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intheticklecloset · 13 hours ago
Battle of the Lees (My Hero Academia)
Primary Universe
Summary: Deku and Kirishima are both in terrible lee moods, but neither of them want to just outright ask for tickles. Instead, they make it a competition to see which of them can provoke their respective tickle torturer to attack them first.
A/N: This idea has been in my head forever! I'm thrilled to finally have it written and now shared with you guys! Enjoy! ^^
Word Count: 2,696
“Ugh!” Kirishima groaned loudly, tossing his manga to the side, ruffling his own hair. “I want to get tickled so bad!”
Deku startled, blinking at him in surprise. “You too?”
Kiri locked eyes with him. “You want to get tickled, too?”
“Y-Yeah, kind of…” the greenette replied with a blush. He shifted in his seat. “But, uh…I don’t really think a tickle fight would cut it for me…if I’m honest.”
“Same here, man. I’m dying to just get completely destroyed with tickles.” Kiri let out a sigh and looked at him curiously. “Bakugou usually wrecks you pretty good, right? Why not ask him?”
“B-Because…he just…he came after me not too long ago. I don’t want to ask him again so soon.”
“Then provoke him, maybe? We all know he has a short fuse.”
“Provoking him is kind of how I got destroyed last time,” Deku admitted, burying his face behind his own manga. “Technically it’s my turn, but…I am pretty desperate.”
Kirishima hummed, leaning back in his seat. “Usually Todoroki is the one who wrecks me. It’s a great arrangement, since he loves tickling people and I love being tickled. I know I could just ask him, but…eh, I’m not sure that would be very manly.”
“I think it would be more manly for you to admit you want it.”
“Says the man who won’t ask for it, either.”
Deku shrunk down in his seat. The redhead had him there.
“Hey, I have an idea!” Kiri said suddenly, sitting up in his seat. Deku peeked over the top of his book. “Let’s make it a competition! Each of us will try to get our respective tickler to tickle us to death without actually asking for it up front. Whoever does it first wins!”
“What’s the prize?”
“Uh…getting the tickle torture we want? Obviously.” Kiri grinned. “And, I don’t know, the loser buys the winner ice cream or something.”
Deku blushed, but the idea sounded fun, and he did honestly want Bakugou to wreck him again. So he nodded. “Okay. But how will we know who gets tickled first? Compare times later?”
Kiri scoffed playfully, picking up his book again. “I’m pretty sure our ticklish screams of laughter will be enough to give us away, don’t you?”
“Y-Yeah…you’ve got a point.”
Approaching Bakugou so soon after having been tied to his own bed and tickled until he was almost out of breath was possibly one of the most embarrassing things Deku had ever done, but as he’d told Kirishima, he was getting desperate. That, and he was determined to win this competition now that it was one. It should be easy enough to provoke the blonde; he did have a short temper. Right?
After school one afternoon, Deku hurried up to him and asked if he wanted help studying for science.
“Why would I ask you for help?” Bakugou snapped, adjusting his backpack and beginning to storm away. “We both know what happened last time I came crawling to you for something.”
Perfect! They were already on the subject. “Come on, I’m just trying to help, Kacchan. Why don’t we go to my room when we get back?”
“Forget it!”
“If you don’t pass this next exam, you’ll have to stay in the classroom while the rest of us go out and train. You know that, right?”
Bakugou growled, and Deku smirked.
Got him.
Half an hour later the two were in Deku’s dorm room, unpacking their bags and getting settled into their studying positions. The greenette strategically placed himself on his bed, preparing himself for what he was about to do.
“Can’t believe I’m doing this,” Bakugou grumbled, settling at the foot of his bed with his notebook and textbook. “Like I didn’t learn my lesson last time.”
He was making this so easy! Deku beamed. “Don’t worry, Kacchan. As long as you don’t get stuck down there you won’t have to worry about me pouncing on you.”
“Shut up, nerd!”
“Although I suppose technically it is my turn, isn’t it?”
“Do not get any ideas, stupid Deku!”
Deku was buzzing. He could practically feel those fingers on him already. “How about you don’t get any ideas. If you try to leave now I’m pretty sure I could get to the door faster than you, and then where would you be, Kacchan?”
Bakugou was silent for a long moment. Then he shifted, making Deku tense in anticipation. Soon his angry red eyes were glaring daggers at him from above as he stood by the bed, fists clenched. “You try to stop me, and I’ll make sure to keep my promise this time.”
Deku dared a smirk. “Try to run, and I’ll make you eat those words.”
Neither of them moved. Neither of them breathed, almost. It was dead silent in the room.
Then Bakugou let out a sigh and plopped back down onto the floor. “Whatever. Let’s just study.”
Well, that hadn’t gone the way he thought it would. Deku frowned, pulling out his own notebook even as his mind was whirring to figure out a new game plan.
Several minutes passed in silence before the greenette timidly spoke again. “So…how are you doing with the assignment, Kacchan?”
“Shut up. I don’t need your stupid help.”
That – Deku knew – meant it wasn’t going well. He shifted on the bed so he was laying down in a position over Bakugou’s shoulder. “Which one are you stuck on?”
The blonde wrenched the book away from him. “Back off!”
“Let me help—”
“Why are you so dang clingy today?!” Bakugou snapped, whirling around to glare at him again. “What’s your problem? You want to get wrecked again?”
Deku’s eyes widened. Yes! he wanted to scream, but thanks to the rules of the competition, he couldn’t admit it out loud. Nor could he ask for it. “N-No…?” he finally stammered quietly, weakly.
Bakugou narrowed his eyes at him. He waited a long moment. Then he turned his back once more. “All right, so you’re just being annoying as usual. Great.”
He’d come so close twice in the last fifteen minutes. Deku crumbled a little. “I’m competing with Kirishima,” he blurted before he could stop himself. At the blonde’s mildly interested look, he hesitated. “But…I’m not allowed to say what for. I just…have to make you do something before he does.”
Bakugou scoffed. “Sounds stupid. What am I supposed to do?”
“I…can’t tell you that, either.” Deku cringed. “But it’s nothing bad, I promise!”
“Forget it, stupid Deku. Neither you nor Kirishima can make me do anything.”
Deku saw his chance and went for it. Third time’s the charm, right? “Really? Because Kirishima told me he already made you do it and you had no idea.”
Bakugou whirled around a second time, his eyes alight with a new kind of fire. Bingo. “What? That moron hasn’t made me do anything! And why are you still competing if he did? Which he didn’t!”
“I told him I could get you to do it a second time without realizing.” Deku smirked. “And you know what? I think I’m right.”
“What did he do?!” the blonde shot to his feet, making Deku scramble back instinctively, purposely leaving himself open to attack. “Tell me! I refuse to be part of this stupid game you’re playing!”
“I…I can’t tell you that,” Deku replied, trying to sound as close to breaking as possible. So close…so close! “It’s nothing bad—”
“Shut up!” Bakugou pressed his hands into the mattress on either side of Deku’s shoulders, glaring. “If you don’t tell me what you two are doing right now, I swear to All Might I will tickle you to death!”
Deku squirmed just enough to be convincing. “I can’t tell you!”
Bakugou was straddling him and tickling his hips in an instant. “Then die!”
“You’ll tell me,” Bakugou said confidently, menacingly. He pressed his thumbs into his rival’s sweet spots, relishing the scream of laughter he pulled from him. “You’ll tell me everything, stupid Deku.”
“Yo, Todoroki!” Kiri called cheerfully as he entered the kitchen after school one afternoon. “What’s up?”
Todoroki glanced at him and offered a small nod. “Hi. I’m just finishing a manga I’ve been reading for a while. Are you going to study?”
“I will, but first I want to chill for a while.” Kiri grabbed a soda from the fridge, strolled into the living room where Todoroki sat on one of the couches, and plopped himself onto the opposite one. “Want to play video games?”
“In a minute.” Todoroki turned his eyes back to his book. “I’m almost done.”
“Okay.” Kiri took a long drink of his soda and then lay down, stretching his arms above his head, feeling his spine pop. He made sure to ride up his hoodie slightly and expose a bit of his stomach and – sure enough – Todoroki’s eyes flicked to him for a brief moment before returning to his story.
Kirishima was eager, but still patient. He knew how frustrating it was to constantly be interrupted when reading – especially when so close to the end of a book. So he waited until his friend had completed the volume and set it on the coffee table before putting the rest of his plan into action.
“All right, I can play now,” Todoroki said, the last two words coming out more quietly as he watched Kirishima pull his hoodie over his head, further exposing his stomach and lower ribs, making that now-familiar feeling rise up in him. “Kirishima?”
“I know it’s getting cold outside, but do they have to keep the dorms so hot?” Kiri muttered conversationally, acting totally normal. He tossed his hoodie aside, straightened his t-shirt, and settled into his seat on the couch, arms thrown over the back, keeping himself open. “So, what do you want to play? Mario Kart? Halo?”
“Um…” Todoroki trailed off, blinking, tearing his eyes away from his redheaded friend. “Whatever you want to do. You know I could have cooled the temperature for you if you were too hot?”
“No worries, man. It gave me a chance to show off my abs for a second,” Kiri chuckled, reaching for the game console beneath the TV and turning it on, letting his shirt ride up this time. “Why don’t we try Halo? It’s been a while since I played. I could use the practice.”
“All right.” Todoroki sounded strained, and when Kiri looked back at his friend he could see the poor boy was trying hard to sit still and act normal. He grinned. This was going to be too easy.
Still, he kept playing his part and asked, “Hey, you all right? You look kind of…fidgety.”
Todoroki flinched. “I’m fine. Hand me a controller?”
Kiri complied. “You know, I’ve been thinking about wearing crop tops lately. Do you think I could pull it off?”
“C-Crop tops?” Todoroki stammered. “In winter?”
“Well not now, but like…in the spring, when it warms up again.” Kiri beamed at the pink blush coating his friend’s cheeks. “I’d really get to show off my abs then. Do you think I could pull them off?”
“I don’t know anything about fashion. You helped me find clothes when we went to the mall last spring, remember?”
“You’re avoiding my question.”
Todoroki blinked, finally looking him in the eye before letting his gaze drop back to Kiri’s stomach. “Hey…um. I know this is kind of…random…but do you…? I mean, can I…? Ah…” The half-and-half hero shifted nervously in his seat. “Would it be all right if I tickled you a little bit?”
Kirishima grinned. Bingo.
“Sure, man,” he said casually, flopping back onto the couch with his arms above his head. “I guess my abs really had an effect, didn’t they?”
Todoroki smirked at him, all hesitation gone now that he’d been given permission. He climbed onto Kiri with ease and slipped his fingers under his shirt to scribble at his bare skin, drawing eager giggles from his friend. “Perhaps so. But more importantly, I think you wanted them to.”
Kirishima didn’t even have time to process what he’d heard before Todoroki dug in harder, making him shriek and explode into loud laughter.
Not that he was complaining.
“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! STAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP, PLEASE!!” Deku screamed, laughing so hard he was crying, his arms long since tied behind him with his own necktie. It seemed Bakugou hadn’t been kidding about doing that every time from now on. He bucked and thrashed on the bed as his childhood friend drilled mercilessly into his hips, drawing hysterical laughter from his lips at record speed. “PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE I’LL TEHEHEHEHEHEHELL YOU!! I’LL TELL YOU, KACCHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAN!!”
“Dang right, you will,” Bakugou growled with a smirk, never letting up. “Out with it, Deku.”
“First you talk. Then I’ll stop.”
Bakugou stopped as promised, staring at his breathless victim incredulously. “You wanted me to tickle you, so you and Kiri made a bet over it? How stupid are you? All you had to do was ask, nerd. We’ve been over this!”
“B-But that was…p-part of the deal…” Deku explained, still giggling slightly. “I c-couldn’t tell you…or ask you. I had to provoke you into doing it yourself…”
The blonde was silent for a long moment. Then he glared and loomed over the greenette once more. “So you tricked me into thinking Kirishima had made me do something so that you could get me to do something instead? What part of your idiot brain thought that would end well for you?”
Deku’s eyes widened. He was suddenly very aware – again – of his arms bound behind his back. “W-Wait, please, it’s not like that! Wait! Lehehehehehet me explahahahahahahain! KACCHAN!!”
Bakugou smirked. “Looks like you’ve just earned yourself another round of punishment tickles, Deku.”
“OKAYOKAYOKAHAHAHAHAHAY I ADMIHIHIHIHIHIT IT!! I WAHAHAHAHANTED YOU TO TIHIHIHIHIHICKLE ME!! PLEASE STAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP!!” Kirishima begged, his ribs and stomach sore from all the tickling and laughing he’d endured over the last…half hour? Hour? He didn’t even know anymore. “PLEASE I CAHAHAHAHAHAHAN’T TAKE ANYMOHOHOHOHORE!! TODOROKI, PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE!!”
Finally Todoroki slowed to a complete stop, beaming, clearly having just as much fun as his helpless friend beneath him. “I knew it. You were so obvious with showing off your stomach like that. Especially when you know that it’ll make me want to tickle you.”
“Th-Thahahank you…” Kirishima gasped, giggling and smiling up at him. “That was awesome.”
“Why didn’t you just ask? You know you can always ask when you want me to tickle you.”
“I know, but…” Kiri groaned as he sat up, straightening his shirt as Todoroki settled beside him. “Midoriya and I were kind of competing to see who could get their tickler to attack them first. One of the rules was we couldn’t say what we were doing or ask for it outright. We had to provoke you.”
“Your…ticklers?” Todoroki blushed a little. “Is that what I am? Your tickler?”
“Well, one of them,” Kiri conceded with a chuckle. “But when I want to be destroyed, you’re my first choice.”
“Then…who is Midoriya’s…? Oh.” Todoroki grinned. “Bakugou?”
“Well, who do you think won?”
“Dunno.” Kirishima leaned against the couch with a contented sigh, still smiling wide. “We’ll have to compare notes later and find out.”
Kirishima stared at Deku.
Deku blinked at Kirishima.
“You got tickled after school yesterday?” Kiri asked incredulously. “Right after we got back to the dorms?”
“Yeah…” Deku replied, confused. “Have you been tickled yet?”
“I got tickled after school yesterday. Right after we got back to the dorms.”
Deku’s eyes widened. “We were being tickled at the same time?”
Kiri slapped his forehead. “No wonder I never heard you laughing! I was too busy laughing!”
“So…what do we do now?” Deku asked. “Since it’s apparently a tie?”
Kirishima thought for a moment. He smirked. “I mean…we could try again?”
Deku grinned right back.
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colinarcartperson · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Commission for the wonderful @sketchmatters of their adorable wolf and raven characters. It has been about a year since I drew my last dog and bird so this was a good refresher! 
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sisterofthewolves · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pictures by Raed Mansour
Sparrow and Aspen.
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daydreamdeuce · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Headcanon: With some wacky time magic they find a way to modify tether essence with dunamancy and extend Caleb's life. Every year Caleb lives, Essek loses one year off his expected lifespan. Someday they'll meet in the middle in age and never live a year apart 💕
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milf7 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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sisterofthewolves · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Picture by William Ervin
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fridaybear · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
LO! FRIDAY HAS ARRIVED. You made it another week. Make your weekend special.
Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay kind. Wear a mask where it's appropriate/required. Get your vaccine. (We're a week past our 2nd dose and still feeling excellent.) Be rad. The end is in sight. We’re going to get through this. <3
- - - - -
Photo by Hans-Jurgen Mager
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milf7 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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