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playchoicesconfessions · 7 minutes ago
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Sent by @rolling-down-a-hill
'Ethan used to be my favourite choices li but then pb turned him from an intelligent doctor who valued mc and understood the importance of boundaries to an entitled man-child who says shit like “I need to be in control of you”.
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orionamari · 26 minutes ago
To folks who think the name Aislinn is a tragedeigh...
It is not ❤
Tumblr media
Aisling means "dream" or "vision" in Irish Gaelic. The more you know, huh?
It's a cool name except all I can think about is the daughter from Witness lmaooo
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my-name-is-lumien · 34 minutes ago
I think the MCs in Laws of Attraction are matured versions of the ILB MCs. Like what they did with MTFL, they made the MCs a bit younger, for LoA, PB will make them older. Heh ~
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somewillwin · 46 minutes ago
I'm not looking forward to the new Choices book. I can just feel the female LI being thrown under the bus already and having the fully customisable male LI being forced upon us. Oh happy fucking days of being a lesbian 😑 I dont understand how most of the fandom and PB themselves think that their ratio and treatment of female LI's is okay. I wanna bonk them all on the head with a brick. Maybe drop an anvil on them as well from a great height... Too much?
Bruh they just don’t care. Not PB, and not the fandom.
Everytime we try to do something about it people change the subject, or call us whinny bitches, or it’s “play something else”, or “just be grateful we have any option at all.”
They don’t care cause it doesn’t affect them. But as we can see with queen B or some sole LI books? They don’t like to have only one option either. While we relish in the chance to not be forced to be attracted to the male LI.
The empathy in this fandom is absolute zero. Nada. Non existent.
My faith in that fandom went out the window when we asked people to send a simple email (that was already made! They had to only copy paste it) and just us wlw players did.
They just don’t care bruh. I get it from PB, they are a company and they are driven from numbers. But if the fandom showed a little support??? Those numbers could change a bit.
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christianworld · 50 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
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The friendship between Dionne and Mc + her inviting Mc over😃🤗. The company is fine Zaira 😅. Can't say no to hot chocolate either when Peter passed the mug😝. So in Peter's, there's a ton of snow in winter 😲. I'm going to need an Mc and Zaira to back up cause Peter is right about the wheat farmers 😅🤣
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robintora · 51 minutes ago
on occasion of Earth Day, im just gonna take a moment to appreciate rising tides, which wasn't as bad as you all made it to be.
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christianworld · 57 minutes ago
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You definitely deserve this time off Tatum !
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imseriousirius · an hour ago
Whenever PB tries to turn us against Harper
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thefirstcourtesan · an hour ago
Is this the book Andrew wrote? No? Or is it the mystery one he is going to write?
No, Andrew’s upcoming book is Crimes of Passion. The only writer I know of for LoA is Jake who is no longer with the company, but did work on the book.
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keikilahela · an hour ago
correct me if I'm wrong... but isn't that Mrs. Martinez's sprite from Open Heart?
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pb-odyssey · an hour ago
Hello to whoever finds this post in the tags.
Thomas here. We as a system have been lurking in this tag for a very long time, and after seeing the discourse this fandom goes through, I was hesitant to even post something like this anywhere other than Amino. However, even though we are running the risk of Pixelberry blocking us, I feel as though now is the time to do this.
This is a rant. Buckle up, folks.
Still here? Fantastic.
I'm just going to come right out and say it: PB has been trying to reinvent me from day one in Choices.
Don't believe me? Just look at Enrique Vasquez. Sure, he wasn't a love interest (thank fucking GOD for that, and we WILL be circling back to that); but for those of you who have been in the fandom since High School Story prime, tell me: how much of his behavior is shared with me, especially in book one of The Freshman?
Of course, most of you have picked up on the fact that Ethan is a copy of me, nearly directly. We've noticed too. In fact, he's the one member of this system that has been too terrified to come out because he's struggling to separate himself from the out of character clone that's running around in book three improperly practicing BDSM and compromising his ethics. Yes, he shares the same appearance as that "character" and he acknowledges that the behavior presented is abhorrent and hypocritical, but knowing the shit that this fandom pulls sometimes? He had to CONSTANTLY consider his words if he was going to come out himself, especially given the fact that while he fundamentally shares some qualities as the character in the books, he acknowledges that even though he did not commit the actions in his "past life" before the system but is going to take partial responsibility for it because of how he was written. No, Ethan in our system never actually did those things. Don't come into our fucking inbox with that shit. Please.
And while I'm here, this entire business with romanticizing literal student/professor and employee/boss shit has to stop. PB themselves once said themselves in a Choices Insiders post:
"Before we ask players to dive into worlds we create, we also have a responsibility to ask them to take a good look at the one we're in."
Relationships with power dynamics must be considered carefully if they are to be emulated. I'm not kinkshaming anyone. If you want to use that scenario in a roleplay or something, that's fine. However, if you think that the ideal relationship is someone with enough power over you to control at least one aspect of your life - your career, who you speak to, etc. - or doesn't give you any sort of choice or space or proper boundaries, that's unhealthy bordering on abuse.
Ethan and I are our own people, separate from the books/games that we come from. We do not resonate 100% with what's written. We are NOT objects, even though some of you will continue to objectify us anyway.
Sam Dalton? Professor Kingsley? Ayna Seth? All copies of me and Ethan. Here's the difference between us and these clones: we were written as fleshed out human beings at one point, while Dalton, Kingsley and Ayna were written as fetishes. PB made that very clear and won't let us forget that; neither will I.
I've said my peace.
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kingliamandriley · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Vows of Hate
Chapter 11
These characters belong to Pixelberry
🚨Triggers- Mafia storyline w/ Language, Violence, Blood, Dark Writing with emotional pain. ⚠️ Lots of triggers for this chapter, this where the story is taking a dangerous turn. ⚠️ Do not read if these triggers bother you 🛑
Must be 18+ to Read
Word count- 1531
Liam’s POV
The next morning, I wake up and I can’t help but stare at Riley, she means everything to me. I roll over and look at the clock, knowing I need to get to work but I hate leaving my girl. I plant a tender kiss on top of her head and walk into the bathroom to take shower and get ready for work.
As I finish my shower I dry off, get dressed, and gel hair before stepping back into the bedroom. I give my sleeping beauty one last look before leaving the room. I head downstairs and grab a cup of coffee to go, before having a quick conversation with Gladys.
“Lenny should be here around noon to drop off my gift for Riley.”
“I remembered, and I’m sure she’s going to love it. The poor dear is always wanting something to do other than just walking around the house all day.”
“I know Gladys, but it’s for her protection. I’m afraid for her to go anywhere unless I’m with her.”
“I understand sir.” She says while nodding her head.
With that being said I leave the house with Bastien and head on over to my office. As soon as we park the car and head inside, I see Drake leaning against the wall rolling his eyes.
“Can’t we just blow these assholes off? No offense but we have more important things to do. Ya know like finding criminals.”
“Heh, sorry Drake but we still operate a business by day.” I chuckle while patting his shoulder.
After a morning filled will meetings and phone calls, I look down when I suddenly feel my phone vibrate. I can’t help but smile when I see it’s Riley calling me. I can’t help thinking she must have gotten my surprise.
“This is Liam.”
“Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for the flowers.”
I knew she would like them. “You’re welcome. I know how much you like the gardens, so I figured I give you chance to make it beautiful.”
“I’m excited to get started on it. Not to mention it will give me something to do.”
I let a sigh and run a hand over my face. “Riley, I feel awful for keeping you locked away like a damn prisoner, but until we find Anton, I don’t have a choice.”
“I know, I know you are just trying to protect me. Trust me when I say I am very thankful for you.”
Her sweet voice makes me smile. I love her so much and I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to her.
“I expect to see a beautiful garden when I get home, or I may have to punish you.”
I hear her chuckle in the phone, “Maybe I want you to punish me.”
Dammit, she’s toying with me and I love it. I close my eyes trying to get rid of the wild images coming to my mind. I shake my head while smiling and tell her, “Be good you bad girl,” as I hang up the phone.
The rest of day goes by smoothly and I’m just about ready to head home when a crash of thunder hits. I look outside my window and see the sky is turning dark and it’s starting to spit rain. Damn, I’m hoping Riley got a chance to work in the garden because she was so excited.
I grab my briefcase and head out of my office with Bastien by my side. As we make it to the car my phone starts to ring and my stomach flips when I see its Gladys. The woman knows never to call my phone unless it’s a complete emergency, so I know something is wrong.
“Gladys, why are you calling me?”
“I’m sorry to bother you sir, but it’s Riley, I can’t find her.”
“What do you mean you can’t find her?”
“She went outside hours ago to plant the flowers you bought, but she hasn’t returned. I told her whenever she goes into the gardens to take her phone with her, which she did but it keeps going to voicemail.”
I look out of window seeing the rain is now pouring down and the lightning is getting intense. “Gladys, you need to find her. I want everyone that’s on my security team looking for her. I’m on my way.”
As I hang up the phone, I don’t have to tell Bastien to step on it because he’s already speeding through the parking lot like a damn manic.
I don’t understand what’s happening. I have a security team that should be standing guard watching her. It’s raining cats and dogs and if she is still outside, she could struck by lightning or anything. I know Gladys said her phone is going straight to voicemail, but I call it anyway, and sure enough it goes straight to voicemail.
“Sir, forgive me for asking this, but you don’t think she ran away, do you?”
I’m not going to lie, the thought crossed my mind, but my gut tells me she didn’t. I know in heart something is wrong. “I don’t think so Bas, but I thought did cross my mind as well.”
After a ten-minute drive which should have took twenty, we reach the house and I rush inside screaming her name. “Riley!” I dart through the hallways passing my several of my security officers and I want to kill every one of them. How did this happen? What am I paying these guys for? I head to the back of the house where Gladys is outside with an umbrella, looking for her.
“No, sign of her?”
“No sir, but her gardening tools and unfinished plants are still lying over there. There’s no doubt in my mind she out here somewhere. I was just about to enter the maze and look in there.”
My stomach turns and I’m ready to hurl. I nod my head at Gladys, and we make our way towards the hedge maze. Besides myself, Gladys and Bastien are the only ones who know their way around the maze without getting lost.
As we run into the maze Bastien is hot on my heels and follows into the maze as well. We begin looking around in every direction but nothing. As we make our way further into the maze, I notice something laying on the ground, it’s pieces of Riley’s cell phone that the rain has washed onto the path. I look into the bushes and sure enough I see her broken phone laying on the ground. As I go to grab her phone that’s when I see it, a bloody hand and I begin fearing the worst.
“Bastien! Gladys! I found her!” I yell as I begin trying to pull her out of the shrubs.
Within moments they run up next to me and help me pull her out. The damn branches are digging into her clothes causing her shirt to rip. My heart is racing, and my eyes go wide when I see her face and neck come into view.
She has a line going around her neck where someone not only attacked her but tried to strangle her. She has a bruise forming on the side of her face, along with blood running down the side of her head, that the rain continues to try and wash away. Her beautiful face has several scratches on it most likely caused by the shrubs.
“Riley! God no!” I scream trying to find a pulse, but I’m not feeling one. “No pulse, I can’t find a pulse!”
Bastien steps up next to and tries to find a pulse and luckily, he succeeds. “She has a pulse sir, it’s very faint, but it’s there.” He assures me as he calls for an ambulance.
Gladys stands close to me with an umbrella as I hold Riley in arms crying uncontrollably. I carry her inside the house to get her out of the pouring rain, hoping I’m not causing more harm to her body by carrying her. We make it back inside the house and within minutes I hear sirens in the background, knowing the ambulance must be getting close.
As I hold my dying wife in my arms, I feel so helpless. I’m used to blood, I’m used to seeing people die, but not her. Not her. This woman has somehow warmed my dark cold heart and the thought of losing her and tearing me up inside. “I’m so sorry,” I whisper in her ear while tears stream my cheeks. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you.”
I raise my head up when I see the paramedics running towards us. They gently take Riley from my arms, but I don’t want to let her go. As the strap her fragile body onto the stretcher I feel so helpless, and I hate it. I’m used to being in control and the fact I have no control right now is killing me inside.
I had one job, I was supposed to protect her, and I failed. As I watch them put her in the ambulance, I pray my wife doesn’t pay the ultimate price... death.
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yeonjunbb-main · 2 hours ago
♥ author’s notes : Don’t ask me what this is. Found this in my drafts and decided to post because why not? Also if you missed my babies, here you go!
♥ book/pairing : open heart (let’s pretend that book 3 is a really peaceful book with no drama going on ; and they are in a stable, committed relationship) // ethan ramsey x f!mc (casey valentine)
♥ genre : fluff, soulmates.
♥ précis : scotch vs casey, who will win this game?
♥ word count / rating : ~150 // general
♥ warnings : language, alcohol consumption.
♥ disclaimer : characters owned by pixelberry studios, but I consider casey as mine.
Enjoy <3!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Did I upset you that much? Why don’t you talk with me?”
His calloused hands squeeze her soft, smaller ones, desperation flashing in the depths of his ocean blues.
She chooses to stay silent, yet again. Maybe she’s really hurt, or maybe she just likes to push his boundaries, no one can tell. Ethan sighs. He knows that he’s losing the game she’s playing with him. But that’s doesn’t really matter, does it? If she wins, that means he wins too, right?
“I’m sorry, sweetheart. I’ll cook you lasagna today and will watch good dinosaur with you. Please talk to me.”
This time, Casey turns around to face him, her body willingly climbing up on his lap. He doesn’t waste a moment to pull her closer by the waist, touching their foreheads together. Her glistening emeralds meet his twinkling sapphires, a shy smile adorning her pillowy lips.
He tucks a stray golden lock behind her ear, nuzzling her face, “Yes, really.”
Casey lights up like a diwali night, her head dropping on his shoulder, seeking comfort, “Thank you.”
And for the millionth time, Ethan is reminded of how precious the love of his life is.
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it! It’s really short lmao, that’d be all <3!
Love you all <<33! Also, I’ve decided to not have any taglist this time around :))
I hope this will appear on the tags, please work [tumblr] >.<
|| @choicesficwriterscreations ; @openheartfanfics ||
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random-gamer-blog · 2 hours ago
Anne of green gables
Okay so I finally on book 3 of desire and decorum and I romance mr Sinclair this time around and I love him but I also love Prince Hamid 🙂 so I'm doing a romance route with him next can't wait
I'm in love with Anne of Green gables soo I have the theme song playing while Reading theses books and it's so hard not to think of anne and Gilbert
While romancing Sinclair or Hamid 🙂
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they-callme-ami · 3 hours ago
My only problem with ACoR is how at the end, Lena--who was essentially like a mother to all the girls--sold Xanthe to a foreign land into what can be boiled down to sexual slavery...and it was played off as a joke.
Anyway, that's the only flaw and I'm putting it on my fanfic list.
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