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intheticklecloset · an hour ago
One Free "Tickle Toru" (Haikyuu!!)
Primary Universe
Tumblr media
Just Oikawa being a little dork and Iwaizumi teaching him a lesson. I love how flustered and childlike Oikawa becomes as the lee when he's such an evil, teasy ler. It's a very satisfying balance. Enjoy! ^^
16. "Make me."
24. "Don't move."
“You’re still here?” Iwa asked, surprised. He’d noticed the gym lights were still on and had come to investigate, as he thought he was the last one going home for the night. He was a little taken aback to see Oikawa practicing his serves.
His friend glanced at him, then refocused on the ball in his hand as he geared up for yet another killer spike serve. The ball flew over the net and into the back left corner of the opposite side at record speed, the sound of it echoing through the empty gym. Seeming unsatisfied, the team captain grabbed another ball and geared up for another one.
Iwa felt a spike of irritation. “Are you ignoring me?”
“Trying to focus.”
“Toru, it’s really late. You’ve got to go home.”
“You’re still here,” Oikawa grunted before tossing the ball into the air and serving yet again.
“I’m on my way out. I saw the lights and came to investigate, that’s all.” Iwa frowned. “Hey, seriously. What are you still doing here?”
“What does it look like?”
“It looks like you’re taking out some anger on these poor volleyballs.”
“I’m practicing my serves.”
“Well, you’re not doing very well at it.”
Oikawa shot him a glare. “Thanks.”
Iwa sighed. “Come on, man. Let’s walk home together, okay? I’ll help you clean up.”
“I’m not finished here.” Another serve.
“Make me leave, then, if you’re so determined.”
Iwa frowned, then remembered something and felt a surge of hope and mischief course through him. He strode with purpose toward his oldest friend, looking determined. Oikawa had barely turned around with yet another volleyball in hand before the vice-captain was in front of him, holding up a small, white “admit one” ticket.
“What-?” Oikawa didn’t even have a chance to finish before Iwa had knocked the ball from his hands, then grabbed onto his ribs and started tickling him to the ground. “Ah! Hehehehehey! Wait, wait – Hahahahahahajime!”
“Remember that little egg hunt you made me go on this late at night a little while back?” Iwa teased, having successfully forced Oikawa to the floor of the gym, his fingers digging into his sides and ribs and belly in rapid succession. “Well, I’m redeeming my prize now. Since you’re being a piece of crap again.”
“I-I am nohohohohohohot!” Oikawa protested around his giggles, so caught off-guard that he didn’t have a chance to hold back his mirth. He squirmed desperately, trying to curl up or kick his legs or something to help him physically process his rapid change in demeanor. “Hajime!”
“What’s the matter, Toru? I thought you liked this.” Iwa smirked, tickling even further up into the captain’s underarms. “Tickle, tickle, tickle!”
“Stahahahahahahap it!” Oikawa begged, his cheeks turning an adorable shade of pink. “Please, dohohohohohohon’t!”
“Can’t take what you dish out? Oh, that’s right. You hate being teased, don’t you? You never could handle being anything less than high and mighty.” Iwa chuckled as Oikawa arched his back to get away from the tickling fingers, only exposing his ribs to his friend’s other hand. He sputtered with hysterical giggles, batting weakly at the boy attacking him. “Or, actually…maybe you do like being teased when you’re so helpless like this, hmm?”
“Nohohohohohoho! Iwahahahahahahaha!”
Iwa laughed with him, then moved to straddle his thighs, pinning him in place even further and tickling even harder. Oikawa’s frantic giggles became surprised yet delighted laughter.
“Aw, don’t you like it when I tickle you, Toru? You did give me a free pass, after all. And with that attitude of yours, you were practically begging for it.”
Oikawa tried to thrash, but with his limited movement all he could manage was flailing his arms, which eventually moved up to cover his reddening face the more Iwa teased him. “Stohohohohohohohohop!”
“You’re such a cocky, arrogant son of a gun when you’re in control of yourself, but when I’ve reduced you to a puddle of helpless laughter like this, all you can do is squirm and beg, isn’t that right? Come on, Toru, let me hear it. Let me hear how ticklish you are.”
“Hahahahahajime!” Oikawa was so flustered he could barely speak at this point. “P-Plehehehehehehease, dohohohohohohohon’t tehehehehehehease me!”
“Aww, but don’t you like it? It should be someone’s job to knock you down a few pegs. Shouldn’t that someone be me?” Iwa grinned at the mess he’d made of his best friend, scribbling wildly all over his torso, watching Oikawa wiggle and giggle and cover up his face out of embarrassment. He decided to experiment with a new location and slid his hands down to grab at Oikawa’s waist, kneading his thumbs into his hip bones. “Besides, it’s good to see you laughing—”
“NOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!” Oikawa suddenly exploded into hysterics, his hands flying down from his face to grab at Iwa’s writs, revealing his messy hair, wide smile, and dark red cheeks. “NOT THERE NOT THEHEHEHEHEHEHEHERE IWA!!”
“Oh?” Iwa hummed teasingly, ignoring his friend’s protests and focusing on his hips even more, enjoying the absolute scream of laughter he pulled from his team’s captain. “Oh~”
“Uh-oh, did I find a bad spot?~”
“Ooh, this looks like it’s driving you crazy!” Iwa chuckled, grabbing onto both of Oikawa’s flailing wrists with one hand and drilling deep into the hollow of his hip with the other. “Aw, look at that big smile! Tickle, tickle, tickle!”
“STAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA—!!” Oikawa couldn’t even finish his plea, dissolving into silent laughter, digging his heels into the floor frantically, shaking his head.
Iwa laughed as well, kept it up for a few moments, then finally relented, still holding onto the captain’s wrists but not tickling anymore. “Well, I do believe I’ve found a way to shut you up, Toru.”
“P-Please,” Oikawa begged, still giggling as he gasped for breath. “D-Don’t…don’t tickle me there – please!”
“Aw, but why? It’s so much fun!”
“Do-OOOON’T!!” The captain screeched at the tiniest hint of pressure from Iwa, hysterics rising again. “Please, it tickles so much, Iwa, I can’t – I can’t handle it!”
“Hmm…” Iwa hummed contemplatively, taking one wrist in each hand and leaning forward so he was pinning them by Oikawa’s flushed face, looking directly into his eyes. He could tell that his friend was truly desperate, but there was also a hint of something else. Something excited. Maybe even something…daring? “Will you call it a night if I let you go?”
“Yes,” Oikawa complied instantly, nodding, still a little giggly. “Yes, I’ll pack up and go home, I swear. J-Just please…please not there.” Again, that little spark of something defiant.
Iwa saw it clearly, and immediately he thought up several different ways he could continue to mess with his friend, since he so obviously wanted to be messed with some more. “All right, then,” he said at last, shifting both of Oikawa’s wrists into one hand again, still pinning them down. “If you can hold still for ten seconds while I tickle you elsewhere, I’ll leave your hips alone. For now.”
Oikawa’s eyes widened. “W-What?”
“You heard me. Don’t move.” Iwa then went back to digging his fingers into the captain’s ribs again. He was expecting immediate squirming, but to his surprise, Oikawa did remarkably well holding as still as possible. He laughed even louder to make up for his inability to squirm, but for nine seconds he was able to stay put.
Then, on the tenth second, he couldn’t anymore and twisted away.
Iwa paused, watching Oikawa’s face. Had he done that on purpose, or was it truly that he just couldn’t take it any longer? For a few long, torturous seconds, he contemplated whether or not to go back to his hips as threatened. The setter watched him as well, eyes wide and nervous, but still shining with glee. Finally, Iwa made a decision, and he drilled into his friend’s ribs for another few seconds before relenting and climbing off of him. “All right. Close enough.”
Oikawa shakily got to his feet, blushing like crazy and a completely different person from the one Iwa walked in on. “T-Thanks, Iwa-chan.”
“You obviously needed it,” Iwa teased, poking his side on his way to the bin of volleyballs, chuckling when Oikawa let out a soft yelp. “Come on. I’ll help you clean up.”
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isabelledonor · 3 hours ago
Watch "Random Acts of Kindness: ''We Are The Same''" on YouTube
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sallyb · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
I’ve wanted to have a play around with photos of Pilates and Yoga moves I love❤️
First, heel raised glute bridge ❤️
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senpujin · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
a nickname from my muse to yours !
@azureacrosstime​  ::  ✎
Tumblr media
❛    to - wa  nee -  chan .    ❜  she  whispered  quietly  &  keeps  the  giggle  to  herself  as  she  offered  an  humorous  tone .  ❛   towa .    ❜
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lunaetis · 15 hours ago
[ slowly slides my muses toward you whispering /bite them/ ]
Tumblr media
[ tfw i have lumine biting icon ( or trying to ) & just for science, another muse who’s very likely to ( playfully ) bite:
Tumblr media
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letgladnessdwell · 21 hours ago
I was tagged in that "first line" fic game, but instead of doing that I'm gonna post the first line of the WIP I'm working on:
"It’s a cool and misty Sunday morning when Phil starts walking."
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candyunicornsateme · 22 hours ago
When it comes to Kenny being portrayed in a more outgoing way, it can really depend for me.... It’s not that I can’t see him being a little... ;) at all, I can adore that. It’d make sense that he could come out of his shell - literally and metaphorically - so it does fit and is cute! But I feel sometimes it crosses a line between friendly and charming to cocky douche vibes. Not to say that he ‘should’ or does lack confidence, but it just doesn’t feel right to have him acting like.... super cocky? LOL. 
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bordercolliefanclub · 4 years ago
Border Collie Puppy Underneath Sofa
Why is this border collie underneath the sofa? We’re not sure, but check out this cute video of him/her playing there!
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k00263382 · 23 hours ago
I made these two bowls out of Paper Mache & Plaster Bandits. I then painted them with Acrylics.
For the yellow one, I used a balloon as a mould.
For the pink one, I used a plastic bowl, made two of them and then stuck them together with hot glue. ( You can see the where they are connected. )
I then cut the top part in a wavy design with scissors.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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starwarschicken · a day ago
5-Tech x Fem Reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: None
Word Count: 246
Prompt 5: “You’re saying that you’re only attracted to someone’s brain, but I totally caught you checking out my butt.”
"Hey, at least we got the job done. It's just a little bit painful," you tried to calm Tech down as he started to bandage your arm up after you got shot during the mission.
Tech huffed as he continued to roughly work on your arm, it was only when he stabbed an injection in, when you gasped from the pain.
"Ow! Stop being so rough!" you shouted.
"Maybe I would be a bit gentler if you weren't distracted and you actually did your job!" Tech argued.
"Can you blame me though? Those big words falling from your lips make me blush," you bit your bottom lip, hoping to get a reaction out of him.
"You're saying that you're only attracted to someone's brain, but I totally caught you checking out my butt," Tech raised an eyebrow. You felt a wave of heat wash over your face.
"That is outrageous!" you shouted, "I wasn't checking out your bottom!"
"Yeah. Uh-huh, sure cyrae," Tech finally finished with the bandage, not believing a word you said.
You huffed and went to stand up, but Tech just pushed you back down, and you went to open your mouth in protest, but he was having none of it.
"You are going to stay right there until the wound has healed a bit more."
"I'm not a child Tech!"
"Sure acting like one," Tech smirked before he left you to go to the cockpit. He will be the death of you.
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in-tua-deep · a day ago
Going through ur master list of AUs and celebi incident? For gym leader AU? Please tell me more
okay i definitely tried to asnwer this the day it was asked and then my response was lost in a tragic incident and i lost all motivation but TAKE TWO
so what happened was this: the Umbrella Academy lived pretty isolated in the pokemon au. Like think big spooky manor on the edge of a smallish town, not far away from some really deep and fairly spooky woods populated by all sorts of pokemon. 
Anyway, when the kids were 10 they obviously were like “fucking finally, we can leave and go on our pokemon journey and escape” or at least were prepared to Go Forth and Make Father Proud or whatever. Except Reggie was like “yeah, no y’all aren’t leaving just yet”
To which Five, of course, rebelled pretty spectacularly and threatened to run away
“You’ll come crawling back within a day.” Reginald dismisses, because Five doesn’t have a pokemon and you pretty much have to travel through woods crawling with pokemon and trainers in order to get out of town.
Five says “oh? bet” and runs away anyway, deep into the woods
Does Five run into pokemon? Yeah, of course he does. However, he can also teleport and is a feral child who is ABSOLUTELY willing to wrestle a zigzagoon with his bare hands
and Five camps out in the woods with 0 supplies and 0 preparation and look, pokemon are pretty intelligent, right? They can usually tell the difference between a Child and an Adult of a species. Five is also intelligent, and so he absolutely follows the poochyena to the berry bushes which are edible, and gets himself a good meal out of it. 
Five is stubborn, and determined, and furious, and he’s going to live in the fucking woods if that’s what it takes because to go back is to admit defeat and that is not an option
So he does live in the woods. The pokemon adapt to him being around. He bunks down with bidoof or sleeps in the trees in nests of taillow and has an ongoing rivalry with the family or purrloin over who can find the best berry bushes
and then he meets celebi
Five is smart, but he’s young and he hasn’t exactly been deep diving into myths and legends in what little spare time he has. He doesn’t know about the mythos surrounding celebi, all he knows is this weird little onion fairy is friendly and lives to play tag - so they do. Five teleports around the woods and hides and jumps out and laughs when he manages to tag the little creature
and one day Five and Celebi are playing, and they get ‘home’ and find... nothing. The family of purrloin are gone, the pikipek who plucked twigs out of Five’s hair in the evening has vanished, the pidgey nest is in pieces
and then they hear voices, and Celebi looks at Five and grabs his hand right before they could be discovered and -
They’re in the woods again. Well, they is a strong word. Five opens his eyes, and Celebi is gone. It’s just the woods. Curious and wary faces poke out of the trees and the bushes, but none that he recognizes. A family of ratata are in the hollow that serve as the purrloin’s home. The trees aren’t arranged right. The paths aren’t the same. The woods look different and Five... panicks just a little bit okay
So he runs through the woods and everything looks familiar and also different, he can spot the craggy rocks where the pidove like the make their nests, but the berry bushes aren’t where they should be. The canyon is only half as deep as it should be, and the graveyard of bikes stolen from various trainers is absent
Five does the only thing he thinks he can do: he goes home
Which would be much more significant if there was a home to go to. Five gets to where he’s absolutely sure his village should be, where the manor should be, where his siblings live, and just. Keep finding more woods. He figured he must have taken a wrong turn at the caves, but when he backtracks it’s where it’s supposed to be. He’s in the right location, but the wrong... time
Celebi did this, he is sure of it, and so that’s who he has to find
Except Celebi is nowhere to be found, and Five looks. He trecks through the forest for miles every day, plucking berries from bushes with nimble fingers and curling up in nests of moss at night. The pokemon of this time aren’t especially wary of him and indeed often come chittering up to sniff him and ask him to play. Five wonders if they’ve ever even seen a human before.
(Honestly it seems half the pokemon have decided he’s a weird variation of abra or ralts? demonstrating his teleportation makes one concerned ursaring scoop him up and leave him at the feet of a gardevoir with grunts of diapproval but Five is a strong independent young human who doesn’t need pokemon parents)
Years pass, and Five learns the ebb and flow of the woods even more in depth than he did before. He makes friends, the various pokemon running around and helping him look for Celebi but who also tempt him into playing with them and helping them and just living
(sometimes, Five wonders why he’s even trying to get back. he wonders why when he’s curled up and soft and safe, when he knows in the morning that he’s going to go to the river to play. then he remembers his siblings, who are still stuck with Reggie as far as he knows)
He grows up in the woods with pokemon as parents and siblings, grows taller and older and is very good at mimicry. He hoots softly to the pidgey and barks with the growlithe and dances with the hoppip, learning a million different languages as he runs recklessly between the trees racing electrike to the lake with laughter on his lips
and then he finds Celebi again, on an unremarkable day when he’s challenged quilava to a game of hide and seek tag
and Celebi extends their hands to him
“I haven’t said goodbye.” Five protests, but Celebi extends they hands again and Five knows that if he leaves now he might not ever find the little creature again
(He thinks of his siblings and takes a deep breath and reaches out and -)
He’s back in the woods again. Alone again.
(He looks down at his hands, and startles, because they aren’t his hands. They’re too young, caked in dirt but without the calluses he’s gained over the years.)
He runs, he runs back to his village and almost bowls over a drainer on his desparate sprint. Even the sight of a person is so strange that it almost halts Five in his tracks, but instead he sprint until he’s standing in front of a sight he hasn’t seen in years
He’s at the manor. But it’s different still. The lawn is in minor disrepair, which isn’t that much but it’s still wildly different from Reginald’s exacting standards of perfection. Maybe the old man let things go looking for Five? Did Five’s absence affect things so much?
He hears arguing, and without even thinking about it he jumps and suddenly he’s in front of - a bunch of strangers?
“Five?” One of them says with a voice that wobbles, and Five immediately backs up.
“Who are you?” Five asks, but he’s pretty sure he already knows. There are six people here, after all, all who look hauntingly like the siblings he left behind if they’d been allowed to grow up in his memory.
“Five, Five it’s us. What happened to you?”
“No.” Five denies, “No. I’m back. This isn’t right. This is wrong.”
That’s how the siblings end up having to deal with a physically eleven year old Five crashing Reginald’s funeral or whatever looking like he’s been living in the woods for months or maybe years? Five tells them he’s older than 11, that he lived in the woods for years but doesn’t know what Celebi did to him. At first he wants to go hunt Celebi down again and demand he be taken back to where he should be, but Vanya stops him stating that they lost him years ago and they need him to stay now
So they get the fun honor of having to raise a half-feral pre-teen who hasn’t really had human contact since he was 10 and who seems more comfortable with pokemon than he does with people. Most of the fam are well on their way to setting up gyms/already being gym leaders/working their way up and so Five ends up as the dragon gym leader when he’s physically 13-years-old
His siblings are all like “haha yeah we’re all the same age I think? unclear” and when people point at five they’re just like “haha yeah celebi time travel bullshit is the worst amiright” and no one has the balls to challenge them on it
(Five didn’t become a gym leader at physically 11 because he had to be taught to reintegrate into society. He still naps in piles with his pokemon and has to be bribed into using a bed/sleeping indoors but he actually speaks to trainers instead of dropping from the ceiling and ambushing them for gym battles so improvement)
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davidhansendesign · a day ago
Tumblr media
The Casino Terrace Madrid, Spain / Redesigned 2020
Hayon Studio / Jaime Hayon
#Built Beauty
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0ctaslash · a day ago
claire is gonna be 12 this year...old
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