She will be mostly a good, understanding mother, cherishing the kid both as the product of your shared love and the last thing she has left of you. It’s highly unlikely that Amber will restrict the child in some major way, except for rare times their face and voice remind her so much of you, her heart is at the verge of bursting. She will be overcomed by the sudden protective and strict episode, for which she will apologize later.
Diluc already has trouble processing his own emotions and your death will only exacerbate this problem. He will shut off from the world upon hearing the dreadful news, scarlet eyes unfocused, as his mind races for the possible explanation.
Why did you die? Didn’t he hire the best medics and doctors? Didn’t he monitor the entirety of your pregnancy? Didn’t he spend a fortune to provide you with the best care he could find? So why did you die?
People like to shift the blame in hard situations, even if there’s no one to blame in the first place, and Diluc is no exception. For a single moment he will feel so much hatred for his newborn child he will start seeing red. This feeling, however, will soon melt and vanish as he will take the infant into his hands, a wave of self-loathing crushing him for just feeling this way towards his child. Your child.
Now with no one to blame, a new thought will appear in Diluc’s head - that he's the one at fault, that it's him who put a child in you, which led to your ultimate demise. He wants to crumble this same second, yet he stops, remembering that he has a child.
Diluc will constantly switch between being the main caretaker and having the kid watched by the multiple maids, while he's away or simply busy with winery business. He wants to be always there for his child, yet sometimes they look so much alike to you, he has to take a step back, lest a wave of grief consume him. Diluc will definitely be an overprotective, strict dad who babies his kid, especially if they inherited not only your face but character too.
Ganyu is very shocked when she learns of your sudden death. She will immediately blame herself for this - adepti blood is a heavy burden, and maybe her being half qilin is what killed you.
Ganyu you will request a leave from her job, to collect her thoughts and spend time with the baby. She lived such a long life, witnessing the archon war and working as Qixing secretary for countless generations, yet this is something totally unexpected.
Ganyu will try to look after the baby, the key word here being "try" as she finds herself very unfamiliar with what she should do next. Her biological "clocks" will also pose a problem for her, as after living in a very strict schedule for such a long time Ganyu finds it extra hard to adapt to the baby's regime, sometimes unable to wake up in the middle of the night at the sounds of their scream.
Ganyu will also feel a certain guilt for bringing the child into this world - she is half human and half adeptus, someone who has never felt welcomed in either of worlds, and she fears that her child will experience the same heartache.
Zhongli is also stunned, but he regains his composure the quickest. An outsider might even think he feels nothing for you, as he calmly asks to see the baby, yet it’s far from the truth. Zhongli is just too hardened by the passing time to break here and now.
He will gently grasp the infant, marveling at the mix of the divine and mortal, his and yours. The reverence he held for you will be shifted towards the child, as he views them as some kind of miracle.
Zhongli will personally oversee the child all the time, yet he will also ask some of his adepti to keep an eye on the kid, lest any harm comes to them.
They will grow up amidst the peaks of Juyeun Karst, as even with the mixed blood they're still pretty strong and will need all the help they can get in controlling and embracing their powers. Adepti will most likely humour and entertain the kid out of their loyalty and sympathy, so the child will grow up surrounded by love, care and attention.
This harmonious picture will be shattered when the child will decide to explore the world and see other nations, as Zhongli can be a very strict and overprotective parent. He will restrict and confine them in Liyue if it means they get to be safe.
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